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Found 6 results

  1. Model Rework

    I can't remember if a similar topic was made; if so, this one can be combined/forgotten. After the Devs had redone the Smilodon model, it made me want to see more of the older, and maybe some of the new(ish) creatures get a model update. The Smilodon went from looking like a plastic toy, to actually looking pretty badass (IMO). Firstly, the Tyrannosaurus looks pretty dopey. Its head is too big, its run animation is pretty silly, and the model could look more pleasing than it currently does (it could have some feathers, yay or nay?). Secondly, the Carnotaurs would look a lot better with some scutes/osteoderms on its back/neck. Other than that, it's pretty good (maybe more colour?). Thirdly, the Triceratops could do with a size scale, non-crooked tail, more pronounced horns, and just a general model update. The animations need tweaking, particularly, the running animation. Fourthly, the Brontosaurus needs better animations (especially for sprinting). Finally, the Quetzalcoatlus' neck should be upright when no platform saddle is attached. Its animations could use some changes (hovering, more pronounced flapping, more neck movement when walking/attacking, attacking gives a stabbing motion instead of a bite). These are just some of the creatures. Give more if you want, and tell me if you agree/disagree with anything I've said. Edit: I would also suggest more customization options for our characters (beginning with hair, different voices, etc).
  2. Since the release of the patch that released the Yutyrannus into the game, the creature itself seems to be the replacement of the T.Rex spawns in the tundra biome, accompanied by three carnotaurs to make a pack. However, in The Center map, there seems to be an overlook where even though the rexes in the snowy grasslands have been replaced with yutyrannuses and their carno packs, the change doesn't seem to have work on the t.rexes on the two snowy mountains in the map itself. The t.rexes in those two areas are spawning with the three carnotaurus pack in which in-turn, attack each other to the death. The rex is often overpowered by the three carnotaurs as soon as it attacks them first, and the carno spawns are the exact same spawns as they would with yutyrannuses. All the information is even proven in the "Spawn Map (The Center)" page in the Gamepedia wiki of the game. The image below is an in-game proof shot I have taken in my singleplayer save game while enabling the spectator command. I believe the t.rexes in the snowy mountains were to be replaced with the feathered tyrannosaurs, but it didn't work so well in the end since the release of the patch that brought the new dinosaur into the game. Just something I felt like pointing out in-case no one has ever noticed. Stay cool to all those who read this!
  3. Was just wondering if those 2 guys(Raptor and Carnotaurus) was nerfed as every description says that they are very fast and even faster than the bigger ones which dont happens on the real game and official servers. Raptor Dossie: "Known Information: One of the faster creatures on the island..." Carnotaurus Dossie: "Domesticated: Carnotaurus fills a very specific role. Larger and almost as fast as a Raptor, smaller but much faster than a Tyrannosaurus." Allossaurs Dododex's description: "The Allosaurus is a pack-hunting theropod that's smaller but faster than Rex, and larger but slower than Carnotaurus..." Allosaurus Dossie: "Domesticated: Not everyone thinks a tamed Allosaurus is ideal. Those who value speed generally tame Carnotaurus, while those who value raw stopping power tame Tyrannosaurus." But actually none of those are true, as we have this info taken form dododex and and arkwiki which are very real to what happens in the game: Raptor's Speed: Base : 480; Wild Sprinting: 993; Tamed Sprinting : 1104. ( 3% growth per point spent) Carnotaurus's Speed: Base 425 Wild Sprinting: 892.5 and Tamed Sprinting: 1190 .(2,5% growth per point spent) Allossaurus's Speed: Base: 650 Wild Sprinting: 1404 wild; Tamed Sprinting: 1579 . ( 2,5% growth per point spent) Rex's Speed: Base :515 Wild Sprinting 716 Tamed Sprinting:1472.9 . ( 3% growth per point spent) There are some other points not related to speed as we have for example: Carno is supposed to be the best meat hunter, but it cant compete with the big guys as it may have better meat gattering it cannot stand the power of a rex that makes hunting alot easier and actually faster due to its speed. Taming a low lvl rex is alot easier and more useful than taming a mid to high level carno that would have same or even higher difficult on primes to tame. Raptors are easy to tame and are good bodyguards what its ok. But they are too weak. As a starter it would be better to go for trike or morellatops which will gather herbs and you can still chop some meat with the hatchet. I would like to suggest some balancing so it can correspond to its descriptions. I know this game is very focused on war and pvp and they are not aimed for it but It would help to have variations on tamed dinos making game experience more intense and possibly making low to mid pvp more dynamic. As those 2 are some of the very first ones to be in the real game they are really outdated and "weak" and are most used for first tames and eggs production and left behind. Wolfs can hit stronger and travel as nearly as fast as a carno, jumps and enter caves(so much better mobility and utility), carno is not suited for war at all. Raptor cant even compete and only work as a very weak bodyguard on early game. Things like that happens on other dinos as parassaurs too. It was supposed to be your first mount, but it so slow that it isnt worth of trying for mounting or weight carrier.
  4. Join Kortniechan in the brutal and exciting world of Ark Survival Evolved on the famous POOPTOPIA ARK SERVER!! In this episode we hang with the new guy RandomGaming. We laugh we cry and we RUN FOR OUR LIVES!! Let's learn all about what it takes to survive in this harsh world and have a lot of fun along the way!If you like the video show some support - Smash that thumbs up button! and remember to Subscribe for more Epic Adventure!!Youtube: Tv:
  5. Carno

    From the album Dossiers

    Common Name: Carnotaurus Species: Carnotaurus pressor Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: Carnotaurus pressor is an interesting creature that falls between medium and large predator. It lives primarily on flat clear ground, where it can capitalize on its speed. Additionally, it seems to have no qualms about running from larger predators instead of fighting. The horns of the Carnotaurus seem to be used more for fighting rival Carnotauri (Carnotauruses?) than actual hunting. This doesn't mean the horns aren't dangerous, though; they can still eviscerate larger prey. Carnotaurus is one of the smaller and more compact of the large predators. If Tyrannosaurus is the "Lion" of the island, Carnotaurus would certainly be the "cheetah". The real threat of a Carnotaurus is not being able to escape it once it sees you. Were it not for the creature's extremely long down-time after sprinting, it might be among the most capably balanced mounts. Domesticated: Carnotaurus fills a very specific role. Larger and almost as fast as a Raptor, smaller but much faster than a Tyrannosaurus.