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Found 133 results

  1. TurtleJerks

    Onyc taming problem

    I am trying to tame a onyc and I know it is a passive tame but when I try to give it prime meat with out it I knowing it give me the icon but does nothing when I press it. I even tried to forcetame it with admin commands put even that didn’t work. Any advice?
  2. XarannJinn

    Burning cave wall

    Nearly lost my drake by clinging to a wall in a cave. The wall is located at 21.0 23.6. I definitely advise not clinging it to it during the day.
  3. BadlyExisting


    I killed a couple cnidarians, turned around, and they were slowly floating toward me and upward into the sky.
  4. There was a time where ark was enjoyable and the community was having fun, But now through my time playing it’s not fun people mesh and people that try to do the right thing get screwed over by the people that take the games bugs that still have yet to be fixed to there advantage. I honestly believe within the year this game will no longer be talked about if they don’t focus on there community! Please let me know your thoughts !!
  5. I crash every 10 20 30 minutes to the dashboard on scorched earth my friends and the entire server crash in the exact same way. Countless others have responded with the same issue. my server is 174 na offical se. But its on every server. This would be a normal post. Except we as a community have received no reply from wildcard about a fix. From what I've researched and read Xbox can not help us and Nitrado has done their part. Uninstalling and reinstalling the game does nothing. I have placed tickets as have others and they have not responded. My friend and i crash 30 to 40 times a day of playing on scorched earth. We love this game and want to play. We love the creatures and the time you put into making them life like. We have lost many items time and tames to this. However I don't know why we bother. The fun of playing with this is tarnished by all the crashing. We paid money for this dlc and we cant play it. I cant enjoy it. I cant play your game it doesn't work. As a business you sold us a faulty product and the lack of response for a month has been disheartening and unprofessional. Not even Jat or an admin has confirmed this to be in issue. Not even a twitter post. If you do not respond to this I will consider this to be a statement to us as a ark community. That we are not worth a simple response saying that you understand. Some of us paid hundreds on this game. I speak for them too when I say this has been a real disappointment. I remember growing up and wanting to live with dinosaurs this is the closest I can get. I genuinely just want to play as do others. Please give us a response. Thank you - Ark community.
  6. survivor67

    SE Unloadable

    I have attempted verify'ing game files, Full uninstalling the game, Updating Graphics drive and still whenever I attempt to load up a SE either singleplayer or official or unofficial I get this message and of course the game crashes.
  7. My own server, so no one is taking them off, its just me here on it) I have placed 4 sets of transponder nodes (over time) on my wyvern amd dimorphodon it will stay and work for a bit but then later i notice there is no node one them anymore. Dimo just has been on my shoulder, wyvern HASNT EVEN MOVED OR BEEN IN COMBAT. WHY DO THE NODES KEEP DISAPPEARING AND STOP WORKING. Nothing has touched them, they just sit there...and BAM the nodes are gone. Quality coding....
  8. Hey guys, i've played the game quite awhile now but i still havent got the hang of it mostly, but im trying to catch up tho. well by the way this is the bugs i have found on the game: - Argies sfx is too loud and appears suddenly when i entered a place with argies. i end up looking everywhere for argies but its not even there. - i dont even know why when i leave my base and came back there are chances that all of my dinos are scattered around the place even though its on stop and not following anything, the most common misplace dino that i found is the Allosaurus, its like it acts on its own but i already check it multiple times that it indeed is on stop and not following. - i dunno much about this but the Rex roar doesnt make the other dinos poop or anything, according to the wiki, it should make other dinos force poop. well i dunno much about this, so i dont mind it all tbh. its just weird to me that it didnt do what the wiki tells me. - the Tapejara walking on water is odd. but i replied that on someone's thread already so i dont want to make it long. - there are times that a dino will not wander after i command it to stop. i even took a sleep and went back, it still does not harvest anything. its just standing there, not moving at all. - i dunno if its a bug or what, but i realise that everything is way way low level compared to the online mode? is it meant to be that way? the highest dino i've met is like 34 or 36, never met 40 and above. - there are dinos that i havent discovered yet even though i searched the whole map already. the "missing" dinos are Procoptodon and Giganosaur(?). - the caves are still not playable and i can only do one cave that is near a mountain, the other caves just crashes on me. - i dont include the purchases bug because its common to have that in every game soo i wont add it. i wish there is a wiki about the Ark Mobile, because the dinos bios already have a tlc on other platform but not the mobile. so its kinda mislead other people like me that started playing thinking that a Spino have a quadrapel or bipedal stance and got a water buff that actually isnt exist on mobile. sooo i hope it is more organized in the future and i really do wish for this game to be the best game for everyone if you have any comments, pls feel free to criticize me lol oh i forgot: my phone is Honor v10 with 2.4GHz and a 6GB Ram.
  9. List of of crashes, bugs, and glitches throughout the game not including god console. Crashes list to look into. Crashes near some water sources. Crashes when entering a cave. Bugs/glitches list to look into Sound lost around caves. Sound lost in and around Redwoods. Sound lost in and around The Swamp. Graphics glitching out on the ocean floor. Behemoth gates tend to have there anchored clip joints in the middle and not on the sides making it hard to square off your base. Please help out with adding more things like this Let them know if you are pvp, pve, pvx, and sp Also your mobile device you are using the bigger the list the better thanks everyone and let's continue to enjoy the game. These are just some of the things I noticed on a pve server using my Samsung Galaxy s7 Active.
  10. I cannot join my usual server. It’s a unofficial pc session on the PS4. It tried to load in, then takes me back to server list page and tells me connection timeout or connection to host error Ive tried: closing app, restarting my PS4, reinstalling the game, deleting save data, hardline and WiFi connections. Notes: it says on the server list it has 9999 ping. I can join some servers and not others. All EU and NA servers on the official ark servers have 9999 ping for me. But I can join any server that doesn’t show the 9999 ping. However, they don’t show that ping to my friends who can get on those servers. So I feel like it has to be my connection to these particular servers.
  11. EmylianoXD


    I found the problem that whenever you go into single player with god console, the crafting system stops working in smithys, fabricators, pestles, etc. This is really annoying and I can't craft any items because of this.
  12. So whenever I get to the second set of Pursuits, called “The Basics” my game always seems to stop loading the goals or completing them after the “Drink Water” task. I’ve tried reinstalling the game and restarting the survival world and it happens without fail every time. I also don’t have access to the “Abandon” button? How do I fix this?
  13. Anyone having trouble with objects (mainly large rocks) not appearing on windows 10? I usually play ARK on PC but all my friends play on console so i decided to download the Win 10 version due to it being able to use my PC so that i could play on Xbox servers but with the benefit of PC quality. BUT iv'e already noticed lots of bugs on the Win 10 version that don't seem to be a problem in Xbox the version. All around the map there are large rocks or other objects that are invisible that is super frustrating due to me and my dinos getting stuck on objects that are there but cant be seen. SO just to clarify things i logged onto the Xbox version and sure enough there are tons of rocks that aren't showing up on Win 10 version. Anyone know if this is an issue that can be fixed in the settings? I've seen another post that recommended turning "World Tile Buffing" on at least medium or higher. Well mine is on epic and the problem still occurs so that didn't seem to be the issue. The the biggest issue im having at the moment. Another rather annoying issue seems to be a problem when using a keyboard to type or search items in game. The keyboard and mouse work fine for movement and normal game play. But when any time i try typing weather it be to search for and item in an inventory or to type in a command, it doesnt seem to accept the keyboard very well. It will freeze up, skip letters and sometime just not type at all. almost like the keyboard is cutting in and out or not responding for very short moments. But then when back to the game, all keys are smooth and work just fine. If anyone has any info or ideas, help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  14. HectorHellious

    Issues and Bugs

    I run a Prim + server and there are many issues. I will put them in a list to make it easy. Items Fresh Poultry - eating raw has do side effect Using Prim+ Consumables to tame is unbalanced Many items cannot be colored Event Skins do not show in the cooking pot (look in features for better detail) Market Stall and Trade Boxes are either unclear how to use or broken Mailbox is broken Vanilla Items - Some items cannot be placed or used even with the AdminCheat GiveEngrams or adding them to the server on Prim+. Prim+ Items - Items cannot be placed or used even with the AdminCheat GiveEngrams or adding them to the server on vanilla. Preserving Salt - Cannot be placed into any type of storage besides Vessels on Prim + ATV - When Spawned they are extremely buggy Beeswax - Impossible to obtain without spawning it in. Preserved Meats - Trying to make salted, cured, or preserved meats are unbalanced and not clear which container does which (Preserving Campfire, Preserving Bin, Smokehouse) Beds - No bed in the game has the "lay down" feature Arrows - Feathered and Obsidian Arrows do little extra damage since the nerf. Basic and Narc arrows are fine, but Feathered and Obsidian have no special properties or noticeable damage buffs Beehives - Beehives have extremely low inventory space. Steel Safe - Should hold more than the Small Safe by a minimal of 50 (having the booted hp by itself isn't worth the hassle and time to farm) FIXED Lumber Build - Lumber and Lumber Glass have 3-5 different variations but no way to control which you get without trial and error and after an update it randomizes the builds we wasted time, effort, and resources to make look nice. Please just make it to where we can choose the variation when making them. Beehives - They are spawning over another and when destroyed they are not producing a queen bee nor dropping a bag. Greenhouse - Health has been dropped to 100hp FIXED Wood Fences - I was going to do these separate but same issues, do not snap properly, dinos of Equus size can walk over them, and gate does nothing (should open or close) Stone Fences - I was going to do these separate but same issues, small dinos can walk over the small wall and dinos of Equss size can walk over big wall Raft and Dingy - Camera angle can make it hard to drive and are easily beached or stuck on platoons or other builds in water Build Temp Protection - Lumber and GlassLumber seem to do nothing against weather. Transponder Nodes - Works only with the Transponder used to place them and stop working if dino is unclaimed or too small (Check below for feature ideas) Beaching - Rafts and some dinos like the dolphin can get stuck on beaches Tames Ability to toggle off flier nerf has not been added (must have been forgot about) If added, the Karkinos to any map they become a plague and over spawn causing the server to crash (I know it does this on Ragnarok but others say it does this on Island and Scorched) Compys and other small tames cannot be colored Unicorns cannot be colored Summon Dino - Many Event Dinos (DodoRex, Turkey, etc.) Some Bosses, and many Dino Variants and some Dinos wont spawn via ID Queenbee - When the beehive is destroyed the queen bee will stay in place and send drones out making it impossible to tame. (To put simple hives are on cliffsides and if the bee doesn't fly down then you can't do anything about it.) Collecting Meat - Gigas and Alphas(when tamed) have issues collecting meat/inventory. Alphas do not collect anything Alpha Babies - I have found that Alphas are breedable, but eggs won't spawn only pregnancy works Dinos that climb walls seem to vanish if left on walls (I recommend making a feature to keep track of dinos to know what tames are alive and where they are like the transponder) Features In game chat is staticy and doesn't fade when walking away (all sound should fade or grow as you get closer or farther from something Ice Dungeon is buggy (falling through map in spots, walking through parts of the ground) Life Labyrinth buggy (buttons are buggy and hard to press) Not understanding how to make fortitude effect temperature. (Want to make it that 50 fortitude can let you wear ascendant iron armor every wear without burning or freezing to death or at least make it to wearing primitive fur armor works fine in Murder Snow) Dropping your inventory drops items that are in folders too Event Skins - When the ARKaeology Event started cooking pots stopped showing skins for any event skin when placing bones, easter eggs, etc. into the cooking pot. Simple Bed Engram - It seems to duplicate when crafting other engrams or learning new ones (not sure which but very annoying) Suggestions Add Steam Punk style to Prim+ or ark as a whole (items, skins, etc.) Add more dino skins or dinos (would love a Archelon or Lemur) Add the ability to make plants from other servers to spawn naturally (I want to add the aberration mushrooms and plant z to caves, swamp, and redwoods) Add the ability to make eggs from other servers to spawn naturally (I want to add RockDrake eggs to redwoods) News on new sponsored mods coming to official on consoles ark (like DragonPunk and Structures+) Add signatures to forum post with limited characters so people can advertise without being concidered spam Add ability to add bullets to list in forms without breaking up the numeral list Tame Tracking Full Feature - I suggest adding a feature to the game and an item for Prim+ to assist in keeping track of tames. Bellow are bullets for the idea of this feature Tame Tracking Feature (Tame List) - Add a page, like the dino grouping, to track tames that have been marked by either Transponder Nodes or Dino Specimen. The Tame List will only list the species, name, gender, lvl, and and location(location will be the map area it is. Ex. Ovis, Orvil, Male, 92, Hidden Springs) If the tame is killed or the item removed, the tame info will be removed from the list after 10 minutes. Tame Tracking Item (Dino Specimen) - The Dino Specimen is an item that can be placed on a dino to allow its information to be placed in the tame list. To make one you will need Iron Ingots, Obsidian, Specimen Implant, blood pack. There will be three different Dino Specimen (Pet, Mount, Titan) for each size of dino (non-rideable, rideable, and behemoth) and the material amount is different for each as well as the are learned at different levels. If I missed anything comment below so devs can get onto it. Also I will change this list as thing as things get fixed or more issues are found/created
  15. Hello there, I was going to purchase the God Console today, and whenever I clicked purchase a notice came up saying "Purchase Error, an Unknown Error occurred." Someone please help me I really want the God Console.
  16. MasterOfDone

    Lava cave bugged bad

    I was just running the lava cave on hive pvp hard and there's so many issues with it maybe access buildings I was clearing out any turrets and I went to move on a ledge somehow bugged out into lava and died. Lost ascended gear and I'm not a happy camper. Half the time I wasn't so I was moving very cautiously. Lag only started in the cave. Onyx were even spawning outside the cave a few times
  17. The Extinction Chronicles III Explorer Notes on Scorched Earth and Aberration are missing! Pls hotfix asap, thx.
  18. I can’t find half of the artifacts on the map ragnorock so I can’t defeat any bosses either.
  19. I just updated my game which is the windows 10 version of ark, none of the servers are showing up. I can refresh it and it ends up searching for 2 seconds and shows 0/0 servers. I've tried restarting pc, idk what else to do.
  20. Shadowwarriortribe93

    Obelisks drops and transmitter

    Cannot open drops transmitter or obelisk without dcing
  21. I bought some amber so i could revive my Pteranodon. what happened was i pressed confirm to buy it, but the game the crashed. i resumed my game, and i had the same amount of amber i did previously. i checked my purchase history, and it had been registered. i submitted a request, but i kinda need help now since i spent money and didnt get what i paid for.
  22. Small tribe official Ragnarok server 28 is utter crap!! Every 3 seconds your lagging and rubber necking and freezing, it also rolls back a couple seconds or more the entire time it never stops. It's barely even playable at all. Last night everyone kept getting kicked on the server just like you do when someone is DDSOSING the server or dupping. This needs immediate attention! I've reported this to a couple places to see if this will be addressed including Microsoft being this is on Xbox and people are paying for subscription to play this game.
  23. AlphaBlackSheWolf

    Spawning in tamed dino’s????

    So i tried to span in an already tamed Dino with the command summontamed wyvern_character_bp_c I also tried summontamed character_wyvern_bp_c can somebody please help me?
  24. To put it in simple words, this game is worse than Mortal Online when it comes to game breaking critical issues. And Mortal Online, for those who know, was the gold standard of MMO garbage. This is what happened: I get spammed when I am at work that I need to log back in to reclaim my dinos or they will be gone in 30 minutes. Except, I keep my phone on silent while working and did not see the message spam when they arrived. So I log back in, long after the stipulated 30 minutes and 16 of my dinos are forever gone with no traces left. Rexes, spinos, scorpions, argys...a mix of good to egg laying dinos from level 40 to 230 just gone. Hours spent on getting them tamed and leveled up just vanishes...just...like...that. I have tolerated literally dozens of minor to critical bugs and hundreds of game crashes. But enough is enough. This game is broken beyond repair and it really looks like Studio Wildcard just does not have the knowledge or experience to fix their game even though they are more than happy to take our money for the steaming pile of mess that it is. I keep seeing patch notes which state that they have fixed disappearing dino bugs. Either they are lying like shameless thieves in hopes of trying to dupe the playerbase or they are breaking more parts of the game as they stumble on in hopes of fixing the issues. I just cant put up with this amateur crap anymore. You lost a customer who will never come back and will never recommend this game to anyone else but will warn others on why they should stay a mile away from ARK. I would have liked to end this post with a "Go F yourself Wildcard" but looking at how your game currently stands on broken feet...you people have already done a grand job of F-ing yourselves up royally.
  25. @[email protected]@Chris Some of the bugs on ark have had quite a few birthdays now, some are understandable but things like the center’s flickering visuals and map saving progress are things that belong in a beta game. As the devs continue to push out the expansions and content, I fear it becomes less and less likely these old bugs will be looked at before they move on to other projects. I think Ark is a great game, one of the best in years, which is why I think it deserves to be completed properly. I’d like to hear some reassurances from the developers that they are committed to fixing longstanding bugs that are frustrating and can make a great game look shoddy at times.