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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 237 results

  1. And Ark is still a bug ridden infested corpse that would make EA proud. And if it's not bug's it's the atrocious game design. The developers and the CEO of Wildcard is so detached from reality that it's not funny. The TLC patches are fine. But it should have happened years ago. I'm actually shocked that you went on with it considering your head has been so far up your arses since it went on steam for the first time, that you could be able to see your own hearts beating. (Early Access DLC anyone? Pathetic). For that I will give you this: It's just... underwhelming. Appreciated but underwhelming considering how much time you have spent pissing on your playerbase. And now a mobile version and a switch version. I acknowledge the fact that they are developed by a outsourcing contract. But it still takes resources (and money) which should have gone into fixing the problems and the issues with the PC, XBOX and PS4 plattforms first. One word: Greed. So you fail again. Back to not playing ark for another year and see if you will finally fix the ridiculous AI pathing, bugs and other shenanigans. You can't live off on Ark forever, and customers remember when they get slighted enough to get pissed off. Because what good is a mountain of content if the game is broken? It pisses me off when game developers do this crap. It's either a great game but so small that the asking price is not worth it. Or the game is filled with content and things to do, but is broken and the quality of the actual gameplay is meh. Thus the asking price not being worth it in the end due to endless frustration. You better deliver on that PR bullpoop about "after the TLC we will look at some bugs". And it better squash a ton of them AND deliver some Quality of Life improvements to the game play itself. It is frustrating to see such a good concept wasted on a company who could give less of a damn about quality. (And the icing on the cake is that the orbit camera can still be used to look trough the ground AKA wallhack. How in the actual raptor is this still a thing??! Makes planning and stealth POINTLESS).
  2. I stopped playing the game for awhile just because it got boring. One day I decide to play it so I launch the game up and I try and play on the island. The game procedes to load and then all of a sudden just stops and crashes, then it acts as if I just launched the game and it will bring me back to the title screen. I have tried multiple times of uninstalling, verifing, and deleting mods and none of them have worked. I have no problem playing on the Center, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, or Abberation. The only map that does this is The Island and I don't know why, if someone could help me find a solution to this that would be very helpful. Thanks
  3. Not sure if anyone else gets this, but i am trying to start up Primitive Plus on my Xbox for the first time and it stops registering my controller once i get to the character creator or map/rez area select. this happens both with New Character and with Upload character and I have tried restarting the controller, restarting the Xbox, restarting the game itself and nothing seems to be working... any ideas?? this only happens with Prim+, I have no issues with Survival Evolved...
  4. SO im not sure if anyone else has noticed this!, whether it effects a minority or the majority i dont know but i noticed that the Argent Smithy saddle (brought in with TLC2) wasn't there nor showing. Odd i couldn't see a tab as it was the biggest thing for me revisiting and reusing Argies again aside from obvious Cosmetics, but the Saddle wern't given an Option and if so it was Grey out (shown by a honeycomb symbol top right corner). Now im fairly sure this should just became active that you dont need to do anything for it to actually take effect, but i couldn't get it to activate until a Transferred my Argie, i tested one out of server and back in to the same server ... and xfer to another server entirely. BOOM there's the Option on both tests, now im not sure if this is a bug or if this was even mentioned as what you had to do to Fix this, or get it running. but here the Fix if your saddle isn't giving you the Crafter options! Hope it helps ! and if it is a Bug.... can we get it Fixed please kinda Goes without saying that this was a big change for the Argie and im sure most have missed this option not even showing up.
  5. Just saw my Quetzal disappear on top of Skull Island after whistling it, and it decided that walking into the fiery depths was a better idea than flying to me. Didn't even get a death log and nowhere to be found. (And yes, tried restarting the game.) After 5917 hours I guit this game.
  6. Hi everyone. I have a problem: when I start a game and choose the session multiplayer server, the game gives me this error: Can anyone help me?
  7. Original Ark Reddit Thread i made * Insects for a majority of life knowledge are known to be able to cling to ceilings and walls. * Centipedes, Dung Beetles, Spiders etc will now be able to crawl on ceilings and walls give the weight threshold isnt overdone which will bring caution to players seeking to explore caves or use them for raiding. * Bats (Onyc) - while not being able to ride them, these cave dwellers will usually be in a sleep state clinging to ceilings as current dat bats do. In this state they have increased aggro radius and regenerate health faster in exchange for burning through food at a faster rate. At certain threshold they will seek (wild) food to store up be for slumbering yet again. Only way to get past them is to go slow and sneak/kill them silently with quiet weapons. Extra sensitive to light! Bringing that torch will cause you issues...best get NV Goggles. * Spiders (Araneo) - in addition to now being able to crawl on rooted and ceilings, they are given 2 new deadly abilities which one acts much like the Lasso/Grappling hook that can attach to surfaces and creatures and can pull unconscious or awake to you...or you to them. You can also pull yourself and your Araneo given drag weight taken into account. - The other ability lets you make zip line webs that allies can go up and down and seen as white strands (belt tool needed to go up) enemies can be temporarily immobilized for a short duration after which converts to a slowing effect, if they come into contact with the strand, also for a short duration. Will use a significant amount of stamina people star shot. These zip lines can be attacked...weight stat increases strand count and health. Araneo + Riders on Arcane are unaffected by snare/slow. * Mantis- will now be able to glide as well as cling to walls and ceilings. * Centipede: ?? * Dung beetle:??? * Snail??? * Moth??? * What do you think? Changes like these could make dungeon delving alot more challenging!! If you guys like it...maybe I could get a job with Ark development...lol ^^jkng
  8. Hello. Since this morning my Windows 10 PC ,which ran a crossplay Rag server, suddenly was unable to start up ARK after a random crash. I have restarted, updated, and even installed the newest software vesion of the PC gfx, but no luck. I was wondering if there is a way to fix this issue as well if the server files are safe? Please respond asap as I have angry players filling my inbox
  9. I have a suggestion for a new skin since summer is around the corner. Would it be possible to add summer skins like bikinis, swim shorts, sports, and vacation skins like a hawaii-styled shirt? Having more variety of clothing skins would be really cool and I think its a good thing to be a little unique with style. Also, I've been having an issue with the Birthday Suit skin where instead of the mass of censorship, I'm shown a bright light no matter what distance I am from my tribemates that wear the skin. It looks like this. (Issue on Xbox One) I may also post this in the bug forums just so its there. Also, this does occur when they don't have the glow pet on their shoulder as well. I just had mine on my shoulder cause I had finished going on a venom run for my baby drake. The picture is me wearing the skin for the top. I got it off a tribemate while they were offline but this is usually what I see. I would post this in bug reports, but I'm more interested in the suggestion for skins than anything. I just think its nice having more customization for my character. But if we do get on the topic of the bugged birthday suit skin, maybe adding censorship options would help. I've tried all of the lighting options and gamma corrections but this still happens.
  10. Whenever I try to go on single player my game freezes I tried verifying and uninstalling but It does nothing
  11. Spawning in tamed dino’s????

    So i tried to span in an already tamed Dino with the command summontamed wyvern_character_bp_c I also tried summontamed character_wyvern_bp_c can somebody please help me?
  12. I and a lot of people feel that scorched was incomplete when it was released. We figured it would get updated as the game was technically still in Beta. This doesn't appear on any of your road maps which is really disappointing. I purchased scorched when it came out, but you are also including it in your season pass. If you are selling this DLC, then as a customer I feel that you need to take a second pass at scorched and finish the content. The unfinished feel of scorched is even more apparent with the release on aberration and the functionality of some of the dinos and objects. Scorched is currently the least popular map, but I think a lot of that is due to the incomplete feel of the map. I am going to outline a few things that stand out now having spent time on aberration. Dinos: Morellatops Health Pool - Seems to have an abnormally low health pool even at high levels. The morellatops should be at Parasaur levels in my opinion Water Stat - The purpose of these are to store and carry water, but they don't have a special stat for water capacity. This became really apparent as an oversight when light pets came out and have 3 special light stats. It would be nice to be able to increase the water capacity like light stats on light pets or breed these for that stat for people that enjoy breeding. Thorny Dragon Health Pool - VERY low given that it is a predator. I have seen these die trying to attack a Morellatops. Needs a boost to make these a bit more fearsome Torpor Attack - The spine throwing tail attack does basically no damage and no torpor. I tested this using a thorny dragon with 240% melee. It took 6 hits to a Jerboa to knock it out. In contrast a lvl 1 character can knock out a jerboa with 3 punches. Given the melee difference it looks like this attack is doing 1/5th as much torpor as a punch at a base level. It would need to be increased 5x to be as much as a punch and could safely be increased 10x so that it actually does something meaningful. Vulture The dossier says you can put raw meat in a vulture and have it spoil quickly. Currently cannot place raw meat in a vulture period. So this functionality is not realized and the dino is unfinished. Moth Produces eggs and those eggs can be made into kibble. Nothing uses that kibble. This appears to be a flaw in the kibble tree or an unfinished scorched dino tree Dossier says it produces silk. Everyone assumed this would function like the snail and cementing paste. Currently the moth produces nothing, so this functionality is broken/unfinished Worthless addition to the game given its low speed, weight, health etc. Not a good flying mount and has a very long tame time. yields silk when killed, but not enough to justify it over a Theriz collecting silk. Rock Elemental Cannot be knocked out with Rocket Launcher. I know this was broken, then supposedly fixed, but it is broken again. Kibble (Mantis) seems to be out of line in the kibble tree. Since these seem to be very effective at killing death worms, it would seem that death worm horns would be the kibble. It also fits the game lore a bit better as the elementals eat minerals and rocks and the death worms spend a lot of time in the ground with minerals the rock elementals crave. Kibble Tree: The glaring flaw here is the Moth (Lymantria). This kibble tree is also out of line with the power progression of a survivor on scorched. Starting with the vulture is ok, passive tame using spoiled meat. They are actually fairly hard to get for a beginner survivor without a mount however, but ARK isn't suppose to be easy, right? Morellatops to Thorny makes sense too... Thorny to moth makes a little less sense, but I can roll with that too. Where this breaks down for me is the Mantis. The Mantis is suppose to be a mid level farming dino that you can also equip with swords for kicks. However, to tame it you have to kill an apex creature on scorched, the death worm. This seems strange and out of place in the power climb. Moth to Mantis would make a lot more sense with the death worm horns taming a Rock Elemental. Map Flaws: Besides a lot of places in caves and the map in general where survivors can get glitched in rocks and the ground unable to free themselves, move, or for that matter die efficiently, there are issues with the wind map. The map needs a pass to fix allowing fliers and survivors to circumvent the edge of the map to access the undermesh and to fix the glitched/stuck areas. I can start documenting them for you, but am not going to put in the effort if Wildcard had deemed scorched a dead map support wise. The wind map is also buggy. With areas where the wind will drop or increase in a zone. For example....there are multiple places in the 20% wind zone where there is about a 4x4 foundation area with different wind %. I would like to think this was a feature, but given what I know of UE4, these are flaws I am sure. Given that, I would like to see actual different winds in some areas to break up the landscape. Plus some of the wind coverage (in caves, underground, etc) does not make a lot of sense. A update to the wind map would be very welcome. Ascension Cave: With the way the ascension cave plays out on the island, it really seems like there should be one on this map to move to aberration. It does not necessarily need to be tek level, but it would be cool if there was a portal of some sort and a guardian for that portal to get to Aberration. I have a number of other things, but don't want to write too much of a wall of text. Given that this is paid DLC, I truly hope you consider giving scorched the attention it needs to bring it up to the level of the other maps in ARK.
  13. This game is a joke

    So, that's three wyvern's 180 or over we have lost to fatal errors, not one has been lost to actual game play , just errors on arks behalf. This game has become a joke, we fatal crash everyday! The most dangerous thing in this game is YOUR scripting and performance issues. We cannot breed as servers are constantly on cap, we cannot go to scorched and ride wyvern's as fatal errors just take you out right over the crack, consistently! You cannot reach boss runs, as you cannot breed the dinos you need to do it. Your expansion made it even worse, now able to have pretty light goats of uselessness being moved to the other servers to cap them more! Its fast becoming a game where you hit rocks and gather mats to jerk off over how many you have, unable to do anything with it. OHH yeah you can pay the mass breeders who have hundreds of dinos across multiple servers to play the game for you and take their left overs. I forgot that great fun bit there. Great game, keep working on your other expansions, because that's important! No one will be left to play it, but maybe that's the goal here?
  14. Hair slider won't move up

    Someone cut my hair while I was AFK, and now I can't increase the value, so I stay bald. Any way to fix this
  15. Here are some suggestions to improve the playing of Ark: Create a new dismount command key that defaults with the Use key. This way you don't accidentally dismount from a flyer so often, and also you can use the Use command to perform actions like demolish structures (you can already place them while flying). Optionally use the dismount key for mounting too, so you don't mount a Dino when you're trying to pick up eggs. Make the Tribe and Alliance chat key changeable again (I had these mapped to function keys). Have chat option to block (no pun intended) unreadable text in blocks (like Cyrillic when you're not in Russian locale). Bug, Fix the purple rain bug in Red Wood on Center maps (only been there over 6 months). Add the map tame count and limit to the ESC map data. Add the active player/tribe count to the ESC map data. Add 2x2 walls/ceilings (with 90% of original materials) for quicker loading of bases. I understand that S+ is being implemented, but: - Just make all structures able to pick up - Just make all structures more collision-friendly (a Dino can stick through a wall or rock, but a ceiling can't?)\ Do an update on the weights; we now have eggs that way more than a behemoth wall, and a wooden ladder weighs more than its materials. Do an update on the poop sizes; a Doedi poops almost a quarter of its volume. Likewise for egg sizes (and weights). Have more variation in rain; now there is always lightning, add variable times between rain, add variable length of rain. Disable wandering of Dinos for a small period when coming out of stasis, so they can't get stuck into structures or go through them. Add a suicide pill or command for when completely stuck and not able to kill yourself otherwise, accept when unconscious, or in handcuffs. Because the 3D look of dropped items has been canceled, they should add the icons of the items as textures to the drop boxes. This makes it a lot easier to see what is dropped. In inventory add ALT-T, like CTRL-T and SHIFT-T, to transfer ALL (ALT for ALL) instances of the selected item; so same as entering the name in Search and doing transfer all. Add side-to-side transfer, Now you can only transfer from and to your inventory. By clicking ALT-I on something with an inventory, you use that inventory instead of yours during the next Access Inventory action. It is reset when you move (not rotate), or press I. So, press ALT-I on Mammoth, rotate to vault, press F and the left inventory is the Mammoth inventory; move from Mammoth to vault and vice-versa. Saves on time and on bandwidth of commands send to server. You can create metal walls in the Smithy, and walk away; the crafting continues. This is also possible for thatch structures if you have the BP in the smithy. You can't do this for stone walls/ceilings, etc. because there are no BPs for these structures. Request is to add these BPs. Don't by default demolish existing structures when placing new structures. Only allow snap points that are not used yet. Hold the CTRL button while placing structures that should replace existing structures. Related to that, because of lag, or accidentally moving the cursor when pressing the left mouse button to place a structure, it might end up on the wrong place. Especially pillars are a nightmare to place. When you found the right spot, click the TAB key to lock the structure in place (shown by some color change or border). Then the structure will always be placed at the locked position. Press TAB (or ESC) again to unlock if it wasn't correct. You can create tame groups 0 - 10 for whistle commands, but if you whistle follow all accidentally and the current group is NONE, they will still all response. You could set all dinos to ignore group whistles, but that is a) a lot of work and b) sometimes you want them all to listen. My suggestion is you have to hold a second key for a whistle to become a group whistle. So, for instance, J becomes You Follow, and ALT-J becomes All Follow, U You stop, ALT-U All stop, Comma You Come Here, ALT-Comma All Come Here, etc. (ALT for ALL.) Add option for tames to stop wiggling their tails; it's sometimes hell to pick up eggs, they keep pushing you away. You have to put Oviraptors on wander to get the egg laying buff functionality. Most people just overweight them or put them in a cage. This makes the wandering a bit unnecessary. Either add a separate wheel command, like "Egg buff", or just make it the default behavior. Ditto for Achatina and Dung Beetle. When you want to add a ceiling below a wall, you first have to add another wall beneath this wall, then you can add the ceiling between the two walls, and then you can remove the bottom wall without affecting the ceiling. This is a bit weird, the result would be the same if you allow the ceiling just to be placed below the first single wall. Just add some imaginary snap points. Bug, The sound of a behemoth gate closing is very much out of sync with the graphics animation. When an open gate comes into render range, it is rendered as closed and the open animation starts. Why not render it open? Bug, Can't show extended HUD anymore while pressing SHIFT-W (moving forward fast). Why can't the paint spray automatically refill when empty? I don't choose a new color, just need to press a key. Why can't the region settings of the paint spray be remembered when I mount a Dino or put it away temporarily? Please remove poop bouncing. Just let it drop to the floor, even when there already is some other poop there. We have all kinds of things colliding, so a few turds don't matter. Add different speeds to the elevator. It now takes forever. Add a filter to select stuff to harvest. Enter a string in search field and press Filter button. Now only the resources that match the string are harvested by the Dino or person. Saves a lot of removing of wanted materials. Also saves server access. Add attachments to machines (found in loot crates), like with weapons. Attachments could be: silencer (anti-sound!), turbo (25% faster but uses more gas), etc. Add option to machines to stop after, say, 2 minutes (or before using a new gas resource) when they don't do anything anymore, and only use up gas. Reduce lag like mentioned in https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/311535-a-technical-solution-to-reduce-lag/ Add auto-decay like in Rust, mentioned in: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/308469-suggestions-to-improve-ark-36/&tab=comments#comment-1802037 Remove ORP in PVE, it just ends up in a lot of abandoned tames that can't be killed. Also a player should put in some effort to protect his/her tames with a proper base/fence. Remove the Titanosaurus from PVE to prevent luring them onto bases and aggro-ing them on structures and tames. The client should show some indicator that the connection with the server is suffering from a lag spike, like 2+ seconds of timeout. Force new players to enter a name, instead of having X people called Human or Mensch. If not item 41, then at least allow players below, say level 10, to change their name if they use the default name. Add 'Are you sure?' popup when exiting game. Add 'Are you really, really sure?' popup when creating a new character (and loosing your old). I know there is a button to cancel it, but just for save keep they should at least have 3 levels of 'sureness'. Lock the top 6 slots in your inventory for the Drop/Transfer All commands. So you can place things, like ammo for weapons in the toolbar, that you don't want to transfer accidentally out. You can drop/drag/T items into/from it. Make it optional, default disabled, with a small tick next to it, so you disable it and transfer all when you want to save all stuff. Add this lock tick to the toolbar too, default enabled, so you can also Drop/Transfer All items from the toolbar, when you want to save all stuff. Add two small up/down buttons next to the toolbar to scroll to a second toolbar with different items in the slots. This way you can have a toolbar for, say, fighting, and one for, say, farming. Structure batching like mentioned in: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/313224-batch-wallsceilings-when-saving-and-loading/ Don't auto-scroll-up in an inventory when the player is transferring or removing items and the bottom of the list is reached. This causes the row above the current row of the selected item to move below the cursor, and suddenly you are removing a completely different type of item. Add some reality to the carrying of animals by Argies/Wyverns etc. Currently the carried animals are mostly flying freely behind the bird. Is it that much work to place them (more) in the claws of the bird? Add some reality to the hit boxes of the animals. For example, if you're on a Basil about 80% of the Basil seems to be biting and hurting other fish, even if they are 5 meters or more away. It's just: move Basil close to fish and hit mouse button rapidly until either fish or finger dies. When the server is saving, it now takes almost 10 seconds on our server for it to respond again. I assume the gathering of data and the saving of the data to a file on disk is done in the same thread as the normal server play. At least move the saving to disk to a separate thread; just copy the data to new memory in game thread, and save it in a new thread. Remove back-culling from the ground faces (don't make the ground transparent if you look under the mesh). This might affect the fps a bit, but prevents (or makes it harder) peeking under the mesh for structures placed above it.
  16. I've been playing singleplayer on Scorched Earth a lot recently, but now suddenly I can't find the map, it's missing. How can I get it back?
  17. after the valentines event was taken down our whole tribe is now forced to make a new character and unable to access our tribe or any of our dinos. We were in the middle of raising dinos so those are now dead im sure. tickets have been placed over 12 hrs ago and not one reply. we had an issue with the event not loading in our server for 12 hrs till after the event started and now this. if needed it is crossark cluster 9 aberration
  18. So in two instances now I've had a horse vanish from existence if you dismount it while it's stuck mid-tame. Does anyone have a similar issue? How to repeat: 1 - Find an Equus 2 - Start ride-taming it 3- Make sure it gets stuck on an object or dinos 4 - Dismount
  19. I was playing ark making a sweet nice house. i place down a wooden sloped wall left and i saw a little split.. it annoyed me so i tried replacing. did not work.. so i think its a bug? it annoys me tough, Sorry for bad image quality i'm on Xbox and don't know how to make screenshots
  20. Xbox ragnarok CTD

    Anyone else having an issue on xbone in the new desert biome on ragnarok where they can't load into the map without crashing to dashboard? Just thought I'd bring it up so the Devs can put in on their to do list Edit: thought I should mention I do have a medium sized base there but hardly any tames. Regardless of the cause ragnarok is now unplayable, I can't even get into the game to try and teleport away incase it's out of memory crashing
  21. Exploits and bugs

    I was reading the exploit and bug bounty thread and I wondered, how exactly people find these and what counts as an exploit/bug? (New to forums, I’m aware that extending a Quetz platform to carry a Giga counts as an exploit?) others I’m not sure of. Thanks.
  22. Ever since the TLC update i can’t play or load a world it. I took a picture on my phone and tweeted Jen, but of course knowing the Community staff they don’t pay attention to small people on twitter so they ignore it or they don’t bother looking so can someone let them know.
  23. Future of ARK

    Hey there, I just wanted to open this thread because the following things really bug me since I bought the game in 2015; First of all, the building system, especially the cable and pipe system. I think this is really important to improve it since you need a mod to actually build stuff in a better way and I really hate it if I have to use mods for basic ingame mechanics. I'd also like to see some improvements for the server connection, because it sometimes takes hours for my friends to get into my game, just because they get kicked out by the game after one minute of trying to join. Actual premade stats for creatures, bosses, crafting etc. when you play alone would also be pretty neat, just to start a game faster after you haven't played for a while and don't want to check any single option again because something changed in one of the last patches or whatever... Performence improvements should also still be on the agenda, since directX 12 got cancelled and maybe work on the compression, because I already have 150gb+ on my hard drive. I really appreciate that you began with the TLC's but more needs to be done, especially the Pteranodon, Parasaur, Megalodon, Araneo, Plesiosaur, Carbonemys, Mammoth, actually any old creature should get a TLC, because they either got all replaced or are useless since the very beginning (or just look ugly like the Plesiosaur and Stego). This is nothing really important but it just annoys me that there are no fence gates, I can't even build a farm for my sheep I hope someone finally sees this thread because I try to contact you for over a year and didn't even get a response from the support. Pls listen more to your community, this game could be so much more. Sincerely, a survivor
  24. So I purchased Aberration on xbox. First thing that happened is i fell through the map. Forever.. finally died to radiation. Built a base then got trapped in a infinate fall bug and lost 2 ravegers 145 and a 135. Bulbdog and all my gear... Moved lower down and tamed a 130 karinos! 2 Megalosaurus also.. then went to wonder down to explore n landed on these giant red crystals and.... got stuck again. Lost my gear again! Karinos! 2x megas, 209 shine horn, and raised my 2nd ticket as first one was ignored it would appear. I will request a refund. Wasted a week off buulding n taming and getting gear to just lose it in a bug. Will also upload videos on utube and fb to expose this game if my ticket is STILL IGNORED.
  25. On Asia-PVP-PS4Official-Ragnarok520 my Character level 94 is stuck because of dodos. Is there a way for me to get it out as I can’t get on to the server to transfer it.