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Found 146 results

  1. Is anyone having the problem on Primative Plus where the coal will not transfer into the Industrial Forge? This started after the Valentine update fiasco and the subsequent patches applied. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. My own server, so no one is taking them off, its just me here on it) I have placed 4 sets of transponder nodes (over time) on my wyvern amd dimorphodon it will stay and work for a bit but then later i notice there is no node one them anymore. Dimo just has been on my shoulder, wyvern HASNT EVEN MOVED OR BEEN IN COMBAT. WHY DO THE NODES KEEP DISAPPEARING AND STOP WORKING. Nothing has touched them, they just sit there...and BAM the nodes are gone. Quality coding....
  3. Following the latest update (Valentines) ALL building parts exclusive to Primitive Plus have disappeared and engrams are no longer available to unlock with character. This includes Lumber and Brick. Also, feeding troughs have disappeared and attempting to place one now results in: CONSUMED 1 x Feeding Trough This has left large gaps/holes in bases with missing building parts. EDIT: Adobe structures also gone.
  4. Hello, All forges in Primitive plus PS4 will not allow you to insert coal, or any minerals other than raw metal. This means that players are unable to produce steel or bricks for any higher tier buildings or weapons etc. Also firewood can’t be used in forges also. Kind regards Skepsisfox
  5. Democules

    whistle flyer land

    Just got the new update on PC. Only my character now whistles flyer land randomly. There is no key binding to change it, have restarted, reloaded, transfered servers, everything but complete uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. I know its the new feature cause as soon as i hop off a flying mount, and it whistles, the mount lands
  6. On an unofficial server cluster including Extinction, Aberration, The Island, and Ragnarok I have extensively tested transferring and uploading items to the Ark data as well as transferring between servers. Ever since the last update there have been issues for transfers. Those were apparently fixed with the last server update, but myself and the admin tested it today and find that Aberration is still having issues. Any transferring inventories vanish, and nothing shows in the Ark Data even when uploading directly from Aberration. Anyone else having issues with this on Aberration still? The admin checked all the settings and it should be working so we're not sure what to do. Edit: Dinos seem to work though, just no items at all.
  7. I've been playing solo on switch, and my tamed parasaur disappeared. I tamed another, but that vanished as well. It's not been killed; I checked the log.
  8. I cant join anu server as my game only loads PrimalGameData_BP. It then proceeds to say timeout join failed. I have hard reset my ps4 and reinstalled numerous times and tried many other 'fixes'. yet none seem to help me, it has been liks this for 2 days now.
  9. So I've been playing and now for a good 3 years now and am currently playing on xbox. It has come to my attention that after the server goes down for maintenance (I am on a unnoficial ark) my tames and myself all fall under the map. I am on ragnarok. As a result all my hard work is lost, I'm sure this has happened to many people and I hope this can be fixed in the near future. Kind regards, Arnie130
  10. ArtoriasParker

    Split Screen Issues

    My wife and I have been playing splitscreen ever since Ark was released on console. We play on a ps4 pro currently. It has been a very buggy and frustrating experience. It seems like none of the splitscreen issues have been addressed at all since launch as I have seen zero improvement. I never complained when the game wasn’t finished since bugs are to be expected in early access games. When either player accesses their inventory, acceses a storage container, or moves items from an inventory to a container or vice versa, the game freezes and has to catch up. It is very frustrating if we are trying to use our inventory at the same time. It will ignore commands and buttons have to be pushed multiple times for it to register. We jumped back into the game with the recent release of extinction, but were quickly reminded of our past frustrastions with splitscreen. If these issues were fixed then splitscreen would be amazing. A few other issues with splitscreen: Both players are forced to be in either first person or third person when riding a dinosaur. We cannot have one player in first person and another in third when riding a mount. When a weapon skin is applied, it is shown hovering infront of the player when viewed by the other player. If a creature is on your shoulder (otter for example) it cannot be seen by the other player unless the player who is carrying the creature goes into third person. Player two cannot see underwater unless player one is underwater. We have a 55” inch tv and it is still difficult to read the a lot of the information on screen (not a big issue). The big issue with splitscreen is the inventory freezing that I mentioned first. The other issues aren’t a huge deal, but it would be a 10/10 if all these issues were eventually patched. I know these issues are not exclusive to us because we recently upgraded to a ps4 pro and are experiencing the exact same issues.
  11. BatmanBW02

    Bugs on Xbox

    There seem to be so many problems with uploading creatures at terminals, either they won't show up as an option or when I click on them the upload button doesn't light up. Also, I have the setting on so I can build in caves and it doesn't allow me to, as well as some random locations above the surface all around the map. I am not sure what's wrong with these features.
  12. [PVE] Otters not delivering baby after gest timr up. Giggas and rexes waking up tho fully tranked. Repeated attempt showing all rex/gig untamable. Beginner official server PC 430 TheIsland. None of these reports are my experience just what the other players are telling me they notice this weekend. But very distressing. I'm building atm but want game working properly for when I get to taming and breeding. Players will get discouraged, leave, and tell the world Ark is a broken game not worth buying. Revenue will bottom. What can be done to get devs to fix this game faster? Should we push for a subscription model or would that even work? Would they just take our money and do nothing?
  13. So far, since the Extinction update, I’ve found several bugs, some of which are near game-breaking. - No drops, no loot crates, no artifacts, no wyvern eggs - No griffin attack animation when landed - Wild Griffins constantly glitching when moving - Extremely frequent hanging and lagging, even freezing for multiple seconds - Frequent kicks and game crashes - Unstable map and dino rendering - If the sun is even slightly in your field of view, it nearly whites out the entire screen, making it impossible to see. These have all begun to occur, or significantly worsened, as of the recent update. From what I can tell, these are far from isolated instances. I love the game, but I wish I could actually play it. UPDATE: After a 4GB update, drops were fixed and forges showing negative values was fixed. All other bugs listed are still present. However, the update somehow messed up foundation support for pillars. A ceiling that was 1 space from a pillar diagonally was broken and cannot be replaced due to there not being foundation support. Despite the pillar that is one space away.
  14. Al principio el juego funcionaba bien, pero después de la última actualización, ya no se escuchan los efectos de interacción del juegos, la música y la ambientación siguen funcionando bien, pero cuando golpeo un árbol o corro con mi personaje, no se escuchan esos efectos de golpe y respiración.
  15. the game even closes the settings being minimum and I do not have problems with low fps. My phone is moto G6 play
  16. Hello to anyone reading this. For the last 6 months my tribe who hasn’t played ark in over a year have been anxiously awaiting the release of extinction. We gathered together all old friends in ark from the old days and created the largest tribe we’ve ever created before, with one intention, to experience the final map of the game we’ve come to love so much and has given a group of people who met by such strange chance and circumstances so many great memories that will stay with us for our entire lives now. Our tribe came together in the beginning for one reason, to overthrow evil alphas and create an environment on whatever server we were playing on that allows new players to learn the game and advance which many in our tribe never got to do because of said, “evil alphas.” We were incredibly successful and ended up being the protector alpha of our server on legacy for over a year. The legacy duping bugs on official destroyed the game for us toward the end and put a sour taste in our mouths toward ark for a long time to come. We were so excited for this map to come out. A week ago we started on Extinction with just 10 people, within 2 days our tribe grew to the size of 38 people. We progressed rapidly and became the target of 2 massive mega alliances attempting to assert control of the server. We essentially declared that we would be making the server an open/ non mega alliance server for everyone. Obviously we went to war. We were completely dominating as we had superior coordination, skill and a veteran relationship with each other that not many mega alliances can say their members charge with each other... Everything was going perfect, we had 16 tek turrets and 15 heavy turrets by the end of day 4. Then at 6AM on the morning of day 5 we saw a desert titan marker pop up on our maps. Some of our members(myself included) started to panic... We managed to calm ourselves down because this is not the first time we’ve had to kill a titan being used against us and we knew we could do it... we immediately got to work crafting anything to do damage to it when it got to our base. We crafted over two thousand rounds of fabricated sniper ammo as this is one of the listed weaknesses of the desert titan. When the titan got to our base we had no idea all of this preparation was completely and utterly useless... the titan sat well outside of our turret range and sent lightning straight through the roof of our metal/tek base and insta killed every single person still inside the base(a massive killfeed of offline players. Those of us who survived continued trying to damage it(about 11 of us managed to get online). The enemy only had 4 people on. We managed to cryo pod the majority of our tames and get them in our cryo fridge before the titan got there, but all of our pteras, snow owls, argies and any other tame we didn’t have cryo pods for was electrocuted and killed THROUGH THE WALLS OF THE BASE....We put up a long fight, they had nothing to actually tank our turrets(the desert titan took insane damage when attempting to tank the heavies and tek turrets. So the enemy just sat at our base for 2 hours spamming lightning and making it impossible for us to spawn in base. (I have many game clips spawning into base and being instantly killed by lightning). Eventually they left and went down to the forest to tame the forest titan. It was here that we made our final stand with anything we had left. By now we had read up on everything titan related and we knew what would happen if they tamed it... An 8 hour dog fight ensued over control of the underworld and an attempt to claim the forest titan.. the titan went down and the managed to claim it first. We knew as soon as they got it that it was over. We all flew back to our base in the city and started filling any high weight fliers with our hard earned loot, we cryod our most important Dino’s and transferred everything to a friends island server that were not even members of. We then watched the titans reign down he’ll on our base while we watched with absolutely no way to defend. Both of these titans sat out of turret range and completely obliterated our base... we had no possible way to defend, our tek mek which we spent hours grinding for was ripped to shreds instantly... after Our base was destroyed they then went and wiped any tribe who was not part of the “UWS/99 problem alliance”(apparently the present day biggest alliance in ark pvp) and we just watched the chat fill up with all of our new friends complaints that the titans were doing the same to their bases... Now we’re all left here thinking how great the map we just played on was and want to experience it so much more, but every server we’ve tried to join now has a titan spawned and claimed.. Something needs to be done about this. I don’t normally complain about anything but this was the most game breaking thing I’ve experienced in official pvp since the duping wars which ruined the game for us the first time... I really hope wildcard opens up new Xbox one extinction servers, I’m sitting here now, left feeling hopeless sad and despaired that our gathering of friends won’t ever happen again. It was so great and rejuvenating to have gathered together again after so long... I never thought I would say it but i am truly deeply saddened by this. I just hope if new servers come out we can manage to get everyone together again. Many of our players don’t want to deal with ark bugs anymore so it was already hard enough to get everyone back together... I hope this is fixed and I hope by some miracle that wildcard will read this and do something about it.. This game has been extremely influential in all of our lives and we want to enjoy it in it’s full finished balanced state... thank you to anyone who took the time to read this...
  17. I figured out that to host a dedicated server I need a pc other than the one I play the game on, so instead, I have been hosting a non-dedicated server to play with my friends. While hosting the non-dedicated server I encountered a lot of problems with the tether distance. On certain islands of the center map, my friends are teleported to my location only 200m away even though I have the tether distance cranked up to 99, which I looked up was as high as it can go (note that I did try other tethers like 10 or 20 to see if the 99 was messing with it). Another really game breaking bug is that whenever my friends touch the water, they are instantly teleported to me no matter how far away I am. The only way to prevent this is if I am in the water with them. So basically my friends are dying of dehydration unless I can go in the water with them, which is very frustrating. I have not been able to find a way to fix any of these problems, so if anyone has a fix or is experiencing the same thing, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  18. FluffyBunny77

    Mindwipe Tonic Bug?

    So I used a mindwipe tonic and it reset all my engrams, as usual, but when I finished leveling up, I didn’t have any engram points to spend. I checked the ARK wiki and it says that it refunds all engram points. I also watched a video before using it and he got all his points. There’s a short video on my twitter @FBunny77 showing the engrams all blank with no points (couldn’t upload anything here because the file size was too big) btw I’m on mobile so..
  19. There are still huge issues with the windows 10 version, textures will stop loading, and you will be left with jagged playdough'ish looking textures, there are some fixes it seems that have been found by players, to do with Nvidia Control panel, but unfortunately for me, that only helped temporarily before the issue resumed. Some seem to still be suffering from the closes on startup issue, I have seen some assistance from developers/mods with that, but none of those "fixes" applied to me, and an unrelated reinstall of my PC managed to fix that issue, it then came back, I refused to reinstall my PC again and instead I went to Apps in my PC settings, found the Ark programme, and selected the reset option in the advanced options section for Ark when selected, I then uninstalled Ark completely from Apps on my PC, including scorched and Aberration, restarted my PC as Microsoft store was saying they were still installed, restart of my PC fixed that, reinstalled Ark only, no DLCs first, now starts up and works, but it should not happen in the first place. I am currently playing on a 4.2GHz, 16gb RAM, 1060 6gb GPU, PC, it's not a God tier PC, but it sure isn't a bad PC, incapable of running Ark, I have played the steam version multiple times, and it seems completely free from any of the W10 issues and a very pleasant experience, if it wasn't for the friends I play with still being on Xbox, I would have switched to the Steam version, but the W10 version exists, and as long as it exists, it needs constant updating and fixing, otherwise you're mistreating your customers and fans who through purchasing the game, have shown you support, yet that support has gone into creating a new game, Atlas...which lets be honest is a reskin of Ark, which means you've pulled manpower from Ark and thrown them onto that, slowing down the process of fixing issues on your first game, which is unfair. So my question is this...When will the Windows 10 version of Ark receive updates to fix the issues plaguing it, I fully understand it is not the steam version, so it won't be as fluid, unfortunatley, which it could be and should be, but to be honest my expectations have dropped in that area, it's a slightly bulkier version of the Xbox One X version, better graphics, smoother experience and so on, but it should be Xbox One Version < Xbox One X Version < Windows 10 Version (if you have the PC for max settings), at the moment, I actually get a smoother experience playing on my Xbox One...I really enjoy this game and am grateful to the developers for it, and the experiences you can have with it, but it needs work, and I see nothing about that happening, there needs to also be a specific category for windows 10 in the Xbox Forums Category for quicker navigation and a bigger voice for these issues, so they're not lost in the Xbox consoles bug issues.
  20. Redtag2681

    bugs list

    ok so i stopped playing the game couple of weeks back and i just visit the forums now to see how many different ways they manage to mess up more so without further delay lemme get started BUGS 1) firstly the constant game crsahes- yes the biggest threat to u is not wild dinos or enemy tribes or lack of knowledge it is basically game crashes. the easiest way to deal with this is to get 500 hp . i know feels like a useless tip but seriously if u have 500hp u will survive fall damage from world ceiling so all u have to do after u fall is take out a spyglass and whistle follow ur bird single back to u. but if ur underwater u might be dead before u can relog even if u have a scuba 2) structure decay message- ok so when the structure decay message pops up ur frozen mid air or water and the easiest way to undo this is relog .but bewarned if ur the only person on ur tribe online at the time then the so called structure will insta decay and if its a dino it will go into neglect and u might not get the location 3) allosaurus alt attack- allosaurus even when it pack leader dont do bleed attack anymore. it used to but now it doesnt.u cant do anything about it 4) pack effect- when u have more than 4 wolves in a certain location and one is pack leader start the pack leader effect and get ur wolf out of there. once away from pack the pack leader can still gain the pack leader buff if it had it at one point 5) unlimited levelling- lets say u find a frog u like.but its lvl 20 and ur on a easy server or medium.then if u tame it u will get the taming bonus and it becomes lvl 28 on taming.now take its implant and kill it without unclaiming by accessing its dino info. now someone from a different tribe resses the new frog will be lvl 28 and wild.they tame it and it gets a taming bonus and ends up as a tamed lvl 36 frog.now they repeat the same process and give u the implant.now u ress it and u get a lvl 60 frog after taming bonus. rinse and repeat u can get a dino of max lvl.( note works only on some dinos. doesnt work on imprinted dinos) 6)cave exploit- if u want a high lvl dino which can be found in a cave. lets say a wolf. go to snow cave kill a high level wolf pick up artifact and ress it now its tamable. 7)structure glitching- if u drag someone body on the top of a ceiling it will fall through ( might take a couple of seconds of dragging) anyway this will help u get into enemy bases ( works in all servers and all struction but not foundations) 😎ptera barrelroll- u can barrelroll into structure if ur moving fast and server is laggy( easy way to get in and out of enemy bases) 9)block water tames- if u really wanna make someones water tame unusable then park a raft on it if its a big tame like tuso or mosa or plesio and u block the area where u sit when mounted the tame becomes stuck and unmountable. oh and just to be sure place a large crop plot at the area where rider would be sitting to make sure they can not move the dino at all 10)fall damage- this works sometimes only - if u disconnect right before u hit the ground u wont take fall damage for the amount of distance u travelled before the relog 11) unlimited stamina quetz- to make a quetz have unlimited stam keep an argy or another flyer on it. the moment u mount the bird the quetz starts regaining stam and if it is high enough it wont go down. once quetz stam is full go back onto it 12) unlimted polymer and cementing paste- snails is the answer to this just keep 5 snails and make sure to empty them out regularly and when server restarts they will each have 100 cp and organic poly after server restart.easy way to get poly i guess. 13) fertilised eggs- sometimes ur egg goes to world ceiling i dont know why but if u dont see a fertilised egg after mating just go to world ceiling at the exact same spot and it will be there 14)foundation limit- sometimes in a large structure like over 10 walls high or so the top 2 walls keep destroying themselves randomly (tribe log will say structure was destroyed for reaching foundation limit)when u place structure nearby .this happens much more frequently if ur using pillars to build bases instead of foundation.to fix this is very complicated and requires u split foundations and such so just google it(too long an explanation and i dont feel like typing it out) 15)tuso taming- ok forget all the other ways of taming tuso the best way is basically get ur friend and go find a tuso thenone is bait with riot armor and u keep balm and black pearls on hotbar and insta tame. if u try using any dino other than turtle it most probably wont grasp. using a human is better cuz even if it grasps ur friend it most likely wont squeeze just hold and it will stay there 16)plant x- most of the plant x plants will die unless ur next to it when it reaches maturity 17)pheromone darts - they work on everything titans, enemy dinos other ppl even on pve servers. easy way to kill off a titan or destroy a base( works one some official and most private servers) i feel like i am forgetting a lot more . ill post the rest later. if i missed out on something feel free to post it
  21. OVOXO612

    Can't put saddle on Gacha.

    Hello fellow survivors; I am unable to put a saddle on any of my gachas, and consequentially I can't ride them or produce crystals. Also, when I access the inventory it only reads "Retrieving inventory" or something like that, but will never load, and still, cannot place saddle in the slot. Has anyone been able to solve this, or is it a bug that still hasn't been fixed/patched? Any advice is very appreciated. I am playing on PS4. Official Extinction. Have tried this on 3 different gachas, all male (we know of the sadness mechanic. Do I need to tame a female to fix this? That wouldn't make sense). I have seen all the other "fixes" for problems with the gachas, but none have worked for me. Thanks in advance!
  22. ivanzhang

    so buggy update

    This update is so buggy, make me hate it. Bugs: 1.the game crashed insanely 2.daily task is impossible to complete, the fishing area has bed, and the bug make you restart the task, I have done the daily task for a month.......This update make me impossible to complete it(Bug: fly over the water, and the game crashed, that make you die, but you didn't die. After relogin, you have to start the task from the beginning) 3. daily task: kill 8 spino. spino don't respawn many, 6 hours I killed 4... it was possible to complete within an hour or two(is that reasonable to do a daily task for more 6 hours?and you still can not complete it. just go around the whole map, they don't respawn as much as before the update) 4. dino disappeared, when revived it 5. all the griffins with the same family "mir" is that possible to restore the days of the daily task?
  23. App Store updated game. now it crashes constantly. it used to crash every 10 minutes or so which I could live with. currently unplayable
  24. H0llyw00d28

    Textures not loading

    I play on a xbox one and ever since Extinction came out my textures dont seem to load in on creatures, resources and structures ect (so everything looks smooth). Sometimes as soon i get in my server and sometimes it will be good but progressively get worse the longer i play. This is happening on single player, official and my Nitrado server ive noticed after alot of testing. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, hard xbox restarts and tinkering with settings but nothing works and i have noticed other xbox users have complained about the same thing so i dont know know what else to do. I dont know if this is on my side or Ark's side. i thought after the S+ patch this would fix it but nope it keeps happening. So i would love feed back, maybe im doing something wrong or maybe its Ark i dont know.
  25. I've been having an issue lately and I was wondering, and hoping, if someone could help me. I've been having an issue where the server thinks I am at a certain position while my client thinks I am at another position, leading me to believe it's a Desync issue. However, with most games the server will actively update your position causing rubberbanding, but for me it doesn't update, leaving me in a constant state of limbo where my client believes I am at one place and the server believes I am at another. This sometimes happen immediately when i spawn in, but usually occurs when mounting any tamed dino. When mounting a dino my client doesn't recognize me as on the dino, while the server does. I'll be able to perform basic actions except for moving on the dino. This is all taking place on my friends unofficial server. I've tried multiple things like reloading the server, we enabled raw sockets, and checked for any "exaggerated values." Im open to any options that may help fix this issue. At the moment this is making the game borderline unplayable, because of the extreme desync, and it not updating my position, i am unable to interact with any objects and when im trying to mount a dino it shows my character model standing next to the dino, while my actual character on the server side is riding the dino. The server has a moderate ping of around 20 and can occasionally spike to 50 or so. This only occurs on our unofficial server and I am the only one experiencing this I really hope this gets some kind of attention as the game is unplayable for me and i really enjoy the game and wish to get back to playing with me friends.