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Found 1933 results

  1. Needing to went about Rock Golem

    So I set off on my Paracer named knockout and I expect to return with a new rock elemental. My trap is all set up and ready, what could go wrong right? raptoring a lot apparently. The raptorer always want to go to the left and end up exiting the trap. I encase him so he can't escape, right? EXCEPT apperently I'm not this guys boss or anyhting, he bugs out and almost punches knockout. Not to mention he keeps hitting the cannon. I've had to repair the damn thing about three times and replace it one time. but now he's encased(for a second time), cramped and nowhere to run. Hes mine now right? EXCEPT NO HE raptorING DESPAWNS WHILE I'M FREAKING FIGHTING HIM! raptor YOU WILDCARD! Anyhow I just needed to went somewhere where people probably listen. Hope your day in Ark is better than mine.
  2. Just started to imprint on the latest batch of babies, but the only stat that's increased after the imprint is health - the other imprint affected stats have remained at the pre-imprint values (16% imprint from 1 imprinting, so not just that the increase is too small to register). Is anyone else seeing this?
  3. As many may know it's such a pain in the A to switch from official to legacy. First, that's something I consider a bug plus leads into my report. Devs need to make it easier to access the server lists. The drop down where you select legacy, dedicated, official etc. You cannot just click join ark then the drop down to select what's servers you want.... which again leads to my bug report. You gotta click join ark. Let some servers load then go back to the main screen. Wait a little and then click join ark again and hope it let's you select the server list. By hope I mean this. I've just now as we speak tried going to main menu then back into the server list to select legacy. If you go into servers, back to main screen, then back to servers the game 99% of the time freezes and completely crashes. It's done this as far back as I can remember. Is it seriously that hard to select the server list? Please fix.... also! If you select favorites for quick access to your servers. If you use an ob to transfer your chare tor from one server to another, the favorites list changes back to official or whatever your on. This should stay on favorites. When it doesn't you gotta go back through crashing to try and find your servers again. Such a pain..
  4. Lost inventory

    Hey all, I've been putting in countless hours getting our first base set up and stocking up supplies so that we can get taming and exploring. After roughly 7 hours of hard graft I decided to call it a day. I logged back onto the server after about 24 hours and all of my shiny new weapons, ammunition and armour had disappeared! Literally everything that I had on my person when I logged off. I now have to put all my stuff into storage containers prior to leaving the server. It's not the end of the world but does get really frustrating. Anyone else faced this issue and if so Ark please work to resolve
  5. Blue graphics bug on Ragnarok

    At midnight in game time every night my screen turns blue, drops become colourless and the game is effectively unplayable until dawn as the render distance & detail is too greatly reduced to permit safe travel. Blue bug screenshot attached. Map is Ragnarok on official legacy, but seeing the same bug on unofficial ragnarok as well - other players on the server are also reporting this, but it doesn't seem to affect everyone. I'm running an nvidia 160 with the latest drivers. Just checked the ingame time when this effect ends - 04:30 - so from 00:00-04:30 ingame time it's pretty much confining a good number of players to base.
  6. Long time I've been only a passive reader on this forum, mainly active on the Steam forums. But it seems that ARK devs are not really active on the Steam forums, so I'll post my list of bugs that I have collected over the years here. Please discuss and PRAY TO GOD the ARK devs actually read this. I'll try to update this list every other day, so stay tuned for more bug discoveries! 1.: Auto-Jump out of water when player swims up to the beach into shallow water, completely stopping the players movement for no reason 2.: Loot crates inside unbreakable geometry (mostly fixed) 3.: OP Onycs, Pegomastax and other small creatures that can take way too many hits for how small they actually are 4.: Creatures attack and hit through walls/rocks where the rock or wall clearly should block any damage from them FIXED 5.: Action Wheel overloaded FIXED 6.: some buttons in UI have completely wrong hitboxes: - "Inventory" "Survivor Profile" "Drop all items" "use item" "Drop item" 7.: unskippable "happy about leveling up" animation, even when attacked 8.: inventory sorting doesnt stay (inside inventory folders) 9.: tames/pets sometimes take a very long time to react to your whistle (ie.: "follow") 10.: Quetzals broken messed up left leg 11.: Tames get completely stuck on other tames specially when you ride them 12.: terrible "follow me" AI, circle around you instead of slowing down and slowly follow the player 13.: -removed- 14.: terrible movement physics when running off a rock/cliff (sends you horizontally flying instead of just falling off the rock) or jumping against a tree (sends you flying sideways) FIXED 15.: Absolutely no control on which side the player unmounts a mount 16.: on some mounts the player slowly slides off a mount 17.: Redwood forest way too dark during night, even with "gamma 3" 18.: Rhino doesn't fit through a Stone Dinosaur Gateframe but it does thru a metal dinosaur gateway of the same size 19.: cannot rotate sloped roofs also can't place them on ceilings (unlike ramps) 20.: Mining Helmet: Light doesnt move with players head 21.: Mining Helmet: Light way too dark 22.: pillars don't stack, they snap half inside another pillar FIXED 23.: Cant properly build because "... is obstructed" way too many build restrictions, remove! 24.: can't build ramps anymore (on high cliffs to get up there) because ceilings don't snap to ramps anymore 25.: No stone ramps are available 26.: open door prevents foundation placement in front of it 27.: huge hitbox/collision box for standing torches, cant place in a corner 28.: Terrible hitbox/collisionbox for smithy, cant place against wall 29.: Most Dinos cant side-step 30.: Cant hit dinos with most weapons that are behind a wall (like throwing a grenade down into a pit, but you dont see the enemies directly, no line of sight) It definitely should hit them, but it does no damage 31.: Flyers not landing, sometimes stay in air forever - need a land now button (or auto land, after unfollow) 32.: mating progress bar sometimes not updating (might be fixed now) 33.: Structure snapping for many items way off (such as the adobe window frame above a door frame, you cant walk thru the door) 34.: Cant shoulder-mount Troodons? 35.: Insane freeze frames/lag spikes after transfering large amount of items 36.: Server Lag is quite insane when world saving, even on SSD 37.: Water tanks and industrial cooker don't work together 38.: Megalania incorrect socket location for egg laying or pooping 39.: Feces not fitting the size of the animal (horse, iguanadon) 40.: Weird front leg animation on brontos when they're walking around, the front legs fly all over the place 41.: Light coming off a lamp mounted on an assault rifle is way darker than that off a fabricated sniper rifle using the same light attachment 42.: cant get air while riding Tusoteuthis and visually above water (first and third person persp.) 43.: Unmounting Tusoteuthis inside the animal 44.: Lay-Egg-Buff also counts for male animals and mammals that dont lay eggs 45.: The game sometimes loses mouse focus (Fullscreen-Windowed) 46.: Dead Lightning Wyvern keeps shooting electro beam 47.: Fabricated Sniper Rifle reloading animation way off with the timing until it actually has finished reloading 48.: Wooden shield blueprint not showing durability 49.: Multiple Iced Canteens stack and makes the player freeze in the desert at 60°C (stacking intentional?) 50.: Some cooked items such as the Shadow Steak Saute make a drinking sound when consumed FIXED 51.: Last shot on the rocket launcher doesnt actually shoot a rocket 52.: Loot bags from wild bee hives stay (float) in air instead of falling down 53.: riding a Tuso and attacking something, then swimming away does a pointless 360° turn instead of just straight swimming in that direction 54.: Allosaurus bleed effect lasts longer than the tooltip shows up (tested with Yuty) 55.: Crossbow doesnt work during electrical storm 56.: some explorer notes don't center when opened 57.: holding a torch, gps or something like that prevents dive bomb with griffin (that might be intentional though) 58.: Vessel (for preserving salt) makes same opening sound when closing 59.: Standing Torches or Wall Torches dont emit blue light when burning angler gel anymore 60.: Cant ESC out of Tribe Panel (might have been fixed by now) 61.: Music sometimes keeps playing after the game has loaded and player is fully ingame (joined a server) 62.: "Claiming allowed in:" not properly updating once the owner (or tribe member) comes nearby 63.: Can't see (or hear) rain from inside the houses thru windows/doors etc. 64.: Player swims slower on water surface than under water (scuba flippers) 65.: hanging onto a wall with the Thyla disables torch held in hand. Might be intentional. 66.: Riding a tame in the water, looking down and press any movement key, crouch or jump key makes the tame move forward 67.: Jumping while tames look at you, makes the tame look away for the time the player is airborne 68.: Adding a folder inside an inventory: textbox has no focus for text input 69.: Some aquatic animals commit suicide by trying to swim on land 70.: Can't pick up kairuku babies, but can pick up fully grown ones? Same with other babies. 71.: Can't stand on Therizinosaurus or Carnotaurus etc. but I can stand on a Megalosaurus? 72.: As of v265.xx Eggs now sometimes have no proper physics and the player has to pull them out of the dinos butts. 73.: Beaver dam fern/plant-ish stuff stretches out weirdly when looking at it from specific angles 74.: Unmounting Ankylo: player jumps abnormally far away from it 75.: Feeding Trough makes "door opening and closing" sounds, even though it doesn't have any doors at all. 76.: Player has absolutely no control when "sliding" ontop of a stone railing or other railings or walls etc. 77.: v265.51 Eggs still falling thru the floor, even after patching this for like the fifth time now (Dimetrodon mating on stone ceiling) 78.: Damage numbers on griffins and megalania are white? (intentional?) 79.: Player sometimes doesn't auto reload crossbow, can't be triggered manually either (no server lag at this time!!!!) 80.: Training dummy pointless because it doesn't work at all (no dmg shown with rifles, arrows etc..) 81.: v265 broke the Thylacoleo climbing wall icon, it doesnt show up anymore 82.: Ragnarok: 66.3 41.9 rock has no collision 83.: Flashlight on weapons doesn't stay on when looking into inventory (same for torches where the player has to disable his torch to look at the left arm...) 84.: --DUPLICATE OF 72-- After v265 eggs sometimes get stuck inside the dino, player has to "pull them out" 85.: huge flat brush with rock texture in the middle of the ice cave at -155837 -179937 6729 (setcheatplayer 1) This looks like low-detail terrain that is still streaming from outside, even though it should be invisible from inside the cave 86.: Weird untextured brushes in the cave at -221505 -51213 27230 87.: Pulminoscorpius Egg vs Pulmonoscorpius? Which name is right? 88.: Ragnarok: Weird round black shadow even without trees at -193850 -333870 -13766, at -192910 -27810 25612 89.: Can't transfer to cluster servers in the same network (Dedicated server in the LAN), works fine for people coming from the internet though 90.: TheCenter: Water rings appear when I fly in artifact cave "Artifact of the Massive" on TheCenter with the Griffin. KOs: -6281 -191753 -27414 91.: TheCenter: World can be seen from below when flying up the roof on TheCenter in the cave "Artifact of the Massive". Kos.: 35700 -184660 -12760 92.: TheCenter: Can see the sun from caves such as the ice artifact cave at: -447794 78434 -51000 (Artifact of the Cunning) 93.: TheCenter: During rain there is an insane pinkish tint in dark areas such as: -191307 630248 7853 94.: Crop Plot: Cant destroy Plant Species X or Y anymore? 95.: Griffin throws off dust even under water 96.: ARK crashes giving the player multiple items at once using "gfi", like: cheat gfi artifact_01 1 0 0 | cheat gfi artifact_02 1 0 0 | cheat gfi artifact_03 1 0 0 | cheat gfi art............. 97.: Ragnarok: Rocks that get broken (for example at 32 56) have a grey texture instead of rock texture 98.: Sometimes front legs like on the Sabertooth, Chalicoterium don't move when they chase something 99.: When going uphill, some creatures seem to clip through the terrain (Rhino, Carno, you name it...) 100.: Ankylo floats after breaking rock below 101.: Can't hear running Chem Bench? 102.: Ragnarok: Light glitch when looking into chertain directions (Workaround: reduce Resolution Scale) 103.: Torch on saddle doesn't give off heat 104.: Since a couple recent patches (v267) the player sometimes auto equips the last tool from hotbar when riding a tame and looking into inventory 105.: Having a spyglass active and mount a rideable animal, auto-uses the spyglass with no way of putting it down (other than unequipping) 106.: Playing with controller and having zoomed in with any weapon has way too fast camera movement 107.: XBOX Controller: The radial menu (hold down B) gives the option to poop, but this is linked to the player itself. While riding it doesn't update with the mounts need to poop. It always shows the players status - even though it still works for the mount. 108.: XBOX Controller: Can't disengage the grappling hook while playing with game controller 109.: SE: During electrical storm: weapon light attachments still work? 110.: SE: During electrical storm: crossbow shoots electrical sparks and arrows?! (related to 55) 111.: SE: Unreachable loot crate at 76.4 80.6 (down at the bottom below a pointless kill trigger) 112.: Vulture (and other shoulder mounted flyers) don't fall to ground when encumbered, instead they float up unable to move and unable to be retrieved by player 113.: SE: World loading issue when walking around at 28.5 29.3 114.: SE: Industrial Grinder still works in electrical storm 115.: Very glitchy Kentrosaurus tail, can't crouch or prone behind it without glitching on top. It seems that the Kentrosaurus hitbox is turned around by 180 degrees (tail is head, head is tail) 116.: After clinging to the wall with a Tapejara in 3rd person, taking off again, landing and unmounting the tame, the game defaults the player to 3rd person camera instead of 1st person 117.: Giganotosaurus: feet sinking weirdly into the ground when the Giganotosaurus is pooping or laying an egg 118.: With the Griffin one could fast-fly backwards (up) and instantly full-dive-bombing down 119.: Observer cave: Player can get stuck at 13.6 73.9 120.: Observer cave: Round metal beams make "grass sound" when player landing on them 121.: Dedicated Linux Server won't properly save on "SaveWorld" it just generates an empty map when loaded (_NOT_ a permission issue) 122.: Terror Bird: running fast then holding down the RUN button and JUMP button rapidly drains stamina. This also happens when the player hovers along with high speeds and is landing (while holding down JUMP) 123.: "DISABLE MENU TRANSITIONS" doesn't apply to the OPTIONS or MAIN MENU, Naming creatures, they still fade in and out slowly and can't be aborted. 124.: Ragnarok: Weird bug with a cave volume reaching out above terrain at 65.3 40.3 125.: Thylacoleo can't climb Adobe Behemoth Gates (probably other gates too) 126.: Servers not properly reporting player count in the Steam Server Browser (sometimes shows 2/10 even though there are no players connected) 127.: Thorny Dragon tail wiggle (while idle) is out of sync with the actual hitbox (swapped) 128.: Scorched Earth: Can't repair tent. When attempting to repair tent in Smithy it uses ressources, but the tent isn't repaired at all 129.: Thylacoleo rotating by 90 degrees on re-entering the area, client side only, since the hitbox is still in regular pos. 130.: Thylacoleo (and some other creatures) auto-walking forward for no reason when the player starts riding them 131.: Can't throw Hesperornis in front of player, it always getting tossed sideways 132.: Server Browser: clicking (for instance) on "SORT BY:" list after you have changed this one before without closing the server browser requires two clicks to actually open the list again. 133.: Phoenix stops smelting and cooking items occasionally, reason unknown. Upload-Downloading temporary fixes it 134.: Vulture does not eat corpses on the ground when standing on ground (not flying) 135.: Scorched Earth: Rock at exactly X:43756 Y:-256841 Z:-15651 facing RY:62.00: Rock has one polygon culled for no reason, you can look through 136.: TheIsland: Walking against the Tek Cave door right hand side into the wall riding a rex or therizino, kills the player instantly 137.: Server Browser: selecting "LAN Server" crashes the game when it tries to fetch lan server data. This occured after ARK was updated to 251(..ish) 138.: Tek Rifle doesn't cool down while not active (while shooting with a spare rifle) 139.: Harvesting corpses with the Tek Rifle melee, damages player for no apparent reason 140.: Weapon reloading in general can't be resumed. Very annoying and poor game design when one has almost finished reloading, opens inventory and has to fully reload the weapon again 141.: Closing door sounds for Behemoth gates are way off with the actual animation 142.: Stats on animals while riding update much more frequent than not riding them (for instance: force feed to heal carnivores) 143.: Scorched Earth: 77.4 52.0 floating large bone structure and bushes, rocks under it can be harvested creating even more floatiness 144.: Can't put a skinned torch (for example scorched earth torch skin) on a saddle 145.: Torch on a painted saddle removes paint from saddle temporarily until one removes the torch again 146.: Scorched Earth: There is really a lot of floating trees and rocks around 47.6 20.4 147.: Inventory Bug: Can't move items into inventory-folders while a filter is active 148.: Ragnarok: At 67.7 04.9 You can get behind a huge rock asset 149.: Ragnarok: At 64.5 50.9 Hovering with the Griffin creates fake water rings in mid air 150.: Ragnarok: At 62.5 40.0 in the Purple Cave there is no collision for the ground 151.: On death not all inventory items are shown in player corpse. Items in subfolders are not shown. Destroy corpse and items reappear. 152.: Sometimes folders inside inventories on tamed animals aren't real. Items can be placed inside, but after re-opening the respective inventory, the items are outside again. (which means, they're not inside that folder they just were placed inside) 153.: Music after winning a battle against a boss is - 1st.: Way too loud and - 2nd.: Doesn't obey the "music volume" option setting at all, so it can't even be disabled 154.: Ragnarok: At 12.8 17.1 a player or tame cannot swim down, there seems to be an invisible wall down there (needs further investigation though) 155.: Ragnarok: Since the Desert 1/3 update the two cave entrances for the Artifact of the Clever have no hole anymore, but are still non-solid. 156.: Ragnarok: At 21.4 77.2 a player can see under the map (Artifact of the Massive - Cave) Suggestions: - completely redo the wiring system for electricity (just like in Fallout 4) - "Land" button for flyers - should be able to push other dinos with a button or so - able to change weather with admin commands - make Troodon shoulder-mountable - ability to cancel the wyvern lightning beam - double click in server browser should join the respective server - combine "electric" and "electrical" folders in fabricator into one - should be able to pick up (or at least rotate) the lamp posts after placing - Switches on electric cable intersections, so we can switch off for instance loud air conditioners - damage overlay (floating damage numbers): option to make them smaller text (slider) - Inventory sort by type would be nice - Flaregun should scare most of the dinos away (smaller ones, medium sized ones...)
  7. Tuso taming bug

    So i tried tame tusos today and got 6 time this msg
  8. I play on the Center and the Island Official servers and Theriz's will not collect fiber at the moment. It seems to possibly be ping related.. or at least that's what some of us have come up with on reddit after lots of discussion. There are times when you can collect some fiber, but currently it's around 95% of the time where right clicking does nothing at all with the dino.
  9. Map keeps resetting

    My explore map resets every time I log back on into single player. I play on Xbox, and while this bug isn't game breaking, is extremely annoying to have to re-discover the map and re-add all of my markers. I have several bases around the map for various uses, and to have to go through and find them again is tedious, to say the least. I noticed this bug after updating to v762. I did a bit of googling and found I wasn't the only one with this issue, and someone said that unchecking and re-checking (or checking and unchecking) the option to show the player's location would fix it. I've tried this, and it has not helped, at all. I've tried logging off and logging back in, and I've tried quitting the game all together. Nothing has worked. Like I said, it's not making the game unplayable, but having to fly around the map to find my bases again every time I play isn't fun. I don't know what else to try.
  10. Everytime I acces to a beacons/obelisks kicks me out from the server saying timeout or something. I tried to quit games and started several times but doesnt work. Its been a week or two. in Official PvE server.
  11. So we just tamed a rock elemental and after 8 hours it finished and then it immediately autodecayed. This stinks especially for something that takes that long to have it just dissapear upon taming. Is this a new bug we have to worry about now with all elementals that we tame if so really not worth it and so glad we didn’t use our kibble what a waste that would have been.
  12. Ragnarok 64 "server not responding"

    Ragnarok 64 has been having an issue lately where it doesn't show up on the server list but the server is up and people are playing on it. I'm not the only one who has had this problem either. I tried to click "Join Game" for one of my friends on the server but it said "server not responding". This is getting ridiculous..
  13. Getting it on Steam still simply launches ARK instead of actually downloading it. I don't remember how I got it to work the first time.
  14. Invisible-ish wall in metal cave

    At the metal cave just north of the western end of the central canyon there is a wall, obviously supposed to be a barrier, that can be passed through but very difficult to get back out of. Almost lost a quetzal due to it passing through the one-way wall. Couldn't find anything by searching related to this issue. Platform is PS4.
  15. Armor Meshes

    I know this pic is old, but the issue is still the case. This problem happens most notably on Gillie, Riot, and Tek armor. Whenever you look at the armor in 3rd person, it instantly goes into full-on origami mode. Only when your orbit cam is put right in your face does the armor return to its full meshy detail. Please fix this one, Wildcard. Been around for a while. Also, here's a pic of the tek armor. I know we need a place to relieve ourselves, but come on. Tek armor. Please.
  16. Help! I'm on mac and whenever I try to load up Ark: Survival Evolved, I get to the main menu, I try to join an online server, and it loads for a few minutes, then it goes black and brings me back to the main title screen. Then whenever I try to press play, it wont let me, but it will let me go into single player, and options and everything else. I have a strong computer, so I am confused to why this is happening. Ive already tried uninstalling the game and verifying the game files multiple times. If this has happened to anyone else and you know a way to fix it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you <3 Steam: xBlackhawK
  17. Loading screen caused dino death

    Flew to the scorched earth desert cave, went in through the ceiling of the building and clicked land. As I did the loading... popped up. Once it loaded or whatever my wyvern instantly was killed.
  18. This has been happening ever since Ragnarok map dropped on Xbox. Every time I open a drop no matter what server on PvP or PvE it always drops me back to the Main Menu usually with an error "Connection Timed Out". I'm not the only one that this is happening to as a few players have experienced this by reading the comments from this youtube video. I would love to get a drop without being kicked. I have witnessed other users on the same server that I was kicked from successfully grab a drop and they walk away from it. Some has blamed this on your single player data and suggested removing it. I'd rather not unless it's proven that it will fix it for me.
  19. I've been trying to use the tracker to locate my dino's that i have had wondering in unpopulated areas, but when i come back the next day, the dino is still around, but the tracker node is just gone. DILO. it's guarenteed to do this every time i try. steps: login, play game for several hours(2-8 straight average) at some point place/toss/attach nodes to dinos (set on freq 100 with "N" key) use tracker, works fine during that session logoff to come back the next day (server restarts daily) login next day, use tracker (it finds nothing on any freq) check dino's for tracker, THERE'S NO TRACKER ON IT, DILO. (v268.xx) ----- I have not easily seen this bug specificaly posted anywhere, and am reasonably sure it's a WC bug, not map bug. ALSO: (unsure if related?) i have been crashing on logout/gameclose lately For tamed dino's it might work better if the tracker item was put in the dino's inventory, and much like the player-implant, not removable (unless item destroid). I'd think attached entities(like the tracker node, are not persistent on restart and doing this could potentially easily fix that) Server info: Ragnarook Patreon server. (no core-mods)
  20. Trouble with gamma I've got bug with gamma,when i use mwheelup/down (1st/3rd view) and gamma increases/decreases. And some regions have this issue by default. When you come to the region gamma increases, when you go different place gamma decreases. This is a very annoying thing. Map Ragnarok. I hope you can help. I understood where problem is. Sky quality,when you increase it,you won't have bug with gamma. Hope it would help you to fix this bug. With Gratitude, RedWhiskey.
  21. Hello Team, hello support, hello Players! I am playing Ark on the Official Server 279(PVE). I have spent over 500 Hours playing ARK now and me and my tribe got pretty big. So now comes my Problem... I thought its Time to tame a Giganotosaurus. In our first attempt i flew there with our best Quetzal, got it down and startet feeing it with narcotics.. Suddenly at 6300 torpor it woke up killed me and my quetzal. So i said i might have done soething wrong. Flew to the Spot agian. Got it down put it up too 100% Torpor and it woke up again.. killing my lvl 147 argentavis. So overall i invested like 4 Hours many ressources and dinosaurs to get nothing and loos everything to a Bug. Not enough that Items people are Farming forever to get are getting just taken out of the players Buildings.(Industrial Cooker). Im here to report you the bug with the Giganotosaurus + im want to ask friendly if you are able to recover the Stuff i lost.
  22. XBOX ONE: Stutter sprinting

    Hello, After testing the 763.0 update a bit. I must say, this is how the game should have been at launch. Graphics are super good. Character weight is as it should be, I feel like I lost weight. We thought ok there must be something wrong somewhere. Starting to sprint mining with a metal pick after a while the character started to stutter while sprinting. This was also observed in 762.0 and I wrote something about it but I could not find that tread now. However now we noticed that stamina only drained while breaking stones with the pick NOT while sprinting. The speed is much reduced by this since a raptor is faster then me and when I got the broken bone symbol the stutter stopped. I tested if my character was connected to the official server and I could open doors. So no stamina drain even when sprinting. I guess the stamina drain is calculated from actual speed. And this is the only bug we could find quickly. The otters look amazing. At first I was disappointed but when the otter blinked I melted, that was a black and gray one. Now I got a brown otter that can not be disappointing in any angle. Also the Rex's look amazing with the new graphics. Thanks. Hope this helps you finding the bug. EDIT: ping 33-36, 5 survivors. Regards, Ariana
  23. Hello, We have been playing for 2-3 weeks with my boyfriend using the solo mode. Two days ago, connecting on my account, we couldn't find his character (lvl 24) : he was sleeping on the floor and the character could not load. We starter a new game on his account, played during 4 hours and saved the game. Today when we tried to play, it was the same, my character had disappear. Is it impossible to play on coop mode anymore ? Can't a second character be saved ? Help please, we only want to play together in coop mode. Thanks in advance.
  24. Hello, I am writing this because this is now the third time my tribemates and myself have had our body caches disappear instantly whilst being devoured underwater on our unofficial dedicated server. First incident - Two Mantas ganged up on a tribemate killed and devoured him instantly without leaving a bag. We searched high and low and even on the mantas. Corpse Finder mod found no bag as well. Second incident - A tribemate was being electrocuted by a group of jelly fish as he was trying to save his magaladon and again they were instantly killed and devoured with no cache to be found anywhere. Corpse Finder again showing no cache. Third incident - I was swimming through the south/central water cave and a large group of piranha and some gators killed and ate me instantly, with no cache to be found, again Corpse Finder finds nothing because it doesn't exist. So here are my speculations. 1. Being devoured instantly after dieing in water can cause the cache to not register through the body-to-bag transition somehow? 2. Being eaten by a group underwater leaves no room for the item cache to spawn? Would love to see this get resolved as I am now the 3rd person within the last month to lose our best gear and it only seems to happen to us while we are underwater, which we are sadly now avoiding. Edit: I will note that the first 2 deaths I witnessed and saw no bag spawn.
  25. So for about a month now I have been leaving my mosas and squids on nuetral while they follow my raft so they just kill everything that attacks them. For some reason ever since v758 on xbox, NONE of my water tames will fight back... Just had some guy lure a school of mantas over and they killed 2 asc saddle 50k squids, 3 60k basils and a 40k mosa asc platform. Like r u kidding me wildcard? All of these water tames have destoyed schools of mantas in front of my eyes but now when they get attacked none of the tames aggro regardless of what aggression lvl I set them to. I sat there raptoring whistling on the tames but no nothing aggros not even from attack target onto the mantas. Water tames are broken for some reason I am watching mine sit here take 50 mantas up the arse and my tames dont do anything tosave themselves. Im not looking for comments about how I should build a base for them I know that lol thanks for pointing out the obvious. The main point here is that even when Im out of the base water dino aggresion levels dont change anything. I can look at the tame and watch it switch aggression stances and nothing, never fights back nothing happens just forever on passive while 30 mantas are swimming inside of my dumb huge squid head