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Found 870 results

  1. Dear developers! i just do not care that there are still too many cheaters in official servers... i'm ok with everything, BUT THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH! WHY I CANT GET THE ARTIFACT OF SKYLORD IN SINGLE PLAYER GAME!? honestly i thought it's just me, but recently i saw that it's for everybody! 3 years celebrating this game and still this little EASY problem is not fixed! if there is a reason for that let us know OR JUST FIX IT!!!
  2. This has been happening since yesterdays update. I am unable to play both Singleplayer and Multiplayer, everytime I go to a game session in either the loading is stuck on "PrimalGameData_BP". My game is unplayable right now if anybody knows a fin I would appreciate it a lot!
  3. OMGdaDPS

    Still no Response?

    its been 2 days since i submitted 2 different forms of my receipt, and ive not gotten a single response. can i at least get a dev here or a mod to reply to me via forum? at least tell me whats going on... ive not been compensated for the money that ive lost, nor the ads that ive watched and been screwed out of.
  4. I have restarted my Xbox multiple times. Every time I load up the game, it crashes/black screens on the Wild Card logo(The card on the beach), it kicks me straight to the dashboard... Someone help?
  5. I'm playing on official primitive plus and a lot of people (including me ^^) Lost their character After the rollback. It's not in the other cluster servers or in download Survivor.
  6. JGL274

    Kicked From Game.

    I'm playing on Xbox One and at the loading screen of any map I choose, about 20% into loading, it kicks me back to the Xbox Home screen. Anyone else having issues?? As a side note, I paid for and downloaded Aberration last night. Not sure if this is why or just a coincidence. 🤔 As it stands, I can't play at all. In any mode, on any map.
  7. Will the archaeology bones be fixed to not despawn on logout? I'm not sure if they do so in multiplayer (haven't played MP in a while) but in single player they disappear from inventories, no matter where they're stored (person, mounts, boxes, etc.) It makes collecting them almost useless if you're not wanting them, or incredibly tedious and boring when waiting for the piles to literally rise from the ground around you. These bones despawning can't be intentional (it's not them decaying either as the ones I've seen have 30 day spoil timers). Also, noticed a weird issue where at one point I couldn't craft the dilo hat skin in a cooking pot. Not sure what caused this bug but making a new pot solved it.
  8. Been collecting artifacts and completing pursuits. I entered lava cave for another one and went to check my messages (did not close the app). When i returned to the game, my pteranodon was gone (i left it in front of the cave). It is also gone from tame list. help?
  9. Katnchainz

    Prim+ Update took away all Adobe

    I have a hatchery in both ragnarock and abberation made completely out of adobe (foundations, walls, ceilings, doorframes, and door). After the update, all the adobe structures are gone, causing giant holes in both bases and a smokehouse full of fertilized eggs and chest full of sparkpowder completely vanished because they were on top of adobe foundations. I understand taking away metal structures and adobe gates because they aren’t in prim+ and does not belong, but I worked on both hatcheries for WEEKS. All that work gone, and all the eggs I was saving for the next increased maturity event are all gone, including 3 giga eggs, 2 yutes, and more. I should not have to scramble to rebuild items that are in prim+ that took me weeks to make (I only play with one other person and we do our best, but it takes us awhile.) and were all LEGIT. The picture in question is where my abberation hatchery was and now the hole that is there. My Ragnarock base is even worse as it broke a lot of my base from foundations disappearing. It won’t let me add the pictures as well.
  10. kayleigh

    Game turns dark as i fly over cave

    Hi, Im playing ARK on my galaxy s7, As soon as i come near a cave i already discovered ( not entering the cave) my game renders the lightening settings of inside the cave. Almost looking like nighttime but without stars etc. resetting the game wont fix this, and have to reboot my whole phone to fix the problems
  11. Im having an issue that is connected to bug or some crashing kind problem. My phone is Vivo V7+ With 1.8gHz Octa Core and 4GB RAM.The problem that im having is the game keep return to the lockscreen like 5-15 time in a hour? (I guess so) .The Game Get Me to the lockscreen but the game is not crashing.Please help me with this issue :)) Thanks before
  12. When opening inventory (not all the time) The animation freezes and screen starts shaking. game will get stuck and needs restart to fix. sometimes opening again will result in new crashes. sometimes it wont. playing On galaxy s7
  13. Whipples

    spawning in under the map

    On the Abberations map I keep spawning in under the map. Its happened three times now. I've had issues with tree platforms and other things where you spawn in and fall through something for a bit before bouncing back up to where you logged out, but this is different. There is no falling animation or anything like that, the character starts off under the map unable to breath and then seems to drown. This is especially frustrating because we are playing on hard core and it means I have to keep re-leveling. I logged in last night after the update for a meat run and spawned under the map and lost my level 67 character. So far I've lost a 39, then a 61, and now a 67 due to this bug. The bug accounts for 75% of my deaths in hardcore since our tribe established a base. We are a small group, and terrified that if this bug hits us all at the same time, we lose the tribe and everything we have because its hardcore. Our tribe could literally be wiped out because of a spawn bug. I saved video from two of times I spawned in under the map in case Wild Card needs it for investigation purposes and to share online to show players the biggest threat of playing on a hardcore server. The dreaded logging in to try and play! I don't expect any kind of support from Wild Card on this, or that I'll ever get my levels restored. But if anyone knows a way to avoid or minimize the damage from this I'd really appreciate it. Going to try logging out on a second floor so I'm on ceiling rather than foundation and cross my fingers. Playing hardcore is ruthless enough, but constantly losing you simply logger back in to play the game is ridiculous.
  14. I just bought this game and updated to the most current patch and the game will not even load. When I go to start or join a new game it act like it’s going to load and then crashes back to the Xbox one home screen. I am super frustrated as I just purchased this game and had to wait for over 40gb of updated just to be met with disappointment.
  15. This bug happen almost exclusively when player is standing on structures. Symptoms: Can not access dino/structure inventories despite having access. When relogged, characters wake up somewhere other than player left them when they logged off. When dinos are following a character, they go to some were else and not where the character stands (at least according to the perspective of player) My speculation is that server and client have registered different player positions it seems like they have only synchronized the movements of characters and not their coordinates. Suggestion: client should check the coordinates of characters more often.
  16. I have been getting blocked everywhere I go on the island eu 382 by a tribe called paradise. I’ve made 3 bases now and they chase me around the map and block my points before I can actually make a functional base, I’ve had the game a couple of weeks now and it’s been constant, I joined pve so I wouldn’t have this hassle...I’ve spent £72 on the game and map packs and this is honestly killing my fun it’s asif these guys are blocking any new players In the server. please help
  17. tomandpug123

    Win 10 Splitscreen?

    "The launch of the Windows 10 version also brings the single player & non-dedicated split-screen to PC." This feature should be in the game based on quotes from the article on this website about the Windows 10 crossplay release. I have the Windows 10 edition, but there doesn't seem to be any splitscreen. It seems like it isn't a feature yet. What I want is clarity on either how to do splitscreen or when this will be a feature. I'm really looking forward to playing this locally with friends and I'm disappointed that I can't yet.
  18. ExtinctDodo250

    Game Crashing Bug!!!

    In my primitive+ Ragnarok world I placed a lumber dinosaur gate on a fence foundation and when I try to demolish it the game flat out crashes and I cant demolish that gate so please fix this annoying.
  19. WC staff: Not 100% sure how to report this, but I am building in the redwoods, in the cave with the water in it (not blocking the megalania spawns or metal at the cave entrances mind you). As I have been building I have come across random spots that I get the message "Can't place structure here" They don't even seem to take up a whole 1x1. In the images attached, I couldn't place a foundation (or ceiling), but I could put a pillar down, but then not a ceiling on that pillar, but could do a pillar on the pillar. I also could attach the pillar to one of the foundation edges where it would not let me place a wall (not pictured). I'm working around it but wanted to find out how to best way to report this sort of issue.
  20. Hay guys!, So yea i am playing ark and everything is going awesome.... The only thing is that when ever i change a map i get this half hour spawn ban for no reason! I am the host of the server and i get banned? My friend have no problems yet i have to wait! So pleaseeee can someone help me with this? Because I even cleaned my entire house while i have to wait and there is nothing else to do.
  21. TheMantislug

    Artifacts not Spawning

    So I've been playing singleplayer on the Island, fighting bosses, getting tek tier, etc, but I've run into a rather crippling issue. While retrieving artifacts in preparation for fighting the Beta Dragon, I noticed the Artifact of the Skylord does not appear in its corresponding cave. I have searched all around, ghosted through the walls and ceilings, waited for hours, turned off the singleplayer option, and started the world as a non-dedicated session. The artifact drop doesn't show up. I had hoped today's patch would fix this, but sadly it hasn't. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Thank you. Edit: I have also noticed that the artifact drop for the Artifact of the Hunter shows up but doesn't contain the artifact itself, only the blueprint to build the tek replicator. 2-23-18: Just checked Skylord cave cause I figured maybe they fixed it. It still isn't there.
  22. Hello. A newly tamed golem was auto-decayed destroyed on official immediately after taming.
  23. theseventhark

    Rockwell Tekgram Bug

    I play on an unofficial server and the admins of the server told us that Rockwell is bugged to not give out its Tekgrams (Rock Drake Saddle, Rail Gun and sleeping pod). Has anyone else experienced this? Or is this a Nitrado issue perhaps? I have not found any luck with others who've experienced this.
  24. Hello, for 2 weeks the official server Ragnarok 458 is tame caped complete. Nobody knows how it comes so far. Especially since the real capacity is not reached. We Need help. Fix it please.
  25. The win10 hotkey (comma, by default) does nothing. I searched and couldn't find any mention of it, is this a known bug? I have XBOX as well and it seems to work there, creates a green arrow at the target location, and all dinos in current group move to that spot. This seems like a pretty critical hotkey, especially for stuff like solo quetz taming