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  1. Pretty much the Title. I first found this glitch when I cryod my Juvenile pteranadons for the night. I am unsure the specific rates (currently trying to find those out) but the imprint time is 2 hours between. So I Cryod those after the second imprint (needed 3), the next day I brought them out and found that they now had an 8 hour imprint timer. Later on I was breeding snow owls and was in the progress of moving. Got to the first imprint, it was a kibble that I didn't have, cryod it and brought it to the new base. Again, it had the 8 hour timer. I wish I could give you the rates, and I will likely update this thread when I do, But for now, I hope the information I gave can help fix it. I don't think I need to explain why this is an issue on boosted servers.
  2. VonPelt

    Tek engrams from OSD events

    i started fresh a few days ago whit a level 1 character,today i did my 2th orbital sky drop (blue) and once i completed the event i grabbed the loot,there were some neat stuff too,complete whit a tek replicator,helmet and pants,but when i checked my inventory there werent any blueprints nor i learned the engrams to make any of those,i also checked the tribute in one of the titan's cave if it was just not showing up but appearently its just like i didnt do anything,they disappeared from my inventory as soon as i took them! *update* i noticed that the bp automatically transfer into my inventory-known blueprints,but yet it says that can only be crafted in a supply drop,checked again the titan tribute and it was not showing up.is there a way to fix it? i cannot craft a replicator in my inventory as i have a weight limit!
  3. Wazzamaniac

    Mek attack hitbox bugged

    Hello everyone, our tribe just made our first mek on extinction. The mount is really awesome, however when you try attacking with the sword, the thing struggles to hit anything with it, maybe 1/10 swings actually landing, especially on small dinos, making it not very viable as a combat mount. Heck, I couldn't even hit a mammoth! I don't know if it's the actual mek or server lag, but this seems to be a big issue.
  4. Ever since Extinction came out, Wyvern and Rock Drake egg spawning in nests is broken on Ragnarok and Aberration. I do not run the Scorched Earth map in my cluster so I can't speak to that. Posting in the Extinction forum since it appears that some how the Extinction patch is what broke it. The nests spawn but there are no eggs inside. DestroyWildDinos does not fix. I have tried validating server files but this did not fix. I tried manually destroying the nests with cheat kill but upon nests respawning, still no eggs. I have read reports that using a whip on the nest can retrieve the eggs. I have not tested this, but if true, perhaps the eggs have become invisible? Thank you. Edit: I have tested and confirmed that using a whip picks up the eggs.
  5. I recently returned to ark PS4 to play the new expansion extinction only to see that I am missing all my paid bionic costumes even the dinos that had them equipped are missing the costumes, it's not in their costume slot or inventory, I tried to spawn them in single player using the spawn codes but it didn't work I even tried deleting all my ark data and even uninstalling the game and reinstalling it, nothing worked I believe they are missing from the game files.
  6. ramflax92

    Enforcer Blueprints bug or design?

    So i have been testing things with the enforcer and i love what it could be. But I have ran into oddities that seem to make things less than appealing. To start with i found a level 32 enforcer primitive blueprint on one of my kills. Cool i get a level 32 with the cost of a level 1. I get him all the way to level 60 then he dies to a pack of raptors, no big deal I will just rebuild him but now hes a Journeyman blueprint with much higher cost. It says on the blueprint that he is still only level 32 though, so I build it and the Enforcer i get has the exact same stats as the primitive version but had the prices of a Journeyman. The same thing happens with enforcers that start at level 1 from the terminal. I kind of thought the Enforcer would be an endless progression creature where it would just eventually get too expensive to ever rebuild it if it died. For example you build a level 1 Enforcer get him to 60. It dies, then when you get the blueprint off the corpse it will be a level 60, with higher costs in rebuilding it but allows you to start leveling him again. The blueprints increasing cost seems to be factoring in the stats you put into the creature while it was leveling into the new blueprint. So it would just need to actually have those stats. TL;DR as of right now rebuilding an enforcer is highway robbery its stacking costs with no benefits. Possible improvement would be allow for endless recreation and leveling till the point it can no longer be built due to extreme costs.
  7. toxicbulletzzz

    Wyvern eggs invisible

    Me and a few other server owners have an issue when it comes to wyvern eggs in the nests on ragnarok. There are currently no eggs "spawning", and when we give ourself the eggs by commands, they are there. After dropping them on the ground they instantly dissapear... This means that no1 can tame any wyverns what so ever, are the dev's aware of this bug? It's on pc btw
  8. DestroyerDeki

    Map keeps resetting

    My explore map resets every time I log back on into single player. I play on Xbox, and while this bug isn't game breaking, is extremely annoying to have to re-discover the map and re-add all of my markers. I have several bases around the map for various uses, and to have to go through and find them again is tedious, to say the least. I noticed this bug after updating to v762. I did a bit of googling and found I wasn't the only one with this issue, and someone said that unchecking and re-checking (or checking and unchecking) the option to show the player's location would fix it. I've tried this, and it has not helped, at all. I've tried logging off and logging back in, and I've tried quitting the game all together. Nothing has worked. Like I said, it's not making the game unplayable, but having to fly around the map to find my bases again every time I play isn't fun. I don't know what else to try.
  9. Every since the extinction update I have yet to see a supply drop, and there have been zero eggs spawning in the scar or ice nests (on Rag). I'm thinking this got all messed up with the release of extinction, and they have yet to announce or own up to this. Is this happening to all the of the servers at the moment?
  10. Irondarkwolf18

    Bug on private server

    When I try to place my indy grinder doesn't allow me any place even inside my base and I had one and one day just banished. I already talked to the admin and says is not a setting issue even her has the same problem please help, also happens with the bee hive I can place it but can't use it, not even shows my name on screen. I leave the server info Mookaite Jasper Pvp easy NA
  11. Since last patch, Tek bridges cannot be placed near any structures including your own. Tested on single player and official. I placed a Tek bridge in an empty location, placed no problem. I then demolished the bridge and placed a foundation near by, but not in the way of the bridge. I was then not able to place. It would show up green like it should be able to place, but when clicked to place nothing would happen.
  12. So here I am again 1 year later and I still question myself asking why I even bother. I tried to ascend on abberation today after trying it a year ago and loosing my character but reuploaded it via backup, and same thing happened again after beating rockwell on alpha and it's been one year Wildcard one fing year what have you people been doing a whole year! I expected this to be fixed by now along with other people and that stupid access a terminal or obliesk or whatever bs don't work ethier. I went onto the surface of aberration and accessed the inventory of the oblesik and preceded to fight rockwell somehow expecting a diffrent result and I'm not the only person who is experiencing and has experienced this. This should of been fixed long before now and here we are a few months before extinction. Well i get aberration is on a broken ark and all but that don't mean the map itself needs to be completly broke. I also tried your work around too because you guys can't fix it or don't want to and that doesnt work ethier! So please forum moderators don't delete this thread as it is very important and this needs to be looked at ASAP also I think it's a singleplayer and local/host issue, because I seem to only have the problem on there along with other people. Also can i please have a estimate for when this bull is gonna be fixed I'm so bored over here just wanting to get my specimen implant red and them extra levels. I also tried spawning rockwell in on alpha and that doesn't even work so i can't get to level 130 and my level stopped at 117 and implant still says Gamma rockwell for some reason dispite fighting rockwell on alpha like a thousand times.... When a major obstacle such as a game breaking bug blocks the path in which the game wants you to take it becomes hard to play that game anymore. So I'm stuck in my place and unable to progress futher because the ascension in aberration is complete FUBAR! I just had to cheat to get corruption helmet skin because i knew I couldnt do it legit without losing all my progress I had gotten that day. Speaking of which that really made me mad too the fact that you guys add 3 new notes in 2 areas that you all knew were extremely buggy and if done legit would require ascending and then cause ppl to loose thier characters so why did you do this before fixing the issue first, it makes no sense once so ever... Also it's on PlayStation 4. @Jatheish I tried opening a supply crate and a oblisk and after I beat rockwell and ascended I still lost my character any eta for when this game breaking bug is going to be fixed already. Edited Monday at 05:12 PM by travis9990 Forgot to mention it's on console (PlayStation 4)
  13. So a meteor shower started and a invisible meteor just murders my tribemate and our best dinos setting us back quite a bit. I started reading around about it and alot of people are having the same issue. This is the greatest bullpoop i have ever seen. This might be the most gamebreaking bug in arks history. Like I can't play the game right now as i enjoy building and breeding. But I don't want to do that on the random chance that Ill just lose everything i worked for in an instant. What is the point of me even playing this game when i can't even do the thing i want to do. I really hope this gets fixed real soon or we get some kind of confirmation that wildcard knows of the problem and are working on a fix. if not im probably just gonna get a refund cause I did not buy this game to get royaly screwed over at everything that happens.
  14. My tribe have all reported seeing this so I'm assuming it's something a lot of people are seeing. I believe it's after you leave a dome and are on a tame. You will see octogons on the side of the screen whenever you see a wild dino. It makes them see thru. Will post a picture when I get a chance to play tomorrow.
  15. Have you ever noticed, that it starts from 0 - 5? But you actually have 6 waves starting from 0? Also have you ever tested all OSD's properly? Because I dont think one player in Single Player will be able to defend against Level 511+ corrupted reapers, corrupted Wyvern, corrupted Rexes, corrupted Spinos...... corrupted everything. I also had a rare bug where the wave timer said nothing but Wave 4, Wave 5, Wave 6, Wave 7, Wave 8, Wave 9... then the game crashed and the game uninstalled itself by magic. I have screenshots to proof 6 waves instead of 5. How can something like that go thru the bug testing team (if you actually have any bug testers that is.) Also players can get completely stuck on an OSD when dismounting near it and only have the OSD in radial menu (even though the player is wedged between tame and OSD). One time me and my friend saw the OSD floating in mid air, I have video proof of that. PS: Please, please, please, please fix this annoying game crash and uninstalling itself again - where files are still there but Steam says its not there. PPS: make the game more stable by making it not crash anymore, ARK is causing 100% of all my bluescreens in the last 3 months. (while other games play absolutely fine for hours!) PPPS: hire proper testers and maybe some good devs to fix bugs.
  16. Hello! I gathered Fragmented Green Gems on Extinction to craft Climbing Picks but it does not allow the item to replace normal Green Gems. A mod in the ARK Discord told me to submit a bug report on this issue. Extinction is awesome, thank you
  17. TigerH99

    bug tamed titans on sp losing food.

    after patch 287.100, titans on sp are losing food with no way to feed them and no way to enable feeding them unlike the titanosaur
  18. kittenscreed

    Managarmr Suicide

    Found this out the hard way, but luckily it was on singleplayer so I could safely panic-reset. It seems that doing the right-trigger air dash on the Managarmr and then letting it fall (doing it straight down seems safe) has a chance to go straight through the floor and kill both the rider and Mana.
  19. Hello, Just to report, when you put C4 underneath some bridges in the Sanctuary it damages structures above it when exploding. Is this intended or just some bug ? Thx Edit : coords 49.4 / 63.6, the big bridge but i already found other spots like this
  20. In single player (extinction PS4) ive been having some issues. When i went to tame a velonosaur in the desert, i came back to find out that my base was gone, i was able to save the content but the building is gone. I am verry sad because i had such a big house, my dinos are still there
  21. nohholmez

    Gacha not rideable

    Seen this in the pc section but wanted to log here for PS4 apologies if it’s been previously mentioned. Some bugged Gacha dont seem to be rideable. Looks like it’s not tamed properly, normally will say the tribe who tamed it on the name plate but on the bugged one we have it’s blank and the saddle cannot be accessed. Tried various things to fix it including a force claim via admin command but no joy.
  22. Whenever I want to place my Enforcer down it won't let me. Tried it on a couple spot but somehow its not workin. Anyone can help?
  23. I don’t want to join any servers because i tried, but they are all too far along in days. So I die very easily and I am new to this game. So I decided to try to create my own server. Well every time it crashes and send me back to my Xbox dashboard. Thank god the game was on sale.
  24. This morning I logged into the game to find our base put to ashes. Every single dino is dead, all ressources are gone. A well-known chinese mega-tribe has been building up on Cross-Ark11 Extincition since the release of the new DLC. After taking the Extinction server under their control, they transfered their titans to Ragnarok on the same cluster and have been wiping the server since then. Their ice titan is alive for well over 10 hours now. I thought these things die one hour after a transfer?! This thing is so broken I can't believe my eyes. They just mount the titan, jump onto a metal base with turret cap, autohit 5-10 times and the base is open, all turrets destroyed. Then they start looting and killing all of the tames. What took days, weeks or months to build - like our base - destroyed in less than 5 minutes. Is this intended?! If so I've lost all my hopes for this game. All of this is being live-streamed on huya by a popular chinese streamer with 200-300k viewers. Every one of their tribe members is either on an alt-account or have already been vac-banned several times. I assume either titans are bugged or they are using some kind of exploit so that it doesn't die. Either way, titans need a big rework, make them untransferable. Why on earth are titans in the game anyway and why the hell can you transfer these things onto other servers?! Titans are the most unbalanced poop i have ever seen in ark since day 1. Game balance was always bad and in favor of attackers, but this is just broken beyond imagination. I sincerely hope this is not intented and a big mistake on Wildcards side. A whole server and soon the whole cluster will be wiped due to a bug. Please fix titans and rollback the servers.
  25. VampireQueen326

    bug Managarmr repeated Death incident

    Dear Ark Players and Staff, I have encountered a serious problem with Managarmrs that seems to repeat itself continuously no matter what I do. They die in matters completely out of my control, and without me even getting a chance to screenshot it or ask for help. The most common one I have seen is the Managarmr seem to get stuck in the river beds if you send them to attack something, or really get stuck on anything, as well as float into oblivion when they hit a mountain just right. I have lost two Managarmr this way one was a low level which I don't care for, but the other was a higher level and I would like back if possible. As well as the other one that seemed to have starved to death after I fed it right before I got off. I spoke with other players on my server, and we discussed that the possibility of the Dino starving was almost impossible unless of a rollback. But I have also noticed while riding Managarmr they drain food INSANELY fast even while standing still. The two Managarmr I lost were both wild base 95 Male and Female Managarmrs they were not perfectly tamed with maybe a few pieces of prime and the rest regular meat. Please other ark players take caution when sending your Managarmr out to battle alone always ride it! It is glitchier than the drakes! The evidence of the death's of my Managarmr will be on my steam's screenshots with my logs showing. It only shows they died, and not the actual reason. Steam: VampireQueen326 - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198151381763/ Exctinction Sever: EU-PVE-Official-Exctinction467 - (v286.104) Coords: 23,68