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Found 466 results

  1. Topcheese

    Golem auto decay

    Tamed some rock golems last night and within minutes of them taming they auto decayed... tamed seven and ended up with 3... any known issue with this or is it a first? Possible cause is we had multiple taming at the same time... no clue but any info would be great.
  2. ipwayminecwaf

    How did this happen?! taming problem

    For some context I am a relatively new ark player and I have only ever played on mobile. So I was taming a level 90 paracer with berry's and it had already been a couple hours so I decided to leave and come back on in the morning (thinking that after it finished taming if something could fit through its pen, which was impossible, it could take care of its self). The paracer had stacks of food left and was in a taming pen with no space for anything to fit inside. It had full torpor and it was at 97.6 ( i think) percent taming. It should have finished taming in 5 minutes or so. But instead when I logged on the next day the paracer right next to the pen (probably glitched out), but it wasn't tamed. If anyone knows what could've possible happen please tell me. This is my second attempt taming a high level paracer and its really annoying because it was so close to being tamed when I left.
  3. I have tried everything to back up my save to icloud. Things I have tried: Simply tapping the save to icloud button which gives me the error popup Closing and reopening Ark Soft restarting my device Hard restarting the device Deleting the save after backing it up to the device and then restoring it I have not logged out of icloud because it could potentially delete anything that isn’t backed up throughout my device. Deleting the app itself if out of the question simce that would delete my saves(right?). Not sure what else to try. I am connected to decent wifi, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
  4. Well i got playing like 1 month a great pve server number 346 official the island. One day ago the server got one reset then i cant found him in my list of servers, im checking in websites and the server its "open" with people playing, why i cant found the server now? some help pls
  5. Hi everyone/Moderators, was in Ark doing a meat run, and our giga fell under the map and we cannot get it out. Please refrain from nasty comments since this hasn’t ever happened to me before. We tried whistling following it, whipping it, and we even unclaimed it and did a reaper tail swipe on it. When we did the tail swipe, it completely dissapeared and we have no idea where it went. I can provide picture proof of unclaiming it to the moderators. If anyone can please help, it would be greatly appreciated. I sent an email to Wildcard support and awaiting a response. Not sure how long it will take though.
  6. As of today I purchased primal pass a week ago. I have filed 2 reports yet nobody has responded. Will this ever be fixed? Please help.
  7. Hopesthief

    Phoenix real or not?

    So my tribemates managed to trap a Pheonix and built an enclosure around it to tame it next heatwave. I use the bed that we have there to fast travel as soon as the heatwave starts, other members do the same and what we see is entirely different. . . how is it that they can see the wild creature and yet I can't? I cant see the taming effectiveness, level, anything to even imply there is anything there. Has anyone else encountered this problem and know the cause/solution.
  8. Im having an issue that is connected to bug or some crashing kind problem. My phone is Vivo V7+ With 1.8gHz Octa Core and 4GB RAM.The problem that im having is the game keep return to the lockscreen like 5-15 time in a hour? (I guess so) .The Game Get Me to the lockscreen but the game is not crashing.Please help me with this issue :)) Thanks before
  9. The win10 hotkey (comma, by default) does nothing. I searched and couldn't find any mention of it, is this a known bug? I have XBOX as well and it seems to work there, creates a green arrow at the target location, and all dinos in current group move to that spot. This seems like a pretty critical hotkey, especially for stuff like solo quetz taming
  10. Hello so I'm relatively new here in the forums. I wanted to start a forum post regarding the problem with pegomastax on official rate servers. As of right now it is impossible to tame a high level pego due to multiple issues i have discovered. The first issue I observed is once a wild pego steals a stack of mejo berries from your inventory there is a random chance of the taming progress bar to drop immediately. After countless hours in game I attempted to tame a 150 pego within a 1x1 enclosed space with no where for it to go. The taming bar would go up after some feeds and remain consistently while other times it would just drop for no reason. The highest I ever got it to was 50% tamed after going through literally thousands of mejo berries. Another issue I observed is that the pego will begin to starve to death if knocked unconcious. This bug is probably well known but for the life of me I couldn't help but post it here to vent my frustration. I really hope someone takes a look at this and does something about it.
  11. poplava

    Manticore landing still not fixed??

    Seriously devs?? This has been reported god knows how many times, we have lost our rexes 5-6 weeks ago and never done the manticore since. Today we went to try again with leveled rexes (17k base, 585% melee base) and beta manticore didnt even get to 80% of hp but was forever trying to land. http://prntscr.com/k0joso Is this a joke to you devs? It takes atleast 5 days of our life to raise these just so they can die to a bug that was reported months ago?
  12. hakmac10

    xp Dinos won’t gain XP

    Help please , I play Ark on iOS , I have purchased the God Console , leveled up some of my dinos using the God Console , and now they can’t seem to get anymore XP , and if I use the Console to level them up , it does not work anymore .
  13. Right after daily maintenance, everyone is facing the same error: “total structures limit reached” Safe Haven PVX-medium-NA
  14. Beossenblok

    Dino's stuck underwater

    My tuso is stuck he moves but when i dismount it just go back to that place
  15. OKAY so before I even begin to explain what i have tried heres my computer specs(please note im am SUPER new to learning all the things a decent gaming computer/laptop needs or has so if i miss something lemme know and ill find it for you as fast as i can.) NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti8gb DDR4 SDRAMprocessor is i5- 7300HQ 2.5ghzOKAY SO our mod list is the following(not in order)♦ skies of nazca♦ difficulty 34++♦ARK Eternal♦Classic Flyers♦Ultra Stacks♦Ecos rp decor♦ecos tek decor♦Ecos garden decor♦Awesome Teleporters♦S+♦Castles keeps and fortsLoad order: 515417728,878297372,761535755,731604991,895711211,889745138,764755314,741203089,880871931,816908578,720200839Ive tried the following fixes so far; ♦ File Validation♦Unsubscribing from all mods/resubbing♦Downloading via the ark screen/join server download method.♦Totally reinstalled ARK(2 times now)♦ Toggled superfetch(which caused me to be unable to play on our rag server???? toggled back and its fine)♦ Toggled IPv6(actually made it worse; instant connection loss, toggled back) ♦Deleted all Snapshot_16 files(done this every time its happened so far)♦ Tried connecting via ethernet(didnt work)Does ANYONE have a fix? This has been going on for nearly 2 weeks now for just this one server. I can get on my private rag server just fine; it even has more mods than the one i currently need to get on. Both are rented via Nitrous Networks. I should also add that it came out of nowhere. One day I loaded in fine and then the next i suddenly cant get in it at all. (got in once since this started instantly disconnected though i was able to see my characters health,food,water ect bars; was black screen though.
  16. Blaren

    collar Collar bug

    Hi dear developers, first thank for this great game, keep working. Good job. But i have a little problem, today when my tame died(killed by other pj) equiper collar supposed to back to my bag, but this not happen, now i cant find it anywhere. It can ve fixed?? : Sever: PvP-MID-Alpha-NA, pj Blaren. Thanks for anticipating for you great job. Atte: how can ve fixed audio bug?? Im frequently lose SFX sound, and another example when im near a waterfall the sound bug and make like Kshh kshh kshh kshh, like loop the sound every 0.5 seconds. But in other aspects work all fine 🙂
  17. one hour ago,my flying was killed,but that gold colar with my flying not back to my bag,so why?I think that 200 amber to buy is not drop,it’s a bug,can u return it back to me? im from NA PvP medium server :Prey game center ios :hg518 survivor name:黄焖JimmyFun
  18. The building's automatic damage must be observed one by one by each of us, which is a big headache for us to ask developers to pay attention to the seriousness of the problem.
  19. FeyGriffin

    Bug with painting canvas

    Trying to load pre made paintings on canvases (vault labels) is causing the client to disconnect 100% of the time - these are images I've used sucessfully many times too. On official legacy PvE server. Has anyone else encountered this?
  20. Mensana21

    Bug: no bag after I died

    Hello, Most of the time after I died, I don't get a bag, nor a green skeleton on my map. Whether I spawn instantly or after 1 minute or so... Why is that ?
  21. Hello, Like the title says... I was in the swamp, and a leech jumped on me for the first time. The game crashed. When I click on Ark icon, I see the usual screen, click "Play Ark"..then the music with the screen with the lil info note on the bottom, then the bright white screen that usually appears right before "waking up" but instead of waking up in the game, the app close !!! Multiplayer works fine. I don't understand why Multiplayer works and not Single Player... it must not be a "graphic settings" issue then. What can I do ? Uninstall and reinstall the game ? Will I lose my character if I do that ?
  22. Mi error es que el personaje está negro y al iniciar el mapa pantalla negra
  23. I'm still unable to start the game in single player mode after the update. Please fix.
  24. RyuuDaDragon

    bug Map keeps resetting

    Basically. My player held map keeps resetting. Its incredibly annoying. Please fix.