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    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 1043 results

  1. After playing some times, FPS starting to drop low numbers. After changing textures from high to low than back to high again, its streaming refreshing and fps increasing to its limit. I m limiting FPS with "r.MaxFPS 45" command to 45... I see that makes strongly noticable sometimes that FPS drops. As i said before, changing texture quality fixes FPS drop.
  2. After TLC2 and TLC2 hotfix patches, now i cant fly properly around. Its using HDD excessively and makes game unplayable... my settings below:
  3. Whenever there is a patch or the server is restarted, half the turrets on bases go offline. The turret limit can be as low as 34 turrets out of 100, but the turret will still go offline and Say "Replace to restore activation" . Can you please eliminate the code that shuts the turrets off? I understand how this was needed when you first implemented the hard limit, but it is not needed anymore and is very very bugged. A lot of people are getting sick of spending hours replacing turrets every server restart. It is draining the fun out of the game real fast.
  4. The temperature transition seems to have been broken in today's patch (Island map, single player). I flew up there to grab a supply drop and was surprised that I wasn't even chilled in my flak armor. I checked the temperature and it was 67F (20C). After spending some time looking for a good Dire Wolf to tame and sitting through a snow storm, the temperature rose to 97F (36C) north of the blue obelisk. Hyperthermia during a blizzard doesn't seem quite right.
  5. bees Bugged Bees (Pun unintended)

    I don't know if they're bugged/glitched, but I can't tame bees anymore. I've tried ghillie suits, bug repellent, different foods, and would even stand away from the bee for a few minutes too and for some reason I just will not get an option to feed the queen bee. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is this a legitimate bug with the Queen Bees? I have tamed on Aberration, which brings me to my next concern. I can easily mutton tame a direbear so I'm not worried about the honey, but I can't transfer the bee to any other server, wether its in bee or nest form. Is this also a glitch or are you just not able to transfer bees?
  6. Ark Not Updating

    Ever since the TLC Phase 2 has been released, I have been trying to update Ark but to no avail. I keep getting an error message stating that the game files are corrupt. Even after a complete reinstall and following all troubleshooting tips from Steam, it has been impossible to complete the update. I have restarted all modems and routers to no avail either.
  7. ...literally the second they spawn from the egg. This was in singleplayer, I'll try to confirm it on dedicated and post back here with the results. It's REALLY hard to claim a newborn when it's first action is to fly directly upward, just saying. Please tell me this was an unintended change, because it makes absolutely no sense.
  8. Since the TLC 2 update yesterday I am not able to join the server of my friend anymore. Been looking for solutions everywhere but nothing really helped. Server restarted multiple times already. I don't know if it's because of the mod, the update or me.
  9. Hey everyone. I have recently lost my level 100 character while transferring after the update on March 21st. This error was displayed after I was supposed to download my character: "Downloading transferred character Failed. 007-Failed while downloading transferred character code: 200 and Msg: RefCode: 1-0." Does anyone have the same issue? This really sucks because I lost my second character just 10 days ago although this message was not displayed.
  10. not only do previously tamed argies have to because server transferred for the option to show up it, but once the options are there you cannot repair or craft anything in their inventories. Also tested a freshly tamed one and same prob this is on official
  11. Today on my unofficial dedicated, after trying out all the pretty new TLC'd dinos, I decided to use my S+ TEK Transmitter. I accessed it's inventory and to my surprise, it instantly disconnected me from my server. I connected again, same results. I figured it was just S+ that was doing this, but just to be sure, I spawned in a vanilla TEK Transmitter. Now, unlike S+'s transmitter, you can actually turn off vanilla TEK transmitters, so while the vanilla was off, I could access it's inventory and everything seemed fine. But the *second* I turned it on, the server instantly disconnected me. What's happening? Anyone else having this issue? Nevermind, issue has been fixed!
  12. After the TLC Phase 2 ( Raptor, Spino, Argen ... ) update. I tried to see the new dino skill so i let the Raptor Pounce on my when im riding a Griffin. After that my griffin run away ( its not set to passive flee ) ~ 20 min after that i found him. https://imgur.com/a/EIHWV But when i bring my griffin back home and jump off his back he start to running around again. Here is the clip of that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTXnmW8u4q0 ( This happen on Ragnarok map Official server )
  13. bug Alphas unable to eat prey

    I have noticed an issue with Alphas, it seems fairly consistent and is severely reducing the threat posed by them. So far only been playing on a Ragnarok private server, every time an Alpha spawns and kills something it will sit on the corpse trying to eat it. Every attempt no matter where on the map will result in the Alpha chewing on the corpse until it de-spawns. Tested this against a level 95 Alpha Megaladon last night while cruising about, I was able to engage it while it was trying to eat a corpse and kill it before the corpse de-spawned. While it is chewing on the corpse it ignores pretty much everything else, so you can just pump it full of bullets while sat on the back of a mount, with enough firepower, kill it before the corpse disappears. I am also assuming that because of this, the Alpha will not get any food or regenerate as much health while going from one prey to the next.
  14. Complete screen blackout

    So when it storms on The Center map sometimes it completely blacks out my screen for the duration of the storm while I"m flying near redwoods on my argie. When it isn't blacked out it's all strongly discolored.
  15. Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    On my ark on Xbox I’ve been playing a lot on ragnarok for the past week. I’ve gotten up to the point where whenever the game try’s to save it exits the game completely put me back on to my dashboard/Xbox home screen. It’s been a problem for a while now and it’s really annoying. Could anyone help?
  16. character is gone

    i beat the abberatine boss and now my character is gone cant download him im playing single player i tryed useimg cheats to get fight the boss again and samething happend and then i tryed the hard ones to and all of them did the same thing delete the character again and again
  17. Bugged ancestry line

    When in my dino inventory i try to go down to ancestry and it snaps down to my hot bar. I try to go back up and it goes to top. Its as if the ancestors tab is behind the hot bar and cannot get behind it to click on it. Very annoying. This is on xbox dedicated servers.
  18. Hello, im not sure if this is intentional, if it is intentional im not sure why... Basically i have been trying to adjust base player stats for my modded server. However, every single stat works except movement speed and melee damage which are the two main ones i wanted to use. The below codes are for movement speed and melee damage: PlayerBaseStatMultipliers[8]=5.0 PlayerBaseStatMultipliers[9]=5.0 as stated above, every single stat works except those two, if this is a bug could you please fix it, if it is not a bug is there any reason why you have disabled them? Thanks in advance.
  19. My family has 3 profiles playing Ark (myself, my daughter and my son) purchased around Christmas of last year. We have 2 computers - one of which I use often, the other my daughter uses often. My son only plays occasionally, and typically on the same computer as my daughter (they take turns). We all want to play on the same server, which we have been able to do in the past. On the server we play on now (Ceres, Ragnarok Map, PVE), the admin is very responsive and makes sure everything stays up to date - if there is ever an issue he can fix, he does. The server is modded with several Eco mods (aberration decor, stable structures and decor, trees, scorched earth decor, RP decor, wonderland, tek decor, terrariums, garden decor, camping decor), Dino Quick Recovery, Structures Plus... maybe a few others but I don't know how to tell from my end... Before the mods were added, we were all three able to play on the server. Now with the mods added, it seems only one of us can play PER COMPUTER (not at the same time, mind you, but at all). My computer works fine for my profile, the other computer works for my daughter's profile, but I get a Mod Version Mismatch error when trying to get on the server from either computer on my son's profile. ALL MODS ARE UP TO DATE. We are running the same version (current version) of Ark AND the same versions of all the mods. The server admin has helped me verify this multiple times. And again, my daughter on the same computer has no problem with it. We have verified integrity of local files multiple times. We have uninstalled and reinstalled completely. (sorry, don't want to get yelled at for not trying the easy fixes first... believe me, we have tried) Is there something I can do to fix this BESIDES (a) playing on a new server without mods (we like the people on Ceres!) or (b) unsub, delete, resubscribe and install every single mod every single time they want to switch off playing?? (they switch multiple times a day on weekends, it's just not workable) Maybe it's a known issue with ONE of the mods and I could ask the admin to uninstall that one only? Help...
  20. Infinite gauntlets O_o

    My gauntlets broke but I can wear them anyways, and the armor count. Today I discovered that I can put infinite gauntlets on and have tons of armor
  21. Hi everyone. I have a problem: when I start a game and choose the session multiplayer server, the game gives me this error: Can anyone help me?
  22. The Windows 10 version of Ark from the MS Store has a GUI bug whereby it refers to 'Chat show steam name' rather than something more Windows 10 or system agnostic. Steam names don't make sense in context of the Windows 10 store version of Ark. Picture of the bug
  23. I just had to ban a player from a server, and I did so using showmyadminmanager. I also edited the Message of the Day shortly afterwards, and then the entire game froze and I had to end it in task manager. Now, every time the showmyadminmanager command is used, it will work for a few seconds until it freezes the game again. I have tried 20+ times with the same result. I also tried editing the Message of the Day with ACM, and after hitting "submit" I got the same crash. This leads me to believe that the bug is with the Message of the Day. I have read other posts talking about the same or similar bug, but it has been almost a year after most of those posts and there is still no fix that I'm aware of. Is there any temporary fix to restore use of the admin UI/to restore editing of MOTD? EDIT: after further testing I've determined that attempting to edit Message of the Day is what causes the crash. Opened the admin UI, everything worked fine until I clicked on MOTD box.
  24. Deutsch: Hallo zusammen. Leider hab ich keinerlei Reports gefunden oder Hilfestellungen oder irgendetwas wegen den Bug Beim Regen in RedWood auf The Center das es Lila alles wird und Komplett schwarz... Ich möchte Bitte mehr informationen oder ob es nun in der bearbeitung ist den Fehler zu beheben... Danke _________________________________________________________ Englisch: Hello everybody. Unfortunately, I found no reports or assistance or anything because of the bug in the rain in RedWood on The Center that it is purple everything and completely black ... I would like more information please or if it is now in the processing to fix the error ... Thank you This text was created using Google Translator
  25. This is the 2nd time we have bee screwed by this game while doing boss on rag. 1st time the lag was horrendous so all 20 tames died. This time we killed both boss with 28 mins left but in the 1min countdown timer to trans out of boss it got to 19 secs and booted us All and killed everything and bye bye element (I have the video). How and DILO? That's 40 tames in under 2 weeks just killed by the bugs in this game. I've posted a ticket but probably won't hear bk I'm still waiting for them to replace my character the ob swallowed from 3 months ago! I tried to attach an image but it won't let me.