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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 37 results

  1. Dear Support Staff, We opened a green portal for the broodmother. Upon teleportation, my partner (thehost), Rex_Thatcher, died. I was able to defeat the Broodmother. Upon teleportation out of the arena, I died. Our bodies are located on The Island, but on opposite sides of the map. We're very upset by the glitch in the game. We spent 2 months playing the game to get to an arena just to die. We haven't logged back in since the deaths. We are hoping something can be done to restore and fix our game. Thank you. Platform: PS4 Version: 1.63 My PSN: Reckless_Lamb Host PSN: Rex_Thatcher
  2. Changing Alpha spider

    Hello, I was wondering that Alpha Spider ain't logic : it is giving you less elements than Alpha Ape, but is so more dangerous. I don't know about others people, but i use to lose 1 or 2 rexes on the battle compare to Hard Ape where i could do it twice before regen my rexes. On Alpha BM, i'm using : - 19 rexes and one yuty when solo - 18 rexes, one yuty and one daeodon with my friend We are using rexes with 45k HP and 900-1000dmg with saddles with 100-120 armor. Some others people have the same issue? Otherwise, it would be nice to : - Give significant more elements than alpha Ape - Reduce damage from Alpha Spider Thanks for your feedback!
  3. Im thinking about running the brodmother on hard, has anyone successfully done this? I have beat md with ease with only three riders, however i know legacy hard brood was significantly more difficult than md. If anyone has beaten it what did the stats look like on your rex's/how many did you take in? i am running with 12.1/449 and 13,420/449 pops. Any feedback helps!!
  4. Me and my two friends have played ark a long time but we are much slower on progress because we play on mostly default settings (default difficulty, stats, resource gathering, etc) i tend to play in my own world a lot which is very similar say for a few increased options like spoil time, taming speed (not instantaneous still), and some utility stuff like cave building and flyers. We play on Xbox, single player and non-dedicated host sessions. So ive been looking at the bosses stats on the wiki (which btw severely needs updating) and looking at the numbers i dont see how even high level rexes and such can last against these bosses, my friend went on a test world to spawn some in and see, and the broodmother was dealing 20k damage in under a minute... So basically the question is has anyone beaten the bosses without changing any settings?
  5. Hello Survivors, For the last 2 months I have been working on breeding megatheriums. When the dossier was released I was starting boss fights with my tribe and the whole 20 rexes or 19 rex/1 yuty kinda felt boring to me. I was happy when they released the dossier as it mentionned their effectiveness towards insect and spiders. Breeding was a long process, the fact that they are mammals with an 8 hour gestation period was certainly a challenge. The 2x and 3x breeding events greatly helped. These Megatheriums have no stat mutation. Base health is 5920(35 points) and damage is 372.8(42 points). Gamma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fmsO-PEGtk Beta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-Tdo35AnCk I did not try alpha yet, Beta had most of the megas lose 30% health and 1 lost 70% health. I'm waiting on a second set of 19 before i try that one. Hope you enjoy!
  6. Hey there everyone. So I figured I'd toss this out here regarding the Allosaurus, my favorite creature in Ark.... Why they gotta be suck for endgame? You have potentially the most awesome Pack-Dino with a Bleeding ability, THOUSANDS times better maneuverability compared to the lumbering Rexes that are almost a necessity for literally everything in this damn game, and then Allos can have some insane DPS when bred right due to Pack Leader Boosts ... but cant gore bosses, which I understand because that would make the fight only 100seconds long (Gore does 1% health per second, and AI Allo Pack leaders spam it). But why not make it just do a percentage of it's damage over time? Or even make it a small amount that stacks up and caps? For example, Say an Allo Pack leader does 300 damage, and uses Gore on a boss. The first stack would deal about 20% of it's base damage, and each consecutive gore will add another stack, ramping up in damage so long as the Gore stacks are maintained. Or even allow non-pack leader Allos to get a Damage bonus when attacking it's Leader's Gore victim (something like 5% per stack)? I'm honestly sick of breeding big ole clumsy rexes for bossfights because they are the only safe thing to bring in. It's really boring and really stale. It'd be okay if you could bring in like 4-5 other creatures other than the Rexes and a Yuty or two, effectively being your dps dinos while the dumbass Rexes are just tanks. And on another note, why do all the creatures need to be spawned in a cluster raptor and keep people from organizing for the fight properly? ugh lol Anyways, just thought I'd throw my 2cents out there. Been breeding Allosaurs for about 300 hours total now and would really like to see them be viable past Beta / Alpha Brood >.>
  7. Boss Arenas

    Hey everyone, I've been searching for information on Boss arena strategies and other than a few "cheese" videos on YouTube, there isn't much information on how to reliably beat the Bosses. So im hoping to start this this thread where we can share strategies which will work consistently to defeat bosses. Thank You
  8. After patch 263, i noticed that the brood mother has become really hard to defeat on Gamma mode. I've been constantly doing megapethicus and broodmother easy/medium ever since ragnarok came out but only after patch 263 i noticed the change in this boss. Yes, i'm well aware that some adjustments have been made for megapethicus and dragon, but nothing was mentioned about broodmother. I have used the same rexes before and after 263 patch update.
  9. Hello survivors, My tribe and I just attempted/did Alpha Dual Boss on TheCenter. First let me explain what we had, what we had previously encountered and then go over what happened for us so that u might be able to succeed. tl;dr Dual Bosses now unlock ALL ENGRAMS tied to there Island counterparts, killing only 1 during encounter still unlocks engrams for that boss though u do not get trophy/element/or implant. We completed Alpha Dual Boss two weeks ago, prior to many boss changes, it was honestly a GIANT JOKE. None of our rexes even dropped below 50% hp. Fast Forward 2 weeks and 2 patches to v262.21. Dragon no longer exists on TheCenter, sucks but ok. Bosses HP were nerfed by 33% and streamlined. meh. We took 18 tames, and 7 players, with no weapons only dinos. 17 Rexes, saddles:4.7-117.5 armor. Stats: HP 31k-35k Melee 800%-1000% 5-6 were 100% imprint, most were 70% imprint same person though. 1x yutyrannus, non bred, Journeyman 40 armor cheap saddle. just a buffer. How the boss went: We walked in, and did what we did two weeks ago, seperated the bosses for easy kills. Alpha Brood came at us first, it took 7 rexs and riders to chomp her down without the rexes taking more than 20% damage at all. Super easy. NOTE: WE RECIEVED ALL ENGRAMS TIED TO BROODMOTHER FROM THE ISLAND. Soon after brood was killed. we positioned our rexes in an area to surround Megapithicus, After making a clear path and killing all hte level 500 Araneos we lured Mega in. At this point all players hopped off dinos, since his aoe smash 1 shots any players riding. We did Attack This Target and all rexes attacked Mega, with our Yuti rider buffing and debuffing. Within about two minutes, megapithicus burned through all 17 rexes and only lost around 40% of his health, effectively wiping our group. We still killed Alpha brood and recieved those engrams, so all is not lost. For all u future TheCenter boss killers, my only suggestion is to either bring 10 players with compounds to shoo while ur rexes eat away or immediately after killing brood u set up for the "kite" method of megapithicus with 2 rexes changing out and players shooting with AR/Rockets/Compounds from a distance. Anyways i hope u all have better luck than we had tonight! Cheers, Freecell
  10. ok we just tested every way we can on a private server that is set up the same way the offical servers are set we have found that there is no way to kill the broodmother in alpha we even spawned a level 15k gigga with over 10k dmg and 100k hp it killed the gigga in under 5 mins after that we tested what kind of damage the gigga was doing we spawned a alpha rex in and killed it with a level 150k gigga with 100k damage and the gigga did 450k damage to the rex then we sent the same gigga to the broodmother were the gigga only did 90k damage to her now if it still takes a 100k damage gigga more the 15 bits to kill a broodmother there is no way on a official server to kill it and if any one has a way to kill it with out using a glitch or a exploit plz let me know now
  11. ok we just tested every way we can on a privet server that is set up the same way the real server are set we find there is no way to kill the broodmother in alpha we even spawned a level 15k gigga with over 10k dmg and 100k hp it killed the gigga in under 5 mins after that we tested what kinda dam the gigga was doing we spawned a alpha rex in and killed it with a level 150k gigga with 100k dam. the gigga did 450k dam to the rex then we sent the same gigga to the broodmother were the gigga only did 90k dam to her now if it still take a 100k dam gigga more the 15 bits to kill a broodmother there is no way on a official server to kill it and if any one has a way to kill it with out using a glich or a exsplite plz let me now
  12. Am I missing something here? Where have the tribute terminals for the bosses gone? Is this yet another bug or is there a new way of doing this.. Also how are we supposed to do Megapithicus Medium+ now as it requires Alpha Leeds blubber... I haven't seen a single Alpha leeds on various Island servers since they were announced. Even after the patch that made "alpha leeds spawn more commonly on the island".
  13. Hi there people, I just wanted to know what stats should i go for in the rexes? and how many of them? Should I Set them on neutral or passive and attack my target to the brood? or agressive even? what weapons should we use? or should we just ride a rex in order to make more dps? once we kill it, do we have to dismount in order to transport safely to the ob? Every tip you all can give me will be a huge help, thanks a lot. By the way, we use boss rexes that hatch at 11.8k health and 414 dmg (official pve ps4) so it shouldnt be hard to level rexes up to a fair amount of health and damage.
  14. My tribe of 4 are doing the easy broodmother fight this Sunday and we have never done this before so I figured I'd ask can 20 therizinos that do about 160-200 damage that also have 9-14k health take her down we also have compound bows with 300 metal arrows a piece. Thanks for reading/responding.
  15. Coordinates for Cool Places

    When the Boss Arenas came out, I thought it was a cool concept, but handled poorly. You had a limited time to kill the Boss, and an even shorter time to get your crap and leave. A disappointment with that is you don't really get to explore the Arena all that much. I searched online and found coordinates to the Island Boss Arenas, but couldn't find any for The Center or Scorched Earth. So, I decided to find them myself and put them here! Here's the Island Boss Arenas: Broodmother: -261227 239562 -70990 Megapithecus: -195200 -196800 -119300 Dragon: 233000 35000 -102300 The Center: Broodmother & Megapithecus: -205481 573754 101000 Scorched Earth: Manticore: -3560 7468 -148362 Use the setplayerpos command with these coordinates, and you can use the Arenas for whatever you like! Building bases, fighting Dinos, Roleplaying, anything to your heart's content! If you have any cool places for people to check out, why not add them to this post?
  16. Please Fix The Center Bosses!

    So Tek Tier has been out for a while now, but it's still VERY hard to get anywhere with it on The Center. On the Island you get a good amount of Element from defeating the bosses, especially if you fight them on a higher difficulty. On The Center however, there are NO DIFFICULTIES and you only get 12 Element from beating 2 Bosses at once! Not to mention you DO NOT LEARN ANY Tekgrams! Another issue having to do with the bosses is you cannot spawn any variant of bosses other than gorilla_bp_c and spiderL_bp_c. This is a problem for particularly me because I host a server that does special events involving bosses. It would also be nice to spawn the Manticore and the Dodo bosses on all the maps(If you own Scorched Earth and all the time not just holiday events). So to sum it up, please fix the ability to spawn bosses, and fix Tek Tier on The Center.
  17. Hello survivors, My allies and I already did all island bosses on easy and medium. Are there any differences when it comes to mastering them on hard? Have to add we did Broodmother with rexes + shooting metal arrows at her, Ape: we went in there with 10 people and simply shoot him with metal arrows, and Dragon we had one turtle who was tanking the boss and 8 people shooting him. Thanks, Lucy
  18. Last night my tribe did the Broodmother fight on easy. We won and while waiting to exit the arena, I mounted one of our Rex. I believe I was the only one who was mounted at the time. When we zoned out of the instance I was stuck in the cluster of Dinos. I tried to unmount and was just floating in the air. My tribe whistled the Dinos away and while still floating, I got the selection screen to respawn my character. I respawned and lost my entire inventory. My character never died and there was no satchel left behind.
  19. So my tribe and I and two allies (7 total) went to do the Broodmother Easy on The Island server 335 (And it should have been had we all been there we would have beaten it no issue) Two of us were left outside on the teleport and not brought in even though we were standing right there with everyone and all the dinos. As soon as they got in, one person was DC'd and one was insta killed, leaving 3 people to attempt the boss. Is this a known glitch or does Ark just really hate us? We lost everything thanks to this.
  20. Hi ... i have few questions regarding to broodmother kill ... I play ark for few weeks now with few ppl on pve server and we want to kill broodmother sooner or later .... i alredy started to breed rexex for that purpose ... but i have few questions ... is it better to sit on rex or run around and shoot broodmother? what generally leads to more secure/faster kill My rexes are 95% imprinted to me with 11,5k HP and 393% damage after imprint, we got 50 armor saddle and also blueprint for mastercrafted assault rifle and longneck with 190% damage ... I expect to level those rexes to around 20k HP and 600% damage before BM fight, but i dont know if i should sit on rex since its imprinted to me with 95% efficiency or just send them to attack broodmother and run around shooting her with rifle (or any other gun in that matter) Also we can breed wolves which can be leveled up to 5k+ health and 600%+ damage ... is there any point in taking them with us or are they just meat to die in few sec?
  21. Boss Raids

    Is it possible to bring Titanosaurs or Gigas into a boss raid? I understand the rage mechanic would make it super risky. But in a place like the Broodmother arena where you can just grapple up to the ceiling wouldn't that be more effective than using Rexes?
  22. My tribe tried the broodmother on medium for the first time after this last update. We tried to whistle attack my target on all of the rexes, but they completely ignored the broodmother entirely. They would attack her spiders, but even on neutral or aggressive it was like she didn't exist to them. A few hours before we were able to get them to attack the megapithicus without any issue, so it seems to be isolated to the broodmother. Luckily the seven we were riding were enough to kill her, but that could've been a very costly glitch. Loosing 20 bred rexes and seven players (hardcore) would've totally sucked.
  23. Brood without grapples?!

    Is it just me, or is broodmother impossible to beat on hard now that they removed your ability to grapple? Ugh. Bye Bye tech helmet.
  24. raptoring again, broodmother is glitched this is the second time i have lost a group of 20 breed rexes all around level 300 with 30k hp and 400% attack. we tried to do dragon boss on medium and dragon boss flew under the map and it instant completed. no rexs lost but nothing gained and lost all the mats used to summon boss. fine whatever ever didnt lose anything not easly gotten. then we said raptor it and did broodmother on medium. first attempt we destroyed her with 5 minutes to spare and half the rexes were stuck in the pit we and still burnt her down. it went well so we attempted her again, this time no rexes fell down but her hps werent droping like they did the time before , it was like she got alot of armor or 500% more hps the second fight or none of the rexes not mounted could hit her. this is the second time i have lost rexes do to the broodmother glitching. last time it was on easy. is there some hidden mechanic that makes it so you can't keep farming the same boss over and over again and each time you beat her she becomes harder and harder? seriously let me know. this has happened to me twice now on offical server 566. takes me 2 weeks to breed another group of 20 rexes up. this is bullpoop. ps. i submitted a ticket the first time. i got a gm and he said there is nothing he can do and i asked him if this is a known issue and he told me he does not know because he is not on the development team. how the raptor are we suppose to get poop fixed if the gm doesn't even talk to the development team.
  25. Ark Survival Evolved: Dodo Rexing Around S3Ep14 Welcome one and all, this time out we have a bit of a catch up as far as the base is concerned and then we go out and catch me another Dodo Rexy...I know I don't need any more but...if you can why not?