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Found 71 results

  1. I just bought this game and updated to the most current patch and the game will not even load. When I go to start or join a new game it act like it’s going to load and then crashes back to the Xbox one home screen. I am super frustrated as I just purchased this game and had to wait for over 40gb of updated just to be met with disappointment.
  2. 1 - The update broke the 2k hp greenhouse upgrade, reverting back to 100hp max on ragnarok, and damaging the already replaced structure in the island. 2 - The update reverted the steel safe box back to 150 slot, rather than the 350 it should be... 3- The Canteen is still unlockable as engram... 4 - Instead of fixing tranq dart to be unlocked, it was removed, please add it. 5 - Would be good to be able to transfer another wyvern type other than Fire between maps. 6 - Gigas still can not harvest meat from some dinos and mamooths. Please, do not wait another year to fix stuff, great game, great mod, not much to fix now.
  3. So update 1.96 seems to have broke the advanced work bench again. I have an idea. Remove the advanced work bench engram from the game until fix. Problem is primitive plus doesn't seem to like the override engram name but use the index. Anyone able to find the engram index for advanced work bench. I can't find it anywhere!! Please help
  4. gibbliz

    singleplayer caves?

    how to get wild dinos spawned in caves?(singleplayer) is there a fix yes or no?
  5. Silverjenjungle

    Windows 10 Play Anywhere

    Since the update last night (April 26) my Windows 10 Play Anywhere on my laptop no longer works. I try to join a private server and it goes black and everything freezes up. Is anyone else dealing with this and is there something I can do to fix it?
  6. Greetings survivors! In this last patch they implemented a turret counter to limit a certain number of turrets in an area... Not sure what the range is but i have a plant turret telling me I have 226/100 Turrets in what I consider a poorly defended base on Official PvP servers. With out nerfing TONS of tames HP or greatly increasing turret DPS ( Not sure the 20% will be enough )this will break the game. Players have Brontos,Stegos, Paracers, and Turtles that can easily soak up that many turrets or blow up the reduced number of turret towers. How does everyone else feel about the Turret limit for performance gains? And if you are okay with it what steps do you feel are needed to provide some balance? EDIT: Latest Turret Update Info https://steamcommunity.com/games/346110/announcements/detail/1459592783026223785 EDIT 2: Heavy Turrets are in Game, Have to be level 100?!?! (Ridiculous as I got my first level 100 character after 3.5k hours of official PvP , if you play small tribe RIP) and 100 engram points COSTS: 1 Auto Turret, 150 CP, 200 Electronics, 400 Ingots, and 50 Poly. ( Lvl 100 with 100 Engram Points) does 3.4x normal auto turret and uses 4 ammo per shot.
  7. Shadow76

    Moschop broken

    ok so i tamed a moschop for getting theres eggs for kibble, but then i nothiced u can drop points into harvesting prime fish meat. so i droped all the points into getting the prime fish meat so we can tame a baryonx with good efficiency. but it will not harvest the fish alive or dead. tried all whistle commands it just seem to flee away.are you guys fixing it with the newest update comming on the 26th? also im on offical aberration
  8. LastWarrior

    Please get rid of this glitch

    I was recently knocked out and put into a stone foundation. I'm not sure how they did it, but i was put into the foundation and became completely immobile.
  9. Ieatdoritos

    Transponders Disappearing

    Ok so I see this topic a lot and I'm still super lost on why the Developers aren't doing anything to fix this? Wouldn't this be super simple to fix? Why not have it be another slot like armor? or why not have it be in their inventory? or why not have saddles that have them built in? There are so many ways you could do the transponders differently.. It almost feels like you want us to lose our dinos so we spend more time in game? Years later and you cant fix a simple item issue , can we start a petition to get them to fix this? Just an outline of the different ideas. 1. You could make a separate armor slot for the Transponder. 2. You could make it an inventory item instead of an external TEMPORARY TATTOO 3. The saddle itself could have a transponder built into it. 4. You could make a new Item all together that would be like the map but it has dino locations overplayed on a map represented by dots, you could set the dots colors based on what tame group or class group the dinos are set too. Or even just have them be programmable through a different means but dots on a map is the idea here. Any Fix at all would be greatly appreciated...
  10. 04/08/2018 Today my girl and I are playing abberation, and notice if I move 30m away from her I get teleported back. She's the host, but it was never under 250m and we didn't have this issue last time we played on Friday 04/06/2018. PS4 non dedicated server is how we've been playing for a year now and this really just killed the whole game. Only had Abberation for maybe a week now and seems like money wasted. Any ideas, suggestions, comments, work around? Or is it bend over and take it. I can't find anything on forums for 2018 let alone this issue.
  11. Reeceh12

    Recent update GAMEBREAKING BUG

    Unable to place any primitive plus structures on my nitrado server. i am able to place them in singleplayer. i have seen a lot of people complaining about having the same problem. Thanks.
  12. "FINALLY the easter event is here! I'm so excited!" nope. Ark wont update, it says it doesn't have to. Ive tried doing the 'validating steam files', i've tried cheat destroywilddinos, and nothing. NOTING is happening. any advice on how to fix it?
  13. HELP on the server my base is totally gone, I️ know some servers needed help because of the bad update but this one has had like 5 people on always, please undo the rollback I️ finally got so far in Ark I️ stayed home all day to play with the squad who btw are a part of the five people who usually play, and now I️ log on and our base isn’t even there, we started last week. Our tribe name was Genzia, started as tribe of kodesh, please help us
  14. We HAD a PC hosted player dedicated Cross Play server up and running. Then when the Xbox Ark update hit last week, only the host can connect from his Xbox, from the same network. No one from outside his home can join. Everyone else only receives "Join Failed". I have searched for days, to see many folks reporting the same issue in random threads, but no one is reporting a fix that I can find. If there is a fix, I would love to know. I can not figure out why the host can join while on his home network, even though he is connecting via Xbox live, but no one else can. This defies logic.
  15. What's the deal with the Rock Drake? Over the past few days I noticed the animal have been completely gimped of 90% of it's actual purpose. I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume this wasn't intentional because there are no patch notes on it. If this were actually to be a thing Rock Drakes would be trash now.
  16. The game has lagged multiple times when ranking up my tribe members and a few of those times I’ve accidentally have given them ownership. I have 2 questions about this one can you either move this button or 2 make a are you sure you wanna transfer ownership button. Like come on there’s a are you sure u wanna drop ur inventory button like oh wow I’m gonna loose all my thatch oh wait I can pick it up but if you accidentally give someone u don’t trust leader it’s over for you. Can you please fix this, this makes 0 sense why there is no pop up to ensure someone doesn’t miss click.
  17. Official Island 82 PvE, our artifact of the Skylord drop is broken, the artifact beacon is there but when you access it there's no inventory for the artifact, and no way to clear the artifact, we've submitted tickets with no response and it has been broken for over 3 weeks. I would upload a screenshot but even a jpeg picture is double the upload limit.
  18. WildlandsGaming

    Center Boss Fight Broken?

    Hi everyone my tribe recently has started to grind out to tek level in our server, but we have encountered many issues and are wondering if anyone else has encountered the issues and could offer suggestions. 1. When teleporting random tames are left behind sometimes when not over the limit. (this has happened 1 time) 2. When teleporting if anyone is moving or unable to move freely they are put under the map during boss fight. (this has happened 2 times) 3. Tames are deleted from the game while teleporting in and out. (this has happened 3 times) 4. Medium and hard Megapithecus boss will kill you instantly if his boulder attack touches you.( this has happened 2 times) As of right now we have decided to just do the easy boss fight over and over again because these glitches happen less often in the easy boss fight. WC if you see this post can you look into these issues as it is really demoralizing to lose imprinted rexs out of nowhere only to get 16 element per boss fight. Also as a side note the stats of our rexs are 22,000-30,000 hp and 450-530 melee.
  19. On my ark single player server i had two very good beavers i bred them and then realized it took like more then nine hours I went out changed the baby maturation speed to max, bred a new one and it still took nine hours i messed around with the settings some more and it still failed. Is this something i did wrong or is it broken on xbox.
  20. "joining session..." it hits this part of the server load and just does not progress forward, i have reset my xbox i have quit the game i have unplugged my xbox nothing is working. of course i have mut giga eggs that are about to pop that i checked on this morning without an issue. Why wouldnt we all have babies and eggs down its they first x2 maturing in a month. didn't think i had to stand next to my eggs while they incubated in order to be able to confirm connection for the pop. just outrageous.
  21. Victim Item Collection Hey, Playing Ark on my PS4, I have a total of 5 tamed raptors, each one wearing a saddle and set to follow me. I have used the option to 'Disable victim item collection' to stop them picking up meat, hide and any other loot from the dino's I order them to kill. I have double-check and all of them have this disabled but they're still looting! I looked back after a while and found two of them missing as they'd become encumbered by the sheer amount of raw meat, Sauropod vertebra and hide and were unable to move. I've had to empty their inventory every 2 minutes or so and having to empty all 5 of them is annoying... I can't imagine how annoying it would get if I had 10 or more! (I say 4 instead of 5 as I was using one to ride, not attack) Can this be fixed please? Evidence of it here: +Shows what they have on them prior to attacking a target. +Shows all of them with victim item collection disabled. +Shows what they have on them after attacking a target. (I declare this footage/evidence has in no way been edited or tampered in any way shape or form. It has been uploaded to YouTube directly from my PS4 console.)
  22. I bought a brand new ps4 this christmas with a new copy of ark survival evolved, the game is beautiful but the only reason i bought it is for the split screen mechanics to play with my brother and occasionally sister, i couldn't care less about playing online and buying a plus account. I've seen that many people had problem with this feature, for me it simply didn't save anything whenever an another player joins the singleplayer world, it simply stop saving any progress and i need to restart the ps 4 and the game. After all this process when i start a singleplayer game i restart from the first playthrough before my brother joined. It seems like all the things i did in any kind of split screen couldn't be saved by the game. I understand that this is a game in early access and developers are busy in making dlcs, new creatures and stuff, i'm not expecting an answer by them, i would simply want to know if i can play with my brother without online and game breaking bugs, if i could have missed some patch meant to resolve this problem or if they simply don't care and put offline split screen to just draw player to this game, if this is the case please tell me so tomorrow i'm gonna return this game to the shop and get my 60 bucks back, i really liked it but for how i wanted to use it as it is now, is broken.
  23. I need help, I can not join or rejoin any Non-Dedicated servers that my roommates or friends host. Our mods are up to date and we even tried taking them all off, nothing is working. We tried opening it without BattlEye, that worked one time then when I had to restart my game I can no longer join. We also wiped everything and nothing is working still.
  24. meaka183

    Chat Is Broken

    when typing in chat you cant see what others say only what your tribe members say. please fix. (windows 10 version)
  25. With the new Ragnarok update, we decided to go exploring. Well, we found the new cave. Life's Labyrinth is the "official" name I believe. It's a fun cave to begin with. It's got a very challenging jump puzzle then a maze to go through. After that, you have to sacrifice a person or a small dino (shoulder mount) to continue. The person (player) sacrifice doesn't spawn a boss, but you can complete the cave and start over if you wish. However, the dino sacrifice does not work. We got all the way to what we can assume was the boss arena and the last button to open the door does not work. All of us lost shotguns, ammo, compound bows, flame throwers, full armor gear and more due to a glitched button and not being able to get back out. Since you can't use grapples and only had one pair of climbing hooks, we couldn't backtrack to get out and save our gear. I could accept it if we lost it to the boss or a stupid mistake, but we lost it to yet another glitch/unfinished cave. Any help from the devs to get the gear/items back?? https://clips.twitch.tv/NastySolidWormBrainSlug https://clips.twitch.tv/DifficultConsiderateDillSeemsGood