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  1. Pretty much the Title. I first found this glitch when I cryod my Juvenile pteranadons for the night. I am unsure the specific rates (currently trying to find those out) but the imprint time is 2 hours between. So I Cryod those after the second imprint (needed 3), the next day I brought them out and found that they now had an 8 hour imprint timer. Later on I was breeding snow owls and was in the progress of moving. Got to the first imprint, it was a kibble that I didn't have, cryod it and brought it to the new base. Again, it had the 8 hour timer. I wish I could give you the rates, and I will likely update this thread when I do, But for now, I hope the information I gave can help fix it. I don't think I need to explain why this is an issue on boosted servers.
  2. So I've played ark a lot and I learned I prefer single player but I get impatient and end up turning on cheats and running around with a level 1,000,000 Yutyrannus. What have other people found to be the best single player settings? Including Imprinting too because I want to delve into mutations, I work 8 hours during the week and go to school as well, I just play to relax and have fun but I still want to breed and take on bosses but I don't have days to devote to just this game. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I bred my two Aberrant dimorphodons and got a regular dimorphodon even though the egg was Aberrant.
  4. Forgot to note the stats of a creature before leveling up? This tool helps to retreive the values that matter for breeding. Now you can also save your extracted stats in a library, see which creature has the best stats and view the pedigree of your pets. Sort your library to see which creatures are the best for breeding and compare which stats are inherited to the offspring. Feedback is welcome. Also I'm looking forward to see some awesome pedigrees, share yours if you got a nice breed. The latest version can be downloaded here: https://github.com/cadon/ARKStatsExtractor/releases/latest
  5. Does anyone have their breeding settings such that with a 10x ish mature rate that its still possible to get 100% imprint? I know that with sped up mature rates sometimes it is impossible to get the full 100%. But I was wondering if anyone has got it figured out? Cheers
  6. Campi

    Breeding 101

    First a disclamer - No one except the devs (and i highly suspect even most of them don't really know any more) knows definitely 100% how it works. Some of the numbers/formulas are just by observation. The stats on a dino are determined by a base value in each stat and level-up points which add a certain amount of values. Dino-Levels are the sum of those level-ups plus one. Lets look at a Rex for example. A level 1 Rex has the following stats: Health 1100.1 Stamina 420 Oxygen 150 Food 3000 Weight 500 Damage 122.1 Speed 90 Torpidity 1550.5 Now a level 2 Rex has one point in eighter one of those values. Each point in Health adds 220 so one point in Health would be 1320.1, two points 1540.1 and so on. Stamina: 42 per point Oxygen: 15 per point Food: 300 per point Weight: 10 per point Damage: 5.7 per point Speed: 0 per point (on speed its 0 on all species - this is no error - wild points don't increase speed on any dino) Torpidity: 93 points per level-point on any of the other stats This way you can "extract" the points in any given stat (or use a tool like "ARK Smart Breeding" to do that for you). The values are different on the many species so best to use a tool so you don't have to know them. The distribution of the wild-points among the 7 stats is purely random and can be eighter average or in favor of one or two stats. Those which uneven distributions are the ones you want for breeding. Because a average dino level 150 after taming around 220 will have about 30-35 points in each stat. But if you are lucky you can find 45+ and even above 50 in the wild (I only recently tamed a ptera with 51 in damage and i have a rex with unmutated 54 in food). Those are the ones you want since you can breed them with other dinos which are specialized in another stat to combine them into your super-dino. And do not only go for 150s when taming. The 51 damage ptera for example was a 145 only. You can get lucky on lower ones also. By pure luck you could even find a wild 150 with 149 points in one stat but the chances are higher for you to win the lottery 20 times in a row rather than that happening to you The only point to mention is that speed is always the same on any level no matter how many points went into it. But the points still get applied (except for flyers). Those are hidden points which can only be extracted by knowing the points on all other stats and the difference to the actual dino-level are the speed levels. You can say they are lost points. But keep in mind they still increase the dino-level and therefore the torpor-level which means they increase the resistance of your dino to stuns etc. which can make a difference in close combat situations. Also you'll need them to show off on your server to have the "highest level rex" Also for the offspring only the points a dino had in the wild + the extra levels he got from taming-efficiency count for the offspring. Any level-up you did after taming has no effect on the babies. This also means you don't have to level up your parents before you breed them further. If you really want to breed a "super-dino" its important to know how these level-points are inherited to the offspring. On each stat the game chooses between the father and mother value with a higher chance to get the higher one of the two (its believed to be 70% for the higher and 30% for the lower value). In addition there is a 2,5% chance on each parent to mutate one stat wich increases its point-value by 2. This can happen only if the respective parent has less than 20 mutations. Thats the value you see if you go to ancestry on a dino on top. It's listed for father and mother sepparatley. For the offspring of a dino the sum of both gets inherited over. For the following example I'll only look at health: You breed these 2 Rexes: Father: 40 Points in HP (9900.1) Mother: 30 Points in HP (7700.1) Possible Childs: 1: 40 Points in HP - Points from the father carried over (70% chance) 2: 30 Points in HP - Points from the mother went over (30% chance) 3: 42 Points in HP - Points from the father went over + random mutation in HP (2x 2,5% chance of mutation from father/mother + the 70% chance of getting the stats from the father) 4: 32 Points in HP - Points from the mother + random mutation (2x 2,5% chance + 30% chance for the mother side) 5: 44 Points in HP - Points from the father and random mutation from both parents went into the fathers stats - this is very rare - 0,04375% chance (70% + 2 times 2,5%) - that means out of 2500 Childs only one will get this 6: 34 Points in HP - Points from the mother and random mutation from both parents went into the mothers stats - this is even rarer - 0,01875% chance Options 3+4 are only possible if at least one of the parents has a mutation counter of less than 20 in their ancestry Options 5+6 only if both parents are under 20 on the mutation-counter Also the Mutation-Counter does not mean actual mutations. If you have a male with 1 mutation point with a female with 1 mutation point the child will have 2 mutation points even if none of the mutated stats went over to the child. Even worse a child can have a mutation-count increase without getting the stat. Thats because the mutation occurs before the game selects the stat for the child: Explanation with our 2 parents from above: The 2,5% chance on the father hits and increases it to 42 points. Now the child can have 42 points (70% chance) or 30 points (30% chance) still because the game now selects randomly between mother and father. But in both cases the child would have its mutation counter increased by 1. This would be considered bad luck if you now get the 30 and for a dedicated breeder it means to let the offspring go unless its not meant to be bred further anyway (wasted point). With this kept in mind if you want to get the maximum out of your breeding line I advise to first get a "clean" pair of base dino whom have all your highest stats of your breeding-dinos in but a mutation-counter of 0 => one male and at least one female. Then you start breeding those 2 together in hopes of getting more females (for faster breeding) and mutations in certain stats. After you have a mutation in lets say HP you breed the mutated dino with your unmutated base-dino so your mutation counter does not increase. This gives you a 70:30-chance to get an offspring with the mutation. The ones without the mutation you should let go since its a wasted mutation point. If you tame a new dino with one stat higher than you have in your base-pair already breed it with the base-pair - not the mutated ones - to get a new base-pair without mutations. Now lets get to color-mutations. Colors are chosen the same way as stats on the offspring with the slight change that its always 50:50 on each color-region to get the color of the father or mother. In addition every time you get a mutation (2.5% chance) you can get a different color in one region wich none of the parents has and which might not even occur naturally on those dinos (cyan, yellow, red, blue etc.). Now what you have to understand is that this also happens the same way as stats. You might get a mutation of the fathers spine-color to be red but then the game can still choose to use the unmutated spine-color of the mother. There is a theory out there that every stat-mutation includes a color-mutation and every color-mutation includes a stat-mutation. So far I cannot proof or disproof this but i am inclined to believe this. Lastly imprinting: Imprinting improves all stats except stamina and oxygen but it has no effect on the offspring of those dinos. So only imprint on the final line you will actually use in boss-fights, harvesting or whatever you do with your dinos. No need to imprint on the breeding-dinos themselves. PS: Personally I use this tool to keep track of all the dinos stats I own but there are several good ones out there I guess: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/39942-tool-ark-smart-breeding-extract-breeding-stats-dino-library-pedigree/
  7. [The app is still new and although it works-for-me™ your mileage may vary] Having trouble finding those top stats for breeding? Lost your tames? If you play single-player or have access to the saved ARK then Larkator can locate tamed or wild creatures and display them on a map. It's a stand-alone PC app that uses and requires the brilliant ark-tools. Features: Find both wild and tamed creatures Filter based on species, gender, min and max levels Show the results on a map with full coordinates Creature stats are shown to help you find that elusive next tame Automatically re-reads your save file when it changes Supports all five standard maps As the tool is still new please consider this a beta test. Install from here, then help out by reporting bugs and suggestions in the Issues section on GitHub. Thanks! Changelog: v1.6: Now covers all five of the standard maps, selected based on the filename of the .ark selected.
  8. Quick start guide to using Ark Smart Breeding to extract dino stats and get a breeding plan then share the database with your tribe mates.
  9. At this moment, a female Spinosaurus and a male Aberrant Spinosaurus are unable to breed with each other. PErhaps they should be breedable and either they have a 50/50 chance if being Aberrant, or they always follow the mother's patterns. I suspect that this is not done for any lore reason or balancing, but just because there has no system yet been made to support this in the DevKit. However, should that really be a reason to not do it?
  10. chancho33015

    end game Fixing ARK!

    So, after quitting ark official servers I have had a few days of clarity. I have been thinking about the things I like the most and the things i hated the most. Also, i have been thinking about the actual gameplay on official and where does it fail. Things I hated the most on official pve: 1. People allowed to have multiple accounts. This is unavoidable and i believe is one of the biggest issues on pve. People who own multiple accounts to minimize the grind and also to have multiple bases on the same maps. The problem is that this is not done by one person per map. A lot of players do this. 2. Breeding times and breeding process are terrible! Also, it doesn't add to the game experience in a positive way. As ark is not based no in character progress perse but experiencing dangers and learning how to deal with them in order to survive. Let me explain, you can survive anything pretty comfortable once you reach stone structures from rexes to gigas. That is about level 80 in which you can achieve in one day of playing if you get help from someone. Which most people are willing to help. Once you get to that level the player makes his first breeding area and starts breeding. Once you get to the breeding phase to get a decent rex to fight an alpha other than the "gorilla" it would take at least about 2 months of breeding to get stats of at least 500 base melee and 14k hp. IF you get lucky finding a great pair from the start. What does that mean, that you have to knock out at least 20 rexes which each takes 3 hours to tame on kibble but also the fact that you have to waste hours looking for high level rexes (above 130) to start breeding. So the total playing time just to get this running might be a week or two before you actually start breeding. 3. Cap Severs! Well, all servers on official are currently at its limit which means that you cant breed... so...that means pve official is now just a building game. So what should of taken 2 weeks of looking for rexes and start breeding them now it will take a month if you are a new player. Also, this means you cant tame so you would not even to be able to start collecting resources other that without your hands. which means that it would take 10 times longer. 4. S+ promised but never delivered! I remember their twitch stream for the release of aberration when S+ was being promised by Jen and the other guy next to her. They said a year + ago that they were working on the balancing and that they were close to releasing it...but that was a total lie. S+ might not work for PVP but it will definitely improve PVE. Since pve is base on building and breeding. That would make 1 of the 2 things that pve is for much better. Also, people would be able to move entire bases without needing to demo everything which makes up for room as players would be able to move their bases from one server to another easier without losing everything! Common SENSE! People create multiple bases because they cant move things once they are set...and if S+ was allowed this problem would be solve. This would help create a flow of players within servers. 5. IF pve is the Players Vs Elements then perhaps it is time that they unable "GAMMA" on official pve. Takes away a huge part of the game! All this lightsources we were give become unnecessary and just a waste of space. With the gamma option Nightvision is useless, torches, lamps posts, tek light, and anything that emits light that is supposed to help you see at night. I know players have become used to having everything easy on pve...and I dare to say we have become too passive. But if we are playing pve arent we expected to play to survive nature? That includes the dangers of night, rain, fog, and sandstorms. 6. Dino restrictions in PVE are a problem. In pve since you cant grab wild dinos there are about 100 traps all around the map to tame dinos. Tramps that block resources, waterpaths, and sometimes even dino spawns. Forcing players to tame on the wild is a lot more problematic to the actual gameplay than it adds to the total experience. 7. I dont know if anyone understands the story of ark but I believe most people don't care too much about that on PVE official. Not only is poorly done and delivered. However, it is incomplete. Scorched Earth is supposed to have another Tek cave but it was never done. At least according to the lore. But, Ark never finished it...and they actually sold an incomplete DLC as if it was done.... i dont know what this mean to many but to me it means that they are not looking for quality of content but amount per content released! And that is never a good sign. Also, it adds to my point that the story of ark is broken. Now for PVP official: 1. Meshing...under meshing! Well, there are about 3 ways to do that. In some maps you can find spots. Others you can use ladders, and now you can use a climbing pick. For pvp that is perhaps the biggest problem as that means that no one is safe at any point! someone can literally build a base under you and just anable turrets and there goes the dynamite lol 2. Parts in which players are allowed to build in the game but the developers decide that is not without telling anyone. So you build in a spot you thought it was ok...cause the game allows you...but some how an admin comes and either bans you or demolishes your entire base without a warning. It has happen to many people. Well, those are the mayor issues in ark at the moment in official. Right now ark is suffering a lot on both PVe and PvP official. Both for different reason. Are these problems hard to fix? The meshing no. Put a killzone. I think everyone rather lose one dino than their entire base. It is again common sense. What is better? on person crying for a single dino...or 20 people annoyed and quitting because 500 dinos were kill thanks to under meshing? I cant put it any simpler than that! The breeding system...cutting times by 50% would make ark PVE playable again. I now people hate raising dinos for weeks. IT IS A WASTE OF TIME! Also, if you guys work on the kibble tree...there would be no need to have 500 dinos per tribe. IT is ridiculous! Also, i dare to say, add something quick to put dinos on inventory on pve. Same function as the beehive has. That would make people have smaller bases. It is foolish to make people build big unnecessary bases to keep 500 dinos inside! Also, to play ark no tribe needs more than 250 dinos... If climbing picks are a problem...take them out! Honestly no one needs climbing picks. if the idea is to add an experience on aberration...about going to get your first drake egg and climbing like a fool down to get one then climb up...no one ever did it like that. lol or well, there might be some fool that was dummy enough to do it like that lol Everyone goes down with spinos or karkinos...in a party for the first time. or whatever dino they like for that. Also, make element transferable! it is weird that is not. Same for tributes. I mean, once artifacts are allowed to be transfer why are tributes not? is just like you guys like forcing people to question that flawed logic. We are not dummies! lol Listen to us! lol PLEASE!
  11. xXNoLyfeXx

    Rex and Mutations

    I am gearing up for some boss fights on The Island, and are currently breeding Rexes for stats. However, I’ve noticed what seems like there is a significantly lower chance for mutations in rexes than in other creatures. Both of the mutations slots are fully empty, and all of the rexes come out the same level. I am aware of how to breed, I am just wondering if maybe there is a lower chance for Rex mutations? Any help is appreciated!
  12. ScreamingViolet

    Teddy Bears 🐻

    Can someone tell me why the regular coloured teddy bear is only 35 Amber but the pink one is 40 Amber? Is there anything different about them apart from the obvious? finally hatched my first baby and want to get it right!
  13. Okay so I now know a bit about breeding but I have a last question. When Imprinting 100% the stats go 20% up. But, if, let's say, a brother and sister both get 20% add from imprinting, and those breed a 2nd gen, will their baby's have those 20% as a base (or are their base stats the stats of the original pair?) so when you imprint those, they basically have 40%. Is it possible this way to keep breeding and add 20% each time to get monster stats or is there like a limit to it.
  14. ScreamingViolet

    Argentavis breeding help needed

    I’ve put a pair of Argentavis together in a small-ish box building and have set them both to wander, but don’t seem to be getting anywhere. I got two unfertilised eggs right at the star but that was it. They’ve been in there around 3 or 4 real world hours and am just wondering if I’m doing something wrong? Or are Argentavis difficult to breed? any help is gratefully appreciated. cheers
  15. I have always used their Graphical editors and command line manager How do I know what to put in the Text editor? The Override Difficulty is in both. Which one matters? There is just so many options. Thankfully they made it easy Also Breeding. Does the number go up for less time or down for less time?
  16. I've just coloured my Dino using ancient amber and I'm really curious to know whether the colours would pass down onto the Dino's babies? Also if you bred two Dino's what's two different colours would there be any chance you could breed a dino with those two specific colours?
  17. So I'm fairly new to breeding and I think, for the most part, I have a good grasp on how stat work when passing along to the offspring. The title pretty much says it but i can not figure out how sometimes i get offspring that has higher stats than either parents, but then i look in ancestry and 0/0 mutes..... This is not the first time I've seen this, atleast my second time it's came up. First one i just shrugged off as possible bug. Anyone has any insight on this? The damage stat is the one that came out 1 point higher FATHER: Manson (Equus, Lvl 242, TE: 92.6%, Male): HP: 2064.1 (38, 0); St: 1904 (24, 0); Ox: 570 (28, 0); Fo: 4200 (18, 0); We: 1281.3 (38, 27); Dm: 329.4% (30, 6); Sp: 120% (32, 0); To: 5662.1 (208); MOTHER:Marilyn (Equus, Lvl 237, TE: 93.4%, Female): HP: 1770.8 (30, 1); St: 2072 (27, 0); Ox: 600 (30, 0); Fo: 4950 (23, 0); We: 1332.2 (28, 36); Dm: 308.8% (26, 7); Sp: 120% (28, 0); To: 5258.9 (192); OFFSPRING:Manson Jr (Equus, Lvl 214, Impr: 0%, Male): HP: 2064.1 (38, 0); St: 2072 (27, 0); Ox: 600 (30, 0); Fo: 4200 (18, 0); We: 616 (38, 0); Dm: 308.1% (31, 0); Sp: 120% (31, 0); To: 5788.1 (213);
  18. A 100% Imprinted Spino is ridiculously fast, to the point where its difficult to control. If somebody could make a mod to somehow combat this (if that's even possible) it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe it's possible to edit something in the .ini file to change this. If so, please let me know. I don't know if this has ever been complained about but I really dislike the fact that a 100% imprinted Spino is basically Sonic's pre-historic cousin.
  19. So I just replied to a post about breeding. In which, I considered whether the total mutation count for parents in order for a mutation to occur is 40 or infinity. That is, can a mutation occur in an offspring from a father who has greater than 20 mutations on both his paternal and maternal side, and a mother with greater than 20 on the paternal side but less than 20 on the maternal side? This particular fact scenario turns on whether the total mutation count of the parents is limited to 40 or is virtually infinity. I hope we can get a clear answer. (we, as in me and hopefully others who have wondered or now would like to know). And I thank whoever answers it!
  20. OK so in a different thread about taming and the pre/post tame stats breeding was mentioned a few times. I have played for years but never took much of the game too seriously on the taming/breeding side since it was really just tame and go kill stuff. Now I am trying to learn more about this. @SingleSidedPCB and @invincibleqc were talking about breeding for mutations. So some of the first things I am not certain about: When saying "breeding for mutations" sounds like you can breed for other purposes.. If not for mutations what else is there? " it is very important that you avoid all mutations until you have your all stat, 0 mutation pair" was stated in other thread. Another disagreed. Why is/isn't this important along with.. what? haha does this mean breed until you have two dinos all with great stats and if you get a mutation it messes something up? Please elaborate. "I could not disagree more with that. By combining your stats for mutating purpose you ends up with ghost markers which results into twice as more eggs needed to mutate a specific stat. I will always recommend to keep your stats separated and never duplicate markers until you have 20 that are mutations in the stat you are looking for. This is how I used to do on legacy" I read the words in english but understood this like it was spanish. (I don't speak spanish). It's okay to talk to me like a child as I know little about breeding/mutations/getting awesome tames. Watched many youtube videos, read other threads but I guess somewhere between stuff changing in the game over the years, not taking it serious until recently, and/or I may just be dumb it's just not clicked, still confused by this. Please everyone feel free to explain/discuss. Also please use sources and screen shots to support claims if possible as that helps.
  21. GingerTheGreat

    Megalosaurus breeding

    I don't know if this is a bug or meant to be this way but there is no way to breed Aberrant Megalosaurus'. They pop out as regular Megalosaurus' and are a bit pointless on this map due to the weird day cycles. Please fix this bug so us breeders can continue to breed the dinos that we love.
  22. Hello ppl, i have a great question about dino breeding. I'm raising a line of trikes which have several inherited stats Trike H1 Level 299 (female) Hp: 43 St:37 Ox: 41 Fo:45 We: 45 Dm 53 Sp: 34 (Black is my better inherited stats) she starts with 3600 base HP, but if compare it with another trike of lower level and with less inherited statistics (same HP 43). they have same HP and HP for Lvl up. My question: It helps to have all the statistics inherited.? if i want tank trikes. What is the use of having more level/stats (Oxygen/Food/Speed)? I put the example of the trike but the question is general dinos.
  23. Recently, I have started breeding boss spinos, and I have encountered a problem. I have many Spinoza and I am trying to combine their best stats into a single one but most of the time the weaker stat gets inherited. I need to hatch more eggs, but all my females keep getting 2 day cool down and stuff and the relatively low chance of breeding makes it impossible as I need to hatch HUNDREDS of eggs but if I try to get that many eggs, it will take the better part of the year (200 days). I need help to figure out how to get started in breeding as the cooldown makes the process very slow. I have seen many tribes hatch hundreds of eggs at a time on official and I was wondering how they can get this many eggs. Any help is greatly appreciated. (Official PVP)
  24. ArkySharky

    My dinos won’t lay eggs?

    Recently I tried to tame a Thyla but I realized that it takes like 1 million years without kibble, so I decided to tame up and oviraptor and a titanoboa. Put the oviraptor on wander near all my Dino’s and the titanoboa and I expected the eggs to start rolling in. But they didn’t. Almost no eggs. I had the egg effect on like 20 Dino’s and only one layed an egg over the span of 4 days. This is on a single player server, I tried switching up the egg laying intervals a bunch, first it was at .1, then .2, then I set it back to default, then .5 where it is now. Also, you can’t breed/mate boost titanoboas so that’s not really an option to get eggs. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here, or if It’s just bad luck. Any help is appreciated.