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Found 54 results

  1. Mainly I mean Gigas and wyverns (I know wyvs can be used against the manticore), as in PvE they have no purpose other than high efficiency meat farming, or in the case of wyvs transport. We should be allowed to use what we go to the effort to tame in the boss fights. The difficulty of boss fights seems so forced and artificial by limiting what types of dinos you can use in them. If you think that taking a giga into a boss fight would make it too easy, then yes maybe under current circumstances, but that's what balances and changes are for right?
  2. I mean, there are a lot of topics about this but no one specific about requirements. At moment that you tamed, what stats is OK in a REX (lvl 135 - 150) to breeding new rexes to boss? LIFE: ?? MELEE: ?? If you have more information to share, please!! * Guys, how can i quote another answers?? Or react?
  3. Ascension

    I was wondering how Ascension works? How do you know when you are gamma, beta, or alpha? Is there a certain level you have to reach or do you have to defeat a boss to ascend?
  4. I would like to run some simulations in singleplayer on bosses and from what i remember, bosses on singleplayer and non dedicated server are 67% easier. So, is there anyway to scale the boss to be the exact same as those in official servers?
  5. The center bosses

    Hi I would like to know what is the minimum required to fight against the center arena in gamma difficult please ? I mean, how many rexes, lvl, stats ? Thx a lot
  6. Best Way To Kill Bosses?

    Hello Ark players, I wanna take on “all” of the bosses soon... so i whas thinking what dino is the best for killing bosses... i thought about bringing some T-Rexes but i dont like them much.. then i whas thinking about allo’s.. but is there another way to kill them easily? Thanks,
  7. Does anyone know why they made it so admins can't spawn bosses like the gorilla or broodmother in on Ragnarok so that people can get the rest of the TEK engrams? Is it purposely like this so people have to have another server just for the island? Any info would be great.
  8. Hey guys I need help, since I find the bosses on Ragnarok way too hard and very very unfair (Ascendant Assault Rifle with 640% damage does 72 damage to the Manticore per shot)... I wanted to nerf their resistance, so I did it like I did to the others (similiar config lines in the Game.ini work for other bosses, but not for Ragnarok bosses): DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Easy_Ragnarok",Multiplier=0.25) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Medium_Ragnarok",Multiplier=0.35) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Hard_Ragnarok",Multiplier=0.4) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_MinionSpawner_Golem_Ragnarok",Multiplier=0.1) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_MinionSpawner_Golem",Multiplier=0.1) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Griffin_Character_Minion_BP",Multiplier=0.1) But no matter what I do... them Bosses still take a very very very unfair reduced amount of damage. What can I do to nerf their reistance? -> Manticore, Dragon, Golems, Dimorphs, Griffins, Pteranodons I want to nerf them all. My server, my rules. I want easier bosses, since we are not many people online at the same time.
  9. So we're running on a poopty CPU and can't possibly run 4 maps just for the players to get tekgrams. Is it possible to change the tekgram unlocks on bosses like with DinoDropInventoryComponent that we use to change boss-loot (increased element)? Open to all and any suggestions on how to give players the possibility to unlock all tek engrams without me being an active admin.
  10. I've played ark for about 700 hours, and 99.99% of that time I've played singleplayer. And for the entire time I've only attempted a cave once or twice and have never even touched the bosses. Farming for hours in order to get an army of rexes just to lose them all to a boss has just never appealed to me. However, I've been very bored with the game lately and have wanted to give bosses a try. So, as a noob to bosses, i want to know some tips on preparing for, and fighting bosses, especially as a solo player. 1. Would an army of rexes be enough to kill an alpha boss. Also, would the rexes have to be bred and have high quality saddles or can one or both of those be ignored (In other words: what's a General, reliable way to take down bosses)? 2. How hard is it to even be able to attempt a boss fight. How difficult will it be to get the requirements in order to summon the boss? 3. What are some tips for a solo player in a boss fight? 4. How painful are bossfights? Will they give me crippling anxiety as I watch my rexes get killed one by one? 5. Should I even use rexes? I've heard that megatheriums are good against the broodmother since its a spider, so I wonder if there are better alternatives for rexes. 6. Does ragnarok allow you to fight the bosses one at a time or do you have to fight multiple bosses in the same arena at the same time? 7. Do your dinos teleport back with you after you defeat the boss? Or do all your tames, no matter What, vanish after the fight? 8. What is the general process for breeding super rexes (or any dino for that matter). And should you breed the babies with their parents or should you only breed the parents? Tell me if I'm right: you find and perfect tame 2 lvl 150 rexes. Then I assume you breed them non-stop and only keep the ones with the better of the two stats.
  11. Me and my two friends have played ark a long time but we are much slower on progress because we play on mostly default settings (default difficulty, stats, resource gathering, etc) i tend to play in my own world a lot which is very similar say for a few increased options like spoil time, taming speed (not instantaneous still), and some utility stuff like cave building and flyers. We play on Xbox, single player and non-dedicated host sessions. So ive been looking at the bosses stats on the wiki (which btw severely needs updating) and looking at the numbers i dont see how even high level rexes and such can last against these bosses, my friend went on a test world to spawn some in and see, and the broodmother was dealing 20k damage in under a minute... So basically the question is has anyone beaten the bosses without changing any settings?
  12. When you go into arena, the dragon will fly away. This ensures you can not finish the bossfight, and you will lose all tames/items you took inside, nor will you keep any element! Tested on unofficial fresh server. We made a video to show you what happens:
  13. Hi, im in the ragnarok server on a player dedicated in xbox one. ive tried all of the spawns and nothing happens. i wanna host events in my server but nothing happens. I have cheats active and everything is working fine but bosses dont spawn in. please help will be greatly appreciated.
  14. Ragnarok Bosses pathetically easy

    Hey all, I hate how easy the boss's are on our Ragnarok server. Its not even a challenge. People go in with rexs with no stat mutations and come out victorious. The most difficult part about a boss now is finding spino sails it would seem. So is there a way or a command line that I can use to crank them up? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Why is it so hard to make it accesible

    Hi, I mean we started on Ragnarok when the official servers hit, we bred, tamed and all the important stuff for bossfights, we planned our base to actually enter boss arenas from it. And now, with the latest update only the Ragnarok Boss is available? Why is it so hard to make all Bosses accessible from every map, I don't want to transfer to the Island to do poop, I want to do it from my home, my server where I am playing. This is just plain stupid, if you want to force us to go to one map remove all other maps and let us play on island, then it would make sense.
  16. Ragnarok Bosses

    The bosses were removed by wildcard without mention it to anyone (even the Map Devs didnt know about it) a new bossencounter is currently made by Wildcard which supposly will be released with the next update on the 29th august @Jat correct me if this is wrong
  17. The game is great as is but these are things that I personally think the Game could use implemented after launch... I'm not sure if any could be added in by release, or at all but here's hoping... Thank you for taking the time to read. TLC: Giving the Trike a Battering Ram maneuver against walls and gates. Defense buff against frontal attacks would also be a great addition. Stego's are kind of useless after awhile except for lawn mowers, So I suggest making them the best lawn mowers ever (carry weight buff with berries, harvest settings for gathering of each individual berry) while still having the Bronto be the King of berry collecting as far as sheer bulk. They could also be Base Defense like the Kentros but the Berry Harvest Setting should be implemented some how... I just thought it would fit good with everyone's favorite Stego. Parasaurs. There is an idea I heard online of making them an alarm systems for your base with their nose horn thing, that would be a great way to keep them useful around the base... Raptors should have a leap attack. Terror Birds have that crazy chicken glide so I just think they need something to compete. maybe gripping on to and climbing up bigger dinos? Carnos could be given some Hit and Run abilities... but they are pretty good as is... The Anky should be able to block itself like you do with a shield I think... with it's tail, or crouching down, something like that... Make Trooden slightly easier to Tame in single player settings... Please. I don't like to use admin commands and it is insane trying to get one on single player. They won't attack anything even when you knock it out or use pheromone darts, and when they do eat it only adds about 1% to their taming... Hopefully this will be able to be changed in single player at least... Give Sarcos a Death Roll maneuver to hit attackers on it's sides. PLEASE! I would really like to see Ichthy's jumping out of the water, and not dying if they get beached. Megalodons and Sarcos doing their vertical leap out of the water for prey also... Allow Araneo to climb walls like Megalania does... It only makes sense, plus it would make it more intense to encounter in caves and much more appealing to tame. Sabertooth's should be able to climb up wood specifically like the Thyla climbs. Making the Thyla still superior by being able to climb stone. Otters and Beavers should be at War. Troops of Otters messing with the Beavers would be hilarious. Maybe stealing the Silica Pearls from their Dams. Tame Beavers should also craft dams with all of their usual resources inside while on wander... It would be a good show of faith to all the people who have really been begging for that since they were introduced... Turtles should go in their shells... but I think that's happening so moving on... Hyaenodon's Meat Pack should make Jerky the same way a Preserving Bin does... Finally the Rex just needs his face fixed and something to keep him competing with his fresher, newer predatory peers like the Yuty, Allo and Giga. Being able to carry dinos/players in it's mouth is a good one, a Roar Buff of some kind makes a lot of sense... and a Super Chomp attack of some kind. His Jaws were the Truth... no Rage like the Giga's added to it though please... Make him the King again. Suggestions to Implement: Add in Archelon the Giant Sea Turtle, and give Liopleurodon's Role of a Rare, Slow, Loot Drop Buffing, Temporary Tame to Archelon freeing Lio to be the Awesome Tame it should of been. Plus the "Magical" Disappearing Tame just doesn't fit with the game honestly... I know it's not realistic as it is but that is too far out there... The whole temporary, disappearing, loot buff creature idea could be scrapped all together in my personal opinion. Add in some more non-tamebale Fish species, with one that hopefully schools, and up all the Fish like Coel's spawn rates in the ocean in general that would be great. It would give A LOT more life to a pretty lifeless ocean... Any time you think of the ocean you think of Fish Everywhere and you don't really see that in Ark... An EMP Trap that when set off disables electronics +Tek Armor and Saddles for anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute or so. PVP needs it. Please do not scrap that Hive Bug from Scorched Earth... It doesn't even have to be tamable, Even if it had it's size blown up and turned into a Boss for Scorched Earth that would be so Amazing for that particular creature... but Compared to the Island and other maps Scorched Earth really does have less of a variety of creatures roaming around... It really could even use some more added in specifically for the desert biome in the future like the ocean does... I guess it doesn't NEED it, but it would be awesome... You could even remove some of the creatures that don't make a lot of sense in a desert to begin with if some more desert dinos/bugs/lizards were added. Some work on the Dino AI to just make the game more immersive... Its hard to get immersed with a bronto humping the hillside... Please do what you can about extending the tethering distance on split screen in local multiplayer. If you can do anything at all... I know it would be a lot to implement, but some standing animations would go along way... It would make them look a lot more natural walking around the Island. Stopping and looking around, foraging, predators smelling the air, Bears, Wolves, Sabers and most other mammalian predators sniffing the ground on a trail. That would be realistic. Also Megatherium reaching up into trees, Mammoths randomly doing their trunk trumpet and shaking their head, The Ants flying in circles instead of in place waiting for a target to attack, then there's Boas, Megalania and other Reptiles Sun-bathing, little things like that (that I do know are not so little to implement) would make the immersion beyond belief... Finally... implementing Dinos nesting with fertilized Eggs you can steal... even if it was only a once a year event on easter or something so you are able to make a map skin with the nests in certain places for certain dinos... competing with Oviraptors for Eggs you can raise sounds like a fun event. a P.S. I have is to please make the Pheonix tamable by killing it... and collecting a fertilized egg from it's Ashes... no milk or anything like that needed just sulfur or something... a Scorched Earth Boss you can get an Egg from after defeating it would be pretty awesome... but it would also be a pretty OP tame... I thank you for listening! I know it gets old hearing everybody say how you should make your game or what to add to it... but these are just things I wanted to get out there and hopefully people and yourselves creating the game can agree these are some pretty bad ass ideas... and hopefully (fingers crossed) they are taken seriously enough to at least be attempted to be implemented, even if it was only 1 of them. Much Love Ark Devs. great game, and thank you for nerfing those Eels! Honorable Mentions that would be awesome... Brachiosaurus (Siege Mount) Could smash stone walls and allow for climbing up the neck over walls. Xuphactinus (Evil Looking Giant Fish) Could be a great non-tamable Aggressive Fish. Ornimegalonyx (Giant Owl) Could be a Nocturnal Hunting Companion (Meat, Prime Meat Collector) Harpagornis Moorei (Giant Eagle) Could be a Diurnal Fishing Companion (Fish Meat , Prime Fish Meat Collector) Titanomyrma Queen (Ant Queen with Ant-Hill/Termite Mound-Thing) To Tame Army of Ants to swarm your Enemies. (it could just "Craft" Ants to follow you for certain resource price) Carcharodontosaurus (Scorched Giga) This Behemoth could be the scorched Earth equivalent to a Giga... Maybe with some shielding ability from the storms? Or something to that degree... A Floating Obelisk with a Flying Aerial Boss. It could be given to the Dragon and you could Add a New Ground Based Boss, or create a new Flying Boss for an epic Aerial Battle. Hive Bug +1 New Orginal Boss for Scorched Earth's 3 Obelisks. Giving Scorched Earth it's complete own feel... Maybe making you conquer the Island and Scorched Earth to Aquire something Amazing, or to Unlock an Amazing Map... I like the Bosses but the same ones over and over could get pretty repetitive... A Water World Map DLC. Small Clusters of Islands under each of the 3 Obelisks with an Amazing Ocean to Explore for Alpha level Players... That would be amazing Map to work up to... I honestly think each Official Map should be implemented in the Grand Storyline. As separate test Sights or whatever the story may call for... Making you explore each one for some Larger Goal and Purpose... Then the Very Last thing I want to Mention... I think the Tek Cave is amazingly hard and fitting for the end game... but I am kind of let down there was't some kind of crazy, unique, alpha, end game boss to defeat, or some Revelation found... hopefully that is implemented later. I think it would be amazing to fight a Past Survivor as the Alpha, or Beta Level, End Game Boss... Have the Survivor have all the Tek Upgrades and a Rex with a Tek-Saddle +some other Tamed Dinos. The Tek Cave would make a lot of sense as all those Carnivores you have to fight through belonging to the Past Survivor making his way to the bottom trying to figure out how to escape the Ark. I just don't understand why all those Carnivores are just hanging out in a Volcano... He would have his A-Team of Dinosaurs with him in the base of the Volcano at the Ascension Terminal about to interact with it as you enter. Epic Final Battle and you Ascend. It makes sense and would be pretty Epic. He could have turned on and eliminated his own tribe... That being the reason he is alone on the Island with so many Dinos. It would also definitely throw everything Ark has at us that way. You could also learn a little bit more about why, how and what brought us to the Ark from him also... Above all, the actually mechanics of the game and how it operates should be the main priority... I understand this is a long list... but understand these are just suggestions and I'll be happy with the game we have just running better... and if even 1 of these are implemented I'll just look at that as a huge bonus! Thank you guys again for reading! Sorry for such a Long List just had a lot of ideas!
  18. Is boss scaling still broken? I run a dedicated on a .4 offset so dinos spawn at a max of 57. Fully leveled it would put them at 128. Of course there could be some breeding up, imprinting, etc. but what I am wondering is if taking on a boss with 128's on a .4 server is the same as taking on a boss with 191's on a 1.0 server. Thanks.
  19. Hey there everyone. So I figured I'd toss this out here regarding the Allosaurus, my favorite creature in Ark.... Why they gotta be suck for endgame? You have potentially the most awesome Pack-Dino with a Bleeding ability, THOUSANDS times better maneuverability compared to the lumbering Rexes that are almost a necessity for literally everything in this damn game, and then Allos can have some insane DPS when bred right due to Pack Leader Boosts ... but cant gore bosses, which I understand because that would make the fight only 100seconds long (Gore does 1% health per second, and AI Allo Pack leaders spam it). But why not make it just do a percentage of it's damage over time? Or even make it a small amount that stacks up and caps? For example, Say an Allo Pack leader does 300 damage, and uses Gore on a boss. The first stack would deal about 20% of it's base damage, and each consecutive gore will add another stack, ramping up in damage so long as the Gore stacks are maintained. Or even allow non-pack leader Allos to get a Damage bonus when attacking it's Leader's Gore victim (something like 5% per stack)? I'm honestly sick of breeding big ole clumsy rexes for bossfights because they are the only safe thing to bring in. It's really boring and really stale. It'd be okay if you could bring in like 4-5 other creatures other than the Rexes and a Yuty or two, effectively being your dps dinos while the dumbass Rexes are just tanks. And on another note, why do all the creatures need to be spawned in a cluster raptor and keep people from organizing for the fight properly? ugh lol Anyways, just thought I'd throw my 2cents out there. Been breeding Allosaurs for about 300 hours total now and would really like to see them be viable past Beta / Alpha Brood >.>
  20. So I have been very curious lately whether or not there are any alternatives to the standard bred/imprinted 17-19 Rexes, 1-2 Daeodons, and 1 Yuty, that has now become standard boss Meta. To test this, I set up a training dummy and spawned in a swathe of level 1 dinos just to get an idea of how they perform at their base statistics. I know that damage against the training dummy is the same as damage against thatch buildings, but this test should still give us a ballpark idea of the comparative damage levels of these creatures. When doing these tests I made certain that there were no mate boosts whatsoever and to avoid human error I used a macro that triggered repeatedly every thousandth of a second to perform all attacks so that the only limiter on damage was the speed of the creature's attack animations themselves. Also, I made certain that Singleplayer Settings were OFF. (I recognize that Officials have vastly different boss values currently and that they are nigh impossible at the moment, but you can still extrapolate the relative strength of creatures from this data. ^_^) Belows are my initial findings (and some creatures were randomly thrown in for kicks), let me know if you'd like to see any other creatures tested. Creature Base Damage Base DPS Alt Damage Alt DPS Pack Boost Damage Pack Boost DPS Alpha Boost Damage Alpha Boost DPS Direwolf 464 836 557 1115 836 1505 Allosaurus 508 916 763 1373 Megalosaurus 1090 1526 Tyrannosaurus 901 1262 Spinosaurus 726 1163 Gigantopithecus 581 814-9301 Therizinosaurus 755 1058 Baryonyx 457 641 Carnotaurus 508 712 Chalicotherium 523 732 1443 578 Direbear 726 872 Thylacoleo 563 788 Megatherium 465 651 712 570 1162 (1780) 1628 (1424) Triceratops 465 744 Wooly Rhino 581 698 78482 [2267]2 Mammoth 610 610 872 523 General Viability Candidates Megalosaurus So, as you can see, I tested 16 different candidates and found that the best base damage potential of all tested creatures without factoring in boosts of any kind is the Megalosaurus, clocking in at 1090 damage per attack and 1526 damage per second. It outperforms the Rex by approximately 300 damage per second and has comparable base health! (1100 for the Rex and 1025 for the Megalo) AND, not only does it have comparable base health, but it's damage actually scales /higher/ when wild levels are applied to that stat. (3.1% for the Rex and 3.75% for the Megalo) My biggest concern with the Megalo was that it's small size would result in it being knocked backwards by bosses, thus decreasing it's effective DPS vs the Rex's. Upon testing it appears that the knockback from the Broodmother at least is negligible and the real problem is the Araneo. They actually inflict far greater knock-back against the Megalosaurus. With a larger dino such as Spino or Rex to beat the Araneo's back, the Megalos should be able to swarm the Broodmother and maintain a solid DPS without too much difficulty. Other bosses still require testing. Overall Impression: Viable (Requires Further Testing to be Conclusive) Direwolves Coming in second for raw damage output is an Alpha Boosted Direwolf! Obviously the largest concern with these buggers is their extremely low base health pool coupled with their lack of saddle armor. I did some further testing on them to see if the Pack Boosts gave them a significant armor boost or not. What I found was interesting. A single attack with a Primitive Metal Sword and zero levels in Melee Damage yields 72 damage against a non pack boosted wild Direwolf. Against a +4 boosted Wild Direwolf (the maximum) it deals 82 damage. Against a Pack Boosted Alpha Wolf it deals 61 damage. So only the Alpha in a pack receives a damage reduction buff, while the other members of the pack actually take slightly more damage. (This was probably intentional to make it possible to strategically target and eliminate weaker members of a pack and thus weaken the pack overall.) My conclusion is that Direwolves could be viable against Gamma Bosses IF there was a way to position them so that they didn't take any damage. (Not very likely...) Perhaps you could pull this off with a tank of some sort, but I have a hard time seeing it actually work... Overall Impression: Non-Viable Allosaurus As you can see from this data, the base damage of an Allosaurus is not actually that great, pretty average really in terms of upper-tier dinos. But what about the Alpha Boost? It is a common myth that the Allosaurus bleed attack affects bosses, but this is currently not true, that doesn't make the Alpha Boost irrelevant however... I believe that the mechanic is wired so that you can have one alpha in every pack of four Allos. If you were to take 20 Allos that would be five Alphas. Adding the DPS of 5 Alpha Allos and 15 Base Allos together gives us a total of 20,605 DPS IF all Allos are attacking simultaneously (That's not always the case due to knock-back). If you take 20 Rexes and add their DPS together you get 25,240 total. Factoring in the lower base Health of Allos I believe the performance gap between them and Rexes is simply impossible to bridge. (Perhaps, if you took 16 Allos, three Daeodons, and a Yuty this strategy might work? Not sure if the Daeo's healing affect stacks...) Overall Impression: Viable (But probably not as good as Rexes.) Spinosaurus And here we come to the Spinosaurus, the oft overlooked Apex predator that everyone says needs to hit the gym... As you can see it's base damage is about 200 less than the Rex, but it's DPS is only 100 less than the Rex. It's faster attack speed DOES make a difference, but it DOES NOT out DPS the Rex as many people claim. That said, the Spino does have some advantages including a tighter turning radius and a higher attack range. Do those really factor in? Perhaps, depending on how you are positioned. A Spino could potentially reduce the damage it ends up taking by using it's extended attack range to keep boss minions back or stay just out of the boss's reach a few times per fight. Overall Impression: Viable (But it's roughly equal or slightly inferior to the Rex depending on how you look at it.) Therizinosaurus And now we come to the Tyrannosaurus' Herbivorous Rival! Is it viable? Well the data speaks for itself. It has lower base damage than the Spino and the Rex, (lower even than the Direbear), and lower DPS to boot (though higher than the Direbear here). If the Therizinosaurus dealt damage with each swing of it's claws instead of just one (as it originally did upon release) it would probably out damage everything else on the entire list. But sadly, this is not the case. It does of course have the advantage of Sweet Veggie Cakes, but this only nets it 2100 HP every 30 seconds, which makes a relatively small impact against heavy hitting bosses. Perhaps combined with the healing power of a Daeodon and a Yuty Buff for Damage Resistance it could out-tank some of the other candidates, but I honestly doubt it. Many people have also suggested that the Therizinosaurus might be specifically viable versus the Dragon due to it's Herbivorous fire/explosive resistances. Sadly though, recent evidence suggests that this is not the case either. I need to do testing on this issue specifically to be sure. Will get back to you all on that! If you have any information on this in particular, please share. Overall Impression: Non-Viable (In my opinion, it simply doesn't deal enough DPS to justify choosing it over an Apex Carnivore and the Veggie Cake healing factor isn't significant enough to offset that damage gap.) Special Viability Candidates Megatherium vs. The Broodmother Now then, here's where things get interesting. Some creatures on this list, while not generally viable for boss fights, might be able to fight specific bosses with increased efficiency. The Megatherium is one such candidate. It's base damage is 465 with a DPS of 651, while it's slower Alt-Fire has a base damage of 712 but a DPS of only 570. What we're specifically interested in in this case is the Bug Killer Buff trigged by killing the Araneo's spawned by the Broodmother. Previously, (due to what many players believe was an unintended bug) the Megatherium took 75% increased damage when the Bug Killer Buff was active making them completely non-viable. Now, it appears that has been "fixed" and it seems the Megatherium takes 75% reduced damage. This, coupled with a good saddle could make them even more tanky than Rexes when up against the Broodmother despite their lower base health! And that's not all! When Bug Killer is active they deal 250% of their original damage against all targets and 400% damage against targets flagged as Bugs! This boosts their base damage to 1162 and their base DPS to 1628, out-performing both the Rex and the Megalosaurus! I am not certain whether or not the Broodmother herself is flagged as a Bug, but this buff would certainly make super short work of her minions... in addition to adding no small boost to our overall attack power. In my most recent test on Singleplayer I took three level 296 Megatherium into the Gamma Broodmother fight. Two females, and one male. During that fight, none of them lost more than five thousand health and it appeared that they were actually regenerating at a massively increased rate. It's possible that what others mistook for 75% damage reduction is actually a huge regeneration buff. I'll need to do further testing to be certain. Overall Impression: 100% Viable (Against the Broodmother, the Megatherium has the potential to outperform Rexes by miles." Chalicotherium vs. The Megapithecus Now this candidate is a pet theory of my own which I have tested once to great effect, but have never seen nor heard of anyone trying it on a larger scale. The Megapithecus Arena is unique in that is is very uneven topographically. By taking the high ground with a squad of imprinted and ridden Chalicotheriums specced for Damage and backed up by a Yutyrannus, it may be possible to use their alternate fire (Rock Throw) to safely deal massive damage to the Megapithecus at range while something else (Probably a Health Specced Rex) tanks it and keeps it's attention. The main problems with this would be dealing with straggler Gigantopithecus that manage to make it up onto the ridge and the fact that Chalico's can be hard to position/reposition. I am hopeful though! Overall Impression: Viable (Needs larger scale testing.) Anyways, I think that pretty much cover things! All the other information is pretty self-explanatory and you can draw your own conclusions about the other creatures' viability very easily. I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing and testing for it! Hopefully boss strategies will continue to see expansion as time goes on. Again, if you'd like me to check out any other creatures, just say the word and I'll do it. (Interesting tidbit, while testing for this I found that I can use my Tek Gear in boss arenas... At least in Singleplayer... A recent bug perhaps?) Notes: 1 - Though the Gigantopithecus has high DPS I don't consider it viable due to how easy it is to knock-back and the fact that it randomly alternates between two attack anims that cause it's DPS to fluctuate wildly. 2 - The Alt-Fire Damage for the Wooly Rhino lists how much damage it does after a full charge, and the Alt-Fire DPS is that value tapered into a series of macroed base attacks. So it obviously cannot sustain those numbers.
  21. Ark Underwater Boss

    This is just a suggestion and would love to hear other ideas for bosses, but I think Ark should have a water boss, where the fight is purely underwater with air pockets if needed. The maps would need to have one of those Obelisks moved underwater or a new obelisk be added and you have to move your water dinos into its area to go to the fight. It would be awesome if the boss was something like a Leviathan and it summons piranhas and maybe sharks. To fight this big creature you would probably need a lot of Mosas, Plesios, Tusos, etc. (logical water fighting dinos) I think this would add a new unique challenge to the game. Let me know what you think, bad, good or uninterested. Thank you, - Alex Thayne
  22. The Center Late-Game/Bosses

    Hello kind people, For those players on The Center map feeling neglected in regards to late-game gameplay this suggestion would like to hear back from you. Right to the point, The Center currently as of recent updates only have one boss challenge which consists of fighting two bosses at the same time. I think most will agree that this is not the best setup for any map unless you will be receiving a large payout. (Which this does not currently happen). To the devs, I would like to just suggest using the boss arenas and bosses you currently have and keep consistent with the rewards given through those. As a bonus to playing The Center map, allow players to do "The Center Challenge" and receive a special skin/reward. Also down the road The Center would like to see the possibility for Ascension also, I understand it is a new feature and may be already on the roadmap, but just had to mention that it is a must. As far as I understand DLC, it is created to enhance your gameplay and not limit it. I apologize if I have repeated suggestions/opinions but I would like to emphasize this topic. Please let me know what you think, thank you. - Alex Thayne
  23. Hi Guys! We are running unofficial server, map TheLand. We have custom diffuculty: DifficultyOffset=2.1428 OverrideOfficialDifficulty=8.0 Yesterday I spawned 6 Rexes(300lvl), and went to the Easy Broodmother Lysrix. So, it was 1lvl, but it summons lots of Araneos 800lvl, and they kills all the Rexes within 1 minute:) I figured out, that araneos are 800lvl because of overrideofficialdifficulty offset(if it's default, they spawns with lvl100). Is there any way I can configure them ,without reducing OverrideOfficialDifficulty?
  24. Changes to Boss Fights

    It seems they made more changes to the bosses than mentioned. On island server I used to get ~850k health on easy brood now i see ~350k. Oddly enough it takes much longer to kill her. She seems to take much less damage now. I went from using 10 rexes to having to take 18 rex just to make healing them practical. Whats everyone else experience?
  25. I have a dedicated server (server difficulty is 7), where I am playing solo, and during the last months I was able to beat broodmother easy/medium, ape easy/medium/hard and dragon easy at official settings. This week I have attempted broodmother hard, but I realized it will not be possible to do solo. I brought my latest generation of rexes (40-50k, 700-800%, ASC saddles) and a yuty for the buff. Still I was slaughtered within no time. This felt a bit weird tho, since the ape was going down rather smoothly (although I lost half of the rexes back then), but the spider queen was barely scratched after everything was dead. I realized dragon would not be any different, and probably it would never be possible to solo those bosses. And with mostly solo players/2-3 man tribes on my server I decided I set the alpha bosses (brood/ape/dragon) to singleplayer difficulty (via some server settings I found on google. but it only affects damage dealt + damage taken, not boss health) to give players a chance to defeat it. Then I actually was able to do the broodmother without any problems. Few rexes were badly injured, but I did it without losses. This would be the difficulty I imagined, and its okay for me really. Now I did 3 dragon hard tries, one yesterday (at v261) and two today (at v262), all unsuccessful. Yesterday before the patch I was able to bring it down to like 15-20% health, but in the end I was not able to do it. Today, I was not even able to bring it down to half its health, before it starts to cut through my rexes and burn everything to ashes. In the second try today I even replaced a rex with a daedon (18k life, 54k food) with ASC saddle on autoheal, and it seemed that the rexes survived longer. But then again I also tried to turn the dragon away from the pack of rexes, so they don't get too much fire breath into their faces, so I' not sure if the daedon was that efficient, also it died after some minutes. When everything was dead again and I was alone on foot, I used the time to check the boss level and health. It said level 1 alpha dragon, with a total of 1,26million health (which I was able to bring down to around 900k). Now my question is, is this actually the difficulty its supposed to be in singleplayer? If so, how are singleplayers beating it? I am really having a hard time turning the dragon around to avoid the fire breath, it seems impossible, since he seems to have random aggro. Also, of course, its really hard to not take a lot of damage when he crosses the lava, or lifts up and starts to spam fireballs. During the fight I will always stay on the yuty (40k life, 730% melee), spamming the buffs and trying to coordinate the rexes. Rexes are switched from passive/follow to aggressive to move them around and let them attack the dragon. Commanding "attack this target" seems to be rather unreliable/difficult to land when mounted, so I work with aggressive stance instead. I also tried with "attack my target", since I'm also hitting it with the yuty, but I feel theres not much of a difference. Who has beaten the alpha dragon in singleplayer since the last patch? What was your setup, what was your tactics? Any tips?