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Found 52 results

  1. KyrosLakiel

    Boss Arena Creatures

    I have heard tell from some players that you can take wyverns into the boss arenas on ragnarok, but looking it up, is it just the manticore/dragon arena for them? or any flyers?, and i was wondering on the opinions of my group for boss fights, 3 packs of allos so 9 allos total, 4 rexes, 2 daeodons, and if wyverns can be utilized in at least the one arena then 2 lightning and 2 fire wyverns and a yutyrannus. Otherwise, in the other arenas, i would use 4 packs of allos, 12 total allos, 4 rexes, 2 daeodons, 1 yutyrannus and either a thylacoleo or equus. So what do you think? i would love some feedback, on the creature choices and some confirmation on the wyvern info.
  2. ....Welcome to Solum RP.... Join our Facebook page and send a message to join us. (For all rules and graphics head to the 'Google Drive') YouTube trailer Links below: https://www.facebook.com/SolumRP/ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZBfYep1flgB3VC-VGaRhLfjF0Q6OgoWX
  3. Does anyone know why they made it so admins can't spawn bosses like the gorilla or broodmother in on Ragnarok so that people can get the rest of the TEK engrams? Is it purposely like this so people have to have another server just for the island? Any info would be great.
  4. SpecNova

    Aberration Bosses

    I think it'd be a really neat idea to incorporate the other traditional bosses into the aberration servers, seeing as there's no Daeodons, Yut's, Theri's Rexes, or Megatheriums, most of the typical boss dinos being gone, and no real buffs or healing coming from Daeodons and Yut's it'd make for a nice challenging experience, and if the dev's are worried about the element system they set up being ruined by this, just lower the element reward from the bosses, I get that the whole 'damaged ark' thing is in play, but honestly after you beat alpha Rockwell, there's nothing really left to do on the server as far as end game goes, this would provide new challenges for players to have to come up with strategies to overcome, and give purpose to a lot of the currently useless trophy items like Spino Sails, Sarco Skin, the Sauropod Vertebra, and Titanoboa Venom. This would also allow players who do not wish to constantly grind out element to work for an alternative means for getting it, as well as being able to unlock the tek tier engrams without risk of having to swap out to another server and risk losing their character, and all their hard work due to a rollback or other game bug.
  5. Reading a thread by DJRone89, I loved the great feedback. I'm always looking to find recommendations for dinos to take on bosses. So - I thought I'd try to collect some recommendations into one thread for easier lookup. Stealing Cran3s' answer, I'm starting my list. Please do come with your own suggestions, and with sufficient support, I will edit them into this post. What is needed is: Dino type and for each dino type: number of dinos of this type, minimum health, minimum melee and minimum recommended armour on the saddle. NOTE: Obviously, how well you handle your dinos plays a huge part in this, so have that in mind when going for the bosses - maybe even look at videos of others taking on the bosses to know what to do. This is meant to be a ballpark figure of what to aim at before attempting the bosses and scaled for a solo player - more players means more leeway for errors or lower stats. The Island Broodmother Lysrix - Gamma Tips for whistling Broodmother Lysrix - Beta Tips for whistling Broodmother Lysrix - Alpha Tips for whistling Dragon - Gamma Dragon - Beta Thread disucssing tactics Dragon - Alpha Thread discussing tactics Megapithecus - Gamma Megapithecus - Beta Megapithecus - Alpha Strategy tips Overseer Strategy tips The Center Broodmother Lysrix & Megapithecus - Gamma Broodmother Lysrix & Megapithecus - Beta Broodmother Lysrix & Megapithecus - Alpha Scorched Earth Manticore - Gamma Manticore - Beta Manticore - Alpha Ragnarok Manticore & Dragon - Gamma Manticore & Dragon - Beta Manticore & Dragon - Alpha Aberration Rockwell - Gamma Rockwell - Beta Rockwell - Alpha Strategy tips
  6. We're currently working to get as much stats into rex's and well on our way, I've seen others with higher stats but we're not doing bad. With 10340 HP and 374% base melee, what is the recommended stats for 9 of us to take down the hard bosses? We were thinking 20k HP then pump as much Melee as possible. Has anyone succeeded :)?
  7. I lost 30 rexes+2yutys with 95-120 armor saddles past 2 weeks because of rexes being teleported in without me(happens when a rex takes a dump right when you get teleported in and moves you). Now I have those 32 dino's still added to my tribe tamecap without them being there, even a GM couldn't find them on the server. This happened on the center map, but I know from others that also had it happen to them on other servers.
  8. I run a private dedicated server for myself and two friends. We like to start fresh on each new map we play on, because the leveling journey is part of the fun. I literally run one map at a time. So now I run into a problem. I currently have an Aberration server. None of the characters has any of the tek grams. I would like to do the boss for said tek grams because it would be a really cool reward. Rockwell, however, only gives a couple of tek engrams. How do I make it so that the rest of the tek engrams unlock upon boss kill? Or is there another way to do this? I tried unlocking other engrams using the formula, and that didn't work, so I'm not confident at all at unlocking the engrams for everyone. Does spawning in the bosses actually count towards unlocking the engrams? UPDATE: I just tried spawning in a broodmother into a single player game, and the thing immediately disappears. Any ideas or help on this matter would be appreciated.
  9. I've played ark for about 700 hours, and 99.99% of that time I've played singleplayer. And for the entire time I've only attempted a cave once or twice and have never even touched the bosses. Farming for hours in order to get an army of rexes just to lose them all to a boss has just never appealed to me. However, I've been very bored with the game lately and have wanted to give bosses a try. So, as a noob to bosses, i want to know some tips on preparing for, and fighting bosses, especially as a solo player. 1. Would an army of rexes be enough to kill an alpha boss. Also, would the rexes have to be bred and have high quality saddles or can one or both of those be ignored (In other words: what's a General, reliable way to take down bosses)? 2. How hard is it to even be able to attempt a boss fight. How difficult will it be to get the requirements in order to summon the boss? 3. What are some tips for a solo player in a boss fight? 4. How painful are bossfights? Will they give me crippling anxiety as I watch my rexes get killed one by one? 5. Should I even use rexes? I've heard that megatheriums are good against the broodmother since its a spider, so I wonder if there are better alternatives for rexes. 6. Does ragnarok allow you to fight the bosses one at a time or do you have to fight multiple bosses in the same arena at the same time? 7. Do your dinos teleport back with you after you defeat the boss? Or do all your tames, no matter What, vanish after the fight? 8. What is the general process for breeding super rexes (or any dino for that matter). And should you breed the babies with their parents or should you only breed the parents? Tell me if I'm right: you find and perfect tame 2 lvl 150 rexes. Then I assume you breed them non-stop and only keep the ones with the better of the two stats.
  10. About a month ago me and my friends decided to pick up ark again and try Ragnarok for we had not played it yet. We rented a private dedicated server through nitrado because the official ones are terrible. From the beginning, we had the goal in mind to fight all of arks guardians and earn all the tek gear. Only just recently did we find out that Ragnarok only has a dual boss arena being the dragon and manticore. This was completely unknown to us and we almost stopped playing then. However, we came up with the idea to summon the other bosses on there respective difficulties in an arena we built to still allow us to experience fighting the bosses. After another week or two of preparing, we finally tried to spawn in the bosses only to find that only the broodmother and manticore are spawnable and even then not on any specific difficulty and we still were not able to earn the engrams. So as of this point, we are terribly disappointed with arks developers in making this unachievable both officially and with admin commands. I enjoyed the time i spent earning what we have but i am sad that i feel like it all amounted to little in the end. TLDL; What is the point of playing ragnarok if you cant earn/experience all end game content and why isnt this made apparent before starting on a server that specific maps do not contain the ability to do all boss arenas without needing to pay for a cluster server?
  11. Enable Tek Transmitter for boss summoning on PvE so that instead of having players swarming obis and crowding them with dinos, people can just fight the boss straight from their base. (No real advantage on PvE, just saves time and the hassle of crowded obis.)
  12. With the TEK tier stuff requiring boss fights, I am now (as many people probably) in the situation that I need to do boss fights for the first time. The problem is, I am playing mostly solo. Will this still be doable, or should I really try to get 1-2 friends supporting? I have no experience with boss fights at all. Can you maybe recommend boss fights which I could do solo with the recommended dino setup? I am playing on a private server with the max dino level 203. Will this mean the boss levels can be higher too?
  13. Hello, myself and the missus are prepping to take on our first boss (Gamma Brood) so I’ve been watching some videos/reading and something that I’m slightly concerned on is teleporting to the boss. I hear people saying stuff like don’t be mounted on a Dino when teleporting or you can’t have saddles on the Dinos when teleporting etc. So I’m just looking for some clarification on things I need to know about teleporting to the boss so that no Dinos or player gets left behind. Currently all I know is we have to fit our Dinos onto the pad at the obelisk! We are playing on ps4 in case the version makes a difference to the info, thanks in advance!
  14. Mainly I mean Gigas and wyverns (I know wyvs can be used against the manticore), as in PvE they have no purpose other than high efficiency meat farming, or in the case of wyvs transport. We should be allowed to use what we go to the effort to tame in the boss fights. The difficulty of boss fights seems so forced and artificial by limiting what types of dinos you can use in them. If you think that taking a giga into a boss fight would make it too easy, then yes maybe under current circumstances, but that's what balances and changes are for right?
  15. Asaeternity

    The center bosses

    Hi I would like to know what is the minimum required to fight against the center arena in gamma difficult please ? I mean, how many rexes, lvl, stats ? Thx a lot
  16. I mean, there are a lot of topics about this but no one specific about requirements. At moment that you tamed, what stats is OK in a REX (lvl 135 - 150) to breeding new rexes to boss? LIFE: ?? MELEE: ?? If you have more information to share, please!! * Guys, how can i quote another answers?? Or react?
  17. Monica9692


    I was wondering how Ascension works? How do you know when you are gamma, beta, or alpha? Is there a certain level you have to reach or do you have to defeat a boss to ascend?
  18. I would like to run some simulations in singleplayer on bosses and from what i remember, bosses on singleplayer and non dedicated server are 67% easier. So, is there anyway to scale the boss to be the exact same as those in official servers?
  19. Hey guys I need help, since I find the bosses on Ragnarok way too hard and very very unfair (Ascendant Assault Rifle with 640% damage does 72 damage to the Manticore per shot)... I wanted to nerf their resistance, so I did it like I did to the others (similiar config lines in the Game.ini work for other bosses, but not for Ragnarok bosses): DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Easy_Ragnarok",Multiplier=0.25) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Medium_Ragnarok",Multiplier=0.35) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Hard_Ragnarok",Multiplier=0.4) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_MinionSpawner_Golem_Ragnarok",Multiplier=0.1) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_MinionSpawner_Golem",Multiplier=0.1) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Griffin_Character_Minion_BP",Multiplier=0.1) But no matter what I do... them Bosses still take a very very very unfair reduced amount of damage. What can I do to nerf their reistance? -> Manticore, Dragon, Golems, Dimorphs, Griffins, Pteranodons I want to nerf them all. My server, my rules. I want easier bosses, since we are not many people online at the same time.
  20. Mitchell1304

    Best Way To Kill Bosses?

    Hello Ark players, I wanna take on “all” of the bosses soon... so i whas thinking what dino is the best for killing bosses... i thought about bringing some T-Rexes but i dont like them much.. then i whas thinking about allo’s.. but is there another way to kill them easily? Thanks,
  21. So we're running on a poopty CPU and can't possibly run 4 maps just for the players to get tekgrams. Is it possible to change the tekgram unlocks on bosses like with DinoDropInventoryComponent that we use to change boss-loot (increased element)? Open to all and any suggestions on how to give players the possibility to unlock all tek engrams without me being an active admin.
  22. Me and my two friends have played ark a long time but we are much slower on progress because we play on mostly default settings (default difficulty, stats, resource gathering, etc) i tend to play in my own world a lot which is very similar say for a few increased options like spoil time, taming speed (not instantaneous still), and some utility stuff like cave building and flyers. We play on Xbox, single player and non-dedicated host sessions. So ive been looking at the bosses stats on the wiki (which btw severely needs updating) and looking at the numbers i dont see how even high level rexes and such can last against these bosses, my friend went on a test world to spawn some in and see, and the broodmother was dealing 20k damage in under a minute... So basically the question is has anyone beaten the bosses without changing any settings?
  23. I have a dedicated server (server difficulty is 7), where I am playing solo, and during the last months I was able to beat broodmother easy/medium, ape easy/medium/hard and dragon easy at official settings. This week I have attempted broodmother hard, but I realized it will not be possible to do solo. I brought my latest generation of rexes (40-50k, 700-800%, ASC saddles) and a yuty for the buff. Still I was slaughtered within no time. This felt a bit weird tho, since the ape was going down rather smoothly (although I lost half of the rexes back then), but the spider queen was barely scratched after everything was dead. I realized dragon would not be any different, and probably it would never be possible to solo those bosses. And with mostly solo players/2-3 man tribes on my server I decided I set the alpha bosses (brood/ape/dragon) to singleplayer difficulty (via some server settings I found on google. but it only affects damage dealt + damage taken, not boss health) to give players a chance to defeat it. Then I actually was able to do the broodmother without any problems. Few rexes were badly injured, but I did it without losses. This would be the difficulty I imagined, and its okay for me really. Now I did 3 dragon hard tries, one yesterday (at v261) and two today (at v262), all unsuccessful. Yesterday before the patch I was able to bring it down to like 15-20% health, but in the end I was not able to do it. Today, I was not even able to bring it down to half its health, before it starts to cut through my rexes and burn everything to ashes. In the second try today I even replaced a rex with a daedon (18k life, 54k food) with ASC saddle on autoheal, and it seemed that the rexes survived longer. But then again I also tried to turn the dragon away from the pack of rexes, so they don't get too much fire breath into their faces, so I' not sure if the daedon was that efficient, also it died after some minutes. When everything was dead again and I was alone on foot, I used the time to check the boss level and health. It said level 1 alpha dragon, with a total of 1,26million health (which I was able to bring down to around 900k). Now my question is, is this actually the difficulty its supposed to be in singleplayer? If so, how are singleplayers beating it? I am really having a hard time turning the dragon around to avoid the fire breath, it seems impossible, since he seems to have random aggro. Also, of course, its really hard to not take a lot of damage when he crosses the lava, or lifts up and starts to spam fireballs. During the fight I will always stay on the yuty (40k life, 730% melee), spamming the buffs and trying to coordinate the rexes. Rexes are switched from passive/follow to aggressive to move them around and let them attack the dragon. Commanding "attack this target" seems to be rather unreliable/difficult to land when mounted, so I work with aggressive stance instead. I also tried with "attack my target", since I'm also hitting it with the yuty, but I feel theres not much of a difference. Who has beaten the alpha dragon in singleplayer since the last patch? What was your setup, what was your tactics? Any tips?
  24. When you go into arena, the dragon will fly away. This ensures you can not finish the bossfight, and you will lose all tames/items you took inside, nor will you keep any element! Tested on unofficial fresh server. We made a video to show you what happens: