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Found 163 results

  1. So I haven't really seen anything about anyone beating dragon yet, We have beat it on easy but I really wanna try for hard here, since Tek teleporters are pretty essential for abbeartion lol, so I was wondering has anyone got any stats for beating Dragon hard on new cluster official?
  2. Ps4 Ark 100% tribe search

    I am currently looking for tribe mates to help 100% Ark. Starting from the Island to the Center, Scorched earth. Ragnarok as well as Abberation. I am bases on the Na servers and am wanting to join or start a tribe to Achieve this goal. Looking for fun people who happen to be trophy hunters as well. Not really picky on who joins but an American based server would help. I have a discord as well if you are interested in joining or wanting to pull me in Add me on PSN with ''bigman227'' and send me an inbox message
  3. Vikings Bay (Ragnarok) Corrupt

    I've been working and building around Ragnarok's Vikings bay and have crashed multiple times in nearly the same area. Some pals and I have determined that it must be something in the map itself causing the crashes, and in a post dated Oct 17th, OP talks about the lava golem boss being the sole reason why the crashes are happening. They even outline the area in Vikings bay that is causing people to crash. Here's that post:
  4. I just killed Rockwell (beta). Doing the invisible rock drake method and guess what I lost everything after the cinematic and I don’t mean I lose my inventory no ofc not WC does it again I lost my single player character. I been on singleplayer since what happen to the legacy servers, I playi with my kid in the different maps ofc we play with multiplayer but still we tame breed farm etc and today after killing Rockwell all is gone I don’t know where my character is.did I ascend? Well DILO, my character is just gone I can’t download it and it send me to the make a new character menu. So please anyone has the same issue? Or the idea is that in singleplayer u kill Rockwell and then u lose ur character ? So the tek saddle, bed and Raül Gunn is only for multiplayer?
  5. Won the beta fight, looted dragon, manticore didnt drop any element (of course) everything ported out, tribe mates. but not me! im stuck in here with 110 element... raganarok 160.
  6. Rag boss broken

    Fighting the rag boss, dragon nuked it as usual. 32 minutes left. Manta didnt land once. Stayed in air, would hover down, almost land, then take back off. Fine whatever we will shoot it. Slowly realize, nothing has died, yet none of our tames are up. ... they all got pushed under the map by the manta almost landing then jetting back up. 17 dinos all under the map. none actually died, and still havent when the arena closed we lost. no dinos died. Way to go ai
  7. Battle Rex Stat Ratio

    I have a non dedicated island world with my friend and we are trying to make a battle rex army to defeat bosses. We have never battled bosses before. I want to make the rexes perfect in stats so I searched for good rex builds but they couldn't find a good one. Could someone please say a ratio for health to melee damage? Also if possible the required stamina. By ratio I mean like 100% damage every 5k health. Thanks! Also the difficulty is on 0.2 if that is relevant
  8. Myself and my tribe have cleared the rock well boss from gamma to alpha and have not gotten any element drops, this is on an unoffical server. According to the wiki the boss drops element. The wiki could be incorrect. However at the end of each fight we get 15 seconds and then it jumps to the ascension cut screen. Is the rockwell boss only for ascension like on the island? Or dose everyone fighting the boss need to have ascended already to not trigger the cut scene and get the element?
  9. Hi Survivors Now before anyone starts yelling in the comments and getting over excited I just would like to say this is only speculation I'm not actually saying the next dodo themed boss will be this particular creature just wanted to clear that up so let begin shall we. Ever since Fear Evolved first started Studio Wildcard have released 2 Dodo themed bosses for the island it was the DodoRex and For Scorched Earth it was the DodoWyvern now ark has released Aberration and with it came a lot of new and difficult challenges but the one thing on my mind is "What will the next Dodo Themed boss be" so I did some digging in the ARK Wiki and choose the best possible creatures that I believe could be the next Dodo Themed Boss For Aberration. #1 DodoDrake: A combination of a Dodo and the Rock Drake. This would Grant the DodoDrake the abilities of the regular Rock Drake for example it's camouflage ability. this would make it more challenging to spot especially in dark places, great for ambushing unsuspecting players. #2 DodoReaper: A Combination of a Dodo and the Reaper. Like the DodoDrake the DodoReaper would posses the same abilities as the normal Reaper like it's tail attack for example and it's acid attack these would be great for taking out large groups of players as well as it's ability to disappear underground and reappear meters away, great for long range attacks. #3 DodoBasilisk: A Combination of a Dodo and the basilisk and would posses the abilities of the basilisk including it's ability to borrow underground, like the DodoDrake this is great for Ambushing players. these are just speculation as to what the next Dodo themed boss will be. if you have any other ideas as to what you think the next Dodo themed boss for Aberration will be then feel free to comment them down below till next time survivors Goodbye And Merry Christmas
  10. Final Straw

    Alright, Hear me out. Solo player, last week I lost 20 dinos and asc saddles because the boss teleporter on Ragnarok wouldn't port me in with my dinos. Ok, have a ticket reponse and meeting the GM next week. Over the weekend I raised and farmed everything back, and grinded the spino sails on Rag. Got everything I needed for Alpha boss run. This time it ports me in, and i Kill the bosses. I GET THE FIRST raptorING D3D DEVICE HUNG ERROR IN SIX MONTHS. This marks my 80th dino, 80th ascendant saddle lost DUE TO THE GLITCHES/BUGS. Also the last straw for me, as I have done everything but Abberation. Not even going play that even though I bought it because hey, it'll happen again. In about 2k hours of ARK, I can finally say thank you for the fun I've had. It was well worth the money while it lasted, but destroying hard work due to incompentence is no excuse. Good luck everyone!
  11. I just want to know how many boss actually are in aberration ? I don't want to know what are they but just how many ^^ I hope there is more than one...
  12. so as i'm sure you all know, we have gotten (presumably) the final Community crunch before Aberration. and on this we see what appears to be a boss dossier. however, I belive that's it's actually something else entirely, let's have a look, shall we? for starters, while it clearly is the same device as the boss dossier, there are a few inconsistencies, for reference, let's grab the other dossiers as we can see, they all share a bit in common, they all show the boss's DNA sequence, the dragon, megapinthicus, and Manticore, all show a size comparison, and the island bosses all show some part of the boss's Biology, now let's look at the "dossier" just revealed as you can see, apart from the coloring, there is something MUCH different about this "dossier" for starters, the picture of the supposed boss isn't very detailed, where the boss dossiers are high-detailed photos of the bosses, this appears more of a picture drawn by someone, or something. secondly, as we can see, over half the "dossier" is covered in code, which has been translated to "I am not a god. I am more than that. Infinitely more. I am everything. This world, this ARK, it is my body. " "I can feel every bit of it, every footstep of man or beast that falls upon my skin, and every root that digs into my flesh. They are all mine. Everything in this world happens only by my will. " "The ones who put me here have long since fled, but though I hate them, I accept their escape. It is their reward, for they placed me upon this throne. " "Yet should anyone else challenge me, they shall receive no mercy. My wrath will be swift and terrible, and my enemies will know only pain. I am everything. " this should be the red herring right here, the only thing that this and the boss dossiers have in common is the device. so what do I think this is? I think it's one of Aberrations explorer notes, one written by this rouge... something. For convenience sake, let's call this thing John, John the Artificial bio-dome floating above a dead earth in space. Good to meet you John as for what these "explorer" notes written by John mean, there are a few possibilities. The most obvious is that these are to give us lore that the survivors, such as Helena or Rockwell likely wouldn't know about. Such as the Cataclysm that shattered Aberration, Homo Deus, the Apocalypse that destroyed earth, ect. This could also re-define the ARKs as we know it, are all of them sentient? Is this an overseer that got fused with the ARK after the cataclysm, is it a homo Deus, Just who, or what, is John? also, how could ANYTHING challenge a floating island? what are we going to do? shovel rocks and dirt into space? So yeah, just bringing it up
  13. boss Aberration Ending Boss

    I found out that the aberration boss will be Rockwell here is the prof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gRL9aeVM64
  14. Boss Battles

    Just wondering if any1 can tell me roughly what kind of stats my rex's need for easy/medium boss's on rag. I'm a solo player so I'm also looking for some people to do the fights with
  15. Theories of Aberration boss

    I wonder what are your theories what aberration boss will be. Based on Jen statement we saw all creatures of aberration except boss. And there are mysterious tentacles on aberration wallpaper. My two cents. Previous bosses were more or less mythical creatures. I actually think that final boss is kraken. And boss arena will be under the water. I came to that impression by trailer. If you go frame after frame when Ark Logo appears you will frist see circular cave with spikes all around and then it turns blue and white specks start flowing and then corals grow from floor. I think boss fight will be under the water and we will be facing kraken.
  16. Gamma Dragon tips?

    My tribe has finished Gamma/Beta Brood and Gamma Megapithecus. We're now looking towards Gamma Dragon. We did Gamma Brood/Ape with 13 20k hp 500-600% melee rexes and a yuty. I've seen videos of everything from people fighting Dragon with a mass of rexes, to people only bringing one or two rexes in and riding around on deer shooting the Dragon with shotgun/AR. Is brute forcing it via Rexes still the way to go since you can no longer get Dragon stuck? Or should we make some MC Assault Rifles/Pump Shotguns and shoot at the rex from afar? Should we even bother bringing the Yuty in?
  17. If a different tribe is at Green Ob (Ragnarok) and another tribe is at Blue (Rag) and they both start the boss, will one tribe get instantly killed?
  18. My tribe has recently finished Gamma Broodmother after getting our rex line started. We're farming easy broodmother with 13 25k hp 500-600% melee rexes and one 260 yuty. We've been doing brood with two riders but can have up to four for Mega. How should we approach Gamma Megapithecus? Is it mostly straightforward tank n spank like Brood?
  19. Hi. My friend and I (same tribe) has been completing the Ragnarok boss arena 3 times on easy difficulty. - The first time, we didn't get any element at all. (Some guy managed to sneak into the obelisk, after we started the transfer countdown to the arena. He was not in our tribe and not in an alliance with us. We suspekt that he might somehow have got the element, even tho we killed the bosses and he was just watching naked from a safe spot. Long story short: We didn't get any element the first time) - Second and third time; we completed it again on easy difficulty, but only got 40 element from the dragon + the trophy both times. The manticore did NOT give any element as it is supposed to do, we didn't even get the trophy from it. We have checked all our inventories on dinos and ourself, and also checked the dead bodies from the bosses. No element to be found. We are wondering why we aren't getting any element from the Manticore? We put in a lot of work to progress in the game and take a big risk losing it all in the boss arena, just to being let down on our reward. Are you aware of this problem and are working on a solution? - We also feel like it's a bit broken that someone who is not in the tribe or in an alliance with the tribe, who is opening up to the boss arena, is able to join in on the boss fight and possibly "steal" the element. Even if he is not getting the element, it's still bad that he can join the arena at the same time, which could lead to possibly griefing of a boss fight. - Is it supposed to be like that? Side note: - Server is: EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok42 - We enter the arena from the Green obelisk We need some help and answers! Thanks in advance. :-)
  20. Idk if I’m getting upset for no reason or if I’m a complete idiot. I used to be on ps4 a few months ago and for boss fights our rexes were the same hatch as Xbox but the entire alliance would only pump rex health to 25k tips would be 30k then just unloaded melee. This was good enough to beat the dragon with the trap method. Then when you could trap the dragon took hp away and not a percentage. Now that the dragon takes 20% regardless of your health shouldn’t you still only level to 25k or so and pump melee? I’ve traded 3 different trusted traders for a full grown boss rex and they all have 35-55k health ranging from 491-550 melee. Is this right? Our trek rexes would start at 50khp but these guys are still using them as boss with no melee
  21. 1) The island versions of bosses aren’t summoning to Rag (Works according to PC players using long spawn code) This is the only one that works but it's gamma: admincheat summon SpiderL_Character_BP_C. This does nothing: admincheat summon SpiderL_Character_BP_Hard_C. Neither does this or any version of it: Gorilla_Character_BP_C 2) Rag hard bosses do not unlock all the TEK engrams. They only unlock these engrams. IMAGE
  22. Has anyone noticed that Manticore's speed is abnormally faster than usual and movements are much more spastic than normal? We had 19 fliers and a yuty tonight and lost to a fight that we normally win because the boss was much faster than normal and had very spastic, random movements that include flying to the ceiling and back down. Also the boss never landed once other than twice where it started the landing sequence but aborted immediately and went back to flight. We have multiple kills already with argentavis and a yuty but this was VERY different. All Argy had atleast 12k hp and 600% dmg. Normally the argy can keep up with manticore easily but this time it feels like it was at a minimum 20-30% faster. If WC makes changed to a boss dynamic and code it should be noted in the patch notes. I am getting really sick of no consistency. Also, if you look at my achievements this has been done on my alt account as I just recently moved this one to SE since my main server has been tame capped. EDIT: I forgot to mention not a single argy got knocked out from tranq or killed. The fight was lost with ~5 percent health left on manticore with no losses.
  23. Ragnarok - Megapithecus: Beta!

    Hi guys, I know that this topic is a little annoying to who know who defeat it but... I am preparing my army to go there. How is your setup that you guys are using to defeat this boss? 19 Rex and 1 Yuti? or 19 rex and 1 daeodon? And the stats leveled of rex's, 30k hp - 450% melee is ok? Thanks guys, have a nice week!
  24. Hello, Manticore does not spend much time on the ground in case if a common group is therizinosaurus. With T.Rex its all ok. Please check on the video: https://youtu.be/tyRXp7XHIOw We lost all our group not counting my stupid death, we just did not have enough time for touch her. We regularly defeat her, but only in the case with T.Rex.
  25. Ragnarok spino spawns

    For going to medium /hard boss fight you need 10/25 spino sails from ragnarock cant transfer those from island or center. They have allot of spawn points but so many dinos on those spawn points and you have to kill evrything around to get just one. Can something be done about this ?