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Found 140 results

  1. EgorToday at 01:44 I was going to the boss. Brought my legion 17Rexs and yutti to beacon, submitted required items and count down bgan. I was standing by my yutti, near the beacon. When count down counted to zero, I received the message (18 messags) on white background: "You Rex was killed...." 18 times. And found myself standing still next to the same beacon. I submitted support request, but... if you had chance to deal with ark support you will understand me. Is there such s thing as "Server Admin" on official servers? If yes - how do I communicate with them? Is there any hope that support or admin will restore bugged dinos? Please understand me proprly, it is second legion of rexs I lost, and it take way to many efforts to create legions for solo player. Two sleeples weeks... For each legion. And it end up with buggy message "all you rexs was killed by ark bug".
  2. hixx

    Question about bosses

    So, me and my friends want to do ragnarok on hard mode, but it requires lvl 90, my question is: do we all need to be lvl 90 or do we just need one of our guys to be lvl 90?. Thanks
  3. I do TheIsland bosses spider and monkey on official US PVE server. My questions only related to this kind of servers and those two bosses. 1 Is it safe doing bosses now in term of software bugs? 2 Is it advised not to do bosses now until special notice? 3 Is there special alert issued (that I miss) that saying "dont do bosses now as it is heavily bugged"? 4 Any known bossing fixes coming out anytime soon?
  4. Jomo2210

    Therizino boss babies

    Hi all. I finally got my boss Rex stats up to where I want em. 13.5k hp 480 melee Now it’s time to go on to popping some therzis. My question is: What are good hatch stats for a boss therzi. Thank you in advance.
  5. Roderick

    Alpha Dragon Suggestions

    Hi. could anyone please suggest me good detailed setups that work against alpha dragon? I really need to get the teleporter but from what i've been trying on test servers all my attempts have failed due to adds doing a lot of damage to armor mostly Could anyone give me some suggestions as to how I can defeat him? Including dino and gear stats if possible?
  6. RipRavage

    Base Spino Stats for Boss Fight

    I was just curious as to what the pre imprinting stats most of you had on your spinos for taking on the gamma aberration boss. I have 4700 HP and 340 Melee on my spinos. I have tamed 15 level 135-150 and not a single one has had more than 5000 HP after taming. The last one I tamed had 4200 HP and after gaining 55 levels through Mutton taming it somehow only ended up with 4700 HP. This grind for a decent HP spino is killing me. So what do your boss spinos look like?
  7. Jomo2210

    Boss fight questions.

    Hi all. I know this has been addressed again and again and again, but I can never really find a true answer due to latest updates and the fact that most posts are over a year old. The topic at hand is this, are the boss fights now doable within reason on official. I have the normal 18 rex, 1 yuty, 1 piggy. Rex stats: (all of them) 30k hp. 600+ melee. 75 armor imprint: 81% I feel like this is enough for most boss fights. But I gotta admit I’ve been too chicken to go in and lose everything. I know the dragon is super op, but latest tlc patch said fire impact damage was reduced by 50%. I mean you still lose 20% health regardless to the burn damage. But does that really make a difference? TLDR: Based on stats Is this enough for: alpha brood? alpha ape? alpha dragon? Thank you for any help
  8. Dibdab

    Rockwell Disconnect

    Hi, there is an issue that I noticed was under "Ark-Aberration-bug reports- xbox" as "Boss Fight" that I have commented on but noticed did not appear in this directory (as far as I could see). Just want to highlight the issue and make sure it gets put in the right catagories so as to be seen and fixed. The issue is that when entering the Rockwell bossfight on aberration, there is a high likely hood of roughly half the party (4-5 people) disconnecting upon entry, leaving them extremely vulnerable and often resulting in them dying and if the others are not strong enough, the loss of all players and tames.
  9. OfficerGrizz

    Spinos vs bosses.

    So i am curious how many ppl have tried the spinos in the boss arenas since the update. I was thinking of bringing my spinos down to the broodmother on alpha with roughly 25k health and 600 melee with imprints. 10 riders with 10 extra, Thoughts?
  10. So I've played ark a lot and I learned I prefer single player but I get impatient and end up turning on cheats and running around with a level 1,000,000 Yutyrannus. What have other people found to be the best single player settings? Including Imprinting too because I want to delve into mutations, I work 8 hours during the week and go to school as well, I just play to relax and have fun but I still want to breed and take on bosses but I don't have days to devote to just this game. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  11. KyrosLakiel

    Boss Arena Creatures

    I have heard tell from some players that you can take wyverns into the boss arenas on ragnarok, but looking it up, is it just the manticore/dragon arena for them? or any flyers?, and i was wondering on the opinions of my group for boss fights, 3 packs of allos so 9 allos total, 4 rexes, 2 daeodons, and if wyverns can be utilized in at least the one arena then 2 lightning and 2 fire wyverns and a yutyrannus. Otherwise, in the other arenas, i would use 4 packs of allos, 12 total allos, 4 rexes, 2 daeodons, 1 yutyrannus and either a thylacoleo or equus. So what do you think? i would love some feedback, on the creature choices and some confirmation on the wyvern info.
  12. Hey so I've tried to see if there were any other posts about this, but I just got done doing a Tek Cave run, and most of my dinos didn't get teleported to the boss arena after the cave portion. We brought 11 thylacoleos, 1 rex, a jerboa mother (from a mod), and a yutyrannus. Only the rex, jerboa mother, and yutyrannus got teleported to the spaceship after the cave portion. Luckily we were still able to beat the boss (just extremely slowly), but at the end of it all, it only teleported the dinos in the boss arena back out to the entrance of the cave. TLDR - Some of my dinos got left inside of the tek cave, and didnt get teleported out afterwards (and the tribe manager hasnt said that theyve died). Would going back into the cave kill my thylacoleos that got left inside? Is this a known bug where thylacoleos are not teleporting into the boss arena? Anyone have a clue? I'm scared to try to go back in to get them because of the chance that it kills them while regenerating the cave. (this also happens with boss arenas if you get stuck down there and someone starts up a new boss) Thanks! Edit: Before anyone mentions it, yes they were all gathered around the teleporter and inside of the "bubble" it makes when counting down to teleport
  13. What did you guys do this week in ark for your community!? I always love hearing the good deeds that people have done to benefit a server in a positive manner it truely inspires me! i set up 3 Rockwell runs for everyone in the community to attend free of charge and on separate times and days to help fit everyone in. I have never seen a community come together and talk freely about the game and joke around it was a huge success! tell me about your stories I want to be inspired to do another something for the community!
  14. Tebi1402

    Hi everyone!

    Hi brother, i am introducing my self, i am an old player on console, i play ark since day one in ps4, but i have never look on the forum, i almost talk on facebook communitties... i play on PVE OFFICIAL PS4, and we have finished all bosses except tek cave and Rockwell. we are preparing to do it... if anyone have done in officials pls talk to me about the strategy that i can use... thank you by your help. we play on 5 maps, the island 42, scorched 27, ragnarok 375, the center 464 and aberration 625. TRIBE: DOTHRAKIS if anyone know us tell me on replys. We dont have problem with anyone ps: i am from argentina, and my english is not the best, so, sorry about my english
  15. chingchangwe


    When will the center bosses be fixed? Its ridiculous for an offlicial map to be so unpolished for a released game, no excuses. Plug the pearl under the map exploit as well. The monkey still hits you off the tame and you get next to no element compared to other maps.
  16. Hi, I was wondering how to go about changing the tribute requirements within the game.ini I am assuming that it is treated as a loot crate, like the beacons, drops and dinos but am unable to find the BP/Engram name to modify. I want to change this to modify the requirements to access the Ragnarok Boss.. IE less artifacts required for the easy variant, as it does make it difficult for some of the smaller/less experienced tribes on my server from entering to tek, and the amount it rewards doesn't seem worth the amount of time to collect, when comparing to the hard for example. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  17. I just killed Rockwell (beta). Doing the invisible rock drake method and guess what I lost everything after the cinematic and I don’t mean I lose my inventory no ofc not WC does it again I lost my single player character. I been on singleplayer since what happen to the legacy servers, I playi with my kid in the different maps ofc we play with multiplayer but still we tame breed farm etc and today after killing Rockwell all is gone I don’t know where my character is.did I ascend? Well DILO, my character is just gone I can’t download it and it send me to the make a new character menu. So please anyone has the same issue? Or the idea is that in singleplayer u kill Rockwell and then u lose ur character ? So the tek saddle, bed and Raül Gunn is only for multiplayer?
  18. jpcab

    Manticore Boss and TRex

    Is it true? Rexes are useless to do this boss on SE?
  19. DragonGrimoire

    Possible dossier bug

    I am in a singleplayer world gathering all dossiers for the achievements, killed the island bosses, manticore, and rockwell, went to the overseer and killed it, skipped the credits and when the world reloaded I could not access the boss dossiers, I do have the achievements tho. Did I do something wrong? P.S. Respawning and killing the bosses doesn't work, they were spawned in the first time
  20. I was just curious if anybody had any idea if it was possible to allow any of the island boss arenas to be summoned at all three of the obelisks or at beacons in single player just like it is on servers. Its really a pain to move dinos to every different obelisk to fight the different bosses. I know I can just upload them, but downloading them is risky and half the time they vanish when I try to re-download them. Is there a gamesetting command line I can enter to change this to match servers?
  21. Owl123

    Boss Fight Yuty

    Was wondering what to hope for in taming a yuty what stat is necessary for boss fighting, and post tame what should i pump into them.
  22. Owl123

    Yuti Boss Stats

    What high stats should i be looking for in a boss yuti? I know that melee shouldnt play a part because they dont attack. And after tame what should i pump?
  23. McNasty

    prim+ The Island Bosses on P+

    Good Afternoon fellow Chicken Chasers, SO I am on an official server for Primitive Plus and we are looking to stomp on these bosses. Our first attempt I will describe below as me and 2 tribemates and 2 Ally-mates went to do. We tried the Lvl 30 BroodMother with: 1 Lvl 270 Rex (30k HP and 500% Melee with MC Saddle) 3 LVL 273 Allos (All around 15k HP and 600% Melee and ASC Saddles) and a Lvl 280 Daeodon (20k HP and 45K food and ASC Saddle) First issue is that 2 of us took like 2 minutes to spawn in and so we were unconscious when we spawned (Spider Torpor) and the second issue was that every single minion (spider) was lvl 500...Is that normal for Lvl 30 recommended Ark boss? I watched a video of a non P+ do it and they were lvl 70? Is this simply a glitch? Or are they much harder on P+. ANOTHER ISSUE, there were no Boss Portals and such at any Obelisk. We had to wait for a drop next to our base. Thanks!
  24. adrianewbu

    Argentavis in Ragnarok Arena??

    So I know you can bring up to 20 dinos into Ragnarok arena, but is it possible to bring argys? I read on the ark wiki for ragnarok arena and it says “Argentavis” and then “compatiple: Yes/No” And I’m not sure what they mean by that.
  25. 3 man monkey boss for fun. Like & sub!