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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys I've heard it's not safe to do boss battles right now cause of some glitch giving them a buff making easy hard on official ps4 is this true were geared up and ready when we heard this
  2. Shoulder Pet Left in Boss Battle

    Just attempted to take on the medium Broodmother with some friends. I forgot that I had my vulture on me when I started the battle and we wound up losing the fight. It hasn't said that the vulture has died yet. Is there anyway to get it back? If not, how long will it take to be removed from my tame cap?
  3. pve RAG PvE 20Slot *NO FLY*

    =ABOUT US= (please read everything) Looking for friends! We are casual, laid back. Hang out on Discord with us. Join us for group activities, community events, and competitions! New and Vet players welcome. Active admins and friendly/helpful players. Join our tribe or start your own. We are a growing, password-protected, private server. We do NOT wipe. Server is approx. 2 months old. We're also considering a cluster for Aberration when it comes out. =SERVER INFO= Server Name: Raptorok? I hardly know her! Server IP: Mod List: -Workshop Collection: (subscribe to all) Reusable Plus, Advanced Rafts (with Decor), Structures Plus (S+), Castles Keeps and Forts: Medieval Architecture, Egg-N-Poop Collector, Medieval Props, Stairs with Round Walls, Death Helper, Pet Finder, eco’s RP Décor, eco’s Garden Décor eco's Trees Rates: *Taming: 1.5x *XP: 1x *Harvesting: 1.5x *Hatch/Maturation: 6x *Mating Interval: 2x *Wild dinos/Alphas damage increase: 1.5x Taming/Harvesting increase to 2x during weekend Evolution Events Server notes: temporarily disabled fliers until bosses are killed (we are getting close now); will unlock certain fliers based on certain boss tiers Discord for Voice Comms (required) -This is how we pass all our server information including server rules, restarts, or changes as well as interface with each other while running through caves. If you're interested, add me (STEAM: MachineGunMissy) to friend and send me a message:)
  4. What's up guys. Today we take on the Broodmother on the GE Vanilla S3 server! Also we do a quick run through the Chiten Cave! Check it out! Let me know if you like the video!
  5. Boss fight glitch

    We have just completed a hard dragon battle on my official server. Issue is that upon the dragons death, Its' body floated away and it didn't leave a bag behind. We were unable to "loot" its' dead body that had all of the element as the dragon peacefully ascended to dragon heaven. Although I'm fairly certain Wildcard is not going to give us the 300 element that we deserve, at least look into this issue. Thanks for your time.
  6. Anyone willing to take me on a Hard Broodmother run? Hi, I'm looking for a tribe who is willing to take me on a Hard Broodmother run so I can get the Engram for the Tek Helmet. Please advise what I can offer in trade for this. Thanks
  7. I love to hear other peoples speculations on what the boss could be, here is my theory based on information from the dev Kits I think it will be a particle form that changes shape based on the damage taken and perhaps the difficulty of the boss you have selected as mentioned in the recent Video with Jat. I think it will morph into increasing harder particle creatures before finally revealing the form of the aliens that are holding us in the space stations - As theorised by Helena. What do you guys think?
  8. manticore with elements?

    after watching the preview of what's to come, I have a few questions: is manticore going to drop elements so people can use tek tier in SE? there's no evidence suggesting the broodmother has elements on her body. does it mean we get it automatically (like rex bone helm skin) or we have to fight each other to loot her body? please release details of the new cave asap so we can shift our bases can the tek replicator create items craftable only by fabricators/smithy? does it sense containers around it (as promised) and allows us to craft using items in containers in range (as promised)? great job on the 500 storage space we're gonna spam this everywhere as the new vault does the transmitter hold items beyond 24 hours? how is the transmitter powered? there's no element in there but it could be activated. can the transmitter work underwater? I saw human hair can be harvested. nice. there's no evidence suggesting sheep meat or how good is that if our tribe mate doesn't know the engram for rex tek saddle, and our rex is equipped with it, does it mean he can't even ride that rex? will it drain any element present in his inventory? can tek rifle be equipped with stuff like silencer? can you dye tek rifle? there is durability for all tek gears lol so it's not really unlimited pewpew. you gotta change to a new gun when it breaks that's all for now :3
  9. The War of Ultimate Life Forms

    They where the battlebears, ten strong fearless dire bears hand raised from birth for loyalty and fighting spirit. None could question their courage, their valor, nor their strength as they strode forth from the fortress they had been raised and trained in. Meia, Tyra, Destin, Rico, Magnilda, Talia, Amari, Bjarke, Drejan, and Chanda where their names, brothers and sisters all they where the results of generations of breeding, and each one had been trained for the coming battle. Each one knew they would likely die against the so called Ultimate Lifeforms. But each one lusted for the chance to prove their worth, to prove their strength by shedding blood and fur of those creatures, of feeling the crunch of spiders legs between their jaws. So it was on January 8th of the year 2017 that these ten battlebrothers and battlesisters marched forward to the dark obelisk glowing with eerie blue light. As they gathered around its base and looked upon the lands that they had been born into, the redwoods far to the south, the jungles to the west, the entire country of islands called The Center, it all caused them to smile softly. The dire bears where not alone, their trainers and keepers where coming with them, five brave humans who'd dared to tame the ancestors of these battlebears, and had worked closely even lovingly with the bears. Kalo, Takri, Katt, Tari, Valencia. These five humans bore rocket launcher upon shoulder easily, mastercrafted pistols at their hip and mastercrafted armor shone spectacularly in the morning light as they began to place each artifact reverently upon the obelisks console. A belt of sixty grenades hung from each of these humans shoulder as they all went to face their destiny. When their vision cleared they found themselves standing among cherry blossoms and oriental architecture. This was a stark contrast from the fortress they had called home, but none of them let it phase them. They marched through the streets of these strange lands until they saw them. The Broodmother and the Megapithicus both. The humans where quick to shoulder their rocket launchers, sending a wave of explosive death screaming towards the giants. Remembering their training, the battlebears let out a roar in unison and charged forth with fury in their eyes. Putting themselves between the giants and their children and the humans while the humans reloaded and pulled their pistols. Such was the fury of the clash that Yetis where thrown into the air like discarded ragdolls tossed by an angry child, that chitin crunched and spiders splurged their innards out like soft balloons stamped upon by a large beast. With every swipe of their paws, with every snap of their jaws, the yetis and spiders fell. The battlebears seemed unstoppable even outnumbered as they where until... they hit the megapithicus himself. The big gorilla thumped his fists against his own chest in challenge, letting loose a deafening roar as the bears moved in. Bullets streaked above their heads leaving craters and pockmarks in the Megapithicus flesh, but doing little real harm to him. The bears lurched forward, and two Amari and Chanda tried to pin down the megapithicus by going for his legs. The fury of their paws and snapping of their jaws tore chunks from the megapithicus injuring him badly. In retaliation he slammed his giant fists down on the two, catching their skulls and crushing them against the flagstone beneath. Neither Amari nor Chanda where able to climb back to their paws from the blow, their blood and life forever bashed from their bodies. There was no time to mourn the passing of the first to fall. Drejan and Bjarke took advantage of the opening and went for the megapithicus's throat, the bears savagely tearing the megapithicus flesh with paw and claw while their teeth snapped shut and jaw locked onto the flesh of the giant gorilla. Talia too rushed in to join the fray, but she went for a region much further south on the great beast. The Megapithicus let out a groan of intense pain as his groin caught the brunt of Talia's fury, a savage swipe quite possibly mauling and removing the creatures will to live. Still he was not without fight yet, as he reached towards his neck and pulled the battlebears from his neck. Drejan was sent hurtling with the motion, tumbling end for end as she went over the cliff to be impaled on a tree below. Bjarke was crushed in the creatures grip, letting out a final defiant roar as the life was squeezed from the mighty bear. Four of the battlebears had fallen, and yet the megapithicus still stood. But he was bloody and wounded as the final round that would end his life, a rocket propelled grenade sailed in and exploded against the back of his head. He lurched under the explosion and collapsed, stunned as his head rang from the blow. But it was all the remaining six battlebears needed to finish him their paws swiping and tearing at his flesh until he would twitch no more. The Broodmother had been hanging back, sending her children forth to do battle while she paced her eight chitinous legs back and forth to see what would become of her fellow ultimate life form. Seeing him finally fall, she chittered loudly. It sounded like she was laughing! Oh how confident she was seeing that four of the battlebears had fallen to that stupid thug of an ape, surely they would be no match for her and her children. Striding forward rapidly strutting her eight legs along the flagstone street she came upon the bears and lunged with fangs full of poison for them. Surely they would all die to such potent venom easily. But lo, the dire bears had a natural strength to such poisons. Their thick hides and layers of fat upon muscle would absorb the venom and hardly feel the affects of it. To the dismay of Lysrix she found that her venom was doing little to the bears and she had put herself at such risk by coming to grips with them. She found five of her legs caught in the strong jaws of of the bears and pulled taut, while the sixth, Rico would swipe his paws and break off the legs one by one. Screeching in pain she called her entire brood forth to fight the bears and try to save her, but alas the Araneos where no match for the battlebears once more. Her attempts to win the war failed utterly, and even as the realization dawned on her that these bears where far more formidable an opponent then she had thought, Ricos paw swiped in and ripped a furrow through her carapace on her head that left her completely blind on one side, spurting ichor in a fountain. Destin then found his way beneath the shambles of her carapace, and with a mighty thrust of his clawed paw, dug the lungs out of the giant spider. She suffocated slowly as Tyra and Talia tore her remaining appendages apart themselves. The battlebears and humans had triumphed, hoisting flags and battered heads of the ultimate lifeforms as trophies they returned home. To clean their wounds, and to remember the fallen. Engraving the names Amari, Bjarke, Chanda, and Drejan upon stone, they vowed to forever remember the loss of these brave bears, to remember them as heroes. (TL;DR: Won the boss battle arena on the Center Map and decided to spin it into an epic story.)
  10. Join Kortniechan in the brutal and exciting world of Ark Survival Evolved on the famous POOPTOPIA ARK SERVER!! In this episode We celebrate the last day on the center map. And we go out with a bang!Let's learn all about what it takes to survive in this harsh world and have a lot of fun along the way!If you like the video show some support - Smash that thumbs up button! and remember to Subscribe for more Epic Adventure!!Youtube: Tv: