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  1. Come join Ark One! Slightly boosted PVP server and only 1 (defensive) Admin. Currently on The Island. There are no rules! Just have fun! You can find the server here: Unofficial PC Sessions>The Island>PVP>Ark One.
  2. Hey guys/girls looking for a decent long term server that's not toxic? come join us!! We are looking for some decent players to fill the server! details are listed below Search us on unofficial PC sessions (PS4) server name below Server Name: Valkyrie Gaming x5 Ragnarok Boosted X5 Always Up To Date Small Tribes Offline Raid Protection is enabled West Coast based server (Seattle) 24/7 Uptime Come Join our small community
  3. SERVER TITLE "20x EVENTS/BOOSTEDDROPS/ALLENGRAMS/INSTATAMES/Super Asians Fighting Force" Unofficial PC Dedicated Server (Just type Asians in the search bar and it'll show up) Running 24/7. FEATURES Loot quality of supply drops and fishing multiplied by 100 Harvest amount 20x Player level stats/Dinos are 5x Instant Taming All Engrams currently have no prereqs to learn them (TEK is not included however we are willing to host boss fights to learn them) Free admin drops (Just ask! but not too much) No waits in between mating (Just keep on making eggs!) Events and Admin run community buildings! (We'll make a church where all your prayers will be answered!) Admins currently: Owner: Sneakninja Co-owners: ilovethepie250, contemplatelife, grim51200. (We don't raid as we consider it unfair. We are also looking for more staff members as the population grows!) EXTRA INFO You may message us on PSN if you want our attention and join our community "24hrAllBoosted" or "Super Asians Fighting Force" (Both are managed by us) to keep up on our server and events! In terms of handouts we ask that you don't request us too often, as we are also playing on the server like regular people and don't expect to have super OP dinos or items as the server is already 20x harvest boosted. All we ask is that you be respectful and patient and we'll do the same back! Our Timezone is U.S EST so don't expect us to be on 24/7 when the server is running. (We are human too! We need sleep and we also have jobs!) We plan on working on this server long-term but we need more players to make this a worthy investment, our top priority is your entertainment and make sure you have a good time!
  4. We are looking for people to populate our servers. We have super laid back admins. Center map PVE boosted Currently only 4 people play on this server. Dino levels up to 500. Strictly PVE! We do events and are in the process of building a community center with a shop. aberration PVP boosted -dino levels up to 300. 4 people play on here. No rules. Strictly brutal PVP. Dont whine if you get wiped. Rebuild and get revenge. Admins are here just to monitor and run events/the shop. We do not replace lost tames.
  5. Hi Everyone! Dedicated 24/7 server housed in it's own unit, hooked up to 350MBPS down and 20MB up internet. SERVER NAME: 247FairBoost (we have an actual copycat server currently running on the center.. THIS IS NOT US, Sad I know..) THE HOST NAME: TheMrHost MAP: Ragnarok NO-PVP COMMUNITY ZONE - there is a spot on the map at 80-60 (desert outskirts) that covers 4 map blocks that is reserved for building 1 house per person to represent themselves on the server, all doors and chests must be open to prevent no pvp hoarding. PVP&PVE COMBAT ARENAS - Just built an elaborate obstacled combat arena for PVP and PVE challenges for rewards. NO 6X CAVE BUILDING DAMAGE - IT'S REGULAR DAMAGE There are regular events and a friendly (but PVP) community (Join our community page when you add TheMrHost) PLEASE NOTE --- NO "HUMAN" NAME OR IT WILL BE CHANGED TO SOMETHING NASTY LOL. due to previous bad experiences with kids kicking off if the server ever crashed at 4am.. please note that as everyone should be aware by now, ark can and will crash at random times and everything that can be done to prevent crashes has been done and should it go down I am easily reachable anywhere by sending a PSN message. Thanks and hope to see you soon!
  6. Hi Im Th3shuff13b0t454, but you may call me B0t. I rent a gportal server for ark on ps4. i have 10 slots on Ragnark now but i am willing to go up to twenty now and maybe more later when i have the avaliabe funds. i would like to have 10 slots on ragnarok and 10 slots on aberration. I am willing to negotiate on server settings and i am going to do a server wipe and start new. i work 10+ hours a day so I really only get to play after 5pm eastern time, and I usually go to bed around 10 or 11pm. Weekends are a hit and miss but I love ark and try to play and much and I can. I have a headset for the ps4, so if you have one that would be a plus. 21 and over please, I don't descriminate but I have my own kids to deal with. Lets start a conversation and see how many of you would like to game on a reliable server. B0t signing out. P.s. My Ps4 tag is the same as my username.
  8. New PS4 server, Started early this week. No admins, so no abuse. Long server rent. Clustered with a center server and depending on population also an Aberation server. It has Offline raid prevention that kicks in after 20 minutes. The long log off time is to stop people logging off mid raid. There is purge weekends every second weekend where ORP will be turned off for 48 hours. This is too allow all those raids you want to do but cant. No Alpha tribe as of posting. Highest Survivor Level is 152 and highest wild Dino level is 240. It has Tek drops with element. No Tek structures in drops so spam of Tek. Still a grind but a much more pleasant grind. Server Name search for unofficial PC sessions. (Both Center and Ragnarok maps have same name) [Viking][ENG]20x Bosted & Tek Drops [No Admin] Ragnarok and Center No Alpha's at time of posting. Max Survivor level is 152 Max wild dino level is 240 Game difficulty is set to 5x Increased Dino spawn but 10% to give you the edge of finding your favorite dino. Increased Resource re spawn as well as resouces will regrow back closer to bases, to allow for more a resource rich server. Taming is 20x Harvest is 20x Egg incubation and maturation is at 20x We have offline raid protection to allow a full night sleep for every player (lol) We have structure decay to remove old bases We have purge weekends with removal of offline raid protection for 48 hours Zero admin abuse
  9. Server:zukiepvp Zero tolerance for trolls/mass breeding Ragnarok& Center cluster Owners gt:zukie immortal 15x gather Level 900 Dino's Fresh wipe on June 22 Center is 1 day old Rhino horns is currency Currently no alpha
  10. Semi-Boosted Ragnarock 24/7 Welcome To Your New Home! Server Name: NYCArkServer Admins: Adamastity Blondjewboy (server owner) The Magician XI (me) Rates*: 2x Pickup 3x EXP 5x Taming Player Stats: (per point invested) Health: +25 Stamina: +20 Oxygen: +200 Food: +100 Water: +100 Weight: +400 Melee: +10 Movement Speed: +3 Fortitude: +12 We Are playing on the map Ragnarock and invite you to come and join us! We started on June 18 but opened it up on the 20th. We don’t have admin privileges nor do we plan on using them (no fun). We plan for this server to go PvP when the player base gets up. As for know the server will just stay up until a healthy player base builds in which then we may speak of potentially restarting so all players get a fair chance and such. Thank You For Reading this and of any questions please message me ( The Magician XI ). I have the Xbox app and will reply ASAP!
  11. Grymmdjarr

    (FUN) Arcadia

    Hey there Survivor! Arcadia is a small PS4 server with over 15 members. We are looking for some more people to join us on our amazing adventure! What do we have to offer? Arcadia offers you with an amazing PS4 adventure where you can enjoy your favourite game the right way! We take away the stress of an overpowering mega-tribe that might ruin your progress with a small set of PvP rules. We offer you a fun seasonal based Purge Season event. This Purge happens every weekend, and outside of this Purge structure resistance is greatly increased, and turretdamage too, additionaly we turn extra cave damge off outside of Purge weekends to really demotivate people to partake in PvP-action. What else do you have that other Unofficials don't? We have our signature Resource Requirement Changes-Patch (RRC-Patch) that overhauls the vanilla Ark engramsystem with improved requirements to stimulate a new way of crafting, and to make players go out of the boring loop that Official forces you to take. What else? Addtionally, we will soon start to host events that will grant you fun items to customise your base or your dinosaurs. These rewards will however not contain items that will grant you PvP advantages. What are the settings and rates of Arcadia? Because I deeply value all of our players I have created a community Arcadia Discord-server where you can check out all our settings, ranging from the taming speed to the harvest amount and many more! Please come take a look as we believe you will not regret your decision! (https://discord.gg/SNBUbSS) Please note that we aren't able to take many more members, so be sure to take your spot before someone else does. Thank you so much for taking some of your precious time in reading this lengthy post. We appreciate your efforts on behalf of all Arcadians and we are looking forward to seeing you in the server.
  12. ••• 25x Taming ••• 25x Harvest ••• 25x XP ••• Map Migration: 06.04.2018,18:00 (CET) Map changed from TheIsland to TheCenter! Wiped: 12.02.2018,18:00 (CET) https://ark-servers.net/server/62826/ https://battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/506836 https://arkservers.net/server/pvp.arksanity.com:27015 Join Arksanity by clicking link below: steam://connect/pvp.arksanity.com:27015 Server Settings: Difficulty: 5 Player Max Level Vanilla Dino Max Level Vanilla 25x Harvest 25x Taming 25x XP 25x Hatching 25x Maturation 2x Loot Quality Increased Player/Dino Stats Player Map Location Enabled Structure Decay Enabled Admin Logging Enabled Third Person Enabled Crosshair Enabled Gamma Enabled All Engrams 100 Minutes Daytime 20 Minutes Nighttime 50% HP/DMG on Bosses 3x Element Drop from Bosses Tekgrams Auto-Unlock at lvl 100 4x Turret vs Dino DMG (weekday only) 10x Structure Resistance (weekday only) Server Mods http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1139266201 Server Rules http://arksanity.com/rules/ Server Settings http://arksanity.com/config/
  13. Looking for a nice Ragnarok PvP Server? Then look no farther, this server has everything you need. Very fast internet connection, Nice Admin, 24/7, Cross-Platform, we have it all! Just add LBTServer1, ill add you back and you can join anytime from the gamertag! Were just starting up and looking to populate. Hope we see you around!
  14. 50x - ULTRA DROPS/CLUSTER/SHOP/EVENTS 50x - ULTRA DROPS/CLUSTER/SHOP/EVENTS 50x - ULTRA DROPS/CLUSTER/SHOP/EVENTS Tired of the boring official grind? Have some fun for a change and join us on the best unofficial pc server cluster on PS4. Instant tame Modded drops Craftable Element 180 Max Level Dino Fun Events such as Arena fighting 1 vs 1 Tournaments, Royal Rumble or Last Man Standing, Drop Parties, "Paintball" Tournament, Tek ATV Races, Hide N Seek AND MORE !!! Ragnarok - Aberration - Island - Center - (More coming soon!) All stats are balanced and have been thoroughly tested. There is absolutely no admin abuse! Admins do not play on server and are only on to Police players for cheating/meshing, running shop, and doing events. Our server cluster has a shop you can buy things from for hard Polymer. All donations are strictly used to extend server lifespan and add maps / increase cap size. Join our PS4 Community page below for News & Annoucements & SHOP PRICES 50x ULTRA DROPS CLUSTER SHOP EVENTS Thank you for your time and I hope to see you guys on server soon!
  15. This is a low pop server with boosted gather, taming, breeding, and matureing. Also costum drops. If you want to join my party invite me to one. GM: ZOMBI SLAYER119 (Not my server)
  16. Lemonbeast2111

    pve Dawn of Mcjokery

    We’ve got a 3 map cluster- Dawn of McJokery - rag and ab which are pve and the island which is pvp 🙂 so you can play how you like. Everything is boosted x10 except harvesting and experience which is x5 🙂 x2(20) on the weeks for that extra push. Drops are boosted also. We do events every now and then. We have a community area which is free for anyone to use and stocked with everything you’ll need with optional starter packs 🙂 everyone is super friendly and chilled so I’m sure you’ll get on with them 🙂 so if you wanna build, breed, and trade we’re for you. Why not give it a try? Search Mcjokery in non pc session all maps and types and you should find us 🙂 some for our FB group 🙂
  17. NEW pc unoffical session ORP server 'Ark The way ORP should be - 15x'. 15x harvesting 12.5x breeding and incubation boosted weight to character and dinos boosted fortitude to players boosted XP gain longer days / nights tribe imprinting no ORP cheating (Admin will wipe and kick those who do) friendly community no admin abuse Facebook page account: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1715369945213437/ PS4 server chat: contact via PSN; trevorsanders, QueenieBeeez or RavenHawk06 for an add
  18. Hi everyone, just started a new nitrado cluster serber called "Beowulf Boosted" on xbox. The currently 2 server: island and aberration are heavily boosted, but equal. We will be adding another server, ragnarok, at the end of next month. If anyone has any questions or wants an invitation to join, just message me and I respond promptly. Lastly, there is a system in place to buy tames from an admin for metal ingots any time there is one on (quite frequently), if you are interested just ask I will give you a price list.
  19. Welcome To The ArkCentral US Server! Add And Message the Host To Join! Host Gt: ArkCentral US, If I don`t add you within 24 hours message me at my personal account: ARTIC STARFISH Host Internet: 93.79 Mbps Download, 6.31 Mbps Upload (Ethernet Connected) Server Stats: 10x XP 10x Taming 10x Gathering Player Stats: .3x Food & Water Drain 50 weight per lvl 20 health per lvl 10 fortitude per lvl General info: 1 admin and he plays legit We will have events when i decide we will have events
  20. Looking for a server with realistic rates to call home for the long term play of Ark? Wanting a close to official experience but with slightly boosted stats and rates? Then Governors Ark is the server for you! We here at Governors Ark offer a truly unique experience in the sense that all stats slightly resemble those of a official server but are boosted to fasten the grind of gathering resources, taming dinosaurs and in general having fun! We currently run a 20 slot Nitrado server on Ragnarok looking for players to help populate the server. In the future we wish to expand our slots and cluster with other maps such as Aberration. Our server is not for the weak, as all of our stats are 2x (unless specified) meaning you will succeed twice as fast then on a official server. We are looking for mature players interested in joining a community of players where they can build up, raid a little, go to boss fights and more. You will not be killed on sight, your dinos generally be safe from the harm of other players. We are building a community of players who enjoy working together to play while also having some PvP here and there. PvP is allowed but with common sense. No foundation wiping, killing every passive tame, etc.. You will never have to worry about admin abuse, as I myself play legit. You will never see me in admin, in the case admin is needed for a very specific reason I will log in on my alternate account to deal with the issue. Admin abuse is something we are trying to avoid, not create. We have already planned out future events including War of the Apes, Evolution Events, Loot Frenzy and more! Descriptions of each event can be found on our Discord. Should I mention that these events offer real life prizes? Stats Server Name: Governors Ark Map: Ragnarok 20 slots 2x Tame 2x Harvest 2x XP 2x all Player and Dino Stats 2x Egg Hatch and Maturation Discord: https://discord.gg/qdaGh2Z If you wish to join you can either join our Discord using the link above, message me at GovernorUnicorn on Xbox, join our Xbox Club at Governors Ark or by searching Governors Ark under the Unofficial PC Session Tab. I hope to see you all there!
  21. Hey guys, just started this server last week, been tweaking boost values. I am the only admin and ill mostly be on to do events. Ive already had my fill of the game on Official. The server is boosted and its pvp. Stats are boosted for players and dinos, infinite carry weight, 10x harvesting. I think 20x xp. Fast taming, breeding, boosted imprint quality etc. Im up for critiques for changes, but nothing big. Like i said its pvp, pretty much anything goes, just no exploiting bugs or blocking artifacts Server name: Asgard
  22. Join Apple of Eden A boosted PvP/PvE Ragnarok server with events such as raid bases, dino auctions, and more x25 harvest fast tame and breeding x100 weight and oxygen Starter packs just message I AM ZEREF or Patwitahat
  23. Hey everybody, Sepheroth815 here, got a new server you may want to check out. Very limited players and clans are even fewer. Server Name: Valkenheim abb clusterboosted with drops Basic Server info: This server takes place on Ragnarok, there’s very few people on and even fewer clans. If you want to enjoy Ark on a level you can enjoy without engaging with annoying PVP killings every 5 seconds and annoying noobs who cage you as soon as you spawn this server may be for you. Come by and grab a plot to set up your base in an area with the best resources. Main Goal: Our main goal is to enjoy the server as the developers intended, no mandatory server costs or bossy clans demanding you alliance or tribe up. Enjoy the server at your leisure at your own pace. Boosts: Our server is boosted, but without taking away from the need to work to survive. Weight, food, drink, and experience is boosted, but don’t let that fool you. If you make a wrong turn you’ll find yourself in the belly of a Rex real fast. Admins: There are 4 admins: SportyDuck, Kit159, Scott_Hess556, and Sepheroth815(Myself). We also want to enjoy the game as it was intended without dealing with day to day issues you see in most servers. But with that being said we are also not here to serve you(I.E. Force growing bred tames, spawning resources and spawning in items your able to get with a little hard work), so if that’s what your looking for this server isn’t for you. At the same time if you ever have an issue (even if we’re offline) feel free to PM anyone of us and we’ll be happy to help. (Also, every new member receives a starter kit given to them at our welcome center) Events: We do host events from time to time, they are optional, not required. Participate in these evens do win awesome prizes!!! Security and Laws(rules of the server): We as admins WILL NOT overstep our bounds when it comes to your privacy, bases or decisions when it comes to your experience. However, there will be no: Offline raiding Derogatory language used in threatening manor Declaring war on tribes or bases far beyond your tech or personal levels No caging other players No foundation wiping If any of these rules are disobeyed after 2 warnings (depending on severity), the full force of the law will descend upon you (we enjoy that part a little too much). But stick to the rules and play the game as it was intended. Join tribes, create your own, build your bases as big as possible, tame the untamable, or ride a gigantasaurus into battle the bosses and everybody can have fun. With that being said I hope to see you guys on the Ark. Sincerely, Sepheroth815
  24. Just recently started a pvp server on Ragnarok. We are a 5 man tribe looking for some legit pvp on the server. Boosted engram points. so can unlock all per level Increased harvesting. 4 x Boosted dino stats. 10 x taming speed. 40 x maturation. We have custom drops to make things easier. Not gaurenteed good loot. No rules at all. Anything goes. No admin. Any new tribes will get 4 weeks protection before pvp starts to give you a chance to build up and make this interesting. EDIT - Decided we will give new tribes a metal base in a box. Along with basic tools and weapons. Plus a argie to get started. Server name is Reapers PvP BoostedStats 10xTaming40xMating Custom DropsNO Rules NO ADMIN Message me if you like to find out more or simply join server and set up.