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Found 716 results

  1. Looking for a sever that is boosted, but players aren't a prehistoric superman? A server that is less than a week old, and needs populating? Well I have just the server for you! Stats: Taming x6 5 stone pickup Weight x10 Other stats slightly boosted on players and Dinos Reduced spoil time Reduced Hunger and dehydradion reduction Flyers in cave Drop stats increased (Not to much where everything is uncraftable) No orp Fair admins Very good connection (Brontos are allowed seeing that they wont cause server lag) GT: TugOnYou Join the server now and become Alpha!
  2. GT: Chaos Evolved69 and send a message saying add me Map:Ragnorak Details: Boosted player stats and boosted gather rate. Instant tame. Faster egg hatching and maturing. Events. Admins are friendly but no complaining, nobody want to hear you whine. No killing passive Dino's. Don't be an a**hole and no trolling. Have fun and do some friendly pvp. Admin tribe name is Chaos Ranch, do not mess with anything that has that tribe name and everything will be good. Offline damage is prevented. Add Facebook: Choas Evolved Server. For updates and events
  3. OG RMW's 24/7 PVP Paradise 6x Taming 6x Gather 6x Exp 6x Egg Hatch & Maturation Cave Flyer [ON] Offline Raid Protection [ON] Add "OG RMW" on XBL to join. Survive and Thrive
  4. Boosted pvpve 24/7 xbone server 24/7 pvpve Rag map boosted server looking to populate. my tribe will not take sides or participate in'll never be raided by an admin unless u attack first or break one of the few server rules. all other tribes are fair game to each other. i am very active . come join our community we would love to have you. tame-8.0 / harvest-3.0 /egg lay-0.01 / mature rate-8 / mate interval-0.2 / all xp-2x and dino/character weight is boosted./ this is not an instant everything server so dnt ask me to make it one. -Offline Raid Protection enabled -unlimited mindwipe active -platform structure slider set to 5.0 so you can build raft bases! -you can build turrets on platforms -you can clip structures into terrain -loot quality set to 2.0 trolls need not apply looking for people who want to build grow and play with/ compete with each other RULES: - -do not block artifact caves , i will wipe your structures if u do - do not harass new ppl unless the pick a fight with you first , let people try to get established -no trolling. if your idea of fun is just making someone else miserable this is not the server for you. there is a diff between pvp and trolling and u know it. add the server GT, it is AmazedJuggler51 . feel free to just join and check it out!
  5. High Speed Connection -Two Servers - [4 Months 24/7] - BOOSTED ONLINE 24/7 Ragnarok PvE (Offline Protection) & BOOSTED Xboxone! ONLINE 24/7 The Island PvE (Offline Protection) & BOOSTED Xboxone! Place White Flags & Put PvE in Tribe Name! If anyone messes around with our PVE players they get banned unless that person forgives them. (Save Screenshot Tribe Log) (Admins 24/7) Free Admission! (All Donations Help.) Free Hospitality! Free To Build and Relax! Server Competitions For Blueprints & Rex Skins Bring TWO Friends And Get Yourself PROTECTED! We want dedicated players to be part of our good server and awesome community! Currently we are new have 10+ players during the evenings and everyone is very helpful! Contact Admin -> HighlifeVIP for Invites to the server & club. If you DO NOT join club WILL NOT be accepted into the server! We have admins on around the clock. They always clean the server from old structures, dinowipes, stop cheaters, griefers, and keep the server in order & running smooth. They WILL NOT SPAWN YOU ANYTHING. If you ask to be an admin you will be removed from the server we don't have the time for little kids and annoying people. The host works all day and does the best he possibly can to maintain the server and keep it online so don't stress him out. The Host BOOSTED his internet service to support 50 people playing on weekends! Also got new equipment! (Netgear R7000) gaming router, new surfboard cable modem). He is serious about running a quality server so please enjoy our community and be cooperative! Contact for DONATIONS! We do the best here! RULES: Offline Protection Enabled, No PvE raiding using wild dinos (kiting), No greifing, No passive tame killing (record/capture proof), No crying, No blocking caves or resources, No Harassment, No over-use of doedic/anky/bronto etc creates lag, No asking to change server rates, No little kid BS be a man!, If you get wiped for no reason it will be looked into and you may be compensated because we want you to play on our server we're all having a good time. REMEMBER Ark is Cruel! BUT have some fun! Contact Admin: HighlifeVIP for info etc. Admins will not spawn anything lose due to crashes, glitches in the game, if you don't speak up before a dinowipe for any other reason you will lose a dino!! P.S. If you come looking for trouble or cause any problems you will be banned from the server and will not be allowed back. any type of glitch abuse or cheating will get you banned. if you know of a glitch that has not been blocked by the admins please tell us so we can block people from exploiting it. See you guys in there! If you guys like aquariums check me out on IG @Badass_Aquatics
  6. ❋ thearkserver117 Dedicated PvPvE Server ❋ Fresh Ragnarok map started 8/29/17 Server info: Hard wired through googlefiber. Download speed: average of 400+ Mbps Upload speed: average of 340+ Mbps Packet loss 0%, Latency 17ms, MTU 1480 ❋ Server Rules: ❋ The Rules: The rules are simple, have fun and help others have fun as well. So be appropriate and friendly, and no abuse/work arounds in chat with vulgar language. We want to create a server that is social. So, feel free to work together and fight together. Also, no mass harvesting. This could crash the server. So no bronto harvesting/saddles. If using a doedic proceed with caution. If you are lagging the server stop what you are doing to prevent a server crash. If you are a repeat offender of lagging the server then you may be considered for punishment up to a ban.(this is rare, but if you a purposefully lagging/crashing the server it will be considered) ❋ How to Join the Server: ❋ Joining the server is simple, just add the gamer tag, “thearkserver117” and join that gamer tag’s game to get into the server. I will respond to most messages sent to either of the two gamer tags listed bellow: Server host: thearkserver117 Server Admin(s): djquest01 Admin recruiting: I am currently recruiting a few admins to help run the server. If you are interested, please fill out and submit the application by clicking the link bellow. A few things to note, admin logging will be active on the server and there is zero tolerance for admin abuse, so no attacking players and only spawn items for public use. Also, only looking for mature players as admins. So please do not be offended if you aren't chosen to be an admin. Thanks! *I will consider select players to be admin to help run the server store, and server activities,. But there is zero tolerance for admin abuse. If you have any questions or concerns. Or suggestions for the server please let us know! ❋ We use the Discord app: ❋ To join us on the Discord app please download it then open the link listed bellow: *If you have any issues with the link please let us know. Discord Tips: -Feel free to create your own discord server for your tribe to more easily communicate. -You will most likely want to customize how you get notifications from discord. If you leave it on the default settings you will get notifications from every comment. Some people like that, but some don't. -Discord does have voice communication (like an Xbox party) please experiment and have fun with it. -Discord can be used on smart phones, tablets, and computers. So feel free to download it and use it wherever you'd like. If you have any questions or run into any issues let an admin know and we'd be more than happy to do our best to help. ❋ Offline raid prevention: ❋ Offline raid prevention will be active Monday 6:30am MST to Friday 6:30am MST. Meaning you will not be able to offline raid during the week. But on Friday, Saturday and Sunday you will be able to be raided while offline, so please prepare accordingly. Raiding rules are below: This is definitely still a PvP server. But there are some boundaries that must be kept to encourage a strong player base on the server. Rules: -Only raid those that are close to equal strength, let the noobs be noobs in peace. -Do not kill tames unnecessarily. We all work hard for our tames, there is not need to wipe all of them out, especially if they are on passive. -No offline raiding. (except on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) -No tribe wipes. (get in, get what you want, and leave everything else. ex: no dumping unpinned storage) To those raiding, if you break these rules and there is enough supporting evidence then you could be banned. To those being raided, remember this is a PvP server, so don’t complain unless rules are broken. So rebuild, work with other tribes, and fight back. If you are raided, and the raid rules were broken then we the admins will do our best to make things right and offer some form or compensation. (Proper evidence will need to be provided: screenshots, videos, witnesses, etc.) ❋ Server Store: ❋ The server’s currency is rex arms and the items and dinos for sale can be found on the google drive link listed bellow: *Any special requests or questions can be brought up in xbox messages or discord. Thank you. (Credit for the awesome spreadsheet goes to: YhormTheGiant) ❋ Server Activities: ❋ This will include activities to win money(Rex arms), rare items and dinos. Other prizes may be chosen as well. Depending on the competition or activity. *If you have suggestions for activities you would like to see in this server feel free to post them here or on the Discord activities section. ❋ Boosted Server Rates: ❋ This server is boosted, however, it is boosted just enough to make things more fun and fast paced while still keeping the overall ark feeling. “Gaming should be fun, not tedious” *If you have any suggestions on boosted rate changes please message: I AM LUKY SE7EN If you are interested in a detailed overview of the server settings, feel free to see screenshots of the current server settings. *If you are having trouble opening the link please comment bellow. Thanks! See you on the server!!!
  7. Xbox one player dedicated server The Island. 24/7, pvp. 1st off it is worth noting the Island is the "only" map you can actually unlock all Tek Tier and enjoy all aspects of the ascension endgame and rewards. The Host plays but doesn't engage in raiding or attacking other players unless provoked. Admin's base will be surrounded by turrets so be advised to stay clear of their base if you wish to not be shot at. The server is slightly boosted for resources. This means resources will never run dry. Mature players are encouraged to join the server but it is not a requirement to be an adult over 18 to join. The Host simply likes to keep a peaceful server running with very limited conflict between players and tribes. The host does not expect everyone to get along but the host encourages players to respect each other. In regards to raiding, take what you want if you can. Raiding other players or tribes and killing their Dinos is allowed but not recommended unprovoked unless you wish to be hated by all other players and tribes on the server. Stealing and killing other players and/or other players Dinos without warranted reason is very much frowned upon. If your intent is to just randomly kill players and steal from them completely unwarranted this is "NOT" a server for you!!! Everyone frowns on purposely killing "passive" tames. Unless you want to be the most hated player on the server it's best to leave other peoples "passive" tames alone. You can build almost anywhere but please do not block off Artifact caves, obelisks, and rich resource areas. Please be advised, without warning, the Admin will demolish tribe structures too close to Artifact caves and obelisks if they think they prevent other players from accessing these places safely. This server is designed to cater to players and tribes who wish to play for long term but without having to spend hours and hours just to accomplish simple tasks or tame a Dino that would normally take ages to tame. Difficulty level set at max Crosshair, map location, and third person enabled XP multiplier set at 8 Harvest Amount and harvest health slightly boosted Player water and food drain set at .6 (made more realistic where you don't drink and eat 100 times more than you actually do in real life) Spoiling time set at 70 (consumables at least taking a full day to spoil) ask Admin for narcs if you are a new player, till you can let your meat spoil. The best way to deal with this is to place meat in creates and unstack them one at a time. Once you acquired one carnivorous Dino it becomes pretty easy to get spoiled meat if you stack their inventory up with it. The main reason for such long spoiling time is to deter trolls from being able to quickly tame high level Dinos within their 1st day of playing for the only purpose of reeking havoc on the server. As well as spoiling time set high the same thing has been done with fuel consumption. It takes longer to create charcoal. The reason for this is the same reason spoiling time has been set high. This deters random uninvited Trolls from being able to create too much gunpowder on their 1st day of playing for creating explosives and ammo for the sole purpose to reek havoc on the server. (note: An Industrial forge still makes charcoal at the same rate as it should normally) Diseases disabled Player and Dino weight has been slightly boosted player stamina has been slightly boosted as well as tamed Dinos player speed has been slightly boosted Dino Breeding has been boosted and imprinting improved Taming speed boosted to 8 Game settings will be adjusted over time to better balance the world. Suggestions on how to improve the server settings welcome. The Host is "ArkServer5438" send friend request to "Arkserver5438" in order to join (some time takes 24 hours to get a friends request back If you wish to instantly join just add the server as a friend and then instantly join game by joining game through your friends list). If you have questions send Arkserver5438 a message, will eventually reply back ASAP. looking for more tribes and players to join the server with plenty of prime real estate to take over on the map. Currently there is about over a dozen or so players on the server who play frequently, this is including the Admin. The server is a very peaceful and open place to almost completely fully explore without worry of trolls. But still advised to set up base defenses to hoard off trolls who may randomly visit the server which are very rare on the server. For a limited time the Admin will be placing random crates around the map filled full with Element and Blackpearls almost every day. Element and Blackpearls will become a form currency on the server where players and tribes can trade items and Dinos with each other. Every new player who joins the server will receive 150 stacks of Element to start them off "if" requested when the Admin is online. Admin is "willing" to help other players unlock their Tek engrams (This does not mean admin will do all the work for a player or tribe.) Admin will help players and tribes fight bosses in the boss arena and help them run through the ascension cave "when and if the Admin is free to help". Players and tribes must 1st farm their own artifacts and spawn items for the boss arena for Admin to help them. This includes Players and tribes to use their own Dinos, items, and armor. Starting 9/14/2017 Admin will be randomly spawning in up to 3 randomly level wild Griffins on the map after every weekly wild Dino wipe and/or server maintance for a limited time. If this new addition to the server works out well, other Dinos that do not naturally exist on the Island map could possibly be following in future changes to the server. For a limited time all new players who join will receive a startup kit. This includes Ascendant Tools: Metal Hatchet, Metal Pick, and Metal Sickle with backup blue prints. They will also receive one GPS, one Spy glass, an Ascendant Crossbow (with backup blueprint), and an Ascendant Pike (with backup blueprint). This start up kit also comes with 15 stacks of Narcotics. To receive this startup kit send the Host a message on xbox live or request for a startup kit when the Admin is present on the server.
  8. Hey all! My friends and I have a 50 slot PC hosted Ragnarok server on PS4 which is 24/7 PvP. We're looking for new and active players to help the server thrive. Server Name: The Syndicate PVP 10x Boosted Soon we will be giving new players a "starter kit" in which will contain metal tools, pike and some other goodies as well as a starting Argentavis! (I'll update post when the starter kit contents have been finalized) The server runs with boosted weight, this way you no longer have to worry about being over encumbered. Boosted harvesting to help build and assemble your base much faster than normal, it also helps you rebuild after being raided. Speaking of raiding there is a rule that we enforce and that is no full base wiping and no killing of passive tames. Just get in, get what you need and get out. We also have a market place set up for buying and trading of goods. As seen in the picture below, we have constructed our coliseum! We hope to gain some server activity as we will be giving out rewards such as; Deep Sea Crates, Blueprints, Tools, Weapons, High Level Dinos and Wyvern Eggs, Dino Coloring, Bulk Resource Bundles and plenty more. Server tribe "The Syndicate" and admin(s) are all friendly and willing to help out if and when needed. For those who decide to join our server and help populate it will then be rewarded for their time and effort and to keep up with server updates/changes please feel free to join our PlayStation Community called "The Syndicate Ark PvPvE" If you have any questions or are a fellow server owner who wishes to cluster servers, please message the server owner Oximodious via PSN for more details. Any other server details are listed in the picture attached. *SERVER RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE* I'll bump this post every so often to hopefully keep traffic coming to it.
  9. Server: Add "HawkServer2" TYPE- PvP ABOUT- OUR server is a pvp server on The island that is up 24/7. Our server has very quick Taming and XP is boosted. This server is a server that idolizes PvP and encourages it. The server has a active Admin that is on often. There are events every weekend that range from brawls to dino fights, scavenger hunts, etc. STATS- XP multiplier 1.65 Harvesting Amount 2.1 Mating Interval 1.0 *Crosshair enabled *Corpse Locator enabled *Tribe War enabled *Cave building allowed (3x damage) *Turrets on platform disabled RULES- - TRASH TALKING “IS” ALLOWED - BOTH ADMIN WON’T MESS WITH YOU UNLESS YOU MESS WITH THEM Add "D3VILDOG1025" if you have questions. We look forward to seeing you!
  10. 24/7 PvE Island Server. (downtime is subject to updates) We are looking for friendly, mature, serious members. People that enjoy the game, want to grow the community, and help others! If you plan on joining and leaving after 2 weeks don't bother, please look for another server. We enjoy building and taming and dino breeding. We may (at some point) go into a RP server and/or possibly switch maps. Mainly looking to grow the server as right now its only 2 month old. 21+ only You will need microphone for a voice party confirmation for those interested in joining. If you do not have a microphone, do not bother contacting me as you will not be allowed to join. No exceptions! Any friends joining you through their friends list without contacting me first, will be banned immediately, and will stay banned until contact has been made by the joining party, and have added the server GT to their friends list and vice versa. We believe in server security and want to make sure people know the rules when joining. Server settings: 3 x xp 6 x harvest 6 x taming 16 x hatching 16 x maturation Cave flyers allowed Flyer carry PvE allowed (subject to change if rule is abused) Overide Structure Platforms: Enabled (Turrets, and Plant X can be on platform saddles) Rules (so far): -No blocking off caves, resource spawns, or drops -No blocking off water ways with structures, boats, or dinos -No building in or around the volcano, or atop any of the moutains that have metal spawns. -No griefing (of any kind what so ever) -No foundation, pillar, or structure spamming (your mother doesnt work on the server, pick up after yourself and/or your tribe) -No stealing of any kind. -No spamming tribes with Tribe War challenge once they decline. -No dropping wild dinos into other tribes' bases. -No building on Herb Island or Dead (Carno) Island. Do not ask!! -Any racial slurs or racism be it character, tribe, dino name is unacceptable. Breaking any of the above rules will result in an instant ban, without warning. Events we are looking to have so far Dodo Football Tag Team or 1 v 1 fist fighting Many more events to come!!! We will have a barbershop(for the guys) and a salon (for the ladies) for the update with hair style/cutting. We also would like the community input about more events as well. Message me at GT: Metro Birdman I may not respond right away but i will get back with you as soon as i can.
  11. Basically a boosted official server. No rules, no admins low ping. Very low chance of lag. Add "Ark Server 177" and then join anytime that easy Any questions, just reply to this thread or send the hosting Xbox a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible Enjoy!
  12. Hey Everybody, So we have had this server up for a few weeks now on the Island but are still in need of some good players who are willing to stay and rebuild if raided. It's a 24H PVP server currently on The Island which will be changing as soon as the highly awaited DLC Ragnarok is released. The server is boosted but fair! All player stats are boosted reasonably apart weight which is boosted slightly more (around 1.5k per level) because who wants to be encumbered with thatch and rocks all the time. Taming is also boosted currently at 5x speed and 0.8 Food Consumption so tames do not take forever but we do not want instant tames because we dont want people with 75 brontos or gigas constantly destroying new players bases.. and besides, taming is a part of the game for a reason. The only rules are: No killing passives (which i think most people can agree with sucks) and No constant wining to Admins (we have already had problems with people sending 20+ messages a day to us because their dilo is stuck in a rock or something...) We currently have around 8 people online most times and 15 or so at peak times although most of them play at American hours so if there are any Europeans out there you are ofcourse welcome so that we can have a solid player count daily at most times! As said in the title this server will be moving to Ragnarok at its release! Depending on our final decisions the stats will stay the same or shall be slightly lowered to provide a more fresh experience on a new map where discovery will be just as important as destroying your enemys! Also it is IMPORTANT to note that when we switch to Ragnarok there shall be NO MORE ADMINS! myself and the server owner shall be playing along side everyone else with command logs ACTIVE so that everybody can see that we do not cheat (even though as always we expect most people to call admin abuse every time we kill someone) we will be there only to enforce the No killing passives rule and maybe to arrange events such as PVP duels/Dino battles/Skin Giveaways or whatever we may think of in the future. If you are interested don't hesitate one more second! Either send a message to me Gamertag: Gros Yake or to the server owner: ManiacAcorn8013 You can join the server through the Host Accounts Gamertag: AcornsArk If you plan on staying just be sure to add the host account as a freind so you can access the server with ease, Be updated on server downtimes if ever it is needed and so we can keep a count on who is active or not. Thanks for your time and we hope to see you ingame! Yak
  13. Host Gamertag: Arkaeologist 75 This is a brand new server and it is on a cat 6 300mbps internet so no lag Core Server Stats XP: 10x Gathering: 18x Taming: 10x Weight: Really High Mating Interval: 0.1 Egg Hatch Rate: 32x Dino Maturity: 32x Crop Growth: 10x On Arkaeologist 75 we are looking to build a community that is social, friendly, and competitive. We all want to enjoy ARK and we all want to enjoy Ragnarok. There will be events that I will put up randomly that give out sweet precious loot. Community Area The Community Area will be at the Castle area on the Ragnarok map. We will have Industrial Forges set up and other crafting tools. There will be a community greenhouse but you must bring your own seeds and your own fertilizer. There will be community toilets! No killing at the Community Area. You are responsible for what you bring to the Community Area if you are not watching your stuff and it is stolen that is your fault. If you catch somebody stealing your stuff contact an admin (Must have proof.) Server Rules This is a PVP Server. There is no Offline Raid Protection. It is exploited against it's intended purpose so it will not be turned on in this server. Meaning if you join the server there is no PVE. This is a PVP server so if you like competiton. Dont Harass, Have Fun, and Be Social. -Right off the bat constantly harassing noob tribes will be heavily frowned upon. Give players a chance to build up. -Player Kidnapping: 20 Minutes MAX. Players cannot be captured, caged, held hostage for no more than 20 Minutes. If there is a Tribe War/Base Raid going on between tribes then prisoners can be held for as long as the raid/battle/war goes on. -No killing resource spawns - No blocking off artifact caves -No killing Passive Tames. NOTE: IF you use passive dino's to block or shield your base they are fair to kill. If a Passive Dino is used in PVP then it is fair to be killed at anytime. -The Admin Tribe WILL participate in PVP. We created this server to have fun with the rest of y'all, but there will be NO ADMIN ABUSE! You are free to raid us as you want. Except for our industrial equipment in the community area and the arenas we will set up for events, everything else is free game. There might be a few admin bases we will set up for everyone to raid that will be stocked with loot for whoever can take it down. -No Killing at Community Area. -No Base Wiping. (Admins will determine a base wipe based off of base size.) -Use common sense. -If you have a situation to dispute with a Server Admin we will hear you out; However you need proof. Take screenshots, Take Videos. If an issue arises we will meet up in a private party, hear your case, and then you can show us any sort of proof you have. -Finally; last but not least: Have Fun, chill, compete, socialize! Enjoy The Arkaeologist 75
  14. Friendly server for PvE building, farming, content creation, raids, will make PvP events in future where houses will fight houses. Lots of space to build and friendly people on server. Boosted rates but not overly boosted. [4x XP] [10x Egg Hatch] [10x Baby Mature] [4x Harvest] [8x Tame] Everything else should be normal rates. If i can find a active community of players will keep the server up and running permenant looking for a good community will possibly stream server in future. 20 slots at the moment space to join feel free. Will increase with active community and donations. Only 1 Admin (ME) and im just a casual player also letting everyone get on with their own. PSN: xDipzyx for questions. Discord coming soon!! Donations!! wont go unmissed Get Building, Winter is here!
  15. Day old boosted Centre map for Xbox! add the hosts GT (Constant Ark) on Xbox and fb! First the ground rules: - 24/7 PVP - No Foundation Wiping - Passive Killing Allowed (Unless In pen with red doors and open roof) (Need Proof) - No trolling - No Insiding alliances or your own tribe , it will result in a instant ban -Raid on your level! - VLNV & Jswolls are admin with logging enabled! - No Brontos, Ankys, or Deods due to lag. - Orp on from Mon-Thursday, Off Friday-Sunday (so there's actual pvp and not just offlineing) -(150 Dino's and increased drops) -1 starter per tribe. Msg VLNV Server stats: Xp: Max Gathering: 15 Weight: Infinite Taming: Instant Fortitude: 10 per level Oxygen: infinite Breeding: Boosted Maturation: 25 Increased speed: on flyers Turret damage: 2 Most player stats are official because we want traditional pvp! (Being able to kill with guns and knock people out)
  16. Hello, I've been hosting a server for a while now, and am wondering if any players are interested in this type of experience on Ragnarok Stats: 15x Taming 15x Experience Gain 65x Mature Speed 65x Egg Hatch Speed 27.5x Crop Growth Speed 7.5x Harvest 1.25x Loot drop quality 1.25x Fishing drop quality 0.5 Mating Interval 0.5 Food & Water drain Player Stats: Health: 2.5x (25 per point) Stamina 5x (50 per point) Oxygen: 2.5x (50 per point) Food: 5x (50 per point) Water: 5x (50 per point) Weight: Infinite Melee: 2x (10 per point) [Balances out player health] Movement: 2.5 (5 per point) Fortitude 7.5x (15 per point) Rules/Guidelines: No Passive killing (It's Player Vs. Player not Player Vs. Passive) No Alliance raiding (Don't raid people you're currently allied to) No Glitch Spot building (Some Glitch spots are cheap and make you virtually unraidable) No Griefing (Putting Foundations around where someone is building) You must change your name, if you spawn in with the name "Human" you will be asked to change it, if not you will be banned You can only cage someone for 30 minutes [Maximum] Ice Wyverns cannot be hatched (Server issue which causes them to be invisible, causes server crashes, creature overspawning, and a host of other issues) 1st time bans last for 2 weeks [2nd time is permanent] If you get raided and move, please demolish the raided base to prevent further issue Rules are on a 3 strike basis meaning: 1st strike [Warning] 2nd Strike [Warning + Penalty] 3rd Strike [Ban] [Additional] Breaking rules could result in you losing the ability to participate in any/all events Rules that instantly lead to ban/wipe: Alliance Raiding Passive Killing Glitch Spot building Being found to own a Ice Wyvern Any troll "Human" names Schedule: Server will stay on for the day and may be down at night due to server crashes, but should be back up when I get the chance Events will be announced periodically during the week Keep in mind not all time zones are the same [Mine is PST] With the server being mostly 24/7 it may need to go down for a while to let the Xbox cool down and not over heat Explanations: Passive tame killing is one of the main issues reported, and along with that comes with some misunderstandings Any tame that is not used in combat cannot be killed, if you use a tame e.g Ptera to attack someone, that tame is free game If you line the walls of your base with tames and a explosion kills them, then it doesn't count as a passive tame kill Knocked out dinos that you are currently taming, do not count as passive tames, allowing them to be killed To avoid extra confusion, please record any time you kill one or more of a tribes tames and clear up any accusations I find it that people still ask about start packs, the answer being there is none, since I don't find them necessary on a Boosted Server where you could get a lot of what you need in a matter of hours -Even with there being no starter packs I usually do giveaways for players to get items and tames. Stats are made they are to promote balance and give a overall better experience than official, but still not so OP that you can become Alpha in a few hours, the way they are set up rewards dedication, and gives players a reason to keep playing even after a while of being on the server -Admin raiding is also another issue that is brought up, which should be addressed, admins are on the server to assist with issues and moderate the server, while they may play and build up a base, they are solely on to ensure a better experience for everyone, this means that admins will not raid unless provoked, so if you don't want any issues with admins, don't provoke them and they wont provoke you. Shop: You may purchase dinos/items from the shop, just message the admin about what you want to buy, and they will name a price, (items are sold for cp/metal) -Purchases will start to be accepted after a shop is constructed shortly after the server starts up again -Tames are sold at a max level of 150 -This excludes (Rock Golems, Gigas, and Quetzals) from being bought, only exception being solo tribes may purchase Quetzals -Sales are on a by weekly basis, meaning that one week different dinos would be sold than the last week -Some dinos may be discounted during a certain week reducing the price by either 25%, or 50% FAQ: Does the Admin abuse? No, I only use commands to spawn in items for giveaways or for penalizing rule breakers and materials for events Is there a starter pack? Currently, No Community Center? No, cause too many issues in regards to it being a hotspot for killing Is building in glitch spots allowed? No Can I be an Admin? (-__- ) Can I be in the Admin tribe? (-___- ) Can you spawn me this item/dino? Short answer: No Why is the server down? The server will only be down for a restart, or it may have crashed How often are you available/online? Most of the time When is the next Server Reset? Server resets are every 1,000 days [Ark days] Can you change this certain stat? Yes, I am always open to suggestions on stat changes if I find them to be fitting [Additional] Any future admins I add will be listed to as Community Moderators with the Main Admin being the owner Events: Giveaway (A giveaway will be hosted at one of three obelisks, tames and drops will be given to participants) Jousting (Two players will go head to head on a raptor mount with lances, first to knock the other one off wins) Paintball (Two teams will enter, both having rifles along with tranq darts, one team must knock out the other to win, rewards will vary) Rock Golem Dodgeball (A team of up to 4 players may enter, they must dodge rocks thrown from a rock elemental, survivors will be rewarded) Survival Arena (W.I.P) (Fight waves of dinos on varying difficulty modes, the longer you survive, the more rewards you will get, a maximum of 4 players can enter at once) Vault Drop (A Vault will be spawned at a announced at a said location, the first to blow in gets the gear, ranging from kibble, supplies, or journeyman+ gear. PvP is allowed) -Keep in mind server events will only he hosted if a maximum of 15 or more players are online Banned Engrams: Bronto Saddle Bronto Platform Saddle Zones: N/A Host/Admins: Boosted247x [Host] Crimson Eclipze [Main Admin] XxMCrocker199xX [Community Mod] Discord Link: (Recommended to Join) Come join and chat! -Announcements about new server changes/events -Easier time getting in contact with Server Administration -Shop prices and event announcements will be posted here Club: Boosted247x [Club name is same as host] If you have any other questions/suggestions feel free to message the host. Hope to see you online!
  17. We decided to open our dedicated up to all, come join us guys! We have a 6x Harvest, 6x Taming PVP Ragnarok server here with upcoming events... Mating, egg laying, etc are all boosted. There are community forges at all the Obs as well as a community center by Green Ob which is a PVP free zone. Admins police for trolling and abuse, wipes and bans will be issued. Plan to do events for the server as we get a community going. (ie. ptera tunnel races, coliseum for prize based matches, etc) RULES: -Trolling is against the rules, -Do not pvp at the Obs or at the community center, -Do not kill passive tames. Otherwise, build up and have fun! Xbox One GT: ARK247DEDICATED
  18. Hello! I have created a PVP server in hopes of mashing together the play styles of both official and dedicated server players! This server follows a "friendly PVP" rule set. Tribes may attack each other at any time with a few exceptions. Do not pick on smaller tribes, more specifically fresh tribes. Do not attack others in a hateful manner, we are all trying to have fun and if there is a problem contact an admin, do not take matters into your own hands. Give tribes a reasonable amount of time to rebuild, do not constantly attack them. Give them a chance, a challenge is more fun. Admins have the last word in any dispute but we encourage you to work among yourselves. This is a community, try to work together. Settings: Slightly boosted player stats. 3x Xp 12x plant growth Slightly longer spoil timer 2x tame and 2x food usage (A 150 giga takes 30min with kibble. These settings are so new players can't get 150s day 1 and so kibble is useful for high taming efficiency) 6x hatch, 12x maturing 4x harvest and 2x harvest health Rules: Do not attack small, new tribes. Do not completely wipe a tribe (Don't break crafting stations that are not locked, don't break foundations that are not needed etc.). Do not kill passives (There are a few exceptions such as accidental explosions, giga enragement, raid dinos at your base, and picking someone who is attacking. Tribes should put their passives in a building away from their bases) Do not pick up passives. (This is a form of trolling please read below) Do not knock out passives and do not fill passives with loot. No building in caves, resource spawns, or Obelisks. Absolutely no griefing or trolling. Punishment is ban on the spot. Please do not harvest using a bronto. First offense: Warning Second offense: Punishment (Banned for a few days, have to repay the offended, etc) Third offense: Banned Please take videos of EVERY KILL so that things may run smoothly Economy: (The exact prices will be set soon) You may dino coloring for Black Pearls. Dino colors can only be naturally occurring colors so that mutations are still useful. Titanboa eggs for 5 of any other egg or 1 giga egg. Admin insurance for dino colors and base building. Please contact an admin for more information. Coming soon. Events: There will soon be events. The rewards are blueprints and dino coloring. The dinos may be colored anything unlike Black Pearl coloring. Also: There is a club you must join in order to play. Please join "Cookys Server Club" for updates and information. JOIN "Cookys Server Club" and add "Cookys Server" PLEASE CONTACT Co0kY m0nStR FOR MORE INFORMATION (the 0 are zeros and there is a space) Have fun! Nothing is set in stone. Message Cooky with any suggestions for changes or anything of the sort.
  19. I am currently running a no griefing (PvP) 24/7 boosted scorched earth nitrado server we have 23 slots available NO griefing policy enforced by 3 admins boosted harvesting and taming speed new players will be given a simple thatch house and basic tools upon request if you experience any issues or grief while on our server feel free to message one of our admins If interested pm EvolvExSCAR or message one of our admins on psn (gamertags listed below) Admins: EvolvExSCAR Logan20288 Teenagersweet
  20. SERVER RESET 9/1/2017 Hosting BOOSTED Dedicated Xbox 24/7 PVP Server on Ragnarock! SERVER IS OWNED AND MANAGED BY OLDER MATURE ADULTS! OWNER/ADMINS-XxOldeSaltyxX; SWTSUMMER; ROCK6671 Admin Tribe-MEAL HEAD ADMIN TRIBE PLAYS ON SERVER AND ENFORCES SERVER RULES! ADMINS WILL ONLY PVP WHEN CHALLENGED PLAYER CHARACTERS BOOSTED: Fortitude, Weight, Health, Stamina, Speed and Melee Boosted DINO CHARACTERS BOOSTED: Health, Stamina, Weight, Speed and Melee Boosted XP, HARVESTING, TAMING, EGG HATCH, MATURE SPEED. BOOSTED Days are longer, nights are shorter. COMMUNITY CENTER AND STORE LOCATED AT VIKING BAY 1! SERVER CURRENCY IS GIGA HEARTS! SERVER RULES: HAVE FUN AND ENJOY! NO TROLLS! No building on or near Obelisks! No blocking or building on or near Artifacts! No building in GIGA Spawn area-Green Lawns! No PvP offline, offenders will be wiped and banned from server No main base wiping ALL tribes are limited to 5 players Tribe of metal base should not raid a base of stone or lower Each Tribe can setup 2 additional satellite bases NO Bronto's or Dodic's allowed to help keep ping low If you are exploiting cheats or hacks and causing the server to crash you will be banned IF YOU DECIDE TO LEAVE SERVER PLEASE DEMOLISH BASE AND TAMES Message CrazyTra1n247- add as friend and join on XBOX Any questions or concerns message CrazyTra1n247
  21. Hi everybody! We rented server from nitrado with couple of my friends. Server have been up maybe 1week. We dont use any admins so you wont see any adminabuse. No insane boosts, keeps playing enjoyable. It would be nice to see some new players there. We are friendly people. If you have something in your mind, feel free to ask! Change your server filter Unofficial PC sessions and you will find our server. Servername is: Ragnarok247 xp25/tame15 hosted by Nitrado Here is some information about boosts. Difficulty is max. so you can find 150lvl dinos. Taming multiplier 15 Xp multiplier 25 Harvestin multiplier 3 Dino harvesting dmg multiplier 6 Mating multiplier 0.101 Egg hatch speed multiplier 5 Baby mature speed multiplier 10 Baby imprinting stat scale multiplier 15 Everybody is welcome! See you soon!
  22. Me and a friend are new to Ark and are looking for a PS4 Island PvE server to just chill, play and do our own thing. We're really laid back and will keep to ourselves but we're always willing to give help to a neighbor when needed. Must be 24/7, ideally a low amount of people and relatively clean( no random half built buildings everywhere). Normal difficulty but we're ok with xp and other stats being boosted.
  23. Any servers out there that have solo tribes only? I have seen very few offer this and believe that many others would be interested as well.
  24. THIS IS ARK CENTER 2 XBOX 1 SERVER THIS SERVER WILL SWITCH TO A PC HOSTED SERVER AS SOON AS THEY RELEASE IT FOR XBOX Server GT: Ark Center 2 Facebook group: Server website: THE RATES FOR THE SERVER ARE BELOW THEY ARE BOOSTED BUT NOT OVERLY SO THAT THE XBOX CAN ACTUALLY HANDLE THE GAMEPLAY WITHOUT LAGGING, CRASHING OR CORRUPTING THE SAVE FILE THANK YOU AND ENJOY THE SERVER Server GT: Ark Center 2 Server Club: Triggeredarmy Ark Club (Join to get announcements on what going on and to sell your ark goodies) currently on: Ragnarok island Wiped: Sept/16/2017 Server GT: ARK CENTER 2 (Server owner: S1imshady20) SERVER SETTINGS cave flyers is ENABLED. Offline damage prevention: Off corpse finder: Enabled SERVER STATS Server GT: Ark Center 2 XP-50x Taming-50x Harvesting- players 24x Dinos 6x (this makes it easier to start out and allows people to collect as much as a base melee animal) Crop growth 6x egg hatch 999x mature speed 50x imprint timer is 20 min and takes 45 min to raise a ptera and get 100% imprint Dino and player stat changes: Dino Stat Changes melee increase .66x health increase .44x oxygen increased to make simming with land dinos quicker since flying is slower stamina increased to balance out pteras speed increased to 2.2 which gives pteras 186 movement weight increased slightly to make it so you still need certain dinos for certain things (ex. weight quetzal/dragon) DINO STATS INCREASED TO MIMIC WHEN THE GAME FIRST CAME OUT AND YOU WERE ABLE TO GET THINGS THAT ACTED LIKE ACTUAL DINOS (EX. T REX ONE BITING CERTAIN ANIMALS) Players Stat Changes weight increased 15x (Player weight is higher than dinos to make transferring easier and to simulate the pulling from the S+ mod on pc) oxygen increased 20x health increased 1.6x melee increased 1.6x speed increased 1.5x fortitude increased 3x crafting skill 1.6x Server GT: Ark Center 2
  25. Hello everyone Looking for a fun slightly boosted "dedicated pc server"? We are a 24/7 PvP server having fun and looking for surviors. Can you become the alpha on Ragnarok? Come join and have fun with friendly people from all over the world. Right now we have 20 slots for the people that want to join and we will raise the slots if needed. Filter your settings to unofficial pc server and search for Carnage. *Days are longer and nights shorter. *Xp multiplier x4 *Taming speed x10 *Harvesting x5 *Mating 2x as fast *Egg hatch x6 *Baby mature x6 *Crops x6 *Player weight x5 *Dino weight x10 Thanks survivors