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Found 8 results

  1. Graphical Glitch with Screen

    On Aberration, we have encountered a bug with the Screen going half black, and you have to disconnect from any servers or leave you solo game, to fix it. I've encountered it 2 or 3 times today, and my friends have encountered it more. 4 different graphics cards, so I don't know where the issue is.
  2. Ui Bug (blacked out)

    From time to time my inventory isnt displayed correctly, my character is displayed as a silouette (like a not yet unlocked character in some games) and the survivor notes from the chests are also just silouettes. I tried checking the integrity of te game files but they are comletely fine.
  3. Doedicurus and obsidian

    Has my doed had a bad touch of allergies towards obsidian or can they no longer collect it as all I collect while hitting obsidian rocks (big black shiny ones) all I get is stone anyone shed any light on this
  4. Ground is Black!

    So I just got onto Ragnarok, and I noticed there are some areas that are black like night including a small chunk of the large beach I was on. At first, I thought some of it was normal and kind of ignored it. Then night came, and I made a camp fire all night. But once day finally came, and the ENTIRE ground, not counting grass and clutter, was just black as if at night, even in the brightest time of day out in full sunlight. Is there any way to fix this? I looked every where on the internet and there's no topic on this gigantic bug. No one made any comments on it when I searched for bugs and glitches on different sites, so I don't know if it's just me.
  5. After the new update,i cannot change settings without the game turning completely black. Here's the thing - it's not a blackscreen or a crash,the screen simply turns permanently black - as if it crashed or isn't responding,but the game is actually still working. I only play Singleplayer and while i was on a mount i went to change some unrelated settings and after i did the game seemed to crash,with the sound still on but it was completely black,then i realized that after pressing esc to get out of the pause menu i could still control my character (hear my dinosaur moving as i press WASD and such) but it was simply black. If i pressed esc again,my cursor would appear (as it would normally) but i still couldn't see anything but black - obviously,the game was "on" and "playing" but it was just black. Turned it off,started playing again,everything worked but i would simply get a blackscreen if i changed any settings. Played for a bit,stopped,and just now i started the game again and while i was in the main menu (host/local,options/play menu) i changed my sound because it was too loud and when i clicked apply the blackscreen happened again - so it happens in main menu,too. This happened not after the 265 update but rather after 265.1 or 265.11? I would really like to have my settings NOT blacking me out,are there any fixes? I would upload a picture but honestly it's just black and you can see my white cursor if i'm in a menu during the blackscreen,so it's pretty self-explanatory. Edit:at least there's something new now - i don't get a black screen,i get the ARK loading screen (attached below),while i see this screen my game is still working,btw. I can hear the game working and myself moving if i press WASD but with the ARK LOADING SCREEN stuck there,without animations. I had a similar problem with another game and changing the game to fullscreen only and updating some video codecs (not drivers) fixed it,not with ARK,though.
  6. When do these items get Fixed ?
  7. The BlackPearl

    Hi everyone! Im just wanted to share my latest ARK creation with everyone! Its made on =rTr= PVP server, used S+ and modded raft.
  8. Hello, I don't want to make this too detailed, but since the wiki for this game absolute garbage I'll try and give you guys some tips based on my experience when it comes to finding and killing alpha mosas. note: this is based on my experience playing Official: The_Island Further note: I'm bad at words and stuff and not really smart. Step 1: Acquire a crack dolphin. Seriously, my dolphin was tamed at lv 44 and has over 320 MS. I can traverse the island in under 10 minutes. Which is invaluable for scouting mosas. Step 2: Document GPS coords On your crack dolphin swim around the map with your GPS out and write down the coords of every regular mosa you find. I personally use notes on my phone. Step 3: GET TO DA MOSA After you've compiled a list of all the mosa spawns on your map, get off your crack dolphin and get on your SPINO. Yes I said spino. Why? Well with our fancy coordinates written down you can fly your spino on the back of your quetzal (my quetz is 220% MS) to every location where you documented a mosasaurus. This will cut your travel time in half. Easily. Step 4: kill the regular mosa Simple enough. Alpha mosas share the same spawn timer as regular mosas. So you want to kill regular moses to force spawn the alphas. They have a % chance of spawning instead of a regular mosa when the server spawns refresh. If I kill all the mosas in the ocean and wait about 30 mins. You're almost guaranteed to get one to spawn. (last night I got 3 to spawn all in one refresh cycle. Step 5: GET BACK TO DA CRACK Get back on your crack baby dolphin after about 30 mins-1hr and scout the map again. If you killed every mosa on the map with your trust spino then an alpha mosa probably spawned during the respawn cycle. Just go back to looking for mosas and documenting their coords. You'll find one eventually. Step 6: Kill the alpha mosa. DUH. Holy poop they hurt, with with a few mate boosted plessies or a boss 100+ tame mosa you should be good. The more the merrier when dealing with Alphas. Their aggro is proximity based so if you can 'juggle' the aggro with friends you should never even come close to dying. P.S. They drop 100 black pearls each. Just make sure you don't harvest the corpse without getting them from the inventory first. Some dinos will not auto-harvest (such as my Spino) but my friends Mosa does.