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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 59 results

  1. artwork Crippling The Alpha!!!

    Hey Guys i just thought I would share a story that was actually incredible and it happened on an Official PvP server. So me and my friend started on A Ragnorock Official PvE server. It was just the 2 of us so it was pretty difficult to get started. Luckily we had a friend that picked us up and took us to a nice island Location on the end of SW3. He was part of the alpha tribe on the server so he could give us a bit of stuff to get started. We had also started on a special 3x weekend event that carried us to lvl 30 in 1 day! Our friend gave us enough stone structures to build a half decent base in a cove which was located on the island. The island was pretty big but it wasnt insane and the alphas had raided the only base located on the island so we could inhabit it. he donated us behomith gates and we sealed of the place so we could store dinos. After a week of hard work we had 10 plant species X lined up on pillars around the base, a minture hanger at the top of the cove which stored pteranodons and a taming pen. The only dinos that spawned on our island were herbivores (except Pterandons) so for carnivores we had to get rafts and sail them over from the main land. Our tribe name got spread around the server but we were under the firm protection of the alphas so we never got raided. Our Dinos were: 4 Pteranodons that were lvl 50+, 2 ankies, 1 lvl 80 argie, 3 stegos, 5 dilos, 1 100+ carno, A dung beetle, 2 phiomias and a lvl 220 Parasaur. We were typicaly low level and couldnt get saddles for most of the creatures. But life was good and we were growing at an extremely fast rate. 3 weeks later A Japenese alpha tribe entered the server they had different time zones to us so we didnt really have any problems with them. and the alphas on our server let them grow. 1day however they kicked up a fuss because they wanted to build on the island that we had our base on. By this time we had 14 High level rexes, 2 decent spinos, a bronto with good HP, 10 turtles, 2 quetz, and 1 Lvl 10 Giga. Even though we had never been raided and the alphas were protecting us we still built a well defended base. We had built on the entire island had surrounded it with an extremely tactical wall. The outide of the island we had surrounded with metal foundations, leaving a gap for the metal behomith gate. On the side of the foundations facing the water we built doorframes going all around the island and they were 5 high. This project took an enitre week of constant grinding, but we did raid a base that had an insane amount of cementing paste so we really only had to get metal. The other side of the foundations we put walls. walking out of the doors we had cat walks with turrets on them. (most had Psx seeing as we werent that rich with resources). The bottom had so many spikes and turrets so they couldnt run up to the wall and C4 it. The friendly alphas said No and they should be happy with there spot (Some place in a giant hidden grotto around Blue Ob) Eventually the Japenese tribe got mad at the alphas and launched a heated attack, We were sure the alphas could defend it No problem. Only they didnt, The alphas base was on the "spiral" an area near the quarry. They had heaps of high lvl dinos and turrets. but the japenese tribe had another settlement on another tribe and they brought more forces from there. It turned out they were alphas on a different server so they had alot of dinos. The alphas had been beaten back and there remaining dinos was behind the 1 wall they had left. They didnt run but fought bravely, calling for help and the server erupted. There were 2 big tribes that came to help the alphas. Both of the tribes forces were killed on the way and there bases got pushed too. We were both on at the time and decided to help. I was lvl 99 and my friend was Lvl 100. We got on our battle quetz and brought 2 high lvl rexes. The battle quetx had a minigun turret and good hp. The alphas were making there last stand and our quetz was stupidly slow. We got there just as ther forces breached there wall. We unloaded our rexes and realised another small tribe had come to help. The alphas gigas were munching there way through the japeneses brontos. The alphas wyverns had taken out the japenese wyverns and our mingun quetz came in handy. The alphas pushed and claimed there 3 defensive walls back. The japenese were beggining to run and we had transferred around 7 rexes at that time so we pushed after them. The brontos had along way to run and we were way faster then them. Wekilled 2 of there brontos when 2 gigas came running out from there base to help defend them. We pushed back after that and ran back to the alphas. The alphas were already planning a push. Our job was to take out the turrets on the inside once the aphas had blown through. One we had breached the first gate me and my teamate were to sent in our high lvl turtles to soak bullets. It was all planned for the next day. Sadly A Huge tribe from another server wiped all 3 of us the next day. I am sorry for the time you just used reading this huge anticlimactic ending. But the tribe went on to be known as "Megaomega" They got wiped shortly after however.
  2. Unraidable Base

    Does anybody know how to raid a base That covers herbivore island? Its a full Tek base and its Got 100s of tek turrets and It is classified as unraidable, But does anybody have any idea on how it can be raided?
  3. On pvp servers players usually just build large square buildings dotted with turrets. Then they surround their building with dinosaur gates. I was wondering if this was really the best way to defend a base. First the square box usually doesn't have any windows or defensive towers for players to shoot from. On top of that, the tall dinosaur gates surrounding the base blocks all vantage points for defenders to see. Attackers can take cover behind the gates and defenders will have a hard time shooting at them. Building more defensible structures such as walls that defenders can walk across seem like a better option. here are some examples Castle crenelations for defenders to take cover. Towers on the walls that stick out to allow more firing angles. machicolations in order to fire down on the enemy Even advanced pvp players don't seem to build castle like defenses. Do you think making realistic defensive structures are practical in Ark? Are structures just too easy to be blown up to make sense, or does offline raiding happen too much for players to bother making defensive structures they can use.
  4. I've had Ark for a little over a year, yet I haven't permanently moved location at all from where I originally started (The Footpaw). I was wandering if anyone had any suggestions for large-ish, flat places to build, roughly in the mid to southern latitudes would be great as I'm not ready for the north just yet. Also, pictures of the spots and/or the bases you have there are welcome for getting a sense of the scale and building room. Thank you everyone in advance.
  5. I can't place anything connectable on cliff platform
  6. Cliff Building Tips?

    Hello fellow survivors, I'll start with the TL;DR version: I'm looking for some building tips, mostly in regards to cliff platforms; making them look nice, etc. I like my base to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Building on the ground is easy and open, but I'm finding it a bit more challenging to find inspiration for base building on cliff platforms. More specifically, making them flow. Making it easy to traverse from platform to platform, and making them look good and function together. Any and all tips, ideas or suggestions would be appreciated! I'll post some pictures of what I have so far later on. I play on my own personal dedicated private server with friends and 3x gathering. So limits on resources or places to build aren't really an issue. Pictures or base showcase videos are appreciated too!
  7. I wanted to try out how you can combine the new plaforms with official building settings and no mods, and it worked out great I think You can start building on one, and have the building carry over to next platform as you can use them for structural integrity as long as you use pillars I went a bit crazy with them on local, to build an interesting PvE base (not the most efficient), can be seen here:
  8. Imagine having Onyc inside your base, hanging from the ceilings. They wont attack unless somebody walks underneath them. Basically somebody can blow up your door - Onycs chill. Somebody walks into your base, underneath the Onyc - they swarm ´em. They should aggro all together in a specific radius if one of them aggros, not when creatures or the base are attacked. If one Onic is shot at only that Onyc is aggroed, preventing people from easily getting all of the Onyc out of the base. This would make base protection easier as it takes time to get all the Onyc out safely, giving you the time to go online (looking at you officials) to protect your base. tl;dr: Make Big Ass Bats hang from the ceilings inside your base swarming anyone who dares to enter. They shouldn´t be aggroed other than somebody being underneath them or being attacked themselves
  9. So i just build a vacuum base on singleplayer and there is one big issue: If the vacuum base looses power the tek teleporter stops working. Sooo can we please fix that issue? its a rather big one since you know tek teleporters arent cheap. And before anyone recommends a mod to fix that situation: no thanks. i would like the devs to fix that i like it non modded.
  10. water Good Water Base Locations

    I've been playing on local on The Island for a while now and my current mountain camp is getting a bit cramped so I am considering expanding. Seeing as I only have a starter base by the west side of the island I am I am considering going for a water base for water tames. Now I haven't really done water bases before, and neither do I have a lot of water tames. So if you have any advice for location or building advice I'd appreciate that. It only needs lots of storage space for dinos, big and small alike. I'd like to be able to park both Mosasaurus and a giga in the same place. I already use my mountain for metal runs so it doesn't have to be close to resources. Currently I'm considering setting up shop in 25,7-73,6 or 68,5-80,7(pictured below) I'd rather not set up base on Safe Haven as it's an island and I'd like to be able to come and go as I please with land dinos. But yeah, what are your suggestions?
  11. base location?

    Ok Guys So im playing on a x50 Gather server (insta tame and level) And every time i build up i get wiped, But i recently beat a door down and found TEK GALORE I hid all my tek in a SECRET PLACE but i need to build a base outta these, Imon Ragnarok btw, And Im good friends with the admins... Help Please!
  12. I NEED HELP!

    I need a solo base spot on Ragnarok preferably 2x2 spot boosted server i need to stay hidden!
  13. Building system upgrade

    OK so this one comes from playing around 1000 hours of ARK & playing a LOT of Fortnite recently and I've got to say Fortnite has the better system for ARKS Walls, Foundations, Ceilings, Sloped roof's, Windows & Doors. so I got to thinking what if this was added to ARK? so here's how it works you enter a build mode state which lets you place a ghost object like you get when placing things already then buy holding a button you can then Edit the object for example a wall has 9 sections you can "Cut" away cut one out of the middle row you get a window, or off set right off set left window, same goes for doors, make a stair case shape to get a sloped wall. this could easily be implemented to ark and it would eliminate a lot of pointless engrams like the Left & right sloped walls window frame Door frame why have all these when you could just use one editable wall engram. this would also add new build able items like half turn stairs, straight stairs, & Y stairs, Half floors Quarter floors, 3-quarter floors, even half railings. Think of all the building time this would save if you just had to make Foundations, Walls Ceilings & Sloped roof and could edit stairs to the angle & direction you want to. and you could just upgrade the engrams to use new materials each time you reach a certain level like level 3 you unlock thatch building materials & the engrams for all walls, floor Ceilings, sloped Roof, Doors & window covers, level 20 you get wood building materials railing, Stairs & Fence foundations, 35 you unlock stone building materials, at 50 you unlock Green house building material and at 60 you unlock Metal building material and as your placing you can chose to make them from any level of building material you've unlocked literally taking around 60+ engrams and dropping them down to less than 20. this could also reduce building lag & loading times because the game would not have to differentiate each different wall as its own thing since they're all the same basic item just 1 digit difference to distinguish them. if done right this could drastically improve the games performance at the same time decrease building time & increase creative possibilities.
  14. I would love to see others' PVE base designs. I play on PS4 with 2 others. We took a long break from ARK and are only recently playing again on the Center map (official). Would like some ideas on a new build. We've got a nice little behemoth gate enclosure with a barn/house and a few dinos that has a castle vibe to it but want to expand. Also would really like to see others egg hatching/baby area designs. Thanks!
  15. How do you kite a barn on pve?

    So someone has been greifing me and i want to wipe his base. He has a decent location with all stone, has a barn he keeps his dinos in, but its on a fairly hard to reach location. Its not impossible but i feel like if i try to kite something up it would attack other bases as well. The rag server has no giga spaws and i think only 1 titan spawn, all blocked. Im great at tanking wyverns but idk, if i kite them all the way from the scar to blue ob, how i would get them to agro. Any kiting/wiping techniques or strategies i can get to help?
  16. Base design showcases

    Hi! I'm quite keen to see what unique base designs some of you have? I play PvP, but really enjoy spending time building nice looking bases (even though structures are severely limited imo). Anyone have screenshots of their work to show?
  17. Hello! I need help, was flying home with my ice wyvern and server just started to lagg, server ping 255 again, and my wyvern just got under someone's base, the lagg ended and the base loaded so now I can't get her out as no one is online from the tribe. The wyvern is in water, but luckily can get air, but no way out for her Any idea how could i get her out? I've already made a ticket about it, but no answer so far, and i'm affraid that somehow she is gonna die there.
  18. #Plant.Z.Matters

    Please give us some information on what Plant Z will be. On the NoTame servers Plant Z is honestly make or break for a large portion of the population. P.s. People please start using #Plant.Z.Matters on all your posts until Wildcard responds to us. #Plant.Z.Matters
  19. 1 base or many?

    Me and a few friends have been playing on the new servers since release. We have started to build a new base that requires a lot of time and materials. I was wondering if it is more effective to build 1 big base with most of your loot and a lot of defenses or should we build multiple smaller bases with loot scattered around the map and less defenses. keep in mind we only have about 2 or three people on at a time.
  20. Bulding a Base with 4 Walls

    Me and my small tribe are building a new base. In our old base we built that outer layer with four walls and we ran into lots of problems and ended up wasting a lot of metal. So in our new base is 4 walling even worth it? Should we just double wall? What are the disadvantages and advantages?
  21. Currently the noTame server is lacking in many ways. Of the many downfalls the worst of all is the lack of base defense options. Without tames and without auto turrets we are left with plant x. Plant x are easily disposed of now that there are very limited if any methods of protecting the plant from fire arrows and grenades. Please note I am not in any way suggesting auto turrets be added to noTame. I would like to see an enhanced plant x (maybe a new plant species Z) or some other means of offline raid protection. I would also ask that anyone who reads this post please make a suggestion for this problem or at the least make a suggestion for something that would benefit the noTame servers. Thank you.
  22. Titan in my base

    Like the title says I have a wild titan stuck in my rex pen. Seems he cannot get over the wall. So my questions is if I go up to delete the wall he is stuck on to unstick him will he agro me. I just need to know if they are territorial in any shape or fashion as wiki says they are. But there are youtube videos of ppl "bumping" them out of there base with a quetzal and what not, like literally being right up on it so in a TL/DR I just want to know if I demo the walls will he agro me. Thank you for any help and yes dinos are all on passive so nothing is destroyed yet.
  23. Nomadic Solo/Tribe Style

    I thought of an idea i may do if we ever get wiped in my Official tribe on Xbox. I was thinking of kibble taming my favorite dino (Thylo) and making c4, Longnecks, Armor, and other raiding supplies and making hidden outposts all across the map and on different servers. I would just do PvP mostly, while grinding out 2 or 3 turrets full of bullets on each outpost to keep my loot defended. I would keep obtaining loot while expanding these outposts alone many servers and see how long i could survive. Another cool idea i had in mind was taming a mosa, and setting a base on that and swim around the map raiding people while keeping my loot hidden. I Think ragnarok would be the best map for this considering its large size and hidden spots. Let me know what you people think of this idea and give me more pertaining to this general topic.
  24. Perfect Base Location Help!!!!

    I am attempting to do the impossible challenge of taming every dinosaur in the game Ark Survival Evolved. To do this, I need the perfect base location. I need a place that is safe and has enough room for me to build my house and several Dino houses. It also needs to be near a ocean area that has many if not all of the ocean creatures. I don"t know if such a place exists, but if one does, you need to tell me about it! Thanks! (I'm on single player on the island)
  25. Underwater bases

    Can you build an under water base on Official? If you can is it anywhere or are there restrictions? If you have an under water base is it harder to detect?