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    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
    • Eli

      Official PC: Hard Turret Limit begins on 18th of February at 1PM ET   02/16/18

      On the 18th of February, at 1PM ET we will be enabling the hard turret limit on all PC Official Servers. This means that you will not be able to build over 100 turrets within a 10k unit radius. This will work on autoturrets, heavy turrets, tek turrets, plus plant turrets and is no longer map specific. The hard limit calculation is done on start-up, so if your turrets are ever over the limit, they will be randomly shut-off until you're under the limit. In order to restore shut off turrets, you must pick up any which exceed the number, as well as shut-off turrets and replace them in order for them to work.

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Found 878 results

  1. So, I would like to preface this with the fact that I have already had many glitches with the Windows 10 Xbox Play Anywhere version, but they've fixed most of them. The problem is, they have created much more horrible glitches. Also, these might also apply to Xbox. For example : My PC runs much better than my Xbox and can normally run the game on Epic graphics settings, but it always ends up being really glitchy. I've done it on the steam version too, but it worked fine then. So, what happens when I run on max graphics is that whenever I walk far away from where I've loaded in, for example a new loading area, it simply doesn't load any of the resources. Only terrain, and this happens on every map. If I go even farther, the terrain isn't even loaded correctly and is stretched all over. But enough of that, let's get on to the more common glitches, which happen no matter what settings I am on. Terrain randomly flashes black for a frame, can have intervals between hours or seconds. Fellow survivor's bodies stretched randomly, even when conscious. Items we drop fall through the terrain. Caves not loading correctly, resulting in game-breaking missing terrain. When playing on multiplayer, even when others load just fine, game only loads a certain distance from load point (regardless of graphics settings) Temperature hot-spots, where in a very specific area of usually only a foot of the area has an abnormal temperature compared to surrounding area, yet specific area is identical to outside environment. Micro-raptor will devour bodies, even when harvesting and victim collection disabled, as well as behavior set to do otherwise. When options are disabled it just doesn't get any loot or resources from the corpse. To be honest, Wildcard has come quite a ways but hasn't gotten nearly as far as they should be as far as performance and glitches. Feel free to add any glitches, comment on mine, or correct me.
  2. We are currently recruiting upto 10 new people to our official pvp tribe. All genders races allowed we do not discriminate. We are a friendly new tribe and welcome all of you meet the follow criteria. To apply you must be tick all of the following. -To apply you must be above the age of 16. -Have a Mic. -be a hard worker, (don't just sit there staring at a wall for a hour waiting for a job) -No stealing, Drama, griefing, Ally raiding, any form of racism stealing personal attacks against anyone will not be tolerated. -If you are sick stay away from tribemates ask someone to help cure you if you can't cure yourself. Respect your tribemates leaders and allies at all time Other then that we welcome all join
  3. We are currently recruiting upto 10 new people to our official pvp tribe. All genders races allowed we do not discriminate. We are a friendly new tribe and welcome all of you meet the follow criteria. To apply you must be tick all of the following. -To apply you must be above the age of 16. -Have a Mic. -be a hard worker, (don't just sit there staring at a wall for a hour waiting for a job) -No stealing, Drama, griefing, Ally raiding, any form of racism stealing personal attacks against anyone will not be tolerated. -If you are sick stay away from tribemates ask someone to help cure you if you can't cure yourself. Respect your tribemates leaders and allies at all time Other then that we welcome all join
  4. Okay... I have a very nice computer and it runs very well. I am trying to make a dedicated server for me and my friend to play around in, on PS4. I am hosting the dedicated server on PC but I will actually be joining it on PS4. The problem is that, (I have no mods enabled) the second that I click the host dedicated server button, the game immediately crashes and shows the picture on this post. I have tried doing the dedicated server on the maps, The Island and Ragnarok and neither of them work. I have restarted my computer, done updates on ark and my computer and nothing works. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  5. hosting an xbox 75x pvp with orp and starters named chilltopia ark currently unpopulated so easy alpha
  6. TLC Creatures

    Hello there, since wildcard's doing amazing job with their TLC Pass i was wondering of what's gonna be next after sarco. So there are my suggestions: 1.Parasaur: To be honest, Parasaur i useful only in early game as a berry catcher,quickly replaced with trike. So i recommend to add an "guard option" i mean,you know how early survivors can be terrorized by other players and wild dinos, parasaur could stand still and if it gets damage from a ranged weapon or just unallied player/dino/wild dino will get too close to parasaur in guard stance, parasaur will make a loud noise using it's horn which is basically made for making noise(it's empty inside) Which all basically means that parasaur would be more useful as a early-game alarm system. 2.Next..we're going to Liopleurodon, honestly i don't like this guy from the beginning. Do not get me wrong, i love liopleurodon as a creature,mostly the version created by BBC's WWD. in-game liopleurodon due to it's powerful passive is very rare dino in seas, in my about 700hs of game i maybe saw him only twice and all thanks to S+ Tek Replicator. My idea is to make liopleurodon more common,larger,much stronger,and able to be rided in saddle, of course with model and texture overhaul. You ask me then " what will happen with our liopleurodon magicus charlieee?" IMO magical variant of liopleurodon would only get a visual update, there's no need to change magical liopleurodon itself,just make non-magical version common and strong. Magical liopleurodon variant would be comparable with unicorn variant of equus. NEXT! 3.Triceratops, it's really understimated dinosaur and in my opinion should be more useful mount, used even in raids. I would give our beloved trike a option to protect him and dinos&people behind him by it's large skull and block half of damage dealt to them until it's defence break. Of course it would only affect creatures max. little bit larger than trike, so dinos like paracer or rex wouldn't even see the difference. 4.Diplodocus Yep, i know diplo isn't kind of warrior or fighter, but it just have no sense if 30 meters-length beast can be defeated by couple of compys or dilos just becasue Diplo has literally 0 defence mechanism(excluding that head-butt,but let's be honest, it's useless until you're fighting on a cliff. For me diplo should have one or two attacks-stomp and tail swing(anyway i'll suggest to add stomp to bronto arsenal too) Stomp would be a short ranged area attack, and a tail swing would be long ranged knockback attack. 5.Cnidaria There's not really much to tell,after rightful electrophorus nerf, this is the satan of seas. it's stun should only affect creatures smaller than plesio(megalodon,ichtyo,baryo etc.) for large sea dinos(mosasaurus,plesiosaurus,dunkle,spino) cnidarias would just give weakness debuff like in electrophorus' case. As for the moment, my job here is done. Say what do you think about my suggestions and maybe wildcard will notice this thread.
  7. New server. Light boost. 40 player capacity. Max lvl dinos. 50x Taming. 8x Gather. Cluster coming soon.
  8. ark THY ARK PRAYER!

    Our Ark devs who art in game making heaven Ark be thy game Thy Players are not the wee bit happy after the big update you had us to install Our thine dinos are not the same. Give us from this day forward Updates that are less buggy Our rexes colours back on their backs For now our rexes since thee touched them, Our rexes now look too fugly. Flying argies that do not walk in thine air And even though they look pretty Give us thy our natural colours back On thee dire wolfs and bears. Update us with updates that we may be joyful over That we may rejoice in your game For we thy gamers Are holding you thy dev makers to blame AMEN!
  9. PC - Xbox Crossplay

    I have been trying to create a dedicated server using the Win 10 edition of ARK. I want to be able to join it through my Xbox. I have tried many things including changing the NAT type to cone AKA open as well as marking crossplay, adding the port forwards of Xbox Live as well as ARK. I have also tried turning off the firewall on my computer, but nothing works. Whenever someone tries to join, it loads a little but leads to Primal_BP and proceeds to say "Join Failed'. I am not sure on what to do so if anyone has any tips, please let me know. Thank You.
  10. Future of ARK

    Hey there, I just wanted to open this thread because the following things really bug me since I bought the game in 2015; First of all, the building system, especially the cable and pipe system. I think this is really important to improve it since you need a mod to actually build stuff in a better way and I really hate it if I have to use mods for basic ingame mechanics. I'd also like to see some improvements for the server connection, because it sometimes takes hours for my friends to get into my game, just because they get kicked out by the game after one minute of trying to join. Actual premade stats for creatures, bosses, crafting etc. when you play alone would also be pretty neat, just to start a game faster after you haven't played for a while and don't want to check any single option again because something changed in one of the last patches or whatever... Performence improvements should also still be on the agenda, since directX 12 got cancelled and maybe work on the compression, because I already have 150gb+ on my hard drive. I really appreciate that you began with the TLC's but more needs to be done, especially the Pteranodon, Parasaur, Megalodon, Araneo, Plesiosaur, Carbonemys, Mammoth, actually any old creature should get a TLC, because they either got all replaced or are useless since the very beginning (or just look ugly like the Plesiosaur and Stego). This is nothing really important but it just annoys me that there are no fence gates, I can't even build a farm for my sheep I hope someone finally sees this thread because I try to contact you for over a year and didn't even get a response from the support. Pls listen more to your community, this game could be so much more. Sincerely, a survivor
  11. Procedural ARK

    How do I create a procedural ark that looks like the Jurassic world on Xbox One? I don’t understand how to create a map. It’s pretty complicated. I just want an island surrounded by water with a huge grassland surrounded by trees on three sides and one side open. I want it to look like it does/did in the movie. Or at least a flat island with grassland and trees? Can someone please help me?
  12. I just set up a new server for some friends, it's currently empty but completely fresh. Server name: Ark961 Map: Ragnarok Tame speed X7 XP boosted X3 PvP is on Please leave me a message here if you have any questions, suggestions or problems with the server. Thanks
  13. Ark Center Forums?

    Why is there an ragnarok, aberration, and scorched earth forum, but no center forum? The center isn't finished yet Im sure there is a solid community out there that has plenty of questions about the map or things in it I do.
  14. Ark Short Films

    Ok, I know it seems a bit dumb, but I think it would be really cool if there were ARK short films... The overwatch and TF2 ones are entertaining, and the live action ARK ads are cool, and I wish they continued. I just think it would be a cool but hard thing to implement on youtube that could get the name out there more, and be entertaining in themselves What do you think?
  15. Hey, During my gameplay on a server made by my friend I run into this error, so far specifically in the center map, where at red woods I'm experiencing during the rain this purple colour(can sometimes change depending on the location when i'm at red woods looking for something or doing something). This pops up for a while and it usually stops a few seconds or minutes before the rain ends in the game. On another case the game sometimes, outside of the red woods area has the lighting sort of 'glitch' as well, where the sky starts to glow unevenly starts to somewhat tear(not as in tear in half, but glitch visually so it is not even). This screenshot shows the visual in game when this occurs at red woods. - Rec
  16. ARK Nitrado Server

    Hello my freaky little darlings, I just wanted to let you know that I will be making a Private ARK Server basically the password for the server will change every month do not share the password with anyone doing so will revoke your membership first 10 people who join get to pick the map The Rules are simple we will be playing in a PVE ARK with weekly events such as Gladiator Events Which are hosted every week where server members can sign up and fight in the arena the victor will receive a higher than normal blueprint or dino the prize changes weekly PVP events Which are hosted every two weeks where server members can sign up to be raided and to raid others on the PVP list all members who sign up are given a flag when your tribe raids them you must also steal their flag the tribe with the most flags by the end of the event will receive a higher than normal blueprint or dino the prize changes weekly Aside from these events the server will have accelerated rates 4X Taming 6X XP 4X Maturation 4X Gather Player and dino stats will be altered but are yet to be decided on you may kite to your traps you will also be able to pick up wild animals All players will receive a starter kit NO KITING NO PILLARING NO BULLYING ABSOLUTELY NO RACIAL SLURS If anyone violates these rules you may notify me via discord If interested message me
  17. "Under normal circumstances, such an exploit would deem a global tribe wipe, and a comprehensive ban for all players involved from our Official Network, as well as BattlEye-protected servers. On this occasion, we have decided that we will be providing a one-time amnesty to everyone involved; this means that no one will be banned or wiped, as the impact of the action would have been too widescale and have a significant effect on our Official Servers." So, because they're mega-tribes they're immune from being banned, or wiped. Well, let's unban all the cheaters that VAC and battle-eye caught before too huh? you have PROOF people cheated and you're not going to take ANY action? What the hell? They deserve to be punished, PUNISH THEM!
  18. Come check us out modded like TEK lvl1 Join ALPHA NATION 10xp 10harv. 20tame 30breeding/mat/hatch
  19. I summoned in all the dinos wild and dotamed them and yet I didnt get the achievement nor werewolf mask?
  20. Ark PC Hosting...

    I purchased ark through a digital download and I am trying to host a game from my pc and play on my xbox... Is that possible, i already have ark on both xbox and pc through the play anywhere update. I can't find to invite my xbox from my pc.Thanks for your help!
  21. If i want to start the game or joining a server, everytime: "Invalid Json Token. Line:1 Ch: 1" and i cannot do anything. For 2 Hours ago, i can connecting to a server but after every 25min. there message is pop out again (landing to desktop) and im must press "esc" to get back in the game. I play this Game like 20 Days and i got never this message before. And i got this Error "Invalid Json Token. Line:1 Ch: 1" after the last Update (276.493? I guess). (By the way, im from Germany. I have no idea if that changed anything) So.. i cant do anything right now. I cant play. Im bought this Game for 60$ and now i cant play? Its works so fine before the Patch came out and now.. argh. And im not the only one! Im searching about this error for Hours but no one has an answer for that! Why is there no resolution? Why didnt see or hear Wildcard Studios about this Error? Ive saw its exist Oct. 12 or longer. Does anyone have an idea? I tried to change some graphics or other options. Im Updated all Drivers. I installed the whole game new. It seems, nothing works..
  22. So, I want to buy my own server and transfer my wyverns and everything in it. I'm just wondering if this is even possible?
  23. Reaper Impregnation while Transfers?

    Hey guys ! Was wondering if anyone has tried to Transfer off an Official Server While Pregnant with the Reaper? may sound silly but if you got a few things going on another server you need to check or even just wanna take it off server Early ? will it survive the Transfer ? Thanks in Advance
  24. This has been an on going project of mine. I was admin of a custom server, and wanted to know what the spawn commands were, but when I looked it up, it was across multiple pages on the wiki. So I put it into one massive table. Link to the table. Table is sortable by clicking on the top and searchable via the search box in the top right (not included in pic). Given that some items no longer have IDs, I've also included a drop down menu that allows you to select the item you're after, and then copy/paste the long code in to the game.