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Found 75 results

  1. Alpha reaper king spawn

    Is anyone else having issues spawning alpha surface reaper kings on official servers or is it just me? Is there a specific method or tactic people use? Our tribe is trying to do alpha rockwell and the alpha reaper king barb is the last thing we need Xbox Official servers btw so cant use spawn codes or anything like that
  2. Ello guys i'm lokidoki. I've played ark for about two years now and i love this game. I love dinos xD. I'm making this suggestion thread for the Reaper on abberation. I feel the reaper is vastly weaker than other alpha dinos like spinos and megalos. Theyre Dmg growth and lack of saddles and mate boost just makes them so sub par compared to those dinos on the map turning them into hollow vanity tame. I know that you guys didnt wan't release a "new giga" like before but I feel the reaper should have better DMG and the same damage reduction or higher if there are no mate boosted mechanics added. An alternative you could add to the reaper is give it a 100 dmg base and give it a static 70% dmg reduction with no light along with a buff that doesn't allow nameless to spawn around. Making it truly feel like you've tamed a "Alpha" predator. The second suggestion is allowing reapers to climb walls like drakes. Wild reapers and queens are able to dig in the ground, why can't tamed ones just "dig their claws" on the walls and climb like that? This would give the reaper much better mobility but still weaker than rock drakes in the mobility side of the spectrum and play off the "xenomorph" concept that they're based off from.
  3. I love early and late pvp on official servers and i never complained about anything. The most pvp, the better it gets. But the alliance between the two alpha tribes from the server come after you and kill you non stop without warning completely outnumbered on people, dinos and weapons i don't get it. They could have declare war on us and my tribe and i could be able to enjoy some pvp against them, but instead they wiped our base, killed all dinos and hunt us without any warning or meaning. Thats why im asking for help to clean just them. What do you guys think about it? Love ya homies Cx
  4. Alpha loot equal to non alpha loot

    We have killed about 4-5 alpha karkinos and 1 alpha basilisk and they all have contained loot that you might find in a dead raptor (non alpha). Some berries, couple of arrows maybe, stone tools, etc. Based on experience killing alphas on other maps we are used to alphas containing good high quality loot but havent seen anything like that on this map. 1 or 2 with nothing good and we wouldnt worry too much but this seems to be a pattern rather than an exception now.
  5. Karkinos pushing tame under the map

    Yesterday, I was fighting a alpha crab on aberration with my crab. During the fight, the alpha pushed mine under it, much like a tuso used to do on the island: my mount was a full crabs height below the map at this point but could fight back. I eventually popped back up and out of it. I am not sure if this was only visual seeing as a) the mount didnt die, b) I got out and c) i wasnt in a falling animation, but needless to say im not touching these things unless im sure i wont get in a situation like that again.
  6. Hi there, Playing on single-player I noticed something strange. There was no Alpha Wyvern in the Volcano Wyvern lair. I first noticed this when I went to get milk so the only other option I had was to knock out a female or gfi milk in. Even after leaving the game/world on for 3 hours it didn't respawn so 'time' is not an issue. The next issue? Otters. I've checked all spawns I know of but there wasn't a single Otter on single-player. In the end I had to spawn one in to tame. Next, Ice Wyverns/Eggs. All other Wyvern eggs are fine but Ice Wyverns seem broken on Single-player. Their nests only spawn in one location, above the frozen lake at about 47, 51 (GPS). --- However I then went on my friend's server, a 24/7 PC hosted and found that the Alpha Wyvern was always in the trench. Even after killed it would respawn as normal. Otters were in the right places, we didn't have to command spawn any. Ice Wyvern eggs were easy to get. All their spawns worked! I don't know if anyone else has any of these issues but, spawns on single-player seem just a little broken... even with a destroywilddinos every now and then.
  7. Too many Alphas?

    Lately, as I have been playing, I have noticed what appears to be an increase in the number of alpha dinos that spawn. When I first started playing I might run into a group of two or three alphas in a very dense area. However, last night, as I was flying around I spotted 11 alphas all within sight of each other. That isn't an exaggeration, there were 3 alpha rex, 5 alpha raptor, and 4 alpha carno all running up and down the beach. Is this how it has always been and I just got really lucky up to this point? Or has there been an increase in alpha spawns or something? Just curious on this one really, since the last two or three weeks is the first time I've noticed such large concentration of such creatures.
  8. Idk if I’m getting upset for no reason or if I’m a complete idiot. I used to be on ps4 a few months ago and for boss fights our rexes were the same hatch as Xbox but the entire alliance would only pump rex health to 25k tips would be 30k then just unloaded melee. This was good enough to beat the dragon with the trap method. Then when you could trap the dragon took hp away and not a percentage. Now that the dragon takes 20% regardless of your health shouldn’t you still only level to 25k or so and pump melee? I’ve traded 3 different trusted traders for a full grown boss rex and they all have 35-55k health ranging from 491-550 melee. Is this right? Our trek rexes would start at 50khp but these guys are still using them as boss with no melee
  9. base location?

    Ok Guys So im playing on a x50 Gather server (insta tame and level) And every time i build up i get wiped, But i recently beat a door down and found TEK GALORE I hid all my tek in a SECRET PLACE but i need to build a base outta these, Imon Ragnarok btw, And Im good friends with the admins... Help Please!
  10. Alpha giga

    Make an alpha giga and if you manage to kill it you get asc stuff lmao
  11. Alpha Tribe System

    There needs to be a way to control or nerf the “alpha” tribe. It’s ruining the game for a lot of people because the bigger tribes do what they want and almost all people can’t stop them. Maybe a tier system for when you unlock certain engrams then it puts you in that tier. Let’s say you unlock the turret. And another smaller tribe hasn’t....you want be able to damage their structures because you both aren’t in the same tier. Same thing with Dino’s. They all should be in different classes. Most of my bases can be wiped with one wyvern, so I should be placed in a lower tier so I don’t have to put up with being wiped because it makes the game uninteresting and they are losing a lot of players because of this. Ark will not survive if this keeps up.
  12. How's my therizino?

    10k health 503% melee 90% imprint What's the highest alpha rex it can defeat? Should I invest more in health or melee? 33 level points used so far. Thanks.
  13. Estamos buscando a gente para crear una supertribu y dominarlos a [email protected]! Somos gente experimentada y curtida buscando mas gente para crear una tribu que, tenemos pensado, sea de unas 15 personas para entrar en un servidor y dominarlo, tenemos personajes lvl 70, BIENVENIDO SEA TODO EL MUNDO tenga o no personajes, tenga o no habilidad, porque aquí pensamos que la practica hace al maestro! Por lo tanto podemos guiar a cualquier principiante que se quiera unir a nuestra aventura! Si estáis [email protected] agregarme a Steam y avisadme de que queréis uniros!
  14. crossark servers

    why the devs didnot lance a pack of crossark servers each 2-4 mouths, so people can play starting level 1 like everyone, they should invest more on crossark, isnot fun log on a server, thats a megatribe control everyone. there's no point of making new oficial(normal) servers, let the alphas tribe kill each others, there's a lot of servers already to they do it.
  15. Ascension

    I was wondering how Ascension works? How do you know when you are gamma, beta, or alpha? Is there a certain level you have to reach or do you have to defeat a boss to ascend?
  16. Alphas an prime meat

    Do alpha dinos only produce raw prime instead of raw meat?
  17. Hello Fellow Survivors I've been playing Ark for 400 hours+ and I have a few suggestions.... When starting a new game on Official if you were not there since Launch of that server you are at an extreme disadvantage. All the starting zones are usually occupied or an alpha tribe has put a gate down which forces you to find a suitable place to establish a base in a very difficult to get to areas. If you have no Fellow tribe members that start with you it makes the difficulty of the game ( which is already hard on official) increase exponentially. Why is it harder you ask? There is no place that isn't crawling with Carnivores to put down a foundation. The Alpha Tribe in control normally has full control of the resources in the area, and tend to make gathering resources more complicated then drunk Tetris. Sometimes they have already farmed the resources and there is nothing there forcing you deeper in hostile territory with no way of being able to defend yourself besides pure dumb luck. They may have walled off the spawn points so that new players wake up in cages or can't leave the spawn point for one reason or another. If you do manage to build a 2x4 shack sometimes the tribe will come down and destroy everything you have done, making you question your life. Possible Solutions The recommended spawn zones can have the oblesiks do an auto wipe feature that could occur every 2 weeks or every 2 months just for that area or however long the developers think is fair. This will ensure that new players will always have a place to spawn and be able to build. It will also be one way to curve griefing and give a less sour new player experience. Another option would be to put certain build restrictions on certain resources to keep any one tribe from monopolizing it. (My least favorite option) A full Server wipe every year or something along those lines. I only suggest this because the same Alpha tribes that dominate the server tend to never fall out of power and continue to only allow who they like to join the server and play and force out all others. New players who start a month or 2 after an official server has launched could have a boost to stats starting out temporarily or even start with a certain amount of resources and materials that only they can use and stays with them even in death. There could be a big event every month where some mythical animal ravages the land for X amount of time and it could target big bases or something and if killed drops like a ton of rewards. Conclusion By giving new players a chance to succeed it increase the game player base and gives people a chance to.....play the game. The Griefing Alpha Tribes really have no competition besides other alpha tribes who would really have to go out of their way to fight them(and would only do so with compensation.....but how can you compensate what you can not gather?). As it currently stands Once an Alpha tribe is established I've noticed that they then wipe out all competition and used a Scorched Earth (hehe) policy on all new comers. Without an effective way of keeping the game fresh or curving Griefing you have to wonder what the servers would hypothetically look like a year from now with the same Alpha tribes in power. Also I've noticed some of the tribes on the servers I've joined have blocked access to Obelisks which is Game breaking. Either you submit to the tribe or leave the server, and try to find one that isn't going to burn everything you spend 100+ hours on and making you consider being an alcoholic. Incase you can't be bothered to read. Tldr: alpha tribe griefers will be what kills official servers. Hopefully something can be done to dissuade it. *edits* Grammar
  18. Alpha Spawns

    So I play on a un-official dedicated server with boosted rates, none to spawn rate. I was wondering where alphas are most prominent so i can gather loot.
  19. I'll get right into the catch of our server. At the start of the pvp an alpha tribe will be deemed. The alpha tribe will have their strongest wyvern turned into an alpha wyvern. If two tribes both claim to be alpha then a war will take place until one surrenders. Besides having that going our server is slightly boosted. Taming and breeding stats are raised more then slightly. Events will take place once a week, sometimes more. Pvp takes place between Friday around 4p.m. until Sunday around 10 p.m. Then the server will switch back to pve. if you'd like to join. Add arklovers444 and start preparing for war. Server start date: 9/17
  20. Me and my two friends have played ark a long time but we are much slower on progress because we play on mostly default settings (default difficulty, stats, resource gathering, etc) i tend to play in my own world a lot which is very similar say for a few increased options like spoil time, taming speed (not instantaneous still), and some utility stuff like cave building and flyers. We play on Xbox, single player and non-dedicated host sessions. So ive been looking at the bosses stats on the wiki (which btw severely needs updating) and looking at the numbers i dont see how even high level rexes and such can last against these bosses, my friend went on a test world to spawn some in and see, and the broodmother was dealing 20k damage in under a minute... So basically the question is has anyone beaten the bosses without changing any settings?
  21. Alpha whale spotting

    I spotted at alpha whale yesterday between herb and the island straight after it destroyed my raft btw and ive noticed it can disappear into the landscape next its there then its not is this right?. Also beware the guys on herb on server 1 eu pvp if you fancy going and finding it.
  22. Quick question

    Does Redmoonknight25 own an alpha tribe?
  23. alpha rex

    I have seen this level 8 alpha Rex and i really want to kill it but i also don't want to spend a lot of time as I've seen some youtubers spend killing it. I have a lvl 80 argentavis (which I know inst the best) but it have 2k health and 400% melee and iv'e killed two alpha raptors with it without flying which where level 15. Would i have any chance with this Rex at all with the Argie.
  24. [Xbox One] Ragnarok drop time?

    As I'm in a 30 man tribe and we're going to the new official isolated Ragnarok servers, we'd like to know when the drop time is (if anyone knows. timezone preferably would be GMT but we can figure it out in according to that.
  25. This suggestion comes with probably something almost every server suffers. The players/trolls/griefers that plague servers by attacking tribes. Particularly to local players and not the mass transferring in for a day though it could effectively help some against them as well. I think the tribes should be locked to their name for 24hr after killing a tame/player (something that would log). Give us the 24 hour to hunt them down without them able to instantly change tribe names even to the point of matching local tribes to avoid being found. I personally feel its a bit of an exploit. It used to change their tribe name in the log with them changing tribes but doesn't appear to do that anymore. Most of the trouble we run across is these players will change their tribe names 5-10 times a night while killing local players/tames making it impossible for a server defense or alpha tribes to do much about it or even for a tribe to be able to retaliate against them by finding them. This would be more effective on isolated or cross ark but on officials/legacy it would be less though it would prevent someone from transferring in tames killing/raiding then hiding their tames under a new name till they can move them off. Could also use some kind of system that would prevent people from matching tribe names exactly or having a constant influx of 'humans' join a server. It should just have the name field blank and make them make something up the disgruntled, Blackavar