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Found 66 results

  1. Allpone

    Looking for More

    Hey y’all established tribe branching out.
  2. Hi all, Has anyone so far been able to do the Dragon arena boss with 2-3 players without using a deer tactics on official? I have a few people that wanting to do it, but i'm just waiting for that tactic to be nerfed and we lose all our dino's where we invested a lot of time in. So far every non-glitching way we've tried failed and gets mauled by the Enflamed debuff eventually (Sets the target on fire, burning away 20% of their max health over 10 seconds.) - I've tried various setups with herbivores as well with 6K hp (which last longer then any other dino's so far that i've tested). - Rexes with 40K hp or rexes with 1500% dmg, none of that matters - There is always a Yuty present, and tested as well with piggy's present in all cases. It feels it's a boss you almost cannot do without either glitching (deer) or a lot of people (5+) which is fine for the bigger tribes. Since there is no taunt mechanic, there is no real way of keeping him faced away from the main groups. (i've got 3 dps groups that i control to flank him from all sides). Closest so far i was able to get him (Alpha dragon) solo was to ~30% Suggestions are welcome. Please base in mind i'm after official settings. i play on unofficial, but official is a benchmark for me i can work with.
  3. there are only 2 alpha on 53 knd and miracles they raid anyone on this server its close to being token over they have all the oblisk and spread there cancer building everywere they raid me on a weekly basis to kill nothing but dilos and dodos they wont stop hurting us newbies plz help stop these arrogant so called supremecy server fakes ty .
  4. From smaller mounts. I'm wondering since I'm out with a gigantopithecus (ape) and need some XP to level it up. If I get dismounted I might die and the ape too. I know that a normal raptor can dismount me from the ape.
  5. Roderick

    Alpha Dragon Suggestions

    Hi. could anyone please suggest me good detailed setups that work against alpha dragon? I really need to get the teleporter but from what i've been trying on test servers all my attempts have failed due to adds doing a lot of damage to armor mostly Could anyone give me some suggestions as to how I can defeat him? Including dino and gear stats if possible?
  6. DarkRaptor13

    Alpha TLC

    Hi ! We all know those powerful and scary alpha. And deep inside, many of us feel like they could be way better. Here are some suggestions: -Alpha visual reskin: Alphas should look different than classic creatures. They are bigger, yes. But no more smoke around them. It looks like they smell or are burning. Instead of that, give them a different model. Maybe just some scars, spikes and other things that could give them a more aggressive look. Or, even better, new sub-species. Alpha Rex could be a Tyrannotitan. Alpha Carno could be an Abelisaurus... -Let us TAME them ! We want them and they could be awesome. And to make them less "OP" (see you, ready to complain ), alphas would be aggressive to each others, even between tamed one. This will make it hard to keep many in a base. This way, the player can use only one alpha at a time. What do you think ?
  7. I run my own ark server and I know almost all the ark server commands/settings out there, but im finding something in game that im unable to change to my liking. I have searched and searched for no info regarding corpse collection for alpha dinos. I find when playing that all alpha raptors try eating corpse/dead bodies and never actually eat the corpse. The corpse only vanish after the decomposition timer is up. I believe that this was something that the devs have changed but i want to change this back so that they consume corpses just like any other dino. Any help would be appreciated. This is the only info i can really find regarding what i want to change. (Unsure if this is intended or a bug) https://ark.gamepedia.com/Alpha_Raptor "The alpha raptor keeps biting until the body of a victim decomposes, this gives you the opportunity to attack it from long range." "Alpha Predators are no longer harvest the carcass, so you can use this tactic to duel an Alpha with range weapon." v195.1 "-Alpha predators now consume corpses properly" ...but this was in a patch a long time ago..
  8. OneDarkJester

    bug Alphas unable to eat prey

    I have noticed an issue with Alphas, it seems fairly consistent and is severely reducing the threat posed by them. So far only been playing on a Ragnarok private server, every time an Alpha spawns and kills something it will sit on the corpse trying to eat it. Every attempt no matter where on the map will result in the Alpha chewing on the corpse until it de-spawns. Tested this against a level 95 Alpha Megaladon last night while cruising about, I was able to engage it while it was trying to eat a corpse and kill it before the corpse de-spawned. While it is chewing on the corpse it ignores pretty much everything else, so you can just pump it full of bullets while sat on the back of a mount, with enough firepower, kill it before the corpse disappears. I am also assuming that because of this, the Alpha will not get any food or regenerate as much health while going from one prey to the next.
  9. TheLostKingdoms [RP] Server This roleplay server is brand new and is looking for new Kingdoms to be created. You and your kingdom can fight other kingdoms for more land or even items, or you can allie with a bigger kingdom so you and your allie can conquer Ragnarok together! But can you trust them? We also have admins that are willing to help you with any report or complaints about the server. This server is in Primitive+ but is still very fun and original. Join Today by adding Wolfpack2437 on Playstation 4. Be sure to message him and letting him know.
  10. Raptors are currently really buggy in regards to their Alpha pack buff + Vocalization buff. Yesterday I had 2 raptors and the vocalization buff was working, a full 45 seconds of it, it was also working without the presence of the second raptor. Those raptors ended up dying over night so I tamed 3 others today, none of them get the pack buff and none of them are able to vocalize by pressing c, nothing happens. Their levels are level 77, 195, and 197. The only other time I've seen this bug reported was here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1697168437869492141/ So I assume this bug is somewhat uncommon? Either way it for sure exists.
  11. Hello, i want to know if i beat alpha overseer and ascend, i get all the ascension achievements from steam. I play singleplayer and i don't want to cheat.
  12. Simubaya

    Combining the servers

    Is there any plans to maybe combine the Legacy and Retail servers at one point after a year or two? I know that the servers were divided up originally to make it so that new players wouldn't have to deal with alpha tribes immediately taking over the entire retail game, but after a year or two, there should be well established tribes in both clusters. Instead of gradually closing all of the Legacy servers, leave the ones with the most people, and combine the server clusters. That way some people still can keep their stuff, and you won't have to punish your most dedicated players. It will be an even playing field, and will make a lot of people, and open up more servers. Just a thought. What are the odds of that happening?
  13. HaplessAlarm308

    Alpha Tribes

    So I just started playing ark a couple weeks ago and I think it’s a great game that I will continue to play. There is only one problem I have with the games online pvp servers and that’s the alpha tribes. I was playing on The Center on server 99, with a couple friends and we were getting a nice base with behemoth gates set up in the cave on the east side of the map. But every time we were caught out in the open by the alphas they would burn us down with wyverns. This continued until they eventually found us and tore our gates down with a giga. So we moved and yet again we were found, and then again so if any of you big tribes are looking for a difficult raid go to server 99 on The Center.
  14. LachyWarlord

    artwork Crippling The Alpha!!!

    Hey Guys i just thought I would share a story that was actually incredible and it happened on an Official PvP server. So me and my friend started on A Ragnorock Official PvE server. It was just the 2 of us so it was pretty difficult to get started. Luckily we had a friend that picked us up and took us to a nice island Location on the end of SW3. He was part of the alpha tribe on the server so he could give us a bit of stuff to get started. We had also started on a special 3x weekend event that carried us to lvl 30 in 1 day! Our friend gave us enough stone structures to build a half decent base in a cove which was located on the island. The island was pretty big but it wasnt insane and the alphas had raided the only base located on the island so we could inhabit it. he donated us behomith gates and we sealed of the place so we could store dinos. After a week of hard work we had 10 plant species X lined up on pillars around the base, a minture hanger at the top of the cove which stored pteranodons and a taming pen. The only dinos that spawned on our island were herbivores (except Pterandons) so for carnivores we had to get rafts and sail them over from the main land. Our tribe name got spread around the server but we were under the firm protection of the alphas so we never got raided. Our Dinos were: 4 Pteranodons that were lvl 50+, 2 ankies, 1 lvl 80 argie, 3 stegos, 5 dilos, 1 100+ carno, A dung beetle, 2 phiomias and a lvl 220 Parasaur. We were typicaly low level and couldnt get saddles for most of the creatures. But life was good and we were growing at an extremely fast rate. 3 weeks later A Japenese alpha tribe entered the server they had different time zones to us so we didnt really have any problems with them. and the alphas on our server let them grow. 1day however they kicked up a fuss because they wanted to build on the island that we had our base on. By this time we had 14 High level rexes, 2 decent spinos, a bronto with good HP, 10 turtles, 2 quetz, and 1 Lvl 10 Giga. Even though we had never been raided and the alphas were protecting us we still built a well defended base. We had built on the entire island had surrounded it with an extremely tactical wall. The outide of the island we had surrounded with metal foundations, leaving a gap for the metal behomith gate. On the side of the foundations facing the water we built doorframes going all around the island and they were 5 high. This project took an enitre week of constant grinding, but we did raid a base that had an insane amount of cementing paste so we really only had to get metal. The other side of the foundations we put walls. walking out of the doors we had cat walks with turrets on them. (most had Psx seeing as we werent that rich with resources). The bottom had so many spikes and turrets so they couldnt run up to the wall and C4 it. The friendly alphas said No and they should be happy with there spot (Some place in a giant hidden grotto around Blue Ob) Eventually the Japenese tribe got mad at the alphas and launched a heated attack, We were sure the alphas could defend it No problem. Only they didnt, The alphas base was on the "spiral" an area near the quarry. They had heaps of high lvl dinos and turrets. but the japenese tribe had another settlement on another tribe and they brought more forces from there. It turned out they were alphas on a different server so they had alot of dinos. The alphas had been beaten back and there remaining dinos was behind the 1 wall they had left. They didnt run but fought bravely, calling for help and the server erupted. There were 2 big tribes that came to help the alphas. Both of the tribes forces were killed on the way and there bases got pushed too. We were both on at the time and decided to help. I was lvl 99 and my friend was Lvl 100. We got on our battle quetz and brought 2 high lvl rexes. The battle quetx had a minigun turret and good hp. The alphas were making there last stand and our quetz was stupidly slow. We got there just as ther forces breached there wall. We unloaded our rexes and realised another small tribe had come to help. The alphas gigas were munching there way through the japeneses brontos. The alphas wyverns had taken out the japenese wyverns and our mingun quetz came in handy. The alphas pushed and claimed there 3 defensive walls back. The japenese were beggining to run and we had transferred around 7 rexes at that time so we pushed after them. The brontos had along way to run and we were way faster then them. Wekilled 2 of there brontos when 2 gigas came running out from there base to help defend them. We pushed back after that and ran back to the alphas. The alphas were already planning a push. Our job was to take out the turrets on the inside once the aphas had blown through. One we had breached the first gate me and my teamate were to sent in our high lvl turtles to soak bullets. It was all planned for the next day. Sadly A Huge tribe from another server wiped all 3 of us the next day. I am sorry for the time you just used reading this huge anticlimactic ending. But the tribe went on to be known as "Megaomega" They got wiped shortly after however.
  15. Alocoste

    Changing Alpha spider

    Hello, I was wondering that Alpha Spider ain't logic : it is giving you less elements than Alpha Ape, but is so more dangerous. I don't know about others people, but i use to lose 1 or 2 rexes on the battle compare to Hard Ape where i could do it twice before regen my rexes. On Alpha BM, i'm using : - 19 rexes and one yuty when solo - 18 rexes, one yuty and one daeodon with my friend We are using rexes with 45k HP and 900-1000dmg with saddles with 100-120 armor. Some others people have the same issue? Otherwise, it would be nice to : - Give significant more elements than alpha Ape - Reduce damage from Alpha Spider Thanks for your feedback!
  16. Startskin

    Beat alpha boss on ab

    We managed to beat Gama and beta with no problems on the boss. we started alpha, one person dc right when loading in, obviously died fast due to the balls. we lost another tribe mate at the last phase to a shocking tentacle. but the other 7 including me beat the boss. i was gliding in air while I learned the engram for rock drake saddle, but shortly crashed to Xbox home. as I was loading back in my tribe informed me I died, and sure enough when I logged back in I was dead. i have video clips of beating boss and learning engram from recording fight. They should be 2 minute clips, but to my surprise the last video is only 1:57 due to crash. i can use all engrams from aberration, the down fall is I don’t have +15 lvls, lost my whole kit that included 2x asc rifles, 1 mastercraft pump shotgun and a lot of bullets left over. why did I crash? Was it due to recording, or gliding while boss was going down?? I recorded other fights with no issues. Hope this helps others from not wasting their time. Yes i have filed a ticket, but still waiting on reply.
  17. Hello, dear devs i looked trough 10-20 the center maps today after getting raided from the one id been on for sometime now like a year on and off.. the alphas is ok until u get metal then they come with 20 c4 and raid you.. yeah thats pvp right? well i go look another and another.. and EACH AND EVERY SINGLE THE center map is metal blocked and isle blocked.. its like few gang up on the server and just hold it hostage for newcomers. whats the deal with having official servers if a few selected can just take it over for themselfs its like privately owned by them in public.. ( NEEDS too seriously be looked into wipe ) there no fun in people taking the server hostage and just keep it for themselfs.. and why are so many "alphas" paranoid of getting raided? they got breed dinos they got all the cp they need and all the things nobody can touch em.. so why have the server and play alone with a few friends its so sad and loser mentality too be so huge and yet so fragile. this is the perspective from one that simply wanna transfer their charakter too start anew but its hard too start anew when all the spots for a potential base is A either blocked! B or blocked.. C or blocked.. this is a real issue.. not enough that the ark server browser is not working 100% either, so refreshing can yield in different servers everytime.. and favorites doesnt update either.. annoyance. gotta go too a webbrowser too locate a server isnt what i want to do, but i must, and the site can say, " this server has been removed from a request etc". so i dont know. 1k old servers and completely owned by 1 tribe isnt fun too join.. like the whole of obeliskes are either metal spawnbllocked and cant start out anywhere.. thanks for me. if u ask me either remove the metal spawn blocks and noob areas or wipe the servers basiclly UNPLAYABLE..
  18. XvInsanityXv

    Alpha reaper king spawn

    Is anyone else having issues spawning alpha surface reaper kings on official servers or is it just me? Is there a specific method or tactic people use? Our tribe is trying to do alpha rockwell and the alpha reaper king barb is the last thing we need Xbox Official servers btw so cant use spawn codes or anything like that
  19. Ello guys i'm lokidoki. I've played ark for about two years now and i love this game. I love dinos xD. I'm making this suggestion thread for the Reaper on abberation. I feel the reaper is vastly weaker than other alpha dinos like spinos and megalos. Theyre Dmg growth and lack of saddles and mate boost just makes them so sub par compared to those dinos on the map turning them into hollow vanity tame. I know that you guys didnt wan't release a "new giga" like before but I feel the reaper should have better DMG and the same damage reduction or higher if there are no mate boosted mechanics added. An alternative you could add to the reaper is give it a 100 dmg base and give it a static 70% dmg reduction with no light along with a buff that doesn't allow nameless to spawn around. Making it truly feel like you've tamed a "Alpha" predator. The second suggestion is allowing reapers to climb walls like drakes. Wild reapers and queens are able to dig in the ground, why can't tamed ones just "dig their claws" on the walls and climb like that? This would give the reaper much better mobility but still weaker than rock drakes in the mobility side of the spectrum and play off the "xenomorph" concept that they're based off from.
  20. Blitzmygrandma

    Quick question

    Does Redmoonknight25 own an alpha tribe?
  21. Hi what should it stats be and also for the lighting
  22. I love early and late pvp on official servers and i never complained about anything. The most pvp, the better it gets. But the alliance between the two alpha tribes from the server come after you and kill you non stop without warning completely outnumbered on people, dinos and weapons i don't get it. They could have declare war on us and my tribe and i could be able to enjoy some pvp against them, but instead they wiped our base, killed all dinos and hunt us without any warning or meaning. Thats why im asking for help to clean just them. What do you guys think about it? Love ya homies Cx
  23. Helam

    Alpha loot equal to non alpha loot

    We have killed about 4-5 alpha karkinos and 1 alpha basilisk and they all have contained loot that you might find in a dead raptor (non alpha). Some berries, couple of arrows maybe, stone tools, etc. Based on experience killing alphas on other maps we are used to alphas containing good high quality loot but havent seen anything like that on this map. 1 or 2 with nothing good and we wouldnt worry too much but this seems to be a pattern rather than an exception now.
  24. Wazzamaniac

    Karkinos pushing tame under the map

    Yesterday, I was fighting a alpha crab on aberration with my crab. During the fight, the alpha pushed mine under it, much like a tuso used to do on the island: my mount was a full crabs height below the map at this point but could fight back. I eventually popped back up and out of it. I am not sure if this was only visual seeing as a) the mount didnt die, b) I got out and c) i wasnt in a falling animation, but needless to say im not touching these things unless im sure i wont get in a situation like that again.
  25. Hi there, Playing on single-player I noticed something strange. There was no Alpha Wyvern in the Volcano Wyvern lair. I first noticed this when I went to get milk so the only other option I had was to knock out a female or gfi milk in. Even after leaving the game/world on for 3 hours it didn't respawn so 'time' is not an issue. The next issue? Otters. I've checked all spawns I know of but there wasn't a single Otter on single-player. In the end I had to spawn one in to tame. Next, Ice Wyverns/Eggs. All other Wyvern eggs are fine but Ice Wyverns seem broken on Single-player. Their nests only spawn in one location, above the frozen lake at about 47, 51 (GPS). --- However I then went on my friend's server, a 24/7 PC hosted and found that the Alpha Wyvern was always in the trench. Even after killed it would respawn as normal. Otters were in the right places, we didn't have to command spawn any. Ice Wyvern eggs were easy to get. All their spawns worked! I don't know if anyone else has any of these issues but, spawns on single-player seem just a little broken... even with a destroywilddinos every now and then.