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Found 135 results

  1. Alpha Spawns

    So I play on a un-official dedicated server with boosted rates, none to spawn rate. I was wondering where alphas are most prominent so i can gather loot.
  2. Hello Fellow Survivors I've been playing Ark for 400 hours+ and I have a few suggestions.... When starting a new game on Official if you were not there since Launch of that server you are at an extreme disadvantage. All the starting zones are usually occupied or an alpha tribe has put a gate down which forces you to find a suitable place to establish a base in a very difficult to get to areas. If you have no Fellow tribe members that start with you it makes the difficulty of the game ( which is already hard on official) increase exponentially. Why is it harder you ask? There is no place that isn't crawling with Carnivores to put down a foundation. The Alpha Tribe in control normally has full control of the resources in the area, and tend to make gathering resources more complicated then drunk Tetris. Sometimes they have already farmed the resources and there is nothing there forcing you deeper in hostile territory with no way of being able to defend yourself besides pure dumb luck. They may have walled off the spawn points so that new players wake up in cages or can't leave the spawn point for one reason or another. If you do manage to build a 2x4 shack sometimes the tribe will come down and destroy everything you have done, making you question your life. Possible Solutions The recommended spawn zones can have the oblesiks do an auto wipe feature that could occur every 2 weeks or every 2 months just for that area or however long the developers think is fair. This will ensure that new players will always have a place to spawn and be able to build. It will also be one way to curve griefing and give a less sour new player experience. Another option would be to put certain build restrictions on certain resources to keep any one tribe from monopolizing it. (My least favorite option) A full Server wipe every year or something along those lines. I only suggest this because the same Alpha tribes that dominate the server tend to never fall out of power and continue to only allow who they like to join the server and play and force out all others. New players who start a month or 2 after an official server has launched could have a boost to stats starting out temporarily or even start with a certain amount of resources and materials that only they can use and stays with them even in death. There could be a big event every month where some mythical animal ravages the land for X amount of time and it could target big bases or something and if killed drops like a ton of rewards. Conclusion By giving new players a chance to succeed it increase the game player base and gives people a chance the game. The Griefing Alpha Tribes really have no competition besides other alpha tribes who would really have to go out of their way to fight them(and would only do so with compensation.....but how can you compensate what you can not gather?). As it currently stands Once an Alpha tribe is established I've noticed that they then wipe out all competition and used a Scorched Earth (hehe) policy on all new comers. Without an effective way of keeping the game fresh or curving Griefing you have to wonder what the servers would hypothetically look like a year from now with the same Alpha tribes in power. Also I've noticed some of the tribes on the servers I've joined have blocked access to Obelisks which is Game breaking. Either you submit to the tribe or leave the server, and try to find one that isn't going to burn everything you spend 100+ hours on and making you consider being an alcoholic. Incase you can't be bothered to read. Tldr: alpha tribe griefers will be what kills official servers. Hopefully something can be done to dissuade it. *edits* Grammar
  3. Me and my two friends have played ark a long time but we are much slower on progress because we play on mostly default settings (default difficulty, stats, resource gathering, etc) i tend to play in my own world a lot which is very similar say for a few increased options like spoil time, taming speed (not instantaneous still), and some utility stuff like cave building and flyers. We play on Xbox, single player and non-dedicated host sessions. So ive been looking at the bosses stats on the wiki (which btw severely needs updating) and looking at the numbers i dont see how even high level rexes and such can last against these bosses, my friend went on a test world to spawn some in and see, and the broodmother was dealing 20k damage in under a minute... So basically the question is has anyone beaten the bosses without changing any settings?
  4. I'll get right into the catch of our server. At the start of the pvp an alpha tribe will be deemed. The alpha tribe will have their strongest wyvern turned into an alpha wyvern. If two tribes both claim to be alpha then a war will take place until one surrenders. Besides having that going our server is slightly boosted. Taming and breeding stats are raised more then slightly. Events will take place once a week, sometimes more. Pvp takes place between Friday around 4p.m. until Sunday around 10 p.m. Then the server will switch back to pve. if you'd like to join. Add arklovers444 and start preparing for war. Server start date: 9/17
  5. I have a dedicated server (server difficulty is 7), where I am playing solo, and during the last months I was able to beat broodmother easy/medium, ape easy/medium/hard and dragon easy at official settings. This week I have attempted broodmother hard, but I realized it will not be possible to do solo. I brought my latest generation of rexes (40-50k, 700-800%, ASC saddles) and a yuty for the buff. Still I was slaughtered within no time. This felt a bit weird tho, since the ape was going down rather smoothly (although I lost half of the rexes back then), but the spider queen was barely scratched after everything was dead. I realized dragon would not be any different, and probably it would never be possible to solo those bosses. And with mostly solo players/2-3 man tribes on my server I decided I set the alpha bosses (brood/ape/dragon) to singleplayer difficulty (via some server settings I found on google. but it only affects damage dealt + damage taken, not boss health) to give players a chance to defeat it. Then I actually was able to do the broodmother without any problems. Few rexes were badly injured, but I did it without losses. This would be the difficulty I imagined, and its okay for me really. Now I did 3 dragon hard tries, one yesterday (at v261) and two today (at v262), all unsuccessful. Yesterday before the patch I was able to bring it down to like 15-20% health, but in the end I was not able to do it. Today, I was not even able to bring it down to half its health, before it starts to cut through my rexes and burn everything to ashes. In the second try today I even replaced a rex with a daedon (18k life, 54k food) with ASC saddle on autoheal, and it seemed that the rexes survived longer. But then again I also tried to turn the dragon away from the pack of rexes, so they don't get too much fire breath into their faces, so I' not sure if the daedon was that efficient, also it died after some minutes. When everything was dead again and I was alone on foot, I used the time to check the boss level and health. It said level 1 alpha dragon, with a total of 1,26million health (which I was able to bring down to around 900k). Now my question is, is this actually the difficulty its supposed to be in singleplayer? If so, how are singleplayers beating it? I am really having a hard time turning the dragon around to avoid the fire breath, it seems impossible, since he seems to have random aggro. Also, of course, its really hard to not take a lot of damage when he crosses the lava, or lifts up and starts to spam fireballs. During the fight I will always stay on the yuty (40k life, 730% melee), spamming the buffs and trying to coordinate the rexes. Rexes are switched from passive/follow to aggressive to move them around and let them attack the dragon. Commanding "attack this target" seems to be rather unreliable/difficult to land when mounted, so I work with aggressive stance instead. I also tried with "attack my target", since I'm also hitting it with the yuty, but I feel theres not much of a difference. Who has beaten the alpha dragon in singleplayer since the last patch? What was your setup, what was your tactics? Any tips?
  6. Currently Scorched servers are a safe haven creating untouchable Alpha tribes that are capable of wiping every server that is connected to the server cluster. This has been discussed on many forums, Reddit posts, and social media platforms. The devs have turned a blind eye to this game breaking mechanic. The transferring of unlimited dinosaurs and items from Scorched to Island/Center has caused the wipe of many tribes within hours of transferring to the server. These tribes that are being wiped have spent thousands of hours building up on their Island/Center servers. There is no way to predict or retaliate these attacks. This has already began to destroy the ARK Community and has made many official servers desolate. Let's not let them ignore this issue any longer. Let's be so loud that they are forced to address this game breaking issue. Please help our voices be heard.
  7. Alpha whale spotting

    I spotted at alpha whale yesterday between herb and the island straight after it destroyed my raft btw and ive noticed it can disappear into the landscape next its there then its not is this right?. Also beware the guys on herb on server 1 eu pvp if you fancy going and finding it.
  8. alpha rex

    I have seen this level 8 alpha Rex and i really want to kill it but i also don't want to spend a lot of time as I've seen some youtubers spend killing it. I have a lvl 80 argentavis (which I know inst the best) but it have 2k health and 400% melee and iv'e killed two alpha raptors with it without flying which where level 15. Would i have any chance with this Rex at all with the Argie.
  9. Quick question

    Does Redmoonknight25 own an alpha tribe?
  10. [Xbox One] Ragnarok drop time?

    As I'm in a 30 man tribe and we're going to the new official isolated Ragnarok servers, we'd like to know when the drop time is (if anyone knows. timezone preferably would be GMT but we can figure it out in according to that.
  11. This suggestion comes with probably something almost every server suffers. The players/trolls/griefers that plague servers by attacking tribes. Particularly to local players and not the mass transferring in for a day though it could effectively help some against them as well. I think the tribes should be locked to their name for 24hr after killing a tame/player (something that would log). Give us the 24 hour to hunt them down without them able to instantly change tribe names even to the point of matching local tribes to avoid being found. I personally feel its a bit of an exploit. It used to change their tribe name in the log with them changing tribes but doesn't appear to do that anymore. Most of the trouble we run across is these players will change their tribe names 5-10 times a night while killing local players/tames making it impossible for a server defense or alpha tribes to do much about it or even for a tribe to be able to retaliate against them by finding them. This would be more effective on isolated or cross ark but on officials/legacy it would be less though it would prevent someone from transferring in tames killing/raiding then hiding their tames under a new name till they can move them off. Could also use some kind of system that would prevent people from matching tribe names exactly or having a constant influx of 'humans' join a server. It should just have the name field blank and make them make something up the disgruntled, Blackavar
  12. Come join us on the centre! This server is fresh as of today! Looking for new players to come join and build to be the alpha tribe. There is also no admins in the server which prevents admin abuse. The server is up 24/7 with minimul ping. The boosts are as follows: XP - 5x Harvesting - 7x Taming - 10x Breeding - 10x Player boosts are also applied If interested add and message: Ark World 24 7
  13. Primitive Plus Services Launch!

    Primitive Plus Services is a network that has been connecting numerous tribes of all sizes from every ps4 primitive server. Our function is to connect players that are requiring a service or offering one. There are many different services we can arrange and many job opportunities for those looking for a different ark experience. P+Services has been the main focus of our Hive tribe since it began, and it has proven succesful, so we'vedecided to go public and reach out to the forums to further primitive plus and prevent it from becoming a dead mod. Although we do intend on staying anonymous for the time being. Why do we bother you might ask? Because someone needs to be the good guy. Some of our network's P+SERVICES that people have requested or provided are -Mercenaries for hire -Organising safe dino/item trades -Grinders for hire -Breeding programs -Assistance in finding a reliable alliance in your server - Species X tower installations And Wall/Behemoth Gate builders -Character leveling double XP ride alongs -Egg/Juvenile raising -River Sickness outbreak cures and rival tribe infection -Taming assistance -custom recipe/recipe item orders (High crafing skill) PrimitivePlusServices are also happy to send one of our many in game agents to provide services if we cannot find you a provider, although our agents do NOT harm other tribes or players while acting as an agent to avoid a conflict of interest. Only a service provider can engage in pvp like services. RULES. 1. Once agreed upon, a deal cannot be changed. 2. Keep anonymous for security reasons until you are given your customers/providers playstation username. 3. All participants must have a microphone, and must communicate through playstation messages or party only. 4. Only tell your customer/provider your base location if the service requires them to be at your base. (Extra security measure) 5. Do not talk about the network in global chat or forums. (This is an old rule, but we are still enforcing it as we want people to understand how the network works before they contact us) 6. If you break a rule there are no warnings, you are banned from the network and we will cease all communications. So how does it work? Email [email protected] Include in the email your ps username and what service you would like to offer/provide, and any crucial details. (Leaving tour tribe name is optional) We will resond shortly with further instructions (finding a provider/customer for your particular service may take up to a few days depending on the service) Thats it, its that simple! We expect to be hearing from alot of you soon and look forward to making primitive a more productive mod. And remember guys, your tribes can benefit more working with us than trying to cheat one of our members, so do yourself a favour and contact us. Your mate, The candle
  14. Hello everyone, I'm Urahara, playing ark since 1 month, and already have 300+Hours (Mostly PvP). I'm actually on CrossArk09 with my girlfriend Zira, 700+hours (Mostly PvE). I'm introducing ourselves cause we are looking for a good tribe PvP. An alpha tribe would be good, cause we play many hours per days, and are goods on PvP. (Know how to build a good PvP base etc...). My specialities are the Pure PvP & the Crafting (Aiming and killing people with weapons, building bases and farm a lot of ressources). My girlfriend Specialities are the Taming and the Farming. We would like to join an alpha tribe for raiding and control a server. Obviously, we play as duo, so everything we'll have to do is as duo. (If the tribe need a Rex, we both go for it etc...). We are ready to join a tribe who want to conquer a new server at his opening, and ready to join an already tribe who need more players ! If you're interested, add sekeelbeast or Urahara on steam. Urahara#8697 is my discord username. Cya everyone !
  15. How to improve the Ark Survival Evolved 2 30.7.2017 As the game is about to be released in about two weeks there is a few things that should be changed, improved or just ouright explained. I made a similar left before concerning the single-player but this is something concerning the overall experience if you will. Berry drops from Carnivores. I don't know what justified the Developers to do this. To me right now it makes no sense to have berries drop from predators, I always have to dicard them from my dinos. The only motivation I could figure is that you could eat them to regain hunger and water. But the amounts you receive are too small to be of any interest. Same goes for fiber clothing, as I can see how after killing a raptor you might need new fiber clothing, if you were wearing fiber clothing when you fought it. After a certain point the items you get from killing raptors and carnos becomes nothing more than Trash in your dinos inventory. Stop this madness Devs. Better rewards from High Level Alphas. The other day a level 92 Alpha Carno spawned right next to my Mountain camp, thinking that needs to be taken care of. So to protect myself and my dinos, I marsh out with four allosaurs and three Yutyrannus, and I lose two Yutyrannus and one Allosaur. And in return I get a Apprentice Crossbow. Feels a bit anti-climatic. At least when I killed that level 5 Alpha Raptor I got a boosted pistol. Currently I fee no need to kill an Alpha rex because I know it won't be worth the effort. A better taming food for herbivores. Predators have both Prime Meat and Raw Mutton, a rare meat that tames carnivores faster. I understand that vegetables are sorta used for that. But something that could work between Kibble and Vegetables. Maybe a rare plant fruit that you can grow in your garden? Fast spoil timer when not on a tree, doesn't stack, the usual. True Carnivores are harder to tame because they're hostile, fast and deal a lot of damage, but something to speed it up for people that want beasts of burden would be swell too. Temperature difference Fix. A thing I've noticed on my Mountain camp on The Island is that by walking a couple of meters you can go from overheating to freezing. So some fixes to the temperature areas would be nice. The temp boxes don't have to be too small, maybe go from 21 to 14 to 7 and then 0, instead of 24 to 0 in a couple of meters. Dinosaur food stats. This is just a nit-pick on my part but the ability to make wild dinos not level up food would be useful. That way you can be sure the dino is good for something. At this point I think oxygen and Food are sorta useless for must dinos as you hardly use them in water. So why not just have the option to adjust what you want leveled up for the dinos on your local/server? And I get that food will make them last longer if left alone, but who really rely on that? Who doesn't visit their server often enough to feed their dinos every once in a while? At the point maybe you should lose your dino if you don't plan to care for it. Flyer Speeds. The Flyer nerf hit the servers like a rock if I am to understand it correctly. So we can't level up speed anymore on fliers eh? Again I think this should be a setting on a server, and if nothing else you can cap the speed level up, say at 150%? Higher than now but not so high that it becomes OP. I am not saying that it wouldn't be misused but what I want to get across is that I am in a hurry sometimes and a faster flyer would be neat. Different saddles. Another thing to add could be different kinds of saddles. Armor Saddle, which is heavier but provides more protection, A lightweight saddle, which boost speed(something to fix my previous suggestion). A Saddle that increase carry weight. Maybe even a bladed saddle that increase damage. Having each of those saddles with their own engrams for every dinosaur would be a bit much, but here is a thought. Have it something you add to Saddles in the workbench, or have them as modifications you add to saddles. Dinosaur Updates. I know I am not alone on this, but an update on the old dinos would be neat. Parasaurs are pretty much useless nowadays and I've frankly never tamed a pig. I suggest either updating dinos to become more useful or simply making them easier to get, by faster taming for example. Thus they're expendable and easy to replace. These are my thoughts on the game and while two weeks are bit short notice I hope the devs will get to them eventually. What do you guys think, am I asking too much? Or are my concerns justified.
  16. Alpha Destruction

    So here is a fun story. Well, today three alpha Rex spawned on the mountain next to carnivore island. My base happens to be in between the island and the mountain, right at the beach. So, I begin to notice these menacing beasts, a lv28, lv20, and lv68 slow walking down the slopes. I panic. I grabbed my ATM lv99 rex, and headed out to try and murder these monsters... on my way I encounter a lv33 alpha car I which I killed easy enough. However, upon encountering the rex, the one about 50 yards from my un-complete Dino pen, I found myself out matched. It was the lv68.... I swam my rex into the water and skirted around it to arrive at my base. Thinking I had evaded this alpha I began preping my now lv114 rex for another battle with the beast..... as I am crafting up some items, I hear battle music, looking over I see a glowing red monster in my Dino pen!! I thought maybe, just maybe my two Rex's, one lv114 and one lv28, trike lv32, beaver lv16, 3 arentavis, mid 50s, quetzle lv202, raptor luv 198, and therizinosaurus luv 158 may handle it.... The alpha murder them all. I escaped with my precious quetz and therizinosaur, my two most useful and high level. Now I am in my rex proof Dino pen with a mob of allosaurus outside.... life is good!!! I'm playing non-dedicated server by myself btw, pve. I think other people can join, so if you want, hit me up!
  17. Leave a message if you're interested, PS4 Official
  18. Alpha Tusoteuthis broken OP My Mosa LvL 238 with 20k HP, 300% DMG and Journeyman Saddle (136 Armour) got killed by an Alpha Tusoteuthis LvL 36. The Alpha Tusoteuthis grabs the Mosa so the Mosa in unable to reach/hit it. I tried to attack it while mounted. After realizing this wont work I escaped, regenerated my Mosas HP and tried it again this time I unmounted my Mosa while it was grabbed and attacked the Alpha Tusoteuthis's beak with my Ascendant Crossbow (283% DMG). My mosa got killed after 20 minutes, the Alpha Tusoteuthis wasn't even bleeding ... wat? how to kill it? PS: this Mosa killed 2 Alpha Mosas (LvL 115 and 35) at the same time within 5 minutes loosing only 3k HP ...
  19. Me and my alliances 5 players in total prepared for weeks for dragon. They've done it before, i have not. We had fully imprinted dinos with boss stats. When the boss was summoned, 2 out of 5 of us were teleported inside the arena. Me, my 2 friends got a loading screen for a second, it froze and we ended up staying at green ob. Our dinos went in. Yes we were close enough. It's a shame that this close to release there are bugs this severe. Thats weeks of work raising dinos and gathering trophies and gear. All to be lost because of a glitch. I'm very upset. Wait no. Not upset. I'm so used to all of this i've become numb. PVE-NA-85 I saved videos of the event.
  20. SO everyone knows Ark is an infuriating yet addictive piece of digital art. It can be entertaining, thrilling, and rage-inducing. I think that's part of the reason we keep coming back. However the problem with hardcore-survival games like this is that, with the penalties and consequences of failure so high, and especially with the investment cost of playing (dinosaur taming times 2-4 real life hours, yeah? or taming low and grinding resources and xp, right?), that your game better damn work properly if you expect us to keep investing in it. Yesterday (7/15/17) on NA PvP Official server 434, lat 45, lon 68 @ approx 5:26PM EST (17:26) I took our small tribe's T-Rex out for the FIRST TIME. I put it on our raft with a widened, build out platform (about enough room for 3-Rexes to stand side by side). I don't know why, I know the raft system is both buggy, unfinished, and down right disastrous, but I was so damn excited about our Rex. We sailed her to Herbivore Island for some hide farming, we even spent the time to tame an Anklyosaurus there (low level so it was only about an hour in real time). On the way back home when we reached those coordinates in the ocean, the Rex glitch out and rubberbanded off of the boat and out into the water. Before we could get him, within 30 seconds a swarm of 6-8 Jelly fish (Cnidaria), all around level 15, electrocuted the Rex and killed her, then all swam off. If we had been attempting to farm them or were fighting them in some way, if it had been anything other than rubberbanding or raft-related bugs, it would just be a part of the game system - as intended. But if I'm going to sit in real life in game for 2, 3 , 4 hours to tame something exotic or awesome, am I really going to be satisfied in my playing experience if it's going to be wasted in this way? It's bad enough that the Alpha spawn rate is so intense. There is literally and truly always three Alpha raptors (or 2 raptors and a Rex) running around our beaches. They kill everything from DoDos to Trikes to the giant Death Turkeys. You want to know why we have to raft around? Because we can't walk, because the spawn rate and general interaction between these things is broken. The virtual ecology is incredibly offset and broken. And the Rex above isn't the first loss to a bug. I know almost everyone reading this has experienced the same. It's the little things like taming a creature in a cave for two hours only to have it get stuck in a wall because of pathing. Or taming another and finding out that, although it's small enough to be picked up by a Tapejara or Pteranodon, it can't fit through the cave opening and so its stuck. Tuck in your little limbs guy! No? Okay well ---- me then. NSFW Warning: Screenshot contains expletives in chat window.
  21. So I was taming an allo on Rag earlier, and decided to test my Wyvern trapping skills on a Thyla. My tribe leader joined in the fun, and we were messing with Wyvs by the SCAR. A alpha appeared! I kited it into a trap and we proceeded to start killing it. A person, I won't name, popped down a hill on a giga and managed to get the kill. I won't go into great details, but we had it bloody... what do you think.. all is fair? all bets off? jerk move? My tribe leader was super angry, personally I was glad he didn't kite stuff to the allo nearby I was taming. Oddly enough, it didn't really make me angry, but wonder what others would have thought in that situation. #arklife p.s. Tribe leader on a almost max Griffon, and I was on superbreed Thyla.
  22. Seeking experienced ARK players to form a new tribe for the upcoming update Ragnarok. Servers will be fresh, new and isolated so you will have to start again, ideally you will be experienced in playing ARK, understanding the basic and advanced details of the game and up for playing competetively with the aim to becoming the Alpha tribe. Tribe will be well organised with everyone having specific tasks suited to their playstyle (E.G - Scout and Hunter who gather hides and meat and scout out enemy bases or Builder and Gatherer) etc. If you are interested, Add the PSN:- Vettlen I will invite you to the tribe chat. update should be releasing between the 10th - 19th of July (Hopefully!)
  23. So you have the new map, looking really polish and really fun in the correct environnement .But really you dont really play the game unless you're the alpha or with the alpha. Ice wyvern/Tek/Decent tame/ More than primitive pvp ! HA ! you will never see that as a 1 2 3 4 men tribe starting up. People in this game are like Inmate. They lie 99 % of the time to people they dont know . Sure il help .. Proceed to wipe the guy. Were is your base il help with the basic... proceed to wipe the guy. THEY ALL SAY THE SAME poop= GOOD LUCK ON YOUR NEXT SERVER ...... Hello someone here it like this on every pvp server am a stay Right here at leash i know i dont have to worry about the fact that there 1 % chance that you might not a be dishonest person who is not wort anything. Today while i was doing unimportant stuff since i know everything i build was gonna get destroy in 1 min to 12 hours. I ear a someone at my door, (Am gonna blow your door open up). Feel like it prison new people test other, some are good at manipulating some other some are really bad but 90% of the community does it. He told like 2 min after that he was lv 4 and he needed help. I know prison i know ark this guy as 80 % chance of turning on me and trying to take my stuff and he surely try and end up in my cage. He called the alpha and they caged him and destroy my box Am just wondering do you roleplay someone awful because or you hate yourself and your life or you are just really you when you play ark ? ATM am just a grieffer going around doing useless stuff to pass time since nothing really matter, I kill is tame or the alpha will ,it does not really matter. 4 Time now i metal hatchet raid someone they ask for help the alpha answer= Were gonna help were are you! Proceed to kill every body and destroy everything 4 time now . ONE TIME REALLY SHOCK ME, I will never forget that ever, i was fighting a 2 men tribe a wife and a husband and i ad cuff and caged is wife.He was really angry. So he asked for help. The alpha answer. -Release her or else. I proceed to release her. Then the alpha said -Were going to raid him we dont tolerate grieffer on or server. So i took all my valuable and look for a drop. 3 min later they wiped them and left my base un-touch. You dont see that kind of thing even in Jail , i dont know were this kind of behavior would be seen as normal other than a virtual reality were people are allowed to be the worse that they can be. Ark could be a very good psychological place to make test on human being. Lying create pattern in your brain just like bad eating habits and not engaging in a consistent exercise routine, compulsive lying creates harmful habits. These are hardwired patterns, which can be extremely difficult to break without support and assistance from a trained psychotherapist.
  24. Hi, I played on Official servers a lot, now I'm on the EU Cross Server 9, and today I was 2 hours looking for build a hidden 1x1 base, far from a really big building. In this hours, I was in north, west, east, south, redwood... I could see a lot of map, but I could't see any tamed dino, no one (except alpha tribes OFC). This is because alphas wipe and kill every dino, passive or not. So what do you think, structures need to be more healthy to avoid dinos and structures being wiped on the servers?
  25. New YouTube Series "Road to Alpha"

    Hello, im new to the forums and new to ark, but even though I am new to this, I am planning to reach alpha status. I will be starting a YouTube series titles "Road to Alpha". I hope to get some subscribers to help and give advice for my channel. YouTube: check out my channel recording starts this week on the new series.