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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 19 results

  1. 1) Is claiming dinos with expired timers still possible in official PvE? A week ago I was unable to claim the dinos in an abandoned base and they despawned shortly after. A month ago I claimed an argy left in our backyard, whose owner lay offline underneath it and never logged back in. So I'm really not sure. 2) I unlocked the Heart emote during last year's Valentine's Day event and used it on my character in legacy Scorched (which was not legacy at that time.) A few months ago my laptop broke and I am using a different computer (which until recently meant having to re-achieve the game's achievements in order to unlock your spawn-in cosmetics). I am still unable to use the Heart emote on any other character either on legacy or non-legacy servers. Do emotes unlocked using event items (5 boxes of chocolate in the cooking pot) not work the same way as achievement cosmetics? Or is it because I'm using a different computer and haven't re-earned that emote? Or something else?? I wish the emote would unlock, I worked my butt off to get it and now we aren't even going to play legacy anymore... Due to the devs' buggy patch that rolled back and deleted my bf's entire base and all dinos. Thanks, Wildcard!
  2. Just A Question

    Fellow survivors, i need your help. I searched in Ark's wiki for the achievements and i'm a bit confused. In achievements like the master zoologist or all the explorer note ones, when it says "in the ARK", does this include the dlcs? Do i have to tame every creature officialy release in every and each map to unlock master zoologist or only The Island ones? Same goes for the explorer notes and every other achievement with the phrase "in the ARK". Please Help Thank You
  3. So I did the Alpha Ascension achievement so I could get the clown skin to joke around in singleplayer and it gave me an achievement I don't want it as a steam achievement, Is there a way to reset my achievements, I'm okay with earning all of the ones I got vanilla back, I just don't feel right with a cheated achievement! Please let me know if there is a way, I honestly thought it would just give me the skin so I could take a few screenshots with a Unicorn I found. I've only genuinely earned four achievements and now I feel bad for teleporting or godmoding to certain locations to get them, and the Alpha Ascension achievement is killing me! I just got the season pass and I started to mess around on scorched earth and got some of these achievements I don't want! I earned First Day, First Dino, First Ride, and Rex Rider all genuinely! I don't wanna get banned or anything, I just want it fixed if it can be. Though it is a little stupid that commands can give achievements, not being mean or anything!
  4. Please make achievements account bound. I am big achievement collector and it ripping my heart that if I will re install Ark on steam then i will loose all my progress. Especially dosiers and explorer nodes was real challenge to collect and I would like to have them on my fresh character for aberration. Also my favorite haircut was locked behind alpha ascension and so on. With that said .. manticore skins are still not even character bound. That would need some touch too.
  5. Not Unlock two achievements

    I can not unlock these two achievements: 1) Veteran Survivor You defeated ARK's first Guardian! 2) Artifact Archaeologist You personally retrieved all the Artifacts! I've tried all the guides, but the achievements do not unlock !! Solutions?
  6. My Precious Skins

    Hello, I would like to know why my skins are gone, I have all the achievements made on the PC and I uninstalled the ark because it was giving some problems of locking and when I reinstal I no longer have my skins I spent days to make these achievements and now I have no more nothing how to solve ?
  7. I am fed up with this. People keep posting topics about this and they fall on deaf ears. All my skins and all my explorer notes will disappear and relock themselves randomly. I keep trying to go back through and unlock the stuff and it just disappears every time. I have the achievements, I keep putting time into this and it's nonsense they are gone. Is this getting fixed anytime soon? Yes, my survivor items are on. And no, I am not reinstalling etc.
  8. 3 Achievements not unlockable.

    There are three goals that do not unlock! These are: 1) Artifact Archaeologist (Personally retrieve all the Artifacts.) 2) Veteran Survivor (Defeat Ark's first Guardiian.) 3) Survivor of the Center (Defeat the Guardians of the Center) Are there any solutions?
  9. Achievement skins

    So just before the big ragnarok update I decided to grind for the trophies on the PS4 version of the game. However as of the update I no longer spawn with the reward skins that I earned. I still have the hairstyles and emotes, yet none of the skins spawn in my inventory on repspawn. Can someone help me out please?
  10. New achievements

    The game finally got some new achievements this year but i think a game like ark has a huge opportunity to use the achievements spec to shine. A lot of gamers love to make the achievements of a game take for example the world of warcraft. The world of warcraft has got a huge achievements list to do and a lot of people once the reach a certain level in the game they start to focus on the achievements. Suggestions for new achievements: Taming/breeding achievements : tame 2 rexs,stego,rator,etc (separate achievements for each dino) tame 10 rexs,stego,rator,etc (separate achievements for each dino) Tame all land creatures/dino. Tame all flying creatures/dino. Tame all the sea creatures/dino. Tame all carnivore,Herdivore,etc dinos Tame your 1st flying creature/dino Tame you 1st sea creatures/dino. Breed your 1st dino breed one of each kind. Tame 2 dinos of the opposite sex. Cave achievements : A different achievements for each cave clear. Kill all creatures of the cave take all the loot crates Gathering/crafting achievements : Gather 100/1000/10.000/100.000/1.000.000 of each resource (separate achievements for each value) Melt 100/1000/10.000/100.000/1.000.000 metal to metal ingots (separate achievements for each value) Collect 10/100/1000 dino eggs (separate achievements for each value) Collect 10/100 fertilized eggs (separate achievements for each value) Craft one of each weapon Craft all the harvest tools Craft all firearms Craft all the saddles Craft all the boats etc. And finally once the game gets released beta testers for over 1 year at least should get an beta tester achievement,a special skin and a special geeky hair style .
  11. Missing skins

    Hi, I was wondering anyone knows why I haven't gotten skins from my achievements on PS4 or if anyone knows if they are available. I have got the hair styles but only some skins. I'm mainly wondering about the hunter hat I have the trophy for 80 percent map exposure but no hunter hat and I was told that's what you get it from. Also if anyone knows the admin command for the hunter hat skin for PS4 that would be helpful as well since I can't seem to get it the right way.
  12. hello everyone i just want to ask why if i did all the achievements and i deleted my local data for re-installing the game i didn't have anymore the reward skins... i mean... isn't it linked with steam? why isn't there a system that allow to match steam data to local data? like GTA:O for example...
  13. I love customising my character, even if I'm limited to just attire. Sometimes I dress only in the desert clothes to feel like I'm a Griffin rider with air goggles and cool scarf (and died an excessive amount despite easily affording flak). And I'd like to combine ideas I've seen over the past fortnight on the forums into one main concept. Unlockable Achievement Skin Sets Simple enough, but more in-depth variety than what is currently offered. Yes, the hat skins are awesome, and the birthday suits terrifying, but I think there should be more variety overall. Especially as majority of the time I hide my hat because I like seeing my face/Epic hair. But skin sets should be linked to relevant achievements, and it would be much more satisfying. And I like how you can get some skins for achievements, that's cool (was really happy with sparkler skin despite losing hairstyles), but I'd like to be rewarded for also living in the game and not just killing end bosses. Here's one "fleshed out" idea. Sheriff Outfit Legs: tame a horse with 100% taming effectiveness. You got to earn your leathers by staying on that horse. Chest with Star badge: show there is a new sheriff in town by riding a horse for collectively 10 hours. Cowboy Hat: successfully lasso 50 creatures. Yee Ha! Boots with metal click: tame 10 horses.(?) Arms: okay I lied about this being fleshed out. (Do cowboys even have fancy arms?) Maybe the achievements shouldn't encourages mass hoarding creatures like the cowboy boot suggestion, but for non official servers who can afford to collect what they love, it could be fun. In my opinion I'm fine with this being just a skin with no gameplay benefits, but some people might like a full set benefiting the related content (ridden horses get exp faster while wearing full gear). That's up to you guys (who am I kidding, it's up to whoever creates this if this is liked). Other achievement suggestions: kill, breed, grow, cook, drug, join a tribe, etc Limiting Skins to Armour Type Okay this makes me sad, because I want to wear cool clothes all the time no matter what armour I'm wearing, but I think this would be unfair for PVP. Well, not sure, that area doesn't interest me but... Anyway, here is a list of skins per armour type: Cloth skins: beach gear? No one stays with cloth for long... Hide skins: caveman, standard rpg leather armour awesome design, Fur: Skyrim/Game of Thrones style, a cat costume, maybe a bear/sabercat hat/chest Cammo: ninja, beekeeper, detective, assassin Swim gear: mermaid? Idek. Chitin: Dragon armour, some insect theme, Silk: gentleman suit? Fancy Dress? (Wearable by both genders) Flak: a full Knight suit, samurai armour, some kind of comic hero that has a metal suit, Viking gear Tek: all. Bonus: chef outfit, breeder/animal carer outfit, sheriff , pirate, steampunk, explorer's outfit (wind goggles please?) These are obviously starter concepts, and perhaps there are too many to implement currently, but I just wanted to throw it out there. A lot of them might have uh legal issues. Maybe skin sets aren't full body sets, but it'd be cool for even skin sets to be paintable. This isn't limited to just attire; there can be relevant tool, weapon skins or even mount skins too (a decked out Dragon consume with Lance riding Dragon armour anyone?). Skins are still relevant to achievements and armour type (for example Knight/gentleman could be related to socialising by trading, joining a tribe, allying or using the toilet), but it's all to show that you've achieved things and are rewarded for your gameplay and your focus. Why can tek equip all skins but other armour types can't? Because I think you should visually be able to see what you're fighting. Not that I do PVP. But I think it'd be generally unfair to fight someone wearing a chef outfit and they're wearing a full set of flak. Some skins might be wearable by multiple armour types (like caveman between fur and hide). However, tek can "project any skin appearance". Or rather, it allows customisation and flexibility for end game players. Motivation! Crafting Okay, I don't think that you should get them instantly like you currently can with skins. Yes, you earn them, but I don't want it cluttering up my inventory... Tbh I'd rather craft them. Perhaps these can only be created using a sewing table or forge that I've seen discussed on the forums before (probably level 25-40 unlockable). Btw these are transferable, so they can be looted or traded. Materials At the very least, these skins should require wool (I want to tame sheep and use my excessive wool collection). They should never cost more resources then their base armour ( I.e. metal ingots should not exceed requirements for base flak armour). However I'm not adverse if they cost unique materials. I.e. , one wyvern talon to make each Dragon armour piece. Feedback What do you think? Would it be cool in vanilla ark or should it only be in a mod? What armour set would you want, or what would you mix and match? Should skin sets only be limited to armour types like I've suggested? Is it all pointless seeing as you can't see your character?
  14. I grinded for quite a while during the past few days, a few days ago the only skins I was able to obtain were the boss achievement skins, now that I have all of the achievements after a long few nights of grinding and energy drinks, I have so many skins that I almost have to scroll down to see my actual items. Yet I have noticed that even though I have completed all the achievments, I still lacked a few skins. The ones I noticed that I was missing were the Birthday Suit Set, the Party Hat, The Candy Cane Club (was resolved when I swam to the bottom of the ocean for pearls), as well as the Hunter Hat Skin. I really was looking forward to having an absurd amount of skins on me at all times, although I did notice something unusual while having them on me, first I will start by saying that I am a complete pleb in this game, I die a lot. I always have to press take all on my dead body because I always seem to have a pack of angry dilos behind me, but when I did it this time, I exceeded 300 item slots, which I did not notice at the time, later I needed to cross a rather large plot of land, but it had lots of baddies around it, I came up with the somewhat obvious solution of a parachute, I learned the engram, but it did not show up in my crafting menu. I dropped a few skins and learned the thatch foundation to test it, and came to the conclusion that if you have too many items in your inventory, and try learning an engram, you will not be able to craft it. Sorry for the wall of text, I just noticed a more game breaking bug than missing my naked man costume and party hat. Sincerly, Delta.
  15. Achievements

    let's talk about these achievements and the skins that go with them I mean sure I Iove having skins in the game but the fact is any one can go into single player cheat and get all the achievements meaning all the skins making them pretty pointless I only suggest making it separate so players have to earn them.
  16. Hi. I currently have the problem that I no longer get all my skins when spawning. I completed almost all achievements, so I should get them. The problem first occurred when I had to delete my C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\ folders. I didn't notice at first, and now I don't have a backup of these folders anymore. I also don't have the hairstyles that get unlocked with achievements anymore. I noticed that when I do the requirements for an achievement again, I will get the reward again every time I spawn. I just don't want to do all of the achievements again. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thank you in advance.
  17. Maximum survivior hasn't unlocked for me... I was lvl 102 when the engram reset patch hit and I was reset to 100 which is fine but the chievo never popped. Do you have to reach max ascendant lvl to get it now? Also I didn't get all the hairstyle / item unlocks that are tied to the achievements I unlocked before 755 hit. Since it's not possible to "re do" achievements, how do we get the goodies now? Anyone else having these issues? Are they being looked into?
  18. Guide To Get Most Achievements Quickly This is just a quick guide on how to get most of the achievements quickly, if you want to get the achievements legit, this guide isn't for you. first, load up a single player with admin cheats. then spawn in a Wyvern using the command admincheat summon Wyvern_Character_BP_Fire_C (the Fire can be changed for Lightning or Poison if you want a different type) then use the command forcetame then mount the wyvern and use the command addexperience 100000000 0 0 (use 6+ zeroes after the 1, then space zero, then another space and another zero). You should get an achievement for maxing out a Dino level and a player level (after using all stat points) put all points into speed, use this to fly around the map and get the Map Maker achievement for covering 80% of the map. Also, fly to the highest point of the volcano for another achievement. Then you can use a guide to find all the survivor notes (I believe that doing this will stop you being able to pick them up on another server, so the xp bonus will be wasted). then fly to an obelisk and spawn another wyvern, or any other strong creature, such as a Giga (commands can be found on the ark wiki) then use the forcetame command, then mount it and use the addexperience 10000000 0 0 command while riding the pump all points into melee damage. Spawn a boss at the tribute terminal (item codes can also be found on the ark wiki) then place them into the tribute terminal and summon a boss. i don't think that it is possible to take tames into then Megapithocus battle, so spawn in lots of powerful weapons, or spawn in the dinos while you're in the battle. for the achievement for reaching the deepest point, go into the sea and use the infinitestats command, then ensure the water is deep (try for at least 2 times as deep as you are tall), then summon a plesiosaur using the command admincheat summon Plesiosaur_Character_BP_C, use forcetame on it, then mount it. You can use the addexperience 10000000 0 0 command and fully upgrade the movement speed if you want to get there quicker. Then use the infinitestats command again. Swim out into the sea until you see a white wall stopping you. Swim vertically downwards until you reach the sea bed, then jump off your Dino and touch the bottom of the sea as your character. By using this guide, you should be able to get most of the achievements in ark. thanks for reading
  19. With the for coming release of ark survival evolved this winter I thought now would be a good time to look at the achievements for the different formats of the game! I'm Looking forward to hunting down these achievements and really hope WC don't go down the boring generic route with there achievements as I feel these can be a great way to connect with your community. We here can help massively by giving are ideas as to what we would like to see, these are just a few of mine as I can go on and on about this subject! 1: GATHERING THATCH/A MADE MAN, ok so we can start with the normal get to rank 25, 35, 50, 75, and then reach max lvl. Kill a max lvl rex / spino, kill a giga, tame a max lvl rex / spino, tame a giga and quetzal! 2 : ALL AROUND THE WORLD, fly ( in total ) the distance it would take to fly around the world ( unsure on the games ability to track stuff like this) 3 : DON'T GO INTO THE LONG GRASS, melee/kill three or more raptors or terror birds in 5 secs! 4 : NO MONKEY BUSINESS!, use a monkey to unlock your enemies door! 5 : AND ON THE 7TH DAY / ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY, place over 200 snapped items or harvest a large amount of fibre, wood and stone! So there is a few ideas to help get the ball rolling! If you have any ideas for map or dlc only achievements as I know on xbox you get extra achievements/250 gamer score per dlc! If you have ideas of your own or want to improve on ideas already suggested please let us know! thx ?