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  1. Woodsplatypus56

    Persistant bugs....

    - Lumber Doorways: Having to duck even small character to enter. This only happens when another wall is placed above the doorway wall section (happens with/without door). - Simple Bed: After learning engram learning other engrams "may" place another learned engram in personal inventory engram list. These two bugs have been persistant since Prim+ first release.
  2. So I just started playing on Aberration with a female char. I noticed that the Animation of riding a Ravager is buggy, I am sitting on it like a stiff puppet got my arms stiff hanging from my body and not grabbing the saddle of the ravager like the male chars do. Also I noticed that climbing with climbing picks looks the same, NO animation. And it also causes bugs when laying in bed / Tek pod i dont lay IN it i lay turned for 90 degree so my head is out on one side. Just my legs are in. Going offline while sleeping in the Tek pod caused me a bug that the next time i logged in I couldnt access anything. No vaults no doors not even dinos Inventories. The only way to fix it was picking up the tek pod - which has to be done by another tribe member and opening the door for me so i could run out and kill myself. Than i bug back and can access everything again. Don't know if thats just for me but i tested it with a male char and everything went right every animation i wrote about was perfectly fine. So i think its kinda rude to not have the same animations for female chars aswell.
  3. You really need to fix this annoying bug.... ascending on aberration is bugged! you lose your character, by doing it as is intended to be, accessing the tribute terminal and summoning the boss with the tributes and by ascending via "playercommand Ascend1" is the same result, you lose your character after ascending. I been playing online and host/local for quite a few time, my local character was 115 (max level after ascending 3 times on the island) and had all the achivements and skins, after the aberration DLC I decided to give the Aberration Boss a try and manage to collect all the requirements for the summoning and take some dinos down there, after fighting it and ascending the game returned me to the menu screen, as with the other ascensions, i selected host/local and the aberration map, to my surprise when I selected "download character" as I did before with all the ascensions my character was gone, the only available option is as of now to make another character... my 115 character is nowhere to be found, my base and dinos are there but belong to my now lost character, to get them back I had to enable cheats and take posession of the tribe, but now all my skins are gone and have to repeat all the explorer notes again, tame all dinos, and kill all boses from the start!!!!
  4. So I've been playing singleplayer on PS4 for a while. Played all of the maps, and there is a single bug that is so frustrating it actually spurred me to make an account on these forums. Just beat Rockwell (Alpha) on Aberration. I know fighting him multiple times isn't really worth it, so I grinded and went straight for alpha difficulty (Level 100 fight). After the cutscene played and my character ascended, it completely disappeared. No option to download or anything else, just to create a new survivor. I had this problem with a different character on The Island as well after beating the Tek Cave too. Oddly enough, I was able to respawn on Scorched Earth just fine after taking down the Manticore with a third character. Anyway, to the point: I wanted to take my Aberration character through the other maps. Yes, I realize that those characters will either have to be uploaded or deleted. I wanted to get ALL of the Tek gear unlocked on one character and reach Max level as well. Kind of hard to get to max level when ascending properly WIPES MY CHARACTER. Fortunately, I was smart and had backups of my saves so I was able to revert. I just typed in the commands to unlock the tekgrams you get for beating Rockwell seeing as how I already put in the work to get them. Still doesn't give me the trophies/achievements and extra levels though... Please fix this Wild Card. Or failing that, are there commands that can just increase my level cap? Using the Ascend command gives the same result as above, already tried that. Anyone else having similar issues?
  5. This 4 map PvP cluster includes Ragnarok, The Center, The Island & Aberration. I will be adding Extinction once it releases. Data/ Dino/ Character transfer within the cluster is enabled. 32 slots per map 8x Taming 5x Harvest 3x XP Difficulty offset 1.5714 Override official difficulty 6 Wild max 180 Food/Water drain slightly reduced Unlimited respecs enabled Allow anyone in tribe to care for baby dino. Cave building enabled Flying inside caves enabled Stamina regeneration while flying enabled Spawn animation disabled Disable structure placement collision Egg hatch speed 50- giga egg will hatch in 1 hr Supply crate loot quality 5 Fishing loot quality 10 Fuel consumption 2.0- gas lasts a little longer than official. Official is 1.313000 Oxygen swim speed stat 1.5- WC nerfed this by 80% in a previous patch. Official is 1.0- I've tested this setting and it is very manageable underwater, not too fast but a little faster than official. Baby maturation speed 20x with cuddle interval .2 This allows a full imprint on any dino. Rexes & Wyverns will take about 5 hrs, Quetzal will take 9 hrs 35min & Giga will take 15 hrs. Maturation takes way too long if your life isn't video games which mine is not. So while I like the rates to not be in the double digits, I will make an exception when it comes to incubation & maturation. And I've tested this- having one setting boosted a little higher like this won't affect server performance. What does is when you have all rates super boosted like 50x and higher. Which partially explains why such servers need to wipe ever so often. I hate starting over personally which is why I've created a place where players can build and progress without fear of an imminent wipe. With that said, there is no wipe schedule. I don't engage in PvP as that would not be fair. I am active on the cluster and keep things updated & running smoothly. My community will never experience abuse from me. If your dino gets stuck I will ghost it out for you if you ask me to. I will be running this cluster long term (as in years) so there is no worry of it shutting down. To find the cluster search under unofficial pc sessions: Paragon If you have any questions you can feel free to leave a comment or message me. You may also message me on PSN: myosapien
  6. ‎Join me on “Ark Souls Cluster” Nitrado server!! Long time host (2yrs Plus) back from a break trying to repopulate my server. (Feel free to message Me Feltcreature56) Cluster server Ragnarock & Aberration & Scorched Earth Adult Opperated Server thats here to stay!! No set rules as of now except dont be a douche! (base/dino wiping active tribe, blocking spawns etc) Starters in white drops! No admin funny business Auto unlocking of Engrams per level Tek unlocks at lvl 101 Custom drops being added (starters, kibble drops, artifacts for boss fights, hazmat for ab) Rag has a community center at Blue and PvP arena in works. Easter event on for colored Dino’s. Boosted stats and settings but not crazy boosted. Fast leveling 300 max Dino’s 15x harvest 20x taming 25x egg hatch 20x maturation 15x experience Infinite weight 20x boosted drops Cave building and flyers allowed Player location and corpse locator Plus more! No Orp, white flag up for 5 days to build safely when joining or after wipe. Always taking suggestions to accommodate the players as best as I can. FB group https://m.facebook.com/groups/1723127421134664
  7. Welcome to Ark Azkaban we currently host 2 maps(Ragnarok and abberation) we will add more if wanted and the funds are there. in the future we will also run the newest dlcs if our budget allows. we can be found under unofficial pc servers list, we do mnot have a password so everyone is free to join, ADMINS DO NOT PLAY ON THIS SERVER. THEY MAY HELP IN EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES BUT THEY DO NOT PLAY Rules we have some rules to keep our server friendly and enjoyable for everyone. Breaking of these rules could result in a warning or a ban. we will decide upon how big of an offence it was. Please note when a player receives a warning there whole tribe is held responsible. Griefing is not allowed a griefer is a player who deliberately irritates and angers other players within the game with out gaining any profit. so if you are high level(metal base) and you raid a low level (wooden/stone base) that would have no value for you. raiding with the only intention of destroying bases without any profit will be seen as griefing. buy if you attack a bigger tribe you best be ready for the backlash Abusing exploits when there is an exploit and you are caught using it you will be banned -Aberration specifics bringing eggs over from flying dino's is not allowed and will result in a warning or ban and the dino eliminated Server rate (may be different during events?evo weekends) TAMING SPEED X5 EXPERIENCE X3 HATCHING/GESTATION X80(Except aberration which follows the normal x8 BREEDING MATURE GATHERING X6 PVP SERVER 24/7 NEVER OFFLINE ONLY DURING UPDATES come talk to our community on discord https://discord.gg/YZAfeWd
  8. Ravagers do not jump between zip lines when riding a zip line on PS4.
  9. Rainex37

    Reapers disappeared

    Hello. I'm playing on the server EU-PVE-Official-Aberration224. Four reaper were raised, the 5th and 6th (145 and 135 lvl) disappeared at the growth stage from 9% to 10%. Is this the limit of reaper per person / tribe or bug? Both of those who disappeared on the logs are alive, although the first disappeared three days ago and he was about to run out of food. I will be grateful for the answers and apologize if I write not there
  10. Idontknowanymore

    Reaper Glitches

    Dear fellow survivors: I just encountered a wild glitch for about 2 minutes. This involved a reaper I have just successfully raised to adult, with 100% imprint, thanks to 3x. This glitch involved me jumping into a wall on the island server. The glitch: my reaper outright disappeared. How it happened: I jumped, trying to make it over one of my walls. I hit e on accident, he fell, hits the ceiling on the other side (on a side with 0 ceilings, mind you), and then stops to eat. I take my moment to attempt to get back on. Mistake #1. He buries. Mistake #2. Troodon kills me (not a part of the glitch. Just annoying.). I then go on a wild goose chase under the map. The secret is: group whistles save lives. I hit J on accident. A savior wrapped in a mistake. He unburies from the spot he buried at, on the wall. I would like to clarify a few things: 1. When he buried, he did not leave the mound residue that he, and all reapers, normally do as they bury. 2. I could not see a nametag anywhere. 3. I singularly whistled in the exact spot, because it was at the edge and easy to find, yet no dice. This glitch is only really remedied by the j group whistle, whatever you have it set to. I hope I have found a new glitch to help others in this dilemma, as I can tell this isn't a 1-time thing. Devs, please fix this (along with many other problems with the game but reapers are hard as all get out to get so I don't want to cause any more incidents like this for anyone).
  11. So here I am again 1 year later and I still question myself asking why I even bother. I tried to ascend on abberation today after trying it a year ago and loosing my character but reuploaded it via backup, and same thing happened again after beating rockwell on alpha and it's been one year Wildcard one fing year what have you people been doing a whole year! I expected this to be fixed by now along with other people and that stupid access a terminal or obliesk or whatever bs don't work ethier. I went onto the surface of aberration and accessed the inventory of the oblesik and preceded to fight rockwell somehow expecting a diffrent result and I'm not the only person who is experiencing and has experienced this. This should of been fixed long before now and here we are a few months before extinction. Well i get aberration is on a broken ark and all but that don't mean the map itself needs to be completly broke. I also tried your work around too because you guys can't fix it or don't want to and that doesnt work ethier! So please forum moderators don't delete this thread as it is very important and this needs to be looked at ASAP also I think it's a singleplayer and local/host issue, because I seem to only have the problem on there along with other people. Also can i please have a estimate for when this bull is gonna be fixed I'm so bored over here just wanting to get my specimen implant red and them extra levels. I also tried spawning rockwell in on alpha and that doesn't even work so i can't get to level 130 and my level stopped at 117 and implant still says Gamma rockwell for some reason dispite fighting rockwell on alpha like a thousand times.... When a major obstacle such as a game breaking bug blocks the path in which the game wants you to take it becomes hard to play that game anymore. So I'm stuck in my place and unable to progress futher because the ascension in aberration is complete FUBAR! I just had to cheat to get corruption helmet skin because i knew I couldnt do it legit without losing all my progress I had gotten that day. Speaking of which that really made me mad too the fact that you guys add 3 new notes in 2 areas that you all knew were extremely buggy and if done legit would require ascending and then cause ppl to loose thier characters so why did you do this before fixing the issue first, it makes no sense once so ever... Also it's on PlayStation 4. @Jatheish I tried opening a supply crate and a oblisk and after I beat rockwell and ascended I still lost my character any eta for when this game breaking bug is going to be fixed already. Edited Monday at 05:12 PM by travis9990 Forgot to mention it's on console (PlayStation 4)
  12. Defourthkitten

    Strange Hologram on aberration surface

    So I was playing ark on single player with my brother on my ps4, on aberration, when I saw this hologram screen. At the bottom it said: 24 12 The screen was held by something that looked like a row of tek fence foundations. I tried walking into it and I went through. Then I shot it and I died. Does anyone know what it is. I couldn't find ANYTHING on google. Also: it wasn't in a cave or anything like. It was on cliff above the surface
  13. DiabolikH

    Non-Ab Megalosaurus' on Aberration

    Hiya was just wondering if anyone had ever tried transferring non aberrant Meglos onto Aberration? Do they work the same as Ab versions? Thought it would be a little more stealthy in pvp since they don't glow like the Ab ones. Any help appreciate Hazel
  14. We are looking for people to populate our servers. We have super laid back admins. Center map PVE boosted Currently only 4 people play on this server. Dino levels up to 500. Strictly PVE! We do events and are in the process of building a community center with a shop. aberration PVP boosted -dino levels up to 300. 4 people play on here. No rules. Strictly brutal PVP. Dont whine if you get wiped. Rebuild and get revenge. Admins are here just to monitor and run events/the shop. We do not replace lost tames.
  15. TheEmhan

    Getting Your Crabs Stuck

    So, how many crabs have you gotten stuck on the unbreakable rock formations of the map? Maybe it's just unfortunate luck, but due to hopping around and not very well thought out rock formations on the map, I've gotten two crabs permanently stuck in the falling animation -.- One in the Rock Drake's nest and one in the luminescent biome. The one in the bio lum part of the map I can probably get out with an elevator. Just a theory. But it's easier just to tame another crab than to even bother trying. It's getting a little annoying though -.- Have you got any crabs stuck yet?
  16. Hi Im Th3shuff13b0t454, but you may call me B0t. I rent a gportal server for ark on ps4. i have 10 slots on Ragnark now but i am willing to go up to twenty now and maybe more later when i have the avaliabe funds. i would like to have 10 slots on ragnarok and 10 slots on aberration. I am willing to negotiate on server settings and i am going to do a server wipe and start new. i work 10+ hours a day so I really only get to play after 5pm eastern time, and I usually go to bed around 10 or 11pm. Weekends are a hit and miss but I love ark and try to play and much and I can. I have a headset for the ps4, so if you have one that would be a plus. 21 and over please, I don't descriminate but I have my own kids to deal with. Lets start a conversation and see how many of you would like to game on a reliable server. B0t signing out. P.s. My Ps4 tag is the same as my username.
  17. Just let us unlock all of the engrams doesn't matter what map are you actually on. If I had no transmitter I would have to play whole game on Aberration to get back. I personally bought Aberration only for engrams. Just like SE tho. Zip lines platforms and wooden elevators are great
  18. When i was riding a raptor and press L2 to catch a dodoo, my raptor and me go through to the underground, which is full of radiation. I die and i cant get my raptor back. Please help me to get it back and fix this bug, i dont want it happen anymore.
  19. We have all maps on a server cluster so you can play and enjoy the game and travel between servers. The servers are all long term (1 year leased). There's still space for more players, but it is limited in order to keep the gameplay fair. We are looking for decent players who just want to build, tame and have a good time in the game. The servers are slightly boosted so you don't have to wait for days to hatch tames. Server Names (search unofficial PC sessions): 0XPvPvEX0-Ragnarok (Boosted) 0XPvPvEX0-Scorched 0XPvPvEX0-Island 0XPvPvEX0-Aberration Those are zero's and not capital o's. Here's why you should join: New player friendly Admins (3) are friendly and helpful Resource re-spawn is rare (making the game slightly more focussed on actual survival) Game difficulty is at 5x Taming is at 3x Harvest is at 3x Egg incubation is 5x Maturation is 5x All maps available, but each map has it's own rules and admins It's PvP mode, but more like a mix of PvP and PvE Servers are available 24/7 Servers are prepaid for 1 year already so no need to worry about your work vanishing like many other dedicated servers You can invite any friends or other players, but space is limited and will stay limited We can assist you moving from other servers by giving you your exact same character levels, gear and dino's you previously had (see conditions below) New player resource center with free starter gear and resources (located: 19 69, see pic further down in thread) Server is public and open to anyone No base, map or wild dino purges We have a thunderdome style court system to settle disputes No admin abuse and admins really play using admin abilities You can simply play and enjoy the game without the stress that comes from playing on official servers You can play any style you want (PvP or PvE), entirely up to you as the server caters for both Some fun things we're going to be doing: Multi-tribe boss fights on server cluster Sharing resources and trading fertilized eggs Picking challenges Custom tournaments Base design awards Reward system for finding certain things Youtube/Twitch streaming Treasure hunts (there are custom treasures hidden around the map - 740% dmg sniper rifles, other good gear etc) Taming challenges Server Rules are: Don't kill low level players No griefing or killing passive tames No racial abuse etc Build nice bases Don't block off land unless you really are building there Abandoned bases (more than 4 weeks) are removed by admin unless requested otherwise Notes regarding transferring in from other servers outside the cluster or Official: Admins are more than keen to help you transfer and get started from any other Ark server. We don't mind spawning your items and dinos, but only under the following conditions: You send us screenshots of the tames and items you want spawned Your screenshots must include the "tamed by" or "raised by" attributes. Admins will not spawn dinos you force-tamed or spawned yourself on single player. Even better if you have done some imprinting. Admins won't spawn all your dinos at once. Most likely one or two to allow you to get going and build a base and then start giving you your other dinos. The reason is that spawning and helping you get set up takes up time and we will only do so knowing that you are invested in playing the game. Show some effort. The full extent of what admins give you is entirely up to them. They might decide to only spawn some of your top dinos and items. We will only give you your characters level if you can prove that the levels you have are not on single player. Cluster Admins PSN ID's are: SeanNieuwoudt [Rag / Island] kx_ryan [Rag / SE / Aberration] bigten55 [Island]
  20. illyria91

    Ark DLC OST's

    Hi Guys, Was just curious to know if anyone knows whether there are, OST's to the ark expansion packs. Will studio Wildcard release them? I love the Ark music, and i have the Ark survival evolved Soundtrack by Gareth Coker, but i also want the soundtracks to Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction.
  21. Sanoj

    ARK 2

    Hey everyone. Now that Extinction is revealed, i think we could talk about the rumours about ARK 2. At first, i really hope its not named ''ARK: Survival Evolved 2'' but maybe something like ''ARK: Survival Developed'' or ''Advanced'' after what they want to go for. ''ARK: Survival Evolved 2'' just doesntnt fit in any way imo. Personally, i think Developed would be good, because they could make a kind of storymode, where you could be either Helena or Rockwell, and live on the diffrent ARK's, and progress through the Explorer Notes, like Helena would make objectives, where she could investigate diffrent animals, and Rockwell could find recepies for Rockwell Recipies. Then they could duel the bosses, and ascend to SE, and continue the story. Maybe in Developed we could see and intro to the storymode where the Homo Deus create the ARK's and sending the crew (Helena, Rockwell and the japanese/chinese which name i dont remeber) down there. Also, it could be this primitive gameplay, with no metal structures, no turrets, no tek, just the primitive gameplay you see in the old trailers with wood and stone structures, smithies (maybe fabricators) and no futuristic things. Advanced could be for more advanced (funny enough) gameplay, with more robots and future ARK's to explore, and the technolog we see in Aberration (if you know some lore, they create a bomb and they hack the overseers and build the ascending-portal, and also the fluid Element in Radioactive-zone) and Extinction Trailer. Some cool gameplay and new mechanics with vehicles and more. Last thing i think could be cool, was if its just named ''ARK: Survival Continues'' or something similar to just go on with the story about Helena and the others (minus Rockwell ;)), but this may be tough to make, becuase maybe the others diesdd on Earth or something, maybe they are the bosses. But we will see. Hope you will come up with some ideas too, post them, i am intersted in what you think, becuase there is a lot of potential
  22. So, I recently read the notes from Aberration after founding them all. And, as English isn't my native language, I'm not sure about all translations I made. So my question is : - Who took the portal ? (to earth ?) From my understanding there is : - Helena - Santiago - Mei-Yin Li - Diana (?) Another question : - Do Diana start on Aberration ? Shouldn't we ascend to Aberration ?
  23. Brand New Aberration Server Goes Live Friday at 6PM (MST) 4 man tribes, Alliances are disabled 5x pickup and everything else boosted similar Weight is boosted and movement speed turned down a little bit We are open to suggestions on server settings, Add ArkXboxNA247 so I can add you back. Host Xbox is a Xbox One S with 300/mbs! We want a populated long-term server!
  24. So, basically what happened is that my power went out last night so Ark didn't save. When I loaded it, the ravagers (I was playing Aberration) that I had previously killed had respawned so I went to fight them again. Apparently the Pulmino I left behind the second time around was super vital and all of my dinos died to the ravagers and a paracer that got in the way that someone decided to hit. I'm more sad than mad, considering I had just tamed two raptors and a high level ravager. Is there a way to rollback my save game to the last save (which was right before the ravager fight)?
  25. Most of us have seen the sneak peek of Ark Extinction. Some of us saw it the day it came out while others are just now seeing it, and we all were astonished by it. A land of ancient futuristic structures in a firey, hellish land. We also heard the roar in the background. My question comes in three parts. A- How do you think the Earth’s environment became the way we saw in the sneak peek? B- What do you think the creature that made the roar is/what do you think it looks like? C- Based on the roar and the environment, what creatures do you expect that we would find in Ark Extinction?