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Found 332 results

  1. Non-Dedicated Experience Ruined

    So, in the new "Ark Aberration DLC" there are tons and TONS of new content to see and discover. new creatures, new items, new areas. Though it also comes with it's many dangers.... BUT, me and my dad are playing alone on a non-dedicated server by ourselves and we have experienced problems with the incredibly annoying: "Getting to far away from the host, get closer to the host player" message (Keep in mind that my dad is the host of this server). Everytime he flies into the "Blue" and "Pink" areas i instantly get teleported to his exact location, not to mention the fact that if i am on foot in the undergrounds, and he's above me, i literally get DRAGGED across the map, going through various rocks and crystals, and sometimes end up in the irradiated water leaving me to die from "Cnidaria". This was not a problem on "The Island" as we just set the "Host Distance" slider up to something like 10.000 or so... and i do not seem to find difficulty in travelling far away from him in the green and overgrown areas in "Aberration". I really really REALLY want to explore on my own in Aberration, but with this obstacle in the way i'm afraid it is impossible. If some have found a way of exploring freely in a non-dedicated server on Aberration, then please... help a fellow survivor out.......
  2. My arks will randomly not let people join it used to be Aberration and now its Ragnarok. What it does is it loads in the sounds and the player for the other person. Then it will say "load time-out failed" or something like that. I have restarted multiple times and so has my friend but it doesn't work. Another detail is that it's on non dedicated so theres that
  3. 20 green gems, 20 gas balls = 5 gasoline? You can't be serious, i haven't noticed this till now. That much amount should be giving at least one stack of gasoline, i don't understand why they had to make gasoline SOOOO HARD on aberration whilst its' so damn easy to make on other maps, mainly SE and Ragnarok. My Suggestion: 20 green gems + 20 gas balls = 100 Gasoline.
  4. Just started a fresh pvp aberration server hosted in NSW Australia and looking for new players to join Server settings are : 5x XP 12.0 Harvesting 30x Taming Speed Increase mating, breeding, hatching decreased stamina, water, food drain on players increased wild dino health and damage Server name : Oz Ark Dedi Add GT to join : Oz Ark Dedi
  5. Will I be trapped in Aberration

    I haven't bought aberration yet because I've heard that if I transfer there I would be trapped there for a time since the obalisks are in a radiation zone? I'm not sure if that's true or how long it would take me to get set up enough to deal with a radiation zone. If someone could shine a light on this subject for me I would really appreciate it.
  6. Im having trouble finding an answer to this. I am playing on my own private server (xbox one) with a few people on the Aberration map. We would like to transfer our characters to the Island map to try to beat the Island first. Only issue is we went to a beacon, obelisk, boss trasmitter and Tek Transmitter and there is no option to upload character. Is this intended? Are we not allowed to upload characters in the Aberration map? The only option we see is Transfer character which brings us to a server list. We cannot transfer that way because we only have one server running one map. Nothing would show up on the server list. Anyone know if the devs did this intentionally or if there is something im missing or a possible workaround? All the options in our server settings seem to be correct. Thanks.
  7. Alpha reaper king spawn

    Is anyone else having issues spawning alpha surface reaper kings on official servers or is it just me? Is there a specific method or tactic people use? Our tribe is trying to do alpha rockwell and the alpha reaper king barb is the last thing we need Xbox Official servers btw so cant use spawn codes or anything like that
  8. Plant Species X on Aberration

    Plant Species X, on Aberration: XBox One edition, are not functioning properly. They will not fire/activate until an animal gets directly on top of them. Afterward, they work for a short time, until they are cleared from render distance. Please fix the initialize distance, make them persistent again, and work on target options (those seem to be disfunctional too).
  9. Ragnarok Map with Aberration

    hello everyone, Now this is a suggestion for you. What about adding a huge Aberration underground to the Ragnarok map? Is that a great idea or what? :-) You know the last missing 1% could be a big beautiful 1% we are already surrounded by water, big water, ocean water :-P /Shepard
  10. Aberration Cluster Dino bug?

    Just started an Aberration/Ragnarok Cluster. I loved that you couldn't bring foreign dinos to Aberration. Then I realized that you could just bring over fertilized eggs.... Is there a way to change it so you can't?
  11. Hello! We are a small community as of right now, me personally being a PC Veteran and multiple Xbox Vets as well. I personally have a huge amount of experience with Roleplay servers from my PC days, So we thought we can hopefully open up a server for people that are also looking for roleplay or PVP. (EU)ValhallaArkRPPVP Alright so, straight to the point. I'm hosting an Xbox PC Dedicated (Through Nitrado) light roleplay/PVP server. Roleplay is not mandatory, But stronger suggested and encouraged! We're happy to ease new people looking to try it out or people who are new to Ark or Aberration as well! We're paying the server month by month. We have slightly boosted rates, still working out kinks however. (Around 3.5 Gathering and Taming) We prefer that the game takes time, but not a grueling grind. Also with increased baby raising and imprinting. We are on Aberration for the time being at least, this might possibly change in the future. Currently one admin, and one moderator. (Probably will stay that way.) We have only a few rules on our server, 1. Do not ruin the fun for others. (Includes Griefing. Just being a sausage, etc.) 2. Nothing too Vulgar,Extreme or Racist, Etc. (We have a sense of humor, just don't go too far.) 3. If you are including yourself in Roleplay, Please make sure you have a REAL REASON. We're not going to accept "I felt like killing him" If the person is on your land, Taking your resources or threatens you in character, Feel free to slaughter them as you wish! We don't expect your roleplay to be perfect, nobody's is. 4. We have no age limit, Everyone and anyone is welcome. Finally we have one policy as well, Ark can sometimes be a tough game to get started on. So we're offering to those who want it. One free starter tame, of your choosing to take to help you get you off your feet. We do have limits on the tame, We aren't allowing fliers on Aberration, Nor anything larger than a Megalosaurus. So no Rex, Giga, Spino, Yuty, Etc. This is just to get you on your way. So ask away if you wish! Please enjoy yourself, and please if you have any questions ask me, BNW1214.
  12. Ark Server 6789 Xbox One Dedicated Server 24/7 Boosted Aberration Server PVPVE NEW! NO ADMINS!! ADMIN LOGGING ENABLED! ADD GT: Ark Server 6789 Don't Forget the spaces^^^^ Stats: If I don't reference it then it is most likely set to default. Stats subject to change to improve game play. Difficulty: 1 Xp Multiplier: 7 Taming Speed: 30 Player Harvest Damage: 5 Dino Harvest Damage: 5 Harvest Amount: 7 Player Character Water Drain: .25 Player Charcter Food Drain: .25 Dino Character Food Drain: 1.5 Dino Character Stamina Drain: .5 Poop Interval: 50 Lay Egg Interveval: .01 Mating Interval: .01 Egg Hatch Speed: 200 Baby M. Rate: 200 Various Player/Dino Stats Boosted Like Weight, Speed, Food, Water, and, Oxygen.
  13. I think it would be cool. If it's not possible, maybe a Tek Rad Suit compatible with gliders? Don't judge me please, I'm just a dreamer!
  14. Returning player Aberration

    Hi all I'm a returning player been away from the game about 5 months I decided to give it another go and brought the season pass. Need some tips as I don't know much about the map. I have some questions I will list them down below 1. What is the status of transferring on this map? i.e dinos/gear/ kibble cp ext 2. I've not noticed any beaver dams what's the best way to gather cp snails? 3. I Don't think it rains on this map is the only way to have plant x to build close to water and build pipes to them? Looking for as much advice as possible so far I'm enjoying the map
  15. Getting Your Crabs Stuck

    So, how many crabs have you gotten stuck on the unbreakable rock formations of the map? Maybe it's just unfortunate luck, but due to hopping around and not very well thought out rock formations on the map, I've gotten two crabs permanently stuck in the falling animation -.- One in the Rock Drake's nest and one in the luminescent biome. The one in the bio lum part of the map I can probably get out with an elevator. Just a theory. But it's easier just to tame another crab than to even bother trying. It's getting a little annoying though -.- Have you got any crabs stuck yet?
  16. Tek Armour

    greetings folks! does anyone by chance know the reason, why the very endgame-armour doesnt protect you against either radiation or the mushroom spores and the like? i mean, the hazard gear obviously has its uses, but shouldnt the final and best armour be usable? to me the only really useful things of the TEK tier are generator, gates, replicator and transmitter.... do we really need the fourth dlc to make use of the endgame content?
  17. I am playing aberration on xbox one. I've been trying to tame a queen bee. Everytime I try to tame the queen, the Y button for taming does not pop up. I use rare flowers in last slot and everything. Is this a bug. Has anyone tamed one on (Xbox One) ?? Not PC.... On Aberration??
  18. Reaper Juvenile Invisible

    So I'm raising a reaper and i get off to play some Overwatch, and when i get back on the reaper is invisible, under the ground, and so I thought "oh well it must have died even though it said nothing in tribe log" so I went down and tried to get pregnant again, and all the queens i find are like 20 feet below ground, only emerging when they use their tail swipe or shoot their tranquilizing thorns. has anyone else been experiencing this issue? is there any way to fix this?
  19. Dino Stuck place aberration

    We just stuck in the middle of the way. there is nothing but we cant move and no one can mount on him anymore. maybe someone got informations?
  20. In my opinion, nameless shouldn't spawn when the player is riding a reaper king. It kinda ruins the point of the damage resistance buff for most the time, as you are forced to turn on your charge light when all of the nameless accumulate into large amounts. The Reaper King also feels like the "boss" of the nameless almost, so why are they attacking the Reaper Kings? Please change this.
  21. So, I'm not exactly sure how to phrase my question for the best clarity but I'm going to try. I have an unofficial server that is currently set to the Aberration map and I want to switch it to Ragnarok. If I upload my tames at an obelisk before changing the map, will I be able to download them to the new map once the change is done? My thought process is that ideally it will go as follows: 1. Upload dinos at obelisk on Aberration map. 2. Change server settings to use Ragnarok map. 3. Download Aberration tames to Ragnarok. Does anyone if this can be done? Any help/input to confirm or deny if this can be done would be fantastic. Thank you!
  22. Hey Guys, Trying to bring up the Subject of Tames on Aberration get stuck or forced under the map or through walls of the Map due to the Reaper Queen, iv lost a Krab partly under the Map due to the Queen pushing it under the Map a few days ago ( ticket already set out for this to retrieve her from under the Map) but iv just lost a 190 hatched Egg Drake to the Reaper Queen burring on top of me pushing me completely through the map. shes gone straight through in Zone that has liquid Element as its under Area.. so shes most likely Died but isn't showing up in Log. 264 Aberration has many tames in the Red area (most common) due to Queen bugging their tames into the Ground there are easily 4 or 5 tames in this area that haven't Clipped through enough and can be saved provided a GM can come pull them out of the floors or walls. and countless others who have been bugged due to holes in the map ect. is our Server the only one with this issue cause iv played ark a good damn while and i cant say iv seen so many tames Trapped in the way they have. Queen are the worst as they need high Lvl tames to go after the Queens. only to have them forced under the Ground. Anyone else having this issue on other aberration servers? if so can we get someone please to Look into why the Queen is pushing tames under the map? i get its new and still testing Quirks ect, but i dont think anyone really wants dedicate any more tames and Time to something that is buggy. And this would ease up Tickets... a few people on our server are still waiting on Tickets from two weeks ago trying to get their dinos recovered. i Love this Map and the Devs work here, but its being hit really hard by the amount of frustrations building up on this server Losing tames to silly things like this. if it was one off i could understand, but there are a good few tames of many tribes in Red shoved under the ground unable to be pulled out. Thanks in advance
  23. (Real PvP 24/7) Server Name: Please search in the unofficial PC session section "RealPvP" RealPvP Admin (Admin) Maps: Aberration (CrossARK) 32 Slots The Island (Link to Post) 32 Slots The Center (Link to Post) 50 Slots Ragnarok (Link to Post) 50 Slots Raiding: Your Choice ORP: Only on for this weekend then turned off forever Timeframe: Friday(1/19)-Sunday(1/21) Rules: PvP is allowed 24/7 Tribe Limit 1-10 No Turret Limit No Store No Starters (White, Green and Blue Drops are for this) No Undermapping Custom Drops: White: Kibble Green: Kibble Blue: Metal Structures, Hazard Suits and Tools Purple: Industrial Crafting Stations ____________________________________________________ Regarding Rules and Raiding - Lit ____________________________________________________ Server Settings _________________________ XP: 20x Taming: 20x Harvest Amount: 20x Spoil Time: 2.0x Imprinting Timer: 2 Hours Egg Hatch Speed: 100x Baby Mature Speed: 20x Mating Interval: 0.3x Lockable Everything: Allowed Imprint Stat Scale: 1.5x Player Stamina Drain: 0.3x Dino Stamina Drain: 0.3x Player Food Drain: 0.3x Player Water Drain: 0.3x Crop Decay Speed: 0.3x Crop Growth Speed: 10x Poop Interval: 0.3x Egg Laying Interval: 0.3x Resource Respawn: 0.3x Structure Resistance: 0.7x Turret Damage: 2.5x Crafting Skill: 1.3x Supply Crate Loot: 1.6x Max Tribe Members: 10 Anyone Can Imprint: Allowed Unlimited Respecs (Mind Wipes): Allowed Platform Structure Limit: 2x/100% More Structures Disable Structure Placement Collision: Allowed Floating Damage Numbers: Allowed Multiple Platform Floors: Allowed Dinos Max Wild Levels: 180 ____________________________________________________ Reminder - Settings/Stats listed are the only ones changed from Official settings. ____________________________________________________ Stats Settings _________________________ Player Stats Per Level: Health: 20 Stamina: 20 Oxygen: 100 Food: 100 Water: 100 Weight: Infinite Melee Damage: 10 Movement Speed: 4 Fortitude: 10 ____________________________________________________
  24. Rock drake eggs on Aberration official servers are spawning under the nests. They stay there for as long as I have been checking them, and can not be picked up. If anyone has screenshots, please post them below me. I will try to get some.
  25. Am I going mad in Aberration

    Hi survivors Quick question, apologies if its already been asked. In certain areas of the map, I can hear people talking, its sounds like, 'help me, let me in' and other mumblings, I haven't read many explorer notes so they might explain it, but my tribe mates tell me they can't hear it, so they are either joking around or I am losing the plot haha, can anyone confirm I'm not actually hearing thing Thanks in advance