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Found 644 results

  1. Brand new 24/7 Nitrado Hosted PvP server on Ragnarok Map is now LIVE!! Hey Survivors! I just started up a brand new PvP, Nitrado hosted server that is now live! Rally up your tribe and be the first ones to claim the best spots on the map! Hope to see you all out there and good luck surviving the Ark! Stats: Difficulty= 6.8 10x XP 10x Resources 10x Taming 20x Egg Hatch Speed 20x Baby Mature 7x Crop Growth Speed - Days longer than nights - Flyer Movement Speed increased - Player and tame stats slightly boosted - Increased loot quality for drops Server Info: · No Rules! · No Admins! · Admin Logging: ON · Currently there is 20 slots available but I will upgrade for additional slots when the server gets more populated How to Join: 1. Click “Join Ark” 2. In bottom left-hand corner, change Session Filter to “Unofficial PC Session” 3. Search Name Filter “ArkPVP24/7 10x” 4. Click on “ArkPVP24/7 10X” then click “Join” If you have any questions please feel free to message me personally or comment on this post anytime. I will reply as soon as possible!
  2. Join my server that is ran by the site Nitrado. The server name is: 24/7 PVP server. Admin GT— Goatalicious. Xbox one. My GT is Goatalicious if you have any questions. First come first serve on spots!!
  3. Come join our server! Taming is set at 20x and Harvest Multiplier is 5x. Stats are boosted as well. Me and a buddy rented the server to play ourselves, but we're looking for others to join the server. At the moment we only have 10 slots, but if we see an increase in players on, we'll up the slots to allow more people on. Also, we will avoid spawning things in so everything will be legit. It is a PVP server, so it is pretty much an everything goes, HOWEVER, if we do get complaints about new players being attacked frequently we will intervene. By 'new', I mean players in wood tier or lower, with few tames, or very little defences. Basically, don't be a sausage. Again, come and join our server and enjoy!
  4. Hello i'm running a 24/7 PVP server on the Island. All stats and rules are below. If you have any questions at all feel free to message my main account: TwoStomachKoopa or my brothers account: Vz x Damage To join add GT: Koopas World and make sure you have your game set to Primitive+Events almost every Sunday with huge rewards! There is an Ark store that sells various items and dinos as well as other services such as dino painting and skins. Currency will be hair so start saving up! You also win hair from events There will be a 1200 hair payday every Sunday 1 per tribe. I will only be giving it out that day, so make sure you're onI also placed 10 chests around the map containing good loot! if you find one let me know and i'll cross it off the list. Please let me know before you open it. Creating bases anyone can raid. If successful there will be a huge reward inside well worth it! However there will be a time limit (usually 24 hrs.) and only 1 tribe at a time can raid the base. No Data Downloads Boosted Stats: XP: 5x Tame Speed: 4x Harvest Amount : 6x Harvest Health: 2.05x Harvest Respawn Period: 0.7x Floating Damage Text: On Crosshair: On Boosted Player Stats: Stamina: 2.4x Food: 3x Water: 3x Weight: 3x Fortitude: 5x Boosted Dino Stats: Weight: 5x Stamina: 2.5x Speed: 2.05x Boosted Breeding Stats: Mating Interval: 1x Egg Hatch Speed: 50x Baby Mature Speed: 8xBaby Food Consumption Speed: 0.5x Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier: 50x RULES: 1. No raiding tribe named "Umbrella Corporation" Since he runs the store. 2. No Trolling/Griefing anyone. 3. No wiping allowed, no reason to destroy all their structures and kill all dinos. 4. No bullying new players 5. No killing passive dinos (Resource dinos such as Beavers, Ankylos, Parasuar, Frogs, etc..) unless they attack you first (Brontos, Stegos, and Turtles are ok to kill) If you see anyone breaking any of the rules please record it and message me EVEN IF IT'S AN ADMIN OR MODERATOR. i will not side with them. There is currently one player that has admin control my brother (He will be running the store) and two moderators that let me know what happens through out the day. This is a friendly server and we all want to enjoy the game so PVP is encouraged. If you see anyone breaking a rule please record it and send it to me and i will view it ASAP.
  5. Awkward Dino Ark Server is Going Primitive! Starting on Friday, November 17th, our server will start a freshly wiped map on Ragnarok as a Primitive Plus server! Here are the stats, rules, and how to join the server! If you are interested in joining, please either message me or reply to this thread with your Xbox gamer tag. Server Stats: Environment: x4 Gathering X5 Taming x2 XP X40 Egg Hatch x16 Maturation -0.5 Food Drain -0.5 Water Drain Offline Raid Protection (ORP) is active Monday-Thursday and disabled Friday-Sunday. Dino Stats: x4 Carry Weight x2 Movement Speed +0.5% Health x2 Stamina Player Stats: x3 Carry Weight x2 Health x2 Stamina x2 Fortitude Rules of the Server: No Flyers (Except the Griffin) The reason for this rule- and actually a server restriction- is to increase the challenge of PVP and environment gameplay. Primitive Plus allows for more chances to have interactions with other players, especially with PVP as raiding bases is much easier. To help bases use good hiding spots, and to increase the challenge of the landscape, our current players have voted to only allow Griffins as flyers. Tame one and you can rule the skies! No Wyverns In Primitive plus, Wyverns can be very difficult to raise, but to over powered if done so. We ask people to place their time in other dinos and not bother with Wyverns on our server. We might use Wyvern eggs as a sort of currency perhaps, but we ask no one to raise one. No building at any Obelisks No Blocking/ Building/ or leaving tames at Artifact Caves No blocking/Building/ or leaving tames at valuable resource spawns Blocking resource spawns can be a bit tricky to notice. Use your best judgement. If you are building in an area filled with Obsidian, Crystal, or Rich Metal(iron) and there isn't another location for a ways, then this might be a bad place to settle. We suggest settle NEAR that location so you can use the resources but with enough space that they can then respawn. No Foundation wiping when raiding- Get in, Get the items, Get out This is meant as literal foundation wiping, but also don't be THAT GUY that destroys all of someone's farm, crafting equipment, and beds. Part of the fun is preparing for the eventual retaliation. No Passive tame killing (Video evidence is required) We take exception to this when the dinos are CLEARLY being used as defense. I mean if someone surrounds their base completely with dinos that are passive, then that is a violation on its own. No trolling/griefing of other players (Video evidence is required) No Bronto Taming. They cause too much lag when they harvest- whether it is intentional or not.- If you want a large platform dino we suggest the Parcer. Each tribe can have 2 bases MAX A Base is defined as a close set of structures, usually enclosed by a single wall in a small area. We ask only 2 bases because we want to allow for lots of open spots for new player/tribes to settle and explore. 2 Bases can be as far apart as you would like them to be. This will allow tribes to have an ocean front base for water tames, and an inland base. This does not include Rafts/Dingys No PVP at the Community Trading Post The community trading post is made to be a safe haven for peaceful trades. We wanted to give players an opportunity to meet other tribes without giving away their location and to have a secured spot where they can feel confident they won't be harassed. The location of the Community Trading Post will be announced upon completion More information: The server is located in Southern California so all times will be in Pacific Standard Time (PST) which is -8 GMT. The server runs 24/7 on a dedicated Xbox One, with 300 Mbps internet. The admins of the server are Kitamoto and Wyvernspirit. Admin logging will be active so the admins can play as regular players in addition to the occasional Dino Wipe. We, as admins, both have full-time jobs during the week and so we are not on as often as we would prefer- however, we encourage players to contact us via xbox message if you have any problems and we will help as soon as we can. How to join our server: Since our server will not be transferring to Primitive Plus until Friday, November 17th, we ask any prospective survivors to reply to this thread with their Xbox Gamertags so we can send invitations on the day of. We also have a forum where our players can discuss trades, bugs, breeding, etc. We ask that all our players register on our forum with their Xbox Gamertags as their usernames so it will be easier to communicate with everyone. You can find our forum at If you are really interested and want to potentially speed up the process, you can Xbox message either Spirit (Xbox gamer tag: Wyvernspirit) or Kita (Xbox gamer tag: Kitamoto). We will be more than happy to help get you onto our server! We hope you join our server and enjoy it as much as we do! Sincerely, Spirit
  6. PC hosted server running Ragnarok with slight boost to Weight, Stamina and Fortitude on character. Looking for people to fill this server! We are going to be hosting weekly events including a travel over to the island to unlock all tek grams. We are hoping to transition this server into a server that allows easy access to tek so there will be roaming bosses in certain areas that will drop 300 Element. Always open to suggestions! CURRENTLY!! ALL NEW TRIBES WILL RECEIVE A SET OF METAL TOOLS AND AN ARGENT TO GET THEM STARTED!! Name: Moose Lodge PVP Ragnarok (No Rules, but don't be a sausage) Tame: 7 XP: 7 Gather: 7 Hatch: 50 Mature: 30 Fortitude: 10 per level Weight: 25 per level Stamina: 20 per level Dino Weight and Stamina: 5x Weekly Events: A Pet Shop to buy rare non apex creatures. (Wednesday) Also open on Sunday for the first week or so. [Viking Bay] [Black Pearls] New Tribe Starter Pack. MSG an admin to receive a small gift and some items to get you on your feet. [Viking Bay] Fortnite style battle arena. Parachute off the flying diplodocus into hostel territory for your chance to win weekly prizes. [Wednesday] [Green Ob] Jousting and Equus Racing [Building in Progress] Admin Spawned Raidable bases with scaling difficulty for better loot. [ANY TIME] Gladiator Coliseum to challenge other tribes or fellow tribe mates. Or for the ultimate test.. Tribe arena with Scaling Difficulty Creatures (10 Rounds) primitive weapons only. [Thursday] [Green Ob] That is about it for now. Message me on Xbox live at The Moose587 or NINJAfastthumbs with any questions or concerns.
  7. We want some more action on our dedicated server, so come play with us! I've adjusted the settings alot over the last year and found a pretty good balance. Faster pace but still makes you work for it! For the working adults that want to be able to progress through the game and enjoy it without dedicating their lives to it. PvP settings with additional turret damage and structure resistance to discourage base raiding and promote PvE teamwork between tribes. Full server settings are available upon request, but here are the basics; 4x experience, 6x taming, 12.25x breeding, 4x harvesting and harvest damage, players and dinos have increased weight, stamina and speed to take advantage of boosted harvesting. 16x Cave/PvP damage and 0.25 structure resistance = 4x damage in caves. 4x Turret damage. Session name: Kamino PvPvE Host GamerTag: BlitzMommy (add friend and join game) Password: NerfHerder Admin GamerTags: Toxyethanol + ViciousViolets (or email me at [email protected])
  8. SERVER NAME: [US] FroopyLand -24/7 Nitrado Hosted PVP Server -Ragnarok - ALL Tekgrams Can be Acquired Through Admin Ran Boss Arena (description at end) -Admin Protected -Element and Skin Store for Top Tier Players JOINING: The server is on the Xbox one ark server list. It is under the Filter: “Unofficial PC Sessions”. Search the server name, and make sure to uncheck password protected as there is no password. If there is trouble joining please comment in this thread THE SERVER IS VERY NEW AND LOOKING TO RECRUIT. AS A REWARD TO NEW PLAYERS LOOT CRATES WILL BE TEMPORARILY BOOSTED! small boosts to player stats(2xhealth,3xstam,2xspeed,5x oxygen, 2.5xmelee, 5xcarry,4xfort) and very small boosts to tame health , carry weight, speed stamina. Max wild Dino level is 200 (it is usually 150 on official servers) overall the server feels like an official when fighting dinos, exploring and PVPing, but does not require the ridiculous grinding hours needed on official servers thanks to boosted harvesting, experience, mating, taming , hatching , and mature speed. The settings preserve the feel of the official game, while making it much more fun thanks to a much easier grind. GENERAL SETTINGS 4x experience 7x gather 10x hatch 10x mature 5x taming speed 1.5x Spoil Time 200 max wild Dino level 1.5x Turret Damage to Dinos 4x Crop Growth 2x Xp From Kills RULES - It is full on PVP. Players trolling other tribes by constantly raiding them or killing noobs will be dealt with by the admins -No Griefing. Repeat offenders will be dealt with by the admins As the server population grows rules will be implemented if the population requests them and the admins are in agreement. ADMINS there are currently 4 admins who will intermittently be on to maintain the state of the server and enforce rules as they develop.The admins will have NO PART in PVP unless you are deemed a threat to the server from continuos trolling and griefing. Here are their gamertags: Salim Zago RogueTable98080 DiverseBook AquaticYeti3430 ELEMENT & SKIN STORE The admins will be running an element and skin store for top tier players. To gain access to the store you must win the ragnarok arena boss fight. The store will sell skins and element for a balanced price allowing only tribes who have earned items to acquire them. TEKGRAMS Upon winning, tribes will also be allowed to request boss drops at a boss arena made by the admins for a price, allowing them to get all of the tekgrams which would otherwise be unavailable on the ragnarok map. Good luck
  9. Hi, so me and my friends just started a Nitrado server, and are looking for players to populate it. Currently on the island but will be starting abberation when it is released, so just having some fun right now. Settings are boosted x4 resources and X2 taming and breeding hoping to get a good group of people that are friendly but up for some PVP. Trolls will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by the admin. Server name is EU The Truman Ark
  10. Getting populated now(102 website members)!, I bring you our hosted Nitrado 24/7 PvP server! This server is straight up PvP and has no stupid rules. You can kill passives you can wipe Deal with it its PvP Why Join? Dedicated website with forum & events leaderboard(Here) 4 Map Cluster Only rule is every tribe leader must be in our discord(this allows for us to easily resolve problems) Starters and CC 24/7 PvP No ORP Dedicated Discord Weekly Events with chance to win unique dinos 4 friendly admins all 25+ Server is populated we currently have 102 members and are growing everyday How to connect: Server Name: Thearklifexbox Change filter to “unofficial PC sessions” Make sure filter is set to PvP type in “thearklifexbox” in the search bar find one of the servers below and join right in Servers: Ragnarok: thearklifexbox-ragnarok (difficulty = 6 ) Center: thearklifexbox-center (difficulty = 8) The Island: thearklifexbox-island(difficulty = 7) scorched-earth: thearklifexbox-scorched(difficulty = 8) You can transfer between all 4 by using an obelisk Every member that signs up to the website gets a 150 tame of their choice!! Any questions just ask we are always on discord Full server stats below:- Details and Stats SERVER FORMAT After the server has been running for a while and everyone has settled in for those who want to participate the server will run weekly events for each season complete with leaderboard which can be seen Here , the tribe at the the top of the leaderboard at the end of the season will win a big prize! The server will also run a special 24/7 event involving the.. UNICORN! Read More here AT THE END OF EVERY SEASON WILL BE A SERVER VS ADMIN BASE RAID!!! DAY/NIGHT CYCLE Total Day length – 120 minutes Night length – 30 minutes Daytime length – 90 minutes Gamma will be off so get ready for those night raids!!! GENERAL Ragnarok/Center/Island ( transfer between all 3) 6 Tribe Limit(Make Alliances) Gather 5x XP 5x Taming 5x Spoil time 3 Player damage 1.15 Dino damage 1.15 Gamma change disabled Supply crate loot multiplier 2x Crop growth speed 4x All drains(food/water/stamina) 0.4 Difficulty is staggered across all 3 maps (High level dinos on others) Player level cap increased to 136 PLAYER/DINO STATS ADD PER LEVEL Player Health 2x Stamina 2x Oxygen 5x Weight 6x Damage 2x Speed 3x Dinos Health 1.5x Stamina 2x Weight 10x Melee 1.5x Speed 2x BREEDING/HATCHING Mating interval 0.3 Egg hatch speed 15 Baby mature speed 20 Baby food consumption 0.4 wyverns dont need milk!
  11. Nitrado Hosted 24/7 Boosted Server 4x Gather 5x Taming 5x XP 2.5x Crop Growth 0.75x Player Food/Water Drain 7x Baby Maturation 8x Egg Hatching ORP Enabled Cooldown Timer: 1h Soft PVP : All raiding is allowed, except at the community area located at the viking bay waterfall there is a "Hit List" Here, if you reported someone who raided you without a reason their name will be here. People can get high but not OP rewards for raiding these people If you just broke into someones base and took the valuables your hit amount will be lower than somebody who foundation wipes a new players wooden base We have a friendly and warm community You can join the discord and Xbox club for bonus rewards To Join: 1) Load Up Ark 2) Press Join Ark In The Menus 3) In the bottom Left there is a filter Note: You usually have to wait a minute before editing 4) Then Choose "Unofficial PC Hosted Sessions" 5) Then in the search bar search "TheEuArkHub" 6) Join Session Note: It may take a couple of attempts at first to join due to a bug the devs still need to fix Rules: Do build big permanent bases on Viking Bay as they will be removed after a while as this is where community areas and events are held. However you can build a shop there to sell goods or a service. Viking Bay is preferably a PVE zone and you can get put on the hit list forPVP in Viking Bay Thanks for reading
  12. I'm hosting a 32 slot nitrado server for ark xbox one. The map is Ragnarok Pvp Server Only one Admin on the server "Kraze Goon" Rules: *NO trolling little tribes *NO abusing one single tribe over and over again. *ABSOLUTELY NO WAR BRONTOS -This causes lag and with the server settings can be a big bullet sponge and cause an unfair advantage How To Join: The server name is "Ark Louis Vuitton Gang" BREEDING STATS: x8 Mature Speed x0.5 Eating (Dinos eat half as much) x5 Egg hatch speed Player Stats: x4 taming x3 experience x3 harvest x2 health, stamina, fortitude, oxygen x2.5 weight Dino Stats: Dinos can spawn up to level 200 wild. (Difficutly set to 7) x1.4 health x1.2 melee x2 stamina x4 weight
  13. RAGNAROK PVP - KIRBYSDREAMLAND How to find our Server? Name Filter: Search KirbysDreamland and it should show up. Full server name is KirbysDreamland - NEW SERVER - 24/7 - STATS BOOST FOR LIMITED TIME - Ragnarok Show Password Protected: NO Session Filter: Unofficial PC Servers Available Slots: 50 (albeit this can easily be pushed up to 100 if demand shows) *****24/7 Ragnarok PVP Server***** NEW SERVER - LIMITED TIME EVENT - BOOSTED STATS ON EVERYTHING - GET AHEAD OF EVERYONE ELSE WHILST YOU CAN - CAN BUILD IN TO TERRAIN (DisableStructurePlacementCollision set True) SO YOU CAN SET BASES UP IN HARD TO FIND PLACES. For all of November virtually all settings are set to max to allow players to get ahead of the curve and settled in. When December starts, we'll be rolling out random events, loot drops and gladiatorial events with hefty prizes to be one for the true champions. Friendly admins - we are always looking to recruit new admins and so if you're interested, message me on PSN 'Cap_Kirby' with why you want to be admin and past experience. The Swamp Castle area is being set up as an Admin's base but apart from that, you're free to build anywhere you want even if it's another base owned by an Admin. All is fair in love and war. Regular Events\ Raidable loot bases \ arena PvP events (Arena area under construction) Server Rules: 1) NO WIPING!!!!!! 2) Don't raid starter bases without reason - we want to the community to grow and clans to form. 3) Respect other players! Although we are a PvP server we 'd like to build up a strong and active community so don't necessarily have a 'kill on sight' mentality. Have fun on Ark PVP Server is always up so come on in!
  14. Map: Ragnarok & Island Cluster The Center is coming soon And we will be adding Abberation as well. Platform: Xbox One Gamertag: None = PC Hosted Xbox Server Discord Invite Link. Facebook. Come join our server for a truly exhilarating experience! We host weekly events, we have an admin shop, player & dino boosted stats, starter packs and much more! Join our discord/facebook to learn more about our server! Feel free to come and ask questions so we can help you get started today! This is a PvP server. Come join us fill up our slots to have a great server. Lots of helpful tribes. Server Rates XP: 3x Gather: 6x Taming: 7.5 Maturation: 12x Hatch Rate: 12x Mention me for a referral & receive 10 BBS value in our shop to start: Hazd Canadian.
  15. A.B.S. Gaming BRAND NEW RAGNAROK & ISLAND SERVER 24/7 These servers will be run from Nitrado (Ragnarok has 32 slots and The Island has 20 slots, Increasing the cap that best fits the servers needs), and will be up 24/7. We want to build a strong community where people can coincide together and enjoy PVP raiding without feeling like you lost all of your hard work but instead had fun. We heavily encourage trading amongst other tribes and working together, but we also understand not everyone gets along which is perfectly fine, so we just ask; follow the rules and don't be a sausage. Arks: The Island & Ragnarok Platform: Xbox One Host Xbox Live Account: bloodvoodoo Hello and Welcome All Tired of the hassles and heartbreak on official servers? All of your hard earned hours of taming/building/work just to be trolled or grieved? Trust me, I know your pain all too well.. but look no further friends! Join the ABS Community today! I've been a server host for Ark for almost 2 years. In the past the server was hosted on an Xbox One. These 2 brand new servers will be hosted from Nitrado. Server lag and crashes should be a thing of the past now. All of the servers ARE clustered. For those who don’t know a cluster server is, it means that you will be able to transfer dinos, items, and characters freely between maps, but only between our two servers (eventually three) which will be linked to one another. Why and how can I join the server? Joining the server will be pretty simple. Search for "ABS: Ragnarok" or "ABS: The Island". Make sure you are searching under the correct session filter. Single player or whole tribes are welcome! Spread the word. A few quick reasons why to join: 24/7 Friendly and helpful community on the server and forum Survivors from all regions of the world are welcome! Boosted stats! EVENTS! Server store and district Friendly server admins! The goal of the server Admins are to make sure you have a fair and fun time on the server. There is no tolerance for abuse of power and if there is, report it to bloodvoodoo ***THIS IS HOW TO JOIN AT THE MOMENT. Look up "ABS" and make sure you have "show password protected off" and session filter set as "unofficial pc sessions" Then is you get stuck on "Joining session" follow these steps from Nitrado. THEY ARE WORKING ON A FIX. "When you're stuck at "Joining <servername>", go to your settings (via HOME button), network settings, set yourself to offline, then:" "Wait a few seconds (let's say 10), go back online, and switch back to the game, you should start joining from then." Are there any admins? There will be a few of admins (including myself) playing along with you. I know every single one of them in real life so they're all trusted. The admin tribe is "The Overseers" There will be NO admin abuse. I repeat, absolutely NO admin abuse. Will there be a starter pack? YES! There will be some sort of starter pack, eventually. Starter packs will be available once I have time to build an area for people to claim them at. Please be patient until then. Head over to blue ob when "Newcomers Hall" is built. Our starter packs usually consist of: Ptera (with a Mastercraft or Ascendant saddle) Building supplies (stone structures) GPS and Spyglass Weapons (Mastercraft Crossbow or pike) Other various goodies. Donations? If you do love playing on the server and want to help out we do accept donations. Currently Xbox Store cards work perfectly fine. I am able to use my Microsoft account funds to prolong the server run time and increase player caps. You can also donate straight to my Nitrado account at the link below: Nitrado also stated this, "We're currently working on a feature that we're calling 'Server Boosting'. That means you will be able to purchase small chunks of run time for an already running server you don't own yourself. This will make it easier to split the server costs among multiple people" This feature should be available within the first 30 days of server run time. I will also be giving out donation packages to show my appreciation for helping out. I will add of list of the packages later on. Server Rules: **All rules are subject to change and can be adjusted depending on what the majority of the people want. There will be a few rules to establish a healthy running server. Remember that this is a PVP server, meaning.. you can be killed anywhere (like the real world) so prepare yourself. Do not raid new player. We want people to build and get established. Hit tribes your size. DO NOT NAME YOUR PLAYER HUMAN, BOB, or JOE! If you named your player this before knowing the rule, I am able to change it with a command. Although it is easier to make a new character early on. NO blocking resources (building on metal spawns, etc. Building on metal spawns with only a few rocks around is okay, just don't build on big metal spawns) NO blocking supply drops (people have to be able to open them up) NO building at obelisks NO building around beaver spawn/dams CLEAR OUT BEAVER DAMS. NO PVP at or around community structures. Admin/Owner enforced. NO building in or directly outside of caves containing artifacts. Other players have to be able to reach artifacts. Clean up after yourself. If you move bases or just have random structures out and about, please destroy them. Other Key Notes: Trolling and Griefing are very frowned upon, but not against the rules. Admins are fair game. They are playing the game just like you are. With this being said, do not complain once they attack back. Eye for an eye. The server store currency will be spark powder, metal ingots, and cementing paste. Events will be hosted quite frequently once admins are settled in. There is no build collisions. No longer will that skimpy little half a boulder stand in your way from completing your prideful fortress! Build without having to worry about placement! Remember, your reputation will precede you. Treat others how you want to be treated. If you go around raiding everybody, don't be surprised if you see an angry mob at your front gates. The server setup is NEVER final, most settings will always be up for discussion if a change in any area is needed. I may be the admin but this is your home too. VIDEO CAPTURE IS YOUR FRIEND! If you seek justice, we will require evidence! There will be a community district that will be available to everyone who plays on the server. There will a server store where players will be able to buy or sell their items and dinosaurs. A Coliseum where people will be able to show their true skill in battles to the death. A community vault area, where the admins fill around 10 vaults full with random goodies.There is going to be a wild variety of community buildings on all of the servers that will benefit everyone. I cannot stress this enough, NO PVP AT COMMUNITY STRUCTURES. These areas are for people to use and feel safe. Players shouldn't have to worry about getting ganked while at the store. Do NOT completely empty the community vaults. Take what you need and leave behind what you don't want. Events: There is going to be a wide variety of events happening on this server. Here are just some ideas we have in store for you guys. If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment! Dodo Fights - Tame a dodo and make it fight to the death against your opponent. Does your dumb bird have what it takes? Raptor Boxing - Breed your champion. Horse Racing - Use your Equus tame in a race from point A to point B. Get to that finish line to claim your reward. Gladiator & Beast Battles - Speaks for itself, the most violent sport known to mankind, since the Romans, now the Survivors! Take your shield, choose your weapon, walk out onto the battlefield that's stained red , 1v1 battles, tribe style team battles, and a main Battle Royale type event! Claim your glory here! Hardcore Ninja Warrior - A parkour like obstacle course. Very dangerous, much death. Scavenger Hunts - Hints will be handed out. First to find it wins the prize! Could be a vault filled will goodies or a rare colored dinosaur. Jousting - 1v1 Who will reign supreme? Spike Maze - Metal Spikes will form a small maze and the first survivor to get through wins! More to come ^^ With Halloween already behind us, expect the server to have some sort of Christmas events and themes. Server Settings: **All server settings are subject to change and can be adjusted depending on what the majority of the people want. If a setting is not listed below, assume that it is at its default setting. If you want to make sure about a certain setting, leave a comment! Difficulty: 2.0x MAX WILD DINO LVL 225! MAX BASE PLAYER LVL 120 (I will make it higher when I time) XP Multiplier: 3.0x Taming Speed Multiplier: 5.0x Harvest Amount Multiplier: 4.0x Player Water Drain: 0.7x Player Food Drain: 0.7x Player Stamina Drain: 0.7x Dino Stamina Drain: 0.7x Player Health Recovery Multiplier: 1.25x Dino Health Recovery Multiplier: 1.25x Regrow Radius: 0.5x (meaning trees and rocks will respawn 50% closer to your structures) Platform Max Structure Multiplier: 3.0x Custom Recipe Effectiveness Multiplier: 5.0x Custom Recipe Skill Multiplier: 5.0x Lay Egg Interval Multiplier: 5.0x Mating Interval Multiplier: 0.1x Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier: 50.0x Babby Mature Speed Multiplier: 50.0x Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier: 0.04x Baby Imprinting Stat Scale Multiplier: 2.0x Baby Food Consumption Speed Multiplier: 1.0x Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier: 4.0x Fishing Loot Quality Multiplier: 4.0x Crop Growth Speed Multiplier: 5.0x Crop Decay Speed Multiplier: 2.0x (crops will decay twice as slow) Oxygen Swim Speed Stat Multiplier: 2.0x Fuel Consumption Interval Multiplier: 5.0x PVP Zone Structure Damage Multiplier: 1.0x (this was 6.0x by default) Override Structure Platform Prevention: Enabled (meaning you are able to place spikes and turrets on your platform saddles) Cave Flyer: Enabled 3rd Person Option: Enabled Crosshairs: Enabled Player on Map: Enabled (meaning that when you look at you map it will show you your location) Force All Structure Locking: Enabled [Makes it possible to lock/pin lock all item containers (so fridge, smithy, etc.)] Passive Defenses Damage Riderless Dinos: Enabled (allow spike walls to damage wild/riderless Dinos) Floating Text: Enabled Allow Anyone Baby Imprint Cuddle: Enabled Non Permanent Diseases: Enabled (once you die they go away) C4s on Dinos: Enabled (you are able to put multiple C4s on any dinosaur) Only Decay Unsnapped Core Structures: Enabled (only unsnapped core structures will decay. Useful for eliminating lone pillar/foundation span on PVP servers) Fast Decay Unsnapped Core Structures: Enabled (Decompose not link structures with 5- fold speed) Destroy Unconnected Water Pipes: Enabled (After two days real-time the pipes will auto-destroy if unconnected to any non-pipe (directly or indirectly) and no allied player is nearby) Allow Platform Saddle Multi Floors: Enabled (allows more than one floor per saddle platform) Unlimited Respecs: Enabled Corpse Locator: Enabled (upon death, a beam of light shoot into the sky to help the player locate where they died) Disable Structure Placement Collision: Enabled ( allows placement of structures that clip into terrain) Friendly Fire: Enabled (don't shot your pals) Max Structures In Range: 50,000!!! Note: With Nitrado server I am also able to control the spawn rates of certain dinosaurs. If you have any suggestions on any dinosaurs that there should be less of, leave a comment below! Currently these dinosaurs are being affected: Lystros: Spawn rate 50% slower and 50% less Moschops: Spawn rate 50% slower and 50% less Also testing out engrams. I'm able to add or restrict engrams for the server. Right now I am testing if I am able to implement some primitive plus items (brazier, battle axe, etc.) Will update with further information within the next few days. Player and Dinosaur Stat Settings: **All stats are subject to change and can be adjusted depending on what the majority of the people want. Player Stats: Health: 5.0 Stamina: 5.0 Oxygen: 100.0 Food: 50.0 Water: 50.0 Weight: 100.0 Melee Damage: 2.5 Speed: 3.0 Fortitude: 10.0 Crafting Speed: 3.0 *example: If you were to put 1 point into health, you would gain 50 health. 5 * 10 (which is the default increase) Wild Dinos: All wild dinosaur stats are set at default Dino (tamed): Weight: 25.0 Stamina: 5.0 Health: 1.2 Melee Damage: 1.2 Add Dino (tamed): Weight: 25.0 Stamina: 5.0 Speed: 15.0 (this is the setting that will increase flyers base speed) Health: 1.2 Affinity Dino (tamed): Weight: 25.0 Stamina: 5.0 *Have any other rule & rate suggestions? An event idea? or just a statement about the server in general? Feel free to post a comment down below! Taking all suggestions (within reason) into consideration. Thank you for taking the time to read our forum! Spread the word!
  16. Hello and welcome to my Ark server! I decided to run my own server because I was sick of me going to server to server. Due to the fact admins that barely did anything,server would go down and never come back up, and many more reasons why. This will be a 30 slot server because I want to test out how these Nitardo servers run When ever they are released. I will have a Xbox Club, for all of us to post what ever, for me to post stuff that is going on as well to announce events going on. The club is called Only In Your Dreams Ark Server. I will try to do events atleast three times a week. The reason why I have chosen the island is because people are familiar with it and is the most optimized and less issues with the map so far. If this server is successful as I hope for it to be, I will be buying another server for it to run on Abberation when it is released! There will be a starter kit being a Tapajara or argy your choice (Level 75) metal pick,metal hatchet, and a chemistry bench since I believe the mortar and pestals are extremely slow. Difficulty: Max XP multipler: 15x Taming speed: 13x Dino harvest amount: 2.3x Harvest amount: 10x Lay egg interval: 6.0x Time between breeding: 30 minutes Baby mature: 20x Rules: 1: Destroying the public area will result you getting wiped! This is your only warning. 2: If you wish to be in the sever but don't like PVP, Please pm me telling me so and your tribe name. Your tribe name must have PVE somewhere in it. If you participate in PVP in any shape or form you will be wiped&possibly banned. Try to stay away from conflicts/PVP bases. 3:No building around obelisk,building in caves and placing random structures around the map. Your structures must be close to your base. 4: 6 wyvern's is the max you will be able to have in your tribe and one griffin per tribe 5: There will be no Brontos and Pteranodon. Due to the fact brontos cause harvest lag, and I feel like Pteranodon's are a coward way to play PVP..people just use it so much, petra-roll and that's it. 6: There is no pvp in the public area whatsoever! You will be punished. This is your only warning. 7: If you built somewhere in one area and you're moving. Please destroy the structures. 8: PVPers CAN NOT attack PVE'ers. Don't be a sausage. You will be punished if you do. 9: If a pver and want to turn into PVP you need to let me know before hand Dino Sales: (Currency next to dinosaur. Dinos will be at a level 125. More dinos will probably be added to this list, the Dino shop is next to starter area! You can even buy wyverns on this server! I have a lot of PVE'ers on my server. The first 5 PVP tribes will be getting two allos, a yutranuss and a ascendant club blueprint If you see this post and the Nitardo servers are not released yet. You can if you wish, send me a message saying you will be in the server. My gamertag is Brutalmeta183. This is where the starter area will be.Now how you find the server is you click on join ark like if you were trying to play official. Make sure unofficial pc sessions is on, password protected is off.
  17. Hello Survivors! My Scorched Earth PvE Server is now open! The Server is Private. To request a invitation to the Server; simply send a message to the Xbox Live Gamertag: [Agony Defined] Don't ask for Admin. Build to your heart's content. Trade with players and do as you please. My one and only rule: DO NOT grief players. You're more than welcome to transfer your Dinos, items and your character to the Server. Don't join just to leave, but you're also welcome to test out the Server before deciding to call my Server your new home. Events are still in the works. Future plans: PvE Jousting Arena and PvP Gladiator Arena will be set up in due time to win Wyvern Eggs, prizes, etc! I will provide every modified value down below. Note: The values will not be changed to your liking and are permanent. The Community Villa is a work progress. You're welcome to stop by. Hangout and interact with the players on the Server. 4 Community Cabins are built and can be used by anyone who is starting out. Sharing is caring. 😊 Inside each Cabin you will find your Starter Packs. Metal Picks, Metal Hatchets, Torches, Pikes and Tents are located in the Storage Boxes inside each Cabin. [Don't be stingy. Take only what you need.] I will also provide the exact coordinates and location to each Cabin: Cabin Coordinates: Cabin 1 [Midlands 4]: Latitude [56.8] Longitude [69.8] Cabin 2 [Midlands 3]: Latitude [62.1] Longitude [51.9] Cabin 3 [South 3]: Latitude [67.3] Longitude [57.4] Cabin 4 [South 1]: Latitude [65.8] Longitude [43.3] Values/Settings: Difficulty Level: 1.0 XP Multiplier: 12.0 Taming Speed: 12.0 Harvest Amount: 12.0 Player Character Water/Food/Stamina Drain: 0.75 Dino Character Stamina Drain: 0.75 Allow Thrid Person Camera/Crosshair/Global Voice Chat/Show Player Map Location/PvE Mode/Maximum Difficulty/Use Corpse Locator/Disable Structure Placement Collision/Allow Multiple Platform Floors/Allow Unlimited Respecs: ON PvE Allow Tribe War/PvE Allow Tribe War Cancel/Allow Cave Building PvE/Allow Flyer Carry PvE:Disable Dino Decay PvE: ON Non Permanent Diseases: ON Allow Anyone Baby Imprint Cuddle: ON Mating Interval: 0.01 Egg Hatch Speed: 24.0 Baby Mature Speed: 24.0 Day Cycle Speed: 0.75 Day/Night Time Speed: 0.75 Spoiling Time: 3.0 Tamed Dinos Stats boosted to 1.0 Per Level Up Player Stats Boosted to 5.0 Per Level Up Max Players in Tribe: 9 Show Floating Damage Text/Allow Custom Recipes/Allow Raid Dino Feeding: ON Raid Dino Food Multiplier: 0.75 Supply Crate/Fishing Loot Quality: 3.0 Increase Platform Structure Limit: 24.0 Im looking forward to seeing you on the Server. Check out your builds and interact with everybody on the Server. Enjoy and good luck Survivors! 😊
  18. Ragnorak pvp 24/7 boosted GT: YxvysArk
  19. The Ark Genesis dedicated server Online since August 4, 2016 Map: RagnarokPVP, offline raid protection currently disabled, alliances enabled We strive for 24/7 availability Website: Settings: Rules: To join, add TheArkGenesis gamer tag to your friends list. Within 5 minutes you should be added as a friend to the server. Once that occurs you can join the game from TheArkGenesis gamer tag in your friends list. We have 3 admins on the server. Admin logging is enabled. We do not tolerate harassment or any behavior which drives players away from the server.
  20. Welcome to our 24/7 PvPvE Nitrado hosted server on Ragnarok! Opens on Nov. 6 @ 6:00pm EST (possibly sooner) ARKEOLOGY This will be a Nitrado run server with a 24/7 uptime, consisting of 3 admins. All players are welcome; in order to join you must join the discord and msg an admin with your GT. Once you have done that and acknowledge you understand the rules you will be given the server info / password to join. We want to build a strong community where people can coincide together and enjoy the 'pvp' raiding without feeling like you lost all of your hard work but instead had fun. We heavily encourage trading amongst other tribes and working together, but we also understand not everyone gets along which is perfectly fine, so we just ask; follow the rules. Discord: Facebook: Twitter: There will be no collision on so building will be much better. Enjoy mindwiping as many times as you'd like instead of once per level. Admin logging is ON. Offline Raiding Prevention will be OFF! With that said it is frowned upon to raid people while they are offline, this is a PvP server not PvBase. So, in order to counteract that we are taking the liberty of creating NPC bases throughout the map which will vary in difficulty / loot quality for you to raid. These will be fixed and or improve every time they are raided, so please message an admin to let us know which base you have successfully raided. We will be hosting plenty of server events. We have 3 admins who are very active and a ton of ideas to make things exciting and fun. We have yet to decide if we want to set specific dates and times each week that don't change or if we simply want to give a 48hours in advance notice. (Use discord for updates) There will be trading outposts located throughout the map as well which will be designated PvE zones. Dino wipes will be held on a schedule, everyday at 7:00pm EST Just like official servers host double EXP weekends, we will be promoting the same kind of events! Stats: XP: 2x Harvesting: 4x Crop Growth: 7.5x Egg Hatch Speed: 200x Baby Mature: 8x Taming Speed: 3x Consumption Speed: 1x Cave Damage: 2x Turret Damage: 1.3x Player Stats: Health: 1.5x Stamina: 2.5x Oxygen: 8.0x Food: 3.1x Water: 3.1x Weight: 50x Damage: 1.39x Speed: 2.5x Fortitude: 2.0x Dino Stats: Health: 0.4x Stamina: 2.0x Oxygen: 1.0x Food: 1.0x Water: 1.0x Weight: 50x Damage: 0.4x Speed: 2.0x _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules: * Admin Base & Community Center(s) are PVE only and are located @ The Great Plataeu. * No foundation spam beyond walls/gates to block resources/spawns. * No building in or near artifact/loot drops. * No foundation wiping; get in and get out with as little damage as possible, take ONLY what you need. * No passive tame killing. (If a Dino is used block access to your base or for PVP, but whistled passive or on passive after the rider is killed, it is fair game) * Passive tames can be tranq'd and knocked out for loot/saddles * No griefing or trolling. this is zero tolerance and will result in an instant ban. * No popcorning. If you don't know what this is, ask. * Enemies can only be captured for a MAX. of 20mins, unless raiding.. in which the duration may be as long as the raid lasts. * Clean up after yourself; destroy all tame pens after the tame is complete & don't leave random structures out and about. * No war Quetz * No cussing in the global chat & keep the global chat trash talk to a minimum * Use common sense * This is a PvP server, meaning.. you can be killed anywhere (like the real world) so prepare yourself. If you are on or have a mounted creature and do not attack back with that tame, your tame must be left alone. * To be streamer-friendly, any confirmed "stream sniping" or "griefing" will result in an immediate ban. *To those being raided, remember this is a PvP server, so don’t complain unless rules are broken. So rebuild, work with other tribes, and fight back. If you are raided, and the raid rules were broken then we the admins will rectify the situation. * Reports to admin must be accompanied with video/photographic proof. Finally; last but not least: Have Fun, chill, compete, socialize! Enjoy The Arkeology Server! We hope to see you on the Ark
  21. Add Matrix Realoader No bronto taming No plant species x No trolling Raid 24/7 note : structure damage turned down weekdays FFA on weekends structure back to normal Join the fun! You will not be disappointed!!
  22. Looking for dedicated players wanting a server to Rp on and make your own Kingdoms/Villages trading and playing as their Kingdom would admin will host seasonal events. Server is basically brand new lots of land to claim. Message MosMan13613 for more info
  23. Welcome survivors!, this is ARK OF THE GODS PvPvE server! Hosted by NITRADO Server Admin Xbox GT: Epic isOver9000 XP Multiplier set at x2.2 (x3 on weekends[except for the first week]) with a slight increase in gains for killing, harvesting, crafting etc... Taming/Mature/Hatch rates greatly increased, will be looking at a x5/x7/x5.5 respectively. Cuddle will be at .2 Player weight x4 per level Dino weight x6 per level Player food and water drain at .85 Harvest Amount x3.5 increased Dino Harvest damage x3.2 Most Player & Dino stats increase slightly more per point invested Wild Dinos reset at least once every day, unless requested otherwise (for taming purposes) Slightly longer days, shorter nights. MAX DIFFICULTY, lvl 150 DINOS! Platform item limit increased x5 Infinite mindwipes! Building into the environment is allowed! No longer will that skimpy little half a boulder stand in your way from completing your prideful fortress! Build without having to worry about placement! Admin will not arbitrarily use the admin commands for personal gain! Well.... maybe just a bit LOOKING FOR PvPers!! We have a healthy amount of players on at most times during the day, peaking at around 25-28 during some nights. Server Events bring a fun community together for friendly competition, check below for what we have provided. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- I am looking for all types of players, particularly other small tribes that would like a brand new home to start up on again(Need PvPers). Solo players are welcome as well! The admin will be VERY active on the server trying to provide a fun, exciting PvPvE experience with Server Events available Ark of the Gods is a Nitrado run server, player count will begin at 32 for the first month and increase when needed. This will be a no need to pay server! the admin will be paying for this out of his own pocket. If we obtain enough players and people start pitching in for another, I would not mind creating a cluster and making an Aberration and/or The Center exclusive servers for us. This is of course thinking ahead. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST, MSG ME ON XBOX. A voting system will be put in place if the community wants to see anything changed around. The server setup is NEVER final, most settings will always be up for discussion if a change in any area is needed. Remember, the final decision will always rest with the admin! You MUST join the servers xbox club! Send my GT a message and I will have you invited ASAP. The club itself is hidden, so if you don't message me, I won't know you need an invite. This is where you will obtain information on Server Event times, Server outages, Rule changes etc... Bring your friends, bring your tribe, start a new Ark story within a reliable server with a fair and active admin. ----------SERVER EVENTS---------- SERVER EVENTS ARE HELD AT THE GREEN OBELISK, A GREAT COLOSSEUM HAS BEEN CONSTRUCTED TO HOUSE SUCH GLORY AND TURMOIL! Events will be held every Sunday, times may vary. Surprise Events do happen during the week usually when 15+ players are on and the admin gets bored. Coming up with more each day. This is real, gentlemen. Each Saturday/Sunday I will hold 2 separate events, the first is the normal weekly event Raptor Boxing, the second and Main event will be chosen from the list below. WEEKLY Raptor Boxing - Breed your champions, EVERY week, the default event will be Raptor Boxing, each tribe/solo player is allowed ONE Raptor champion they may work on from that week only, breeding is allowed, all Raptors must stay within reasonable standards. Equus Horse Racing - Use your Equus tame in a race from point A to point B. Since the track will mostly and favorably be the map of Ragnarok itself, danger could be at any turn, admin has no control over what happens to you, just get to that finish line to claim your reward. Dodo Fights - Each player tames up to 3 Dodos for a 3 round Battle Royale match, each round garners the winner a reward with the final round be the most valuable. Gladiator Battles - Speaks for itself, the most violent sport known to mankind, since the Romans, now the Survivors! take your shield, chose your weapon, walk out onto the sands stained red with blood and thin wine, 1v1 bouts, tribe style team battles, and a main Battle Royale type event! Claim your glory here! Mantis Dojo Death Skirmish - Show up and chose your mantis warrior provided by your favorite admin, Fight atop your mantis in 1v1 style Tournaments, a Battle Royale to determine the challenger to the 1v1 Champ... and finally, out of the 2 will come 1... 1 to officially challenge the Admin and his Mighty Mantis Epic's Ninja Warrior - A parkour like obstacle course, can you get through the Pillars of Impending Doom? Navigate your way through the Hall of Sleepy Silence? Speed is key in this Ark version of Ninja Warrior! Scavenger Hunts - From a box of some valuable materials, to a rare painted Dino of the community's chosing, the admin will place one of these somewhere on the map. Hints will be handed out. First to find it wins the prize! Capture the Admin - You read it here folks, the admin will place himself somewhere specific on the map, much like the beginning of Scavenger Hunt you must follow clues to find me, if I am found, you must capture me, once you have me handcuffed and in your custody, you must transport me to a designated spot on the map called the Prison. this journey will not be easy, as other players will want my hide. The items and Dinos allowed during this event will be specified. Reward will be great. Pirates! - 1 Pirate Ship per team, Each raft is built according to standards (an example will be provided), then slap on a dozen or so cannons on either side and go to battle! structure damage slightly decreased for longer battles! THE MAZE OF THE GODS(Servers Main Event) - The Maze of the Gods will be a challenge unlike no other, do you dare test your skill? your wit? your... sanity? IN DEVELOPMENT Large amounts of ELEMENT is handed out as a reward for these events, you can use this at the Element Store to buy all sorts of things from high tier gear to rare dinos and wyvern eggs. Rewards for the Server Main Event, Maze of the Gods, are hard items such as a suit of Tek armor, a Unicorn, a Phoenix, a superior level dragon egg etc... the choice is yours if you can make it through! Reach Level 60? GOODJOB, You get a FREE Quetzal w/Platform Saddle!!!!!! SERVER RULES ARE AS FOLLOWS:rules subject to change No building near artifacts No blocking off of any important or rare resources No killing of Flyers and Resource Dinos on Passive. Wyverns excluded from the list. This is a PvPvE server, so raiding is allowed. Constant day to day raiding or trolling/griefing will not be tolerated by the admin. LOOKING FOR PvPers CURRENTLY! 1 Bronto/Diplo per tribe No Tribe wiping! No complete destruction of a tribe or players base, Destroy what is necessary to take what you need then leave, let's not make players quit here. Taming pens are arbitrarily destroyed by admin! Do not leave them lying around for too long No placing of random foundations/pillars etc... Only 1 Oil pump per tribe All final decisions come from the admin Remember, your reputation will precede you, treat others how you want to be treated. If you go around raiding everybody, don't be surprised if you see an angry mob at your front gates. Trolls of any kind will be handled by the admin. LOOKING FOR PvP TRIBES/Players currently VIDEO CAPTURE IS YOUR FRIEND! If you seek justice, I will require evidence! Your admin is almost always hard at work trying to provide a fun experience for everybody when on the server. Community Building is at Viking Bay 1 by the corner shoreline, PvP will NOT be allowed in or around its perimeter. Come And Create Your Journey Here! Play to have fun; I support fair players who just want to have a good time, make friends, and show off some stellar creations! Don't worry, PvP will also be a big part of the server creating friendships AND rivalries. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BE SURE TO JOIN THE ARK OF THE GODS XBOX SERVER CLUB! If you are interested in joining this server, please add the GT shown at the top of the page Send a MESSAGE via xBox for your Ark of the Gods club invitation. Once you're in, you will officially be signed up for this brand new server set and ready to write its story. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS, OR CONCERNS, FEEL FREE TO MSG ME ON XBOX. FINAL NOTE: When the Aberration map launches, I will NOT be switching maps, I will however be smuggling certain new items over to this map for event rewards such as the glider suit and the ice climber picks! Anything I bring in from the new map will be Server Event rewards.
  24. PVP server 15X Taming 23 Stone per Pick up Rules No Brontos Admins are raidable and they will raid back if provoked, admins will match what raid with for example if you raid with grenades and IEDs, they will try to raid back with the same items. So if you use tek, they'll use tek. Etc. Public events at random times. Stats may change over time, we're adjusting them according to feedback. Server Host is Arkserver2006
  25. Welcome to ARK ASIA PVP Server! Server Location: Asia HOW TO JOIN US: 1. Select "Join ARK" in the main menu 2. Select the filter to "Unofficial PC Sessions" in the bottom of the list 3. Search for “ARK ASIA PVP” in the search bar on top of the list SERVER RATES: EXP X5 Havesting X5 Taming X5 Hatching X5 Maturation X5 *Offline Raiding Protection is Enabled with delay timer* MAP: The Island PLAYER SLOTS: 30 RULES: Enjoy the server and Have fun! Questions and suggestions are all welcome! Feel free to comment and message me directly.