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Found 966 results

  1. Map: Ragnarok Platform: Xbox One Host Account Gamertag: Cult of the ARK Discord Invite Link: Our Website: For those who are looking for a 24/7 PvP dedicated server then add and send a message to Cult of the ARK on Xbox and then join our Discord using the link: To join our Xbox Server you must be in the Discord. Once in the chat send a message tagging @Kuma and you'll be added to the host account's friend list so you can join off the account. Be sure you make your nickname in the Discord your Gamertag so I can find you on Xbox. Only those in the Discord will be allowed server access. Exceptions can be made if you have friends who cannot join the Discord. As long as at least one Tribe member is in the Discord, you will be responsible for their actions. Only those who are in the Discord will be added by the host account. Why You Should Join: 24/7 Dedicated Server Friendly and helpful community on the server, website, and in the Discord. Survivors from all regions of the world are welcome! Boosted Stats! The game stats and values have been upgraded on the server to make things more fun. We don't like to give exact numbers but give it a try and see you if like it! For more information on Our Servers, see our website. Events! We host periodic events (our goal is weekly) that are available to anyone and have in-game rewards. Events are announced on our Forums and Discord. "Ascension Event!" To go along with our regular events, we also host a similar event to the official "Evolution Event". What's different? Once a month over a 3 day period, the harvest rate will be tripled it's current rate, an Admin will host and assist in a boss fight on one of the three days (the boss will be voted on by the community) as well as an Admin assisting players go through the Tek Cave (difficulty will be determined by the community as well). We have a Store! Our In-Server Store is integrated with our website and includes our own currency system - COTA Credits! Friendly Server Administration! The goal of the server Admins are to make sure you have a fair and fun time on the server. There is no tolerance for abuse of power and if there is, report it to one of our Administrators. Structure damage is lowered during the week, Monday - Thursday, to promote building while on the weekend, Friday - Sunday, structure damage is set back to normal for full potential chaos! However, all raiding and PvP conduct is allowed at all times. This is a PvP server and isn't for the weak or feint-hearted. The settings are modified to make it a challenge. It is intended to be less of a grind yet at the same time give you the satisfaction of earning your items. The reason for Discord being mandatory for server access is because it creates a better community and a great overall experience for everyone. We hope you will like it and enjoy your time with us!
  2. OG RMW's 24/7 PVP Paradise 6x Taming 6x Gather 6x Exp 6x Egg Hatch & Maturation Cave Flyer [ON] Offline Raid Protection [ON] Add "OG RMW" on XBL to join. Survive and Thrive
  3. Welcome to CretaceousArkEU Gamertag: CretaceousArkEU Website: Discord: Map: Ragnarok This is CretaceousArk a Xbox One PvP Server where the players decide everything. Discord is our main point of contact for all the players on the server to trade, raid and communicate. Join using the "Click Here To Join Cretaceous Ark" button below. The server is Described as, official at a accelerated rate. See the "Server Settings" for more info. We are a Cluster Server where we use multiply maps but only one character, We transfer them to and from maps using the Obelisk/Beacons/Tek Transmitter.(Dinos and items included) We are based on Ragnarok but retain the ability to travel to scorched earth, or the island if it passes a vote with the rest of the players.(duration also gets voted on) Note: no items, tames or building are lost during this process. When Wildcard and Microsoft set a date on the rentable servers we will be starting off with two servers, running at the same time in a cluster. That will give us the ability to use two maps simultaneously. Where there will be no restrictions on how often you can cross server travel. Server 1: Ragnarok Server 2: Still to vote We host weekend events that can be double breeding, gather, XP or Taming. If you would like to see another event just suggest it in Discord Our Website is way for us to further engage with our players, on there you will find detailed server stats, rules. We also have a player of the month and a tribe of the month. Server Stats Taming: 6 Gather: 10 XP: 5 Structure Resistance 0.5 PvP Zone Structure Damage: 2x (official is 6x) Mating Interval: 0.2 Egg Hatch: 30 Maturation: 15 Loot Drops and Fishing gives Double Loot Dino Weight Boosted Character Stats fair and balanced Platform Saddles can hold 4x the structure limit ALL SERVER STATS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE GIVING ENOUGH PLAYER WANT IT TO TO MAKE CHANGES TO SERVER STATS/RULES YOU CAN POST IT IN THE SUGGESTIONS SECTION ON OUR DISCORD CHANNEL If you have read all the way to this part you must be wondering how to join? Simply join our discord channel and message your discord name to the gamertag: CretaceousArkEU
  4. Hello there! Our player dedicated server is looking for new people and tribes to come populate the server. We are on Ragnarok, and the rates are boosted a lot to aid those new tribes trying to come in and build up. This server is a PVP server with no rules! Message iDispaiir, or King Walrus222 for info about the server, and if you are bringing friends, please tell us that as well! Also by the way, this server is almost completely new, being only a couple days old.
  5. 3x Gathering 8x taming Server Gamertag: ARK SERVER 4RK
  6. Hello survivers, We're hosting a 24/7 server on Ragnarok, and we would like for more players to come join us. The server settings are as follows, 6x Xp - 6x Taming - 6x Hatching - 4x Gathering - 10x Maturing The player and dino stats are also slightly boosted as to where you won't be having weight issues for building. We like to build, and are trying to build a community city with all survivers on the server. We would also like to have events every now and then, like a maze, or a PvP weekend. Any suggestions are of course always welcome. To join the server, simply add gamertag: BelgXXL We hope to see you on The Ark.
  7. NEW SERVER AS OF 18/07/17 PVP 24/7 SERVER // THE CENTER // HIGH RATES! HOST – ‘TheExilesServer’ PVP all week round, great connection and minimal ping. Gathering, Weight and XP along with almost everything else is up a lot, making there be near to no grind. There will be a number of industrial forges on the volcano for everyone to use, BLUE IS PVE. Any rule breakers will be banned. Obviously the server will go down sometimes so don't spam the host, it will be back up ASAP. There will be events all week round to do with PVP/E and things like scavenger hunts, team PvP battles and dino battles, winners will be rewarded suitably. If you get raided, don't cry, the admins won't help you ‘rebuild’ because of your poor defence. The admins are there to organise events and make sure the servers running smoothly and fairly. However, if the admins are raided or even attacked at all, it will give the admins permission to attack and kill the attacking tribe. RULES - NO KILLING IN EVENT AREAS WHEN EVENT IS ON - BANTER IS FINE, DON’T BE DISRESPECTFUL. - ANY PEOPLE FOUND EXPLOITING GLITCHES WILL BE BANNED. - DON'T LOG OFF WHILST YOU'RE BEING RAIDED WHILST OFFLINE RAIDING IS PREVENTED, IF SOMEONE RECORDS YOUR TRIBE LOGGING OFF MID RAID, ALL MEMBERS WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED - NO BRONTOS -PvE AT BLUE
  8. ❋ thearkserver117 Dedicated PvPvE Server ❋ Fresh Ragnarok map started 8/29/17 Server info: Hard wired through googlefiber. Download speed: average of 400+ Mbps Upload speed: average of 340+ Mbps Packet loss 0%, Latency 17ms, MTU 1480 ❋ Server Rules: ❋ The Rules: The rules are simple, have fun and help others have fun as well. So be appropriate and friendly, and no abuse/work arounds in chat with vulgar language. We want to create a server that is social. So, feel free to work together and fight together. Also, no mass harvesting. This could crash the server. So no bronto harvesting/saddles. If using a doedic proceed with caution. If you are lagging the server stop what you are doing to prevent a server crash. If you are a repeat offender of lagging the server then you may be considered for punishment up to a ban.(this is rare, but if you a purposefully lagging/crashing the server it will be considered) ❋ How to Join the Server: ❋ Joining the server is simple, just add the gamer tag, “thearkserver117” and join that gamer tag’s game to get into the server. I will respond to most messages sent to either of the two gamer tags listed bellow: Server host: thearkserver117 Server Admin(s): djquest01 Admin recruiting: I am currently recruiting a few admins to help run the server. If you are interested, please fill out and submit the application by clicking the link bellow. A few things to note, admin logging will be active on the server and there is zero tolerance for admin abuse, so no attacking players and only spawn items for public use. Also, only looking for mature players as admins. So please do not be offended if you aren't chosen to be an admin. Thanks! *I will consider select players to be admin to help run the server store, and server activities,. But there is zero tolerance for admin abuse. If you have any questions or concerns. Or suggestions for the server please let us know! ❋ We use the Discord app: ❋ To join us on the Discord app please download it then open the link listed bellow: *If you have any issues with the link please let us know. Discord Tips: -Feel free to create your own discord server for your tribe to more easily communicate. -You will most likely want to customize how you get notifications from discord. If you leave it on the default settings you will get notifications from every comment. Some people like that, but some don't. -Discord does have voice communication (like an Xbox party) please experiment and have fun with it. -Discord can be used on smart phones, tablets, and computers. So feel free to download it and use it wherever you'd like. If you have any questions or run into any issues let an admin know and we'd be more than happy to do our best to help. ❋ Offline raid prevention: ❋ Offline raid prevention will be active Monday 6:30am MST to Friday 6:30am MST. Meaning you will not be able to offline raid during the week. But on Friday, Saturday and Sunday you will be able to be raided while offline, so please prepare accordingly. Raiding rules are below: This is definitely still a PvP server. But there are some boundaries that must be kept to encourage a strong player base on the server. Rules: -Only raid those that are close to equal strength, let the noobs be noobs in peace. -Do not kill tames unnecessarily. We all work hard for our tames, there is not need to wipe all of them out, especially if they are on passive. -No offline raiding. (except on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) -No tribe wipes. (get in, get what you want, and leave everything else. ex: no dumping unpinned storage) To those raiding, if you break these rules and there is enough supporting evidence then you could be banned. To those being raided, remember this is a PvP server, so don’t complain unless rules are broken. So rebuild, work with other tribes, and fight back. If you are raided, and the raid rules were broken then we the admins will do our best to make things right and offer some form or compensation. (Proper evidence will need to be provided: screenshots, videos, witnesses, etc.) ❋ Server Store: ❋ The server’s currency is rex arms and the items and dinos for sale can be found on the google drive link listed bellow: *Any special requests or questions can be brought up in xbox messages or discord. Thank you. (Credit for the awesome spreadsheet goes to: YhormTheGiant) ❋ Server Activities: ❋ This will include activities to win money(Rex arms), rare items and dinos. Other prizes may be chosen as well. Depending on the competition or activity. *If you have suggestions for activities you would like to see in this server feel free to post them here or on the Discord activities section. ❋ Boosted Server Rates: ❋ This server is boosted, however, it is boosted just enough to make things more fun and fast paced while still keeping the overall ark feeling. “Gaming should be fun, not tedious” *If you have any suggestions on boosted rate changes please message: I AM LUKY SE7EN If you are interested in a detailed overview of the server settings, feel free to see screenshots of the current server settings. *If you are having trouble opening the link please comment bellow. Thanks! See you on the server!!!
  9. New xbox server starting today!! Server is up ADD GAMERTAG -- ARKserverTO 2 admins will be running the server so if it crashes it will be up sooner (hopefully) altho there will be NO admin bases Admin - HerStonedKing - ThreeFeatherUp Slightly boosted but not crazy, instant tame and increased weight, x100 harvest no dino harvesting for lag reasons No rules yet other then a 3 day grace period to build your base unless you raid it ends immediatley, grace is on base not you. Let others have a chance because its always more fun to raid a built base not 4 foundations Going to be creating a community crafting center to help players get further faster. We are easy going so open to most suggestions. UPDATE community center at viking 1 just north of spawn PVP Free zone Join today and become alpha over your friends!
  10. Xbox one player dedicated server The Island. 24/7, pvp. 1st off it is worth noting the Island is the "only" map you can actually unlock all Tek Tier and enjoy all aspects of the ascension endgame and rewards. The Host plays but doesn't engage in raiding or attacking other players unless provoked. Admin's base will be surrounded by turrets so be advised to stay clear of their base if you wish to not be shot at. The server is slightly boosted for resources. This means resources will never run dry. Mature players are encouraged to join the server but it is not a requirement to be an adult over 18 to join. The Host simply likes to keep a peaceful server running with very limited conflict between players and tribes. The host does not expect everyone to get along but the host encourages players to respect each other. In regards to raiding, take what you want if you can. Raiding other players or tribes and killing their Dinos is allowed but not recommended unprovoked unless you wish to be hated by all other players and tribes on the server. Stealing and killing other players and/or other players Dinos without warranted reason is very much frowned upon. If your intent is to just randomly kill players and steal from them completely unwarranted this is "NOT" a server for you!!! Everyone frowns on purposely killing "passive" tames. Unless you want to be the most hated player on the server it's best to leave other peoples "passive" tames alone. You can build almost anywhere but please do not block off Artifact caves, obelisks, and rich resource areas. Please be advised, without warning, the Admin will demolish tribe structures too close to Artifact caves and obelisks if they think they prevent other players from accessing these places safely. This server is designed to cater to players and tribes who wish to play for long term but without having to spend hours and hours just to accomplish simple tasks or tame a Dino that would normally take ages to tame. Difficulty level set at max Crosshair, map location, and third person enabled XP multiplier set at 8 Harvest Amount and harvest health slightly boosted Player water and food drain set at .6 (made more realistic where you don't drink and eat 100 times more than you actually do in real life) Spoiling time set at 70 (consumables at least taking a full day to spoil) ask Admin for narcs if you are a new player, till you can let your meat spoil. The best way to deal with this is to place meat in creates and unstack them one at a time. Once you acquired one carnivorous Dino it becomes pretty easy to get spoiled meat if you stack their inventory up with it. The main reason for such long spoiling time is to deter trolls from being able to quickly tame high level Dinos within their 1st day of playing for the only purpose of reeking havoc on the server. As well as spoiling time set high the same thing has been done with fuel consumption. It takes longer to create charcoal. The reason for this is the same reason spoiling time has been set high. This deters random uninvited Trolls from being able to create too much gunpowder on their 1st day of playing for creating explosives and ammo for the sole purpose to reek havoc on the server. (note: An Industrial forge still makes charcoal at the same rate as it should normally) Diseases disabled Player and Dino weight has been slightly boosted player stamina has been slightly boosted as well as tamed Dinos player speed has been slightly boosted Dino Breeding has been boosted and imprinting improved Taming speed boosted to 8 Game settings will be adjusted over time to better balance the world. Suggestions on how to improve the server settings welcome. The Host is "ArkServer5438" send friend request to "Arkserver5438" in order to join (some time takes 24 hours to get a friends request back If you wish to instantly join just add the server as a friend and then instantly join game by joining game through your friends list). If you have questions send Arkserver5438 a message, will eventually reply back ASAP. looking for more tribes and players to join the server with plenty of prime real estate to take over on the map. Currently there is about over a dozen or so players on the server who play frequently, this is including the Admin. The server is a very peaceful and open place to almost completely fully explore without worry of trolls. But still advised to set up base defenses to hoard off trolls who may randomly visit the server which are very rare on the server. For a limited time the Admin will be placing random crates around the map filled full with Element and Blackpearls almost every day. Element and Blackpearls will become a form currency on the server where players and tribes can trade items and Dinos with each other. Every new player who joins the server will receive 150 stacks of Element to start them off "if" requested when the Admin is online. Admin is "willing" to help other players unlock their Tek engrams (This does not mean admin will do all the work for a player or tribe.) Admin will help players and tribes fight bosses in the boss arena and help them run through the ascension cave "when and if the Admin is free to help". Players and tribes must 1st farm their own artifacts and spawn items for the boss arena for Admin to help them. This includes Players and tribes to use their own Dinos, items, and armor. Starting 9/14/2017 Admin will be randomly spawning in up to 3 randomly level wild Griffins on the map after every weekly wild Dino wipe and/or server maintance for a limited time. If this new addition to the server works out well, other Dinos that do not naturally exist on the Island map could possibly be following in future changes to the server. For a limited time all new players who join will receive a startup kit. This includes Ascendant Tools: Metal Hatchet, Metal Pick, and Metal Sickle with backup blue prints. They will also receive one GPS, one Spy glass, an Ascendant Crossbow (with backup blueprint), and an Ascendant Pike (with backup blueprint). This start up kit also comes with 15 stacks of Narcotics. To receive this startup kit send the Host a message on xbox live or request for a startup kit when the Admin is present on the server.
  11. Hey all! My friends and I have a 50 slot PC hosted Ragnarok server on PS4 which is 24/7 PvP. We're looking for new and active players to help the server thrive. Server Name: The Syndicate PVP 10x Boosted Soon we will be giving new players a "starter kit" in which will contain metal tools, pike and some other goodies as well as a starting Argentavis! (I'll update post when the starter kit contents have been finalized) The server runs with boosted weight, this way you no longer have to worry about being over encumbered. Boosted harvesting to help build and assemble your base much faster than normal, it also helps you rebuild after being raided. Speaking of raiding there is a rule that we enforce and that is no full base wiping and no killing of passive tames. Just get in, get what you need and get out. We also have a market place set up for buying and trading of goods. As seen in the picture below, we have constructed our coliseum! We hope to gain some server activity as we will be giving out rewards such as; Deep Sea Crates, Blueprints, Tools, Weapons, High Level Dinos and Wyvern Eggs, Dino Coloring, Bulk Resource Bundles and plenty more. Server tribe "The Syndicate" and admin(s) are all friendly and willing to help out if and when needed. For those who decide to join our server and help populate it will then be rewarded for their time and effort and to keep up with server updates/changes please feel free to join our PlayStation Community called "The Syndicate Ark PvPvE" If you have any questions or are a fellow server owner who wishes to cluster servers, please message the server owner Oximodious via PSN for more details. Any other server details are listed in the picture attached. *SERVER RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE* I'll bump this post every so often to hopefully keep traffic coming to it.
  12. NEW PLAYER DEDICATED PRIMITIVE + SERVER FOR RAGNAROK!!! All player stats boosted most reasonably others (like oxygen) not so reasonable. Taming/breeding boosted you'll still have to wait an hour or two for some things to tame and grow up but not days!!! (Don't anybody got time for that) leveling boosted again to a reasonable amount it'll take a week or two to hit lvl 100. Harvesting boosted quite a lot actually don't know what the boss was thinking on this one tell you the truth. Admins are almost always on to lend "Ark hates me!" support. Friend "Sinfulislands07" on Xbox to join and send the message "SBI" to Blood Clutch for the quickest response to your request and to join the server club. Join us on Discord (not required) Find us on Facebook (not required) No admin abuse No starter packs No offline raiding No Broncos or ice wyverns(until fixed)
  13. Recently was playing 2K18 and had a corruption problem so thought to start up the old Ark Server. Brand new on Ragnarok with Raised Settings for Everything (6x for most) except Character food consumption is down all the way along with Stamina use is lowered to almost non existent. Just started so it is set to PVE but plan on moving on to PVP so keep that in mind. Admins that won't harass and attack people for no reason. Rules state no grieving or trolling (especially with fliers on PVE). Just have fun and be as friendly as you can be. Server GT is BassLizard94470.
  14. Ragnarok PvP 24/7 10x XP 5x Harvest 15x Taming 15x Hatch/Mature speed 1.5x Loot drops Structure placement collision disabled Player stats slightly boosted, Dino stats mostly default except for weight. Admin logging is always enabled and the only commands that will ever be used are dino wipes and occasional admin intervention to assist glitched/stuck players so don't ask for starter kits or spawned in replacement dinos. This is a NO RULES server but please let new tribes build up. Add Ark Ascension on xbox to join the server. Server host is quick to launch the server in the event of a crash.
  15. ORP will be permanently removed at noon PDT/8 GMT on Oct 1st and will remain off until server death. Friend server ArkPNW and join game! No other steps required! Friend admin Cantaloop for questions (the server inbox isn't read!) Join the ArkPNW club for server status Take a look at the ArkPNW profile captures to see all settings 24/7 Ragnarok server with a medium player base. NO RULES. No rules means do what you like, admin isn't the boss of you. But trolling/griefing, passive killing, perpetual caging, foundation wiping, cave blocking, n00b hassling, and whining for any reason is frowned upon. Be cool, yo. Dedicated, enhanced and stable Comcast network. However, it's still Ark, and it's still dedi, so you know, play at your own risk. One adult admin who is also the host. No admin funny business, no admin favoritism. Join the ArkPNW club for server status and news. Boosted gathering, taming, dino weight, egg hatching and baby growth, but not insanely so, there's still challenge. Custom recipe effectiveness, fishing loot and drop loot also boosted. All server settings are posted as captures on the ArkPNW server profile. No shop. No starters. Play it right. Fairness for everyone is the first priority. Admin is glad to help with things that don’t give fighting advantage – saving from glitches, tearing down structures of players no longer active, and so on.
  16. We decided to open our dedicated up to all, come join us guys! We have a 6x Harvest, 6x Taming PVP Ragnarok server here with upcoming events... Mating, egg laying, etc are all boosted. There are community forges at all the Obs as well as a community center by Green Ob which is a PVP free zone. Admins police for trolling and abuse, wipes and bans will be issued. Plan to do events for the server as we get a community going. (ie. ptera tunnel races, coliseum for prize based matches, etc) RULES: -Trolling is against the rules, -Do not pvp at the Obs or at the community center, -Do not kill passive tames. Otherwise, build up and have fun! Xbox One GT: ARK247DEDICATED
  17. Hello Everyone. Me and a couple of my friends have been on numerous "24/7 Ragnarok Servers" got so far and started to feel like things were coming along nicely and the host has decided to change map or take their server down - some of you may be able to relate - frustrating as ever!!. Due to this we have decided to host our own server that IS going to be "24/7 Ragnarok" - we are an active bunch of lads who usually play 3-4 times a week, however if anybody has any queries we do have the app on our phones to answer any questions or problems you may have. We would like to get the server as ACTIVE as possible with numerous tribes and players. If this sounds like something you/your tribe could be interested in then please get in touch. Server We have created a Community Safe Zone in Viking Bay 3 for new starters that may need a little kick start to get them going. We have a stone house with refining forges, smithy, mortar and pestle and campfire- Use at your own free will. As stated this is a Community Safe Zone - please no attacking one and other here - please also be civil and do not steal one and others crafted items. Rates - Subject to Change upon request by playing members of the community We have been adjusting these as we started out to try get the right happy medium - if you feel like they could be altered slightly - please let us know - we are willing to listen. The rates are increased to give you a slight advantage but not to ruin the aspect and struggles of the map. XP, Harvesting, Taming, Hatching, Maturing, Gathering and Player and Dino stats are all boosted, however nothing too ridiculous - we didn't want to make it too easy for you all! Rules - again open to ideas Passive Tame Kills - This will not be tolerated - however people sometimes like to break the rules - please leave your dinos on Neutral / Aggressive Community Safe Zone - This is a friendly area - please abide by this rule - anyone who breaks it will be punished Please note: this is a PVP server - we expect you to fight one an other We would love for you to come and join our server and community. If you have any questions please either respond below or add gamer tags: W1LS0N91 - that is a zero not an O Benson010 - again 2 zero's To join the host of the server and start playing please add GamerTag: ARK UK GOLD Thanks and may the odds be forever in your favour
  18. Hello! I have created a PVP server in hopes of mashing together the play styles of both official and dedicated server players! This server follows a "friendly PVP" rule set. Tribes may attack each other at any time with a few exceptions. Do not pick on smaller tribes, more specifically fresh tribes. Do not attack others in a hateful manner, we are all trying to have fun and if there is a problem contact an admin, do not take matters into your own hands. Give tribes a reasonable amount of time to rebuild, do not constantly attack them. Give them a chance, a challenge is more fun. Admins have the last word in any dispute but we encourage you to work among yourselves. This is a community, try to work together. Settings: Slightly boosted player stats. 3x Xp 12x plant growth Slightly longer spoil timer 2x tame and 2x food usage (A 150 giga takes 30min with kibble. These settings are so new players can't get 150s day 1 and so kibble is useful for high taming efficiency) 6x hatch, 12x maturing 4x harvest and 2x harvest health Rules: Do not attack small, new tribes. Do not completely wipe a tribe (Don't break crafting stations that are not locked, don't break foundations that are not needed etc.). Do not kill passives (There are a few exceptions such as accidental explosions, giga enragement, raid dinos at your base, and picking someone who is attacking. Tribes should put their passives in a building away from their bases) Do not pick up passives. (This is a form of trolling please read below) Do not knock out passives and do not fill passives with loot. No building in caves, resource spawns, or Obelisks. Absolutely no griefing or trolling. Punishment is ban on the spot. Please do not harvest using a bronto. First offense: Warning Second offense: Punishment (Banned for a few days, have to repay the offended, etc) Third offense: Banned Please take videos of EVERY KILL so that things may run smoothly Economy: (The exact prices will be set soon) You may dino coloring for Black Pearls. Dino colors can only be naturally occurring colors so that mutations are still useful. Titanboa eggs for 5 of any other egg or 1 giga egg. Admin insurance for dino colors and base building. Please contact an admin for more information. Coming soon. Events: There will soon be events. The rewards are blueprints and dino coloring. The dinos may be colored anything unlike Black Pearl coloring. Also: There is a club you must join in order to play. Please join "Cookys Server Club" for updates and information. JOIN "Cookys Server Club" and add "Cookys Server" PLEASE CONTACT Co0kY m0nStR FOR MORE INFORMATION (the 0 are zeros and there is a space) Have fun! Nothing is set in stone. Message Cooky with any suggestions for changes or anything of the sort.
  19. 24/7 Ragnarok server looking for new players fresh server lots of room, Gt- (LostContinent 1): pvp/pve Great server for everyone who wishes to join and have fun 18+. only main Rules are no trolling and killing passive tames. do not destroy admin event areas and shops or will be banned instantly. There are 2 admins and Im am not the admin. just trying to help recroute. We have events, public taming pens around the map, a shop, gladiator arena a good community with good people and a facebook page called Lostcontinent 1, join page for updates and events... Server is boosted enough to get things moving. Some Stats: Difficulty - x0.6 Exp - x6 Taming speed - x8 Max players in tribe - 5 Loot quality - x3.0 Egg hatching- high Baby maturing - high Weight- its boosted high enough for players and dinos. Other stats just ask if needed or any other questions
  20. I am currently running a no griefing (PvP) 24/7 boosted scorched earth nitrado server we have 23 slots available NO griefing policy enforced by 3 admins boosted harvesting and taming speed new players will be given a simple thatch house and basic tools upon request if you experience any issues or grief while on our server feel free to message one of our admins If interested pm EvolvExSCAR or message one of our admins on psn (gamertags listed below) Admins: EvolvExSCAR Logan20288 Teenagersweet
  21. just put up a 24/7 unofficial pc sever for ark survival evolved for ps4 come check it out !! no passwords high resources a little bit easier level but not to easy still have to make the game worth playing... will upgrade the server if it does well please email me at [email protected] if you have any request to make the server better I am available 24/7 as well thank you and enjoy my ark !!
  22. {Ragnarok} PvE Role Play Server ** This is not a crazy boosted server ** ABOUT THE SERVER Hello fellow survivors, This server is going to be based around a role playing aspect. We want the community to interact with one another as far as trading, selling or even just helping out another tribe in need. We would appreciate all feedback and ideas for what should be added to the role playing aspect of the server. If anyone has any ideas to help make the role playing experience more enjoyable, feel free to voice your opinion. So far there is a Community Area being built ( At Green OB ) that will have Apartments, Shops , Trading Post, and a Community Forge Area that has Indi Forges, Smithys, Chem Benches and Fabricators to help tribes get started. Reminder this is NOT a super boosted server. Only some important stats are boosted a lot such as Weight (Infinite) Oxygen (Infinite) , Harvesting (7 Stone Per Pickup), Taming (x2) so Narcotics and Kibble is not useless, Breeding and Incubation is slightly boosted but Mating interval is not. SERVER RULES The server is a friendly Community Based troll free server. No trolling or arguing with other tribes will be tolerated. Everyone needs to understand that this is NOT a crazy boosted server. Stats will not be increased to make where the survival aspect is totally out of the game. Some stats are still in the process of being tested like taming/incubation/breeding. We have these stats set this way so that stuff like Kibble is still useful. Please if you're building taming pits or decide to move locations, clean up after yourself. Do not leave abandon structures all over the map. If we see some, we will ask you nicely to destroy them, if ignored, we will destroy all tribe structures. Also, please do not leave a bunch of tamed dinos all over the map, all tames need to be at your base and not scattered around the world. We want to try and keep the map clean for a more better looking realistic world. NO BRONTO HARVESTING. Brontos can only be tamed for egg use ONLY. HOW TO JOIN THE SERVER Anyone is welcome to join the server. The Hosting Account that you will need to add to join back freely is CTPArkServer . Please add this account and send a message saying that you need to be added back. If you need to join the server right away you may message OG Pradeje , and he can provide an invite if he is on the server at the moment. IF YOU DECIDE TO JOIN OUR COMMUNITY, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO VOICE ANY OPINIONS OR FEED BACK THAT MIGHT MAKE THE ROLE PLAYING ASPECT EXPERIENCE MORE ENJOYABLE. THANKS AND HAVE FUN.
  23. Hi everybody! We rented server from nitrado with couple of my friends. Server have been up maybe 1week. We dont use any admins so you wont see any adminabuse. No insane boosts, keeps playing enjoyable. It would be nice to see some new players there. We are friendly people. If you have something in your mind, feel free to ask! Change your server filter Unofficial PC sessions and you will find our server. Servername is: Ragnarok247 xp25/tame15 hosted by Nitrado Here is some information about boosts. Difficulty is max. so you can find 150lvl dinos. Taming multiplier 15 Xp multiplier 25 Harvestin multiplier 3 Dino harvesting dmg multiplier 6 Mating multiplier 0.101 Egg hatch speed multiplier 5 Baby mature speed multiplier 10 Baby imprinting stat scale multiplier 15 Everybody is welcome! See you soon!
  24. The server will be back as soon as I am able. Thank you all for all the fun times and I look forward to the fun times to come! <3
  25. I'll get right into the catch of our server. At the start of the pvp an alpha tribe will be deemed. The alpha tribe will have their strongest wyvern turned into an alpha wyvern. If two tribes both claim to be alpha then a war will take place until one surrenders. Besides having that going our server is slightly boosted. Taming and breeding stats are raised more then slightly. Events will take place once a week, sometimes more. Pvp takes place between Friday around 4p.m. until Sunday around 10 p.m. Then the server will switch back to pve. if you'd like to join. Add arklovers444 and start preparing for war. Server start date: 9/17