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  1. World of Denuo (Den-you-oh) An Unofficial Dedicated PS4 PVE Server What's in store? x25 Rates (EXP/Taming/Gathering/Etc.) Ragnarok Map PC Hosted - Max 20 Players (24/7 Uptime - with daily restarts to keep things on track) We are based in the west-end USA Active Admin (Oversees and will /every now and then/ host events for groups of players) Website (For more info on our rules, Discord, and how to join) Details for the website will be found below Discord (To keep in touch with the community and receive real-time updates/support) Details for the Discord server will be found below "Ugh, great, another new server..." Believe me, I get it. New servers are hard to get on their feet with a flow of regular players, so that's why I'm also including a limited time chance to gain a boosted starter kit, semi-frequent events, and a Discord server to try and reach out to as many new people as possible that happen to come across Denuo. We're also still in our early stages, so this means that we're also open to community suggestions that you would like to see in the server! We'll take everything into consideration and decide on the final details as we progress. Boosted Starter Kit Details This kit will only be available to the first 10 new players that come into the server. After that, additional new players will receive the basic starter kit. Exclusive "Boosted" kit items are marked with an asterisk (*) * Metal House (15 Walls, 9 Foundation, 2 Windowframe, 2 Windows, 1 Doorframe, 1 Door) Players will receive a stone house in the basic starter kit * Industrial Forge * Vault Players will receive 2 large storage boxes in the basic starter kit Metal Tools (Pick, Hatchet) * Starter Mount (Your choice of Raptor, Direwolf, or Equus) * Mount Appearance Customization (In addition to gaining your starter mount, the admin will also modify the colors of the mount based on your choice) What sorts of events will be hosted? Lotteries (Requires our Discord server to enter) Think you've got luck? Take a chance at our lottery! Simply submit a number within our server when a lottery is active and be entered for the draw to win! Treasure Hunts Have a fast way of getting around? Are you good with a map? Try our Treasure Hunt! The admin will be hiding somewhere in the map, holding the prize, and will give either clues, riddles, or parts of the coordinates as time passes. The first person to find the admin wins the prize! Boss Battles Got guts? Want the glory? Watch for boss battles! An announcement/broadcast will be posted as to when and where the boss will be spawned. All players that worked as a team to bring the beast down will share the winnings! Prizes can include, but aren't limited to: Rare or customized tamed creatures, hard-to-get equipment, a hefty supply of valuable resources, and more! So... Where's the challenge? Denuo wasn't created to have a huge challenge - rather, it will give the lasting impression that, hey, it's okay to take it easy on a survival game at least once in a while. We want our server to be a HUB for easing the stress of PvP, starving on berries, and other tricky situations to be put to rest... At least until you disconnect. You can build your supreme base, tame your dream dino, and create your ultimate weapons and tools in peace - so long as you keep an eye out for lurking aggressive critters. If this isn't the server for you, that's okay! We're at least thrilled that you gave us a look-see. ❤️ Want to take a closer look? Website For our rules, tl;dr info, and how to join! Check it out Discord To keep in touch with the community and recieve real-time updates and support! (It's also helpful so you can let the admin know you're on the server if you want your starter kit) Visitors are welcome, too. Invite me Join Our Server We are listed in the ARK server directory as: " World of Denuo x25 EXP/Tame/Harvest/Etc. " Or add our admin - kewlkiera - on the PS4 to join! We are NOT password protected! We hope to see you there!
  2. 50xIcedPvP is a 50x harvest PvP fresh wiped server. I made the server 4 days ago as of today at 4:36pm EST. It has custom drops ranging from tek items to metal bases. Turrets and more. We have no admins and I myself don't have admin because I don't want players to be led to think I take advantage of my power like most servers do. This server is a PS4 Server only. If you need help joining the server follow these steps. Go to Join Ark Then on the bottom left change session filter to "Unofficial PC Sessions" Then search in "name filter" "Iced" removing the " in the search bar and it will be the ragnarok server. Our community is called 50xIcedPvP247 Do not be scares they it says Day 2166! Just when I was chanting day cycle I changed the wrong setting and forgot making to change it back over night. The server is up 24/7 Its day 24/7 and and hatching and breeding are boosted but will be increased tomorrow morning. If you would like to know what's in the drops message me at Icicled_ on PSN. The server does restart every 12 hours but didn't worry it is only down for about 30 second's to a minute. And its just to save. The map is Ragnarok and will not be switched for a few months. Hope to see you there and if you have comments or suggestions message me on my psn and will respond to you. Asap
  3. Hello, Looking for other semi-serious players that want to have fun and build a community on our 24/7 dedicated PC Island Server for PS4. Eventually, I'll be expanding into a cluster, but for now we are playing the Island. Build a tribe of your own - bring a friend - enjoy it. 3X boosts and 6X Taming. We're all adults without time to spend on official servers. For now, we are at 10 slots, so once we find a good few to fit in, I will password lock the server. If you join, say something in chat. Get to know us. We usually play in party chat. Any questions - send me a message! PSN is SHOOK_AF. Thanks, shook
  4. Semi-Boosted Ragnarock 24/7 Welcome To Your New Home! Server Name: NYCArkServer Admins: Adamastity Blondjewboy (server owner) The Magician XI (me) Rates*: 2x Pickup 3x EXP 5x Taming Player Stats: (per point invested) Health: +25 Stamina: +20 Oxygen: +200 Food: +100 Water: +100 Weight: +400 Melee: +10 Movement Speed: +3 Fortitude: +12 We Are playing on the map Ragnarock and invite you to come and join us! We started on June 18 but opened it up on the 20th. We don’t have admin privileges nor do we plan on using them (no fun). We plan for this server to go PvP when the player base gets up. As for know the server will just stay up until a healthy player base builds in which then we may speak of potentially restarting so all players get a fair chance and such. Thank You For Reading this and of any questions please message me ( The Magician XI ). I have the Xbox app and will reply ASAP!
  5. Brand New Aberration Server Goes Live Friday at 6PM (MST) 4 man tribes, Alliances are disabled 5x pickup and everything else boosted similar Weight is boosted and movement speed turned down a little bit We are open to suggestions on server settings, Add ArkXboxNA247 so I can add you back. Host Xbox is a Xbox One S with 300/mbs! We want a populated long-term server!
  6. Welcome To The ArkCentral US Server! Add And Message the Host To Join! Host Gt: ArkCentral US, If I don`t add you within 24 hours message me at my personal account: ARTIC STARFISH Host Internet: 93.79 Mbps Download, 6.31 Mbps Upload (Ethernet Connected) Server Stats: 10x XP 10x Taming 10x Gathering Player Stats: .3x Food & Water Drain 50 weight per lvl 20 health per lvl 10 fortitude per lvl General info: 1 admin and he plays legit We will have events when i decide we will have events
  7. Cluster Servers - Connect Here: [GB]-[Cluster]-jkARK-[The Island] x2 Taming [GB]-[Cluster]-jkARK-[The Center] x2 Taming [GB]-[Cluster]-jkARK-[Scorched Earth] x2 Taming [GB]-[Cluster]-jkARK-[Aberration] x2 Taming [GB]-[Cluster]-jkARK-[Ragnarok] x2 Taming Server Details: Server Founded: July 20th, 2017 Updates: May 18th, 2018 Added Ragnarok to Cluster Added Aberration to Cluster May 17th, 2018 All maps reset Mods updated July 20th, 2017 Introduced the new jkARK cluster Added TheCenter Map Added Scorched Earth Map Comment here if you have issues. Active Mods: 520879363 - Stairs Mod 708257555 - Colourblind Beacons 731604991 - Structures + jkARK Offers: Dedicated Server Clustered Storage Minimum lag High performance Default Interval Local Backups Daily Offsite Backups Server Config: Yearly Wipes Active Server Admin The Island/The Center/Scorched/Ragnarok/Aberration Maps Official Server Defaults Constant Evolution Event (x2 Taming, Harvest and XP) Egg Hatching x2 Maturation x10 Imprinting Every 22 Minutes Tribute Uploads and Cross ARK Travel Please feel free to donate. Notices: None yet. Plans/Future Updates: To add New Maps (Ragnarok) - Done Utility Addons to enhance Gameplay Rules: No Cheating, no hacking, no glitching or exploiting! Chat abuse! Don’t irritate and harass other players. No Racism/Sexism/Discrimination in anyway. This will result in perm ban! We will not restore any Dino’s or Items lost due to raiding or carelessness Locking players in any sort of jail or structure for extended periods of time will not be tolerated. No Blocking of caves. Limited building on primary resource areas or obelisks. (Excessive constructions may be removed by admins without warning!) Some players have complained about others picking up their tames and placing them elsewhere, this is not acceptable behaviour. That said we recommend that players concerned about this should keep their tames in a shelter to completely prevent such action.
  8. Looking for a server with realistic rates to call home for the long term play of Ark? Wanting a close to official experience but with slightly boosted stats and rates? Then Governors Ark is the server for you! We here at Governors Ark offer a truly unique experience in the sense that all stats slightly resemble those of a official server but are boosted to fasten the grind of gathering resources, taming dinosaurs and in general having fun! We currently run a 20 slot Nitrado server on Ragnarok looking for players to help populate the server. In the future we wish to expand our slots and cluster with other maps such as Aberration. Our server is not for the weak, as all of our stats are 2x (unless specified) meaning you will succeed twice as fast then on a official server. We are looking for mature players interested in joining a community of players where they can build up, raid a little, go to boss fights and more. You will not be killed on sight, your dinos generally be safe from the harm of other players. We are building a community of players who enjoy working together to play while also having some PvP here and there. PvP is allowed but with common sense. No foundation wiping, killing every passive tame, etc.. You will never have to worry about admin abuse, as I myself play legit. You will never see me in admin, in the case admin is needed for a very specific reason I will log in on my alternate account to deal with the issue. Admin abuse is something we are trying to avoid, not create. We have already planned out future events including War of the Apes, Evolution Events, Loot Frenzy and more! Descriptions of each event can be found on our Discord. Should I mention that these events offer real life prizes? Stats Server Name: Governors Ark Map: Ragnarok 20 slots 2x Tame 2x Harvest 2x XP 2x all Player and Dino Stats 2x Egg Hatch and Maturation Discord: https://discord.gg/qdaGh2Z If you wish to join you can either join our Discord using the link above, message me at GovernorUnicorn on Xbox, join our Xbox Club at Governors Ark or by searching Governors Ark under the Unofficial PC Session Tab. I hope to see you all there!
  9. Our server has 4 admis and 6 extra slots for players and is on the ragnarok map. We have same stats and rules as a public pve server on the weekends(perminatly) except no 2x xp. Plus 4x baby growth rate and breed time delay is instant. You can not have admin pass but admins can change colors of your dinos or help with anything in our power. Server is permanent and is very happy to have new players. No griefing, and we ban cheaters or thieves so if this sounds like a server for you come and join us.
  10. Hello Ark fans. I have a dedicated pvp ragnarok server up and running. And im calling out to any survivors who would like to visit our Ark. Settings are set to mostly normal with the exception of a 1.00 difficulty setting and with a max dino spawn. With platform collision off and a higher structure limit. We do have a hub world incase anyone would like a easy start, just contact tribe of valhalla Rising to join. And Im offering a starter pack for anyone who joins. That want to start off solo. Now I refresh server every two days at 12:00 A.m eastern time to help with server time outs. Our server admins are over 25 and we understand that with great power comes great responsibility. Add psn gamertag for manual joins. Psn:Sir_sphincter Player dedicated ID: TheRising Pvp Ragnarok (Please contact sir_ventris tribe of Vahalla Rising for starter pack. Hope to see you!!!
  11. Server Name: x10/NoOfflineRaid/Real Fun & Friendly Cluster Hosted on Nitrado - 24/7 - Long Term Players Make sure when searching to select "Unofficial PC Sessions" and search NoOfflineRaid in the search bar. Server Rules: No blocking obelisks or artifacts Come check out the server and start to build up! Servers go live today 4/19/18!
  12. Ark Members Near and Far I would like to invite you to come take a look at a new server that my friends and I have started on Ragnarok map. It's PvE, boosted to x5 and also new members that join the server are given a starter pack of ascended pickaxe, hatchet and a 225 level griffin. We also have a trading post system where you can come buy/trade in-game items for other things such as kibble, etc. Also we have some members looking for tribe mates so if your interested in joining a tribe join the Facebook group and we can get you into the server and set up with a tribe. We have a aberration and island map now that is clustered with us. We plan to do events when we get more member's. We also plan to add a aberration map soon but still in progress. We're on Ps4, Servers are online 24/7 through Nitrado. If you have any questions feel free to comment or send a message to us on our Facebook group !
  13. Server name is Eden:battleground/Tame30x/harvest10x/xpgain10x/autotek/modded, just search Eden under unofficial pc session on the center map and look for it from there The server is fair play pvp with the only rules being don't build on obs and no spawn trapping, there are no admin commands allowed except for maintaining the health of the server (aka wild dino wipes or something breaking the server) Tame 30x harvest 10x xp gain 10x maturation 100x egg hatch 250x 3 hour breeding cooldowns no tribe member limits (large tribes welcome) no base restrictions customized supply drops (kibble, element, tek armor/weapons&more!) custom dino spawns (griffin, vulture, ravagers, roll rats, better ovis spawns, more coming soon!) most player stats 10x boosted most dino stats 6x boosted or higher increased player lvls (max lvl 132) auto unlock all engrams including tek increased turret damage 2x normal damage offline raid protection on during the week days max wild dino lvl 300 weekends starting on every saturday in the morning will be free for all weekends with no orp on most player stat 10x boosted most dino stats 6x boosted
  14. ArkDinoLand


    New Server Add : ArkDinoLand to Join MAP - ISLAND TROLLS = BAN 5 MAN MAX TRIBE No Blocking Caves Or Obs PvE At Green OB LOOT CRATES BOOSTED Started 4/28/18 1 ADMIN FOR DINO WIPES and STARTERS 15X XP 15x HARVEST 40x Tame Guns Matter orp for a week for people to build up MSG Joshua i SeeYou for starter Serve May Be Down Do To Maintenance
  15. The LongWayAround is a new PvP server on the PS4. On this server everyone will ascend from ARK to ARK after collecting all of the explorer notes and fighting all the bosses. Offline raid protection is turned off but offline raids are prohibited. The feature is turn off to allow the use of the alliances feature. Bases are allowed near the obelisks and in all caves, but attacking weaker players and tribes without being attacked first will result in a ban. Everyone must be given an ample amount of time to establish themselves before they become all out game in the war of raiding. A time period to be determined by the community currently at 14 days on server. Administrators PSN is A-Comeau and Server PSN is ArkServer-Comeau. If you can't find server on the list send friend request to both of these PSNs and join through friends list. Server settings available on request, all of which are subject to change by majority vote. NOTE: Everyone is subject to being recorded by server host Doc Comeau for the purpose of making ARK videos for publication online.
  16. Server name for all the maps is Eden:Boostedcluster just search eden and look from there under unofficial pc sessions. There will be pvp events that you can win prizes through gladiator/arena matches, tribe wars are also enabled. no blocking obs or artifact caves since its pve now those rules apply. be friendly and no politics/religion talk in chat that just causes problems. no griefing of tribes via leading dinos to bases you will be banned if caught doing it. If you're looking for a place in between vanilla and super boosted servers this might be the place for you!! player stats are fairly boosted dino stats are slightly boosted but not crazy OP Arena and Admin Dino shop Available now on Ragnarok Admin dino shop available on aberration check out our fair play pvp server named Eden:battleground/tame25x/harvest10x/xpgain10x/autotek/modded on the center map it has more heavily boosted stats for less grind more fun, and has custom drops just like the pve cluster with custom dino spawns griffin, ravagers, vulture, better ovis spawns Tame x22 harvest x6.5 Xp gain 3x auto unlock engrams including tek 3 hour breeding cooldown baby maturation - 10x egg hatch speed - 25x on aberration it is significantly lower due to reaper pregnancy times being affected by it increased player lvls-max player lvl is now 132 without ascension all downloads and uploads are turned on between maps in the cluster even bringing dinos into aberration! increased engram points for learning all engrams across the cluster custom loot in drops added tek and element along with other goodies! aberration - 16 slots island - 10 slots ragnarok - 24 psn community available for trade chat and info on server updates/changes and events psn community name is Eden:boostedcluster Discord channel is also available now Psn-Bloodorchid95
  17. Hosting a xbox one 24/7 server on the Ragnarok. (When patches and updates come out server will be down up to 24 hours but will keep down time to a minimum) All stats are same as official except increase taming, crop growth, and breeding. We do not provide starters. Anything goes. There are a few other changes as well. DO NOT ASK FOR ADMIN PRIVILEGES. We do not need more admins at this time. Server GT: RuskieCrunch. Feel Free to join anytime. Everyone is welcome. If any problems pop up when joining please send us feed back and attempt to rejoin. *Edit* Server was wiped and restarted as of 04/01/18. This was due to lack of players and the wish for a fresh start amongst the few remaining players.
  18. [Elderdodo] Soft Role-play server: Welcome if you are reading this then you are probably interested in soft Role-play on ark if so then you have come to the right place. Elderdodo is a server run by the host and one admin. Along with a few players who take it upon themselves to help solve problems and ensure everyone has fun and follows the rules. The rates for the server are slightly increased. Gathering: 8x Taming: fairly fast Discord: https://discord.gg/C5Vydhw This server is a Xbox one server under unofficial pc. I am not an admin just really close to the admin of the server so if you need any help such as more details on what is going on in the server ask for Pippin in the discord chat. We hope that you have fun on our server and are able to meet new people and build up. Note: offline raiding is disabled and because of that alliances do not work. This Role-play aims for some realism and because of this there are no gigias or flyers allowed along with certain restrictions and engagement rules such as no kill on sight try to make interactions before raiding, must have a reason to raid and more. In game name: [Pippin] Gamertag: [OneRichMaster]
  19. 24/7, PvP, Player Dedicated Server. Xbox. Ragnarok Map. x3.5 XP, x3 Harvesting, x35 Taming, x50 Maturation, x1000 Crop Growth. This is a no rules server. Consider it an official server with boosted stats. There are four friendly admins who play legitimately and only use commands for community events and fixing server problems. Consider them to be just another tribe. If you want to try and raid admin, you can (try). Be warned though, if you mess with community events, admin will use commands to mess with you. Also, if admin hear of people base wiping, they'll be added to admins list of "Acceptable people to raid". If admin ever feel like raiding someone (legitimately still), they'll choose someone from this list. Add "CrazyARK 247" as a friend on Xbox and join through that account. I've played ARK since it's release on early access and I'm very dedicated to keeping this server live. If it ever goes down, I am quick to fix it. I've had this server running for many months and I'll keep it running for many, many more. Enjoy the server.
  20. TruePvP Welcome to TruePvP. This server is boosted. Tribes wont be bullied here, or there will be punishment. If you're tired of getting raided every 30 mins or bullied by the bigger tribes this is the server for you. Read the RULES and SETTINGS/INFO before playing so you know what to expect. RULES- No WIPING of someones base. We do not want players to leave the server due to this. (Break what you need to get in) No PVP in community areas, its a PVE area. No BULLYING any tribes. (Meaning do not raid over and over or picking on them or killing there tames for fun) No EXPLOITS of any kind. (Glitches of the map/dinos/player/etc.) No GRIEFING. (Killing someones dinos without raiding, building turret towers around drops, or obs) SETTINGS/INFO- World Settings- Map Ragnarok Harvest- 10 Taming- 20 Breeding- 20 (mating and egg hatching) Custom Drops (coming soon) XP- 4 Wild Dinos Stats raised Player/Dino Settings Player- Health- 35 each lvl Stamina- 20 each lvl Weight- infinite Oxygen- 100 each lvl Speed- 4 each lvl Melee Damage- 20 each lvl Fortitude- 10 each lvl Dino- Health- raised a little Stamina- raised a little Weight- infinite Speed- raised a little Melee Damage- raised a little Information- TruePvP has a community area. It has industrial forge, smithy, chemistry bench, and a fabricator(gas not provided). There are public teleporters to go from ob to ob or to the community area. There will be Events every weekend(Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (Central Time Zone)) to get loot. Events will give you in-game currency(green gems from abberation),and Rare Dinos/Items. Green Gems allow you to buy things including Kibble, Mind Wipe Tonics, Fertilized Eggs, Skins, etc. There are hidden storage boxes around the map filled with gems and items. There is also a jail on the server also. If you break a rule and the admins choose, they can put you in the jail for there choice of time. DON'T BREAK RULES! Custom Drops are being worked on. There are bases admins make that are raidable and will have loot inside. Loot depends on type of base. There will be different levels of bases (1-10.) 1 being easiest 10 being hardest. No starter packs. Community area cords- 20 LAT 28 LONG Q: HOW DO I FIND THE SERVER? A: On your Xbox go to Join Ark. Make the setting on bottom left say "Unofficial PC Session". Then search session name TruePvP(favorite it to find it easier) ADMINS- THE LEGIT KILLR and CrackenSkullz43
  21. ive just started up a island server which is boosted.i will list the stats below gather 25 points per level 5 for dinos and player modded drops/red drops give 5 element and artifacts boss fights give wayyy more baby imprint anyone can imprint very fast breeding for all stats 25 tame rate and lots more server name is: ARKAJYOUTUBE make sure you use caps or it will not show up i will be doing a cluster with other servers so we can hav griffins wyverns and also ab creatures. also will be doing drop partys and fun games along with big raids for youtube.be sure to check out my channel for more details link is below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQnPx4ZH4ndjFJJ5tXZblqg?view_as=subscriber
  22. Welcome to the 24/7 Ragnarok Boosted Stats Server! Map - Ragnarok Harvest Amount - x4 Xp Multiplier - x4.3 Difficulty level - 0.3 Taming Speed - Fast enough, Not very slow & Not Instantly Fast Dino Stats - All stats are boosted by x1.3, Weight is boosted x6. Food and Water drain is reduced Player Stats - All stats are boosted by x1.2, Weight x4, Stamina x4.3. Food and Water drain is reduced * Other server settings multipliers are active, such as disabled gamma and other things that dont give unfair advantages * The Xbox gt for the server is: HealedPlains851 **Add this gt & message to join the server** So far there are no rules, any rules or suggestions would be helpful if you send them to FlippidaWhipida on Xbox. Admin of the Server: FlippidaWhipida <-- Any complaints or issues about the server can be sent to this account. Special Info About Server: This server is located in Illinois, U.S.A Average ping: 37 to 49
  23. Recently was playing 2K18 and had a corruption problem so thought to start up the old Ark Server. Brand new on Ragnarok with Raised Settings for Everything (6x for most) except Character food consumption is down all the way along with Stamina use is lowered to almost non existent. Just started so it is set to PVE but plan on moving on to PVP so keep that in mind. Admins that won't harass and attack people for no reason. Rules state no grieving or trolling (especially with fliers on PVE). Just have fun and be as friendly as you can be. Server GT is BassLizard94470.