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Found 2 results

  1. The A.R.C Chronicles: IN SEAS OF BURNT SAND Chapter 1: The Scorched Lord Beckons “RRROOOOOAAAAAARRRRRRWWWWLLLLLL” comes a satanic call, vaguely similar to a sabre-tooth, echoing off of unseen walls. Aris opened his eyes, only to find himself standing in the exit of a cave. The cave itself exited into a wide ravine with ancient ruins clinging to it’s side and in its centre were the remains of monolithic columns that once held up, what would have been, a vast ceiling. Atop one of the few remaining columns, that was still completely intact, stood a malignant beast; the heat blurring out its features. It stood there staring, issuing a silent challenge, a dare to come and take its kingdom. “RRRRROOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRRWWWWWWWLLLLLLLL” declared the beast again, and the image sharpened. Aris could make out the head of a lion, with a black mane, a horn protruding from each side of it’s head. It had the body of a lion too, but it had mighty black, leathery wings, and the tail of a scorpion. Alas its eyes kept drawing his sight back to its face, they were pure yellow and is pupils were like that of a snakes. A strong presentiment of fear over came him when ever he looked in them, a fear the likes of which he hadn’t felt in a long long time. He hadn’t felt such fear when he faced the ultimate lifeforms, the tyrannical lords of the so called “ARK’s”: The Broodmother, Megapithicus, and the mighty Dragon. They were all the size of a fully grown bull brontosaurus and bigger; in the dragons case, it was almost as tall as the monolithic Titanosaur. He had faced them all by himself, yet he had had help from The Beast when fighting them all. It was Aris and The Beast that the creatures of all the ARK’s now bowed before and they ruled peacefully. The only creatures that didn’t obey them were the pesky humans, of whom had named the “ARK’s” “ARK’s”… “RRRROOOOAAAAARRRRWWWWLLLL” beckoned the creature again, as it landed with an earth shaking thud in front of him. “Walk through that cave,” it said a deep, hoarse and slurred voice, “go and see what challenges what the Scorched Lord’s kingdom holds…” it uttered, “Go and see what awaits you in my Seas of Burnt Sand” His fear increase ten fold; none of the other ultimate lifeforms had the gift of speech ir at least hadn't displayed the ability before he had torn their throats out! () Aris turned around and walked through the cave, after a few steps everything went dark. Looking behind him, he discovered that the cave entrance had disappeared, so he continued on. After a few minutes of walking in the near pitch blackness, a bright, warm light appeared a few metres ahead. Once his eyes had adjusted, he noticed the caves entrance and three large eggs in a nest near it. One was green, one was red and the other blue, as he got closer to them he hud a thud echo from the cave entrance. He looked up and saw a large reptilian head peer over the top of the caves entrance, the mother had returned… It crawled along the walls into the cave and Aris looked at it. It resembled the great Dragon, but it was much smaller and its wings were a part of its front arms. “Ggggraaawwwlll” the dragon challenged, as it opened its mouth and he saw fire springing from its lips. Aris threw up his arms and felt heat as hot as the sun, yet he didn’t die. He cautiously opened his eyes and lowered his arms; he was surround by a vast and infinite expanse of sand dunes and was being baked alive in the suns excruciating heat. A name sprang to his mind… “The Seas of Burnt Sand” he uttered with fear and contempt, “I WILL CONQUER YOU” he yelled in defiance; and the world faded… …Aris burst upright from his nightmare, for that is what it was. He had been challenged by the Scorched Lord, a challenge that he couldn’t refuse.
  2. Lost a dino and you can't find it? Want to see if it is still alive at all? Or maybe you are a server admin and want your players to be able to look for this info themselves, maybe even give them a list of all wild dinos including the relevant stats for breeding? Then you've come to the right place. Current State ARK Tools is currently available as a platform-independent console program, with a launcher for Windows and a shell script for other OSes. Run ark-tools.exe or ark-tools.sh to get a list of possible commands and options. A GUI version is planned. The tools themselves as well as the library they use are written in Java (with probably an overuse of Lambdas and Streams and a lack of JavaDoc) and the sources can be found here: https://github.com/Qowyn/ark-tools - Source of ark-tools itself https://github.com/Qowyn/ark-tools-web - WIP webinterface for creatures data, made with Polymer https://github.com/Qowyn/ark-savegame-toolkit - Library for low-level reading and writing of .ark, .arktribe and .arkprofile files Roadmap 0.7.0 Breaking change of xToJson formats (again), improved support for native array properties (properties which may or may not be ArrayProperty but still contain multiple values) Implement missing stuff to make the database system useful (e.G. json driver should be able to write data to multiple files, skip refreshing files without changes, implement missing support for cluster directory) Add more things to the modify command Add scripting support based on JSR-223 (Java includes javascript by default, other options are Lua, Ruby, Groovy, Python...) Documentation A tiny bit of documentation is now available here: https://github.com/Qowyn/ark-tools/wiki A general documentation about the file formats is available here: https://github.com/Qowyn/ark-savegame-toolkit/wiki Downloads Downloads are available as releases on GitHub here: https://github.com/Qowyn/ark-tools/releases/latest The data required for Class to human readable name translation can be obtained by using the updateData command or downloading them here:https://ark-tools.seen-von-ragan.de/data-download/ Changelog 0.6.4 Fixed broken players command players command can now detect LocalPlayer.arkprofile Hibernation support for debug commands 0.6.3 Important fixes for cluster and LocalProfile files, can affect map-saves too (I made a typo about 4 months ago, causing some properties to be written as Int8Property instead of ByteProperty) Command export can now select objects by class (e.G. PrimalItemConsumable_Egg_Wyvern_Fertilized_Poison_C for green wyvern eggs) Added switches --without-references and --without-components to export command (use --without-references for items, unless you want the whole base too) Command import is now able to import items into cluster files and into the LocalProfile (with caveats, items will lose durability if you exported them from a map) Command modify is now able to mass-delete objects in maps, cluster and LocalProfile files All creature commands, the tribe command and db command are now aware of hibernation Improved detection of all object types, no longer based on their class name 0.6.2 Added support for dropped items, making --non-player actually useful Renamed --non-player to --non-players (the old name will still work) Id of main inventory is now myInventoryComponent for all object types 0.6.1 Added missing DinoAncestor writers Added names of ancestors Added Polar Bear, Ragnarok Fire Wyvern and Ice Wyvern to the list of creatures (auto-detection fail) Added --non-player switch to tribes command Fixed lat and lon values for creatures, players and structures 0.6.0 Added (still incomplete) Database driver system Replaced javax.json with Jackson, massive performance improvements for mapToJson command (other commands benefit too) Adjustments to the names of some fields Increased amount of gathered data for all commands Allow parallel processing for players, tribes and cluster commands Amount of parallelism can no be controlled via --thread-count, defaults to the number of cores available to the JVM Full support for version 7 to 9 savegames, version 4 local player profile and version 4 cluster storage New options for some commands, "--write-all-fields" can now be used almost everywhere New option "--allow-broken-file" for xToJson commands will try to salvage as much data from broken files as possible 0.5.4 Read-only support for new savegame format versions 8 & 9 0.5.3 Experimental support for new savegame format version 7 0.5.2 Fixed NPE in modify command Fixed handling of high (>32767) itemStatValues for all item printing commands 0.5.1 Added support for new v3 cluster data format Added LatLong data for Ragnarok and TheVolcano Added type name for uploaded dinos 0.5.0 Many changes to ark-savegame-toolkit to improve stability and useability Breaks compatibility with old json formats (thingToJson and jsonToThing commands) Added support for previously unknown field in map saves (crash fix) Added support for the new PlayerLocalData.arkprofile Version 3 Added updateData command: checks for and downloads newer ark_data.json files Added version command: outputs the installed version of ark-tools Fixed output of unsigned 8 bit values: attributes and colors of creatures Removed ark_data.json from release 0.4.2 Added compatibility for changes to .arkprofile files (fix contributed by Kakoen on GitHub) Improved error message for broken installations (missing ark_data.json) 0.4.0 Added reading and writing support for sav files (except for text properties) Added --write-all-fields switch to creature commands, should write (almost) all fields Added team, playerId, and ownerName to creature commands Added --tribeless switch to tribe data extraction, this will list everything not belonging to a tribe in tribeless.json Added GPS data for PGAs Added --max-age option to ignore unchanged player profiles Added --positions switch to player command, this will load the map to get the current position of the player Improved player data extraction time by lazy loading tribe data Improved crash protection against broken files by catching all unexpected errors for player profiles, tribe data and cluster data Improved detection of tamed creatures Improved detection of array of struct properties Fixed tribe command ignoring equipped items Fixed crash while processing saves from Volcano map 0.3.0 New cluster command which extracts data from files in the clusters directory - uploaded items and creatures New commands to convert PlayerLocalData.arkprofile to json and back New command to modify existing .ark* and cluster files, allows converting Valhalla Beavers to normal beavers Extract colors from creatures Extract stats and colors from eggs Create items from scratch 0.2.7 Really fixed tamed creature detection Fixed releasing new versions while half asleep 0.2.6 Added ShigoIslands latlon data ark_data.json is now loaded from the same directory as the jar Fixed detection of tamed creatures that have been transfered Added cloudToJson/c2j and jsonToCloud/j2c commands 0.2.5 Fixed import command. Again. 0.2.4 Fixed level output for creatures with base/wild level 1 Added --inventory option to players command --inventory and --items now accept an argument: summary or long, summary will just count items, long will output each item stack with extended information 0.2.3 Added GPS values for Valhalla and Mortem Tupiu Added Rafts to creatures/wild/tamed and tribes --creatures commands Fixed import command Added location of bases to --bases option Added id field to creatures/wild/tamed command, needs testing to see if it is stable Updated included ark_data.json to 246.2 0.2.2 Added --with-names and --without-dupes options to classes command Changed source of ark data to a new tool, the new data is directly extracted from the game Added name mapping for structures Added global --lang option to output localized names Fixed potential bug in export and import commands Tribes command now ignores items held by sleeping players Tribes command now includes items lying on the floor 0.2.1 improved help for syntax errors skip and report potentially broken .arkprofile and .arktribe files new option --verbose to print a stacktrace for broken files new option --bases for the tribes list, for details see above 0.2.0 pretty printing of generated JSON files is now optional and disabled by default renamed animals command to creatures added more information to creature list statistic block is now optional and disabled by default conversion commands for .arkprofile and .arktribe hide general options in specific command help include data about items and creatures for the basegame, extracted from the wiki with help from https://github.com/DerekRies/arkpy use extracted data to output creature and item names new command to generate player list new command to generate tribe list new command to extract included list of maps for LatLng calculations automatically import LatLng values on startup if external file is created (so you can add support for different maps) display commands in groups with their descriptions