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Found 125 results

  1. JackTstm

    tribe trying to merch a tribe

    Sup people i have problem i was trying to merch a tribe but i lost my own tribe can a adimin fix it ? REQUEST #767914 and someone can tell HOW you can merch a tribe ? without lossing your tribe
  2. I logged in today and ark had auto kicked me from my own tribe, and I’m in my own base when I spawned.!! What’s the deal with this now I can’t play unless I break out or start a new player and this means I lost my base and all my dino’s!!
  3. do fresh server exist? Me and my tribe play on Xbox one and we have been looking for a new server and they all have 3000+ days and huge mega tribes and it's gotten boring following their rules and not really playing the game. If anyone knows if they are a thing and how to find them please let me know ty.
  4. you must be connected to the xbox live service to play online. I cant play multiplayer but im in a party and it works on other games i have restarted everything hundreds of times
  5. Hi, Need help being a better tribe leader. Have had many people leave saying that I am the most solo tribe leader they have ever seen. I would like to ask help for arranging activities for the tribe and how to make the tribe interesting for the tribe mates so they do not switch tribes. I am not much of a social person so I do not know how NOT to be solo as I have only played ARK solo and only now have started recruiting people. P.S: Would be great if you could tell me how to recruit active players.
  6. I accidentally transferred my original ownership of my now solo tribe to an inactive member whilst changing settings. I am now unable to kick him or become tribe owner again. Is there any way I can get my tribe back? I am the original tribe owner on an official server.
  7. ShayeRyan

    Solo Tribe VS Alpha Tribe

    A brave, but solo rebel tribe, takes on the Evil Empire of BLDX, an Alpha Mega Tribe to fight for the freedom of the galaxy...
  8. bigman227

    Ps4 Ark 100% tribe search

    I am currently looking for tribe mates to help 100% Ark. Starting from the Island to the Center, Scorched earth. Ragnarok as well as Abberation. I am bases on the Na servers and am wanting to join or start a tribe to Achieve this goal. Looking for fun people who happen to be trophy hunters as well. Not really picky on who joins but an American based server would help. I have a discord as well if you are interested in joining or wanting to pull me in Add me on PSN with ''bigman227'' and send me an inbox message
  9. RazorFire390

    Official Server Wipes

    Hello survivors and devs, I've played alongside a massive amount of players and communities within Ark for its past lifetime on PS4 and console. Playing alongside PC players and mega tribes such as Space Cowboys, UC, Dothraki, etc, I've come with some suggestions that have been agreed upon with majority of the ark player base. I no longer play game, due to the decisions and changes that have been implemented by the developers over time. Ark has been served with quite progression that has brought good, however, they always bring their own individual problems along with it. I believe, that these suggestions are a massive help to game balance and stability SERVER WIPES Consoles, such as the PS4, aren't built well enough for games such as Ark, and due to the game being in early access, the game faces a lot of lag, graphical issues, bugs, stutter, and a lot more to list. However, the game isn't majorly responsible for all of this, I feel that tribes have gotten so developed, that they give no chance to new coming players and cause a massive unbalance in the game. My own tribe, being a sub divison of a mega tribe, are holding alpha on a majority of servers and containing a huge amount of players (around 1000 not including allies), game content (wyverns, gigas, etc) and don't give new players the opportunity to actually attempt to enjoy and build up. The *changes by the developers such as turret reduction, tame limit, and a lot more DO NOT HELP OPTIMIZATION. Tribes are continuing to just ally themselves with second tribes bumping up the tame limit, creating 40x40 bases that cause HUGE framerate lag. Turret changes ARE NOT balancing the game when you have dinos like stegos and trikes that drains bullets more than a bronto* Ark is a game where players are supposed to socially interact with a hierarchy such as beta, omega, alpha, and survive, correct? December of 2016 had this kind of gameplay which is no longer seen, as the game is dominated by mega tribes and I repeat, do not give the game an objective. Server wipes will allow a stability to the game, you no longer need to make turret reductions, nerf dinos, and decrease the game content when these changes will stabilize how much a big tribe can actually have. Try and follow what other survival games such as RUST do. *Server wipes should be every season* BUFFS/NERFS/FLYERS Dear devs, I feel with the changes you have accommodated to the game, some things, such as the flyer nerf, should have never been so dramatically changed, you should give the players the opportunity to have flyers with enough speed that turrets are able to lock on and shoot, especially with all the unnecessary buffs that have been made for land dinos and a lot more. If the server wipe method, ever comes to thought, then turrets should be back to the way they were, and maybe make them harder to get? Wyverns need to be buffed, they are supposed to be the lead of flyers yet can't go over small distances without running out of stamina Server Transferring, Duping, and Exploiting A better way to put a decline to server duping, is to maybe script something that ties a code with the item you have, if the same item is duped, then it would have the same code and will be removed from your inventory. A fifteen to thirty minute timer on your items in order to transfer is ridiculous when you need to have tasks done on other servers, such as transferring milk and such Ddosing has RUINED the game, do a change about this, you rarely ever see ddosing on games like rust, dayZ, h1z1 Ark currently has the most players of survival games, but yet we have the most insecure servers? Item tiers Adding nerfs to player health, levelling, and such would be a much better addition to the game, rather than having short players and tall players running around the map with tiny hitboxes that are always almost out of render due to ps4's horrible optimization and arks combat controls on ps4. Allow on foot pvp to be much better, by giving all players the same health, and getting rid of item tiers, and just buffing them to a certain extent, for example, a fab sniper shouldn't have to take more than 30 clips into a person with mastercraft flak just to kill them? Like DILO? this is a somewhat a game issue, doesn't really matter though. Undermapping Glitching under the map has also caused a huge amount of players to lose their progression with no retrieval from ark support due to no proof or evidence being there. Also a factor and bug of the game that has been discussed for several years now, and still hasn't seen the day of light to change https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKujk3lEUus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKujk3lEUus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCGJhs5uJsc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmyyorGXRBg <<<< Raising There has been debate on reddit with staff from Wildcard about how long raising takes and how unhealthy it is for the human body. Having to be awake in the middle of the night for several hours in order to be able to raise certain dinos and for imprint is quite irresponsible of the direction that the game has taken. This was being debated for a long time, and still has yet to see actual improvement. It is also the cause to the player decline on PC for the past months (spartans quitting). http://steamcharts.com/app/346110 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhW2f5n0u5Q Traps The addition of traps to the game rather than just turret variations and plants, would be a new way to counter attackers and add a new set of gameplay I know that there are a lot of players that would be returning to this game if it had just some sort of change like this, I do not expect a change, but I do hope the developers read this and take some sort of thought on this Thank you
  10. Hailhound84

    Allied Permissions

    it would be cool if we had some ally permissions that can be set. like what dinos some ally can control or what doors they can open. some players like to play solo but do need help every now and then this could be a good feature for some survivors. what if you and an ally are fighting something and you die and your ally retreats well he could call your dino and take him to safety till you make it back to the location. if you base is being raided and your not on and your ally sees it well he can go into you base and defend it till you get on. if you dont trust your ally well just keep the feature off. adding more perms can benefit for most survivors on ark.
  11. I got Ab yesterday so I'm fairly new to it but I have decent experience on Ark and most of my tribe either is American (So they aren't on now) or don't have Ab so I was looking for a tribe to join and build with. If you don't trust or think I'll try to inside then feel free to keep me on lowest tribe rank and/or put your valuble tames/items on a high activation rank until I gain your trust, I'm from England so I'm on early and stay up late grinding, thanks for reading either reply or message me on Xbox (Just Hadleyyy) and I will reply promptly.
  12. had a failed tribe merger nearly a week ago where i was instructed poorly and my dinos did not make the merge and are still in my old tribe of which i was the only member its been almost a week and they could decay at any time can you please help me get my dinos back my old tribe is and my new tribe is also named Treehouse Marching Band on - xbox na aberration 732
  13. Hi, So I know there is a separate key on PC for Alliance chat, as tribe chat can't be read by alliance tribes. What is the Alliance chat button on Xbox? Global chat is LB + Windows button Tribe chat is LB + Menu button Alliance chat ???
  14. OrisRas

    Tribe Section

    Where did the Tribe advert section go? I would like to see/post about other tribes or my own.
  15. Hey I just traded for a Rex that was breeded and it’s base level was 266 with +31 levels ready to go as i am writing this I have used all the levels (and a few more) and my Rex’s stats currently stand at HEALTH: 25k STAMINA:3k Melee:575 I still have more levels to come so what should I invest them in to? And is this a good Rex? (Current lvl 306)
  16. Greetings fellow survivors! RFG (RageFace Gaming) is looking for more to join our tribe on Hardcore Aberration Official for Xbox One. Waiting for the DC bug to get fixed currently. We are more than willing to help new players or players new to hardcore. Clan leader has over 1600 hours between PC and Xbox, all on hardcore. Thanks for your time, and keep on surviving!
  17. ooStuStu

    Tribe platform

    I did notice one person made a topic about this but then it was archived.. However this is a very needed option .. I have spent a half hour opening and closing tribe pages that do not clearly state what platform they are... When tribes are created they should have to select PVP/PVE Legacy/Non Legacy PC/Xbox/PS and those selections should be displayed so when potential players are looking for a tribe they are not wasting a ton of time looking for one they can even apply to
  18. Instead of picking up a tribe mates death bag and having all the contents mixed in with your own, it should detect that there is an ID chip and make a folder with the content in your inventory. It would make it way easier to give your buddies stuff back. If it could detect that it as from your death bag and not make a folder, that would be good. If it could detect it by the ID chip and make a folder for all death bags, I would be cool with that. If it could detect that the ID chip/name is not from someone in your tribe so no need to make a folder for it, even better. Edit: [Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/7b8p3n/suggestion_pls_wc_qol_mega_list_1/) is my suggestions mega post if you want moar. I forgot this one was in there too.
  19. Fwame

    Tribe Function

    Hi, so I've thought about this a lot, and because of all of the character loss/wipes that have taken place, I think ti would be a really good idea to set up a function that the tribe leader can replace dino ownership back to a member that has been wiped. I have only had issues with getting GMs to help me out and just can't even move half of my dinos around or to another server. I think it would save a lot of time, effort and money for WC, if they were to create a feature like this. Only the Tribe leader could do it. That's just my two cents.
  20. New Xbox PC server. Difficulty offset: 5 Override official difficulty:6 structure damage: 1 XP Multiply: 6 Taming speed: 15 Harvesting Multiplier: 6 Egg hatch speed: 20. Stats are still being tweaked. Tribe limit of 3. Looking for players that want to stick around for a while and develop a good community. For more info visit https://cretaceousark79.weebly.com/stats.html . Server name cretaceousark79 any questions message SNO BillyB on xbox live
  21. SpecimenDelta

    Tribe alliances

    (Xbox) Ever since Ark went full release, it it not possible to form tribe alliances. I have reported this to Wildcard many times, but of course i hear nothing back. Is there any explanation as to why this isn't working or when it may be fixed???
  22. SluggedGecko286

    Alpha Tribe System

    There needs to be a way to control or nerf the “alpha” tribe. It’s ruining the game for a lot of people because the bigger tribes do what they want and almost all people can’t stop them. Maybe a tier system for when you unlock certain engrams then it puts you in that tier. Let’s say you unlock the turret. And another smaller tribe hasn’t....you want be able to damage their structures because you both aren’t in the same tier. Same thing with Dino’s. They all should be in different classes. Most of my bases can be wiped with one wyvern, so I should be placed in a lower tier so I don’t have to put up with being wiped because it makes the game uninteresting and they are losing a lot of players because of this. Ark will not survive if this keeps up.
  23. Ssbeast26


    With newest updates active I can't find tribe settings it's very irritating can someone please tell me where the tribe settings are
  24. Shaolth

    Tribe Log Details Needed!

    So, ever feel that annoying wonder about WHAT HAPPENED to your structures' when it gets destroyed? I certainly do. In fact the provided file attached shows my own log to wonder... What happened? So heres' an improvement suggestion for ARK; the tribe log NEEDS to be detailed just a little more. What destroyed my bed? Who? How can I plan revenge if I don't know what tribe? But wait! The second provided file shows a tribe log of me dying to another player! That certainly is quite detailed telling me what dino name and what tribe from... Hrm... So! My thought... Is it not possible to include player/dino plus tribe name of what has destroyed structures? It's only fair... And it takes away the mystery of who did what. Even If it was an Alpha Carno or some other wild Dino the log could say: Day 435, 23:58:08: Your 'Bed' was destroyed by a Alpha Carnotaurus - Level 45! OR Day 435, 23:58:08: Your 'Bed' was destroyed by Korvi - Lvl 66 (Guardian Dragons)! There. Easy fix solution to tell me who and what happened and when by the time stamp. Little details like that would be invaluable to monitoring and keeping a track at who is grieving/raiding and targeting you which takes away some of the 'protection' of remaining unknown to other players for taking out structure. The main point is this purely is to fix in the blank shown in the provided file of a destroyed structure and not meant purely for PvP but also PvE reasons. If it does show a player destroying an object thats' great however in case it doesn't it would be good to know just who is sneaking around damaging and breaking things. Any thoughts, opinions or criticism to this please share!
  25. Shaolth

    Crafting Tribe Log

    So this idea I had for a little while and thought it would be useful... Imagine you have a large tribe or even just a few friends; and you have gathered metal and resources saved for something planned... But you come back later to realize that the metal you needed for that one BP is gone! Where did it go? Who used it and for what?! Asking people to be honest can sometimes be a pain... But what if... The secrecy was no longer there? To often do even new recruits to a tribe like to get away with spending recklessly valuable resources used and hardly contribute which can make it harder on admins to have to monitor both player and activities. Setting ranks do help to some degree but is frustrating on its own terms. You still don't know who did what! So while there is a tribe log on structures demolished and dying, what about either a separate tab or integrated into the current tribe log a "Crafting log". I would recommend a separate tab for it due to the possible large volume of logs however the value of it would prove useful. An example generated based on how current tribe log structures are: Day 401, 22:30:29: Korvia crafted Wooden Foundation x1 Day 401, 22:30:36: Korvia crafted Wooden walls x3 Day 401, 22:31:06: Korvia crafted Wooden door x1 Day 401, 22:36:50: Nina crafted Shotgun x1 Day 401, 22:37:22: Nina crafted Simple Shotgun ammo x30 _____________________ The point shown here would show 3 primary functions: Player name, What item, and how many in that "Queue" was completed. IF the queue quanity is too complex, then just the time stamp, player name and item. Let it flood the log a bit but at least it shows who is doing what. That would show players that in some regard someone is making something wither they shouldn't or should. This basic idea can be extended possibly but the core value of having a "Crafting Log" for your tribe would prove invaluable espcially when strategy planning for bases is involved and required amounts are needed. Perhaps the crafting log could include how much resources it used and what items? Or just purely simplified so admins can monitor the 'creations' of what players are building in all locations wither it is a Smithy, Engram inventory, Fabricator, etc. Or better yet possibly? Why not on say a smithy / fabricator / structures that craft, have a "Crafting log" to see who did what? From Repairs, to crafts and even possibly withdraw/deposits? I hope the value of this idea concept is heard and looked into, because I as a tribe leader with a group of friends MIXED with random new players trying to keep resources managed find it a pain in my rear that me and a friend gather # of metal only to find an hour later.. ITS GONE and oh look; a logged out tribe mate has full flak and a shotgun? Granted that gives away who did what, but what if he wasn't there? It'd be nice to know what happened and who did what. Thoughts? Opinions? Criticism? Please do share!