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Found 86 results

  1. Grumpypanda

    Why wildcard

    I am so mad wild card can’t do anything to give my tribe back I made a fat mistake making a member owner on accident and of course he kicked me lost all my stuff. I spent months i already sent tickets and they said they can’t because of internal policies DILO. But they can give people pink 100% imprinted gigas and auto join peoples tribes
  2. BlueGreebs

    Tribe issues

    I used to play happily on official pcs then I decided to join up with another person and then we made a tribe. Then they decided to make it where everything is tribe owned and I cant unclaim. Then a friend of his joined and his firend got admin and I didnt so after a bit we went inactive and adter a week of the leader not being active leadership got automatically passed down to the friend since he was admin and I wasn't. Then I came back to the game and started over again without leaving the tribe and I asked him if he could pass leadership down to me since they dont play anymore and they havnt been on for months and I'm the only active one instead they responded with blocking me on steam and discord so we have no communication so now im stuck with lots of progress that I have gotten over months of playing and I cant sell things in game or transfer my dinos and I sent in tickets to try getting help but no response then I sent a message on twitter and got ignored once again and at this point I'm getting fustrated because I have good breeding stocks and I can only sell eggs not live dinos then people hatch the eggs and steal my stats since I cant nueter or spay them and I lose the peoples business since they wont need to buy anymore since they have the stats they can breed. This is on the center server 56 pve I need help
  3. SprayTan

    PvX New Tribe

    Since, I usually have terrible luck joining tribes in pve and pvx, I decided to recruit on forums instead. Anyone willing to start fresh in pvx with me once it comes out? Looking for active people who know what they’re doing and just want to have fun.
  4. Grumpypanda


    Hey survivors. I accidentally made my tribe mate owner of pve official tribe and he kicked me. I lost everything my dinos and buildings. I tried to talk to him but he swears at me calling me names saying ill never get owner again. Is it possible for wildcard to go on the server and put me in my tribe again and make me owner? I have screenshots of the tribemate harrasing me.
  5. So I recently got a PC to play Ark on but I don't have many people to play with so I don't want to play against massive tribes. Do cluster small tribe servers exist? Are there any limits besides tribe size? Are there any generally new servers that have only been out for a few weeks or months or so?
  6. MetalstormHaze

    No Sessions Found OC 629

    So. My tribe leader and his main character are stuck on a server that's down. Just looking for information as to why the Xbox OC629 (THE ONLY SE FOR OC) isn't showing up on any list no matter the filter. "No sessions found" and absolutely NO response to reports. I'm watching a good PvP player and friend consider giving up all the effort he's put in since day one on Xbox early access. Just a tiny piece of info as to why it's down and/or when we can get him back to do his imprints... Drake imprints, you know how annoying it is to see anything but 100% on a drake? I don't want my tribe mate and tribe owner to quit, leaving me with a tribe no one owns and a damn good grinder out the door. I get stuck with everything, and this is official PvP, we need all hands on deck, especially the owner. Get back to me, he's the one that got me into ark and this may be a reason to quit, given the circumstances, regardless of any fancy teal toys we have or element that was wasted on the transmitter that despawned in the ob because of this. Thankyou. End rant!
  7. I was creating a tribe for the first time, when I clicked “create tribe”, nothing happened. I tried changing the name a few times and still didn’t do anything. I then noticed that all my tames couldn’t be mounted (and no mount button), can’t access their inventory, even though it said “tamed by: DesTROYer74”. I could hit and damage them, they would attack me but couldn’t do any damage. I checked my stats and it said 0/15 tames! None of them can hear my whistles. i reconnected and it now said I’m in a tribe, “Tribe of DesTROYer74”. It still said 0/15 tames, same problem. I tried leaving the tribe and still no different. i had 9 tames: Dilo, Dilo, parasaur, raptor, trike, Doedicurus, anky, carno, pteradon. Username: desTROYer74 level: 67 server: Whitesky Peak (PVE-medium-Asia) primal pass only. EDIT: I fixed the problem by clicking the dinosaur icon when looking at the tame, then clicking “claim”. Still, this shouldn’t have happened, so you might want to look into the cause. Something to do with tribe not creating on client side.
  8. Our interest is to create a new Ally or join into an ally with the aflas tribe in Ragnarok map, we are an active tribe, that want to move on the server becouse of the lag. CYAS. SPANISH OR ENGLISH
  9. joshymacky

    devs Tribe members last online

    Hi everyone I think personally in tribe log it should have when your tribe mates were last active for example if anyone plays battle star galactica online on pc its shows on your guild when you guild members last signed in and this would help people figure out who or when someone last stole something from someone elses vault or maybe help figure out who insided your tribe ect. Devs please consider this in a meeting it would help out a lot in my eyes cheers
  10. Tylerson2006

    tribe Ps4 Tribe bug

    This bug makes your survivor be ether respawn or redownload your character. This makes your you unable to Access your tribes stuff such as tames and items. This can be devistaiting to a solo player as they can not join back to there tribe via invite. Plz fix this as soon as possible
  11. ArkOfficialIsDeadDEVFAIL

    Last Update destroyed my tribe

    One of the most disappointing moments while playing ARK. My tribe has been stocking up on lvl 300+ giga eggs ready to do a mass hatch. We hatched 20 gigas and everything was going great until the update. Since the update most of our tribe members can't join any servers including single player and now we just found out all the gigas are dead. Tribe has of course rage quit and I can't blame them. Stuff like this has happened many times before but never has it cost my tribe so much time. I think I will have to retire from ARK aswell. I just can't motivate myself to grind when I know everything can be so easily ruined. Good bye Ark SurvivalEvolved =(
  12. Nerdstic

    Group Management & Groups

    Hello. I play on several different roleplay servers and I always seem to run into the same issue on every server. Right now, at this point you are only allowed to create five different groups within your tribe also known as titles. These group titles that you can create allows you to give certain people access to certain things, or if they can unclaim or not unclaim animals and such. However, on roleplay servers we use them for what they're meant to be used for but also for giving people titles and such.. and having a limit of 5 groups is simply not enough when you have 15+ people in your tribe/kingdom. Therefore I would like to suggest that you guys up the numbers by atleast 5 more, so that you have more range to give more titles to people. Thank you for reading.
  13. TrickysArkServer


    🤗 AMAZING COMMUNITY ARK CHAT ROOM 😎 I've been in a fantastic Ark Discord for some time now and I wanted to let you all know about it! https://discord.gg/sXEcV8x It's the closest thing to an "Official" one I have found. Loads of active players, the ability to join servers and make new tribe mates. Text and Voice Channels Windows 10 Steam PlayStation and XBOX. Come and Chat! We all tend to try and play together on a Windows 10 / XBOX Server and the more the merrier! Copy into address bar to join: https://discord.gg/sXEcV8x It's been running for a couple years now and is always growing! Speak Soon!
  14. LuvGoddess22

    Land claim

    I submitted a ticket, how long before it's looked at
  15. I was transferring over from a ragnarok server and I went to go do a meat run on my spino on my center map tribe and when I was in the water i got disconnected from the game. When i loaded back in I had no beds to spawn on. So I sowaned in a random spot and o wasn't in my tribe anymore. I still had my character with the levels but my tribe log said create new tribe. Monday May 14th between 2pm-3:30pm mdt time Officalserver pve thecenter179. So my allied tribe have kindly allowed me to join there tribe for now considering the circumstances until this issue gets resolved. soo my buddy joined and I left my allied tribe and then I joined back to my original tribe and when I joined my tribe and there tribe became just my trube and the game auto merged us. . .
  16. RivylScratch

    Alliance Discovery

    We recently found an alliance called (CCK) but we can't find any information on them
  17. I’m up late again thinking about designs for a maximum security snow biome base to shelter a huge tribe! We need all kinds of players from gatherers and builders to wyvern flyers and weapons R&D. Once we become alpha then maybe we can roleplay. Zombie apocalypse or vampire aristocracy with blood slaves maybe? 10x rates PvP cluster name: RaidUP contact Dark0impulse (Alek)
  18. WillyGomez

    Tribe QOL Improvement

    Please make it so that when players start their own tribe, they will have tribe governance default set to personally owned. This will prevent a lot more mistakes from happening where players will lose their stuff because they did not know about the governance settings. Yes, this happened to me, and it is a big flaw in the tribe system that needs to be changed because all the new players will be affected.
  19. Tavidare


    I'm pretty sure im just one of many many players that's asking for this but can we get tribe imprinting access on official servers? when raising some of the longer breeds its a "pita" to get good imprinting especially when we have regular day to day activities going on in our lives. I like many have a full time job and am a parent, so it makes it difficult to be on and get a good amount of imprinting unless i risk my account and share info with someone else to help do my imprinting which we all know isn't a safe idea. Just some food for thought. Tavidare. server 839 official crossplay.
  20. westriverjennings

    change name of tribe help

    i was trying to change my tribes names but I couldn't do it with the new update that came out. So because of the timer on the tribe name was broken we couldn't change the name. so what i did was put everything on personal and kicked everyone out of my tribe so i could make a new one. but when i left the dinos and structure didn't come with me anyone know how i can get my base back and my dinos.
  21. LastSagas

    Starting a tribe early for release.

    So anyone wanna start a tribe for Ark Mobile? PM me if you're interested. For discord I need your name and #
  22. Hi there Ark experts. I am running an non dedicated server on my pc so I and my friends could explore the ark world and not getting killed by anyone. But few days ago we wanted to try other servers, so we uploaded our survivors and downloaded them on the server we tried which didn't go so well. We decided to go back to our sand box and experiment a bit more but we hit a bump once we downloaded back our survivors to my server we were not in our tribe anymore which ment all our tames were not ours anymore. So the question is how can we get back in our tribe? Note for this moment that tribe is empty.
  23. TheDrizzle404

    Absent Tribe Leader Solution

    Having been through the recent ordeal of an absent tribe leader that fails to pass on leadership before quitting, and having read similar problems occurring often enough that it's a problem, I started thinking of possible solutions. I think I've come up with one that most everyone can agree with and makes mechanical sense. Suggestion: Add a timer to the tribe leader's login time similar to what you would get on your structures. If he were the only tribe member and built a metal base, it would decay entirely after 16 days of absence as far as I'm aware. (The exact time can be negotiated, this is just an example for mechanical explanation) Therefore it isn't unreasonable to tie this to their grip over the tribe's materials. If it's due to other tribe members that the tribe's materials do not deteriorate in his absence, then they should be able to use that same measurement to take leadership and continue normally. So after 16 days of inactivity from the leader, an option comes up where the remaining admins can vote for a new leader between the other admins. The voting window will last 2 days. You may vote for yourself. After 2 days the vote will close and the admin with the most votes becomes the leader. (unless he leaves before then, in which case his name is struck from the ballot) If there is a draw between admins, then the admin with the longest time played within the tribe will be made leader. If there are no admins, then the vote will fall to remaining members with the same rules. If there are admins but they too are absent, (they don't vote at all) then the vote will fall to the remaining members after the 2 day period ends and begin a new 2 day voting period. What this system will do is allow remaining tribe members in a leaderless tribe to continue naturally without GM intervention, thus also clearing up many GM tickets on this issue. This is a first pass at the idea, so if there are holes in it or other problems then please let me know and we can find more solutions.
  24. What roles do you provide your tribe? Are you a hunter? A resource grinder? Leader? Crafter...? Do your stats reflect your duty well? What stats do you think are optimal for that duty? Or are you all lone wolf? Getting it all done yourself?
  25. I opened a ticket with support since I was having a lot of trouble finding the switch to enable the silencer feature on our Ark servers. I got a quick answer and here's the line needed. AllowHideDamageSourceFromLogs=true I hope this helps!