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  1. TLC 3 Disappointments I'm sorry but I just have to get this out of my system. 2 raptoring creatures? Are you serious, we've waited months for info thinking they were making it exciting and fun and it's just 2 raptoring creatures? Why is it so incredibly low like what the hell and why did it take so long to announce 2 CREATURES They haven't announced which creatures so hopefully they went for something like the megalodon which badly needs a TLC and they at least picked 2 good creatures that are utterly useless currently but otherwise just what the actual raptor I would have honestly been fine with 4, that's lower than the others and still leaves room for excitement but I'm more irritated than I am excited Tell me if you think I'm being ridiculous or if you feel the exact same way as I do I want to see what everyone thinks about it
  2. Yet Another Set of TLC 3 Ideas! except Better! There are probably millions of these so I'll just cut straight to the ideas and say this is for many dinos and IF any are up for a TLC I would love to see something along these lines... Ankylo - Yes these are the Metal Gatherers with their own set job already, but my suggestion would be, since we now have a machine that does the job, I would add a bone-break ability that slows attackers down and torpor damage to the tail swing... Would really let it stand out and help it for being so slow. Stego - This could really benefit from being a fiber/thatch/berry gatherer for beginner tames to act as a step below the Therizino. Dilo - Really just needs a reskin and maybe an ability revolving around it's spitting-action/turret mode... Maybe pairing it with the alarms/Parasaur alarm and they could seek out intruders. The Onyc and Araneo would be good for this also giving them an actual "use". Speaking of the Araneo - I would give them a cling ability to all surfaces and let them walk across ziplines. Carno - Needs a speed dash beyond it's sprint, a headbutt would be cool but not needed, mainly focusing on their speed would be enough. Bronto - Maybe a kneel command to pair with the platform saddle. Could allow it to bring the platform closer to the ground. A stomp ability strong against structures, like the Titano's, would be great also. Carbonemys (Turtle) - Needs a good reskin and a command to pull into it's shell, like the sit command. It should definitely have a higher defense in it's shell than the Doedicurus and could be used as an early game vault to protect supplies. It would also be great if they were immune to Jellyfish and gathered extra Toxins. Working like a preserving-bin for Toxins, chemistry ingredients, food, etc. would be even more amazing. Ichthy - A Sonar ability that picks up threats, plus resources like silica pearls and oil veins would make this so much more useful early game. Idk if it really needs a reskin but it would still be nice. Plesi - definitely needs a reskin. A speed dash like the Carno suggestion would be great for the Plesi also but more along the lines of the twist the Pteranodon does but in the water, a dodge/turnaround maneuver like the Tropeo's twist mixed with the Sarco's turnaround underwater would be great too. Mosa - Needs a reskin to look more like it's monitor lizard cousins, it would be amazing if things avoided the Mosa as it swam through the ocean, giving it a wide birth, when tamed also. Making it seem more menacing. I would switch the Mosa and the Whale as far as which can't stay deep underwater to long because it makes more sense but understandable if you didn't, but the other dinos avoiding the Mosa would make it like a real T-Rex of the Sea. Megalodon - I would give the Sharks the same ability as the Dire Wolf tracking damaged prey. It goes with sharks being able to smell blood in the water and would really help in the dark oceans. I would also LOVE to see Ichthys and Megalodons be able to breach the surface also... Megalodons would really benefit from this by being able to grab low cruising flyers to pull them down and make the riders fall off when the flyer touches the surface. The Megalodon could auto release the flyer if it's not killed by the initial breach-attack as it hits the surface and it can then target the rider that had fallen in the water. Seeing a wild Megalodon jump and kill a low-level wild flyer, or seeing higher-level flyer get released at the surface and then flying off in a panic while you're standing on the beach would be a crazy sight... It would also be fun and awesome to do. Liopleurodon - Just make it a normal tame with a higher speed than all water dinos minus the Plesi. Dealing slightly less damage than a Megalodon. Maybe a better Prime-Fish Meat gather rate. A twist maneuver like I mentioned for the Plesi, like the Pteranodon's, would also be fun swimming through the water. Dimorphodon - really does need a reskin and maybe a pack buff... Maybe a setting to have them circle around you on follow when not attacking as kind of an attack shield of small dinos in the caves if you had the full 5 or whatever for the pack buff... Plus circling you would keep them from getting stuck on the cave walls as easy as they do on follow... unless them circling you messed with you walking normally... There would have to be a balance there... Tropeo Taming - I think (as I've put in a prior post) that the Tropeo would be a lot more fun to tame like the Equus. When landed you jump on the back and hold on, giving it kibble, and it would buck you off mid-air. While also being able to jump off a flyer onto their backs and doing the same mid-air (Sort of like Avatar). This should be easier to hold on for than the Equus... probably not actually bucking you off until you have failed 3 times in a row... I think the Quetz and Tapejara would be lot more fun like this also... Just bring a parachute if you happen to fail. The Tropeo's Saddle could have armor rating also effected by the quality like it's damage even if it's only half the value of the armor rating for the quality that it is usually it could make it stand a better chance in PVP. Quetz - really needs a reskin. A more vertical stance like Paleo-Art, and a flapping animation in mid-air, when not wearing a platform saddle. Making it much more imposing and majestic... And it is hypothesized that the Quetz used to walk around with its head held high picking off smaller dinos before taking off to the sky... Living more like a Stork. I think a more aggressive Quetzal would be very interesting, making you have to tame it mid-flight with the Tropeo-suggestion. Quetz could really use a gliding mechanic that saves stamina also. Would be useful and realistic. Maybe even allow for the normal tranq method AND the Equus "hold on and ride" method I suggested for the Tropeo, for the Quetz and Tapejara also... Making all 3 tamable both ways... Just a thought. Oviraptor - Doesn't really need a reskin but I really wish they could gather eggs on wander but DID NOT eat fertilized eggs and just kept them from spoiling. I would just worry about them wandering off with the eggs lol if there was a work-around for that it would be awesome... Maybe a craftable nest they would drop them in or not wander far from like the leash-thing. Spinosaur - Just a swimming animation more like the Baryonyx/Sarco. Giga - Could really use a reskin Last but not least! -The Mammoth could really use a reskin and a trumpet call... I also think the ability to take water into it's trunk to water crops would make it so much more useful! And The female Magaloceros (Deer) could really use a reskin to make it stand out from the sheep, mainly the female variant but the male and female both could benefit to make them a little more majestic... Like a deer! Maybe letting them be rode bareback and having the saddle work like an Equus without the lasso...? Couldn't hurt... Would love to see these additions to the game and I bet if you played around with them you would think the same. Thank you for your time.
  3. blazybolt

    tlc TLC ideas!

    TLC pass 3 would be an amazing thing for the game right now. Many of water creatures have been neglected and they don’t have special abilities. Also many land dinosaurs like the carno have almost no purpose to tame. It would be better if TLC 3 could help some of these creatures get their usefulness back!
  4. Farming Update I like the idea of farming in this game... but feel it could be updated along with the Dino TLC... I would add a few more crops... Lettuce, tomatoes, maybe even small fruit trees like apples, oranges, bananas, etc. If it wasn't to crazy to add... You could add the ability to grow rare flowers, mushrooms, aberrant mushrooms, etc. but only under a certain greenhouse percentage maybe... Maybe 1 Element dust in the crop plot for aberrant mushrooms outside of Aberration. Just allow for more of a variety in what we can grow and maybe add some new foods to cook... Scrambled Eggs or Omelette, could add a buff for a short amount of time but spoils quickly. Maybe a short buff like Focal Chili or something that fits the breakfast idea of having a more focused mind when eating before setting out in the morning... Seasoned Prime Meat, could use veggies, etc when preparing and work like raw mutton for carnivore tames plus add a small melee-damage buff for a short time to survivors. Salads, could be like mutton for herbivores... It could take most if not all the veggies to make to keep it a little more difficult to get at first. Fried Potatoes, could add a short stamina buff to survivors... A medical brew to heal dinos with like a Veterinary Brew or some kind of meal that heals herbivores and carnivores separately would be really useful... (All of these can be added without adding new crops but you get the idea...) I realize this is a long shot because the kibble tree has already been based around the 4 veggies we have but more cooked foods with effects on survivors and dinos could make it worth it and would really be able to make farming and cooking a little more of a priority when playing. I know we need it for kibble but it would really help to give farming a little more use and variety. Better builds with more utility out of what you grow... I bet something like this could even get my mother playing this game if she could just sit in a walled base and take care of her farm all day without dealing with dinos attacking her... Might sound lame to some but it could really bring other kinds of players in and those that don't want to run around taming and fighting could do more for their tribe then just building and crafting. I get that they can just go play a different game because ARK is all about building and taming but more players is always the goal for any game and more ways of playing allows that to happen and could really diversify jobs among tribe members and game-play in general if it still fits with the core themes of ARK. A lot of people love farming games... And if you already have the mechanic in your game for it you might as well try to expand on it to appeal to those players... Even if it is expanded on in a simple way by not adding more mechanics but things to do with those mechanics, that could go along way. It doesn't have to be a huge overhaul or change in anyway... Just an expansion on what is already in game with adding a few foods and crops. In fact I wouldn't change the kibble process at all so it doesn't really effect long time players, just brings in new ones. Maybe a long crop plot to grow a straight line of multiple crops. Like a row of connected crop plots that looks more farm-like than planter-like... Maybe be able to take a straight area of flat land and turn it to a strip of farmland with a plow on a Equus or Trike... Hook the plow to the dino and then craft the straight strip of farmland in the inventory with X-amount of berries to feed the dino as a price and place it where you would like it. Then the dino could start walking the area and "create" it automatically on its own in front of you. That would take a new animation but it would be awesome. Not necessary just awesome. Anyway they are just some thoughts... Thank you for your time.
  5. ARK Overhaul "Tame your Game" First I would like to make sure I apologize at least once for the times I have lost my temper on these forums... I get that this is a massive game and it is probably extremely difficult to keep it all running smoothly... but never the less we paid for a product that should work as intended and advertised. Especially when it was your decision as a company to create such a massive game and build such hype around that very concept, not to mention building, taming, breeding, etc... I'm sure we can agree on that. So my suggestion, and I can't speak for the whole community when I say this so I hope they would make their opinions heard in the comments... Is to postpone the next Genesis DLC, and the TLC, until a complete overhaul of the games internal problems is completed... Crashes, Bugs, Glitches, Optimization, everything... On every map... Servers AND Single Player... PCs, Xbox AND PlayStation... With it being ported to consoles by professionals that specializes in that specifically and can do it correctly... Like I said I can't speak for the entire community, but I'm almost positive most would agree... This game had grown beyond your grasp a looong time ago... and I don't mean that as an insult... It is a beautiful thing and I commend your concepts for growing into such a force of nature with a life of its own... But just like we do in this game for hours on end. Most of them being lost completely due to these same bugs and glitches... You need to Tame your Game... You need to get it under control and working correctly... From building, to taming, to breeding, to just exploring the map, gathering the artifacts, and fighting the end bosses all the way to ascension. All the way through each map... You need to fix ALL the MAJOR issues that keep you from simply playing the game as intended... Tested Thoroughly and Ported Professionally... There is no need to put this off any longer considering your almost at the games end life and have grown into such a vast company... unless you decide to add more to it passed the DLC and TLC which would be nice but I don't even see how you could... but I really believe all your future game's sales will hurt if you ignore this, and explode beyond your dreams if you actually listen... I'm pretty positive people would be much more inclined to jump back into the game for the last DLC and TLC, and for years on years afterwards, if you did this. I'm also pretty sure they would not mind waiting for the DLC to get something like this taken care of... It would probably save this company's reputation if you fix what needs to be fixed with ARK... I guarantee you will not regret it if you do and the community would love you for it if you gave the game a real "Tender Loving Care" Overhaul... Nothing has to be changed except it actually running correctly... Then Fixing what ever may go wrong with Genesis II and the TLC should be a lot less work and would open up a lot more time for you to focus on whatever your next endeavors are without trying to continually chip away at the bugs and issues overtime while also trying to work on future projects... It makes complete sense if you actually think long-term and I hope you guys really make the right choice. Thank you for your time. PS- Please don't just think of this in terms of money either, which most find it impossible not to do... Even though this would make you much more money in the long run... Think of this in terms of where you started and where you are now... and above all, the community that got you there... And if you do want to think of this in money... We have really gave you enough to simply get our games fixed...
  6. GhostCreep


    Neanderthals I think an interesting addition to the game could be Neanderthals... They would be like very primitive tribes that use a reskinned tent as Yurts or Huts being the dwellings they live in and stay around... Using stone tools and primitive spears as weapons. Maybe bow and arrows or slingshots. An actual historical sling would be an amazing add to the game and for the Neanderthals in particular... Like a slingshot that shoots stones much further... Maybe they could even be nomadic with a parasaur, or trike, or something similar as their caravan mount for their gear and resources, etc. Probably a Morellatops in the deserts... They could try and raid your bases. Breaking doors and stealing your resources and items... Maybe using your own gun on you to try and escape? (I just see Koba from Planet of the Apes with that assault rifle when I think of this...) Maybe some could be friendly offering to trade you for a certain item and if you have it and trade they could always be friendly from then on.. maybe even giving you food and water the next time you see them or protecting you from other Neanderthals or dinos that want to harm you if they happen to be in the vicinity... but NOT allowing them to be tamed or anything like that... but who knows maybe you become such good friends they wish to stay with you idk... It would be an interesting mechanic to play with especially on PVE and single player... The reasoning behind them could be they were the first attempt at recreating humanity and never panned out, or were made to test mankind in the early days of the ARKs before there were enough survivors to test each other... I just think it would add a great dynamic to the game if done in a more "Dino" than "Human" way... More a part of the map and the wildlife rather than a tribe you are competing with on it, only competing once in awhile like the base raiding suggestion and when you bump directly into them around the map... Just a thought that could definitely be expanded on but still an interesting one... Thank you for your time.
  7. Unique Center Map Dino Since every Free Mod Map added has had a unique dino... I thought I would throw an idea out there for the Center Map to give a reason to go playthrough it again and also to bring it up to date with the other 3 Mod Maps... Since the Center is mostly a water map... I thought why not a water dino? and I'm guessing my choice has been brought up a few other times to be an addition to the game because it is such an awesome creature... The Archelon Giant Sea Turtle... This (I Imagine) majestic and beautiful animal would be more than enough reason to go back to the Center Map... It could gather Jellyfish Toxin and be immune to Jellyfish stings (as I suggested for the Carbonemys also if the Archelon never made it into the game) and Electric Eels (which I withheld from the Carbonemys for this reason) It could be a passive tame like the Basil/Whale and would be tamed by Jellyfish Toxin but when tamed would eat fish specifically. Also filling it's food meter a little bit when it eats jellyfish (being one of the main things sea turtles eat in the wild) This dino would have to act a little different though... Rather than just hovering around in one area like most dinos in ARK... The sea turtle would have to constantly be moving... Hunting for it's favorite food. Jellyfish. I suggest having a group of only 3 at a time (or maybe a couple groups on servers) circling around the map through the ocean... Making them much harder to passively tame having to keep up with their movements. I think riding it underwater like a Megalodon superman-style would be the right look but when riding it on the surface we should be able to Surf on it! Kind of like the Manta, except standing sideways and without the jump, but with way more in depth handling... Turning would have to almost drift, kind of like the Equus turning when running fast... An animation to where it looks like it's carving up the waves with little splashes would be a nice touch also... I think it wouldn't even need a saddle... Just standing up sideways as you surf on the surface and diving down onto the top of it's shell, holding onto the top of the shell behind it's head as you ride underwater. Superman-style like I said... This would make this turtle so amazing! Unlike the other turtles this one would have to be fast, comparable to an Ichthyosaur maybe even a Plesiosaur... but it would have to have a higher defense for it's shell and making up for the lack of saddle... It wouldn't have a very high attack but there wouldn't be any better way to travel! I almost guarantee this would become one of the most popular water dinos ever! and you can quote me... lol People would probably want it on more maps than just the Center I'd bet... Definitely making them go back to it to tame one... but it's just a thought... Thank you for your time.
  8. Titanomyrma TLC I made this separate from my TLC 3 post because it's less important but would still be beneficial to the game in a small way... My suggestion is to make Titanomyrma more like the Giant Bee... Adding Ant Hills they come out of randomly until you destroy it, and can release a Queen when "broken" or collapsed. It could add Titanomyrma Grubs that are a resource that can be eaten for a little more food than berries... Sounds gross but is believable as something you would do to survive on the ARK... Hell, you could even add Giant Bee Grubs as a side-thing you also get with Honey which do the same thing... Not a huge deal but would be much more immersive and besides the Queen, Larvae (Which would just be a sprite for your inventory) and the Ant Hill (which could look alot like the holes we dug up on Extinction honestly) all the mechanics are pretty much in-game already... Would be more of a reskin than anything with minor adds. There are more ways than just immersion and eating the Larvae to be beneficial to adding them in (Maybe a special Fungus Resource/Ingredient like Leaf Cutter Ants make, a Wax or Organic Polymer, etc.) but that was the most basic idea that just popped in my head... Idk about taming them because they really don't do much and taming Ants isn't really a thing like Bee Keeping so I understand why they never added it in and why they probably wouldn't ever... but it would be way cooler if they did lol...
  9. Dummies on Saddles My suggestion is to be able to put the training dummies on the backs of saddles like a torch to have a moving target... Maybe even add rider dummies with a durability you can shoot off when they break... But really the dummies like torches on a saddle would work just fine... I would just like to be able to build better training grounds is all and thought that would be an easy add to do it. PS - please fix dummies to read damage even when structure damage and friendly fire is turned off. An easier damage reading to understand for bullets, dinos, etc. would be nice also...
  10. Dino AI Update I always thought about ways the game could be more engaging... The game has came along way since early access but there are still things I thought I would see that I never did... Still a great game though, but... I have some Ideas I hope are not to crazy to implement but could really make the game more immersive... First would be some Dino reactions to certain actions... Say you are watching your friends back as they are watching over a dino they are taming... A wild dino rushes toward them and you take your first shot... (This is Only for Bullets, not arrows of tranq darts) My thought is that depending on the level, we will use max difficulty as the example, the wild dino will react by either taking the first bullet and turning to run away from you guys if it is under level 50, maybe returning a little later like it had a raised torpor, Between level 51-100, the wild dino might circle you guys, taking a few more bullets as it circles before it (30% of the time) runs away like the one under level 50, or (70% of the time) it will rush in to attack. Between 101-150 the wild dino will just rush in through the bullets like normal, really making the levels affect personality will make interactions in the wild seem more diverse, while also making higher level dinos really seem more bold and aggressive. Also giving more opportunities to save tames from losing effectiveness. Second I would like to touch on another person's idea that caught my eye recently. I don't take the time to read enough of the other survivor's posts on here as I should but I can't help but to read ones that the title matches a bug I'm dealing with in game or seems like an idea I have posted and want to see their new perspective on it... Someone spoke about herding and I thought it was a pretty awesome idea. I don't remember exactly the details but I will give my own ideas that I was inspired with from theirs... It was along the lines of the herding dinos, or "thought to be herding dinos" like Trikes, Stegos, Brontos, etc. plus things like Equus and other herding animals could move in units around their biome in the map... I thought it would be pretty difficult to implement without things bugging out but they spoke about low level survivors being able to move with the herds for protection early game and I thought that was brilliant. I get it would make taming a hassle and that's probably why they weren't designed that way to begin with, but say it could work and dinos could move like this... just allow for members of the herd to venture off alone giving the opportunity, to tame it. Or have dinos like Raptors and Dire Wolves be able to break up herds when they rush through them. Not making them Aggro but kind of spooking them to run around crazy for a minute and it would take a while for them to regroup... Allowing you to do that on tamed Raptors, Dire Wolves, and other similar dinos would let you create that situation to tame some... I would suggest big carnivores (Carno and Larger) they would stay grouped up until attacked, maybe in a more defensive formation... Plus it would give low level survivors the option to travel with the herds for protection early game through different biomes like that survivor suggested. Adding a lot to the experience of traversing the map... Third I think dinos should interact with certain things if the animations for it weren't to hard to make... Bears sharpining their claws on trees, Deer rubbing antlers on trees and headbutting each other. Plus Pachycephalosaurus should also do headbutt displays. Carnivores that travel together like Raptors and Rexs when they are in pairs could nip at each other when they get to close. And carnivores of different species could have a low percentage of eating smaller carnivores for realism. Also dinos could "act" like they are drinking water once in awhile like the Morellatops does to fill it's tank. Little things like this might be hard to implement into a game like ARK so I understand why it hasn't been a priority, but with the end of DLCs and what not coming soon it would be a great thing to try and make work for the end product game with no more updates coming to it... Would really make it stand the test of time in my opinion... As long as all the bugs were worked out of the core game first of course... Anyways it's just a thought. Thank you for your time. PS - I have a million more AI Ideas but didn't want to make this too long. Any other survivors with good Dino AI ideas throw them in the comments. I know there have to be a lot of great ideas in the community around this topic besides the obvious "better pathfinding" lol. Which of course should be at the top of this list but I figured that was to obvious to waste the space on. Pathfinding should definitely be a top priority along with optimization for all the maps, across all consoles, PC, servers and single player.
  11. Primitive Life Update I understand it is a different play style and there are things you can do in Primitive Plus you can't do in the base game, but if you added in a new similar structure-set and some more pre-technology items you might be able to do away with it and free up that space to optimize the core game better... Primitive Plus is so behind I worry it's just going to be a neglected part of the game forever. It and the PGMs have seemed to be more of a hinderance to the core game than anything... When updated, one affects the other... Usually in a negative way... and the core game is really lacking in pre-modern age items anyway... I say kill 2 birds with one stone... Add in a nice sized group of structures and items, all with a pre-technology theme, then discontinue Primitive Plus and use that space to optimize the game more while also preventing future updates from affecting one or the other.. I think it would make some mad at first but would really help the game in the long run... And just make Primitive-Specialized Servers afterwards to keep that way of playing alive... Keeping you from building Tek, metal structures and a lot of the other more modern equipment in the game... I think it is really something to be considered, because I like the idea of playing with a more primitive game-style, but I also feel more of that should of been part of the core game to begin with... and if getting rid of Primitive Plus while keeping the spirit of it alive helps the core game become a better experience I think that would really be the way to go with it. If that would really help the core game that is... Which I honestly think it would... I just want what's best for the game and feel that ARK needs to be streamlined down to the best core experience possible... but it's just a thought... Thank you for your time. PS - Add oars (that can act as a wooden club) and one-man canoes.
  12. Center/Ragnarok/Valguero Unique Bosses TLC Since seeing the unique boss for the crystal Isles I thought about the other free mod maps and how you could make them each feel brand new all at once... I feel adding a new unique boss and arena to each of these maps would bring everyone in force back to play through these maps, get the artifacts, and fight the new bosses. Win-Win for you and the community for a lot less work than a whole new map or DLC I would think... I have some ideas to put forward for each of these maps if you will hear them out... The Center Since it already has its own unique arena which is so well made I would stick with that theme. Since there is only One unique Boss on Crystal Isles I will stick with that model for each map. It would be easy to just slap the Megapithecus (Kong) on his own and say have at it... but I think being king of a whole map he should be more along the lines of an Ultrapithecus... Having a much more detailed model and attacks... Maybe more speed and targeting, a more vertical stance like the Bigfoot, and maybe he can climb a cliff and make boulders fall down as an evasion when taking to many hits. That would be much more epic and fitting for first free map in my opinion... Ragnarok Since we already used a variation of one of the island maps bosses for one map... It would make since plus make them all neat and uniform to use the other two also... Obviously a reskin Dragon Boss from the Island would be amazing enough... but give it a little smoother flying motions and better path finding for that particular arena and you already have a fight which is twice as good... but adding at least one unique attack would make it ten times better... 2 and it's a whole new fight... Keep the Rock Elementals as minions, but make these unique... Have the Dragon fly straight up into the sky with an animation that makes it obvious this attack is coming... Have the Dragon release a fire ball that engulfs the center of the arena giving you a ring on the outside of the arena which is safe from damage... Have all the Rock Elementals hit with this attack become the Magma Elemental version for the first few minutes after the attack... Epic. Add in a couple of fire wyvern minions at the beginning, middle and last bit of the Dragon's health bar and that would be an amazing way to end one of the best maps Ark has to offer... Valguero Last but certainly not least is the Broodmother... but how about a Brood-Empress? This would be the only one that needs some actual work done to their boss arena... Valguero has a very open boss arena and that would have to be altered a bit to give some areas for her to climb, like an open crevice or cave mouth with webbed up tunnels or something... A long with a spider web make over to the whole arena. I see a more flexible and agile version than a Broodmother that can run up walls and hang from ceilings... Maybe have Broodmothers that are smaller and weaker than the gamma version (Brood-Princesses) that come out of the webbed tunnels along with a bunch of araneos as the Empress hangs from the cave mouth or added in over hangs as it hits mid-health bar and low-health bar... I see her larger but thinner than the Broodmother with longer legs, and when hanging from the ceiling/overhangs she can use webbing to pluck riders off their dinos and drop them into her brood to feed... You could have a LOT of fun creating an upgraded spider boss fight... Even making these ideas simpler would be amazing and add a huge resurgence for the prior mod-maps. Something to think about for the future down the line... You could even add one explorer note to each map that explains these are the perfect end-results of the bosses from the Island that "Rockwell" or the Ark system or whatever created in it's programming of making harder threats for the survivors to face... The other two being phased out due to the one becoming so effective, etc... And each map a different boss happened to be the one to "Evolve" through the programming... Just a thought. Maybe make unique survivors from each map that left the note. An Easter egg nod to the devs in the names of the survivors on the notes for their maps would probably be a nice gesture... Would be pretty amazing just saying...
  13. Archaeopteryx TLC First of all, I love the archa in ark. Sort of. It’s cute, it’s an exotic creature to have, it’s design is great and it’s a perfect tame for early game Ragnarok if you’re looking for something cute to wait for you at base when you’re out taming or gathering. However, it’s near useless. I like the glide idea and ability, but the fact that you have to hold it’s legs disabling you from using weapons makes it an awful shoulder mount. If it could instead sit on your back and glide only if you press a certain button or you could switch from having it in your hands to on your shoulder it would be so much better. Or it could function as a glide suit, clinging on your back the way it clings to trees in the wild. It could switch from slow descent gliding like it already does to glide suit-type gliding. This would make it so much more fun to have and a lot more worth it, as it could even become a new method of taming dinos, and great fun in pvp. Maybe it could also have another use such as being the counter to microraptors and negating their dismount attack.
  14. item and Structure TLC i Know its Kinda Odd but i was think of somethings that could be better. and if you have any ideas, feel free to discuses it Water Skin: Able to keep water in it without the leak Spear: has Debility and can set on fire for damage: (leave it in a fire for a Minute) then it will be like the fire Spear from Genesis Slingshot: Should be Replaced with a Sling that is thrown kinda like a Bola but you Fling Rocks or Flint (Rock for Torpor and Flint for Damage) Club: Able to add stone to make it do more damage like a Tier one sword Thatch Structures: A slight visual upgrade. Walls, Foundations and Doors look like Very Crapy Bamboo Tied together. but the roofs look the same. Smoke bomb: Able to change Color of smoke and can make dinos "loose you" Simple bed: a slight new look or at least the ability to Change the look Training Dummy: Able to count range damage , Special damage (torpor , Fire , Gas etc) Flags: Able to unlock all of them by one Engram Standing torch: Able to place underwater with Angler gel Compost bin: Adds a Buff for Plants (can't stack) and can place any Organic Item like Eggs, rotten meat , Chitin, thatch , fibber etc to make fertilizer Cooking pot: Able to Set it to "cook mode" or "Recipe Mode" cooking mod allows you to cook meat and with a bottle and Berries (50) you can fill it up half way Wood: Slightly Stronger and maybe a new look. Too look slightly better Water Well: able to place anywhere but has a Placing Range like a Tek Bubble shield Raft: Able to decompose overtime and needs Maintenance or it will break Pipes and Wires: able to unlock them all with the the 3 Engrams (Stone Pipes, Iron and Wire) to save points Water Tanks: Better Water Storage, stone 500 and Metal 1500 Through: shows Range but can Disable the range, trophy wall mount: Able to put any alpha drop , Special Dino drop and implant on the wall Fishing rod: more kinds of Bait, Ammonit bile (the best), meat (worst) and maybe a Better system of fishing. Able to catch some other animals like manta rays, Trilobites and leechs Re-fertilizer: SUPER FERTILLZER! and it Boost them! Behmoth walls: With the behemoth gates you can unlock behemoth walls that has more HP Stone: Slighy Better (can take at least 2 or 3 C4 for a wall) leasers antidote: Able to gain a Immunity to nearly every sickness/poison, quickly lowers torpor, and gives resistance to Air born Gases (like spores , Gas bombs , Wyvern gas etc) Toilet: gives better buff, Gives a wellness Buff, that boost crafting skill , and reduces food and water consumption Lance: Able to Hold it on the ground but its not as good Tree Platform: Able to place it on trees in AB and Ext Cannon: able to "ride it" Like in atlas and can fire it! Simple pistol: Better hand model animation, and better Range. Longneck: able to put scope on it with Darts!, Can add a Mod where you can have a "strip clip" where it has 4 extra shots but its not as strong and has EVEN longer loading! Dino leash: Able to disable the Range Ring Chitin armor: Need to craft it on the Smithy but Can Repair it on the go! so its more useful and it could be used more. Shotgun: able to hold Trigger to fire both shots, able to put Simple Rifle rounds (like a Elephant rifle) and is Stronge damage but not good range like the Longneck rifle, longer barrel, and can have a scope (i mean if the pump shotgun can then this can too) Greenhouse Buildings: CHEAPER IN ENGRAM COST Scope: able to put on a Crossbow , Fab sniper , AR , Shotgun, Beer barrel: Able to make "organic substitute" of some items like polly and sap, and able to make beer but it does better stuff (kinda like in atlas) Harpoon Gun: 100% chance to get spear bolts back and can Find Better Quality's can be found IED: instead of a trip wire its just like a Mine Metal: A slight new look (at least make it look even with the Plates) and somewhat stronger (5 or 7) Radio: (should be replaced with a new item, like a lantern that acts like the one from atlas) so. Lantern: Able to hold on your bar and can light up the whole area around you, can be dyed , Can work underwater, and can scare away troodons! needs Angler gel , Electronics , metal , and oil Lights: able to unlock each one by one engram , and can have a Wall or ceiling light Grappling Hook: can hold it and throw it (like in atlas) or Crossbow for more range Fabricator: Able to Craft any smithy item on it faster. (to save space) Fab pistol: a slight better look or maybe it can be a Mix of a SMG and a pistol so it shoots fast, but has low damage. electrical outlets: Able to Hide wires Chainsaw: reduced wight on items (like the drill) and can uses underwater on kelp or coral for wood, (and can uses drill underwater) Any Harvesting item: Like the Oil Pump, Gas pump and well. some times you can have a drought. AR: Does slight more damage per shot on the same target Miner helmet: able to repair with just metal , Polly and Angler gel, can shut off light. AC: Able to shut off, can Pin code, Can Place on a window Frame Grinder: Able to Turn Rock into sand on SE or rag, and Able to auto grind everything! Tracker: Able to place it on a Dino but it will stay on it FOREVER, like a imprint Auto Turret: able to put Pistol rounds in it. (it will make shots faster but lower damage and less AP damage) or AR rounds (able to do more damage and has a slight AP damage. Tranq Spear bolt: Does 4xs more Tranq Damage to Sea dinos Elevators rail: if one rail is powered then they are all powered Fab Sniper: able to have Iron sights and can put a Holo scope Gas mask and Night Vision goggles: Cheaper (in terms of engrams) Tek gravity grenade: Able to Deal damage and last longer, its blast does as much damage as a grenade when it drags stuff in. Scuba gear: Tank: Protects you from cold, Leggings: Better protection. Boost: if you wear the full set (mins gloves) you gain a Speed, resistance , Shock Resistance and a Super Cold protection. however its only in water! Rocket launcher: MUCH BETTER DAMAGE and can have Specal "rockets" that can be used as a Tranq electrical Prod: Two modes. Attack mode: does more damage then Pike and you can keep attacking without breaking insistently and Stun mode: One shot use and does A TON of Tranq damage Riot Armor: 2 times better so its worth using. in terms of Armor (at least 175) and Gives boost resistance agents stuns (like micro raptors), and much better Damage Resistance to guns. Heavy turret, able to Shoot AR rounds , Pistol rounds, Sniper rounds (only shoots 2 at once but does super high AP damage) and only 5 grenades (will shoot once out of ammo like a Grenade launcher) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tek Tek Armor: MUCH better armor (like 250 each) and A boost agents, Stuns, bullets, Shocks , and Gases (only when powered) Tek Saddles: MUCH better armor like 90, Tek Rifle: 2 modes: Assault Mode, super Fast fire rate (small projectiles) and can't damage buildings (uses less Ammo) and DMR mode: The base Gun Tek Railgun: able to activate a Normal scope, and A slighy Faster charge rate Tek mek Rockets: homing, Much Better Jump , Can ether just use two swords, or a sword and pistols Tek Claws: Much better damage and Does 50% AP damage Tek Rocket Launcher : Able to Craft ammo but Not cheap and Can Have a Gauss Cannon mode (uses Element)
  15. Single Player Back-Up Saves My suggestion isn't a new dino or some fancy weapon... It's something the game really needs for crashes and updates that destroy our games... A Back-Up Save... You can roll back servers Everytime something goes crazy on them right? What about our single player games? Consoles especially... We need the option to back-up save our progress in case something you do to the game destroys everything... I've had all my bases and Dinos just wiped out multiple times, more than I can count since toward the end of early access to now... I have no idea why I never suggested it sooner because it would solve a lot of problems... Even if we lose a little progress, at least we wouldn't lose everything... Even if it was ONE back-up save per single player we could replace over and over by saving over it when we choose would be enough... The game could still run auto-save as normal but if need be we have the option to load the back-up save for whatever reason. Plus If you guys mess something up again, which is probably inevitable... We can just reload our back-up saves and all is well for the most part... Just protect them and make sure no updates corrupt them or wipes them out (but still allows them to be up-to-date when loaded) and it should calm a lot of the back lash you see from updates. I highly suggest you guys get on a face-time, Skype or whatever and figure this one out because it could be a huge win for the community.
  16. I would love to get a update to our human character (like a TLC) make it so maybe we can be more unique from each other, like able to customize our faces and stuff so we look like other characters or just more unique then being a slightly different version of the same person. and along with this remade human player the outfits/armors can be touched up to be more fitting to the new models maybe even allowing for little customization to the armors we make (like ability to just change how it looks, like a alternate version of the armor so not adding new armors just giving the player a choice of style of the armors look.). Another thing to go with it is to maybe make better animations for the player as well, maybe even update the combat system along with it. More hair styles of all kinds of styles that maybe reference other games be cool too. these ideas are like my own as well and fit perfectly with the idea.
  17. If we were to have a furniture TLC, what would you like to see? For me, some of the things are: Metal/modern and tek/futuristic tiers for tables, benches and chairs. Metal/modern doesn't mean that the furniture has to be out of metal, but rather that they have a more modern look so that they fit into a more modern or a metal house. Similarly, tek/futuristic doesn't mean they need to be of the same material as the tek parts (although it could be cool) but that they have a more futuristic look and fit the aesthetic of a tek house. Underwater lamps. Ceiling lamps. Modern/metal tier single bed. Now, there only options are a ratty looking bed on the floor or a bunk bed. I'd like to have a proper bed on legs, maybe even a double bed version (or that they can be put together to make a double bed. Different frames for paintings (and even better if there were paintings of different sizes!) Table lamps. Maybe a torch and a modern lamp that can be placed on a table. Like a standing torch but half or less than half the height. All creatures drop trophy. Or let the dermis double as a trophy when putting it in a trophy mount instead. That way, we could cover our walls with Trike heads we liked. Simple wooden cross for graves. Let me explain why When I start out, I often want to keep a record of tames that die, but they start dying before I get to the headstone. It'd be cool if there was a very simple gravestone, like a wooden cross, that you could craft early (and pick up and move!). End tables: maybe slightly lower than the current table and square. I'm trying to think of the simplest things that would do the most. For me, that's a little bit more to choose from when it comes to the furniture we already have, but I'm also missing light and wall coverings. Especially more in terms of wall coverings would do the world of difference, I think, since it's so customiseable it would go a long way of making bases look less like all clones of each other.
  18. Creature Suggestion: Cow. Can we get an actual cow? Maybe the size of a eques. Spots and all. Rideable, breedable, and when you kill it you get more raw meat and hide just like when people kill sheep to harvest with a chainsaw. I'd really love to see a cow. Male would be bull, female petite. ALSO TLC for the Araneo. This should be breedable and now with how bloodstalkers are breedable, it should be possible to make an araneo breedable/lay eggs in place. This creature should not be left behind. It would be more valuable in cave runs if actually able to breed them.
  19. Araneo needs some TLC I like the Araneo its lots of fun, easy to tame and is kind of useful but not really. However I think it needs some TLC. Its web ability is great and really its only redeeming feature. It would make more sense if it could climb on walls as it is a spider. Perhaps losing stamina if a player is on its back. Another suggestion is a "grappling hook style" web attack. It fires a line of web that if it attaches to a wall the Araneo can use that to rappel up and down. But if it hits a small tame or a player then they could be dragged back to the Areneo. It would be so much fun waiting in ambush up on a ceiling ready to web an enemy player or tame you wish to passive tame. Probably a bit over kill but once you have fired a web line you could attach it to the surface the Araneo is on and have a temporary zip line. Or if you have captured a player or dino you could attach them to a surface and leave them as bait or so you can passive tame the creature.
  20. Stego needs a TLC outdated, plain and useless
  21. ObiGuanche

    Tlc Ideas

    Tlc Ideas Hello everyone! I have some ideas of my own for the tlc 3 ( or future tlcs ) that I would like to share, English is not my mother language so I apologize for any mistake. - Pachy: Model and animation rework, it could be an early flint gatherer and have better health, stamina and speed, it's charge deals the same effect as the trike's but also torpor and it can be controlled although it would have a very large turning radius. Also it should gather berries on it's own. It would get an X Variant that appears in the bog biome. - Titanoboa: Model and animation rework, gets a saddle and new abilities. Is gendered and breedable but it's ovoviviparous. It could spit like the dilo and be able to constrict prey like an anaconda ( It would be both venomous and constrictor and the frill could be made like a cobra's), it could be amphibious and climb non flat surfaces ( Imagine a titanoboa hanging from a stalactite ). Should have a health buff. Now it's drag weight is 200 like the sarco, your main way of dealing damage would be to constrict your prey so it would be very useful on a 1v1 against creatures in or below it's weight class like sarco and bary, it wouldn't be able to constrict larger prey but it would be able to stop them like a large bear trap while allies help dealing damage. It can coil around itself and reduce damage taken. Gets an X Variant for the bog. - Bronto: Model and animation rework, gets a one foot stomp and a double stomp that deals massive damage and all of it's attacks can damage stone now. It's inventory now work as a feeding through that provides extra healing to herbivores. It could use sounds to buff it's teammates by giving them confidence an give a slight improvement to all of it's stats. A slight speed buff would be appreciated. Gets an X variant for the bog. - Stego: Model and animation rework. Now features a 3 seater saddle, all of them protected by it's plates. Speaking of plates, these would have the ability to buff the stego in high temperatures, granting it a damage, damage reduction, health regeneration, speed and stamina recovery buff ( on top of that, these buffs would also affect nearby kentros), the plates would also give insulation to nearby players. The stego can perform a 180 direction change that also attacks with its tail, and gets a new stomp and a bite attack that can be used while running. The tail attack can pierce armor and can be charged for more damage and can be used while moving now. Gets an X Variant for the volcano biome. - Carno: Model and animation rework. Has everything the tlc Carno mod has but some new features as well. Takes reduced damage because of it's osteoderms, can jump because it has very strong legs and can now camouflage like the rock drake, this is mostly as a reference for the jurassic park novel but you could also use it to escape a fight combined with it's better speed due to the charge and look for a safe place to recover health. They get a damage, speed and stamina recovery buff when near an ally Yutyrannus. Gets an X Variant for the volcano. - Pulmonoscorpius: Model and animation rework. Is breedable with the bloodstalker mechanics. Now has two stances that can be changed with right click, L2 and the equivalent for xbox, The first is faster and allows you to grab small creatures ( under 100 drag weight, including flyers and aquatic creatures) and sting them dealing constant small amounts of damage and torpor. The second stance is slower but is a defensive stance, you can use your pincers quicker and these degrade armor and your stinger doesn't deal much torpor but has piercing damage and most importantly you can move sideways and backwards at the same speed, like the tapejara. Maybe it would be cool if it could dig and do a surprise attack in a similar way to the purlovia ( it wouldn't stun and dismount though) and I think it needs to be move better in steppe terrain kinda like the ovis. Gets an X variant for the Volcano. - Carbonemys: Model and animation rework. You sit in its neck now and please fix the bigger player model bug. Now you can build some stuff in it's back, nothing too big but maybe a box or even a sleeping bag could help, it can now retract on it's shell for more protection and it's bite deals more damage and can harvest some resources in the ocean. Is omnivorous and inmune to electrocution ( Electrophorus are very common in genesis and the turtle could help with this). Now it's an overall better swimmer and can go into stepper terrain easier, to help climbing the cliffs in the ocean biome. Gets an X variant for the ocean. - Megalodon: Model and animation rework. Can sense creatures like the bloodstalker and track creatures low on health, it can now build up speed for a charge and perform a deadly attack at the end of it that would deal bleeding and trike's stun effect. It would receive a huge buff when something is bleeding, that would improve it's stamina consumption and recovery, it's damage, damage reduction and speed. It can also breach out of the water and grab creatures. In case it beaches itself it can survive for a little while out of the water but has to go back or else it would die. - Plesiosaur: Model and animation rework. Fix for it's aoe. C, R3 or Xbox equivalent allows you to change between streched neck ( longer aoe reach) and bent neck ( shorter reach). A new attack with which it hits enemies at it's sides by slapping it's flippers, if done at the surface this can stun creatures nearby and dismount riders by creating waves. It's amphibious now and it can strafe in water and can grab creatures. It deals extra damage to fish and amonites, and it can harvest prime fish meat from megalodon and salmon. Microbe swarms will also be scared of them. Their behavior is different now, they spawn at the surface but are docile until attacked. Gets an X Variant for the ocean. - Megaloceros: Model and animation rework. The males gain the ability to pierce armor and charge. They also fight back in the wild. Both genders can gather berries and do a buck kick like the horse but instead of dealing torpor it stuns and deal good damage, the buck kick can also do a 180 spin if used while looking behind you for an easy escape. The females gain a bite similar to the horse but with a bit more damage are overall more agile than the males and can jump much higher, they can also go into steppe terrain easier. Gets an X Variant for the snow. - Mammoth: Model and animation rework. Now can have a platform saddle and grab creatures with it's trunk. They have a charge that can throw creatures in it's way around like the Ferox. The trunk can also be used to smack or throw grabbed creatures and it's can store water in it to knockback creatures. They have a herd buff that improves their damage, defense and health recovery and gives them immunity to some debuffs like the Yutyrannus fear roar. Gives insulation. Gets X Variant for the snow. That's all I would like to see, please let me know your thoughts.
  22. ObiGuanche

    Tlc ideas 2

    Tlc ideas 2 My continuation of tlc ideas. I hope you like them: - Araneo: Model and animation rework. Breedable with bloodstalker mechanics. Increase speed, stamina, health and weight. Wall climbing and ability to move in any direction like the Enforcer. Webs build up a meter on the enemy, when filled they will be completely inmobilized and will fall to the ground, the objective can't do anything and can't be ridden until it breaks free (over time or with a sword/sickle/other creature). Can create organic ziplines with the bonus of catching enemies that come into contact. It can jump like a jumping spider to move between climbing spots and pounce on prey. Takes zero fall damage. It's has more hair now and can shoot them to free itself or allies from grabs and stun creatures around. Has a gang bonus ( similar to compy and kentro). - Beelzebufo: Model and animation rework. No longer deals torpor with it's attacks, rather deals it to creatures that attack it. Now it can gather cementing paste from trilobites, leeches, lampreys and insect swarms. They also scare away insect swarms. The tongue stab has longer reach and better aim. The swep combines into a bite. It can climb the same way as the Ferox. It can control it's descent and reduce fall damage with it's webbed feet and using tongue stab while in the air can help reach a surface to grab on. Can now croak to produce vibrations which cause balance loss ( creatures/players climbing or in ziplines that aren't frogs will fall) but ally frogs will do this too, so the more frogs there are the more area will be covered by the vibrations ( they would have a turret mode for this). Gets a Bog X variant that resembles a poison dart frog. - Pteranodon: Model and animation rework. Deals increased damage to other flyers. Receives diving flight and the ability to change to glide mode (works like a glider) and slowly recovers stamina over time in this mode while in the air. Can grab creatures up to 100 drag weight now. It can land in vertical surfaces like the tapejara to recover stamina and can move in the wall but slowly. It can swim and dive in shallow water (takes pressure damage if it goes deeper). Can gather fish instantly. Now wild ones are territorial ( and extremely territorial to other flyers) - Pelagornis: Model and animation rework. Can dive underwater. Deals extra damage to Kairuku and Hesperornis. Heals faster when it has fish meat in the inventory. Reduces weight and spoiling time on fish meat, prime and organic polymer. Passively generates silica pearls when left on wander in the water. Has diving flight and even works underwater for some time after diving right in. Gains at huge reduction in stamina consumption while flying above water. Scares away ichthyornis and pegomastax. Can now grab small creatures with it's beak with right click. C is used in land or while swimming to scare some creatures like the yutyrannus does ( kinda like a goose). Wild pelagornis will defend themselves when attacked. - Onyc: Model and animation rework. Breedable. A slight resize to be ridden. Can be equipped with a saddle. It has a passive ability to detect nearby creatures thanks to echolocation. It can land on the ground and on vertical surfaces and perch from ceilings and ziplines. It is capable of producing high pitched noises that cause damage ignoring the armor of the enemies with right click. Can strafe like the tapejara. With C it can latch on to prey like the deinonychus but with the ability of sucking blood to quickly recover health. Wild onycs can now appear outside of caves, they perch and are passive during the day and they have a buff during the night ( like troodon). Gets aberrant version. - Ichthyosaurus: Model and animation rework. Weight reduction on aquatic resources. Better aoe. Pod bonus. Swimming near the surface with a pod creates waves that stun and dismount. Can jump out of the water. Can ram creatures and is able to see weakpoints that when hit with the ram to deal a lot of damage. Passive echolocation ability like the onyc. Can spit water at the surface for knockback and blow bubbles underwater to recover oxygen. Deals extra damage to fish. Can be carried in a fish basket. It can survive out of the water for longer than the Manta ( and doesn't get instantly killed by dismounting). Gets an aberrant version. Wild ichthys will swim around you instead of following you and can jump out of the water too, they flee when attacked but if the pod is big enough they will fight back. - Quetzal: Model and animation rework. Flyes faster the higher it is in the map. Is much more agile and fast if it doesn't have a platform. Deals increased damage to anything with drag weight 150 or below. Can sprint on land. Is able to land on the water surface and swim, but can't dive. Passively scares all other flyers away (except wyverns). Only aggros large carnivores like the rex. Pressing C on land knocks creatures back with it's wings. Wild quetzals are extremely territorial and have a large aggro range but won't chase after you if you leave the area they live in, they also don't have a limit number of spawns so they are a dangerous threat if you fly in their turf. - Giganotosaurus: Model and animation rework. 15% size reduction. Wild and tamed are equal now. Health similar to bronto and damage similar to wyvern. Stamina buff. Can provoke gnashed debuff with a charged "superbite" which cannot be used while moving. It's roar causes a debuff on enemies, giving them a slight decrease in all stats ( The opposite of my bronto suggestion). Gets an Alpha and a Volcano X Variant. - Angler: Model and animation rework. They can produce charged light now and passively create anglergel. You can refill your charge batteries in them. They can pretend to be a deep sea loot to attract players ( this could be used to prepare ambushes). The deeper it goes the faster it will regenerate health but won't lose health in the surface. It can also reveal underwater loot and resources nearby. A new ability allows it to lure fish, trilobites, eurypterids and ammonites directly into it's mouth. They give you immunity to ammonite bile. They can swallow everything with dragweight 150 or below ( their bellies will expand a lot) and deal constant damage to anything in their stomach ( including riders of the creatures) the acid of it's stomach easily melts armors but it's a slow attack and attacking it's interior will eventually make it puke. They can turn off all their lights and pretend to be a rock on the seafloor too. Gets an Ocean X variant. - Manta: Now they can pitch up and down like they do in the wild. Has bite attack that deals more damage to fish and trilobites. Tail attack now gives stamina drain debuff like kapro. Moving around generates electricity in the mantas body which can then be discharged by pressing C to have the same effect as a cnidaria, but this attack has a cooldown and requires moving a lot after it to build up electricity. The Manta is also inmune to electricity as a result. It can burrow in the seafloor to move around without aggroing anything. Mantas can "ride" the whirlpools of genesis to launch themselves. The Manta can control it's descent when out of the water since now it can jump higher. They can survive on shallower water than before. Now they aren't aggressive in the wild, but territorial. Gets an Ocean X variant. - Terror bird: Model and animation rework. Saddle now works as a mortar an pestle. Better aoe. Beak now degrades armor. Has a pack bonus. They get a screech. New kick attack that has good knockback and has trike's stun. They get a stomp that can be used while in the air to dismount and grab players and creatures, carrying them in your foot and disabling them. The kick button could be hold to grab, but won't dismount this way. They can elevate a bit if you look up while gliding. Can go in steppe terrain easier and walk on ziplines. Gets aberrant and X snow Variants. This is all for now, let me know your thoughts please.
  23. new dinos map tlc and more- suggestion ARK survival evolved mobile has great potential for more new an exciting things you added dungeons but why not go one step further an add an entirely new map with new creatures we have never seen before (or instead of the island you could add Ragnarok) and also finish the TLC you only have half the argy and giganto finish them and do the parasaur please and with your dungeons i see ark mobile may have its own story line at some point oh and please make custom consumable a thing and make the TEK armor have the buffs that it has on other platforms same with TEK saddles all in all these changes would make this game so much better i mean imagine ark mobile with all those changes it would make a good game into a great game.
  24. Shayaan21

    Aquatic TLC's

    Aquatic TLC's Who else thinks that the aquatic dinos should be shown more love. Especially things like the megaladon, you know how sharks in real life can smell blood from over 3 miles away? I think that the megaledon should be able to detect corpes or injured creatures. And maybe give the plesiosaur a TLC maybe swim faster and a bit bigger, in real life plesiosars could be up to 45 feet long, in ark they are 2 survivors tall.
  25. Next TLC Ideas (Not obvious ones) Not sure where a proper thread is to place this so just combine with one appropriate if needed. SO we already know the obvious TLC creatures (Carno, Plesi, Mammoth, etc obviousness) however I would like to point at a few things that could be good in general. Insect Breeding- Now I know this is a hot topic for WC since they don't want to do the lifestages of the bugs and the fact that bugs produce tons of offspring bla bla realism bla. I would like however if we just made them generic. It can be surmised that dinos layed more than one egg per sitting but ours only lay one, in that same idea if the Arks can genetically modify creatures and make the mythological reality then why can't bugs just grow up like normal creatures orrrr do what the Reaper does in its growth cycle. Insects just get outclassed and its a shame cuz they are some of my favorite tames. Let me know what you think. Giant Bees- I think these deserve to be shoulder mounts. It would be awesome to have a giant bee sitting on your shoulder and defending you like you were its hive, and if you got in danger it would produce drones to attack and distract the aggressor. I just think its a shame that their only purpose is to become a hive and just sit there and not be appreciated for their design. Fish- All fish (Coels, Saber Salmon, Piranha, and even the Leeches/Lampreys) should not be able to be above level 1. Size changes are fine but why can a fish that can't fight back and does me no good to catch in a fish basket tip off my charge tame's 150 radar? Unless fish get some other kind of use I think they should just be made to only spawn at level 1 like Jerboas.
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