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  1. Australian Ark Sydney Server 10x harvest 5x weight Xbox] [Windows 10] Australian Ark Sydney Server 10x Harv 5x weight Hello, I’ve just started a brand new PVP server 32 slot on Extinction and would very much like some players to join me! I plan on adding Genesis as a cluster upon release and have created a Discord and Facebook page. This is my first time attempting to host a server so any feedback is appreciated! Discord: https://discord.gg/zK3A9Tp Facebook: Australian Ark Sydney Server PVP: -No Offline Raid Protection -No Tribe Cap -Auto-Engram Unlock (Excluding Tek) -Alliances Allowed -Wild Dino Level Max: 150 -No Cave Building -Baby Imprint Cuddle: Anyone -Mod Stacks -Non-Permanent Diseases -Player Map Location Multipliers: -Harvesting: x10 -XP: x5 -Taming Speed: x10 -Food & Water Drain: x0.5 -Baby Hatch Speed: x20 -Baby Mature Speed: x20 -Lay Egg Interval: 0.5 -Mating Interval: 0.5 -Day Time Speed: x0.6 -Night Time Speed: x1.0 Player Stats: -Health: x2 -Stamina: x1.5 -Oxygen: x2 -Weight: x5 -Crafting Speed: x2 -Fortitude -x1.5 Dino Stats: -Weight: x3 -Stamina: x1.5 -Stamina Drain: x0.7
  2. Wipe all official severs Yes Ark you need to clean house!!!! First thing I have played since the game was first came to xbox. I have since the trolls and mega tribes take over both pve and pvp it happens, however leaving things as is, is not going to help. Cleaning all the pillars and monster texas size bases with entire zoo's of cloned dino's that the tribe do nothing with except to have a different colored dino for everyhour of the day. They just sit there and take up cap space and render time on servers. The game is about survival not who can have the biggest dino zoo. Where is the survival when you have 10 or more gigas just sitting at your base just to drop eggs and look pretty. This is not Ark survival evoled anymore its now Dino rancher... What color do u want with that dino........
  3. Skynet pvp pc server If you are looking for a good balanced server and active admins this is a great place to start. Server just wiped few days ago, extinction and valguero cluster and will be adding genesis when it comes out! Mods link. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1986970676 https://discord.gg/NTmuCPq ~~-----‐---------------~~ Difficulty: 5x XP: 10x Harvest:20x Taming:20x Cave DMG: 3x Turret DMG: 3x Max Player Level: 200 Oxygen Swim Speed: 5x Health Recovery: 1.5x Health: 1.5x Stamina: 2.5x Oxygen: 25x Weight: 10x Melee: 1x Speed: 1x Fortitude: 3x Max Dino Level: 150 +200 Tamed Levels Max Tamed Dinos: 1000 Max Platform Structures: 1x Health Recovery: 1.5x Harvesting Multiplier: 3x Health: 0.35x Stamina: 1.25x Oxygen: 1x Weight: 5x Melee: 0.15x Egg Hatch Speed: 5x (S+ Hatchery = 25x) Mature Speed: 7.5x Mating Interval: 0.35x Baby Food Consumption: 1x Imprint Scale: 3x Baby Cuddle Interval: 0.35x Tribe limit Limit: 8 Max Alliances: 1 Max Tribes in Alliance: 1
  4. MOUNT OLYMPUS pvp EU 50 player We are a new pvp 50 PLAYER (MEDIUM DIFFICULTY) server on ark mobile with friendly and helpful staff. We offer new players a level boost to 70 and a starter pack. Harvesting speed 3.0x Egg hatch speed 5.0x Imprinting speed 3.0x Resource repsawn 0.75x Mating multiplier 0.1x Baby mature speed 5.0x Crop speed 4.0x *WEEKLY EVENTS ON WEEKENDS* *LOOT ROOM* (WILL OPEN FOR 1 HOUR AFTER SERVER ANNOUNCEMENT) Discord:- https://discord.gg/mPaAHzr Sever name:- MOUNT OLYMPUS PvP EU
  5. Advertising new server PC PVP This server is still in the works of becoming a cluster we are still working out the kinks but would like to add population to the server. we are a 9x server on most things. auto unlock engrams with levels and auto unlock tek grams. come check out the server and discord to stay updated. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/5531070 https://discord.gg/DTFUvxz . also this is a PC PVP server
  6. x5 & Accelerated Breeding - 100% UPTIME (S+, Stack mod) No Server Wipes! 3 Map Cluster! No server wipes! 100% Uptime! Connect through steam! It's free! Island: steam://connect/ Scorched: will edit later, but it is available on the cluster Aberration: will edit later, but it is available on the cluster x5 rates Accelerated breeding Small Tribes Join our discord! https://discord.gg/XbbQFPn
  7. Unable to hide S+ Engrams using ASM (PC) I am having trouble hiding certain engrams using ASM. I've talked to Ark Server Manager directly, and they have looked into it for me and all the ASM stuff is correct - they're not sure why my engrams aren't hiding. I am running a dedicated host from my home. Can you please look at the attached screenshots and tell me what i am doing wrong? All the engrams i want to hide are always there! Thank you.
  8. Welcome to Weaponized Humans!! Find us on discord https://discord.gg/8MMhckX Weaponized Humans is a cluster where the less experienced and solo players can have a fighting chance. Bullying is not allowed nor is toxic behavior. Drops, harvest rates, and custom crafting are balanced for a starting point of stone tier and slowed progress into metal and tek. 4 man 1 alliance tribes also help prevent massive bases and tribes from bullying little guys. My wife and I run the cluster and will have role playing for those interested. Servers Island pvp Center pvp Ragnarok pvp Extinction pvp *More to come including Aberration pvp Valguero pve and Genesis! Player Stats Health: +25 per level Stamina: +25 per level Oxygen: Infinite Weight: Infinite Melee: +10 per level Speed: +2.5 per level Crafting: Infinite Fortitude: +10 per level Dino Stats Health: Official Stamina: 6x Official Weight: Infinite Melee: 1.5x Official Boosted Velos to balance them after WildCard nurf. Max gigas still win against max velo both with max saddles. Max Regular Wild 150 Server Mods - Auto Unlock Engrams - Stack Mod - 2x Cost Metal & Tek (Stone is starting tier) - No Food/Water Drain - Custom Drops - Instant Levels - 1 Ally/Tribe Engrams Removed - Sleeping Bag - War Drums - Toilet - Wooden Chair - Wooden Bench - Wooden Cage - Handcuffs - Rafts - Motor Boat - Tek ATV Server Rates 10x Harvest 25x Taming 200x Raising 6x Cave Damage 1.5x Turret Damage 5x Spike Wall Damage
  9. 24/7 Valguero Server Please add Phillyzphinest1 to join. Let me know if any questions.
  10. H&B ark cluster Easy craft auto engrams. Boosted everything. In game currency. The works. Come along. Message an admin discount code: 97235609 for free starter tame. We are a close nit player base where we discourage any abuse or unfairness. We will sit and talk until we can find a solution to any problem. Come join us and hang out
  11. Alliance Have a group of friends (Tribe of 6-10) that have played many hours on Ark, good group of guys that I know all of them in real life, so no nonsense. We have been one of the largest tribes on a server before. Right now we are playing on a private server as none of them really want to go through the grind of looking for a server. Just curious if there are any alpha tribes out there that would be interested in helping out a new tribe get started on their server. Obviously we would do what we can to help protect server against cross raiders, and will help tame / raise anything that would be helpful in trading between tribes. We have no interest in becoming an alpha tribe of a server, but just would like to ally up with a strong tribe that we can help out. We have played on each map, only one we have zero interest in playing is Aberration. Thanks for taking time to read! and just let me know if you have any interest in joining your server.
  12. BioHazard Fresh wipe and now looking for new tribes and players. All maps available and ready for Genesis on release. [Harvest Rates] x8 [Stacking] Most resource stacks now reach 1000 [EXP] Player Exp is still x5 , Dino is still x1 with custom 1/3 max exp required [Item stat clamps] Bps and crafts are set to Official stat clamps (These clamps apply on server restarts and on transfers) Player Stats [Health] 1x [Stamina] 2x [Oxygen] 10x [Weight] Infinite [Melee] 1x [Fortitude] 4x Dino Stats (Official rates are NOT 1x) [Health] Official rates [Stamina] Official rates [Oxygen] 30x [Weight] Infinite [Melee] Official rates Drop loot tables [https://biohazard-ark.com/beacon-loot-tables] Far too many to list here all can be found on the website here [Turret Damage] 0.85 [Turret Cap] 350 [Max Tribe size] 6 [Max alliances] 1 [Hotswapping] After removing a player in a tribe there is now a 2 hour block on that tribe slot [Taming Speed] x30 [Maturation speed] x60 (Gigas raise in 4hours 40minutes) [Imprint timer] 19-22 minutes https://discord.gg/JRkeJXT
  13. BLACKDEATH PVP 10x [ALL MAP CLUSTER] (WIPED 2/4/20) Free Starter Looking for a well balanced server with a active Discord community? Tierd of abusive admins overdosing on power? Come join our freshly wiped 7 Map Cluster [Wipe 2/4/20]. We have WEEKLY EVENTS + DAILY DINO/BP/Element Giveaways. Ingame currency is Bush Berry seeds which spawn in HARD boss battles. We have a loyal ACTIVE discord community full of characters. Come join one of the Best servers out there. Server Stats: -40x Tame -15x Harvest -Max Dino 250 -100% Imprint -Max Player 116 -90x Hatch -EASY BULLET/CEMENT PASTE/ELECTRONIC Grind -infinite Weight -100 Advanced Rifle Bullet stacks -500 turret limit -New Players receive 4day grace. Create a ticket for grace. -Custom Loot Drops -Stack mod -Easy Craft on ALL Saddles. Come check out a awesome server. All are welcome! https://discord.gg/nHNKrek
  14. `Clustering` This has already become habitual, at least on official ps4 servers. People who dupe are wiping bases without even using any tame, they come with tek suits of exactly the same durability, hundreds of element and hundreds of cluster grenades. Empty your bullet turrets just by throwing cluster grenades from their tek suits day by day several times. This is impossible to stop when you play without doing tricks. I open this post because I have not seen any other about this and it seems a very important issue. I would like to hear the opinions of others regarding this and if you are having the same problem. pd written with translator
  15. New Dedicated 24/7 Semi Boosted Server https://arkservers.net/server/ Check us out, We'd love to have you in our PVP server!
  16. #SweetRevage 100x TekDrops/EazyCraft/10man/Clusted Harvest 100x Maximum lvl 185 Maximum wild Dino’s 900 Instead tame Rock drake + 1 chocolate as starter Active admin All maps Shop open 2 time a day Events everyday Pvp Discord: https://discord.gg/geJgR9
  17. Huge Profit Ark 7x Harvest 25x Tame Newer Server. Good Tribes on Already! Come Claim Your Land!! Some Stats to know: 7x Harvest 25x Tame Player Lvl Max 200 14x Egg Hatch 40x Mature 3x Turret Dmg 5x Crop Growth 5x Fish Loot 1.4x Drop Quality Customs Drops!! Custom Player & Dino Stats Custom Stack Server Events 3-5 times weekly Raidable Admin Bases Donations Tab Very Active Admins Valg and Rag Now and Genesis upon release! Discord Link- https://discord.gg/VNTBsWn
  18. Ark ages rp, (ps4) admin free, with new professions and class systems gday, Ark ages rp is a new ps4 server with a new vision. well not really its the same old vision that most servers fail to enact. we have a system for professions, 5x boosted for most things, stats are upped a bit. weve fine tuned the settings to get a balance between balanced gameplay, and managing to live a life at the same time. were on valgeuro, we have added griffins, gachas, velos, shinehorns. And the big selling point were running it with our admins not really interfering. sure well ban a troll, but were trying to stay out of the way. we want villages and towns to set themselves up on their own, letting whatever happens happen (within reason) the admins do not offer starter packs, but some settlements do. we have a planned system for professions, pvp rewards, quests, bounties, and a discord server. https://discord.gg/rdQpA2M so please, check out our discord, see what ye think, let us know,
  19. Ark Redlands Welcome to Ark Redlands! A PVP action server for xbox! All information can be found in discord (vGx9A5X). Max dino level is 300, max egg is 380 Rag, Aberration & Extinction cluster! Stackmod (turret ammo only stacks to 100) Custom raid bases designed by admins will valuable loot! Mazes and parkour maps! Weekly events (every Saturday) Giveaways (every Sunday) 15x harvest Ezcraft (turret ammo, heavy turrets, metal behes, narcos, electronics and more! (they're just easier to craft not fiber craft)) Player stats: Health: 20 per level Stamina: 30 per level Oxygen: 100 per level Weight: infinite Melee: 6.6 per level Movement 3.4 per level Crafting 100 per level Fortitude 25 per level Starter dinos are given on join, please message Turtles46 on xbox or MiniMoose on discord Come embark on a Ark experience of a lifetime! Good Luck!
  20. BIO HAZARD PVP 6 man, Fresh Wipe Fresh Wipe Feb 7, 2020. ALL MAPS! 6 Man + 1 alliance ⛏ 8x Harvest ⛏ Taming 30x Maturation 60x Player Stats - official settings except Oxy 10x, Weight infinite, Stam 2x and Fort 4x Dino stats - official settings except weight infinite, stam 2x and Oxy 30x. In-game Currency Join discord for more info https://discord.gg/XwpUv2d
  21. [PC Server][1/24 LAUNCH LIVE] Numa Numa PvP Dedicated Cluster [5x / ORP The Numa Numa PvP Cluster officially went live on Friday, 1/24/2020 - the cluster still has plenty of room for new tribes to gain a foot hold! The Genesis map will be added to the cluster upon release. We offer quality of life settings and mods for a stable and hands-off PvP experience. Future wipes will be determined by community vote and/or cluster additions – as of date, this is planned to be a no wipe cluster and new player protection and kits will be considered in the future. - x5 XP / x5 Harvesting - 10x Taming / 10x Maturation / 0.8x Mating Interval - Tame Limit 400 / 6 Player Tribe Limit / Alliances Enabled - OGS Set with 60-Minute Activation and x6 Turret Damage - Custom and Boosted Supply Drops Mod Collection Link on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1965566581 Discord: https://discord.gg/fHT5WVy Server Links: *Aberration*: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/5238382 *Center*: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/5238957 *Extinction*: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/5238494 *Island*: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/5238958 *Ragnarok*: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/5234998 *Valguero*: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/5238495 The cluster is on a locally hosted and Texas-based machine featuring the best equipment available on the market. We maintain dedicated hardware, storage, an industry-grade firewall, and a private, business-rated fiber network. This cluster is not hosted by a third-party company, and we guarantee the experience will be greater because of it. We have three dedicated administrators with the ability to log remotely. In addition to this, we DO NOT play on the cluster (we play elsewhere), and **admin logging is always enabled**. We want to promote and encourage an active, yet competitive community. There will be zero favoritism and we will come down hard on cheaters. Special shout-out to all of the garbage PvP clusters with game-breaking kits, unbalanced settings, or overbearing admins – enjoy the Numa.
  22. Seal ark Sealark easy craft Xbox sever Val rag center 100x good breeding stack mod active owner active admins max wild 450 infinite Weight good states
  23. Terra Nova 20x Season 2-Discord-Shop-stackmod-moddedDrops (PS4) [WIPED 1/1/2019] Terra Nova 20X - modded drops - stackmod - discord - SEASON 2 Take a look at our settings and tell me what you think! We have frequent events and listen to suggestions from all users, we were wiped at the start of January but with starter packs and Raid Protection for your first three days you should have no trouble getting started! DISCORD SERVER : https://discord.gg/efvBg83 *server name: Terra Nova 20x Season 2-Discord-Shop-stackmod-moddedDrops * Harvesting 20x * Instant Taming * Faster breeding rates (2 hours for a wyvern) * Turret Damage 10x * Stack mod on most items * Auto-engram * White flag starter packs * Tribelimit: 8 players * Modded Drops * weekly events * clustered with the Island, Abberation, the Centre, Extinction, Valg .....Genesis to come! More questions related to the server settings can be asked to any of the admins in Disc!
  24. Most unraidable Base location on Island So my friends and I have been having a debate on what the most unraidable location on the island is and I just want to know what everyone else thinks. And the types of security that you have or could never pass or had a hard time with.
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