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  1. Viper is a slightly boosted server which hosts regular events, and has fully active admins. There will be no admin abuse on this server for PVP. The admin tribe will not participate in PVP. We have a fully active and functioning Discord server, https://discord.gg/KxnEtZU and we recommend anyone who joins the cluster also join the discord. This will help keep players up to date on news, update info, and allow players to interact from the other servers in the cluster much easier. Server Stats (whole cluster): 10x experience gain 10x gathering 10x breeding speed *Reduced breeding interval time *Reduced egg lay interval time *Reduced pooping interval time 10x plant growth speed 10x taming speed 25x baby maturation speed Custom drops *slightly boosted overall human stats *slightly boosted Dino stats *Tamed Dino limit per-tribe is 800 *Turret limit is 250 *platform turrets enabled *platform structure limit increase *boosted Dino spawns rate for specific dinos. Attention: This server is only open to Ragnarok as of this moment, however we are making dinos and objects from other maps available during events until the other maps open up. Rules: 1.) No meshing. If you are reported for meshing, you will be banned. 2.) No insiding. If it is proven that you are guilty of insiding, you and your whole tribe will be banned. We will not replace lots items or dinos. 3.) Absolutely no land-grabbing. Offenders will be warned once. Repeat offenders will be banned. Please remember to remove any temporary structures. 4.) No caging for longer than 5 consecutive hours at a time. Anyone caught violating will receive a warning. Repeat offenders will be banned. 5.) Absolutely no taming Titans. Offenders will be banned. 6.) No transfers to others servers whatsoever of the following dinos: -Velos and higher level Mech. ( Basic Mech are O.K) 7.) The use of manas for base raiding is prohibited. 8.) No destruction of admin structures or killing admin dinos. This is for event purposes. Weekly Events: 1.) Gladiator event- This will take place at an admin built colosseum where hand to hand combat will take place and other players watch. There will be a level 150 tame of your choosing for the reward. 2.) Admin raid- An admin-built base will be available for you to raid. You will have two hours to do so, and retrieve anything inside. The rewards will be inside, which will include resources and element. 3.) Sunday’s Dino tame hide-and-seek- Every Sunday we will host an event where we spawn a level 250 wild Dino of our choice in a random location on the map. Players will have two hours to locate the Dino. If you do not tame the Dino within the time limit the tame goes to the admins! Whoever finds the Dino first gets the tame. No exceptions. No stealing the Dino, no killing the Dino. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be disqualified from future events along with the rest of their tribe. 4.) Wednesday live admin auction- We will have a Neutral zone every Wednesday where we auction special dinos and blueprints to participating players. We will only host in a specified location, no exceptions. We do not deliver, if you can’t make it, or transport the items yourself, the sale is void. 5.) Friday marketplace- Every Friday we will have the neutral zone open for tribes to come and safely trade and sell items and dinos they advertise. An admin will be present to make sure all transactions are fair and to make sure everyone plays fair. Any disrespectful or dishonest behavior during this event will result in an immediate ban. Holiday Events: Valentine’s Day 2 person maze breeding game- A two person team go through a large maze to try to find a male and female Dino the admins have hidden. They will claim then breed the dinos together then walk the baby to the finish line. The team will be timed, whichever team does this the fastest wins the rewards. Easter fertilized egg hunt- The admins will set up leashes with parents on random locations of the island. They will be constantly laying fertilized eggs as the timer runs. The dinos will be level 150 perfect tames. First come first serve, no killing the parent dinos. Have fun egg hunting! 4th of July Equis race- whoever collects all the tourches and crosses the finish line first wins. Must be riding an Equis. Halloween haunted house run- Try to survive our haunted building. The last man standing wins. You may only bring 1 tame. You cannot participate with Gagas, Brontos, Titans, Wyverns, Quetz, or elementals. Thanksgiving under-the-sea scavenger hunt: Find the notes at the bottom of the ocean. The tribe with the most notes wins! You may not kill another player and take their notes. You can however kill a player to keep them from collecting the same ungathered note as you. Do not loot the dead body. Christmas admin-clause- Come find an admin and make a reasonable Christmas gift request and we may grant it. Limited one per tribe. We are more than happy to receive donations to keep this server alive and continue running our events. We do also offer custom Dino coloring for 1$. We look forward to seeing you!
  2. I am the owner of a growing server known as The Mantis Game Lab. This is a PvP server with 4x rates. The server is updated daily. We also have a community tribe for new players or PvE players. As a member of the community tribe, nobody is allowed to attack you, but you cannot attack anybody either. The server is currently being rebuilt after months of downtime, so there are no players online. I am trying to build up the community. There is plenty of land up for grabs, as there are no players at the moment. If you are interested, send me a message over steam. Map: Aberration Features: - Small, but popular mod list - PvP - PvE Tribe - Friendly to new players Rates: - Taming: 4 - Harvesting: 4 - XP: 4 - Difficulty Offset: 1 - Difficulty Override: 5 - Mating Interval: 0.5 - Hatch Speed: 3 - Mature Speed: 5 - Cuddle Interval: 0.2 Mods: - Structures Plus - Eco's RP Decor - Super Spyglass - Human NPCs - Immersive Taming Extra Links: Link to Settings Page: https://docs.google.com/document/d/152AZYcBb4GMRGqokZJ5fVq1O6-BsPk-A3nl3YkTc96M/edit?usp=sharing Link to Server: steam://connect/
  3. Looking for many players to join my island server. It is 10x everything and the stats are boosted. I plan on clustering with Ragnorak soon. Also all donations will only go to help the server and expand it. The server name is UnitetheArk and if you wish to contact me message Mason101playz on xbox. Also our discord link for the server discord is https://discord.gg/xdJnyM
  4. Dear Gamers, On behalf of the TrueStory Gaming community I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you as a new player. At TrueStory Gaming, we pride ourselves on offering our players responsive, competent and excellent service. Our players are the most important part of our business, and we work tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction, now and for as long as you are a player. Our main goal is to improve gaming experience of our players that playing here with active GM support. We insist on the opinion that ARK: Survival Evolved is awesome game, but playing on Official servers is quite difficult due to big alpha tribes, meshing and other things that makes your gaming complicated. We offer you a chance to start from scratch, from the day zero! Do NOT hesitate and join our community at https://discord.gg/yPunYSp We are not just another average ARK server, we are TrueStory Gaming. SERVER HAS STARTED ON JANUARY 26TH We are CrossARK server with all maps. Maps: Server information: XP: 3x Harvesting: 3x Taming: 6x Breeding: 8x Mating & Maturation: 8x This is vanilla server without any mods!
  5. http://www.tmcark.net/ A [PC] canonical PvP cluster hosting The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction. (5X/5G/10T) [TMC] The Island Preserve steam://connect/ [TMC] The Cenozoic Exodus steam://connect/ [TMC] The Lost Ark steam://connect/ [TMC] The Desert Safari steam://connect/ Basic rules... Don't Block Resource Heavy Areas / Dino Spawns / Access to Artifact CavesDon't Spam Structures Everywhere Don't Grief Other Players Don't Be A sausage... For an in depth view of the ruleset and community discord link, visit http://www.tmcark.net
  6. Search: Gridlock ⭐Unofficial PVP 24/7- Rag, Extinction, Island, Aberration, Center ⭐Custom Drops(no tek) ⭐No easy/Fiber craft ⭐ORP Monday-Thursday (PVP 24/7) ⭐Unlimited weight, 8 man tribes ⭐20x XP, Harvesting, Taming, Maturing ⭐Fast Hatching/Flyers ⭐105 max lvl Players ⭐Longterm players ⭐Discord Community (Recommend to join the discord to read the rules listed.) Come join the fun! 32 slots each map. Wiped February 2, 2019. This server is boosted to where Ark is only a little bit of a challenge but not a chore. Way less grind but still fun! We're looking for longterm players to have fun with us. Server is overall friendly. Come see if this is the server for you! Trolls/griefers will not be takin lightly if you become an issue.
  7. Welcome to Zenith RP. The last rp server you’ll ever need. We provide a unique and fun experience for all types of roleplayers! We also accept all experience levels, new members or veteran players, as well as all types of players, those who are hardcore and those who occasionally need a break from the stress of real life. All members have a chance to make their mark on our highly customizable world. Zenith accepts voice and text-based RP, however, adhere to the rules and only RP in the places provided. Community and friendship play a major role in our server; each person gets to be involved in almost everything we do. We strive to fabricate a place where all are welcome. A place to take a break from all prejudices and problems of the world. Lore This world and all of its inhabitants are said to have been created by the Dragon Goddess, the Mother of All, long ago. She created humans and her four dragon children, each baring a part of her - Flame, Sea, Forest, and Wind.. It is said that all of these elements were the basic building blocks used to create the world around us. Each of her kin marveled at the Goddess work and went forward to give life to what she had created. The Wind Goddess, Aerin, gave flight to the birds and shifted the weather above and filled man's lungs deep with fresh air. The Sea Goddess, Nyoko, breathed life into the world's oceans with rolling tides and taught man to fish and sail. The Forest Goddess, Rehmi, raised trees high towards the sun and roots deep into the ground, baring many rich foods and taught man to grow plants and farm. However, the Flame God, Firo, has a troubled relationship with each of his siblings. He gave the sun its radiant heat and the volcano its deadly molten lava, and his attempts to share his gift with man caused an uproar among the other dragons as man now had fire and was able to cause destruction to the land. Feeling chastised and cast out, the Firo lashed out, bringing more destruction, swallowing everything in fire and smoke, until his siblings battled against him and drove him deep into the volcano where he now resides. It is said that when the volcano rumbles and quakes, it is the Flame God stirring in anger and trying to get out. The Dragon Goddess watched patiently over her children as Wind, Sea, and Forest Gods restored the world from ashes and gifted man children of their own. Companion dragons to aid them in their daily lives and battle, in hopes that should the Flame God ever return, Man would be able to fight and help protect the world from its destruction. Mod List https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1652796765 ____________________________________________ Current Boosted Server Rates o XP - 10 o Harvest - 2 o Taming Speed - 10 o Boosted Maturation, gestation, and egg hatch speeds. o 3 pre-made factions ready for rp and members o Premade Castle for each kingdom o Max Character level 10 o Loads of events o Custom Quests! _____________________________________________ Join Discord for more info, and come chat with us! Discord --- https://discord.gg/g7kmZFZ This server will be up and running by 2/15/19, if not sooner. We are working very hard on everything to get this up and ready!
  8. 🛡 "CAMELOT" - The Land of Kingdoms ⚔ Its a "Role Play" PvP server, where you can become Knights and Lord of the Land. We have Started Kit for those that request one. There's plenty of space to build!. Admin Shops are open Fridays! • PvP with NO STRUCTURE DAMAGE Monday-Thursday • PvP Friday-Sunday **FULL PVP** • MAP: RAGNAROK • Unofficial PC EVENTS: • One vs One Arena • Tribe vs Tribe Arena • Treasure Hunt • Boss Fights • Cave Adventures Server Stats: 🗡️• Taming 40X 🗡️• Egg Hatch 30X 🗡️• Mature 20X 🗡️• Harvesting 10X 🗡️• Experience 5X **ABERRATION & EXTINCTION dinos added!** CAMELOT Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CAMELOT.LAND.OF.KINGDOMS/
  9. ((WIPED 2/8/19)) ORP First 7 Days Then Monday-Thursday.. Unofficial PVP Cluster Name= ASaviors, Custom drops, 10xp, 10x tame, 100x hatching, 75x mature, 150 max wild, Balanced stats, custom drops, faster flyers, 6 man tribe, All Maps, SERVER NAME= ASaviors Stayed updated https://discord.gg/nDfTHQ3
  10. Cocoboy24

    pvp Need players

    I just bought a new nitrado sever and are looking for player to join up the server name is yoco on ps4 and it on the island 15x harvest so on and so forth Come and join my sever and thanks
  11. Boosted resources, taming, and baby times, stats on level up, boat structure limit, etc Tribe limit 10. We do PVP on weekends. Leaving breeders on wander won't be tolerated. On Xbox search for DIST Contact admins at [email protected]
  12. Nitrado Ragnarok pvp server with 3x harvest. Message me if you’d like to join and I’ll give you the details. Not game for proper griefing but full pvp gameplay is welcome.
  13. The stats are: XP Multiplier 6.0 Taming Speed 5 Harvest Amount 5 Egg Hatch Speed 5 Baby Mature Speed 37 Map: Ragnarok Offline Raid Protection and Crossplay Search "Best Player Dedicated Server" We currently have about 10 players on, but are looking for more! All new players will be given a free metal hatchet, metal pickaxe, and hide armor to help you start out!
  14. How can I get my manas that died during a mana fight and tribe mate losing his character during the process we lost 2 manas and level 90 character. A level 308 and 172 there has to be a way to get them back
  15. Join [US]ColiseumBattles15XTame10xHarvest10ManTribe Coliseum Battles weekly for tek prizes. 10 man tribe. 15x taming. 10x harvesting. Fast nights, long days. No starving every five seconds. No admin abuse. We’re looking for tribes looking to build up. We’re not looking for people to join our tribe. Fast taming and good harvesting, but you still have to at least try. Discord: https://discord.gg/qHyjZKH
  16. Come join us on Back to Basics! We are a relaxed PVP / PVE Cluster running on Xbox with PC Crossplay enabled. We’re a close knit community of friends who have been playing Ark, as well as other games, together for a long time. Our server rates are breeding focused and boosted moderately enough so that you can play solo or with a smaller tribe and not have to grind too hard. We have a few maps open with significant amount of time boosted on each and are looking to add some new members to our community. Difficulty has been set to 10 (wild dinos are on max 300)and wild dinos have also been buffed a teensy bit for an added challenge. Our Admins are "hands off" - meaning that we only use codes for event prep and server maintenance. Our server currently has five maps running: Extinction (20 slots) - PvP Ragnarok (20 slots) - PvP Aberration (20 slots) - PvP The Island (20 slots) - PvE Scorched Earth (10 slots) - PvE General Rules: Do not build on or block access to areas where there are artifacts/obs. No pillar spam/claiming massive areas of land. It causes too much lag and it’s just rude. RELAXED PVP: Do not fully wipe a tribe/raze their buildings to the ground during a raid. Take what you can carry and get going. Give them something to rebuild from and encourages friendly rivalry! Upcoming/Current Events - Bare Knuckle Boxing Matches (Ragnarok) - Wild Hunts - Special Animals occasionally released onto the map, find and tame them before the other players do! Server Quick Facts: Crossplay Enabled Harvesting x5 XP x3 Taming x6 Max Dino Level 300 Maturation x50 Egg Hatch Speed x100 Unlimited Respecs Anyone Can Cuddle: on Cave Flyers: on Corpse Locator: on ORP: Disabled Safe Zones/Community Centers on PVP maps (Extinction and Ragnarok currently, Aberration coming soon!) For more information, please visit us on our Discord The server can be found by toggling unofficial PC sessions, unchecking “Show Password Protected” and then searching “Basic” on all maps (usually just the word basic will show our maps) We hope to see you there!
  17. Dogstar29

    pvp Skull nation pvp

    Skull nation pvp is a boosted unofficial cluster instant tame custom craft we have 2 rags center island and extinction we r changing extinction to aberation jis havnt dont it yet if we become more populated we will add more maps an also pve maps later on our discord invite code is RNgjCy7 come enjoy the fight with us
  18. DISCORD https://discord.gg/fqjBaT FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/groups/882690305227977/?ref=share CORRUPTED BADLANDS (WEEK2{SEASON1) Welcome to 😈Corrupted Badlands😈 A 7 server cluster ran by 3 owners including Island, Ragnarok, Extinction, Aberration, The Center, Scorched Earth and Ragnarok 2! With 5 admins working across all servers, in different timezones, we have created a cluster we believe to be a great success. Through well balanced stats and a well implemented easy craft system, Corrupted Badlands offers a non official experience where the 'grind' is made into a way where it is not a chore and a tedious affair to try and enjoy your ark gaming experience! Boss fights are required to access Tek engrams but the road to Tek is a simple, short and fun journey! We want Corrupted Badlands to give an instant PvP experience with a grind that is all about not wasting time doing the non important things and still having a sense of achievement through your time put into doing things like building defence, imprinting your tames, or even preparing for a raid.. The server has undergone some vigorous testing by the team here and we think we have balanced out everything and still been able to make it a challenge, both PvP & PvE, for you! In saying that if you feel there is something that could be changed to help better the server then please get in touch with one of the owners or admins. Disallowed Items & Dino's: Chair Bench Sleeping Bag Climbing Pick Brontos/Titan Drops: White - Turret, Sniper, Pistol ammo + Turrets Blue - Gear Green - Kibble, Ring - Boss Items Purple - Structures, Ring - Saddles Yellow - Armour, Ring - Armour Red - Industrial Structures, Ring - Gear Cave/Underwater - Bps Max Player Level - 282 Max Wild Dino Level - 150
  19. Start date: 03.02.2019 Server Name: (-=RussianUnity.ru=-) - Server 2 (PVP, NoWipe) Global Mod: No Using Mods: Gaia MRRadTools.INC Content Pack RP Visual Storage Matings Animation Additional Vaults+ Resource Plus + Dino Patrol System Awesome Ammo SelMods Dino Hybrids Map: Extinction Max players: 100 Max players in tribe: 30 Multiplier: 1 Build in resources respawn zones : Enabled Flying in caves: Enabled Day/Night cycle: 2 hours Decay time: 7 days Max dinos in tribe: 300 Friendly Fire: no Wipes: Disabled Everyday restart: 01:15 GMT Forum CONNECT steam://connect/ark2.russianunitu.ru:28012 Дата старта сервера: 03.02.2019 Название сервера: (-=RussianUnity.ru=-) - Server 2 (PVP, NoWipe) Глобальная модификация: Нет Используемые модификации: Gaia MRRadTools.INC Content Pack RP Visual Storage Matings Animation Additional Vaults+ Resource Plus + Dino Patrol System Awesome Ammo SelMods Dino Hybrids Рекомендуется подписаться на моды в стиме, что бы установить их до начала игры. Карта: Extinction, на этой карте "белые ночи". Максимальное количество игроков: 100 Максимальное количество игроков на племя: 30 Множитель скорости роста опыта: 1 Строительство в зонах респауна ресурсов: разрешено Полёты в пещерах: разрешены Игровой суточный цикл увеличен в два раза - 2 часа Ночное время: 30мин. Дневное время: 90мин. Время разрушения строений, если игроки не заходят в игру: 7 дней Максимальное число приручаемых животных на племя: 300 Friendly Fire: нет Вайпы: отсутствуют Ежедневный плановый рестарт сервера: 04:15 Данная связка модов позволяет уделять больше внимания ПВП, нежели фарму ресурсов. К примеру в моде Gaia есть броня, которая легко крафтится и повзоляет бегать в 5 раз быстрее, а так же включать маскировку. ПОДКЛЮЧИТЬСЯ steam://connect/ark2.russianunitu.ru:28012 Форум сервера: https://forum.russianunity.ru
  20. Welcome to PondStone Server! Our Map is PVP on Extinction Always open to opinions on how we can make the the server better! Why you should join: 24/7 Dedicated Xbox/Windows Community. Friendly & Helpful community Boosted Stats! The game stats and values have been upgraded on the server to make things more fun. We don't like to give exact numbers but give it a try and see you if like it! Friendly Server Administration! The goal of the server Admins is to make sure you have a fair and fun time on the server. There is no tolerance for abuse of power and if there is, report it to one of our Administrator Community Center Coming Soon ~~~How to Join add dan8990 to friends. ~~~~~~
  21. Hi Everyone! Back and better than ever on a PS4 PRO !!! Dedicated 24/7 server housed in it's own unit on a PS4 PRO hooked up to 350MBPS down and 25MB up internet. SERVER NAME: 247FairBoost THE HOST NAME: TheMrHost MAP: Ragnarok LANGUAGE: English only in the main chat. Foreign languages are tribe chat ONLY CRYO BALL (Poke-Balls): Every player starts with a cryo-ball, works like a pokeball for tamed creatures. more are available for purchase with 500 metal ingots and 500 cp. DINO TRADES: love Ragnarok map but want the DLC creatures? We will let you trade dinos you find in Ragnarok for ANY DLC CREATURE! although prices for the OP ones are VERY EXPENSIVE. PVP&PVE COMBAT ARENAS COMING SOON - Just built an elaborate obstacled combat arena for PVP and PVE challenges for rewards. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NO 6X CAVE BUILDING DAMAGE - IT'S REGULAR DAMAGE AS WELL AS NON-CAVE STRUCTURES BEING 3X HARDER TO DESTROY. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There are regular events and a friendly (but PVP) community (Join our community page when you add TheMrHost) PLEASE NOTE --- NO "HUMAN" NAME OR IT WILL BE CHANGED TO SOMETHING EMBARRASSING LOL. We have a 24/7 contact line on "kik" so should it go down I am easily reachable anywhere by sending a PSN message. USER: 247FairBoost Thanks and hope to see you soon!
  22. Hello! 3 weeks ago I opened my ark server hosted by Nitrado. The rates are x25 on Ragnarok. Tomorrow (10.02.2019) I will open the Extinction map and make a cluster! Join my discord server for more information. Active admins and weekly events! Fast connection : https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3159751 Server name : [EU]PvP Rag. Allx25/Shop/CF/S+/AA/ORP/AwTP Discord server : https://discord.gg/ZN9kqz You are more than welcome to join my server. Have fun! More information which you can also find on discord : [Server Rates] Exp Rate: 25x Harvest Rate: 25x Taming Rate: 25x [Other Info] Server Location: GER , Game Mode: PvP [Mods Installed] - Classic Flyers - Structures plus - Editable Serveur UI - TCs Auto Rewards - Automated Ark - ORP2 - No Replacing during Raids - Awesome SpyGlass - Better Reusables - Awesome Teleporters - HG empilable Mod 5000 - 90 - Auto Engrams [Additional Info] Max Member per Tribe: 10 Max Bases per Tribe: 2 Max Tamed Dinos per Tribe: 400 Max TPs per Tribe: 20 Max Turrets per Tribe: 350 Max ORP Terminals per Tribe: 2 [Player Stats] Health: 3,0 Stamina: 1,8 Torpidity: 1,0 Oxygen: 1,8 Food: 1,8 Water: 1,8 Temperature: 1,0 Weight: 37,5 Melee Damage: 2,25 Speed: 1,8 Temperature Fortitude: 2,25 Crafting Speed: 1 [Tamed Dino Stats] Health: 1,20 Stamina: 1,20 Torpidity: 1 Oxygen: 1 Food: 1 Weight: 25,0 Damage: 1,20 Speed: 1,20 [Breeding Multipliers] Mating Interval: 4,0 Egg Hatch Speed: 20,0 Baby Mature Speed: 20,0 Baby Cuddle Interval: 0,04165 Baby Food Consumption Speed: 1,0 Other boring information but necessary : [New Player Raid Protection] - All new players who join the server, upon creating a tribe get 4 days of structural protection. - Ask an Admin to get this protection (#protection-request on Discord) and name your tribe with the Tag [] - Players will have 4 hours after joining the server to create their first tribe if they wish to get this protection. - Players who already have this protection, upon merging with another tribe will get their protection removed. - If a player who already has this protection, wishes to merge with another tribe who also has this protection, please contact an admin to have their protection preserved. - This protection is only given once. Leaving a tribe or creating a new character and making another tribe does not give you this protection. - A player can check if he/she has protection or check how much time remains in the #protected-tribe channel. - Protected tribes are not allowed to damage another tribe's / player's structure. - Dinos are NOT protected by this system. You can place ORP to have your dinos protected. [ Raid Protection - After Failed / Successful Raid] - Tribes that have been raided successfully can request for raid protection in the #protection-request channel afterwards. - This protection is only granted if the request tribe's base has been infiltrated and looted. - Requesting tribe should mention their tribe name, map name and prove that they got raided for example by sending a screenshot to the admin. New Player Tribe - Protection Period = 4 days Successful Raid - Protection Period = 2 days (base infiltrated and looted) [Cheating] - No hacks, bots, exploits or any other form of cheating. [Under-meshing] - Strictly no under-meshing. - If anybody is caught under-meshing or we receive screenshots proving you under-meshed, you will be banned swiftly. - Tribes found under/over/inside the mesh/border/terrain will be wiped and banned without warning. Under-meshing is using a bed, sleeping bag, teleporter, dino, etc to get under/over/inside the mesh/border/terrain. [General Rules] - No players named Human. (Admins can change your name if you need). You will be given a random name if you are found named Human. - Two bases per tribe. This includes all dino pens. Any extra base found will be deleted without notice. - All tribe owners to be cautious when merging tribes, Max Tribe Tamed Dinos limit is 400 per tribe. - No automatic turrets of any kind allowed on Saddle Platforms. Manned turrets are allowed. - Shields & teleporters are forbidden on both platform saddles and rafts as well. - No blocking a flyer platform rider with any structure or object, during offline raiding. You can however cover rider on flyer platform, during an online raid. - Not making a "box" around flyer platform sadled dinos down the sides with walls or ramps. - No invisible or glass structures on any platform saddles. - No deceptive naming including name changing for raids. - All structures must be visible. No meshing inside rocks, trees or other terrain. (Structures however can be meshed into other structures) - No using crop plots to snipe in any way. [No Griefing] - Picking up new players on the beach and dropping them over and over. - Things such as placing structures for no other purpose than to disallow building there. - Building random turret towers in the forest, spawn areas or high resource spawn areas. - Going out of way to ruin the fun of other player(s). - Keeping a player locked in a cage for more than 30 mins period (cage, base, handcuff, tranq, etc). No random jailing. - Joining a tribe/alliance with the intent to betray them. - Kicking out members of other tribe just after a merge. - Camping a base in any way if forbidden. Especially if you have an FoB, either you raid them or you don't make one. - Surrounding an enemy base with turrets/dinos/spike walls etc. unless otherwise for a tactical advantage/staging area during a raid and when the raid is over it must all be taken down/removed. [Spamming Structures] - No spamming of any structures on unclaimed land to prevent others from claiming it. - Spamming is only allowed within 25 foundations of a base. - In the case of a cave, spamming is allowed only within 10 foundations from the entrance/exit to the cave. [Raiding] - No raiding a base over and over again, protection can be requested if a tribe is raided. - Take what you need ( Do not take everything you see! You will ruin the fun of the other tribes and they will probably quit) and move on. Excessive structure/dino wiping is prohibited. - We HIGHLY recommend you either RECORD all raid action (both raiding and defending) or take PLENTY of screenshots. Evidence is needed for many different issues, from cooldowns to rule violations to disputing if someone has said you violated rules during raid action. - Only 1 FoB is allowed for raiding. When the raid is over it must all be taken down/removed. [Building Prohibited Areas] - Player spawn locations. - Entrance to caves with artifact / loot crates. - Inside caves with artifact / loot crates. - Obelisks or their respective crater. - High resource spawn areas/caves. - Up in the air. - Wyvern egg nests, scar or wyvern cave. - Surface and entrance to surface. - Entrance and inside Titan caves. [Respect to other players] - No verbal bullying in game. Zero Tolerance. - No racism / racial slurs will be tolerated in voice or game chat. Zero Tolerance. - Any language is allowed in Global Chat. - Do not use any offensive name as your characters or tribe name. - No sarcasm / sarcastic characters, dinos & tribe name. - No nasty, curse or bad words. Racism and bullying will be taken seriously. You can trash talk as much as you want while still keeping it fun and not getting personal and nasty. [Advertising] - No advertising other servers / communities. - No advertising youtube / twitch addresses (player's own youtube / twitch link can be advertised, but no spamming). - Most encouraged to advertise our server in other forums/discords where it is allowed. [Others] - Any dino lost due to patches, lag, mods, bugs etc will not always be replaced. It is a case by case basis. - Do not disrespect the admins. - Rules can be added or altered at any time. So please be sure to check up frequently. - All rules are up to the admin's discretion. [Extinction Related] ( These rules will be applied as soon as I open the Extinction server) - Mek Rockets are forbidden from being used for any PvP or Raiding purposes. - Titans are forbidden from being used for PvP. - Because wild corrupted dinos have the ability to deal damage to metal tiers and they are in a way infinite - Use of wild corrupted dinos to gain advantage in PvP is forbidden. If you have read everything ask the admin on discord to give you an otter. You deserve it! Have fun!
  23. Welcome to Winterfell 2.0! (XBOX) Traditional PVP server. For now, three man tribe limit. Wanting a traditional server with faster rates. Still striving for a challenge but not an endless grind! Server was private for a month now, after getting rates tailored just right, we are opening to the public. Future weekend higher rates, & monthly official Ark events. DEDICATED HOSTED SERVER, NO LAG. Will be switching to a 20 slot server, with larger base growth. I am always open for changes and ideas as well. Looking into clustering maps. I want to encourage full PVP with a progression towards growth of a core player base. My Gamer-tag will be posted for inquires In-game. . Rates are below~ Map: Aberration Rates: XP multiplier: 5X Taming speed: 5X Harvesting multiplier: 5X Dino count multiplier: 2X Laying egg rate: X2 Dino Harvest rate: X4 Mating timer: X2 Crop growth: X2 Topper rate for taming: X2 Baby mature speed: X5 Cuddle rate: every 3-4 hours Imprint scale: X1.5 Cave damage: X5 Turret limit: 150 ReplyForward
  24. grumpydragon121

    pvp Survive the ark

    Hey everyone I have a new server up called survive the ark on ark mobile come check it out
  25. Search THE DEVIOUS under unofficial PC & visit thedeviousark.com for more details