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  1. Fresh wiped 23/02/19 Ark Island/Ragnarok/Aberration Boosted Cluster We are like minded players who have been playing Ark for a long time and started a server together because we just got fed up of other servers. We will be playing like the rest of you but acting as Admin when needed if there are any problems or game bugs. Admins can raid and be raided so get involved. Discord page- https://discord.gg/uKDPNNh Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/groups/499184930561353/?ref=share EVENTS- Breading events along with Harvest events. Sometimes will be inline with official event days along with Raid events ! ORP Active until purge days below. PURGE WEEKENDS - So there will be a purge event every weekend from Saturday 5am GMT to Monday 5am GMT. This is when ORP will be off so you are free to raid any base on the map 😁 Boosted and modded drops on Island, Ragnarok and Aberration including starter packs in white drops Tribe limit of 6. Lets have fun and and some pvp wars ! Bring on the Titans 😂 Server Settings. Harvesting X15 Experience X15 Hatching X25 Maturing X15 Taming X15 PlayerStats Player level 105 Health X2 Oxygen X2 Water X2 Melee X2 Fortitude X3 Stamina X2 Food X2 Weight X5 Speed X2 Crafting X2 DinoStats Max dino wild 150 Health and Weight increased slightly. Loot boosted slightly.
  2. OLYMPIANS ARK Freshly wiped, extinction enabled for transfer!!!! !!!Discord!!! http://discord.gg/NCASZvF !!!Facebook!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/263412411150126/ !!!Rules!!! Destroy all traps/taming pens when finished taming No building on/blocking obelisks unless protecting yourself during Boss Battles No Meshing (Having a meshed base included), if you mesh you will be structure and dino wiped No non-aberration tames on aberration No caging unless during a raid, meaning if you cage someone while raiding, let them go after. Building in artifact caves is Allowed You are allowed to build mesh defenses, as long as the turrets do not shoot out the mesh, and must have power source outside of mesh. Taxidermy's are banned due to a duplication glitch that involves them, if you are caught with a taxidermy you will be wiped. Fair warning.
  3. [RockARK - PvP Cluster] Low Modded Servers with 3 maps The Island: steam://connect/ Aberration: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Mods Structure Plus (S+) - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=731604991 HG Stacking Mod 1000-50 - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=849372965 Engram Info Below engrams auto learnt: Dino Leash - auto learnt at level 22 Empty Cryopod - auto learnt at level 51 Cryopod Fridge - auto learnt at level 88 Rates and Info 20x Taming 10x Breeding (hatch+mature speed) 10x Exp 10x Gather/Harvest 1.5x Structure Resistance (no 'bullet proof box' builds permitted) 0.5x Mating Interval 10x Egg Hatch Speed 10x Baby Mature Speed 0.5x Baby Cuddle Interval 2.0x Baby Imprinting Stat Scale 1.0x Baby Food Consumption Discord https://discord.gg/YXn7d4S Server Details Server 1 - Ragnarok: [RockARK - PvP Cluster] Ragnarok x10 E/H/M - x20 Tame - S+/Stack Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3245619 Server 2 - Aberration: [RockARK - PvP Cluster] Aberration x10 E/H/M - x20 Tame - S+/Stack Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3247219 Server 3 - Island: [RockARK - PvP Cluster] The Island x10 E/H/M - x20 Tame - S+/Stack Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3260555
  4. Ladykilla01

    pvp Boss Fight

    Just started playing official servers. Have a lot of solo play time. Never have beat a boss. Looking to server hop to a crew that runs bosses then head back to my own server. I’m on a crossark server currently. GT is Ladykilla01. Help would be greatly appreciated
  5. PvP Server: Ragnarok Platform: Xbox One PvP Server Names: Team6ixGaming.com Rag Fiber Warz Small Tribe Custom Loot Team6ixGaming.com Center Fiber Warz Small Tribe Custom Loot Find us in the Unofficial PC Sessions List Rates: 1000x Taming 10x Gathering 185x Maturation 1000x Hatch Speed 1000x Experience Gain CUSTOM DROPS Other Information: Survivor Health increased x50 Infinite Weight Survivor Stamina Increased x50 Survivor Oxygen increases by 2000 per point spent on Oxygen Survivor Speed increases x5 normal rate Survivor Fortitude increases by 20 per point spent on Fortitude Fuel consumption slowed x8 Dino Stamina increased by x5 Dino Health increased by x1.5 6 Man tribe limit Player speed x3 Player damage x3 Crafting x3 NO Alliances! Many more! Come check us out! This is Team 6ix Gaming's own community server fully paid for and operated by our staff. The only things EVER spawned into the server are for server events or in-game GIFTS that we give out for our survivors that donate. No level 1000 tames. We understand that not everyone can play this beloved game everyday of the week, therefore it makes progression on official servers sometimes very tedious and very difficult. This is exactly why we're here! We're here for YOU! We love the amazing community we have created so far and we cannot wait to continue to grow! The best way to stay up to date with the server and community is to visit our site http://www.team6ixgaming.com/ *Link to our discord server is on the homepage of the website.* You will find all the server info, events, tournaments and also other helpful information on our site! VIDEO TUTORIAL ON HOW TO JOIN OUR SERVER!
  6. New PvPvE Server! Please see discord for rules and to nestle into a faction group! PvE is highly encouraged, though this is a PvP server so please defend accordingly. https://discord.gg/hFfccny Welcome to Redoubt Gaming. Your server host Appnea has years of ark server ownership under her belt along with extensive experience over multiple platforms, primarily PC and Xbox. Rates and rules are a product of years of testing and recording. These rates may seem low in a sea of instant taming and OP loot drops, but the lifespan of servers with these lowers rates are far longer. Please sit back, follow the rules, and enjoy the experience of ARK the way we vision it is meant to be. Server is PvPvE – We aim for a difficult PvE challenge with the thrill of PvP. For a server with a mature and friendly community. Excessive drama is not tolerated. Redoubt Gaming No password, "Unofficial PC Sessions," Redoubt Gaming - 2XP 4H 5T 10M Limited Fly Rates: Dino Max Level - 150 XP – x2 Harvest – x4 Taming – x5 Incubation/Mature – x10 Egg Laying - x.5 (twice as fast) Breeding Interval – x.5 (ready twice as fast) Structure Damage - 1.5 (does more dmg) Structure Resistance - .5 (takes half dmg) Stack Increases Fiber, Hide, Flint, Cementing Paste, Chitin, Keratin – 1000 stack Cooked Meats and Jerky, Raw Meat – 200 stack Raw Fish Meat, Mutton, Prime Meat, Prime Fish Meat – 50 stack Untameable Animals: Bronto, Wyvern, Pteranadon, Pelagornis, Argentavis, Rock Elemental, Arthropluera, Giga, Onyx PvP Balance Features: Structures take 1/2 damage, structures DO more damage, bullets are slightly easier to make. There is no ORP so please defend your base appropriately. Features: Limited flyers – Yes, we know it might be inconvenient for you to not escape every situation on the back of your loyal Wyvern or Pteranodon. But we make up for it with meaningful fights and experiences on the ground. Rewards will include flyers for those who have taken up the task of bounty hunting. ---Tameable flyer – Tapejara ---Admin Bounty Reward flyers – Quetzal, Griffon, Rock Drake Bounty System - Oh you wiped a base and completely disregarded the rules of the server? Oh shoot! Now all of your enemies are bucking down so they can receive a nice shiny reward from the admin. Admin bounty rewards include restricted flyers (quetzal/griffon/rock drake) and blueprints depending on dificulty of raid and severity of crime. Players may also call for a bounty with their own tames and resources. Factions - Choose a faction. Be relatively friendly to those in your faction and target those outside. Or you can be a godless heathen and strike out on your own. Whatever floats your boat! This is not a kingdom server nor RP (though feel free if you enjoy!). You can build wherever, though it may be smart to stick to the sides of the map corresponding to your overseer/obelisk. Choose faction through discord Increased wild predator power – Predators in the wild are always on the move, hunting and fending for themselves. Your couch potato pets are not. Respect the life and death mentality of powerful predators like the Rex and Allosaurus. Unique Spawns – Event dinos and powerful dinos may spawn rarely. Oh no! Abberation variants are also a feature on this map. Bloodline Server – (launces on 4/1/19) Protect your dino bloodlines. This is a small 10 person password protected PvE server. Do not abuse this or it will be taken away. Tentative details. This server’s only purpose is to hold your important dino bloodlines somewhere safe.
  7. Brand new 70 slot Ragnorak PVP Server on a beefy Windows 10 PC with a Fibre internet connection CURRENTLY LOW POPULATION - We need players! You have to add the gamer tag AbbyGamingARK as a friend on xbox and then I will friend you and you can join reliably off of it. The server does show up from time to time in the session list, but it seems intermittent, so please add AbbyGamingARK as a friend to ensure you will always be able to get in. This is a PVP server, but we want to encourage a fun environment that lets people build up and play the way they want. So you dont have to worry about getting raided when you're just starting out. We have 2 mature, active admins that are available to help if needed. We made this server to mimic the Double XP weekends that Wildcard does, we found that to be a good balance of grinding and leveling. As the population grows, we will start doing PVP events and perhaps have a store etc. We are open to suggestions, so feel free to share them. Server Settings 2x - XP 3x - Taming 6x - Maturation 6x - Egg Hatching 3x - Mating SLIGHTLY boosted player stats 1.5x - Harvest 1.5x - Weight 3x - TEMP FORT per level (just because the cold in Ragnarok is a little too intense in our opinion). Slight decrease to item spoil speed. We are running BACKUPS of the Windows 10 PC to ensure that nobody loses any hard work/invested time due to any sort of corruption etc. Add Gamer Tag AbbyGamingARK
  8. 250 Slots, PVP, Ragnarok, US Based Server. Just Wiped! Nark(250slots)3xGather/Exp/Tame-5xBreed/MONTHLY We are a newly created lightly modded community with comfortable but not excessive rates, 250 server slots, ranks earned by achieving milestones in the server, reward vault with balanced purchases, laid back admins and monthly wipes. There are no rules, simply do your best to show respect to your fellow players and pvp at your own delight. We have a discord link already incorporated into our server that you can find in the info tap inside the server. Were very excited to see our community to grow further and would love to see all of you drop by if you enjoy a challenge but not looking for quite the Official grind. Map: Ragnarok Rates: Gather,Tame,Exp 3x/ Breed,Maturation 5x/ Mating interval 0.5x IP: Server Link: http://nark.arkers.io/
  9. Ragnorak X Rag X - Xbox ONE Cross Platform PvP How to join: Click Here Ragnarok X, or Rag X for short, is a PvP Nitrado hosted Xbox ONE server. It is cross platform so PC players are welcome to join. Rag X is a pure PVP server with no rules except one; don't kill passive dinos while raiding. This is to allow players to keep their prized/favorite tames. Rag X Stats XP - 4x Harvest - 4x Taming - 4x Breeding - 5x Hatching - 6x Mature - 5x Player stats are mostly 1.5x-2x with weight being 4x and oxygen being 3x. Our Website Welcome To Rag X/How To Join Feel free to message me personally with any questions either on this website or on Xbox ONE by messaging PhantomxReborn. You can also contact CrimsonBlade254 on Xbox if I do not get back to you quick enough.
  10. Hello all RPers! Land of Enos is a fresh RP server for you to explore! Are you quirky enough to want to RP as a Dwarf who runs around in the nude? Are you brave enough to live in a nest full of terror birds? What about being bold enough to want to become King/Queen of the land? Do you wish to seek blood and revenge on everyone and everything? There are endless possibilities... but how? This RP server is aimed to have the community make their own lore! I believe having freedom within RP is important because it can cater to all types of RPers while remaining in the theme and abiding by some basic rules. --There is a suggestions channel. I cannot promise you that your suggestion will be implemented. With that said, there are a FEW things you are not allowed to suggest. Aside from those few things, everything else is fair game. I would like to emphasize that this server is brand, span-ken, new. As of right now, it is just me and one of my friends. We are looking forward to anyone who would like to join and help a new community grow! Also, I am taking admin applications. You can find the applications once you join the Discord. Type: Medieval-Fantasy RP PvP Platform: PC Only Map: Ragnarok -Rates- Exp: 5x Gathering: 5x Taming: 8x Breeding: 0.8 (Breeds 20% faster than vanilla) Hatching: 8x Maturation: 10x Crop Growth Speed: 3x Harvest Health: 2 Tribe Member Limit: 5 Max Tames per Tribe: 50 Global Max Tames: 2000 Max Character Level: 105 Max Wild Dino Level: 150 Max Wyvern Egg Level: 190 -Character Stats- Health: +20 Stamina: +20 Oxygen: +20 Food: +10 Water: +10 Weight: +20 Melee: +10 Movement Speed: +1.5 Crafting Skill: +20 Fortitude: +4 -Mods- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1639391890 --Lore-- these words are whispered in your dreams... Thousands of miles away from any known landmass lies an island that only a few may see. And if you can see tis a marvelous masterpiece. It is known as the mythical Land of Enos, where things you would not see are seen. No one knows who can see but there might be some sort of connection. But I must warn you! If you see, you may not unsee for the island has a strong grasp on those that it wants to reveal itself too. The only way to get away is to fall and become the soil. Once you have fallen into the soil you may no longer be reborn. Tis a paradise that grants long lives and healthy bodies. Tis a place that man dreams of. Tis a place of magic and nature and to those who once were. If you do see the unseen, please, do not leave. You have been chosen for a better reason than the one you have already seen. ...the whisper fades You awake and all you can make out is that it was the whisper of a woman. Little do you know that you have been marked internally. You will feel a sharp pain as you move closer to the island, wherever you may be or have come from. -Discord- Our server is white listed! You MUST join the Discord in order to gain access. https://discord.gg/rXBDQUN We look forward to seeing you! Welcome to the Land of Enos!
  11. Server Hardware: Dell PowerEdge R730 1 x Intel Xeon 12 Core E5-2650L v3 1.8 - 2.2GHz processor, 24 threads total 128GB DDR4 2133MHz ECC memory 14 x 600 GB 10K SAS drives (5 Gbps read 4Gbps write) + 2 x 600 GB 10K SAS global spares Raid 10 Array 15 minute saves and auto update checks Backups done at 2:30 AM daily to external drives Just a friendly PvPvE server. Our first cluster contains 8 maps. This includes: Skull Island (The Island) Pandora (The Center) Perfection (Scorched Earth) Valhalla Rising (Ragnarok) Nostromo (Aberration) Lost In Space (Extinction) Yataland Arena (Eventmap) Mod Info Bismuth (Volcano) Mod Info We have also added a few mods to the servers. These mods are: Ark Steampunk Mod (679529026) Structures Plus (S+) (731604991) Bitou2k's Kibble: Craft Station (926028694) Boosted Fabricator+ [2.0] (778345456) StackMeMore (v1.41) (1184731864) Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture (764755314) Platforms Plus (719928795) (Mod versions might not be updated on this post but are updated on server) We have two other clusters that as of now have 3 maps total. We plan on adding more maps to these clusters. Cross Ark global chat is enabled. When a player chats in global on one map it is sent to all maps. For more info and to connect to the servers - Click Here
  12. Boosted PVP ark server. x5 taming and x3 resources. PVP 24/7 raid window. No prohibition on anything. Add HorseBro0101 to join!!!
  13. Hello. I am planning on setting up my Cluster again, and wondering what people would be looking for in a PvP server.Please give me ideas that would make the cluster interesting for you.
  14. theboss5810

    Ragnarok server

    Join gt UtterRaccoon51 for a rag server with 30x gather and insta tame. Friendly admin that wants to populate the server. Fairly new server boosted rates and drops. PvPvE server keep the drama to a minimum. Message the marine 58 or UtterRaccoon51 for help to join. See you there! Gts on xbox one
  15. PVP map with x5 XP, Harvest, and Taming x3 Breeding and x2 Dino Count Structure damage reduced to 1/10th and 2/10 for caves Increased loot quality Mods are: Structures Plus (Needs no introduction) Upgrade Station (Makes bad things better) Classic Flyers (De-Nerfs Flyers) Valyrian Reins (Buffs Flyers) High Levels (Prevents most low level spawns, except Jerboas, Oviraptors, etc) Super Spyglass (Spyglass on crack) Mini Forge (Adds a Industrial Forge. But smaller) Bore Water Kit (Water anywhere) Electric Smoker (Faster Jerky) Big Raft (Very big raft) Corrupted Skins (cosmetic mod) Current player cap is 20, will increase if needed Formerly had cluster with Aberration and Extinction, may bring them back up again if there's enough interest Will do occasional server events and challenges with varied rewards, depending on my mood and how difficult the event is High Levels mod misses a few areas, but most creatures are level 100 or higher, so try not to piss the wildlife off Dino count is increased, so there's more creatures in an area. Most of which are still high levels Jellyfish are turned down somewhat, in case you do water stuff. May need to turn it down a bit more. F*** jellyfish Titanosaurs are feedable. Fuel burns slower and tamed starvation is turned down Turrets do double damage to dinos Working on custom beacon drops to add blueprints and items from other maps Join through Battlemetrics the first time, look up AsgardChaos.
  16. HEY ARK XBOX FANS! LOOKING FOR A NEW RAGNAROK 24/7 PVP BOOSTED SERVER? *NEW RAGNAROK SERVER* 💥 10X+ XP ☄️ 10X+ TAMING 💥 10X+ HARVEST ☄️ 10X+ BABY MATURATION 💥 10X+ EGG HATCH SPEED ☄️ Custom Loot Drops & Starter Kits 💥 24/7 ONLINE SERVER ☄️ 15 MAX TRIBE LIMIT 💥 CLUSTER ☄️ 400 MAX TAMES 💥 FUN WEEKLY EVENTS ☄️ NO ADMIN COMMANDS 💥 WILD DINO MAX 150 ☄️ CUSTOM XP LEVELS & ENGRAMS 💥 & MUCH MORE! Join Our Server NOW and VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.playtheark.weebly.com FOR MORE INFORMATION! How To Join: Join Ark Session Filter - Unofficial PC Sessions Search: Play The Ark ENJOY THE COMMUNITY AND HAVE FUN! QUICK General Rules: Don't be a that guy. No one likes that guy. All Dino's, Engrams, and mats must be earned. Tek Structures/Items must be unlock by kill the corresponding boss that unlocks that Tek Structures/Items. Boss Arenas List Don't leave random structures around the Island. If your not going to use it, pick it up or destroy it. Example: Campfire, Random Buildings, Spikes and Taming Pen's. Don't build at heavily resource depended area's like Mountain Tops, Volcano, Beaver Dams. (if you can help it) No building at obelisks If you want to farm Metal please farm it and bring it back to your base to smelt. Don't build forges on the sides of the Mountain Tops. If we need a Community Smelter for a spot we will build one for all to use. Bring your own fuel. We will build Cave and Mountain Tops Farming Outposts If need and requested. No Building Bases in Caves. We want anyone who wants to experience a cave that can. You can build inside the Cave while Exploring it. Examples: Campfire to cook meat, Standing Torch to mark path, Bed outside cave for re-spawn, and Foundations to get over gaps. But All Structures Must be Picked Up Or Destroyed Once You Leave Cave. No Blocking of water ways or rivers. If a boat can't get past Structure must be moved or destroyed. First Come, First Serve for all Beacons. Share loot If you don't need said items in Beacon with anyone who comes next or with Allied Tribes and Members. PVP RULES: PvP Must be agreed by all member that want to PvP. You can Only PvP someones PvP Base. You can only make one Entry hole into a base to raid. Once entry into said base is made, you must use that entry way. If you need to get past a Wall or Gate Later, you can Destroy it as needed till entry to that area is made. (Don't go on a rampage) You can not repair Structures while PvP is in affect. This includes any structure that is damaged at the time. (Turned Off) You can only use Dino's and tools from your PvP base to PvP with at that time. Example: You can only use/respawn at beds from your PvP base or base of raiding outpost. You can only kill Dino's if you must need to. Example: Rex is on Aggressive and attacks you or told to attack by player. Defended yourself as needed to survive. Outposts Can not be used for PvP of any type. PVP is PVP! If somebody attacks you for no reason, then attack them right back! Most importantly, be friendly and have a fair war! Behaviour RULES: Harassing other players is forbidden. This includes Nazi content, insults, sexist and radical expressions. Showing-off or mockery during a raid is tolerated as long as it doesn't violate behaviour rule #1. Behaviour that harms the atmosphere on the server is forbidden. We will decide if a certain behaviour is considered bad or not. JOIN THE COMMUNITY TODAY!
  17. Nitrado Rented Unofficial PC for PS4 Looking for a few good pvp players. Still many slots available. Come join our community and stay awhile. No admin abuse. Fast leveling so you can get right to pvping. 🙂 CrossArk: Ragnorak & Extinction maps 5x Harvesting/Gathering 500x Taming 100x Breeding 25x XP Offline Raid Protection Enabled Player: 200 levels Dino: 500 levels Auto unlock Engrams at level No Pillaring Allowed Server Names: Blood n Bone PVP Ragnarok BOOSTED Blood n Bone PVP Extinction BOOSTED Any questions, message PS4 Gamertag SmallStorm2002
  18. Welcome to MzFitZ ARK's Servers! We have 3 maps PvP Cluster. ( Ragnarok, Extinction, Center) Also have PvE maps that are also part of the cluster. ( Ragnarok 32, 20, and 50 slot, Extinction, The Island, Scorched, The Center, and Aberration ) Why you should join: 24/7 Dedicated Xbox/Windows Community Both PvP and PvE cluster maps. ( Note only players and tames can be transferred from PvE to PvP ) Friendly & Helpful community Our own Discord Server Boosted Stats! The game stats and values have been upgraded on the server to make things more fun. Friendly Server Administration! The goal of the server Admins is to make sure you have a fair and fun time on the server. There is no tolerance for abuse of power and if there is, report it to one of our Administrators. How to join: From the ARK Main Menu, go to "Join ARK", then on the server browser, change the "Sessions Filter" in the bottom left corner to "Unofficial PC Sessions". Then, in the "Name Filter" search bar at the top, search for "Fitz". Discord: https://discord.gg/6bv6bBQ SPECIAL ITEM COSTS: SPARKPOWDER ========= 1 FLINT + 1 STONE GUNPOWDER ========== 1 SPARKPOWDER ADVANCED RIFLE BULLET == 2 GUNPOWDER CEMENTING PASTE ====== 2 CHITIN POLYMER ============= 2 OBSIDIAN SHOCKING TRANQ DART == 50 NARCOTIC CLIMBING PICK ========= 50 METAL INGOTS GLIDER =============== 200 METAL INGOTS HOW TO MAKE ELEMENT: RAGNAROK ==== 10 ELEMENT ORE + 20 OBSIDIAN ABERRATION === 10 ELEMENT ORE + 20 METAL INGOTS THE ISLAND ==== 20 METAL INGOTS + 20 ELEMENT DUST CENTER ======= 10 ELEMENT ORE + 20 CRYSTAL SCORCHED ===== 100 METAL INGOTS + 100 OBSIDIAN EXTINCTION ==== 1000 ELEMENT DUST TAMING CALCULATOR: TAMING SPEED ======= 15 CONSUMPTION SPEED == 1 EGG HATCH SPEED ==== 50 BABY MATURE SPEED == 65 HARVESTING STATS: HARVESTING MULTIPLIER ================ 5 RESOURCE HEALTH MULTPLIER ============ 10 PLAYER HARVESTING DAMAGE MULTIPLIER === 5 DINO HARVESTING DAMAGE MULTIPLIER ===== 5 ADMINS WILL WIPE / KILL ANYTHING THEY SEE THAT EVEN LOOKS CLOSE TO THE WORD HUMAN! NO HUMAN NAME, NO HUMAN TRIBE.... - DINOS LEFT NEAR ANY OBELISKS WILL BE KILLED - DINOS LEFT ON WANDER WILL BE KILLED PLEASE KEEP YOUR DINOS AT YOUR BASE - NO BUILDING IN HIGH RESOURCE SPAWN AREAS (METAL, CRYSTAL, ETC...) - NO BUILDING IN ARTIFACT CAVES Any questions please feel free to ask.
  19. Looking for a new sever to join? Well come join Our server, Add the account EvenCreator275 and have full access to our pc run server with admins online most of the time in the UK. Come have fun and most of all..... Survive
  20. Matutesa

    pvp Add play as Dino on mobile pls

    Does anyone play on mobile because I do. But doesn’t it get boring sometimes when your mates play it on Xbox and PlayStations and say they had so much fun play ark as a Dino. Well I say Ark please add Play as Dino onto mobile. Like this topic if you play on mobile and want to play as dino
  21. I'm one of the leaders for our small tribe. We plan on having about 5-8 people in it. We are all experienced we were part of a bigger tribe and due to different circumstances everyone kind of separated. Now were joining back up. We really just want to stay small we don't want to build a huge base. We have plans of building on other servers but for now we want a rag server we can place tames and call home. We are experienced PVP'ers. We don't want to join any tribes and we don't have to ally. We are just looking for a server that we can build on. You really won't even notice we are around. We ARE NOT NOOBS! We won't get in anyone's way and we will help defend the server from cross raiders. We also will not raid anyone on the server. Our leader of the tribe is level 115 and another guy is 105 and the rest are level 80 and above. We are all adults, we aren't D-Bags we are just trying to enjoy the game in a new way and the first thing we want to do is find a rag server we can start on. Thanks in advance for anyone that reaches out.
  22. Hey there, Are you looking for a server thats friendly pvp relaxed and where you can enjoy ark and pvp at same time well Incognito Gaming is the right place heres some info Discord - https://discord.gg/VjExvSt Server Link - https://toparkservers.com/server/25784492 Server IP - If you need any help joining join our discord and @owner im always active to respond! INFO 20x Harvest 20x Taming 15x Experience Dino Stats 1.2 Crafters BOOSTED Map - Ragnarok Later to have a cluster 48HR Protection after being raided you can apply for Admin Logging - Enabled MODS Structures Plus Automated Ark TC's Reward Vault Offline Guard System Classic Flyers RULES * NO Exploiting mods or ark < No Tolerance Insta Ban eg, Meshing, Duping, So on * NO Racism / Sexism in Chat * NO Toxic Behaviour in Chat * NO Griefing < Punishment = Getting Raided by admin and a Warning eg Killing Dinos in someones base for no reason not even starting a Raid just for the fun of it. Or Camping someones base * No Excessive Foundation Spamming *NO Blocking Major Resource Spawns *NO Blocking dino hitboxes on platform saddles - MUST BE ABLE TO SHOOT DINO *Clean Up F.O.B's After Use. Discord - https://discord.gg/VjExvSt
  23. Come join us in the Foppas Gaming community & help us grow! Join us in Discord to reach out to our admins & get more information about Foppas Gaming Community. Our servers are hosted by the owner & they are all located in Sweden with a gigabit fiber connection. The servers are running with optimized server hardware & raided ssd's to ensure quality for your gaming experience. We are constantly researching & developing new features to integrate in our servers so that we can give players a more unique gameplay & options without using mods. As of now, some of our unique features are leaderboards for pvp, statistics and weekend rates that automatically activates. Website: https://foppasgaming.com Discord: https://discord.gg/mntGYxy ARKServers: https://arkservers.net NEWS!!: We have recently added a PvP Arena that is fully automated and no need to install any mods, it's 100% server built-in feature. And it also works with our other features where you get points to the leaderboard and points for the FGC Shop. Here is a youtube clip of one of the arenas: https://youtu.be/Qa778ON5s18 #### Standalone Servers: #### (Server with own settings and customizations) FGC Primal Fear PvP IP: foppasgaming.com:27007 FGC Primal Fear PvE IP: foppasgaming.com:27008 #### Cluster Servers: #### PVP Cluster: Player Transfer Allowed FGC AB (Aberration) IP: foppasgaming.com:27003 FGC TI (The Island) IP: foppasgaming.com:27002 FGC RA (Ragnarok) IP: foppasgaming.com:27005 FGC Extinction PvP IP: foppasgaming.com:27009 PVE Cluster: Dino & Player Transfer Allowed FGC AB (Aberration) IP: foppasgaming.com:27004 FGC TI (The Island) IP: foppasgaming.com:27000 FGC RA (Ragnarok) IP: foppasgaming.com:26002 FGC Extinction PvE IP: foppasgaming.com:27010 #### Settings & Features: #### (Some is still in development) XP 2x (PvP: 5x) Harvest 3x/6x (PvP: 10x) Taming 5x/10x (PvP: 10x/15x) Dino Level 150 Egg Hatching 5x (PvP: 5x/10x) Baby Mature 15x Corpse Locator Dino Locator Longer Spoiling Time Longer Corpse Decay More Player Inventory ARK Web Companion Weekly Dino Respawn Balanced Distribution of Dino Levels. Chat Commands Cluster Chat Dino Tracker Death Notification (Display kills & death information in pvp) Player List Private Messages Statistics & Ranking (players stats and leader-board (and more to come!)) Starting Kit Weekend Event (auto weekend events with increased rates.) #### Dinos Settings: #### All Can Cuddle Higher Base Speed When Tamed (PvE Only) Lesser Stamina Drain No Titanosaur Custom Giganotosaurus Spawn! (spawns as a normal dino, not only on server restart) #### Cluster Mod list: #### PvP Cluster: Click here PvE Cluster: Click here #### Standalone Mod list: #### Primal Fear PvE: Click here Primal Fear PvP: Click here
  24. Golden's Total Warfare - Attention FRESH WIPE across ALL maps Looking for a solid community with active people and no drama? Try us out we've been around going on 14 months. We are a 3 map PvP cluster. -EXTINCTION-RAGNAROK-ABERRATION-THE CENTER Level 1000 wild w/ 301 xp levels to gain , highly customize your Dino's for exactly what you want. Custom Drops (starters in green, crafting tables in white) -Custom drops are on every map Level 250 player cap Player & Dino Weight 100x 5 man tribe Limit Reduced food/water drain (players & tames) Adv. Rifle bullets cost reduced (1 ingot 3 gunpowder) Roaming Bosses Egg Hatch speed 30x Taming 25x Harvesting 25x Breeding/Baby Growth/Cuddling Interval increased and BALANCED 72 hour raid protection when you join, note if you raid someone in the first 72 hours this is void Events with awesome prizes BOOSTED and BALANCED server https://discord.gg/3UEgufV Admins in discord, discord is also ACTIVE We are 1 of the 1st server host on this platform and our code is the BEST, bar none. We also do not tolerate toxic players (this means in chat/discord calling sum1 names, he said/she said bs,etc. I don't care who you raid it's PvP). If you want to be a part of an active community that is a place where you feel great about calling it home search "Golden Total Warfare"
  25. (Read in the style of a used car commercial for more entertainment) Looking to play the game as it was intended? Tired of mega-tribes wiping you or forcing you to join? Crappy Admins with a God complex? Just starting off? You are home now. The overall goal of this server is to create a balance. Tribes should not only wage war, but also trade and work together. Tribe limits have been set to 10 people to discourage Mega-tribes and offline PVP is disabled, preventing official alliances. Raiding has been made slightly more difficult to create more challenge, but player stats and harvesting base material has boosted. Perfect for players new and old. For a Complete list of Modifiers and Rules, or just to ask questions before you join... visit the server Discord at: https://discord.gg/8zPCXMS When population reaches a stable enough number. We will start holding events....starting with a Rex raising event. There is a gladiator's arena built to settle personal scores. Coords 60,57. This is still a WIP. Current seasons run for a six month period before one week of super boosted chaos (called Armageddon)...ending in a server wipe and restart. All feedback from regular players is appreciated and considered. As admin/owner I am on for at least 3 hours or more everyday after 12:00 EST. Also, as a side note...Unless for event purposes, I stay away from console commands. I grind it out just like you, so don't ask for freebies. That being said, as the server develops and grows, systems will come into place to offer things like starter kits, boosts, dinos, etc. Welcome to Taured! (Fun story too, google search The Man from Taured)