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  1. Come and join this great server and help to rebuild this great community! Although it is a PvP server it is very friendly. Players are friendly and the Owner/Admins are very approachable and helpful. The server rates are: 2x Experience 3x Taming 2x Gathering 4x Maturation The server does run a few mods to improve gameplay: Structures + Stack Mod Auction House Super Spyglass The server is a cluster and runs 3 maps. These maps are The Island, Aberration and Scorched Earth. There is no lag and the gameplay is very smooth. An Extinction server will be made once the DLC is released, so join in now and get ready for that huge new map. If you cannot find the server on the server list, go to www.battlemetrics.com and search for "Chilled Ark". For full server information and rules please join the Discord Channel at: https://discord.gg/qpWvcDd We look forward to seeing you on the server, please feel free to say hello.
  2. HucknMic

    pvp Tribe Recruiting

    Future Recruits, I've come to the realization that utilizing every aspect of this game on a PVP server, will require a much larger tribe. True endgame requires large footholds on each map, this game is about sheer numbers. I have a solid core of 6 Officers who I've played 1000+ hours with and we are, with the other members as well, starting an initiative to grow our tribe on our official cluster to prepare to take on extinction and fully unlock the capabilities of Ark through massive player count and scheduled boss fights on each map. This a large initiative but easily accomplished with a large player count. Send me a message on discord if you are interested in joining --> Huckn Mic#2247 Please include: Age - Hours played - Play Schedule - Play Style - Prefered Map - Why do you want to join? - Look Ark is fun and it's also a B****. I will not tell you what to work on or what not to work on. My role is and has always been to facilitate a platform for our tribe to work together to accomplish a greater goal. As long as you are playing, having fun, learning, and being respectful to our tribemates time, we will welcome you with open arms. Please reach out if you have any questions I can help answer. I look forward to meeting you all! ~Huck
  3. Medieval Mounts Inc is looking for more survivors to join our unique Ark experience and gaming community. Quality of Life mods and minor increases to rates mean you can get even more out of the Ark experience with a little less effort. Rates: 2x XP/Gathering, 3x Taming/Breeding Mods: Structures Plus, Platforms Plus, Super Spyglass, Snappy Saddles/Rafts, Phoenix Wild Spawns (Ragnarok Only) All our servers are PVP from 6PM to Midnight EST with Offline Protection enabled and PVE all other times. Our Ragnarok server is 9 months old, started in November of 2017, adding Aberration and The Island shortly after in December and The Center in February. We have never wiped our servers, nor do we intend to, so that players can be confident the time and effort put into our server will not be undone by trigger happy admins. The average age of our admin team is over 30 years old. We host a variety of player and admin run events on both the primary cluster as well as a separate event server with tons of prizes available! Our community is also committed to the success of MMi, donating over $600 towards hardware upgrades for the server! Join us in Discord to learn more about us and our servers here: https://discord.gg/fHJUngK Or watch us on Twitch to learn more about our admin team: https://www.twitch.tv/communities/medievalmountsinc Connect to our primary server cluster here: Ragnarok: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2330714 The Island: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2330712 Aberration: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2330715 The Center: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2330707 Extinction: Coming soon with new Expansion Custom Ark Events, Home of the ArkParty! Event Server (Events Only): https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2447321 Crystal Isles Mod Server: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2562181 Our Crystal Isles Mod Server is running Extinction Core, Eco's decor mods and many more to deliver an immersive, challenging PVE experience on a dynamic, exciting mod map! Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MMIArkSurvival
  4. Looking for a cool and friendly server come join my (24/7) Boosted Ragnork PVP Server under unofficial PC Sessions On Xbox one. Ark Hunting Grounds 32 Player Server Community Store Open Every 2 weeks. (Coming soon) starter items in white drop Special events on server monthly Wild Dinos up to level 195 Player levels 155 Rules posted In game. friendly Admins who help new players. 20x Everything 75x Dino Weight 50x Player Weight 100x taming 100x egg hatching 100x Mature Speed if you have any questions message me my gt is zVampireHunterz
  5. Darkholis

    pvp Public Canada - PvP

    I own a small cluster of 4 servers, Rag, Island, Center & Aberration and I am looking forward to build up a decent Ark community. As of now, each server has a hard limit of 10 players on, but I'll increase when/if needed. Will add an Extinction one as soon as it gets released, possibly a SE one if there is a high demand for it in the meantime. - Tribes are limited to 6 players. - PvPvE settings, no hardcore enabled, no ORP. - Cave damage multiplier enabled. - Full transfers with no penalty/timers enabled between each server of the cluster. - No periodic server wipe of any kind. - Difficulty setting to 10. Level 300 max dinos -> 360 for tek ones -> 380 for drakes/wyverns. - Rates are 1.5x on harvest + tames. - 1.25x on all sources of experience. - 2x on incubation/gestation, maturing. - Imprinting timers set to 8 hours instead of 3-4 hours. Less punishing for players with a fulltime job, such as myself. - All tribemates can imprint for another member with no penalty. - No decay timers on structures/dinos, so if you ever want to take vacations... - Daily server restart at 5 AM EST, including a full wipe of all wildlife. - No mods. - BattleEye enabled. - Zero tolerance regarding undermeshing/exploiting/hacking of any kind. I live by the CoC, plain and simple. Here is the cluster info: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2331391 https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2268142 https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2328646 https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2401790 Newcomers can freely ask for a starter set which include hide armor, basic tools & commodities. Let's face it, level 300 raptors can be painful when getting started. 😀 Regards.
  6. Raheem786

    pvp Lost my character

    I need a gm to come to server 89 I lost my character on 260 because I was raiding sc ura they ddos the server and made it roll back and I lost my character i was level 100 with tek engram could u pls give my character back it on official ps4 servers
  7. Hello and thank you for looking at our post. I am one of the two owners for AAG's new Ark server. We offer trading, currently members of the community have a couple different trading posts setup. We are currently on Ragnarok and we are playing within the Base game so Tek is allowed. We also have a lite roleplay aspect to the server as well, this can lead to some nice and interesting interactions within the game and change the experience of the game greatly. Currently we are sitting at 20 slots. Do not let this discourage you we will increase this once it is needed for capacity reasons. If the server sounds like something you would enjoy being apart of come join us! AAG Community discord > https://discord.gg/92WUpa8 Ark server info > Either search Above Average Gamers or join by IP
  8. 10x gather 2x XP 15x taming and breeding. only mod is ultrastacks. Two server admin and active player base so someone is always online. We discourage players blocking obelisk and artifact but all map location are fair game. We run current events and will add Extinction to the cluster when it is released. Rag155.254.17.142:27435 Abberation Island Center to easily join any of the maps or see server stats follow the link belowhttps://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark?q=madhouse&features%5B2e07900a-d6f7-11e7-8461-bbd30a086d7b%5D%5Band%5D%5B0%5D=0234b968-d6f9-11e7-b9ff-31090f026e05Server Discord: https://discord.gg/N4tmy5gServer will be up long term. Please donate with the link below. Contributors will get to choose temporary events to run when official events are no longer running. https://www.activegamehost.com/client/index.php?m=public_pay&hash_id=g0l8YNKepdAx
  9. XxAlphaXx Server now up in unofficial pc servers, cross play from pc and xbox. looking to populate server 32 slots. custom everything from drops, to crafting, to stats, to tames, and more. if we get enough people there will be monthly admin events where you can win dino's and more. come check us out and make this server great
  10. *NEW SERVER* Velocity PVP! Join us on this brand new 32 slot rag server! Started TODAY! Fast flyers Aberration dinos & custom white drops 8x harvest & 15x taming 107x maturation, 50x egg hatching Cross play enabled Max dino level 150 Tribe limit of 6
  11. All Servers Fresh Start 8/3/2018 Simply Search AsylumGaming for our servers on steam or use the Individual server links at the bottom! Please join our Discord to keep up with all things going on inside the Asylum! https://discord.gg/gsyEBtx We hope to provide everyone with a fun & fair gaming experience. We have tirelessly worked to provide the most balanced modded PVP experience possible. We own our servers meaning there is no contract or time of expiration. We do not tolerate abuse of anyone in our community & have a zero tolerance for bug and exploit use. Bug use, Dupes, & Undermeshed bases will result in full wipe of your base & immediate bans. You can always contact server Admin on Discord @Galvatron We do not wipe servers unless we have data corruption. Our servers have tribe limits in effect! 15x&25x = 8 man 50x = 2 man Play fair have fun & remember these are enhanced rates so why cheat! We have 15xAll-PVP-Island/Ragnarock/Scorched/Abberation 10xPVE Abberation/Ragnarock/Center. All of our servers have Custom Shops & Shop Reward System. Killing Alphas,Bosses,& Players Yield Points. Dieing to players will cause you to lose points! Dinos, Structures & Turrets are Buffed! 15x PVP Mods Structures Plus HG Stacks 5k-90 Najs Speedy Flyers Rare Sightings SelVision ACM v2.7.1294 Death Helper Editable Server UI Tribute & Element Transfer Auto Engrams (Dino Cap 150 w/Rares @ 200) 10x PVE Mods Structures Plus Sel Vision Advanced Engram Unlocker Rare Sightings ACM Death Helper Castles Keeps and Forts Editable Server UI Builders Helmet Human NPCs Ascension4All (Dino Cap 260 w/Rares @ 300) PVP 15x Abberation steam://connect/asylumgaming.ddns.me:27015 15x Ragnarock steam://connect/asylumgaming.ddns.me:27017 15x Scorched steam://connect/asylumgaming.ddns.me:27021 15x Island steam://connect/asylumgaming.ddns.me:27022 PVE The Center steam://connect/asylumgaming.ddns.me:27019 Ragnarock steam://connect/asylumgaming.ddns.me:27020 Mod Collection for Servers - PVP https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=919174490 PVE https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=804640700
  12. Full Server Name: [GER-PvP]Ragnarok T:x7 H:x5 XP:x5 Classic Flyers Our Servers are Running since the 03.08.2018 so don't be shy and take a look! You can find Everything again here: http://www.tnr-community.de/rules.html Direct Connect: IP:tnr-community.de:28015 steam://connect/tnr-community.de:28015 Root Information: Intel® Xeon® E3-1275 v5 Quad-Core @ 3.60GhZ 64 GB DDR4 ECC RAM 2x 512 GB NVMe Gen3 SSD combined in Raid 1 1Gbit Internetconection General Information: Website: http://www.tnr-community.de/index.html Teamspeak: ts3server://tnr-community.de:9987 Steamgroup: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/arkragnarokpve Discord: https://discord.gg/khDrMPw Special Features: Numerous event's for more fun in between. Active support for the pitfalls of the ARK. Two stable running ARK servers + Teamspeak + Discord + website/forum. Long-term fun cause of slightly higher Rates(no speed PvP!) All engrams are learnable so also solo players are welcome! Classic Flyers was nerfed for PvP. More fun in PvP cause of our mod collection. To Strong Mod Items and Abberation Items were Deleted (S+ Nanny, S+ Turrets etc.) Active Admins who care that the PvP is also according to the Rules and without disputes And much more! Let yourself be suprised! Our Modcollection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1447718229 Our Rules: You can find our Rules on our Website(http://www.tnr-community.de/rules.html) Reading is required and ignorance does not protect again Punishment! Serversettings: Taming Speed = x7; Hair growth = x0.5; Player Damage =1.5; BabyCuddle = 0.06; Baby Growth = x20; Hatching rate = x10; BabyImprint = x1; Harvest = x5 XP Multiplyer = x5 Max wild Dinosaur LvL = 180; Max Player LvL = 150; MaxTribe Structures = Unlimited Serverrestart = 6.00 A.M. | 6.00 P.M.; Gamma changes Disabled; Third person available; Night Speed = x1.3; Day Speed = x1.0; Structure Resistance = x1.0; Recurce life = x1.0; Plant growth speed = x1.5; Loot Crates Quality = x1.5; Reccurce Respawn = x0.5; Wild Dino Damage = x2; Tamed Dino Damage = x1,2; Stamina loss = x0.8; Trenching Active; Egg laying interval = x1.0; Fishing Loot Quality = x1.5; Max Tribe members = 8; Turret Damage = x2; Offline Raid Protection = Enabled; Raid Protection Logout Intervall = 900 seconds=15 Minuets; Respawn Intervall = 80seconds; Turret Damage = x2; Crosshair = enabled; Hit Marker = enabled; Player Stats changed; Maximum Amount of Tribe Dinos = 250; Dino Regeneration = 1,5; Number of dinos = 1,5; Stamina Regeneration while in Air = Disabled; Titanosaurus Permanent = disabled; Titanosaurus Lifetime = 2 Days; Maximum Amount of Structures per Platform= 25; Turrets per 10.000 Units = 120; Some Engrams Deleted = S+ nanny, S+ Turrets, S+ Kill gun; Kibble Table Prices: Small Dinos 100 Ingots, Big and Usefull Dinos 500 Metal Ingots per Kibble; WorldSafe every 20 Minuets; Thanks for Reading! I tried my best to tell you as much as i can about the server hope to see some of you soon!
  13. Server info -Map: The Island -IP: -Days: 131 (Fresh Start!) -Mods: 13 mods -Very Short Nights! Discord: https://discord.gg/cucWudQ (VVVMod list belowVVV) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1428596566 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=889745138 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=686713220 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=506506101 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=870709781 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=731604991 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793605978 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=558079412 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895711211 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=693416678 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=928102085 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=533828549 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=778345456
  14. Welcome to FuryOfArk Server, this is the perfect place for players who want to enjoy ARK in a friendly community. We have created a PvP cluster that includes Aberration, Ragnarok and The Island map. You can travel between the servers and take all your items or dinos with you. This server is a Hosted standalone server, resources are not shared with other people. This makes it so that we don't experience any performance fluctuations. The server is up 24/7 🙂 FuryOfArk Island x4 PvP [New]: https://ark-servers.net/server/105382/ Server start Saturday 02-june-2018 FuryOfArk Ragnarok x4 PvP [New]: https://ark-servers.net/server/109890/ Server start Saturday 02-june-2018 FuryOfArk Aberration x4 PvP [New]: https://ark-servers.net/server/113952/ Server start Saturday 02-june-2018 Read more about the settings, mods and rules on our steam forum: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FuryOfArk
  15. RHADAFUN EVENT Every weekend => RATE ARE DOUBLED mod file details : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1386379656 discord invit : https://discordapp.com/invite/KVnStWE Suicide command is enabled Shop available check #🏆-shop Kit available ! Write /kit starter in chat to retrieve you starter kit 😃 Kit : full flak set + metal pick/matchet Description : Mods : S+ Kibble Table ,Classic Flyers,HG stacking Mod, Arkomatic, Utilities plus,Engram unlocker, Awesome Teleporter Settings : XP100, breed X60, Taming X100, Harvest X100, Player max lvl 133 (rocwkell + tekcave), dino wild max level 150 To Know : Loot crat quality improved SERVER SETTING: Pvp respawn system is enabled Fast autodecay (4X faster than vanilla) ex : metal is 4 day, plant X : 1 day Autorestart server every day at 9AM(UTC+2) Auto Wipe wild dino every day at 8AM(GMT+2) Fast decay for alone pillar/foundation : 30 min AutoLearn all available engram AutoSave all 15min Players in Tribe 8 Ally : 1 Taming Speed x100 Weight for dino/player X20 Harvest Amount x100 Ressource Respawn x100 Max Turrets 250 for 10000 range Max Tamed Dino per tribe : 200 Max Structures 4000 for 10000 range /!\ RAGNAROK /!\ #1 [EU][8/15][OPDrop,Shop,TP,Kit] X100 by Rhada Connect to server via IP address : https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2334708 /!\ ABE /!\ #2 [EU][8/15][OPDrop,Shop,TP,Kit] X100 by Rhada Connect to server via IP address : https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2440565 /!\ ISLAND /!\ #3 [EU][8/15][OPDrop,Shop,TP,Kit] X100 by Rhada Connect to server via IP address : https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2440901 /!\ CENTER/!\ #4 [EU][8/15][OPDrop,Shop,TP,Kit] X100 by Rhada Connect to server via IP address : https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2499617
  16. Just a friendly PvPvE server. Our first cluster contains 7 maps. This includes: Skull Island (The Island) Pandora (The Center) Perfection (Scorched Earth) Valhalla Rising (Ragnarok) Nostromo (Aberration) Yataland Arena (Eventmap) Mod Info Bismuth (Volcano) Mod Info We have also added a few mods to the servers. These mods are: Ark Steampunk Mod (679529026) Structures Plus (S+) (731604991) Bitou2k's Kibble: Craft Station (926028694) Boosted Fabricator+ [2.0] (778345456) StackMeMore (v1.34) (1184731864) (Mod versions might not be updated on this post but are updated on server) We also have two other clusters that as of now have 3 maps total. We plan on adding more maps to these clusters. Cross Ark global chat is enabled. When a player chats in global on one map it is sent to all maps. For more info and to connect to the servers - Click Here
  17. Hey guys and girls we got a relaxed PvPvE server here. 5x tame, 2x gather, 2x XP, 5x breed. Currently hosting all maps Ragnarok-Eternia Valley- Is our main map with High level loot and bright dinos Aberration-Eternia Caverns- Is our danger map with crazy dinos running about and Offline Raid Protection Island-Eternia Isle- Our beginner map with slightly higher rates than the others and Offline Raid Protection Centre-Eternia Tropics- Our lush Event server with our arena of lost souls. Scorched Earth-Eternia Dunes- Our harsh survival map, Strong dinos and wild conditions make it a hard map Tek is unlocked at appropriate levels and element/ black pearls can be found within drops. Drops have been changed to contain more useful items and encourage players to farm them. With fixed dino balance so they are tougher than their wild counterparts of the same lvl but not ridiculous at the same time. Comfortable harvest rates so the grind doesn't feel so painful yet is still lingering so no instant bases with zero effort. Fair taming/breeding rates which make sense for people who have lives outside of the game. No lazy one mejo taming but fair for your time invested. Local tribes are mostly harmless but everyone agrees that raiding is about theft rather then wiping the other player off the face of the map. So damage is kept to a minimum where possible. Reasonable admin who uses their ability for events only. Anyone interested should join "Eternia" any issues joining please feel free to PM me. Just search for Eternia in the unofficial pc sessions. In order to make communication easier we now have discord, it has all our rates listed as well as a trade page and admin support section. https://discord.gg/PX8g58M So jump on and join the fun.
  18. A smaller server with 30 slots, already have about 4 tribes. Dedicated server with the best provider so it's never going down, plan on trying to open a stargate soon. It's official rules besides the x5 everything. Servers been open for about 1 week. No admin spawns everything legit. Very friendly community willing to help. Open to suggestions, also want to try the new map when it comes out. Thanks for your time. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2508966 Hope to see you guys soon.
  19. Come join us at the NCA server cluster to play some Ark and have some fun. We try to promote a more causal PVP environment with ORP turning on at 20 minutes, a limit to 15 people per tribe, raid cool-downs for 48 hours, and passive pens. If that sounds like something you would enjoy, scroll down to the connection information at the bottom of the page. Server Information Maps: Ragnarok, The Island, and Aberration Server Location: United States Gamma: Enabled Max Player level: 100 Experience: x5 Taming: x15 Harvesting: x5 Harvest Health: x2 Breeding: x25 Days: x2 Nights: Halved Crop Growth: x5 Food and Water (Players and Dinos): Halved Tribe Limit: 15 Tamed Dino Limit: 300 ORP: On Tribe Alliances: Disabled Obelisk Time Limit: 3 Hours Respecs: Unlimited Mod Information Resource Stacks SEL Vision Universal Server UI TC Rewards S+ Events There are 2-3 events a week with various rewards including gear, resources, and ARc. Connection Information To connect, you can either click the "Connect" button on the battle metrics links below (top right of the page) or add the servers to your Steam favorites. To add in Steam, go to Steam -> View -> Servers -> Favorites -> Add Server -> IP Address... listed below: Ragnarok Link: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/1794985 IP: The Island Link: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2012343 IP: Aberration Link: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2012343 IP: Discord Link: https://discord.gg/86GQjhN
  20. Hello, Two Freshly wiped servers, 20 slots each, The Center and Scorched server. I've been running these servers for awhile now, so hosting is consistent. PvP 24/7 no rules other than no trolling. Server Info: 5x Exp/Gather 10x Tame speed, egg laying interval increased 5x, dino breeding time boosted 8x. Weight and fortitude increased for humans, Speed, Stamina and weight increase for dinos(no slow quetzals, yay). Cave damage turned off, can fly in caves. Search MikeSE and join us today and on discord https://discord.gg/27WFeCR. Contact me at: Add TaintNiNj4twent if you decide to stay on the server please. Also feel free to message/chat me if you have questions. Thanks! Edited: 7/27/2018 - Posts before this day are regarding old server discussion.
  21. Come join in on the fun, its a nitrado server, pvp, aberration dinos do spawn in, working on slowly modifying loot crate tables, instant unlocks Stats are along the lines of boosted (player ranging from 2-4 mult, dino is 1.25) tame mult is 20, wild 300s good admins, hope you join in and have fun😀 😀
  22. Arkheologist - 6 Server cluster PvPvE, Aberration, Rag, Island 10X Center, SE, Crystal Isles 5X This is a physical server based in Australia, 12 core Xeon, 64gb ram, we are trying to create a community, the server is PvP but we expect the population to manage anyone who is not meeting the community's expectations, we want to make this server a friendly environment for everyone and we want people to have fun and make new friends. https://youtu.be/DGEqoaHm0wA current maps The Center The Island Scortched Earth Ragnarok Abberation New maps Iso: Crystal Isles Dome of Death! [on The Island map] Events server Server links The Island - https://ark-servers.net/server/107047/ The Center - https://ark-servers.net/server/103821/ Scortched Earth - https://ark-servers.net/server/103822/ Ragnarok - https://ark-servers.net/server/103823/ Crystal Isles - https://ark-servers.net/server/109622/ Abberation - https://ark-servers.net/server/117831/ Extinction - Comming Soon Steam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Arkheologist Discord - https://discord.gg/2gxPEJq Rates are as follows. 10X everything 0.5X mating interval 12X Incubation 10X Maturation Modified Drops breedable wyverns, Griffins and Rock Drakes on Scortched Earth and Crystal Isles, fully transferable Current mods collection. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1189384264 Owners Niz Vampiress Admin T3RMINA1 Most importantly we want everyone to have fun with their friends. We want to make a community, if you want to make friends and meet new people this is the server for you.
  23. Community Vote: Crystal Isles will be wiped and replaced with Extinction upon release! (As with all things in this community, this is not set in stone and the map we wipe for the DLC could change!) Our Story The denizens of this strange land are blessed by a pantheon of deities, or so many of them claim. It is not hard to see why: beacons containing riches descend in a beam of holy light in various places all over the land and artifacts and obelisks pulse with ineffable power. Yzna, they say. The Goddess of Chaos -- she is responsible for all of this, for all of you being here. But this is not a place for the gods alone. Will you bow down to Yzna, Mother Chaos, or her sons and daughters? Will you reject them outright, but take their blessings from the beacons? Or will you stand in outright revolt against whatever forces brought you here? Build, fight, and form a civilization in your new home! Welcome to Accidental Gaming Welcome to Accidental Gaming! We are a community run cluster. All changes are made by community vote. Our story is intentionally flexible and broad. We want a diverse array of players and characters! You can be from just about any time and reality you can think of. That being said, we can have characters that are bloodthirsty and out to pillage! PvP is allowed on our cluster. Base raiding is also allowed and you don’t need to have a face-to-face RP interaction to do so. As long as it is within the normal behavior of your character to do so, raiding a base to loot it is allowed. But I must stress that this needs to be the character you play. We do not allow offline raiding, excessive destruction (foundation wiping), destroying unlocked containers or killing passive tames. No one is allowed to run around attacking all they choose, but it is a possibility that you will be attacked. Make alliances, broker treaties, make friends!! You’ve been thrown onto an unknown world by an unknown being that claims to be a deity. There is no form of government here, no laws but those the deities enforce (ie, the rules). There is bound to be some chaos… Details Server Name: Accidental Gaming RP-PvP Maps: The Center, Scorched Earth, Crystal Isles (CI will be replaced with Extinction upon release) Discord: https://discord.gg/2cqtnQD Server Connections: Please join our discord for our indepth story, cluster rules, and server connection links. Slots: 60 players per server Mods: Join discord for steam mod collection! All servers have the same mods. Structures +, Platforms + Better Reusables Super Spyglass Advanced Rafts Big Walls Capitalism Currency, Capitalism NPC Trader Death Helper Eco's Garden Decor, Eco's RP Decor, EcoTrees Gryphons Speed Saddles Dino Mindwipe HG Customized Stacks V2.42 Vanilla Armor Skins Rates: Xp - 5x, Harvesting - 3x, Taming - 3x, Breeding - 6x Player: 134 Levels Wild Dinos: Max wild level - 150 More Info: All servers are clustered so you can freely travel and enjoy all maps. All decisions are completely community based. All changes are put to a vote and recorded in discord. Weekend events which increase harvesting, breeding, taming, etc. Random in game events! Some community run, some admin run. All are encouraged to make events! Custom beacon drops for themed loot (see The Gods channel in Discord). Active discord server - serves as an extension of the game. Patreon donation packages are available. See Discord for details. Coin rewards are available including: Certain dinos, dino color changes, dino imprints, and beacons. All are priced carefully with server economy in mind. Dino purchases are quite expensive. Each map has a shop with Buy and Sell tables from Capitalism Currency. All prices have been carefully designed around server economy. Certain game breaking S+ structures have been disabled (mutator, cloning chamber, many of the turrets). This is to make sure there is balanced game play. S+ Item Collector, Hatchery, Gardner and Farmer available for purchase with gold coins through the shops. Freshly wiped on 07/02/2018 Come and join our Discord community! https://discord.gg/2cqtnQD
  24. Season 3 of PureARK Ragnarok begins soon! https://discord.gg/Q948pwg hXCU3sj Here at PureARK we seek to provide the purest Ark experience. No instant leveling, unbalanced boosts, or overbearing rule-sets. We aim to have a world that is perfect for those that want to do great things in Ark without having to waste unnecessary time to achieve it. With our low boosts, two transparent admins, weekly events, and a knack for constant development. We believe you will find your stay at PureARK an enjoyable, competitive, and fulfilling experience. Any questions or comments can be directed to: Ronald Bucket (Discord: RonaldBucket#8708, Xbox: PureARKServer) Mushyz (Discord: mushyz#3434, Xbox: Bike4ndestroyx) Happy hunting! --------------------------------- Season 3 begins 7/15 Aberration Items SE Items Island Cluster Future Extinction Cluster
  25. Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out our community. We are a roleplay community and are hoping to build our ranks with some new rpers and experienced ones alike. Come join our server and breath some life into your character. Also, we're aware of the above image being out of date lol. We need to make one for Aberration here soon. Server location: Los Angeles, CA Server IP: Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/K3ypzpq Server Founded: 1/16/2016 The Future of Rise of Nations Now that the server has been out for as long as it has, I can honestly say it's blossomed into a great and super communicative community. I and others have bled tons of hours into the systems we have in place to ensure everyone interacts and has a great time. However there is much more room to grow and alot more things yet to be discovered that will only continue to enhance the player experience on our servers. Going forward we will remain intune with the player base with tons of feedback posts on our forums so we can guage if something we are doing is good or bad, and what we can do to improve. Come join our community and help us grow to be the ideal community for you :). If you'd like to join right away, place this below into your browser searchbar, copy and paste the IP from above after the / and hit enter. steam://connect/ Quality Roleplay! However not everyones super good at roleplaying sometimes, so please leave elitist attitudes at the door. It's a learning experience for some. Server updates as soon as they deploy. Balanced Custom Supply Crates/Cave Crates (Visit the spreadsheet below to see the drop tables) With the addition of the custom supply crates, we are hard at work customizing them and putting them in the config as we finish them. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W1TUmF3nZR3KOMGoAXeJqplyJL9Z6z3ZRxYKB_BY9Wo/edit#gid=1216759294 Random events. - (Suspended temporarily until server population rises) This includes story events with lots of juicy rewards for those who participate. Active admins. I myself as well as other moderators will always be available to the player base to resolve issues. Admins are extremely nuetral. Admins dont get involved with fights or pick sides. We remain unbiased on all matters. No one person has a buddy buddy relationship with any admin. If you have an issue with an admin or you believe an admin has done something wrong, please report it to the owner. They are viewed as players as well and are not immune to the rules. The Black Forge The Black Forge is a building placed on the side of the volcano as a public building for people to go into and smelt metal, use exclusive stations, trade, meet other islanders and so much more. The Black Summit - (Suspended temporarily until server population rises) What is The Black Summit you might ask? It is our facility for 100% assured roleplay and conflict resolutions as well as. A place where each tribe can air their grievances before the other tribes and the rest of the island can decide whethere or not they wish to play a hand in this resolution. (Think of it like the UN, but actually fun and actually gets stuff done :P). Regional Sheriff Elections - (Suspended temporarily until server population rises) Regional Sheriffs are individuals that will work out of The Black Summit to assist in conflict resolutions within those particular regions. These individuals are charged with the safety of that region. These individuals are also elected within those regions to assure trust and rapport within their own regions. Black Summit Scribes - (Suspended temporarily until server population rises) The Black Summit Scribes is an order of intellectuals charged with the collection of information and the keeping of island history. Essentially like the Sheriffs, they help out the community. Boosted Tame/Player Carry Weight (Per Stat Increase) As you level up your tames or yourself, you will find you get much more carry weight per increase. We personally felt like the player and dino carry weight should be much higher than it actually is. The whole 'Smack 1 rock and return' grind wears you down quite a bit. Not here :). Boosted Harvest Experience At earlier levels, this will help out those gathering up to build their homes, and in later game will make gathering less useless for both the player, and the creature thats gathering. NEW! Rebalanced Carnivore Loot Tables. We have found a way to edit the inventory of defeated carnivores in the wild. Meaning they will drop better rewards and items for those who kill them. Here is a rough list of those creatures. http://i.imgur.com/9b940WG.png NEW! Immersive Currency Mods & Trading Tables We have mods that allow you to sell dinos and items to other players as well as trade kiosks with the benches so that players can more easily acquire this currency to trade with others. Updated: 4/10/2017 Rules, Guidelines & Features for Nations General As a note, as of right now the server population isn't high enough to fully enable this system, so Nation Wars will have to wait until things pick up a bit more. There are only 2 Nations on the server. You cannot create a new nation. Nations will be Alliance-based. We may add more in the future. A tribe is required to have atleast 1 person to be level 70 to be able to join a Nation. Anyone not of that level cannot participate in Nation activities. A tribe within a Nation must have that nations trophy place outside their home and must be clearly visible. A tribe must be within the proper alliance for that Nation to technically be considered a part of that Nation. A tribe can choose to not be a part of a Nation. These people are called Sovereign Citizens. However few will be given this privelidge to avoid it being a popular choice. Nations will be balanced in a way that leaders will converse with one another OOC to ensure both Nations are having fun and things dont get too toxic and ruin the roleplay experience. Both nations will have Capital Cities wherein people can build small houses. Capital Cities are constructed by those nations respective leading tribes. Nations will be given special perks. Like teleporters, Redwood Trees, and access to special benches that have cheaper materials. Nations will have stories and lore. This will not just be a red vs blue type system. There will be reasons for these raids and battles. Nations will be lead by people who will work with admins to make sure it is always fair, balanced. That way people wont just create super teams of highly skilled players to constantly stomp the other Nation. Nations will have to recruit people to join their side in the battles to come. Those who have joined a Nation (And thus enabled pvp) will have to place some colored trophies around their base to signify their allegiance. Nations are not given special permissions to raid anyone. The only raiding on our server will be the raiding of Nations Keeps and Fortifications. Wartime Raiding War Time Raiding will ONLY enable raiding on the Nations Capital City. You will not be allowed to raid anyone but the opposing factions Keeps and Capital cities during this time. Not players homes or compounds. All out war will happen on a biweekly basis. 1 week of raiding, 1 week of no raiding and recooping. All creatures within a Capital City or are near it are forfeit and are up to the discretion of the opposing Nation. Non-Wartime Raiding As an initial disclaimer, Keeps and Fortifications are map edited in assets that are made with the specific intent to be captured and raided. These are not player made, or at any time a players base. Non-Wartime Raiding refers to the raiding of the opposing factions Keeps and Fortifications across the map. During a non-wartime raid you are only allowed to raid Keeps and Fortifications, never their Capital City, or any players homes. Keeps and Fortifications can be raided at any time and at the opposing factions discretion. (These arent player bases) Animals left behind inside of keeps are forfeit and are free to be considered pvpable. Even if they're not a part of any faction. Noone outside of a faction should be near these. Sovereign Citizens Sovereign Citizens are people or a group of people who do not wish to become a part of a nation because they have a roleplay that requires them to be a neutral party. These are players who wish to be a part of the server but aren't the biggest fans of pvp and raiding keeps. Sovereign Citizens however will have to pay an RP tax (Something small like 200 wood) to their neighboring Nation for protection. They are also subject to a bit of negative interaction from the opposing nation, however constant harassment is not allowed. If a Sovereign Citizen is caught between two nations, the nation with the most assets close to that citizen will have reign over that citizen. I will reiterate however. Harassment is not allowed. Respect the player OOC, pushing someone to the point where there about to leave the server isnt okay. Here are some rules for these citizens. - They cannot raid or participate in raiding Keeps and Capital Cities at all. No exceptions. - If a Sovereign Citizen is caught within the opposing nations region RP can be initiated to question this person, and institute an RP fine (Something small like 200 wood). But harassment is not allowed. - If a Sovereign Citizen is caught killing people from any nation, they can be held subject to that Nations justice system. - A nation cannot protect or subvert the rules above by protecting a Sovereign Citizen or anything that may interfere with chosen actions by another nation. - A Sovereign Citizen cannot have turrets that are aggressive towards players or tames in their perimeter. However it is fine if they are inside of an enclosed base with a ceiling and walls. - Sovereign Citizens are not allowed to purchase things from the special perk benches of Nations. These are exclusive to Nations and nations only. You may not subvert this by purchasing things for someone and selling them at a similar price to a citizen. (More to come as we flesh this sytem out) General Rules General Chat is considered Out of Character (OOC). Local chat can be used to roleplay. Or radio. However someone can pose a roleplay announcment from their character in General Chat, so long as it's properly displayed as a roleplay post. No KOS. (Kill on Sight) Exceptions to this rule: KOS is allowed at Supply Drops. However there are conditions for this: - Combat at a supply drop is anonymous and there are no reprocussions for it. Even if your logs tell you who killed you, you may NOT take revenge. - If you plan on contesting the drop. You must stand your ground and combat the person around the supply crate. However if the fight is too much, you can flee. - You may shoot at the person as they fly away/flee. But you must fire from the area of where the supply crate is, or once was. - You may not give chase to the individuals looting the drop. If you want to combat them, you'll have to do so from the area of the supply crate or where it once was. - You may not combat someone you THINK looted a supply crate, you have to be within visibility range to see the crate before it's destruction to engage the people around it. - You may not camp a supply drop. You may only go to them with the intention of immediately looting them. - You may not snipe down at a supply crate from some nearby area, or from atop a quetzal way in the sky. - You may not pick people up with birds and try and kill them by dropping them far away or high in the sky. - You may not kill a riderless dino if the rider is already dead. However if the creature is attacking you, or has turrets that are shooting at you, you may kill it in self defense. KOS is also allowed in Caves. However there are conditions for this: - Combat in Caves are anonymous and there are no reprocussions for it. Even if your logs tell you who killed you, you may NOT take revenge. (If we feel as though this gets out of hand, we will add reprocussions) - You may not camp the entrances of caves.However placing IED's and traps is totally fine. - You may not engage in pvp in Caves with fliers in ANY fashion. Not even for if it's just for transport to jump off and engage on foot. If you do, that person can freely KOS you or your bird to defend themselves, but you cannot KOS them. - You may not give chase to the individuals that flee outside of a cave. Once they make it outside, they are free from pursuit. - If you have a base that is within 100 feet from a cave entrance and you constantly use it as a launching pad to attack people in the caves, it may be raided - You may not kill a riderless dino if the rider is already dead. However if the creature is attacking you, or has turrets that are shooting at you, you may kill it in self defense. - You may not engage people outside the caves, or shoot into the caves. Combat must only occur within the confines of the caves. Please do not complain about KOS in chat. Simply take a screenshot and send me a message with the screenshot here. I take all reports seriously and make sure they are all handled as fairly as possible. Please limit meta-gaming when it involves PvP or Raiding. As in, do not mix information you know of out of character into information your character knows. (Name plates) This is a lax rule when it comes to certain scenarios. But when it involves combat, and potential out of character drama, do not drag it ingame please, it can ruin it for everyone. Examples of metagaming would be utelising nameplates of creatures for gain, nameplates of players, nameplates of structures and so on. Roleplay is a requirement. However the roleplay doesn't have to be SUPER serious, it can be goofy and odd. Raiding Keeps and Capitals while not in one of the 2 main Nations is not allowed. Creating your own group and calling it a Nation is not a way of getting around this rule. It must be one of the two Nations within the server rules. Saddle picking with fliers is not allowed. We feel as if this is a cheap and unbalanced feature and is never allowed to be used in any combat situation. Carrying an ally around is perfectly fine. Robbery is allowed, so long as whats taken is within reason. Dont take everything. Make it roleplay friendly. Theft of objects from open containers (Not pinned) is allowed. So long as you dont have to destroy anything to get at the objects, or kill any dinosaurs to do it. If your doors are left open and containers unlocked, your things are free for the taking. Only 1 Large Tribe Base Is Allowed. - A tribe can claim a large territory with structures and build within it, however only that territory is protected. Built bases that are away from your main compound are exempt from this protection. Example Image: http://i.imgur.com/scHBSRE.jpg - Tribes with more than 1-2 bases that refuse to remove one base can have the last base built destroyed. - Building large bases close to one another is perfectly fine. ( Mainly referring to those who have bases all over the map.) - This rule is to prevent big tribes from deterring new players from building on the server. Violating this rule wont get you banned, however these structures can be removed by an admin. Exceptions to this rule: - If the structure is an official Point of Interest or a Nations Capital. - A tribe of any size may have 1 mining base of a modest size. (No perimeter walls, etc) Wyverns, Rock Elementals. and Gigas are not allowed to be used in PvP or Raiding. They are not to be left on neutral either for self defense against other players. You are not allowed to use these creatures to safely loot supply crates either. No blocking or extensive building within caves and underwater caverns We would like to have events like treasure hunts that will use the caves (Building to the point of blocking both supply drops and spawns. Essentially anything beyond 2 foundations is excessive) We have one exception to this rule of course, so long as they do not build in underwater caves that are near supply drops. Your roleplay has to be centered around underwater life/culture. Simply wanting a cave to be a tryhard to use it as a pvp advantage or a good place to hide your loot will not be tolerated. Behemoth/Dino Gate Wall Spam should only be a temporary solution, and not a permanent one. Bases with outer walls that are just dinosaur gates or behemoth gates should replace them with walls as soon as possible. It's an uncreative and ugly design, as well as a tryhard attempt at protection. Any bases with these long term will have their walls destroyed. No blatantly disrespectful/racist/trollish character names. Names have to be RP oriented. However names can be humorous, so long as it's still classy. Think Monty Python :). DifficultyOffset=1 (Lvl 150 Dinos) 2x Experience 1.5x Gather 2.5x Tame 2x HarvestEXPMultiplier 0.8 Egg Laying Interval (Less=More Edible Eggs) 2x PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[7] (+20 To Player Carry Weight From Default) 8x PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[7] (8x More Carry Weight on Dinos) 2.5 MatingIntervalMultiplier 5.0 BabyCuddleGracePeriodMultiplier (If you step away for a bit, you wont lose already made progress for quite some time.) 20x EggHatchSpeedMultiplier 20x BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier 1.3x Baby Imprinting Stats Multiplier 0.1 Cuddle Interval (With the faster breeding, this helps) PvPDecay=1.5 PlayerCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier=0.5 PlayerCharacterWaterDrainMultiplier=0.5 AutoSavePeriodMinutes=60 ShowFloatingDamageText=True AllowAnyoneBabyImprintCuddle=True HarvestResourceItemAmountClassMultipliers= Raw Meat x2, Raw Fish Meat x3, Wood x1.5, Stone x1.6, Thatch x1.5 Collection With All Mods Issues joining? Q: When I try to join for the first time, it keeps giving me 'Connection Timed Out" error. A: This typically means you haven't pre-installed all the mods that are on the server. Click through all of the mods listed above and click Subscribe when logged into your steam account. This will enable them for download through your steam client. Give it time, there are alot of them. However sometimes this means the mods have failed to install properly. I will offer up a detailed walkthrough (Or link one) of how to fix this in the near future. Q: I cant join, it's saying "Make sure your server is up to date on mods" A: If you see this, please PM me asap so I can restart the server to install the mod updates. Q: I cant see the server in my list. A: This could mean the server is either restarting, or the server isn't up to date on it's mods. You can confirm this by joining via the IP, or off of a friend who's on the server. Check the Updates & Info section below for up to date information. Server related changes & updates will be posted over at our website RiseOfNations.shivtr.com