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  1. Server X - Val/Rag/Ext/Abb Cluster - 4x Boosted Look guys, you'll see other servers here advertising their modded or too high or even too low xp servers here... but you can't get better than Server X cluster. Val/Abb/Rag/Ext... it's only 4x but it's good where PVP is not massively OP. The Purge so it's ORP during the week then its FFA on weekends. We have about 40 active players across our server, so around about 15-20 tribes active from all over the world. Its a wicked cluster! No admin abuse either. Started this server a couple of months ago and we now have a decent population. However we have too many "nice guys" on the server so we are looking for bada$$ players to come on and shake things up legitimately! If you have what it takes to become alpha, join us! If not, and if you clearly aren't up to the challenge, then go find a Klusterfukt or 1000x server to play chicken on!
  2. [GER] MATES Speed PVP all x50 Die Mates Gaming Community heißt euch Willkommen :) Die Mates Gaming Community (MGC) ist eine mehrsprachige Multigaming-Community aus Deutschland Wir sind freundlich gesinnt und erwarten das auch von unseren Spielern und Membern Server Hardware ►Intel® Core™ i7-8700 Hexa-Core (inkl. Hyper-Threading-Technologie) ►Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition ►64 GB DDR4 ►2x 1 TB NVMe SSD ►Anbindung: 1 GBit/s-Port ►Traffic: Unbegrenzt Wichtige Links ► Steam Gruppe: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/MatesGamingCommunity ► Webseite: http://mates-community.de/ ► Discord: https://discord.gg/nXE7JU3 ► Teamspeak: mates-community.ts.dawn-server.de Settings ► Max. wilde Dino Lvl.: 200 ► Max. Wyvern Ei: Lvl. 260 ► Max. Tektiere Lvl.: 240 ► Harvest: XPx20, Harvestx50, Breedingx50, Tamingx50 ► Max. Tribelimit: 5 ► Allianz aktiviert Um das PVP ein wenig auszugleichen sind einige S+ Items Deaktiviert
  3. Accidental Gaming - RP | Ragnarok, Island, Center, Valguero, +1 | x5XP, x3H, x5T, x6B │ Mods Our Story The year is 2120. The Earth and humanity as we know it are dying. Mankind has depleted many natural resources, almost all wildlife are extinct, and the air is nearly unbreathable. What little time we have left is being devoted to Project JURAS:SIC. Scientists at the project have discovered a way to slingshot the human race across the universe, but this can only be done once, as such a large jump requires most of the remaining energy left on Earth. In order to guarantee the survival of the travelers, a sampling of mankind is sent on this mission. One group, The Volunteers, are all members of Project JURAS:SIC. Their group is made up of individuals with specific skill sets ranging from marine biologists and botanists to civil engineers and artists. Their role is to establish a home while monitoring and sending back data to Earth. The second group of residents, referred to as The Chosen, were randomly plucked from their homes across the globe. They are an added variable. The new planet is also their home, but they do not receive specific instructions from the project leaders. Will you be a volunteer with a specific purpose and role to play or will you be someone who was randomly chosen to help keep humanity going? Welcome to Accidental Gaming Welcome to Accidental Gaming! We are a community run cluster. All major changes are made by community vote. Our story is intentionally flexible and broad. We want a diverse array of players and characters! We have a currency system on our cluster, but the economy is purely player run (no buy or sell tables). Our gamemode is PvP but we have strict rules in place about PvP and it MUST be done within the bounds of your character and the story to be acceptable. No one is allowed to run around attacking all they choose, but it is a possibility that you will be attacked. Make alliances, broker treaties, make friends!! You’ve landed on an unknown world and must survive! Details Server Name: Accidental Gaming RP Maps: Ragnarok, The Island, Center and Valguero and 1 map that rotates every month (Voted on by cluster. It is not wiped, but taken offline as the planet comes in and out of orbit). Discord: https://discord.gg/QdjTYu7 Website: https://parameciumbrain.wixsite.com/accidentalgaming Server Connections: Please join our discord for information on how to join the cluster. You will need to submit a backstory before you can be added to the exclusive join list. Slots: 70 players per server Mods: Join discord for steam mod collection! Some servers have different mods than others. Structures +, Platforms + CT Reusable Item Super Spyglass Advanced Rafts Castles, Keeps, and Forts Rare Sightings Death Helper Eco's RP Decor Eco's Stable Structures Peachy Viking Decor Peachy Decor Gryphons Speed Saddles HG Stacking Mod 5000 Vanilla Armor Skins Auction House Dino Storage V2 (Heavily configured) Join Control Plugins Make Ark Great Again - Dynamic Offline Raid Protection Discord Integrator - Global and Tribe chats are connected across ALL clustered servers Ark Shop - You can sell coins and buy certain things like map-specific engrams, Super Test Meat, hair styles and more! Rates: Xp - 5x, Harvesting - 3x, Taming - 5x, Breeding - 6x Wild Dinos: Max wild level - 150 Max Tribe Members: 7 per map Max Tame Limit Per Tribe: 500 per map (does not include soultraps) More Info: All servers are clustered so you can freely travel and enjoy all maps. Almost all major decisions are completely community based. All changes are put to a vote and recorded in discord. Weekend events which increase harvesting, breeding, taming, rare sightings, extremely high level alphas to kill for loot, etc. Random in game events! Some community run, some admin run. All are encouraged to make events! Custom beacon drops for themed loot. Active discord server - serves as an extension of the game. Patreon donation packages are available. See Discord for details. Custom questing system created and maintained by server admin. Coin rewards are available including: Certain dinos, dino color changes, dino imprints, and beacons. All are priced carefully with server economy in mind. Dino purchases are quite expensive. Certain game breaking S+ structures have been disabled (mutator, cloning chamber, many of the turrets). This is to make sure there is a balanced game play. S+ Item Collector, Hatchery, Gardener and Farmer engrams have been reworked to require ingame currency to craft. These things are game changing and should be difficult to acquire. Last wipe was on 01/11/2019. We do not wipe unless the community as a whole decides to wipe. Come and join our Discord community! https://discord.gg/2cqtnQD
  4. (Official Crossplay) Looking for allies and tribe members *Windows 10 players only, not steam :/ We are currently built up on official crossplay valguero 1121 and we are looking for new tribe members to come and grind and also allies from other servers looking to help each other out. Im an xbox player so you can message me @ Qx Fusion if you are interested. We have a couple people in the tribe that play on pc.
  5. World of Ark 8x XP 10x Harvest 10x Tame Welcome to the World of Ark Discord https://discord.gg/kBtmAA4 This is a freshly made server for those looking for a fun and fair experience. Eventually this will become a cluster. We are a team of mid 20 adults (that are friends in real life) ready to give you guys the server you deserve! We're completely active, and even as admins we obey by the set rules. We're giving you guys weekly and weekendly events every week! Ranging from our own personal ideas to Ark premade events to give you guys the ability to have a variety of different unquie creatures along with an active and fun community. Aberration hits Ragnorok! An evenly balanced program is placed to give the world of Ragnorok the even amount of the various creatures of Aberration. We hope you have a great experience! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Server Rates * 8x XP * 10x Harvest * 15x Tame * 25x Mature * Turret Damage 2.0x * Cave Damage 6.0x * Max Player Level 105 * Max Wild Dino Level 150 * Max Wild Wyvern Egg Level 190 * All Engrams (Boss Battles for Tek Engrams) *Structure Damage & Turret Damage is reduced during weekdays and normalized Fri-Sun to insure a better experience ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Player Stats [Health] 20 per point [Stamina] 20 per point [Oxygen] 200 per point [Food] 10 per point [Water] 10 per point [Weight] 1500 per point [Melee Damage] 20 per point [Movement Speed] 5 per point [Crafting Skill] 20 per point [Fortitude] 10 per point ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Custom Dinos Ragnorok *All Aberration Creatures
  6. (Official Xbox Crossplay) Looking For New Allies and or Tribe Members Me and a bunch of guys are currently built up on Official Crossplay Valguero 1121 and we are looking for more members to join and help grind out, message me on xbox @ Qx Fusion, we are also looking for allies from other tribes in other servers looking to help each other out and grow.
  7. AberrationNetworks/ORP/Tribex6/Wipe/24/8/10H/15XP/10T - (v298.3 Hey! This is a new Ark server which just opened. We're looking to build up a solid playerbase and when DLC releases open a server with that hosted on insane specs! Of course the current server is hosted on a good system to provide you all the best Ark experience possible (Hosted in the UK). Mods included you can find here: https://gyazo.com/f345e848c29caaba97855310ed9616c1 Most likely adding more mods in the future! You can join the server here: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/4220640 Hope some of you can join and check it out! Always open to feedback. Discord link: https://discord.gg/Y5JWzy
  8. (ADS) Ark Dream Server Cluster Are you looking for a server that isn't a brand new owner? Has worked through all the kinks? Knows what went well and what hasn't and is ready to provide 24/7 PVP experience for its players? Well, look no further! **** SERVER WILL WIPE ON 8/23!!! **** ARKS DREAM SERVER WEEKEND EVENTS LOTS OF BUILDING SPOTS NEW TRIBES GET 14 DAYS GRACE ON GRACE SERVER Instant Tame No fliers on abb 150x Breeding 10x Harvest No food/water drain Player lvl 105 before ascension Max Dino Level 150 PvP 24/7 Custom Drops All Maps! 8 Man Tribe limit! Stack Mods Boosted breeding EZ Craft Infinite Weight Manas Banned Chill Admins Growing Community https://discord.gg/pWhVmZc Must Join the Discord to Register! Will be a freshly wiped server on 8/23/2019!
  9. LostPlanet PvP 10x Solo/Duo Mode: PvP Map: Valguero IP: Mods: S+, Stack, Rare Sightings, Super Spyglass, TCRewards, Upgrade Station Discord: https://discord.gg/ku8hd8g TopARK: https://toparkservers.com/server/68198973 Started: 8/24, No Wipes About: This server was created to stop looking for the hundreds of servers i didnt like. It is for the solo and duos out there that want PvP but dont want to be discouraged to PvP. Join the discord for rules and updates. Guidelines: -There are NO admins, you will not be saved. There are NO rules, but please be respectful to others and only raid and take what you need. -I will advertise and update this server but nothing on the server will change. There will be NO wipes. -It is a straight 10x Server. -Some Stats are boosted and breeding is boosted -We will run events (ex. x2 Weekends, Races, Dino Fights) Any Tribe may run an event but have to supply their own materials and rewards -If there is for some reason cheating and it is recorded from our server and proof is evident, the cheating tribe will be wiped. -The mods are S+, Stack, Rare Sightings, Super Spyglass, TCRewards, Upgrade Station
  10. HavitArk 5x PVP ORP /Cluster / 7-Maps / No Mods / Stacks + Boosted Weight / Long HavitArk TrioTribes 5x Rates |Offline Raid Protect| 7 Map Cluster| Hello Survivors! I'm James. Server Settings Rates: 5x Harvest, Experience, 5x Breeding & Egg Hatching. 5x Taming. 6x Cave Damage. 1x Loot Quality. Max Wild Dino Level 150 Max Wyvern Egg Level 190 Max Rock Drake Egg Level 190 Tek Dino's Max level 180 No Mods just 10x stacks and weight. Disabled items include: Sleeping bag, Wooden Rafts, Benches, Chairs, Managar Saddle, Titan saddles. Untameable Dino: Managarr, Titans, Titanosaur. Connection Details Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Aberration: steam://connect/ The Island: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ The Center: steam://connect/ Scorched Earth: steam://connect/ Valguero: steam://connect/ Our Website: https://havitark.premiumark.net/ Server Rules 1) English only in global. 2) You must have a legitimate character name. You may not call your character "Human", "Survivor", "Player", "123", "321", "OneTwoThree", "□□□" or anything similar. 3) Do not prison or cage offline players. 4) In siding is forbidden, e.g leaving a tribe and taking dino's or valuables without consent, If you wish to leave a tribe disclose it to the tribe first what items you want to take. 5) No meshing including hitting or biting through walls. No destroying things on the other side of a wall illegitimately. 6) All structures must be able to take damage e.g no meshed structures. 7) FOB'S and taming structures are allowed but clean up after you have used them. You can pickup any repaired structure. So use it. Dis-used structures can lag the servers. 8) Don't block access or build on the following area's: Obelisks & city terminals, Map Spawn points, Wyvern Scar, Portal south West surface entrance in Aberration, Aberration Biome entrances on Valguero, Artefact spawns you can build in artefact caves but make sure the artefact is accessible with taking damage from turrets.*We have very active admins and extensive server logs you will be caught if you cheat* Please visist our website for more info at https://havitark.premiumark.net/ if you have any question please dont hesitate to ark. I mean Ask. =D
  11. The Blue Collar Gaming Ark Cluster Welcome's You! Our Cluster Consists Of The Following Maps: [US] Blue Collar Gaming: Island - The Beginning [US] Blue Collar Gaming: Center - The Core of the Universe [US] Blue Collar Gaming: Scorched Earth - The Deserted Lands [US] Blue Collar Gaming: Ragnarok - Beautiful Destruction [US] Blue Collar Gaming: Aberration - The Underground Disaster [US] Blue Collar Gaming: Extinction - The Forgotten Lands [US] Blue Collar Gaming: Valguero - Valley of War Our Discord: https://discord.gg/gcCttZn Features: Fair & Honest Admins Built For People Who Work Weekdays! Xbox & Windows 10 Cross-play Adult Owned & Ran Balanced Stats Custom Drops & Recipes Engrams Auto-Unlock (When you reach the appropriate levels (excluding saddles, which unlock at 30)) Easy Support System Via Discord Tickets & More! Our server is a "Purge Server" If you are not familiar with this, basically during the week, structure damage is OFF, Turret Damage is RAISED, and Tame Sniping prohibited (killing a tame that is inside of the main base walls). HOWEVER! During the weekends, Structure Damage is ON, Turret Damage is LOWERED and wars will happen! It is a form of PVP that allows people who work for a living to be able to sleep well and focus on their job during the week, while relieving stress on the weekends with good ol' fashioned PvP Player Stats: Health: 1.5x Stamina: 2x Torpidity: 2x Oxygen: 300x Weight: 4000x Melee: 1.25x Speed: 1.25x Max Player Level: 200 Please Note: Levels Past 150 will have a much larger Exp Curve then all the other levels. Dino Stats: Health: 1x Stamina: 4x Oxygen: 300x Weight: 5000x Melee: 1x Speed: 1x Dinos may earn up to an additional 100 levels after taming/raising. Note: Same Exp Curve applies to dinos as well! We Look Forward To Seeing You! If you have any further questions, please join our discord!
  12. YGGDRASIL (5 MAPS) PVP 6 MAN CLUSTER To Join Our Servers Click Any Of The Banners Below JOIN OUR RAGNAROK PVP SERVER JOIN OUR VALGUERO PVP SERVER JOIN OUR ABERRATION PVP SERVER JOIN OUR SHIGOISLANDS PVP SERVER JOIN OUR EXTINCTION PVP SERVER Yggdrasil Servers is an established PvE cluster started in OCT 2017 to create a nice community and gaming environment for players to come and have fun. Our community consists of mature and diverse players from all over the globe. We have spent the past 2 years building a stable friendly community with active admins on hand to help players out when necessary. With the launch of the newest ark map Valeguero we decided to launch our newest server. We recognise that ark is a game that offers many different things to players and PvP is a large part of that. With our experience and our already well established community behind us we believe we have created one of the best PvP clusters out there currently!. We have brought on board experienced PvP players and taken advice to build an environment we believe even the most novice to the most experienced players can enjoy! Our plans for the server are to have events and activities to keep that community spirit alive. PvP is about having fun and that’s what we want to bring back to the game! We know that ark has its problems and we have applied plug ins to combat this such as the M.A.G.A plug in and the anti-meshing! We have also got an in-game shop system where players can accrue points over time as well as a donation system to keep the servers running. Features: Anti-Undermesh Plugin : - Undermeshing is non-existant on our servers thanks to a plugin that alerts admins of any undermesh attempts. Weekend rates : - Our x10 rates switch to x15 for the weekends on all but XP gain which stays at x10. Resource nodes also spawn twice as fast on weekends. Ark Advanced Chat : Personalised in game chat system allows you to talk to everyone on the cluster in global chat on all servers. Chat is broadcast to our Discord also. Points Rewards - The more you play the more points rewards you earn. - Points can be used to purchase items from our in-game shop. In-game Shop system : - Shop with points which you earn from playtime or activities. Press 'F5' ingame for more info. Custom Coded Loot boxes : - Feel like gambling? These loot box packs could contain rare items,saddles and dinos as well as points. Advanced ORP Auto Protection plugin : -You and your tribe mates automatically get structure protection after 15 mins of logging off. popcorning is disabled. If a player combat logs the ORP will be disabled for 1 hour. Vote Rewards : - 300 shop points, Electronics, Pearls and Ammo! (Can do 3 votes per day and its linked between all maps). Raidable Admin Events : Custom admin events where you can raid bases setup by our Admins with some amazing loot MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE TO ALL OUR MODS BELOW BEFORE JOINING (So you don't timeout). CLUSTER MODS ALTERNATIVELY CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO ALL MODS THROUGH STEAM If you have any questions feel free to come and ask us on Discord Look forward to playing some Ark with you
  13. A starter pack is available when an admin is online and not busy. We will be hosting various events over different weekends with different boosts like increased XP/Tame/etc for a limited time. It is ran on a dedicated pc (octa core + 32gb ram) with active admins, so downtime will be limited. ** No Brontos ** - NA - Offline raid protection - 5xp - 10x Tame - 35x Breeding - 5x Harvest - Weight boosted - Stamina boosted - 1 minute Night cycle - No food/water drain - Spoil time 6x How to join? 1 - Add Friend GT - "NEUTEK" 2 - Send GT a message with some info. ie. "Added, I am alone / would like to bring # friends" 3 - Join Game on the GT 4 - Have fun
  14. Welcome! Server EU-X100-Primal Valguero-Shop-Kits-Lottery-NewPlayerProtection-Eco Offline Raid Protection NOT active, combined with NewPlayerProtection you have 72 hours of structures immunity. The server features: Automatic Mod Updates / Automatic Steam updates / Automatic Server restarts Installed Plugins: Shop, Currency & Kits - New Player Protection - Lottery Available Free Kits at first login: 1x starterdino/survivalkit/resource/tekset/base Many items in the shop for purchase. Games settings: Max Dino level= up to 1000 Server difficulty=5 Harvest Health Multiplier=20 AutoSave Period Minutes=20 XP Multiplier=2024 Taming Speed Multiplier=200 Harvest Amount Multiplier=10 Player Damage Multiplier=1.5 Player Resistance Multiplier=3 Player Character Food Drain Multiplier=0.2 Player Character Health Recovery Multiplier=200 Dino Character Food Drain Multiplier=0.2 Dino Character Stamina Drain Multiplier=2.0 Dino Character Health Recovery Multiplier=100 Increase PvP Respawn Interval=False Auto Unlock All Engrams=True Disable Structure Placement Collision=True Global Spoiling Time Multiplier=10.0 Global Item Decomposition Time Multiplier=6.0 Global Corpse Decomposition Time Multiplier=2.0 Poop Interval Multiplier=10.1 Mating Interval Multiplier=0.2 Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier=600.0 Baby Mature Speed Multiplier=600.0 Crop Growth Speed Multiplier=100.0 Small Tribes-Active Admin-Pubblic Teleporters Valguero Server IP link: steam://connect/ Photon Sentry Turrets Damage: 800 per 0.35 sec, plus battery stacks damage multiplier for an extra protection layer against Tamed Primal Dinos while Offline. Installed Mods: Awesome SpyGlass! Awesome Teleporters Primal Fear Primal Fear Aberration Primal Fear Noxious Primal Fear Bosses ARKomatic Automated Ark Seed Farm Weapons+ Structures+ ez Turret Towers Behemoth Plus OP Table Pimp My Home eco's Tek Decor eco's RP Decor Photon Sentry N Rifle Random Boxes Editable Server UI Simple Spawner Box Press F1 in-game to get all the details regarding the Server, Kits items, Shop&Lottery commands.
  15. PS4 TRIBE RECRUITMENT Looking for players to join our tribe we will provide a base with industrial forge, basic tames and some birds. Add me Robert-lyon18 or thekiloeffect. We have patience to train bobs but will be limited. If u are active and love ark send us a message.
  16. [PC Server] Enigma XP2/H4/T8 5cluster maps, New and GROWING FAST! 70-slot East Coast PvP server New Server looking for more players. server is brand new.Servers below are clustered so you can travel between servers. (peak play hours around 5pm during the week, all day long during the weekend) Discord: https://discord.gg/VuaMZqV private discord voice tribe channel (join discord, and request) -----GENERAL----- Server is cluster Theisland & Valguero. XP x2.0 Gathering x4.0 Taming x7.0 pvp Gamma enabled. Third person allowed. -----DINOS----- Gigas and Titanosaurs are tamable. BREEDING- Mating interval decreased, 8x Hatching, 10x maturing. classic mindwipe. -----MODS----- Implant Pickup - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1791143007 Jurassic Park Structures - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1740738871 ARK Additions: Brachiosaurus! - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729512589 HG Stacking Mod 5000-90 V297 - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=849985437 ARK Additions: Domination Rex! - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1445395055 ARK: Mysterious Mysteries - Indoraptor - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1632345545 Breeders Delight - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1762990691&searchtext=nanny Egg and Poop Collector - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758620733&searchtext=egg+collector Offline Guard System - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1373937944
  17. ReaperGames PvPve Extinction 19/07 !!! Hello Raptors and Titans !!! On our server PRIMAL FEAR !!! Map - Ragnarok Xp-1 , H-25 , T-10 , (On weekends double) No admin abuse , New Player Protection - Provides timed and level limit for new player structure protection 5 players tribe - changed s+ and arkomatic settings for better game play ... We have game money for use in our shop (buy saddles ; dinos .... ) we have sell system for get extra money in game , also you can trade with other players if you trust them ... Plans for wipe ( only then is needed ) Server rules I think is simple , like normal servers have .... For now we run 15 slot server , but time is shows maybe we get bigger ... We just wanna be nice server on-line .... Discord https://discord.gg/YtTgANe On web you find all INFO about shop system .... https://reapergames.mistforums.com steam://connect/ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1807742728
  18. PvP Server Names: Team6ix 50xtame100xbreed25xharvest 20 Slots (Ragnarok) Team6ix 50xtame100xbreed20xharvest 20 Slots (Valguero) Team6ix 50xtame100xbreed20xharvest 10 Slots (Extinction) Team6ix 50xtame100xbreed20xharvest 20 Slots (The Center) Find us in the Unofficial PC Sessions List Rates: 50x Taming 20x Gathering 100x Maturation 100x Hatch Speed Custom Crafting Requirements Other Information: Unlimited Survivor and tame weight Survivor Oxygen increases by 10000 per point spent Survivor Health increases by 30 per point spent Survivor Speed increases by 7% per point spent Survivor Stamina Increased 5000 per point Survivor Fortitude increases by 20 per point spent on Fortitude Crafting speed increases by 100 per point spent Boosted tame stamina Unlimited tame weight Crop growth speed x5 Custom Stack Sizes Rules: FULL listing of our rules and guidelines on our community site at http://www.team6ixgaming.com/ This is Team 6ix Gaming's own community server fully paid for and operated by our staff. The only things EVER spawned into the server are for server events or in-game GIFTS that we give out for our survivors that donate. However, nothing outside of Official Server realm. No level 1000 tames. We grind the game just like everyone else! We purchased these servers with the full intent to play and operate it as if they were official servers minus your normal official server rates. We understand that not everyone can play this beloved game every day of the week, therefore it makes progression on official servers sometimes very tedious and very difficult. This is exactly why we're here! We're here for YOU! We love the amazing community we have created so far and we cannot wait to continue to grow! The best way to stay up to date with the server and community is to visit our site and join our Discord! https://discordapp.com/invite/um3Jab9 You will find all the server info, events, tournaments and also other helpful information on our site! VIDEO TUTORIAL ON HOW TO JOIN OUR SERVERS!
  19. [US-W] [PVP] MRB Servers/Mod & No-Mod/Cluster/Valg Hey guys! I've been running my ARK servers for about half a year with an almost 100% uptime. I decided to make two new servers with mods as an excuse to try Valguero. I've never attempted to try to get more traffic but it would be nice to get more people in Great pings for people on the West Coast with a powerful server setup. *5 Servers Total in Cluster *Location: SoCal *Equipment: 5960x/64gb RAM/ 2TB NVMe Storage *Discord: https://discord.gg/ufuXYTf Rates: XP: 10x | Harvest: 10x | Tame: 20x | Mature: 40x *Stacks changed to 1K(script/no mod) Mod-Free Servers The Island: steam://connect/ Aberration: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ Modded Servers Mods: S+/AA/Classic Flyers/Upgrade Station Valguero: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Be the first to get in on these brand new servers! Really look forward to seeing you guys around! ***Site to come.
  20. Valguero, I WIll Survive[Taming 20x] : Primal Fear, AA, Castle, S+, Extra Tranqs Looking for a pvp server where you can grind materials while playing with cool people? I Will Survive is the server for you! We have many fun mods and fun people that produces an incredible gaming experience! We are currently very small but hopefully, with this post we will gain more players! Every new person that joins gets a free phoenix! (limited time!) IP:
  21. Parks & Wreck, [NA] Valguero, slightly boosted rates and QoL mods Fresh 7/5/19 Casual server (Val) w/ mods and light boosts Parks & Wreck! Discord: https://discord.gg/Z8ZEFbt Clustered: Valguero is a permanent map, while the clustered servers will slowly rotate through the other maps. Have a permanent home to build on in Valguero and store your treasures, but enjoy the rush of fresh wipes on the secondary maps. Initially, secondary maps will not allow dinos or items until things settle down. Perfect time for low-risk PvP! No base wipes! No Trolls! 2 XP | 2 Harvest | 4 Taming | 5 Breeding S+ and Platforms+ Kraken's Better Dinos (adds TLC for the ignored dinos) AutoRun mod (tired of holding down the key?) Automated Ark (automates the trivial tasks in housekeeping) Dino Hunger (amazing mod! Carnivores' aggression is partially based on hunger meter) Offline Raid Protection: 1 medium-sized, invulnerable shield per tribe. Keep your prized dinos and treasures safe, but have defenses for the rest! Petfinder and Super Spyglass mods Up to Lvl 210 wild dinos! Friendly, helpful admins: Let us know if you get stuck or need help. No abusive admins. Trolls will be dealt with. Victim of trolling? We'll fix it. Admin tribe will try to steal your pants. Tired of alpha tribes? Being raided offline? Cowards that grind non-stop until they hit you with a max level wyvern? Join Parks & Wreck, where we make sure casual players can keep their hard work safe but still risk the non-essentials! Slightly-boosted rates to keep the game enjoyable. Tired of servers with 20X everything? I mean, what's the point of taming anything? Events: Various boosts for weekend events, primitive battles, races, and dungeon groups (set times for people to join in a cave raid for artifacts)! Casual players unite! Let's enjoy the game as we choose to, instead of being second class to the grinders, exploiters, trolls, and power-tripping players!
  22. Endgame Boosted PVP Cluster It's time for the Endgame now! Endgame is a one month season cluster with boosted rates for constant brutality. From The Island to Valguero we host all of the Official Arks. We have periodic events with fun and exciting prizes and a PVE server that tribes can retire any beloved tames to after each season! XP and rates- Level Cap is 105 +30 levels when fully ascended. - Max wild dino level 150 normal, 180 tek, and 190 wyvern- Taming and breeding 15x- Player and dino XP x20- Harvest x20Tribe and PvP settings- 7 players max per tribe- Tribe dino cap per server: 400- Turret damage x5- Mutator x5- Turret limit 250 per 33 foundationsGameplay- All engrams are learned as you go- Bosses are not necessary for engrams, although you can fight them to ascend, for loot and for element- PvE admin areas are not to be built in or around. Server side settings will prevent PvP in those areas. - Drops are custom made and can contain really good items, no one likes water jar blueprints! - Drops can have different items depending on what server you're on. - Fliers are allowed on Aberration"Server Mods"-Classic Flyers-S+-CT Reusable-OGS-HG stacking mod-Awesome spy Glass-Tribute and element transfer-Automated ArkPvE Server also has-ECO decor-Castles and Keeps-Steampunk"Server Links"Aberation steam://connect/ steam://connect/ steam://connect/ Earth steam://connect/ Center (PvE) steam://connect/ Island steam://connect/ steam://connect/ https://discord.gg/Dsu762x
  23. Blood Moon PvP/ORP/50X TAME/BREED/ALL MAPS/CROSS PLAY/10X GATHER http://discord.gg/CFhewk4 search Blood Moon
  24. CROSSPLAY - UNFORGIVING ARK STARTER REAPER OR VELO - given from me personally, not an admin NEW EVENT = raid the admin base for loot Fresh Wipe as of August 14th BALANCED STATS Unofficial Vanilla stats. Cross play Xbox & PC This is a Purge style cluster, structure damage off not ORP. Open map PVP all week. ——**Maps**—— 50 Slot **Rag**&**Val** 32 Slot **Center**&**Island** 20 Slot **Ab**&**Ext** https://discord.gg/UdyY3yT ——**Server Stats**—— **Max Player** 105 | **Max Dino** 150 **Tribe Limit** 6 | **No Alliances** 4x **Exp** 8x **Gather** 15x **Weight** 7x **Tame** 25x **Hatch** 30x **Mature** ——**Player Stats**—— **Weight** 150 **Health** 15 | **Stam** 15 **Melee** 7.5 | **Movement** 3.8 **Fort**&**Crafting Skill** 10 ——**Daily Reset Times**—— **Rag**&**Extinction**: 7:00AM GMT **Island**&**Center**&**Ab**&**SE**: 2:00AM PST
  25. Looking for Experienced Tribe Members (Valguero Small Tribe Official) I am interested in creating a NEW tribe in an Official Valguero Small Tribe PVP Server. I have just under 3k hours between Xbox and Steam on ARK and am proficient in the PVE aspect of the game (Taming, boss fights, breeding, farming, building), with moderate experience in PVP conflicts. I aim for this tribe to be primarily neutral, meaning that only participate in PVP given that we are threatened/attacked. I don't like picking fights, and would rather have a more wholesome experience of the game and community within the server. I love to play ARK to have fun, and while the daily "chores" come naturally with this game, I expect to have a good experience that isn't only grinding. If you would like to be a part of a tribe that shares these ideas and meet my requirements below, message me on Discord or Xbox: a321alec#0354 or DaVikingWarrior Requirements: 18+ Microphone Discord (Or xbox live party depending on how many of us are on Windows 10 Edition) Understand most game mechanics Trustworthy (I'd like to avoid tribe ranks as much as possible and have an environment with open boxes and vaults, shared tames, etc.) Decent amount of time to play. (I'll be able to play between 4-8 hours on weekdays and 4-12 hours on weekends depending on real-life events) Friendly Collective goals and and understanding how to achieve them
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