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  1. Official PvE Valguero Servers Hello. I am looking at going to Valguero. Does anyone know of a good map that isn't all pillars? I'm looking for Official PvE. If there are people out there taking on additional tribe members that would be awesome. If not just a server id would be great. Thanks
  2. Big question Okay, so I have run the boss twice now with my tribe members on Valguero. We always got the element from the Broodmother and Megapithecus. The Manticore first of all doesn't ever land. Second of all, if we kill it in the air, we can not get the element. The body instantly dissapears. We get deinos on it when its close to ground and low, and then kill it, and no element. How are we supposed to get that element otherwise? Its needed, but its just going to waste!
  3. Servidor hispano Arkramerica PVE/PVP x5 +S ¡Hola gente! en esta ocasión les vengo a spamear un servidor dedicado, hecho con mucho cariño para todos aquellos que les gusta una buena experiencia de ARK casi vanilla, sin mods con eterno loading, sin estadística frutas, sin abuso del staff. Lo hicimos para jugar entre amigos, pero decidimos compartirlo con todos para mayor diversión. Tengan en cuenta que cualquier sugerencia va ser tomada en cuenta y el servidor está abierto a modificación (sin que incluya wipear, salvo que sea por votación). - Sin loading eterno de mods - Buena predisposición del staff, somos muy afectivos (?) - Sin kits inciales - Experiencia x5 - Harvest x2.5 - Taming x10 - Max lvl dino salvaje: 150 - Tiempo real - Horario PVP: 19hs a 01hs (Horario ARG) https://time.is/es/Argentina - Map: The island - IP: - Server Discord: https://discord.gg/Wh4P4bP - Lista de mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1820000645 Todavía faltan cosas que pulir, pero sin necesidad de wipear. Los admin no van a hacer trampas porque cada vez que activen un comando van a ser botoneados por el chat global. La idea es un server intermedio, entre lo slow y fast sin arruinar la experiencia de juego. Los esperamos!
  4. Ark Royals - Valguero Ark Royals - Valguero is a mid rate PvE server looking to recruit new players excited about the new map Valguero. We host weekly events and average about 12 players online a day. Fresh dino spawns every day at 5am Est or 2am Pst. Our server has a couple of Quality of life mods such as a spyglass mod and a few more. Each day is 56 minutes long, the sun is up for 43 minutes and night is only 13 minutes long. Ark Royals is Also clustered to a modded map called Crystal Isles which is PvE on the Weekdays and PvP on the weekends. Each new player gets starter 150 Tapejara! Can’t wait to see you ingame! You can check out our mod list below Our Mods If your still interested join us! [Discord]|[Ark Royals Valguero] If Arkservers doesnt work for you try this Server IP: Our server rates are 8x Taming, 20 egg hatching, 15 maturation, and 5x gathering and xp. Extra engram points and 2 x speed and fortitude for players. Dinos get 1.5x more stamina and 2x more speed per tamed levelup and max wild dino is level 300. For more information click the link above called Ark Royals Valguero or join our discord!
  5. What dino is the strongest in ark? I remember last time when I played (when extinction was launched) Velona was the strongest dino, what dino is the strongest now?
  6. Ark Mobile PvE Medium *The Dream Server* *Server de Ark PvE Medium:* -*2x XP Boost* -*3x Haverst* -*5x Hatching* -*5x Maturing* -*0.25x Day* -*3x Night* -*NO ADMIN ABUSE* -Servidor de 8 personas (principalmente Español / Ingles) de test, se necesita unirse al servidor de discord para poder jugar tranquilamente con tu tribu, si funciona se aumentará el espacio para personas. -Server of 8 players (Mostly spanish and english) for a test, you need to join in the discord server to play quietly with your tribe mates, If this works it will be have more space for new players per month. https://discord.gg/suRGHuC Discord
  7. Valguero PS4 Server - PVE 3x Resources 5x Taming and More! Hello! I am an admin on our server and we are looking for more players to join. We have the server for 6 months and will increase that if people would like to continue playing. Currently, there are only 10 slots, but if you have friends that also want to join we will increase the server size to accommodate more players. THIS IS A PVE SERVER, so feel free to create your own tribe with friends or just play solo! No need to worry about other player interference or having resources or other important things taken from you! If this rule is broken then please let me know and the server owner or myself will take care of the issue. The max level of wild dinos on this server is currently around 334 (highest seen so far), so to help players begin we are willing to give a few materials (metal pickaxes, hatchets, a weapon, etc.) or increase the player to level 30 at max. If you would like to start from scratch that is fine with us too. We are open to any age, however we just ask that you please have a mature mindset and to not harass others players. What you do in your own tribe is your own business though! Server Name: Goad PVE 3x resource 5x tame No password and is an unofficial PC server when you search for it. If you cannot find it message one of the names at the bottom of the page. Server Includes: 3x resources Higher density resources for gathering 5x tame speed Decreased egg incubation time (ex. Quetzal takes 20min to hatch) Increased baby dino maturation rate (most dinos fully mature in a few mintures) Low hunger drain Low thirst drain Low stamina drain Increased dino stamina If you have any questions about the server or other server settings then please message me on discord or PS4 at B2K_Bandiit or message UncleFlappyskin on PS4.
  8. PVE EXTINCTION CORE & PRIMAL FEAR | UNLOCK ALL Welcome to our heavily modded PVE Extinction Core & Primal Fear server. This new server consists of a small growing community to enjoy this endless amount of time and gameplay to dump into this server. We hope you enjoy your time here and will gladly take any feedback or suggestions from our community. The server is hosted in New York. Ragnarok: Server Mod Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1817153682 Our Discord: https://discord.gg/ewzdmM Server Stats: Max Character Level: 300 Max Wild Dino Level: 600 Harvesting: x5 Taming: x20 Experience: x10 Max Tamed Dinos: Unlimited Egg Hatch Speed: x25 Mating Interval: x0.125 Baby Mature Rate: x30 Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier: x2.5 Fishing Loot Quality Multiplier: x2.5
  9. Welcome! We invite you to join our friendly PVE cluster! At this moment, we have three maps and are open to get more if the community wants them.There is a Market built for players to buy, sell, and trade. We have a community workshop with all of the industrial crafting stations added for player use. There is a Pub, a Jousting Arena, Gladiator Arena, and many other community event areas in the process of being built. We have frequent events and have already given out many great prizes. Admins are on daily at varying times. If one is not on, everyone is always free to message me, DuchessofGotham, directly and I will answer questions in a quick manner regardless of whether or not I am on. Our community is our top priority! Our server stats are listed below: Arkham Horror Cluster: 32 Slots Map: The Island Difficulty: 5.0 Max Tamed Dinos: 400 Taming Speed: 4x Harvest Multiplier: 4x XP: 4x Loot Quality: 4x Anyone Baby Imprint Cuddle: Enabled Egg Hatch: 15x Baby Mature: 20x Food and Water Drain are very low. Faster nights and longer days. Long consumption times for gas and element for your generators. We have made Flyers Faster across all of our servers. Arkham Horror Patron Aberration: 10 Slots Difficulty: 5.0 Max Tamed Dinos: 400 Taming Speed: 7x Harvest Multiplier: 7x XP: 7x Loot Quality: 4x Anyone Baby Imprint Cuddle: Enabled Egg Hatch: 25x Baby Mature: 30x Food and Water Drain are very low. Arkham Horror Extinction: 20 Slots Difficulty: 5.0 Max Tamed Dinos: 400 Taming Speed: 4x Harvest Multiplier: 4x XP: 4x Loot Quality: 4x Anyone Baby Imprint Cuddle: Enabled Egg Hatch: 15x Baby Mature: 20x Food and Water Drain are very low. Egg Lay Interval: .5 Terrain clipping on so you can build nice bases! Arkham Horror Patron Scorched Earth: 10 Slots Difficulty: 6.0 Max Tamed Dinos: 400 Taming Speed: 10x Harvest Multiplier: 10x XP: 10x Loot Quality: 6x Anyone Baby Imprint Cuddle: Enabled Egg Hatch: 30x Baby Mature: 35x Food and Water Drain are very low. Egg Lay Interval: .5 Terrain clipping on so you can build nice bases! Higher Level Dinos! We also have items stacking to 1000 on many items and are always adding more for your convience! We also have a Discord that we would love for you to join to stay in touch with our growing community! This is also a good way for the Admin team to be able to assist you faster! https://discord.gg/xG5CpNx We have Patron packages with awesome loot for those that donate and support our growing community! Enjoy! Make sure you join us while there is plenty of great areas to build! ?
  10. [US][Vengecide] Fiberstart Ragnarok Come and join [Vengecide]Fiberstart Ragnarok! Fresh start new server. x5 taming, 10x harvest, 45x XP, 45x egg hatch/breeding. My server is also a FiberStart server not a fibercraft server meaning some stuff only cost 1 fiber to help get you going faster. I also implemented a working element system. You can now craft element with cementing paste using the replicator. Also the replicator cost 5k ingots to craft. I also tweaked the new kibble system to make crafting the kibble easier. You need fiber, cooked meat, berries, and a water skin. I based the different tiers of kibble based on the tier colors. So if you wanted exceptional kibble you would need the yellow berries. Blue Ob also has a community crafting station.
  11. Potatoland is a PVE cluster that has Valguero, Ragnarok, Aberration and Extinction. Other maps can be added if demand is high. S+, 2x exp, 2x gathering, 10x tame and baby times, 150 max wild level, 5x raft/platform limits for those who like houseboats, and roughly 10% more engram points to compensate for mods. We already have a small and friendly community going. Server names are Potatohands (Valguero), Potatobutt (Aberration), Potatopancake (Extinction) and Potatofeet (Ragnarok). Most of us play on Valguero at the moment. Our servers are privately owned and have no risk of going offline forever, like those who rent servers. Discord: https://discord.gg/tjaWWp6 Mod list: Valguero Dino and Map Extension (1786522940) The Chasm - Additional Creatures (1787443195) Structures Plus (731604991) Castles, Keeps and Forts Medieval Architecture (764755314) Better Reusables (1364327869) SelVision (1092557691) HG Stacking Mod 1000-50 (849372965) eco's RP Decor (741203089) eco's Garden Decor (880871931) OzoCraft 1.7 (893904615) Platforms Plus (719928795) "a server that has an admin that isn't actually complete trash" - Some guy on my server
  12. 24/7 PVE VALGEURO - Boosted Rates, Modified Resource Stacks and 450 Wild Dinos! Hello all! Looking for an older/mature server environment to enjoy the new Valguero Map? Message myself (Poohdini_RT) or the host (Beaushangles) on Xbox Live for server details. We are looking for fun, mature players to join our server community. Server is Nitrado hosted, currently at 20 players and we can increase that cap at any time if necessary. Server is set up for fun which includes custom drops, automatic engram learning while leveling up, (character max level 150), modified resource stacking (this is so nice!), 6x Taming, character stats are mildly increased (weight, health, stam, etc..) Message today!
  13. Apex Prime - PvE - XP-3 Harvest-5 Tame-8 Hello everyone! My name is Kreeper and I own a public PvE server called Apex Prime on the Valguero map and would love for you to join! We have active admins to ensure the server is always up to date on mods, and a fairly active player base. I have owned Ark servers on and off since 2016 and have always loved the game and creating a friendly environment for all people! I'd rather not ramble on, so lets get right into the nitty gritty. Server IP Link https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3898973 Server Discord https://discord.gg/8r82NJJ Official Apex Prime Mod List https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1793847206 Rates XP - 3x Harvest - 5x Tame - 8x Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier - 20x Baby Mature Speed - 25x Imprint Stat Scale Multiplier - 1.5x Cuddle Interval - .02 (Still a work in progress to find proper balance) Tamed dinos stats are (mostly) pre nerf, so they might be stronger than you're used to! (Also still a work in progress to balance correctly, but for the most part its fine) Players get more stats and engrams per level up And that's all the main rates I've changed, if you have any questions please let me know, and I hope to see you on the server!
  14. PVE EXTINCTION CORE & PRIMAL FEAR | UNLOCK ALL Welcome to our heavily modded PVE Extinction Core & Primal Fear server. This new server consists of a small growing community to enjoy this endless amount of time and gameplay to dump into this server. We hope you enjoy your time here and will gladly take any feedback or suggestions from our community. The server is hosted in New York. Ragnarok: Server Mod Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1817153682 Our Discord: https://discord.gg/ewzdmM Server Stats: Max Character Level: 300 (without ascending) Max Wild Dino Level: 600 Harvesting: x5 Taming: x30 Experience: x10 Max Tamed Dinos: Unlimited Egg Hatch Speed: x25 Mating Interval: x0.125 Baby Mature Rate: x20 Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier: x2.5 Fishing Loot Quality Multiplier: x2.5
  15. Still no response from support! So about a month ago or so I built a base on aberration to farm metal, overnight a tribe named NinetyNineProblems came in and pillard Me In (1 tribe member in particular) to where I couldn't build anything outwards and only had a 8x8 space to work with, when I asked the kid why he did it and if he would remove it he started to be a little prick and threatened that if I didn't remove my base he would destroy it and my other bases whenever I came online. Since aberration usually is very sparsely populated anyways my server rarely has more than three people on it at a time but this kid just has to have all of the land to himself. So I went and filed a support ticket to see if the game managers would do their jobs and remove his pillars so I can build and be able to actually play the game the way it's supposed to be (kids like this little prick should stick to their own private servers and leave the people who have RESPECT FOR OTHERS alone!) Anyways I filed that ticket a month ago and never received a response two weeks after the incident I filed another ticket still to no response so it's good to know that when little punks like that do crap like that there will being nothing done about it making this game just a bit more unfun then it already is it's getting to the point where I'll stop playing and won't bother buying any more DLCs. They can't make the game fair for everyone and they can't fix the simple bugs and glitches that we already have what's the point? To have everything we work for messed up by some little selfish Punk? ITS A PVE SERVER FOR CHRIST SAKE!
  16. Good tekst.txt
  17. Shattered Paradise - Ragnarok PVE - Great Community Reasonably Boosted Rates WELCOME TO SHATTERED PARADISE Shattered Paradise hosts a growing community on Ragnarok. Our current player base consists of about nine individuals who are all working together to create an environment in which everyone enjoys playing. We're working toward growing an economy with trading posts and deploy crate towers, we have regular weekly boost events to help with taming and harvesting, and we also have admin-hosted special events in which our community can take part to win special prizes! Shattered Paradise enjoys reasonably boosted server rates such as 6x taming, 3x harvesting, 10x egg hatch speed, and 20x baby mature speed. Many of our other settings are also adjusted for quality of life, and we have custom supply drops and Aberration and Extinction dino spawns. Engrams for Aberration are auto-unlocked at the required level to craft, and Aberration raw resources have been included in supply drop loot tables. OUR WELCOME CENTER provides new players with a safe haven in Viking Bay, protecting them from predators when they log off, and also providing them with the necessary crafting stations until they can move off the beach on their own. New players may also elect to receive a STARTER CARE PACKAGE when they first create their character, containing a few essential goods to make life easier on the Ark. We also have a Shattered Paradise DISCORD that can be used to communicate with the rest of the SP community, as well as keep up to date on server events and announcements. Our discord also has a record of all rules and regulations, as well as a place for players to make suggestions for future server changes. A full list of server settings can be found on our discord, but here's a summary of what you can expect on Shattered Paradise: - 6x taming -3x harvesting -slightly shorter nights -aberration and extinction spawns on Rag -20 pts of weight per level and 3 pts of fortitude per level -custom supply drop loot tables -8x egg hatch speed -10x baby mature speed -egg lay interval x2 -difficulty set at 6.5 -cave flying -cave building (3x damage in caves instead of 6x) -structures allowed at drops, and structures won't block drops -increased engram points per level So if you're looking for a reasonably boosted PVE server with a community that works together and plays together, Shattered Paradise is the place you want to be! Come join us now while we're still growing, and you'll have almost anywhere on Ragnarok to build your base! We are a CROSS ARK server, so Windows 10 users and Xbox One users are both allowed to join. To find our server, search for SHATTERED PARADISE make sure UNOFFICIAL PC SESSIONS is selected, and PASSWORD PROTECTED is unchecked. Make sure game mode and map are both set to ALL before you search. Please also join our discord server by clicking this link. Or following this URL -> https://discord.gg/AJVNcEd Hope to see you soon!!!!
  18. [EU] The Maitland Privateers Server Unofficial server up and running. All are welcome to join and help build a thriving server. I will be on when I can as admin Currently running Summer event and will rotate through the others. Current Rates: (may get boosted further but for now still want some challenge) X2 harvest X2 xp X5 taming X20 maturation X10 Egg hatch speed Rules: No pillaring or similar land grab techniques - the server will be a community not isolated individuals No dino/behemoth gates used as walls - it slows the server. Use walls as walls. To prevent over crowding of tames, each tribe that joins will be gifted a cryo fridge and cryo balls by admin when I am online and able to, and once you have electricity set up to run them. Other than that....Have fun and I hope to see you there!
  19. High Speed Connection -Three Servers - [12 Months 24/7] - BOOSTED ONLINE 24/7 Server One > Normal PVE > Ragnarok PvE > Public > (Offline Protection) & BOOSTED Xboxone! ONLINE 24/7 Server Two > PVP Wasteland > Ragnarok PvP > Public > (Offline Protection) & BOOSTED Xboxone! ONLINE 24/7 Server Three > Valued Members Only > Ragnarok PvE/PVP > VIP Access Only > (Offline Protection) & BOOSTED Xboxone! ^^^ Place White Flags & Put PvE in Tribe Name! ^^^ When anyone messes around with our PVE players they get banned unless that person forgives them. (Save Screenshot Tribe Log) (Admins 24/7) Free Admission! (All Donations Help.) Free Hospitality! Free To Build and Relax! Server Competitions For Blueprints & Rex Skins Bring TWO Friends And Get Yourself PROTECTED! We want dedicated players to be part of our good server and awesome community! Currently we are new have 10+ players during the evenings and everyone is very helpful! Contact Admin -> HighlifeVIP for Invites to the server & club. If you DO NOT join club WILL NOT be accepted into the server! We have admins on around the clock. They always clean the server from old structures, dinowipes, stop cheaters, griefers, and keep the server in order & running smooth. They WILL NOT SPAWN YOU ANYTHING. If you ask to be an admin you will be removed from the server we don't have the time for little kids and annoying people. The host works all day and does the best he possibly can to maintain the server and keep it online so don't stress him out. The Host BOOSTED his internet service to support 50 people playing on weekends! Also got new equipment! (Netgear R7000) gaming router, new surfboard cable modem). He is serious about running a quality server so please enjoy our community and be cooperative! Contact for DONATIONS! We do the best here! RULES: Offline Protection Enabled, No PvE raiding using wild dinos (kiting), No greifing, No passive tame killing (record/capture proof), No crying, No blocking caves or resources, No Harassment, No over-use of doedic/anky/bronto etc creates lag, No asking to change server rates, No little kid BS be a man!, If you get wiped for no reason it will be looked into and you may be compensated because we want you to play on our server we're all having a good time. REMEMBER Ark is Cruel! BUT have some fun! Contact Admin: HighlifeVIP for info etc. Admins will not spawn anything lose due to crashes, glitches in the game, if you don't speak up before a dinowipe for any other reason you will lose a dino!! P.S. If you come looking for trouble or cause any problems you will be banned from the server and will not be allowed back. any type of glitch abuse or cheating will get you banned. if you know of a glitch that has not been blocked by the admins please tell us so we can block people from exploiting it. See you guys in there! If you guys like aquariums check me out on IG @Badass_Aquatics
  20. Hi I'm looking to get a seat on either the aberration boss fight or the tek cave boss fight. Name your entry fee Aberration fight: I've done this fight before but I need to do it with my level 90 character that I use primarily for cave runs. I have a suitable rock drake/saddle and shotgun, or megalosaurus, depending on what role i'm needed for. Tek Cave: I haven't done this one before, so i'm not sure what i'll need to bring. I'll be taking my level 115 character. Been playing since early access with just under 2k hours ingame. Any takers would be much appreciated!!
  21. PC PVE New - Giving Away 101.6 ASC Rex Saddle BP! PC, PVE NEW: Giving away a 101.6 ASC Rex BP! Winner picked in the next 48 hours! More info here: https://discord.gg/aeJRWfs
  22. Fresh New Roleplay Server on Valguero! The Argus Saga Fresh New Roleplay Server! The Argus Saga Hello everyone! My name is JT Mad Cat (Gamertag) and I'm here to present my newest creation. The Argus Saga The Argus Saga is a Unique RP server that a fellow Admin and I have been working on for months. It is a Homebrew creation with it's own lore, over 20 races, in depth Character Creation, Unique gods and Religions, and much more. We intend to expand even more on the world and its lore with in game events becoming part of the ever changing story! As for in-game, We spent heavy testing periods on the server rates and settings. We wanted to create an environment where grinding for resources wasnt too time consuming but also to where it wasnt game breaking and having a full blown fortress in a day. We made it where RP players will have a long term investment to sit and game on but still have fun while doing it. It will also help keep the trolls down. It is also cross platform with Xbone! I hope you come by and visit to check out all the work and have some fun on our server! Thank you! https://discord.gg/J8KKHPg
  23. (NEW) Saints N Sinners PvE Cluster The Saints N Sinners cluster consists of 5 maps: Ragnarok, Valguero, Scorched Earth, Extinction, and The Island. It is geared towards long-term play with some building/decor mods, an economy, and the ability to ascend. More info can be found by joining our discord. We are a small friendly gaming community looking for others of similiar interests to play with. We recently moved back into a full dedicated server, so you do not have to worry about lag. Stop by our discord and say hi! Rates: 1x Experience 3x Harvesting 5x Taming Misc. Info: Difficulty: 20 (Max dino level 600) Custom player leveling to 200 (215 with ascension) Custom Player attribute per stat modifiers Reduced water and food intake. Longer days and shorter nights. Breeding factors tweaked Custom drops that includes mod specific content. Removed creatures: Leedsichthys and Ichthyornis Discord link - https://discord.gg/9dq6Fv2 Saints N Sinners Cluster Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1569931872 Saints N Sinners Ragnarok Cluster (3xH,5xT,1xXP) steam://connect/ Saints N Sinners Valguero Cluster (3xH,5xT,1xXP) steam://connect/ Saints N Sinners The Island Cluster (3xH,5xT,1xXP) steam://connect/ Saints N Sinners Extinction Cluster (3xH,5xT,1xXP) steam://connect/ Saints N Sinners Scorched Earth Cluster (3xH,5xT,1xXP) steam://connect/
  24. Valguero + Extinction Cluster Limited Recruitment Hi all, I'm the admin for a 2 server cluster currently running Extinction and Valguero. We've freshly reset but our community has significantly dwindled as of late and we're looking to build it back up. We have limited slots so if you're looking for a new home for a group please respond quickly. We have a few simple rules to follow just to make sure everyone has a good time: 1) No griefing. This includes everything form stealing, to harassing other players, to leading a wild giga to someone's base. It's a big no-go and will lead to an instant blacklist. 2) No cheating. This includes things like meshing and duping and will also lead to an instant blacklist. 3) No hoarding drops. This one is more ambiguous but suffice it to say that if you're actively farming drop such as deep sea loot crates to the point that no one else is able to get them you will be asked to ease back on the loot farming. If no one else is on to hunt the drops by all means knock yourself out, just make sure you're being considerate of other players. 4) No inviting friends without Admin permission. As stated before, we have limited slots so inviting other players without cheeking beforehand isn't allowed. If you have friends that would like to join the server as well just check in to see if we have the space for them! About the cluster: Both servers in the cluster run the same settings which I like to call "have a life settings" because they were designed to let people play the game to its fullest without having to spend every waking hour on it. We have slightly boosted harvesting, 2x player stat gains (along with slightly boosted dino stamina and carry weight), and 1.7x XP gain. Dino levels scale in intervals of 7 for a max normal dino level of 210! Also, platform saddle structure limits are turned up and have had their building zone increased. Lastly, the most boosted setting on our server is breeding which is set at around 20x. That's all the major settings, but there are a lot of settings that are customized so feel free to ask about any specific settings you'd like to know about. We're generally just looking for some people that want to have fun on ark without dedicating your life to it. Our current members have a wide variety of interests and other games we like to play so who knows, you might just find yourself some new friends along the way! We have limited slots available so please message me if you're interested, and feel free to tell us about yourself in your message if you're so inclined!
  25. The Kimchi Cult - [EU] TheISland - PC The Kimchi Cult - EU - PVE on PC is looking for more people to enjoy an authentic, story driven adventure! We are currently 2 tribes of 3 each: The Kimchi Cult The Black Sail Tribe We have established trade and work together as we run caves & prepare to fight the Island bosses. The Kimchi Cult tribe is looking to expand its roster by another 1-2 people. Additionally, there is space for another small group to join us as an independent tribe (3-5 People). The goal is to go through the notes/dossiers/challenges in a relaxed pace and finally ascend. Then we can continue on Scorched Earth, Aberration and finally Extinction. At that point, we could choose any map and make it our home, cluster our server and so on. This is where you come in! If you want to bring your own small tribe, you most certainly can! The only prerequisite is being nice/mature. Solo? Also great. Would love to have a hermit living in a forest or in the icy mountains, Revenant style. Or you can join one of the existing tribes too. Story State: We've run SE and Central caves & planning Lava cave next. The Kimchi Cult is now breeding Therizinos for future bosses and is really proud of its Argies, which we use as alpha killers. The Black Sail tribe, originally nomads have established their base and looking to breed Strong Rexes. They are experienced masters of the sea & loot cave runners The rates: XPMultiplier=2.000000 TamingSpeedMultiplier=2.50000 MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.125000 EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=10.000000 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=36.799000 BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier=0.167000 MaxDifficulty=True Platform & item stack is set to 5x. Mods: Note Tracker: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1631378184 S+ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=731604991 Platforms+ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=719928795 The Server: https://arkservers.net/server/ Discord: https://discord.gg/aZ3PsVN Feel free to pm me with any questions, or join discord for a chat If interested!
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