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  1. Hey and welcome! If you have planned to play and complete all the dangers in ARK, along with other players? This is the server for you! Server cluster is located in both US and EU. We have all maps, for easy travel between all maps using same Character. We are running events and a Market for sell, buy and trade dinos. Active Admins who will help you when needed. And we also have a rotating Event Server "map". With custom Events, like tame crazy high level dinos. and bring them back to the standard maps/servers. Other events we run is Respawned bosses in the Event word map. And let the hole cluster hunt them together. We use our Event server to many crazy things. We host our servers at Nitrado, and our servers are placed in UK and USA East. We have done this for years and plan to do this for years. Homepage: http://www.ark-server.nu Twitter: @deticatedX https://twitter.com/deticatedx Discord: https://discord.gg/DA9jnzP Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arkdeticatedx Settings - Max Lvl Player 170 - Difficulty set Island 8x, Ragnarok 12x, Aberration 10x, SC12x, Center 14x, Extiction 14x - 4x XP - 4x Special XP - 4x Crafting - 30x Breeding - 12x Egghatch - 6x Taming - 5x Stacking - Custom stacking - Longer day, shorter night - Friendy fire is disable (You can not kill other players, but you can kill your tames and you tribemembers) - Platform build can clip in terrain (So you can build nice bases) - Food drain on tamed Dino is very low - Faster respawn of resoruces - 40 days decay on tamed dinos - Offline Damage protection is activated - Maximal XP on Tamed Dino Stamina, weight - We have boosted stamnia, weight at player and dinos. - LVL 5 Unlocks Tek Generator and Transmitter to use - Custom Drops (Elements, starter kit) * Our main Map is Changed from Island to Ragnarok Mars 2019 * Our Center map have custom wild respawns. Makes this nice map more fair. Rules: - No immature kids HOW TO JOIN In ARK game Menu: 1. Start ARK 2. Select "Join ARK" 3. Select "Unofficial PC Session" from the Session Filter 4. Filter "All Maps" and "PVE" 5. Search "Deticated" in the seach bar 6. Join the server/map of your choice within the Deticated family! ADMIN - Our admins are not the owner of this cluster. And never use adminabuse, and are handpicked for the job and for there good social skills. Best Regards ALF
  2. Odyssey PVE Valguero 5x XP/6x Harvest/8x Mating,Hatch,Mature. CLUSTER Valguero/Extinction We are a fresh server, about 5 days to be exact looking to build a mature community. Very relaxed server with a cluster, if interested stop by in start a toon do some breeding Server Location - Dallas, Texas Rules No Greifing at all ( one warning ) No blocking resource or dino spawns on either map ( one warning ) Empty beaver dams 1 base per player if moving, you have 24 hours to complete your move Store all dino's in storage that are not mating to reduce server lag Maps in Cluster Valguero - Main Extinction Server MODS Collection Odyssey Server Mod Collection Server Discord Odyssey Discord Server Direct Connect steam://connect/
  3. http://www.apexgaming.org.uk https://discord.gg/AKBESGn Cluster Maps: The Island Ragnarok Aberration Extinction The Center Scorched Earth Valguero Server Settings: All Servers tick rates have been customized and servers run at 100fps ** Breeding x15 ** Taming x10 ** Harvesting x3 ** XP x3 ** 10.000 Structure Limit ** 220 Player Levels + 30 Ascension Levels ** 150 Wild Dino Level ** +100 Dino Levels with XP ** All engrams learnable ** Fully customized loot drops ** Cluster wide Auction House ** Voting Rewards Mods: Steam Workshop :: Structures Plus (Open Source) Steam Workshop :: Platforms Plus LTS Steam Workshop :: Super Spyglass (Open Source) Steam Workshop :: Additional Lighting Steam Workshop :: Dino Storage v2 Steam Workshop :: Auction House 3.0.2 Steam Workshop :: Resource Stacks 2.0 Steam Workshop :: TCs Auto Rewards v1.11.1 Steam Workshop :: MRRadTools.INC Content Pack Apart from Building Structures evertyhing else has been disabled Items Disabled: FLASHBANG GRENADE GAUSS RIFLE OBSIDIAN SWORD SFR-100T V83 SHOTGUN V83 SHOTGUN AMMO SHOCK V83 SHOTGUN AMMO GAUSS AMMO TRANQ GAUSS AMMO ADVANCED SFR45 BULLET We also OWN the hardware so not under pressure by renting fees / donation limits / affordability risk, The cluster is new so if you are looking for a fresh ,new and balanced experience feel free to join us
  4. [ISLAND] 24/7 PVE-COMMUNITY (NITRADO) >18+ONLY< MIC REQUIRED!!! Hey guys! We have a brand new server up on the Island. We used to host a server for three years back in 2016, but everyone took a much needed break! So let’s get to the important stuff! MIC REQUIRED (18+ONLY) 24/7PVE-COMMUNITY Island map. Wild Dino wipes, Community events, Ark Lottery, Ark Fishing Tournaments, Ark Jousting Arena, weekly events, community trading, Xbox ark club for planning and scheduled events. I won’t go over everything here. in order to join the server and become a member of our community, please message The owner GT: [Icen Balathazar] or Admin GT: [Beetz Tha Don]. You will have to do a quick and easy oral screening process 3-5minutes. That’s to help keep TROLLS and CHILDREN off of our server! Space is very limited! So, come and join us and let’s survive together! We hope to see you all very soon! xoxo xoxo
  5. Are you looking for a community where you can explore a wonderful map, trade with others, build up somewhere you can call home? We here at T.N.U Jurassic Ark Isla Valguero are pleased to offer a server with 60 player limit. Please keep in mind that this is a mature 18+ community, so please be respectful of other people and their hard work. Our server, Isla Valguero, is centered on the Valguero Map and includes the full roster of Ark dinosaurs, including the ones from Scorched Earth, Aberration and also mods which add a lot of extra dinosaurs each with varying degrees of difficulties. Players who simply like to be creative and Build away are welcome as we feel this is a builder friendly map and we offer A carefully selected list of mods handpicked by our Admin team to include some of Ark's most popular mods to aid with this. You will find a link bellow, which we’ve organised into a mod-pack for your convenience. This list is subject to change and we’re always interested in learning about new mods to add to our community. Likewise the server settings we’ve chosen reflect our thoughts on what’s fair for large tribes and solo players alike. This is a PC PVE server. *No pillar spamming allowed ever on the server!* Monthly events such as Double XP Boosts and arena events. Gather x 3 Xp x 3 Harvest x 3 Taming x 6 Breeding x 20 If you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact one of the server owners via Steam. They’ll provide you the necessary information to get you started, as well as an invite to our Discord channel. Discord link: https://discord.gg/ktDpvda @ {T-N-U} MAC @ {T-N-U} JadeArrow @ {T-N-U} Doc. The End Mod Collection Page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=963500178
  6. PVE servers (Nitrado hosting): 1. Island map 2. Aberration map 3. Ragnarok map 4. Extinction map 5. Valguero map Start Your steam and choose server here 3x on Valguero, Extinction map, other maps 2x (on events+1)3x on Abberation map, other maps 2x (on events+1)3x taming on Valguero and Ragnarok map, other maps 2x (on events+1)3x breeding on Island map, other maps 2x (on events+1) 1.5x stronger imprinting 4x slower gasolline usage, 4x longer fireplace, torch lights 3x slower tamed dino starvation 5x building decay on Island map, 3x on Extinction map, other x2 Flying in caves - on Flyer stamina regen. - onSlots for players will be added if needed. Admin communicate in english. Will understand some russian also. There will not be "Admin friends" flying around on 9999lvl wyverns.Servers will run at least 2 years with out wipe. Island server at least 3-5 years with out wipe. ( forever) We have Discord server and Steam group to keep players informed.
  7. Check out The Jamon Paradigm PvE Mega Cluster - An active and friendly ARK: Survival Evolved Community. Who we are: We're The Jamon Paradigm, we currently run a whole load of ARK PvE servers. We've got loads of maps so there's bound to be one you enjoy! Our Goal Our goal is to keep the core feel of the game, while adding some quality of life improvements and more structures to build cool stuff. Discord: We have an active and friendly community over on our discord server, feel free to join and meet everyone! http://discord.jamonparadigm.com Server Settings: - Harvesting: 2.5x - Taming: 5x - XP: 5x - Egg Hatch Speed: 5x - Maturation Speed: 10x - Wild Dino Max Level: 150 - Player Max Level: 150 + Ascension - All engrams Unlockable - Fully Custom Supply Drops - Seamless Cross Cluster Chat Mods - We highly recommend you subscribe to all mods before joining the server, this ensures you will join smoothly first time. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=889810710 - Jamon Stacks - ARK Additions: The Commection - Water Blocks - Structures Plus (S+) - Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered - Platforms Plus - Meat Spoiler - Bitou2k's Binocular - Eco Trees - Eco's RP Decor - Eco's Shoppe Decor - Eco's Garden Decor Map Specific - Eco's Scorched Earth Decor - Eco's Aberration Decor - Eco's Extinction Foliage - Valguero Dino and Map Extension You can join our servers from here: The Island - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27000 The Center - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27001 Ragnarok - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27002 Scorched Earth - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27003 Aberration - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27004 Extinction - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27005 Olympus - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27006 Valguero - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27007 Valhalla - steam://connect/ark2.jamonparadigm.com:27000 The Chasm - steam://connect/ark2.jamonparadigm.com:27001 Hope - steam://connect/ark2.jamonparadigm.com:27002 We hope to see you on The Jamon Paradigm! Surviving, making friends, and most importantly having fun!
  8. NEW Boosted Small Tribe Rag Server Discord: https://discord.gg/Pj9SUYX Server is a pc unofficial session Server name: Dream Ark PvE during the week and PvP Fri-Sun Stats include: 3x XP 5x Gather 10x Tame Map is Rag Host of the server is Dreamweaver912
  9. Welcome Survivors! To Revenant Gaming’s unofficial server cluster! Hello Survivors!! Revenant Gaming Is welcoming mature players, both Beginners, and Veterans. Our mission is to facilitate a "Long Lasting", and "Easy Going" gaming community. The server cluster is PvE, and open to the public. All mods and settings are player suggested, but we don't stray far from the official feel. That means moderate rate boosts, official difficulty, and a short list of MODs. We have active Admins, who do their best to help everyone have a good time. We schedule PvP events as often as possible, both Admin, AND Player created. Servers are hosted on high performance hardware, and located in Montreal. Revenant gaming is friend based, Multi-Game community. Join us for the games, and stay for your friends. *Note - For more information PLEASE see links at the bottom of this post. Server Cluster: Ragnarok PvE (Opened 6/24/17 - No-Wipe) ark.revenantgaming.com:28015 - (Query Info) The Island PvE (Opened 11/28/16 - No-Wipe) ark.revenantgaming.com:28017 - (Query Info) Aberration PvE (Opened 12/13/17 - No-Wipe) ark.revenantgaming.com:28019 - (Query Info) Scorched Earth PvE (Opened 8/25/18 - No-Wipe) ark.revenantgaming.com:28021 - (Query Info) Revenant Gaming More Details and Guidelines can be found on our Website Revenant Gaming! Need help? Chat with us in Discord Join our RevenantGaming Steam group to keep up with events. Search "Revenant Gaming" to find our servers and give them a try! https://ark-servers.net/group/178/
  10. WE WILL BE ADDING THE NEW DLC GENESIS AS SOON AS ITS RELEASED ARK YGGDRASIL PVE COMMUNITY x6 Taming, Gathering + XP Breeding Yggdrasil Servers was started in OCT 2017 to create a nice community and gaming environment for players to come and have fun. We are mainly UK based but we have players from all over Europe as well as the US. We have a Discord channel with 4 active admins along with a Website (http://www.ark-yggdrasil.com) and Forums. We hold events such as bosses and breeding competitions. A lot of our players are big breeders and store their Dinos into Orbs using the Dino storage Mod which really helps keep the server running smoothly and means you can keep on breeding. The server forums are also open for players to vote and have their say on how we run the server. We encourage any new players to join up on our website and read the rules. All Five of our servers are linked together so you can travel between them with dinos and items. We recently added an Extinction Core Server to the cluster as well as a separate Survival Plus Medieval Gamemode on a standalone server thats a lot of fun. We have rewritten the beacon drop system so that our servers have a really nice tailor made and sensible loot system. It scales up with each colour drop. Element from Bosses is doubled and they also drop Tek pieces and improved Tek Blueprints. SERVER SETTINGS Experience = x6 Taming = x6 Harvesting = x6 Egg Hatching = x6 Maturing = x6 Mating Interval = x20 Player Level Cap = 180 Structure Decay = x4 (4 Weeks on Wood structures) Dino Decay = x6 (6 Weeks) Cave Building = Enabled To Join Our Servers Click Any Of The Banners Below MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE TO ALL OUR MODS BELOW BEFORE JOINING (So you don't timeout). VALGUERO RAGNAROK EXTINCTION THE ISLAND ABERRATION OLYMPUS MODDED EXTINCTION CORE DISCORD CHANNEL (CLICK TO JOIN US ON DISCORD) CLUSTER MODS ALTERNATIVELY CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO ALL MODS THROUGH STEAM If you have any questions feel free to come and ask us on Discord Look forward to playing some Ark with you
  11. Are you tired of not being able to progress in the game? Are you sick of toxic players ruining the game for you? Do you want an active community to game with? If so, look no further! We have three unofficial clustered servers, Rivers Retreat (Ragnarok), Rivers Retreat Aberration (Aberration) and Rivers Retreat Valguero (Valguero). If you search for "rivers" and/or "rivers retreat", all 3 servers should come up. All servers are updated weekly, every Sunday and Monday at 4AM EST - ensuring that we remain current at all times. Backups are preformed every night and usually throughout the day, in the event that we should need to roll back to a previous save. We have a friendly, helpful and active community. No password is needed to join! Just remember that toxicity will not be tolerated and our admins are active. To join the server, join our discord server at https://discord.gg/5tVzDP3 or message/add VelikaUnleashed#1211 or Stew45#6841. Please be sure to read and follow the server rules! We're currently looking for new players to join our tribe, Einherjar, or to create their own. Solo players are also welcome! Upon joining any of the servers for the first time, the Einherjar tribe is offering new players one starter tame from the following: Raptor, Dire Wolf or Sabertooth of level 160 or higher (whatever we can find at the time). If you want them colored, please contact Stew (Huckleberry in game) to adminpaint them. If you need a safe place to level or need to be shown the ropes, contact a member of the Einherjar trib - we're happy to assist! We do not have seasonal wipes, but may turn on structure and dino decay to remove abandoned bases/tames to free up space. If you experience any toxicity on the server, report it immediately! We have an absolute zero tolerance for such behavior. Please see our server rules on the Discord! Need helping taming or building something? No problem! The Einherjar tribe is always happy to help. Server Stats (Applies to all servers) Difficulty 6 Max level 180 x20 Harvest, Breed & XP All Engrams auto-unlock as you level up x7 Loot RPG Style Damage - On Show Map Player Location - On Proximity Chat - True Global Chat - Off Server Crosshair - On Admin Logging is enabled Player & dino weight is boosted. Open to server adjustment suggestions!
  12. Elysium's Ark Economy Cluster [Rag, Val, Ab, Ext] [Xbox One] [Windows 10] Elysium's goal is to have an economy based server with events and competitions. We're trying our hardest to implement these events and competitions as soon as possible. We're still in early stages building and looking to populate the server. And don't worry I plan to fund the server for years to come. Elysium's Ark is proud to announce we now have four servers clustered together. Transfering dinos, items, and characters are allowed on all PvE servers. The only exception is the PvP server. You won't be able to upload items and take them back to PvE because of custom drops (Kits), nor will you be able to upload foreign dinos (Aberration and Extinction) onto the PvP server because of balancing issues. The PvP server is considered endgame, where you take your character, dinos, and items over to seek glory. The PvP servers aim is to have fun and f*** s*** up! We don't tolerate toxic behaviour, so don't join if you are that player. But also please don't be that player and hold a grudge, as we always have our PvE bases. After all, we're there for some PvP fun. We now have custom drops on all servers that add the currency, Berrybush Seeds (bs for short) to the supply drops and selected creatures. The aim of this cluster is not to be able to get to endgame in a day but work for it. Settings are boosted to make the game fun, not tedious. It's good for the longevity of our cluster. Most of the settings will be the same. Some settings will vary to balance the servers. The differences in settings will be listed below the global settings and rates. Global Settings and Rates: ⦁ Crossplay enabled for Windows 10 users ⦁ Random supply crates = ON ⦁ Fast decay to unsnapped core structures= ON ⦁ Difficulty offset = 6.0 (180 dinos) ⦁ Force all structures to lock ⦁ Item stack size increased to 2000 ⦁ No fog ⦁ Taming speed multiplier = 5x ⦁ Harvest multiplier = 3.7x ⦁ Reduced cost for grappling hooks = 2 metal ingot and 1 stone arrow to craft ⦁ Water and food drain decreased by 0.6 ⦁ XP multiplier = 10x ⦁ Baby mature and egg hatch speed = 11x ⦁ Takes roughly 30 minutes between each imprint. ⦁ Mating interval decreased from 0.75 to 0.4 (More babies!) ⦁ Unlimited respecs ⦁ Player oxygen, food, and water = 5x ⦁ Player stamina and speed = x2 ⦁ Player torpor = 1.5x ⦁ Player and dino weight x 6 ⦁ These dinos "should" be disabled (Need feedback on this, thank you!): Ichthyornis and pegomastax. You'll be able to buy these dinos from the admin shop if you wish to own one. Everyone knows they're annoying little s**ts. ⦁ The following dinos have a chance at dropping in between 1-9bs: Argentavis, Rex, Sarcosuchus, Spinosaurus, and Yutyrannus. Differences in Servers Settings: PvE: ⦁ Maps: Valguro, Aberration, and Extinction ⦁ Platform limit increased ⦁ Tribe alliances allowed ⦁ Player and dino health recovery increased ⦁ Structure resistance increased so your structures take less damage. (To encourage building something nice with all tiers of structures, instead of a fortress, unless that is what you're going for) ⦁ White supply drops will have a chance at dropping in between 2-8bs, all primitive tools, metal hatchet, and pick. ⦁ Green supply drops will have a chance at dropping in between 4-13bs and kibble. ⦁ Blue supply drops will have a chance at dropping in between 8-17bs, hairstyles, skins, and advanced tools. PvP: ⦁ Map: Ragnarok ⦁ Offline prevention = ON ⦁ No tribe alliances ⦁ Advanced rifle bullets stack up to 200 and element shards stack up to 1000. (Rebalancing reasons) ⦁ White supply drops will drop kit white. All items have a chance at dropping at the rarity primitive to apprentice. Contents: full set of chitin armor, 20 cooked meat, crossbow, longneck rifle, metal hatchet. metal pickaxe, pike, spyglass, 2-10 medical brew, 21-32 simple rifle ammo, 21-32 tranquilizer arrow, and 4-13bs. ⦁ Green supply drops will drop kit green. All items have a chance at dropping at the rarity primitive to journeyman. Contents: full set of flak armor, 20 cooked prime, 5-10 medical brew, longneck rifle, metal hatchet, metal pick, metal sword, spyglass, 12-52 simple rifle ammo, 10-20 Tranquilizer Darts, kibble, and 8-17bs. Any stats not listed are at default. Server names: [US] Elysium XI (Akumai Empire), PvE Economy. (Map: Valguero) [US] Elysium XII (Deadzone), PvP. (Map: Ragnarok) [EU] Elysium XIII (Akumai Empire), PvE Economy. (Map: Aberration) [EU] Elysium XIV (Akumai Empire), PvE Economy. (Map: Extinction) Elysium's Capital City Location on Elysium XI: Beach zone 3, 65.8 lat, 57.5 lon Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1515441028502248/about/ Discord: https://discord.gg/ZxtAFD2
  13. Aventurier Primitive Medieval - X2 - slow decay - all Dinos - Valguero PVE Hello all on a Valguero PVE Map "Aventurier Primitive Medieval - X2 - slow decay - all Dinos" - very fast and stable server Please Download all mods before joining or you will get a connection timeout!!! To get the Mods select all here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1824963828 Then - Join steam://connect/ For more infos join: Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/AventurierArk Discord - Aventurier Ark https://discord.gg/KNBtGHK battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3364392/ Only medival stuff on server but to compensate we have finetuned some mods. Holiday friendly with all decay x 3. Less grinding for keeping stuff alive, no sparkpowder if you use arctic preserving bins and tamed dino food consumption just 1/3. new event every 2 weeks - Summer, Eastern, Arkeology, Extinction Cronicles , Winter Wonderland and Valentine only when on official Resources give 2x stuff, but respawn slower so you can clear up areas like swamp for a longer time. Tames are weaker to wildlife, corrupted dinos and bosses got nerved same way so you can still beat them to make life a bit more challenging. On positive side, orbital supply drops last longer that way and you do more damage by hand against bosses and corrupted dinos. All dinos and even Titans and Orbital drops are on map, except Titanosaur and Mek / MegaMek but could add if wanted. Loot from drops / orbital drops / bosses / alphas and fishing completly custom Mods: 1 Structure Plus 2 Castles Keeps and Forts 3 Primitive Survival Equipment 4 Natural Babies 5 Accesoires Plus Light 6 Speed Saddles 7 Arctic Storage Preserving Bin 8 ECOs RP Decor 9 ECOS Garden Decor 10 Rare Flowers and Mushrooms Seeds 11 Cactus Seed Mod 12 Eco in Wonderland 13 Server Donation System 14 Planting 15 Immersive Taming 16 Anti Radiation Armor 17 Simple Spawners 18 Valguero Dino and Map Extension 19 Castle Keeps and Forts Remastered with changed crafting costs !!!
  14. DemonArk -uk-building-custom settings welcome to Demonark hello this is a new server just started by myself and a few friends. The idea of this server is to have a nice chilled out pve server with building mods on it and with a focus on life not to be easy. so if the idea of farming/building but having a good chance to be eaten along the way sounds ok to you then maybe give us a go. We aim to keep the server running for at least 4-6 months before considering wiping - all wipes are put towards all current players to see if they would like to wipe or continue. - Friendly admins and a nice chilled server - auto destruction times have been increased so if your worried about all your hard work being destroyed then dont worry map - Valguero pvp - no xp - 4 harvest - 5 taming - 8 ( fast breeding ) engrams - more than you will ever need difficulty - 10 max lvl dino - 300 max lvl player - 150 max clan members -5 max tamable dinos - 250 ( you get to add 30 lvls after taming ) mods structures plus - 731604991 Platforms Plus - 719928795 HG Stacking Mod 1000-50 - 849372965 Better Reusables - 1364327869 Classic Flyers - 895711211 techbench - 866719397 automated ark - 812655342 advanced rafts - 749466101 immersive taming - 1251632107 ark steampunk mod - 679529026 Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture - 764755314 Super Spyglass (Open Source) - 793605978 mod pack - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1786957074 more mods maybe added or removed as and when they break or are no longer being used We have a steam group https://steamcommunity.com/groups/DEMONARK here in the discussions tab is where the mod pack is and all the rules of the server look forward to see new and old players return to the server all is welcome, if you have any questions just leave a message and i will answer soon as i can
  15. {PVE} [US] Milkshakes - Boosted, 24/7 Server - Valguero Hey! Come take a look at a brand new server named Milkshakes! We're a small group of friends who decided to create a server to hopefully form a community! We thought that there is no better place to start a community than opening a server on the newest map, Valguero! Milkshakes is a 20 man, boosted, 24/7 and hosted on the east coast server! Currently, we are a PVE server but plan on doing various PVP events. Our first event will consist of pachys and boxing them. We hope to have that become a weekly event once a community has been formed! Our boosted stats include . . . Taming x450 Item stacking x10 ORP is ON Harvest multiplier x5 XP gain x5 x15 server difficulty ( Max dino level is 450, not including tek, wyverns, etc. . .) Egg laying interval x0.5 Dino harvesting x8 Mating x.01 (Fast) Maturation x10 Infinite weight, High fortitude Supply crate loot x7 Crop grow speed x5 Custom spawns (and more to come!) And a few more. . . We hope that you consider joining our small group and help us create a community! Our server will be running off of donations and if we get a community, the server will most likely expand to accommodate the growth! We do have a discord server! We welcome you to join the game server and meet us in the discord! ^u^/ To find us, please look for [US] Milkshakes - Boosted PVE Valguero Come join our discord! https://discord.gg/AZ3gdsf
  16. PvE PrimalFear & JURASSIC Park! 15XTame+7XHarvest+20MODS In order to find server is on Unofficial channel New Members have protection during settle down MAP: VALGUERO Server Name: Bravemania Jurassic PF 15XTame+7XHarvest+20MODS Check on UnOfficial Servers! ARK SERVER IP ADDRESS: RATES: TamingSpeedMultiplier=15X HarvestAmountMultiplier=7X CropGrowthSpeedMultiplier=15X Mating= 4X EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=25X BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=20X BAECON-SupplyCrateLootQualityMultiplier=5X 20 MODS: JURASSIC PARK EXPANSION PRIMAL FEAR (Automated Ark 2.51) AA Mod ACM Unlock Haircuts & Emotes S+ Awesome Teleporters Element bench Castles keeps and forts Ultra stacks Upgrade station XP Potion Eco wonderland AWESOME SPYGLASS Automated Ark 2.151 (AA) Dino Storage v2 New Ones JURASSIC PRIMAL FEAR BOSS EXPANSION Wild Dino Wipe Auto Schedule Death Recovery JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER FOR BEING MEMBER & CONTACT https://discord.gg/GeeyJ4e JOIN OUR STEAM GROUP BE BRAVEMANIA MEMBER Note: Send Join Request we confirm daily! https://steamcommunity.com/groups/bravemaniawarriors
  17. New PVE Server Hey everyone, Seph from the Arkiteks here. My husband and I along with a friend of ours run a boosted Valguero server. We have our server password protected. To join our server all you have to do is join our Facebook page. You will be given the password once you’re a member. We are a layed back adult only server with 20 slots. We will be going up to a 32 in the near future. We have Ab Creatures, Extinction creatures, and all the shoulder pets. This is a builders server with boosted dinos and harvesting , max wild dino is level 750, humans harvest at 10x dinos at 20x. Taming is boosted to 30x. All drops are the best I've seen. We have a town with a starter hotel and starter kit ,starter hatchery , if you want to learn how to play the game we can teach you how to play it yourself and have a blast... come try us out! This is a laid back enjoyable server. You can grind and still have a challenge. https://www.facebook.com/groups/756841301385003/?ref=share
  18. AnonymousCity Server has provided gaming servers for players since early 2012. We have launched a PvE Ark Survival server as a group of friends came together and has funded the server in advance for the next 6 months just to have a chill cool place to play Ark. Well, it has launched and is available for all players to join. Our Official Website: https://anonymouscityservers.com/ Official Discord: https://discord.gg/zUv9jug Server 1 Name: Anonymous City Ark PVE Ragnarok Ip/Port: Server 2 Name: Anonymous City Ark PVE TheIsland Ip/Port: Make sure to Pre Subscribe to Ark add ons prior to joining to cut your loading time in Half: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/managecollection/?id=1514631824(edited) Both servers use exact same mods and settings. Server Settings: All settings detailed on google doc found on our Official Website or in Ark Discord channel. No wipes till 2020 !!! Looking forward to meeting new friends, good ideas, cool builds, and the awesome excitement Ark can bring. Come join us and help decide what's to be of this adventure. Seeking mature staff for this game and others we host on steam. Anonymous City Servers have professionally hosted 99.9% uptime We cater to the mature gaming community and provide the very best place to have fun with friends.
  19. Free Levels, Free Tames, Materials, Building Materials And More. [ xValhalla ] T I Stated A Server On Mobile But No One Wants To Join, I’m Looking To Play With Others To Complete Dungeons And To Enjoy The Ark Mobile Experience. The Server Has All Max Stats And Buffs.
  20. We are a friendly PVE server, and we still got some room for new players that wants to have fun. The servers gets rebooted daily to prevent laggs. There are 2 admins that help incase you need something!. All servers are connected so you can transfer back and forth. Direct Links to join the servers Automatically: The Island Aberration Ragnarok Extinction Valguero Servers Up-time: 24/7 no-wipes Servers Mods: Mod Collection. Battle Eye is enabled! so no cheaters! Servers Difficulty: 5.0. Servers Settings: 5x Tame x1.5 exp 4x Farming 7x mature speed 400 Max tames Max Player Level 135 (105 + Ascension) 2x Egg laying speed Lower Baby food consumption Higher Egg hatch speed/Gestation Platform Riding Allowed Bosses Difficulty Lowered at Medium and Hard (Theisland/ragnarok,Overseer not included) Wild Dino Pickup Enabled Friendly Fire Disabled Structure Decay period is only once a month Dino Claiming Disabled Dino Decay once a month Custom supply drops Wild Dino lvl 300 For any questions join our Discord.
  21. Ark Empire EXP - 2x Taming - 10x Harvest - 5x New server looking to build a big community. We are currently running Gaia as our main mod (http://arkgaia.ml/). We are on Valguero at the moment but will plan to add other maps, like Genesis when it comes out. https://discord.gg/kXUNxwr Our website is https://www.arkempire.ca/
  22. Jeb's Valguero & Aberration Cluster Friendly group, looking for active players! Valguero started 6/18/2019 and Aberration started on 2/9/2019! Small community of active players looking for more. Occasional week long server events like increased xp or different items in drops. Frequent server updates! Come join us! Connection Info Go to http://jeb.arkers.io/ for Aberration http://jebsvalguero.arkers.io/ for Valguero and click "click here to play" Having difficulties connecting? If you are trying to get on Valguero please ensure you have grabbed the Valguero DLC on the Ark store page on steam. All other difficulties reach out on discord https://discord.gg/r55S8VB or on the forum on http://jeb.arkers.io/ Aberration Valguero Settings 4x harvest rates on most resources. Some higher. Only berries and meat lower. 10x Taming 15x Hatch and Mature Fast leveling up to 100. Level 200 max. 150 level wild dinos Higher level dino spawns are less uncommon TEK, SE, and Extinction items unlocked. Reworked cost on S+ items Better loot drops, alpha drops, and earthquake items Increased stack sizes (10000 on most) & carrying weight per point (6x). Gachas, Snow Owls, and Velonasaurs on Valguero Aberration ModsValguero Mods Castles, Keeps, and Forts Death Recovery Mod Dino Tracker Awesome Spyglass Structures Plus (S+) Platforms Plus LTS Eco's RP Decor Eco's Terrariums Speed Saddles Server Discord https://discord.gg/r55S8VB
  23. Journey to Ark Cluster (Aberration/extinction spawns on Ragnarok, custom drops on all maps, x10 item stacking, boosted stats, 3-5x harvest/exp/taming, 300 dino level cap 150-180, player level cap and more. Details below) UPDATE: We will be adding Valguero as a consistent/ongoing map within our cluster upon its release on July 19th! We will be temporarily disabling dino/item transfers to the map from other maps in our cluster at launch so that new and old players alike will be starting fresh on the map! We are currently looking for more players for our cluster of servers. Ragnarok and Valguero are our primary/consistent servers while our third server we currently cycle through the official maps, rolling it over every few months for people wishing to complete story content, achivements, or to tame dinos on those maps. Should we draw enough players in, we are certainly open to setting up additional consistent servers. We will be aiming to host occasional major events, with smaller weekly/monthly contests. The exact number/rate will largely depend on how much interest we draw. The more players/activity the servers generate, the more events we will try to host to spice things up for people and to give more opportunity for people to attend events. Server Owner Gamer Tag: Raghild Our Discord Channel: discord.gg/9B7njPX PVE Ragnarok Server: [US] JtA: Journey Into Ragnarok PVE Island Server: [EU] JtA: Journey to the Center of the Island PVE Valguero Server: [US] JtA: Journey Across Valguero Password: Explorer Crossplay: Enabled Any servers within our cluster will be prefixed with JtA, and all servers utilize the same password. The password is simply to ensure that anyone joining the servers has come through here and hopefully seen/read the server rules down below. If the servers aren't showing up for you, make sure that you have the box checked to show password protected servers. ~~~~~ General Server Information: XP Multiplier = 3 to 5 Item Stack Multiplier = 10 Player Water/Food Drain Multiplier = .25 Taming Multiplier = 3 to 5 Harvest Multiplier = 3 to 5 Spoiling Time Multiplier = 2 Crop Growth Multiplier = 2 Crop Decay Speed Multiplier = 3 Flyer Carrying of Wild Dinos = Enabled Mating Interval Multiplier = .0135 Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier = 20 Baby Maturation Multiplier = 15 Max Dino Level = 300 Max Player Level = 150 without ascension levels, 180 with ascension levels Auto-learn Engrams Boosted Player Stats (Health x5, Stamina x2, Oxygen x5, Food x5, Water x5, Weight x5, Melee x2, Speed x3, Fortitude x5, Crafting x10) Boosted Dino Stats (Health x.3, Stamina x2, Weight x2, Melee x.2, Speed x2) Boosted Flyer Speed (This is done via a percentage increase to the taming bonus meaning Pteranadons and Griffins will have a noticeable increase while slow flyers like quetzels will only have a small increase. Flyers that don't have a taming bonus to movement speed aren't effected at all, such as the argentavis, wyverns, and snow owls. Our goal was to hopefully make some underappreciated flyers more useful, while not over-powering flyers that already have a bunch of utilities that make them popular. This also effects land creatures that have a taming bonus to movement speed.) Longer Days/Shorter Nights (Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes of day to 10 minutes of night) Custom Beacons, Loot Crates, and Alpha Loot Element from red drops, red loot crates, and alphas. Most single stack items stack-able (Prime Meat, Honey, Wyvern Milk, etc) Custom Spawns = Aberration and Extinction spawns on Ragnarok. Ichthyornis do not spawn on ANY map. They are all dead. Purged. Extinct. Gone. FOREVER AND EVER. Structure Decay Multiplier = 3 (12 days thatch, 24 days wood, 36 days stone, 48 days metal, 105 days tek) Dino Decay Multiplier = 6 (48 days) If anyone has a planned extended vacation that might cause them problems with these decay rates, then just let the server admin know ahead of time. These settings are in place to keep our servers clean for new players when old players leave. They are not in place to punish people for having a reason for not being able to log on to reset their decay timers. ~~~~~ General Server Rules: Our rules are pretty simple and straight forward. If you can't find something specific under the rules, either ask the server admin or see rule 1. Always be respectful and considerate of other players on the server. Help keep the server uncluttered for other players. Destroy temporary structures/starter bases when no longer in use, don't spam pillars/foundations to prevent other people from building in an area, and only build what you will actually use. Having individual personal bases by individual members of a tribe is fine, or having both a land base and a water base is fine, but we don't want to see a single person tribe building numerous empty bases sprawled across the map just to have all the best building spots. Just be considerate, and keep your locations active. Don't block access to major resources or artifacts. If you choose to build a base in or near an artifact cave, the artifacts must be accessible to other players. When looting beaver dams, remember that they don't spawn new materials unless the dam is completely destroyed. This is done by emptying EVERYTHING out of its inventory. If the wood is too heavy to take with you, just dump it on the ground so fresh dams will spawn for the next person. Your fellow players will greatly appreciate this. Any instances of trolling, abuse, or harassment will result in banishment. This includes bullying or pressuring other tribes into tribe wars if they aren't interested. No causing intentional damage to another player's character, tames, or bases. This includes dragging unconscious players into water to kill them, as well as stealing. This rule is voided if a tribe chooses to engage in a tribe war. Regarding Tribe Wars: Our rules regarding tribe wars are relatively hands-off. Essentially engage in tribe wars at your own peril. As tribe wars are voluntary and only affect the involved tribes via supported game mechanics, admins will not intervene over the death of tames, destruction of bases, or the loss of equipment/supplies during tribe wars. Rules 1 and 5 will of course always be enforced though, so keep it civil and respectful. Regarding Brontos: Brontos are allowed to be tamed, ridden and used for harvesting on this server. We're aware some servers ban them, but we took level 450+ brontos through the redwood with 5x harvesting while deliberately tail swiping with reckless regard as we went. We where unable to cause even a minimal spike in the server ping, nor where we able to cause noticeable local lag either. As such we decided that we have no problems with people utilizing them. Rules Regarding Server Admins: Our server admins are also players. While we have happily kept our servers open to others, the core reason for purchasing our servers in the first place was of course for ourselves to play on them. We do not permit admins to utilize admin commands to benefit themselves in any unfair way. You may however see admins using admin commands to address bugs, test changes to the servers, perform general server maintenance, or to host server wide events.
  24. Ark Server 170 Ragnarok I dont know if anyone else has noted this but I went back to the xbox official server 170 ragnarok and I was on there for a few hours and disconnected 6 or 7 times while I was on. On one occasion I was just standing there looking something up on my phone and I disconnected. one of my tribemates mentioned that it is really only a problem on this server and I have to agree, not once have I randomly disconnected from the center, the island, abberration, or valguero. Can someone from wildcard please look into this. Thank you
  25. Glorified Single Player (Adults Only) Looking for adults to join my glorified single player-esq, 8 server cluster. If you like playing solo or in a small tribe (up to 6), this community may be for you. Drop in and out as you please, as full time commitment isn’t necessary. No decay timers and slow tamed dino starving means you can take extended breaks without worry. I chose choice over population, so many servers appear inactive, however there are enough active people spread across the cluster for a sense of community. Server info and rules can be found in this link, including how to join.
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