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Found 292 results

  1. Aberration and Ragnarok Clustered Nitrado hosted servers. ArkServerLA50. Good stats, boosted but not insanely. Search for unofficial pc hosted servers, ArkServerLA50.
  2. Server Name: BipolarArk Hi welcome to the nitrado hosted PvP Bipolar Ark. We welcome everyone to our new aberration server. Admins: We have 3 admins Newns, HyperFling, and BabieSquishy (Newns is host) Help and Starter pack: We do have a tribe that likes to give starter items (Aberrant Vikings) if you need starter items please ask in game chat. If they are on wich they usually are they will ask you to meet them at there base coordinates and they will spare whatever they can. Stats Xp: 3.5 Taming: 6x Harvest: 4.5x Health: 2x Stamina: 2x Melee: 3x Movement Speed: 2x Fortitude: 10x Weight: 100x Engrams: Enough to learn eveything After seeing our stats we hope to see you on our server soon and as always. See you on the ark side.
  3. New fresh ragnarok 24/7 boosted server with unlimited weight for players and dinos. Not my server but i'm promoting it. They have their own website: Find out more there. 32 slots Settings: XP MULTIPLIER: 10 TAMING SPEED: 100 HARVEST AMOUNT: 15 CROP GROWTH SPEED: 2000 DECREASED MATING AND IMPRINTING INTERVAL (meaning you can mate more often and imprint faster) DAY CYCLE SPEED: 1 DAY TIME SPEED: 1 NIGHT TIME SPEED: 4 EGG HATCH SPEED: 50 Dino and character stats are official Turret damage increased x2 Weight and oxygen increase
  4. Arks Finest Dish To join open Ark on your Xbox console. Select join game. Set search filter to "Unofficial PC Sever". Type in the search bar Arks Finest Dish. Tah Dah! Come on in! VISIT our webpage for ALL details you won't find them all here (please visit the website for server rules - barely any) CLUSTERED with Ragnarok PLAYER/DINO/ITEMS = 100% transfer (no fliers into Aberration see rules on website) Once our custom Ragnarok and Island builds are done. We'll open up going between all 3 servers. We just finished this custom build of Aberration after lots of testing. If you like what you see so far please visit our webpage for ALL details. Above is only snippet's of the webpage. Server Name: [US] Arks Finest Dish ABE/100x/TEK/250lvls/PvP/Drops ONLY TYPE the first three words to search for the server: Arks Finest Dish Server has a auto restart feature that is set for 12:00am eastern standard time every day. Come check us out and become part of the Arks Finest Dish Community.
  5. This is an idea them I too am quite sceptical about but want to gather peoples pros and cons to the idea. One option would be so that we all pitch in (via boosts) to keep a low slot, non-passworded server up as a go between, to form the trading server. Your servers can remain password protected at your own choosing, but we all form a super cluster.
  6. Officialish Nitrado Cluster Server 32 Slots for Ragnarok and 20 for Aberration Server is about 2 weeks old with only 2-3 more established tribes all of whom are peaceful as we are trying to populate server! Our goal is finding the fine line between official and boosted without ruining the reward that comes from grinding. Admin use is for very rare circumstances so do not ask for it. There are no rules except have fun. Like I said the goal is to keep it official as possible. Search unofficial pc for “24/7 Ragnarok Slightly Boosted 18+.” And for Aberration “24/7 Ragnarok Slightly Boosted 18+.” You can also add bchain5 and message me on Xbox if you’d like. We have a Discord chat which I encourage you to join so you can stay in touch with server as well as voice any problems you have. The link for our chat is We hand out a Ptera to new players and a Wyvern or Rock Drake to each new tribe of 3 or more and should you post an lfg or post here on Reddit and get people added you can be rewarded with a tame be it a Dire Bear, Rex, Anky, Quetz, or whatever we have extra eggs of. 6x XP 10x Harvesting 10x Taming 2.5x Supply Crate Loot Quality 3x Crop Growth .5 Food and Water drain 3x Player and Dino Harvesting Damage .1x Mating Multiplier 20x Egg Hatching 200x Maturation 1x Cave Damage We are really looking for more tribes to add to server and are more then happy to help you get started. Server is at 32 and 20 people at the moment but once that limit becomes an issue we will raise it. Goal is to get to 70/100 limit on each map!
  7. Looking for other small pop servers to cluster with. Pvp. Booster rates are cool and player stats are whatever but I like official Dino stats besides weight. Be cool if I could find one or two other servers I'd like minded people with like a scorched and island. I have ab going would maybe change to be part of a more established cluster.
  8. Apex Ark The Apex Ark Cluster was started by a group of friends who wanted to create a fun pvp experience. We run a boosted pvp cluster featuring four maps; The Island, Ragnarok, The Center and finally Aberration. We are all passionate about the game and enjoy the experience and we hope to create that experience for you too. The servers each have 50 slots other than Aberration which is limited to 20. Aberration has a set rule of no non-aberrant tames allowed. This means transfering dinos from the other maps is not tolerable. Want more information about the server? Check below! We also now have a Solo Server for a small group of people who are willing to grind out solo and fight each other in intense 1 on 1 fights, featuring nerfed bosses without custom drops (Besides artifacts) Server Rates: 25x Gathering 25x XP Instant Taming 35x Breeding and Maturation 50x Egg Hatch Speed Other Features of the Server: Special Loot Crates White Drops = Imprint Kibble Green Drops = Starter Kit Blue Drop = All Artifacts Purple Drop = Saddle BPs Yellow Drop = Weapon BPs Red Drop = Armour BPs Improved Boss Drops The Island Brood Mother - Gamma / Beta / Alpha = 25 / 50 / 75 Monkey - Gamma / Beta / Alpha = 50 / 75 / 100 Dragon Gamma / Beta / Alpha = 40 / 110 / 220 The Center Gamma = 100 Beta = Official Standard Alpha = Official Standard Ragnarok Gamma = 100 Beta = 300 Hard = 500 Element of Certain Items on Aberration Decreased Tek Replicator Tek Rockdrake Saddle Tek Armour Tek Dinosaur Gate and Gateframe Tek Generator Tek Transmitter Tek Forcefield Tek Cloning Chamber Slightly Boosted Cave / Surface Drops Slightly Boosted Fishing Loot Slightly Increased Turret Damage Slightly Boosted Player and Dino Stats Slightly Increased Flier Speed Increased Max Level Dino to 191 Old Oxygen Swim Buff Enabled Unlimited Weight All TEKGRAMS unlocked at level 100 No Clip into Terrain for Structures Server Discord: How to Join: JOIN ARK > UNOFFICIAL PC SESSIONS > Search for "Apex Ark Cluster" Here are some videos that have been recorded on our server to give an idea of the pvp, raiding etc;
  9. New Aberration Server. Paid up. Fast Taming/Hatching/Breeding. 10x the rest of the way. Offline raid protection during the week and full PvP during the weekends. Admins play but are just average Joes.
  10. Hey we have a new boosted rag server one run by the lovely Brooke there will be a trade post your can trade for Aberration dinos / items the server is boosted for your gaming pleasure just search for Brooke in the search bar there is a 0 police for admin abuse so Brooke herself is the only admin come join us we don’t have an alpha tribe as of yet some come join the fun
  11. Hello ark people! Come join us for some PVE goodness. Server name is 'Big PVEness cluster'. Search in 'unofficial dedicated sessions' to find us and pick your map! Rates are reasonably boosted but not crazy. Gathering=8x Taming=15x Maturing=150x Player/dino stats=varied (slightly boosted but definitely not goodly) Everyone is welcome, it is a friendly community but occasionally there is 'adult' humour in chat (and server name) so if you tribe up with your little ones and wish to keep them innocent it may not be for you. Ragnarok has a community crafting building in VB2 and a big PVP arena by green ob where you can vent your frustrations by strategically placing lumps on metal in other survivors faces, with sweet prizes for the victors (see profile for arena pics). And coming soon there will be a race track and dino fighting arena. Ab and island are new so no community stuff there yet i believe. Also I'm not admin on those maps so that's up to those guys if they want to do community stuff and things. ANY ISSUES OR QUESTIONS PLEASE MESSAGE: 'Cupids Wingman' on Xbox. Have a nice day and hopefully see you soon
  12. "The Hood PVP" (US) 24/7 Permanent Nitrado Server! Ragnarok Nitrado 3x XP and Harvest! 2x Tame 32 Players! PvPvE Brand New! Friendly, Active, Fair Admins! Growing Fast! NO RULES! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The Hood PVP (US)" is perfect for players looking for a reliable, fast-growing new home server! Our Admins are huge ARK fans, and our dedicated to making this server a constant, never-ending and free server for all! All different types of players are wanted in our growing community-- casual or hardcore! We work with players to provide the best experience for all players. Settings changes, partnerships, and start-out kits are all provided upon request. Play it your way! Live in PEACE or PILLAGE! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to find the server: 1. Click "JOIN ARK" 2. Search for "The Hood PVP" 3. Set the filter to PC Dedicated Sessions 4. Select the US VERSION We look forward to building this new community with all of our new players! See you on the server! Admin Gamertags: halomaster332, Aliengee50 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. Since the last update (16.12.2017) on nitrado, I always get kicked from the server when I'll try to jump with my Rock Drake. Need a fix! ASAP!
  14. EDIT (Feb, 7 2018): Server Name - " Ark 766 Aberration " 4 spots open, first come first serve. Message me ion xbox if you join up. EDIT (Jan, 16 2018): GT: Magnet Time It is PVE Server with x6 gather and x6 tame/raise. I will spawn ONE Argy/Saddle for a new member, no more use it carefully. Not being new to the game i feel its a bit much not to have 1 flying dino Host many games with prizes (like roll rat racing/ Nak,ed and Afraid/ Gauntlets), usually on the weekends and it's lots of fun. Prizes can vary depending on the game (No OP dinos like wyvern/giga) ALL custom drops! No more stupid glow stick or crop plots! Includes kibble in lower their drops that you can't get on aberration, but its still needed to tame dinos on aberration (good job WC...) A lot of Boosted stats, like weight. At a level 100 easily get to 800-900 carry weight. Dinos have boosted weight stats as well. Dino decay extended x4, so if you're active and go on vacation you don't lose EVERYTHING in a few days like official. I played on legacy for over a year and Wildcard basically screwed us so looking to restart and never be wiped! Nice group just starting out looking to trade, explore, cave dive, breed (usually in party chat) Cross ark is enabled
  15. Since the abberation update our nitrado server has vanished. No response from Nitrado
  16. PC Hosted (Nitrado) cluster with Rag and Aberration on PS4 Name - "Scotland Official Cluster" Runs 24/7 and settings/stats have been tuned to be improved as well as balanced: Level 300 wild dinos 30x tame and breed 25x harvest Offline Raid Protection kicks in after about an hour Stats slightly adjusted (weight and stamina mainly, gentle boost to health) Cave damage - x2 not x6, cave flying Loot drops contain higher quality items It is PvP with no admin help / abuse. Fresh Map with all available Base locations available because the servers new. Search "Scotland" in Unofficial PC Hosted Servers - BRING YOUR FRIENDS! ALSO - Looking for other servers to Cluster with to form a SUPER CLUSTER Thanks for reading.
  17. [Updated 12/29/2017] [Updated 12/14/2017] Hello Survivors! I just opened a hosted dedicated server for The Island. The server is brand new and the map is nearly pristine. The only structures so far are a community center and a wooden shanty for my humble beginnings. Quick Q&A: To help you (and I) save time, here are some quick bullet points on how this server will be administrated. Q: Are there any clusters? A: Currently, no. I am running a 10 slot server on The Island as a sort of trial run. Q: Is this a boosted server? A: No, this server is not a boosted server. We'll be keeping most of the settings vanilla for a more pure Ark experience. At least for now. As of 12/28/2017, 11:31 PM CST - Experience Gains are at 3x for initial server push, Taming is at 2x from now through the New Year Holiday. XP/Taming rates will be adjusted similarly to the evolution events on official servers. Boosting may also be used as incentive to equalize server traffic and encourage playing in non-peak hours from time to time. Q: Are admin slots for sale? A: Admin slots will not be for sale. Currently, I'm the only admin for the server. This is to avoid admin abuse. Eventually, growth will dictate that we need additional admins. This will be based solely on a trust/participation decision. Q: How much does it Cost? A: Nothing. Currently the costs are manageable for me to simply absorb the fees for running this single low-population server. If growth necessitates, we can have a community discussion on what we are willing to do as a whole. Server Basics Current as of 12/29/2017 As of 12/29/2017 we have added Cross play. This allows Players on Windows X version of Ark to join the server. (This is still not compatible with the Steam version of the game) Server Name: Updated 12/29/2017 [US] Pr0jektile - ARK - TheIsland - Dedicated Slots: 10 Due to Low simultaneous player traffic, we've opened up to allow more than the 10 slots-worth of players to join server. Currently, there are 13 players who have been given access to the server, but I have seen no more than 4 simultaneously playing. We will continue to monitor this to ensure our availability keeps up with demand. Mode: PvE, Tribe Wars Allowed, Periodic Structured PvP events. Map(s): The Island Hosting: Nitrado Dedicated: Yes Character Download?: No Dino Download?: No Server Stats (Current as of 12/29/2017 12:14 AM CST) XP Gains All set at 3x Taming Currently at 2x Difficulty Offset at 1.2857 with Override option at 5.0 (This results in the Dino Level Increments of 5, and max level of wild Dinos at 150, similar to the Official Server settings) All other stats currently at default/Official levels. Server Amenities Community Center (Current as of 12/14/2017) A sort of safe haven. Currently located in South Zone 1. Currently on The Footpaw. (The large southern island that has an inlet that does not cut through to rivers. With the lake that's on the map that doesn't exist.) approx. 80,35 on Map. New Player Starter Kits - One-time starter kit with primitive metal tools and hide armor to get you started. Upon joining the server, you'll be given a crate number and PIN to retrieve your goodies. Refreshments - Running water and fridges stocked with cooked meat. Minimal items to keep players fed/hydrated while in social areas. Don't be a mooch. This will be on the honor system. Don't empty it every time you come by, please. Trading Area - (TBD) - Will contain pin-coded chests to allow players to trade securely. Working on details for mechanics without having multiple admins to facilitate trades. I'm sure by the time we have high-stakes trades warranting admin-oversight we will have this all figured out. Raffles - (TBD) There will be raffles. Prizes will vary. Mechanics still being worked out. This post will be updated with specifics when these go live. Arena - (To be Built) This will be a place where we can have tournament-style contests. We'll fight Dinos, each other, and put on fun gigs to keep a sense of community. There will be prizes. There will be fun. Vaults - There are heavily defended, metal enclosed structures containing vaults. Currently there are only 8 of them. For those of us who wish to not participate in PvP events or have some precious items we can't afford to lose, vaults are going to be available for rental. (in-game rental, no real currency). Probably at a cost of "x" ingots per week. While these are under heavy guard, they are not impenetrable. Please note: purposefully attacking this structure will result in admin intervention. This is meant to be a place of refuge for those who are not interested in the PvP aspect of our community. While I encourage and embrace it, let's respect each others' play styles. The first set of these are currently located at the Community Center. PVP - Tribe wars will be enabled. For those of you who want a more regular PvP experience, you're more than welcome to engage in tribe wars. Please note, all members of tribes can be engaged, so consider this in your tribe wars. If two sides agree to a tribe war, admins will not intervene. War at your own risk. PvP events - PvP events will be held regularly. PvP will be opened up regularly and periodically for us to hash out our favorite pass-time, killing each other off with ridiculous creatures and weapons. The first few will be a test to gauge how well-received PvP is on this server. While there are vaults, bases unfortunately will be vulnerable during PvP events. We ask that PvP'ers do our best to let be those who are not participating, but some collateral damage is to be expected. It is war, after all.. We will do our best to keep these contained. I know there are some of us who prefer a full PvE experience. This is what the Vault system is for. These are fully enclosed metal structures under heavy guard. These are meant as a deterrent. These are no-go structures for PvP. I'm looking for feedback on how to have a tangible measure for performance in the PvP. I would like to have an award system for success in PvP. Depending on reception of PvP, that may become a future clustered server all its own. REAL ESTATE - Currently, I have one community center and a wooden shanty built. The entire island is open. Use your head. Be courteous. Try to stay out of render from one another when building bases. Not a hard-line rule, but don't be a jerk. Don't be the guy who builds over the major metal, obsidian, and crystal nodes. Not going to pillar anything off. For now, I'm trusting you all to use your better judgement. Leave some open space on meat beach and the mountains for us to gather resources. First come, first serve. We are not reserving plots of land, allocating regions of the map. We're doing homestead rights. If you can get there, build on it, and defend it, it is yours. BASIC CODE OF CONDUCT Don't be an a** All ages are welcome, however we do not guarantee a profanity or obscenity free environment. Use your judgment. If you're playing in shared space with your family, and someone drops an F-Bomb in your living room, that's on you. Again, all ages are welcome, does not mean all of us are age-appropriate. Trolling - Not OK. Remember, this is a private server. We're all here because we want to be. Friendly competition, trash-talking, giving each other a hard time in good fun is all encouraged. Bullying, trolling, or otherwise being abusive will not be tolerated. Griefing/Dragging - This is not how we want to settle disputes on our server. If you have a problem with something someone is doing, please, confront them, address it with an admin if you need to. Please don't be the one dragging a Giga/Titanosaur across the map. ADMIN ABUSE - This one is a real kicker. Right now, I'm the only admin. I have no desire to admin-command my way to the top. I enjoy playing the game, and enjoy the community of the game. Frankly I don't care to be the strongest or weakest. As long as I'm having fun doing my thing over here. Admin abuse will not be tolerated. Confirmed abuse will result in immediate removal of admin rights. Things admin powers should be used for include, but are not exclusive to: Heroic deeds, like stopping a meteor, or rescuing damsels in distress from towers in far away lands. Also, Bug issues, like flying/ghosting to retrieve dinos/objects that have fallen through the map floor. Replacing dinos or items that may have fallen through map floor or are unrecoverable. Building (infrastructure) - We may occasionally use admin powers to help build community structures, like the community center, more quickly. (Resources are NOT to be used for personal gain of the admin) Rolling back servers to remedy losses caused as a direct result of server errors/issues, game bugs, or admin activity. (Not because you decided to go hunting for Pegomastax with a stack of quetz eggs in your inventory) If you get ARK'ed, we'll help. If you make stoopids, we won't. Overseeing large trades (if requested by parties) to ensure no scamming - again, I think we're a little ways off from that point. Helping players to get unstuck. As mentioned previously, Admin rights are not for sale. Admins will be asked to share with the workload based on a trust/participation/availability scale. Policing shenanigans. Disallowing fun and/or recreational activities. Growth Outlook These are goals for milestones to hit, but not necessarily set in stone. We can achieve any one of these more quickly or slowly depending on server growth. I want the growth to be natural, not forced. This also outlines when we may have to take a look at costs. Q1 2018 - 15+ regular players at any given time. Would like to have consistent player base utilizing full 10 slots (estimated 12-15 players) necessitating 20 slot upgrades Addition of second, clustered server, depending on server population. Map to be determined by community vote. (10 Slots) 15-20 regular players across both servers Q2 2018 - 30-40 regular players at any given time. Upgrade of second server to 20 slots. At this point, I'll likely look to community to help share in the costs of maintaining multiple servers. Costs will be spread thin, so each player's contribution would be very little. I'll also keep very public records of how much is in the kitty to maintain and grow these servers. I'm estimating between $1-$5 per month. Addition of third clustered server (20 slots, no need to scale down at this level) map will again be chosen by community vote. How do I Join? Easy, just message and friend me on XBOX Live: Pr0jektile (That's a zero) I'm starting this because I really enjoyed playing Ark, with some of my real-life friends and some people I'd just met on Live throughout the years. The game is loads of fun and has potential to last a long time with a big player base. I want this server to be a place where players can have fun, hang out, and not worry about the nonsensical stuff that goes on on public and official servers. A lot of this will be just how our personalities come together. Cooperation is encouraged, friendly competition is encouraged. If this sounds like an environment you're interested in, get at me.
  18. @Jatheish Can you tell me why players on a Nitrado server are constantly being logged out every 10 to 15 mins? This is happening to me and all other players on the server and has only happened since the update went live. Sorry if others have already asked this. Map : Ragnarok
  19. Tribe Tame Limit

    Morning all! Anyone been experiencing this? Since the Abberation patch on Tuesday night we've found that we can't cross server transfer dinos anymore between Ragnarok, The Centre and The Island. On further investigation, it seems we can upload from all 3 servers, but we can only download onto The Island map, not Ragnarok or The Centre. We found the reason is that on Ragnarok and The Centre maps the tribe tame limit has been set at 1. Where as on the Island map it's set at 250. We've not changed any settings ourselves and it only seems to have come about since the Tuesday night update. Funnily enough the Island has the same game settings as Ragnarok and The Centre and works fine. I'm only admin on the servers so I can't get into the gameusersettings.ini file but I've added ?MaxPersonalTamedDinos=300 to game.ini which is as far as my admin rights allow me to go but it doesn't seem to have changed anything. Anyone any ideas as this is basically killing our cluster servers that we're paying for?
  20. Hello ARK PLAYERS!!!! FRESH SERVER on Aberration looking to fill all slot for MAXIMUM PVP Join Server : WARZONE Map : Aberration Player Stats minor Boosts Dinos boosted More info will be posted daily here until we reach capacity we done it before on rag now lets do it on Aberration if you think your Alpha come prove it!! Tribe Cap : 15 No turret cap Player Stats : Player Torpidity 3 Oxygen 3 Food 3 Water 3 Temperature 3 Temperature fortitude 3 Crafting speed 3 Stamina 4 Weight 10 Health 2.5 Melee damage 2 Speed 2.5 More coming NO FLYER!! That's ok Starter Pack Includes 1 Argen lvl 100 with set of flak and tools!!
  21. Server: Crispy Ark Hosted by Nitrado NYC Owner Gt: Get Covered A long lasting server with a cohesive community that Can maintain a competitive and fun environment. enjoyable PvP experience with less grind and unnecessary setbacks. 24/7 nitrado server with active admin. Weekly server events such as CTF, mazes, pit fights, and even climbing walls! Upcoming event this weekend! Castle siege / big team battle 2/10/18 at 8pm eastern time. Player split into two teams red or blue and must wear that color armor. There is a castle at each side of the arena for each team. Players must use swords and ballista paracer to destroy the others teams gate and win. Anyone can participate! Especially new players, come make this your first event! Prizes will be given to the winning team. - Update - 1/20/18 We have 17 total active long term players. The server has been steadily growing with new players each day. New players are welcome and encouraged to stay. The PvP is very relaxed. I host server events weekly with prizes. Anyone can participate and they're lots of fun. As the owner I'm always looking for ways to improve the server and open to any suggestions. Server currency was introduced 1/14/18. It is an item called /AMMO it can only be produced by the admin for event prizes. /AMMO can be used to purchase dino color changes, most skins, select Level 125 Dino's, ziplines, and glow sticks. Come to the Shop at 23 26 coords for full details. Rates 3x Experience 5x Tame speed 4x Gather rate 6x Mature speed 10x Incubation 0.75x Mate int. *Zero admin abuse* ------------------------ Rules No offline raiding (ORP enabled) with a 25 minute delay. The best PvP is when both tribes are present. No starting a raid during the offline timer. It's only there to prevent tribes from logging out to avoid a raid in progress No unnecessary damage, base wipes, or griefing No unfair targeting or harassment of any kind No racism or hate speech in chat No artifact cave or Obelisk blocking No utilizing exploits or glitches for advantage No exploiting ORP such as camping in bases No destroying event buildings or griefing events *Be mature and use common sense* -------------------- I will not tolerate people who break the rules. Use the game clips as evidence. I can only help what I see. *Keep it simple and respect others time* As an admin the rules and expectations apply to me too. I will be an active member of the server responsible for maintaining the experience with little to no negative interference. I will happily help with anything regarding glitches or rule enforcement. I don't mind cleaning up old taming pens and clutter just give me coords. *As an admin I refuse to participate in PvP or build a base.* Weekly Events with prizes that are helpful but that won't directly influence PvP. events are well thought out, fair and designed for fun. I spend most of my free time on the server organizing them and thinking of new ones. Aberration pets and items are incorporated as event prizes Potential Events Pit Fights Dodo tournament Survival arena Jousting etc. Previous events Reindeer Sword and shield arena - 12/26/17 (6 participated) Ravager Pit fight 1/14/18 (17 participated) Golden Ovis Hunt 1/17/18 Bola Rock wall 1/21/18 (16 Participated) /Ammocrab hunt 1/24/18 Desert Maze 1/28/18 (19 Participated) Castle siege / big team battle 2/10/18 Settings Player stats per lvl 1.5x Health 1.5x Stamina 3.0x Oxygen 2.5x Food 2.5x Water 2.5x Weight 1.5x Melee 1.0x Movement 1.0x Crafting skill 2.5x Fortitude Tamed dino Stats per lvl 1.2 Health 1.5 Stamina 2.0 Weight 1.25 Speed Wild Ichthyornis, Microraptor, Leedsichthys deal 0 damage Brontos are untameable Turret damage 1.2x 2.5x Cave damage Cave flying Crosshairs Hit markers Damage numbers 2x daytime Anyone cuddle Non permanent diseases Unlimited Respecs No spawn Animation Corpse locator No structure collision Structure Decay timer ------------------------- All rules and settings are subject to moderate change based on the opinion of the player base. Anything not listed should be default Donations For the generous players who were asking how to. Donations are not necessary but greatly appreciated. I will keep the 32 slot server up as long as there are players. If the player cap needs to be increased to 50 I will do that as well. To donate download the Nitrado Xbox app and make an account then type in the boost code below to donate run time to the Crispy Ark server Further details there Boost code: 325ampdh Check out the Crispy Ark Club Xbox club for videos of events and further info on the server. Message gt: “Get Covered” for questions or suggestions. All messages go to my phone. If the server goes down for longer than 10 minutes and I'm not online just message me. It should automatically reset. If not, I will force reset it from my phone. Directions to Join Click Join Ark on the main menu. That will take you to the session list. At the top right filter the two drop boxes to Ragnarok and PvP. Next Click on the bottom left drop box and select "Unofficial PC Sessions". Then make sure "Show Password Protected" is unchecked. Now type in "Crispy Ark" inside the Name Filter. Click the server then go down and press join. We hope to see you there!
  22. Does anyone know how to use the ?CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownloads=true setting on a Nitrado hosted server without switching to expert mode? I can't find a place to add command line parameters.
  23. ANCIENT KINGDOMS (raG Nitrado based server) true pvp stats- x15 xp baby mature x10 x 6 gather
  24. can anyone with experience renting servers from nitrado give me an idea of what kind of time frame i am looking at on my pre order for a nyc server? nitrado literally won't tell me anything... what are the chances if i ordered yesterday that it is ready for crossplay tomorrow when it launches? i woulda ordered way further in advance, but similarly, nitrado would not or could not tell me whether or not i needed to be ordering an xbox or a pc server. so here we are...
  25. Dotz PvP/PvE 24/7 Abberation Note: This is a Nitrado hosted server, so change filter to PC hosted sessions The server is a mixture of PvP and PvE. Established bases are considered safe zones, any structure, dino, or player inside a base is safe from PvP. As soon as a player or dino leave base, PvP is allowed, and encouraged. If these rules are broken by another player, with proof of screen shot/video, the player in question will be banned. This is a great server for anyone who wants to participate in raid boss battles, and occasionally knock out a player or two along the way. Theres only 10 player slots at the moment, if it starts to cap out on a daily basis i will upgrade server slots. This server is slightly boosted compared to official Prevent offline pvp is enabled No player, item, or dino download XP Multiplier 2.5 Tame Speed Multiplier 2.0 Harvest Multiplier 3.0 Resource health 2.0 Resource respawn 3.0 Player weight per level 2.0 Dino weight per level 2.0 Decreased egg hatch time/baby growth time And more. Will periodically host in game events with high level rewards to winners