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  1. I've noticed a new server setting for tamed creature starvation. Anyone tried it out? I assume the higher the number the faster the food drain?
  2. To find the Servers just search: A11TCM Facebook Group search: M3atL0afCupcak3 These used to be the M3atL0afCupcak3 servers. They have been running since day one of Nitrado availability. All Maps. I'll work my way through what I think are the most commonly asked stats, please join the facebook group if your question isn't answered here. Admin will rarely play, but will not be assisting any group/tribe/players… that doesn’t mean don’t pike me if you see me. I have one other Admin that handles gameplay issues as he is available. MAX TRIBE SIZE IS 5, No alliances for first month. All changes that are adjustments go to the community for vote. Admin receives recommendations and will hold a vote if the same issue keeps coming up. XP: x4 Harvesting: x6 Taming: x7 Crate quality: x2 Hatch/Maturation: x50 (imprints approx every 9 minutes on large dinos) Player stats get a x3.4 with the exception of the following: Oxygen: x10 Weight: x15 Crafting: x4 Crop Growth: x10 Baby food consumption = .1 for that casual feeding. Hair Growth: x5 for the filthy animal in you Fuel Consumption 3x longer, gas/wood/whatever burns for longer. Rag: 50 Player Server Aberration, Island, and Center: 32 Player Servers Scorched Earth: 20 Player Server Dino speed and stamina across the board (wild, tamed, tamed_add, and tamed_affinity) gets x5, weight gets x30. Dino tamed_add and tamed_affinity also gets Melee Damage multiplier x3 (helps offset crafting bonuses a little on saddles) THE ONLY RULES: 1. It is full PvP. 2. It is full PvP. 3. Building - a. Cave building is allowed EXCEPT when you block in known CAVE loot drops or impede artifact collection. If you guys see a tribe doing this let me know so I can work out a solution. Worst case I will just admin the structures away. b. Glitch building is not acceptable. If you glitch through the map to build or build in a way that exploits a map issue I’ll just get rid of your base. c. Glitching into bases (clipping) using platform saddle structures is punishable by loss of all tribe tames. 4. Racism/sexism/constant harassment in game chat is an instant ban if proven. This doesn’t include trash talk in line with Ark. CUSTOM DROPS: White Drop: up to 50 bullets total from a combination of simple bullets, simple rifle ammo, and simple shotgun shells. White Bonus Drop: up to 50 bullets total from a combination of advanced bullets, advanced rifle bullets, and advanced sniper bullets. Green Drop: Small Kibble Package will be a combination of up to 10-20 pieces of kibble of any type available in game. Green Bonus Drop: Large Kibble Package will be a combination of up to 15-25 pieces of kibble of any type available in the game. Blue Drop: Eggs, 3-7 of any type of unfertilized eggs Blue Bonus Drop: Eggs, 5-10 of any type of unfertilized eggs Purple, Red, and Yellow drops have no changes.
  3. I am running a Nitrado hosted server for ark. I have enabled downloads so that players can travel from Ragnarok to Aberration. The issue I am having is that a player can travel to aberration, but when they try to travel back to ragnarok, their character vanishes and they have to make a new character. I have allow foreign dino download enabled, I do not have any downloads disabled, but when I look into the start menu it says "ark data download disabled". Could someone help me out with this?
  4. "Ark Passion" Xbox 1 PC Hosted Server! We Are Back And Better Than Ever!;) **No Admins** Host GT Is Ark Passion, Whom Will Do Handouts, Or Assisting. ALL CUSTOM DROPS (Will Change Overtime) @@@Also Send Us Recommendations!! Or Insights On Any Seemingly Wrong Aspects :)@@@ -WHITE(Lv3)-Glider, Asc Climbing Picks, Some Metal Structures, Low Tier Saddles, Miners Helmet, And Low Tier Weapons. -GREEN(Lv15)- Apr To Asc Metal Tools, Appr To Asc Chitin Armor, Tranq Arrows & Darts, And Some Saddles -BLUE(Lvl25)- Apr To Asc Flak Armor, Apr To Asc Longneck & 15-150 Ammo, RS To Ascmetal Shield, Asc Bow And/OrSlingshot -PURPLE(Lv35)- Fur Armor, All Kibbles/Veggie Cake/Honey -Yellow(Lv45)-Ghillie, Fab Sniper & Ammo, High Tier Saddles (Rex,Stego, Etc,.) -Red(Lv60- Riot Armor, Explosives, Ammo, Highest Tier Saddles(Chance For Giga, Quetz PF And More In Ringed Red Drops (A.K.A The Double Drops) **Booster Flier Speed && Weight** Mantis Rare Drops (15% Chance) -Polymer 20-200 -Bug Repellent 1-3 -Deathworm Horn 1-7 6x Harvest 1.23 Harvest Health 42.5x Taming 90x Hatching 50x Raising 10x Mating Interval 42.5x Experience Max Level Raised To 132 400 Turret Limit, 1.35x Turret Damge 1300 Structure Limit 0.7x Stamina Drain 0.3x Food/Water Drain DinoSpawnLimit 1.15 20x Crop Growth 2.5x Less Fuel Consumption No Alliances/15 Player Limit To Tribes 2.5x Corpse Life 3x Giga Spawns VvvvSoon To Addvvvv Auto Unlock Engrams More Loot From Beacons Starter Flier More Custom Mob Drops ... Please Comment Or Message Me All Feedback, Support, And Questions If You Need Help!
  5. TheDutchDaemon

    Paint problem Nitrado

    Hi, i have a nitrado server and when ive painted anything, like a flag or dino, and i log in again, the paint is gone, im tired of loading the saved paint each time, is there a way like a code or something to keep the paint from disapearing?
  6. Hi everyone... I am not too familier with the Jargon so please bear with me as I attempt to ask for help. I have a PVP Nitrado Server. After 8 days of Non activity from a specific tribe, the tames despawn / disappear. How to I change it from despawing and make it to where if someone else finds them is able to claim them? I would Also like to know how to change this options time from from 8 days of non activity to 7 days of non activity. The structures also say decay after 10 days and is not the same as the tames timer. Please advise where I can find the options for this and how to change it. Thanks.
  7. I rented a new server and have been messing with it for hours it seems to install and launch fine but will not show up in the server list or from within clustered servers at the ob/transmitter. Yes settings are all good I have 4 others so I'm well versed. Anyone have a solution for this?
  8. Why do some servers advertise as a nitrado server? Is it an agreement with gap that they need to publicly brand or do they have special server settings other gsps don't have. I'm new to ark so I'm curious. Sorry for double post. Did this from my phone.
  9. Hey, so i'm hosting a Nitrado server and i've been getting creative with the settings and the .ini files. I've got the Abberation dinos and items on Ragnarok and i've even adjusted the crafting requirements to omit the Abberation resources etc. Thing is, it occurred to me that the players on my server aren't going to be able to tame most of the creatures without the mushrooms and stuff so i was wondering ... is it possible to adjust what a resource node actually yields? In the game .ini? I came up with the idea of having the Basilisk and the Karkinos etc. drop 'shrooms and gems and stuff which works ok, but it would real cool if, for example, the swamp trees gave us occasional fungal wood. And maybe harvesting in the swamp gave us a chance of gathering some Abb mushrooms and all that. So if anyone has an idea how we can adjust this, you're the man/woman/non-binary/genderfluid/martian. Thanks folks.
  10. SERVER NAME: McArk PvP Server 1-5 MAPS: Center, Island, aberration, Rangnarok, Scorched Earth. SERVER RUNS - 24/7 XP - X8 GATHER - X5 TAMING - X10 EGG HATCH - X40 BOOSTED BREEDING BOOSTED PLAYER STATS BOOSTED DINO WEIGHT NO RULES - FAIR RUN SERVER https://m.facebook.com/groups/1765166177136017
  11. Are you looking for a chill PvE Server? You're in luck 'cause my man Aaron Longstaff is providing a chill PvE Server w/ an active community. 32 Slots. Aaron currently has 3 Xbox One Nitrado Servers: Ragnarok Vanilla, Aberration Vanilla and The Center Primitive Plus 1 PlayStation 4 Server: Ragnarok Vanilla Rates will be posted down below. Join his Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Aaronlongstaff Support him on YouTube! Aaron Longstaff 56k Subscribers and still growing! Join his Discord and interact w/ his awesome Community! Contact Aaron to join the Server @ his GT: Aaron Longstaff or contact him on Patreon!
  12. Welcome to Land of the Vikings (medieval rp). Previously called vikings roleplay server. Used to be on the ragnorok map but due to crash problems i was forced to restart and switch to the island to garuntee no crashes. This is a nitrado run server only 10 slots for the time being but am planning a server upgrade very soon. As you can see this will be a roleplay server set in the viking/medieval setting. Currently i am looking for dedicated players (adult only) to join and claim land.there will be 4 sectors on the island map literally divide the map by the 50 lines. As i am taking 1 sector of land. The first 3 dedicated players to message me will be granted land unless the player does not desire the land. It will then be passed onto another. Also if you do desire land it is required you are a very active player. After a month of king/queen inactivity i will place another member of your tribe in charge. If the tribe remains inactive for a month and another tribe wants the claim of land i will concider the switch. Quick summary: i need 3 kings/queens, once land is claimed please recruit a player to help you build your city and castle. (King/queen will recieve admin commands to help build). I am giving a month for each kingdom to be built. Starting april 1st i am planning on upgrading the server. King/queen requirements: Must be non biased to other tribe mates. Must remain in constant contact with other kings via discord app. Updates will always come via discord. This will also serve as a council meeting for the nobles. Before doing anything rash must contact the council for approval. More to come following this month. If you are interested feel free to contact me via xbox or discord Xbox: saculator Discord: jonesie420#0342
  13. anyone know where i can find all the files for game.ini in expert mode for nitrado because for some reason it isn't showing all the settings like player stats and dino stats settings. also my gameusersettings.ini isn't showing all the files like taming, harvest, xp ect...
  14. Hi, I’m running a nitrado server Prim + on Rag. Everything was fine until the last updat (v771). Now nobody can join it. The messages range from: timed out, unable to retrieve or loads completely fine and then just at the end goes to a black screen with title music in the background, then timed out? Has anyone else encountered this or can offer any advice it would be most appreciated. Thanks
  15. EvolveArk We welcome all players to Evolve Ark Xbox Cluster Server! We support crossplay! Bring your PC Friends! Why choose us? • 24/7 Server Uptime! • Friendly Staff • No Admin Abuse (Absolutely Zero Tolerance) • 5 Servers, Across all 5 maps! • Highly Boosted, Highly Populated! • Weekly Events/Dino Wipes • 120+ Active Players Daily Highlighted Server Stats: • Max Player Level 300 • Max Wild Dino Level 380 • Turret Nerf Disabled • Unlimited Player/Dino Weight • Unlimited Oxygen • XP Multiplier: x100 • Harvesting: x25 • Taming Multipler: x35 • Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier: x200 • Baby Mature Speed Multiplier: x800 • Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier: x5 SERVERS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: [EU] EvolveArk Cluster 01 (The Center) 32 Slots [EU] EvolveArk Cluster 02 (Scorched Earth) 32 Slots [US] EvolveArk Cluster 05 (Abberation) 70 Slots [EU] EvolveArk Cluster 03 (The Island) 50 Slots [EU] EvolveArk Cluster 04 (Ragnarok) 70 Slots ALL OTHER STATS LOCATED ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE, OR OUR WEBSITE We are also on Social Media! Follow us to keep yourself updated! Twitter: EvolveArk Youtube: EvolveArk Facebook: Evolve Ark Xbox Server Cluster You can also keep yourself up to date on our WEBSITE! Evolveark.com
  16. Hello Everyone. I currently have two servers on Xbox Nitrado. I have a Ragnarok and a Scorched Earth. I was googling how to Cluster your servers online and all I was able to find is to go to your Nitrado Dashboard, Server Settings, CrossArk, Then it said I need to check off the CrossARK tab, Generate a Cluster ID, copy the Cluster ID, then go to the other server and check off the CrossArk tab, and paste the Cluster Id to the other server. I also needed to make sure I save on both and restart both Servers. However, When I do this, Both servers will not show up on my servers list on my Xbox... So I am apparently doing something wrong or have missed a step.. I would like for both of my servers to be Clustered and allow for Dinos to transfer between the two of them only, not any from Private Servers. Please Help.
  17. SO here is the situation , last month several members on my server paid for server boosts that were Never Applied to my server time since i discovered it i have been going back and forth with nitrtado and Xbox Neither one of them are will to look into it instead im being told to contact the other, this is so messed up has anyone else had this issue? if so how did you get it resolved?
  18. hosting an xbox 75x pvp with orp and starters named chilltopia ark currently unpopulated so easy alpha
  19. A decent somewhat boosted server, only rule is no complaining. Max wild dino level is 300. Search rockwells pit under unofficial pc servers or message iSmokeTree420 x for an invite. Xbox one.
  20. Hello, iv'e been playing ark for a year and a half and iv'e finally decided to set up my own ark server, sick of admin abuse and servers getting shut down. i have several ideas, such a boss dungeons, specified engrams, and some mods i might install as well. i would use nitrado , and i don't have an idea for a name. i want to use Ragnarok with 20x taming, 5x gathering, 15x breeding, upped weight, stam, and speed. the turret dmg would be 2x as would Dino health. i also might have no fliers, since i feel like once u get a flier, it takes the exploration aspect of the game, and make things more localized. i should have a full list of all the stats if i decide to run the server. If any of you smart guys (or stupid) have any ideas, speak up, i'm all ears.
  21. East Empire Company Almost Official PvP Server on The Center Low Rates with Evolution Event & Purge Weekends Crossplay Allowed! How are you all doing this morning, day or evening? I hope it's been a good one, if so or not, I have some news for you; Introducing a brand new 'Almost Official' PvP Server hosted by yours truly the East Empire Company! The Following Information Will Feature On Our Server; Rates, Information & More Harvesting: 3.0 Experience: 3.0 Taming: 4.0 Breeding/Hatching/Maturation: 3.0 Crop Growth: 6.0 Player Water/Food Drain: 0.7 Plat. Saddle Structure Modifier: 1.3 Oxygen Swim Speed Multiplier: 3.0 Player Health: 2.0 Player Stamina: 2.0 Player Oxygen: 3.0 Player Weight: 4.0 Player Crafting Skill: 2.0 Player Fortitude: 3.0 Dino Stamina: 2.0 Dino Weight: 4.0 Other than these above listed values, all rates/ratings are at Official level! We are Official players that also love the atmosphere of a truly living and breathing Dedicated Server(s). After having spent over a year hopping from dedicated to dedicated, tired of the constant opinion/rule/rate flipping of Owners/Admins, as well as admin abuse and so much more than would be worth saying here, we decided to open up our own Server, and hopefully Server Cluster. Where we want to provide a challenge for other hardcore Ark players that enjoy the Dedicated life, with low rates where achieving Alpha, Beta or a strong tribe status is actually worth something! We also know that, once you reach Level 100... other than getting the Tekgrams, there is no real end game on a Player Dedicated at that point. We are striving and modifying our Server(s) to help combat this. Initially. we have increased the Player Level Cap to 200! But we have not done so recklessly. While the Level Cap will be 200, the experience it takes to reach new levels after 100 will start taking a significantly steep incline. (Ever played Oldschool Runescape? Ever hear how the grind from Level 98 to Level 99 is the hardest? That's kind of the idea we have in mind for reaching the fabled Level 200. Those final ten levels from 190 to 200 will be quite an effort to grind to... and that's not even mentioning the Glory Leveles!) Guidelines and Regulations Guideline I: Trolling, Griefing and constant verbal harassment are not tolerated under any circumstance! Guideline II: No Foundation Wiping Guideline III: Have common sense and courtesy when raiding or warring with another tribe. Sometimes it is not always necessary to destroy absolutely everything another tribe owns... Guideline IV: During Weekday PvP, absolutely no base raiding or in-base PvP is allowed. Weekday PvP & Building There will be absolutely no Base Raiding on Monday through Friday (Weekdays). Any nature of PvP Combat can occur outside of someones base during the weekdays, but killing, combating or raiding inside anyones base during the Weekdays will end up resulting in a suspension for your entire tribe. This suspension will prevent your Tribe from being able to raid freely during the following Purge Weekend. Repeat offenses will lead to suspension from TWO Purge Weekends, and a third offense will result in a ban. Purge Weekends PvP & Rates Purge Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) will have no rules or regulations except for a single one: DO NOT Foundation Wipe other Tribes, unless they specifically want that kind of war! Other than that, all forms and manners of PvP are one hundred percent allowed during this weekend. Evolution Event Weekends Also, during Saturday and Sunday will be our Evolution Event! Where Harvesting, Experience and Taming Rates will be DOUBLED! That's right, similar to the Evolution Event on Official Servers! About the Server, it's Name and the Theme Behind It! So, here at the East Empire Co. there exists three of us as Owners and Admins. We will not be using the Admin accounts other than to assist in Admin duties, host Events, assist in Boss Spawning and the like. The Administrator Tribe will be called East Empire Co. -- however, the three of us will also have a real, legit tribe. Admin Command Logging WILL be enabled as a show of trust. The Gamertags of the three Admin accounst are; EEC Sheogorath EEC Hircine EEC Clavicus As I'm sure you can guess from the names and the name of the Server, we are going with an Elder Scrolls theme for the Server. The Administrator/Community Structures will be designed after Elder Scrolls architecture to our best efforts, and we even encourage creativity in those that join us to have similarly themed tribes! It is not necessary, obviously. People can have whatever they want, it's just a fun idea that really kicks us back to the old school days of Morrowind and Daggerfall. Filter: Unofficial PC Sessions Server Name: East Empire Co Map: The Center
  22. Mitchell1304

    Am I Able To Transfer??

    Best forum guys, Im gonna be be renting an ARK server for the PS4 via Nitrado in about 4 weeks. im just wondering if i could already make a start on another server and tame some dinos. i heared something about dino transfer. i figured out what it is, but im wondering if i could play local and then after a few weeks transfer him to that server. i renting that server to play on with my friends on school and stuff. So please help me Thanks!
  23. Hello, Just a friendly message to all primitive plus players looking for a friendly server to play on. We are hoping to find a few members to join our community. The server isn't password protected. Please take a look at our Facebook and Patreon page for rules. www.facebook.com/cromwellgaming www.patreon.com/cromwellgaming We have 3 major towns. Vankton being the main town with Exotic pet shop, Rare item shop, Hair salon, a Bank with rent-able vaults, Tavern, guild hall and jousting arena. The rare shops sell Aberration items for iron ingots. The facebook page is being uploaded with images so take a look. Thanks Server name is Cromwell permanent Boosted 24/7 pvp/rp (Xbox and PC) Trolls will be banned. Thanks
  24. -------- New ABERRATION PVP server No rules server. Name of server to search: Khaleesikylie -------- Brand new Aberration server, It is a server with no rules PvP You can built anywhere you wish, No admin tribe. The map will be boosted x2 for most stats, to give opportunity for all players to built faster and gets gears faster but without making the game too easy either. World Stats: -taming is X7 -XP multiplier x3 -harvest amount x3 -lay eggs interval x0.400 ( very fast ) -mating interval x0.400 ( very fast ) -egg hatch speed x400 ( very fast ) Dinos / character stats: -Dino's health X1,5 -Dino's weight x7 -Dino's damage X11,5 -character health X1,5 -character stamina x3,5 -character weight x6 There is much more customs settings feel free to ask me for any others settings you need to know. Hope to see you soon in the game.
  25. Near Reality Ark is recruiting players! Name: Near Reality Ark Map: Ragnarok Server Location: L.A. (US) Server Limit: Currently 20 but would love to expand. Clustered with Aberration named: Near Reality Ark Aberation Boosted but not too much, primarily weight and fortitude. Friendly banter is already a part of the server and always make a server more fun! One admin currently and that is the owner. Only one spawned tame and that is a Griffin used specifically for monitoring the server. Rules: PvE marked by white buildings and or white flags No raiding using glitches and no building using glitches or building in glitches! Wreck havoc and have fun! Taming Rate is x8 Gathering is x13 with dinos getting 26 (Yes ankylos will be useful for gathering metal!) Discord link is rVrBy8n Facebook page will be coming shortly! Server will last using some funding from myself and anyone who enjoys it enough to boost straight to Nitrado using the Nitrado boost code (no donations to run the server will ever touch my pocket) Hope to see some people come out and join! For any further questions message me on xbox @ XGNCorruptAngel