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Found 291 results

  1. Am I Able To Transfer??

    Best forum guys, Im gonna be be renting an ARK server for the PS4 via Nitrado in about 4 weeks. im just wondering if i could already make a start on another server and tame some dinos. i heared something about dino transfer. i figured out what it is, but im wondering if i could play local and then after a few weeks transfer him to that server. i renting that server to play on with my friends on school and stuff. So please help me Thanks!
  2. Hello, Just a friendly message to all primitive plus players looking for a friendly server to play on. We are hoping to find a few members to join our community. The server isn't password protected. Please take a look at our Facebook and Patreon page for rules. We have 3 major towns. Vankton being the main town with Exotic pet shop, Rare item shop, Hair salon, a Bank with rent-able vaults, Tavern, guild hall and jousting arena. The rare shops sell Aberration items for iron ingots. The facebook page is being uploaded with images so take a look. Thanks Server name is Cromwell permanent Boosted 24/7 pvp/rp (Xbox and PC) Trolls will be banned. Thanks
  3. -------- New ABERRATION PVP server No rules server. Name of server to search: Khaleesikylie -------- Brand new Aberration server, It is a server with no rules PvP You can built anywhere you wish, No admin tribe. The map will be boosted x2 for most stats, to give opportunity for all players to built faster and gets gears faster but without making the game too easy either. World Stats: -taming is X7 -XP multiplier x3 -harvest amount x3 -lay eggs interval x0.400 ( very fast ) -mating interval x0.400 ( very fast ) -egg hatch speed x400 ( very fast ) Dinos / character stats: -Dino's health X1,5 -Dino's weight x7 -Dino's damage X11,5 -character health X1,5 -character stamina x3,5 -character weight x6 There is much more customs settings feel free to ask me for any others settings you need to know. Hope to see you soon in the game.
  4. Near Reality Ark is recruiting players! Name: Near Reality Ark Map: Ragnarok Server Location: L.A. (US) Server Limit: Currently 20 but would love to expand. Clustered with Aberration named: Near Reality Ark Aberation Boosted but not too much, primarily weight and fortitude. Friendly banter is already a part of the server and always make a server more fun! One admin currently and that is the owner. Only one spawned tame and that is a Griffin used specifically for monitoring the server. Rules: PvE marked by white buildings and or white flags No raiding using glitches and no building using glitches or building in glitches! Wreck havoc and have fun! Taming Rate is x8 Gathering is x13 with dinos getting 26 (Yes ankylos will be useful for gathering metal!) Discord link is rVrBy8n Facebook page will be coming shortly! Server will last using some funding from myself and anyone who enjoys it enough to boost straight to Nitrado using the Nitrado boost code (no donations to run the server will ever touch my pocket) Hope to see some people come out and join! For any further questions message me on xbox @ XGNCorruptAngel
  5. As the title says. I have a single server 32 slot that has died alot of people went to these new cluster servers for many reasons. I debating on letting mine just die or reach out and see if anyone would be interested in teaming up and make a cluster. I want it to be PvP and balanced open to game types or even extinction clusters, just hit me up if interested at all. We can discuss it. Thank you
  6. This is a cluster of 2 Nitrado servers. Looking for mature active players! Hoping to eventually increase the slots and have a large community of tribes! Crossplay is enabled. If you’re looking for servers run by adults you’re in the right place. Admins: Synicist - 21 Eazybubz - 27 To join hit Join Ark at the main menu. Click “unofficial PC servers” on the bottom left to filter. Ragnarok is titled: [US] SynArkRag Abberation is titled: [US] SynArk AB Searching Syn under either map will bring up the results. Join my discord for news about upcoming events and community builds, trading, and to post in the suggestion box! My Discord also offers a shop with earned currency called sins denoted by the 👹 symbol where you can buy anything discussed with me. The currency is earned every 6 hours and can be gained through inchat games and bot commands every 4 hours. I also provide 👹 for any donations as they aid in maintaining the server and will allow for me to create a cluster and increase slots in the future but that is totally optional. Discord Server Name: SynArk Ragnarok I will be building a community lot with forges and chem benches and a marketplace where you can trade anything you want with myself and fellow survivors. New Tribes will receive 1 lvl 150 Argy and 1 lvl 150 Dire Wolf to protect them with a saddle for the Argy. A starter toolkit will also be provided. The boosted stats are: 10x Harvest, 20x Tame, 25x Weight, 15x Fortitude, 10x Health, 10x Melee, 10x Oxygen, 3x Stamina, 5x Everything else. I look forward to playing with you!
  7. I rejoined ark when it went to xbox anywhere and I play official and on a Nitrado server on my PC. On official game plays beautifully, almost no issues at all. however, when I play on the Nitrado server when I'm flying around the map (rag) and I go into another area (lets say from forbidden grotto to the redwoods) trees will no longer appear, the landscape is in polygons, just barren glitch terrain with dinos walking around. it is easily fixed by logging out and back in. AGAIN has never happened on official, only on Nitrado. any input as to why this is happening?
  8. Search x3 pvp extinction server in unofficial pc sessions.... all welcomeno trolls please you get a month to build up raid have fun and then start over which gives everyone a chance to be alpha depending on how hard they want it, but fair pvp is preferred no wiping bases with no defence cause where is the fun in that? No blocking artifacts or caves Join now fresh today 31-1-18
  9. WE'RE BACK!! I've got 3 maps running: Ragnarok running in PvP Aberration running in PvP Scorched Earth running in PvE To join search "Gibsarkserver" in the main menu, click "Join Ark" then switch to the pc unofficial dedicated server filter in the bottom left. Transferring of everything is allowed. Here are the Rules: The expectation is that we all play as adults since the game has a Mature 17+ rating, no under 17 years. so go raid, fight, create rivalries and alliances, but do so in a way that encourages a healthy PvP environment with NO toxic/caustic venting. •No dino extinction. Killing Dino's is a facet of the game, but there's no reason to kill everything in sight. •Don't be toxic. Talking smack is fun and part of PvP, but remember it's all a game at the end of the day. Talking smack about someone's family, friends, etc. will result in permaban. •No attacking the Admin. He/She is way too busy to engage in gameplay. Running a server is alot of work. What happens when someone breaks the rules? Well, here's the sequence of events: There is a clearly understood 3 strike system, once again for fairness, transparency and a general sense of belonging: •Strike 1: A warning will be issued, both in-game and via the MOTD (if needed). •Strike 2: Admin will wipe your tribe players. •Strike 3: Admin will wipe all tribe members, Dino's and structures. You start fresh. You're back to square one. Server Settings Max Dino level ??? XP x2 Harvest x3 Taming x8 Hatching x40 Maturation x8 Turret damage 1.2 Structure Collision Disabled Unlimited Mindwipes Cave fliers allowed Cave damage on PvP incentives Events that rotate weekly. Mini boss week Custom Loot boxes Avg players online during normal playtimes on our cluster is 30-40 Crossplay with windows 10 now enabled
  10. Hi Guys I have recently rented an Island server with 10 slots and are looking for some players, currently 8 slots available. Server is called [EU] Razor Island This server is for Solo players only, no tribes no alliances just people that like to chill on their own. Also we are not looking for no life players that are on all day everyday, this server is ideal for people that can do a few hours after work and then like to smash ARK on their day off. The server is an EU server with 4x gathering, 5x xp rate, 10x taming and 15x breeding. Everything else is the same as official and wild dinos are up to 150. There are a couple of rules... No cave building No resource blocking (metal etc) Raiding is fine but full wipes/bullying are not Try to avoid killing Passive tames where possible If you get raided do not cry, raid back! If you want to join or anymore details please message me on here or on Xbox to Razor Radford.
  11. ATTENTION WE ARE IN NEED OF TRIBES THAT WANT TO CONSTANTLY BE PVPING. WE ARE LOOKING FOR BIG GROUPS OF PVP GODS TO COME JOIN THE SERVER WE WANT TO HAVE AWESOME BATTLES WITHOUT THE HARD FEELINGS, ITS A DEDI SO ITS NOT HARD TO BUILD UP COME JOIN if you like nerd parade like player and dino stats, 24/7 pvp, (might consider orp in the future) insta tame, and high gather rate, and basically insta breed/raise with fun events and loot on with boosted crates, xbox then look no further with (Exiles Ark Ragnarock Cluster) as of now we have 50 slots and hope we get a lot of players enjoying our server. We also have an 32 slot island cluster, we have admin assistance only in dire situations and if you got any questions or problems message Outshined91 (My xbox account name) Join our group and welcome to the Exiles Harvesting: 10.0 Level: 100 instantly Mating: close to 3 hours between intervals Egg hatch:close to instant hatch Mature speed: 200.0
  12. I have a server through Nitrado. Server map is Ragnorak. Difficulty is set to 0.35. I joined the server and did a dino wipe and witnessed the current dinos disappear. Im seeing new spawns at 137 and up. Is this normal for ragnorak? I dont want them that high lvl, i would like them to be under 70 if possible. If island map is set to 0.35 the dinos stop around 68. Why are the maps different with dino lvls and how can I fix?
  13. Hi there, I rent 2 servers on Nitrado, they were in a cluster and Ark travel between them was working fine. However in the past 15 days or so (give or take) it has stopped working all together. The button to travel to another is gone and only upload survivor is available, which is problematic. I already sent notice to Nitrado but I also like to let you guys know. There is simply no reason to keep paying for multiple servers if we cannot travel between them at will. I have already revised all parameters (we haven´t changed any configurations) and they are all correct. Thanks for any help.
  14. looking to populate server Noahsark nitrado host is darkrad375 Xbox
  15. New to ark or want a challenge join my cluster. I’m also looking for hardcore pve players looking to be admin. I do not allow admin to PVP. In need active admin to run events on Ragnarok. I would have to get to know you, so join server get to know current community. Search “Wo1f” with a 1 in Unofficial PC Sessions to join. Start on Ragnarok a friendly PVE Ruled environment then move onto island with offline raid protection. Ready for all out head to abberration where anything goes. Ragnarok Extinction 30 days is a map only allows uploads out and wipes every 30 days. Transfer your dinos out last week or leave them and prep for another fresh start!!! Max current Level is 165 10x Taming 10x Gather 10x XP Fast Breeding/Maturation. Ability to imprint. Boosted Drops/Custom Drops Crafting skill Boosted Four map cluster with different setups. Ragnarok is beginner map where it is set up PVE Ruled. Absolutely no pvp on Ragnarok. Island is PVP with offline raid protection 30 mins. While Abberration is all out war. Ragnarok Extinction allows you to upload your dinos and items out but not allow downloads. Server wipes 30 days!! Island- Survivor,Items,Dinos Upload/Download PVP - 30 min ORP Aberration- Survivor,Items,Dinos Upload/Download PVP- No ORP-Extinction 30 days Ragnarok Extinction- Survivor,Items,Dinos Upload only server wipes every 30 days!!! But dont worry you could always transfer out into other servers!! PVP- No ORP Ragnarok- Survivor,Dinos Upload/Download Items DOWNLOAD ONLY NO ITEMS CAN LEAVE RAGNAROK ONCE TRANSFERRED IN PVE Ruled- Coliseum is completed. Events and shops coming soon!!! Roleplaying, building contests, (ORP= Offline Raid Protection)
  16. EpicGames BRAND NEW RAGNAROK, ABERRATION & ISLAND SERVER 24/7 These servers will be run from Nitrado (Ragnarok has 32 slots * , Increasing the cap that best fits the servers needs), and will be up 24/7. We want to build a strong community where people can coincide together and enjoy PVP raiding without feeling like you lost all of your hard work but instead had fun. We heavily encourage trading amongst other tribes and working together, but we also understand not everyone gets along which is perfectly fine, so we just ask; follow the rules and don't be a sausage. Arks: Ragnarok Platform: PS4 Host PSN Account: ParagonGamingYT Tired of the hassles and heartbreak on official servers? All of your hard earned hours of taming/building/work just to be trolled or grieved? Trust me, I know your pain all too well... but look no further friends! Join the Epicgaming today! I've been a server host for Ark for almost 2 years. In the past, the server was hosted on an PS4. brand new server will be hosted from Nitrado. Server lag and crashes should be a thing of the past now. Joining the server will be pretty simple. Search for "New/50xBoosted/TEKDROPS/AdminShop/AllEngrams/lvl 300 dinos ". Make sure you are searching under the correct session filter. Single player or whole tribes are welcome! Spread the word. A few quick reasons why to join: 24/7 Friendly and helpful community on the server and forum Survivors from all regions of the world are welcome! Boosted stats! EVENTS! Friendly server admins! StarterKit Are there any admins? There will be a few of admins (including myself) playing along with you. I know every single one of them in real life so they're all trusted. The admin tribe is "Admins" There will be NO admin abuse. I repeat, absolutely NO admin abuse. When Aberration is released the admins will NOT being using commands or anything. Will be playing like anyone else. The tribe will not be the overseers either. We want to really experience the new expansion. Will there be a starter pack? YES! There is a starter pack but only on Ragnarok. Head over to blue ob where "Newcomers Hall" is built. Our starter packs consist of: 2 Industrial Forges 2 Chemistry Bench 2 Fabricator 2 Electrical Generators 50 Elements GPS Stone foundations, walls, and ceiling (25 each) 5 heavy auto turrets NOTE: Admins do hold the right to refuse giving out a starter pack. If an admin is not on, continue to play and wait till one is on. if you joined the server from the thread please let one of the admins know we will give you a gift for joining Server Rules: **All rules are subject to change and can be adjusted depending on what the majority of the people want. There will be a few rules to establish a healthy running server. Remember that this is a PVP server, meaning.. you can be killed anywhere (like the real world) so prepare yourself. Do NOT raid new players. We want people to build and get established. Hit tribes your size. NO blocking resources (building on metal spawns, etc. Building on metal spawns with only a few rocks around is okay, just don't build on big metal spawns) NO building at obelisks (only community structures) NO building around beaver spawn/dams NO PVP at or around community structures. Admin/Owner enforced. Clean up after yourself. If you move bases or just have random structures out and about, please destroy them. NO PROMOTING/RECRUITING PLAYERS TO JOIN ANOTHER SERVER. *Have any other rule & rate suggestions? An event idea? or just a statement about the server in general? Feel free to post a comment down below or message bloodvoodoo or deadlywhentaken on XBL. Taking all suggestions (within reason) into consideration. Thank you for taking the time to read our forum! Spread the word!
  17. Brand new server on the center map, boosted stats are below. Still willing to take suggestions on stat changes. This is a 24/7 pvp Nitrado server with 32 slots. Search for,"JumpArk Boosted Nitrado 24/7" *50x Tame, 20x Harvest. *Boosted Drops. *Instant lvl 186 for Players and 7x XP for Dinos. *Flyer Speed is increased. *Boosted Dino Stats. *Offline Raid Protection is Disabled. *Boosted Weight (Players=10k per level. Dinos = Infinite) Discord Link Dino Damage Multiplier 2.0 Modifies the multipliers for damage caused by wild dinosaurs Player Damage Multiplier 2.0 Modifies the multiplier for player inflicted damage. Structure Damage Multiplier 1.0 Defines the multiplier for damage structures against players. Auto destroy of old structures 0.5 Sets an extra counter on structures after which they will be automatically destroyed Player Resis. Multiplier 1.0 Defines the multiplier for resistance of players. Reducing this value will increase the resistance of players. Dino Resis. Multiplier 1.0 Defines the multiplier for the resistance of dinosaurs. Reducing this value increases the resistance of dinosaurs. Structure Resis. Multiplier 1.0 Defines the multiplier for the damage done to structures. Reducing the value will decrease the damage done to structures. XP Multiplier 7.0 (for dinos. Instant level 186 for players) Defines the multiplier for experience. Taming Speed Multiplier 50.0 Defines the multiplier for the taming speed of dinosaurs. Harvesting Multiplier 20.0 Defines the multiplier for the amount while harvesting. Resources health Multiplier 2.0 Defines the multiplier for the natural health recover and allows longer harvesting of one and the same resource. Draining Multiplier 0.1 Defines the multiplier of water drain from a player. Starvation Multiplier 0.15 Defines the multiplier of starvation of a player. Dino-Hunger Multiplier 1.0 Defines the multiplier of starvation of a dinosaur. Stamina Multiplier 0.5 Defines the multiplier of stamina draining of players. Dino-Stamina Multiplier 1.0 Defines the multiplier of stamina draining of dinosaurs. Regeneration Multiplier 8.0 Defines the multiplier for the natural health recovering of the player. Player Harvesting Damage Multiplier 4.0 Higher number increases (by percentage) the damage done to a harvestable item/entity by a Player. The higher number, the faster you collect. Dino-Regeneration Multiplier 7.0 Defines the multiplier for the natural health recovering of dinosaur.
  18. Search x3 abberation pvp server in unofficial pc session orp is on for now can change if people want it off, bascially a x3 official except breeding is x5 and dilos have been added to map for kibble for doedics. Solo tribe server to make it fair game for anyone that joins no admin server is fairly new join today if your interested food and water drain is lowered also, server will keep running if it gets populated trolls will be banned no exceptions
  19. We have setup a new Ragnarok server with a different twist. Typically when playing Ark most folks don't even bother making for example thatch structures, let alone really mess with some of the early game tools and weapons like Bows, boomerangs, rope ladders, slingshots, etc. We've decided to create a new server where not only will you use these things, but they are essential. That's because we are going to go through Ages in this server. The first Age you will only be able to build thatch structures, and tame stone weapons. This means that you and your foes won't be able to have that race to see who gets turrets up, makes C4, tames Griffins and raises Wyverns, etc. Instead you'll find out how to strategize against each other using just the limited tools you have, and your brain! There isn't a Smithy or Forge, so no in the beginning you can't just tame a bunch of Rex's and chomp on your neighbor. Well you can tame them, but where's the Smithy to make saddles? So maybe you tame an Army of Rex's and then lead them in battle on the back of a Raptor? The next stage will be wood, followed by stone. At some point here we'll add in the Smith, Forge, guns, explosives, etc. But they will all come into play when it makes sense. Sound fun? Sound like a challenge? Some of the basic info for the server includes: Server Name: Kingdom of Clom Number of current tribes: 4 small ones all in thatch Total concurrent slots on the server: 10 (will be going to 20 soon, but for now 10 is great) Taming 3X Harvesting 3X Hatching 6X Maturing 6X Per level Multipliers: Tames: Weight 2x, Stamina 3x Player: Weight 3X, Stamina 3X, Fort 3X XP 1x
  20. Welcome to The Viking Ark hosted by Nitrado! Xbox players and Windows 10 players are able to join. Map: Ragnarok Stats: Balanced & Boosted This PvP server features two weekly events, and one monthly alpha event. We have a Community Center at Viking Bay (default spawn). Our Admins DO NOT PvP or unfairly assist anyone. All server stats posted outside the Community Center. When you join it would help me greatly if you messaged an admin (PurpleJesus117, or TidePoseidon) and let them know I referred you, they are currently offering rewards for players who greatly assist the population.
  21. Arks and Rec is looking for new members! We are a an 18+, 24/7, Nitrado, PvE, Ragnarok server with small population seeking new members! Very chill & helpful admin, great rates for no hard grind but not too OP. Shop, planned events, Aberration days and all around relaxed experience with friendly, helpful members! XP x10 | Harvesting x10 | Taming x20 | Breeding x30 *For full rules, rates, and joining instructions, please visit our Discord server and read our #join and #rules channels Invite link:
  22. Ps4 pve ark server "tiny arms" looking for new players. As soon as an admin gets to you, youll receive a starter dino, metal tools, etc. We host events with great prizes. We have boosted resources, stats on players and tames, admin shop, etc. Admin will help through boss fights if needed for tek engrams also! Join our psn community "tiny arms server" for updates or message me directly on psn at ryan55665566. Hope to see some new survivors soon!
  23. which one is better??
  24. Winters Hollows - RP P+ Server: Ragnarok Are you reaching endgame so fast that you lost your sense of progression in Ark? Are you sick of being wiped over and over on Official? Are you finding it a chore to log on and take care of your base? Ever wish you could just build a beautiful base at your own pace? Not having fun playing Ark and looking for a new way to play? LOOK NO FURTHER, THIS SERVER IS THE ONE FOR YOU! We are looking for new members to come play with us! *As more people join, we will add more player slots to the server! Join our growing community today! PSN Community page: Winter Hollows - Ark RP P+ Server Discord Server: Winter Hollows - RP ( Dedicated P+ Ark Server Search: Winter Hollows - RP We have a lot of custom settings to enhance your Ark experience! Custom P+ ini files: some engrams added, some taken out Custom day/night cycles Custom auto PvP/PvE cycles: to match the day/night cycle Team of Moderators committed to a set of rules and enhancing the experience, not cheapening it! Community polls and suggestion box for player feedback Our server features several in game RP based things for you to do! The neutral city. The only place on the map where PvP is strictly prohibited. It is a community city! A place to visit, trade with, complete quests for, or even join!: Winter’s Edge. The city is completely Neutral, so they will trade with you no matter who you are or what you do for a living! Build a kingdom of your very own! Visit our discord server for details on how to make your own official kingdom that is recognized by Winter’s Edge! This gives you plenty of added perks, including a Sentinel’s Blessing! Check out some amazing work from our community!! Winter's Edge - The Main Gate --- Winter's Edge - Wayne's Tavern --- Torchbearers - Open Lighthouse Outpost ---