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  1. Hello, Like title says, we are a family server and we opened doors for other players. The server changes and rules can be seen at discord. 222Y53nnmm Also need discord for starter pack!!! Maturation(175), mating, hatching(100), taming(x15) and drops are boosted, allong with some player stats. There will be events. Also shop with ability to buy all ingame tameable dinos and gear with ingame "money". More info about currency in discord. Players will also have a chance to "rent" a store at the community center. Server is 16 slot player cap Map = Lost
  2. Many many Official Gen2 and Lost Island servers are suffering from massive memory leaks. The longer the servers have been online, the more lag, instability, disconnects, hangs, and crashes they get (thankfully after a crash, the server is much better for a while). Can we get regular restarts (maybe every 24 hours) for these servers? The restarts could even be run on an automated script that sends the servers a 15 minute warning, then restarts all the Gen2 and Lost Island clusters. There wouldn't need to be any DevOps interaction other than making the script and maybe occasionally monitoring th
  3. I just wanted to say thank you for fixing the issues with the Playstation version. I was playing ARK single player for about a month before Christmas last year, I fell in love with the gameplay and world. I decided to rent my own server and had my Dad and sister get the game and join me, we all love this sort of game. Well they got the game right after Christmas using gift cards I gave them to get the Ultimate editions on their new PS5's. Needless to say that was when 2.72 patch released and it wasn't great. For me I knew what ARK was like before the patch and we started the game/server on Los
  4. Hello to all, we did the boss on alpha on Valguero and the alpha bosses on Island some time ago. So we got the tekgram for the teleporter. We were also able to use it - until Lost Island came along. Our main base and our teleporters are on Gen2 ... When Lost Island came, we went there and built a little - so we went back to Gen2 => teleporters didn't work any more. Another player did the Alpha Dragon on Island again after that => went to Lost Island -> back to Island -> Teleporter Tekgram was on unlearned.... We play on a private cluster without mods (crossplay Steam
  5. I went through the forms for a few hours before I decided to post this because I couldn't find an old forum about it so.. I know back in December in the patch notes they said they 'fixed' the level weight to favor higher level dinos, but after a few dino wipes and making sure my game was set to the max difficulty and all the sliders were turned to the max. I'm still having trouble finding anything over level forty? Sometimes I'll find something between 40-95 but a majority of the time I'm still running into low level dinos usually between 5-40. So my question is, is Lost Island still messed up
  6. DROPS THE ISLAND SupplyCrate_Level03_C SupplyCrate_Level03_Double_C SupplyCrate_Level15_C SupplyCrate_Level15_Double_C SupplyCrate_Level25_C SupplyCrate_Level25_Double_C SupplyCrate_Level35_C SupplyCrate_Level35_Double_C SupplyCrate_Level45_C SupplyCrate_Level45_Double_C SupplyCrate_Level60_C SupplyCrate_Level60_Double_C SupplyCrate_Cave_QualityTier1_C SupplyCrate_Cave_QualityTier2_C SupplyCrate_Cave_QualityTier3_C SupplyCrate_Cave_QualityTier4_C SupplyCrate_IceCaveTier1_C SupplyCrate_IceCaveTier2_C SupplyCrate_IceCaveTier3_C SupplyCrate_SwampCa
  7. I searched online but neither the wiki or youtube knows it. If you know it, please if you can post a map with the locations marked or just the coordinates. I need all 4 crops.
  8. I've been using lgsm for some time now and have been able to successfully run all the maps leading up to Lost Island. NOTE: Running the server on the ubuntu machine, connecting to and playing on a windows machine. For whatever reason, LostIsland loads up, and then starts to climb in usage until it eventually crashes. Sometimes I can get enough time in that I can actually log in and play, but thus far the max time I've been able to play has been about 15 minutes and then the server loses connection. NOTE2: I have ran a 'verify files' and it came back fine. I've also loaded up Valgue
  9. So I've been off of Ark for a while but I decided to try the new map and I just don't see it in my options to pick from maps. Am I just dumb and it's The Island map just updated? P.s please no mean comments lol I'm just genuinely confused.
  10. Boss fight payouts are unbalanced compared to other maps and element farming on other maps. 320 for hard is too low considering the time it takes to farm the fights. The map will be obsolete at these rates for the majority of the community. Either change the requirements or change the payout. At the current payout the easy fight shouldn't require tributes. Please balance and update.
  11. Consider leaving transfers into lost island closed permanently and enabling lost island to lost island transfers after the 90 days. As a day one pvp official player I can tell you a fresh start for many is terrific, refreshing, and needed. As soon as transfers are open its back to the same old Same old. As long as those that want the new tames can transfer out then everyone wins. Xbox pvp official lost island. Thanks for your consideration.
  12. We have tried both North America 1670 and North America 1690. We left 1670 after constant disconnects and inability to play the game or even open inventory for more than three days. It all started after your last patch. Went to 1690 it’s played fine for 24 hours and now the same thing is happening it’s unplayable. Please fix your Xbox official servers for lost island.
  13. Was on lost island pve server 1693 on console. Was minding my own business waiting for a drop on my argy and I get thrown off the argy it disappeared and I try running around trying to find it and then it doesn’t show that I died just throws me straight into the spawn menu map. Checked the logs and it said my character and mount were destroyed for meshing. I’m confused as to why seeing how I was just waiting for a drop! Lost all my stuff and Dino idk how to get it all back.
  14. Do someone know when Lost island will be available on g-portal? just got the update but i cant configured my server for me and my brother
  15. Arctotherium American short-faced bears within Ursidae. Their ancestors migrated from North America to South America during the Great American Interchange, following the formation of the Isthmus of Panama during the late Pliocene. Its large size has been attributed to increased competition from other, later-arriving or evolving carnivorans, such as jaguars, Protocyon or Smilodon, following the early dispersal of short-faced bears to South America.[4] The North American carnivorans that invaded South America, including short-faced bears and Smilodon, probably quickly dominated the predatory nic
  16. Hello everyone, if I am writing now it's to propose you something, it would be a question of limiting the proposals to aquatic creatures during the next community vote, then, I know myself the first I do not like my walk in the oceans, but that's precisely why I would like to limit the votes to aquatic creatures because I think that if I don't like the oceans it's because they are sorely lacking in creature-level utility, for example among the rare original creatures in my opinion we have the Liopleurodon that we cannot keep indefinitely and the Tusoteuthis that we can obtain at an advanced le
  17. This is a topic that, as the name suggests, supports the addition of both dinopithecus and the sharkadon thingy. Yeah just add both.
  18. What's happening to us????, If we let them take the lead we will lose it, Let's do something Team Carcha!!!!!!
  19. Well first of, congratulations to all that got your favorite animal in the Lost World, I would have preferred dinosaurs but I can relate if I was on the other side of the table. While I think we missed an opportunity to keep a more Jurassic/Cretaceous theme, there is always the option to correct the wrongs in each of our individual Arks. I was ready to chose between these two options, but I thought I should do something different here and ask you all for your opinions. I don't really need many votes, so a simple majority will do. I am fine with either options.
  20. Hello, about the Lost Island creature vote… People obviously have access to vote, as it shows a certain number for each option (creature). Except I don’t have the ability to vote on a creature, I have signed in, refreshed my page multiple times, restarted both devices I tested it on, but I still can’t vote for the top 10 Lost Island creatures. Anyone else?
  21. Carcharodontosaurus = Lizard / Dragon / Godzilla Dinopithecus = Monke / Beast / Kong LET THEM FIGHT!! But Both need to be added for it to happen. Additional Suggestions: NEW ABILITY: Leap Charharodontosaurus Can Leap and is the only Big Therapod that can jump; a game changer NEW ABILITY: Devour Carcharodontosaurus bites = 15% Health of enemy = 1 Hit NEW ABILITY: Guard / Patrol / Turret mode Dinopithecus with equipped weapon shoots enemy on sight Can be customized to attack players, tamed creatures, and/or wild creatures. Can also be set to a custom range.
  22. Carcharodontosaurus = Lizard / Dragon / Godzilla Dinopithecus = Monke / Beast / Kong LET THEM FIGHT!! But both need to be added for it to happen. Additional Suggestions: NEW ABILITY: Devour Carcharodontosaurus bites = 15% Health of enemy = 1 Hit NEW ABILITY: Guard / Patrol / Turret mode Dinopithecus with equipped weapon shoots enemy on sight Can be customized to attack players, tamed creatures, and/or wild creatures. Can also be set to a custom range. Can also shoot above and below — assuming they have a line of sight of the target)
  23. I think Ark needs more amphibians. And what better Amphibian, then Koolasuchus Hyperboreus? It's a large amphibian who's name translates as "Kool's Crocodile from the Artic". Also, I want to give a big shout out to DjayMasi and BangBooDoragon for helping design this amazing creature! Behavior: The Koolasuchus will normally patrol the cold rivers and lakes of the arks. when it spots potential prey, it will blast them with a freezing brine and then will come ashore to scoop them up with it's jaws and then it will drag them down into the freezing water so it can feast on it's flesh. Wh
  24. Most of us has heard about the new map coming soon™ I was wondering others views as personally i would love it to be a 'primitive' map up to metal tier but without any tek, including 'tek creatures' (manas, space things etc) just a proper ark original dino map. I love the convenience of tek, but i would love to go back to a dinosaur game, not sci-fi space shooter, which is impossible to play on official now. I don't know if i'm alone on this thought, but does anyone else share this view?
  25. Tamstry


    I loved the edition of the Equus, and often flyers are a necessary companion to experience all the Ark has to offer. That being said, the vast majority if not all easily obtained flyers have very poor ground capabilities, and therefore render their use quite limited. Needless to say, no one is getting to those shiny crystals you happen to notice growing way above you if you're adventuring on a Raptor or Rex. Many times I've been exploring the mountains and ridges on my Argentavis and spot a jungle or grassland I'd like to roam in, but have to return to base to switch my mount. Pegasus
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