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  1. Help with cuddle interval? Hi all! Im guessing a lot of people are asking this question, but I've never really understood it so I'm hoping someone is able to help me. I'm running a newly started cluster and I'm having some problems with maturespeed vs. cuddleinterval. Seems like the calculator I used is out of date or something. My settings are Babymaturespeedmultiplier: 25 Babycuddleintervalmultiplier: 0.1 How do I make it so most dinos get 100% imprint without to much hazzle? Pteradon to giga. Thanks!
  2. Help a breeder out I don't have pictures [ because I have xbox] but I got a female dark green body mutation so I was excited when I got a green stomach but it is a female do I need to wait until I have the green spine and it's male please help me
  3. Are the rexes good enough for boss fights? Hi I'm raising rexes for boss fights mine are popping out about 17 -19 thousand health and about 600 to 700 melee just wondering if that would be good enough for easy broad mother or if I should keep breeding out the stats.
  4. Question about Breeding Mutations Hello all, first post here and I couldn’t find a way to post to the PS4 Ark Breeding Forum so I figured I’d ask here. My question is simple: when breeding you ultimately want to get to one single male with perfect stats, no mutations and a plethora of females with perfect stats with no mutations and then mass breed for mutations. If one pops a male with a mutation, replace the breeding male. If one pops a female with a mutation, breed her with the 0 mutation breeding male until you get a male and then replace that guy with the breeding male. My questions is, say you get lucky and have two females each pop out a male with mutations. How do you consolidate both of those mutations onto a single male to continue breeding?
  5. I'll keep this very brief because lets face it, we have mods that do this, I just feel its something that should be officially done, especially given it would allow "balancing" to be accounted for. If anyone really wonders why I say this its largely because of some of the new Extinction creatures which are very powerful are are breedable, that and I think it would be good for QoL, it would after all mean All Dino's get Baby and growing up states So yeah the basic premise is this, create official breeding methods for ALL Dino's currently implemented into the game except perhaps the Titans (I'll leave that for another discussion lets get past this one first). These conditions being more complicated depending on the DIno itself and on top of this give us the ability to choose which Dino's are/ aren't breedable. This way official servers can still restrict breeding on DIno's where required for the sake of balancing. I'll give some examples of these below, obviously you can argue they may be too simple or difficult to implement but the basic ideas seem sound enough and just need improving upon hopefully and where I'm struggling I'll just say where I'd start for searching for the involved mechanics / conditions. Invertebrates such as the Araneo, Arthropluera, Dung Beetle, Lymantria, Mantis, Pulmonoscorpius for example. I'm going to stick with some basic things I know about Spider and Mantis' and base my suggestion on the fact that the Females tend to like to eat the Males in a more realistic application and go for the in game application of, when a Male and Female are breeding the Male gets Health Degeneration, so you have to do something to keep the Male alive, such as heal it, equally while this is happening just for the sake of imitation you could have the Female get the relevant Buffs from eating. Next Basilisks and Titanboa's, not gonna lie I don't know much about snakes, all I can really say is base Titanboas a bit more off actual snakes and add a more difficult element to the Basilisk. For Robots (Scout, Enforcer and dare I say it MEK?) I'm not really sure what you could do either as they are not really Dino's I'd say you'd have to find a Versioning or Revisions system on them that replicated breeding with the end result being a New Blueprint (Maybe you have to make a station and put the Blueprints in them? It is throwing out new revisions) or maintain them not being "unbreedable" I find this one a difficult call to be honest. Griffins are another difficult example especially when I consider the Snow Owl which uses a similar flight mechanic is just straight up breedable so I would say they have to be bred perhaps at high altitude? or depending on the mythology your going with they might need to be given a "valuable" thing to encourage them to "Nest for breeding" Karkinos being mutated crabs makes me imagine we would have to ensure we have the correct type of environment, so temperature management and access to water would probably be on my list of conditions. Onyc, I'm going to be lazy here and go, its a bat, it only breeds at night time. Phoenix, another difficult one, I would opt for it has to be very hot, it can't be in the rain and perhaps for the fun of it it either has to be in an area where there is the Extreme Heatwave weather effect or its given a food if on another map such as I dunno, Fria Curry? Piranha, dunno? Just give them it I don't know how much them being breedable would cause issues normally to be honest. Reapers, these I really can’t think of anything for outside of us being given a way of doing what some of us already do and trapping a Reaper Queen, your kind of on your own here as far as suggestions go. Rock Drakes I would associate with requiring Radiation so perhaps we would need to give them a unique food, or craft a structure that allows us to create an area that effectively replicates a Radiation heavy area like their nests, so a shelter with a "Radiation Generator" for example. Rock Elementals are one of the more fun things I suppose as they are mineral based, honestly, I wouldn't even have them as Baby Rock Elemental, I'd have them as a Sand Elemental or something and when they are fully grown, they become a Rock Elemental. AS for breeding them I couldn't say I imagine you would have to give the Rock Elemental something to encourage it to replicate itself, naturally you'd need at least 2 Rock Elementals. Wyverns, well I'm going to go back to a similar concepts to the Phoenix / Rock Drake and say we want to try to recreate some of the environmental Factors depending on the Wyvern or reply on the map having a natural weather effect so say the Super Heatwave for Fire / Poison Wyverns, the Electrical Storm for the Lightning Wyvern and Rain / Snow for the Ice variant, each of these requiring Temperature management on top of this and perhaps have a food to allow breeding on other maps where these weather effects don't exist. All in all, you hopefully get the ideas I’m going for at a minimum even if you don’t agree with the suggesting methods or believe they can’t be implemented. I’d say they are OK starting points and again I want to reiterate that while I’m suggesting All Dino’s have the ability to breed, I also want us to be able to set which of the Dino’s that spawn on our servers are actually able to breed. That way if we don’t want people to breed Rock Drakes specifically, we can turn it off for example. Of course, there is more than just this to consider such as Imprinting as well as what unique mechanics you might want to add to some of them as they grow up (Looks at invertebrates and Rock Elementals) and what I've suggested as mechanics are literally just that, suggestions to get ideas flowing.
  6. Some palyers on my server have gigas with 70-200k hp. We are an easy pvp server on ark mobile, so i dont know how theyve done it. My gigas are when hatched normal stats with 17k hp and fully imp 34k hp. So how tf do they get soo much hp? Do i breed gigas wrong? Pls help me!
  7. Hi there i am trying my hand at breeding some Ravagers we acquired but i’m not too sure what passes for high stats in a ravager, We have 3.5k Health 1.5k Stam 740 Weight 25(3, I think) Melee Melee seems low to me but it’s the highest I’ve caught so far! So how do these stats rank? Are Ravager melee percentages not very high? Or am I it’s unlucky? Cheers!
  8. johntappe


    To balance players who just breed from the same line of creatures when proper breeding of any animal youd never want to do that. Rage- increase damage in general but also given the giga rage effect Unstable genes- Increased damage received and output Blackouts- Loss of control at random short duration not to often baisicly like when you're taming the horse Gigantism- model size increases, increased damage, health and carry capacity decreased speed and stamina
  9. Okay so hear me out, We all love ARK and crave more content, new dinos, new adventures, and challenges. My lil 2 cents to add to this suggestion would be gene splicing/ DNA manipulation/ hybrid tames. So what do I mean by this exactly? Well the ARK's and ob's hold immense power, along with all the Tek we have come to know and love. We also know there there is an actual story behind ARK and all of its inhabitants. So much still shrouded in mystery, and quite frankly leaving a HUGE opportunity to implement some kind of technology to alter the preexisting creatures of ARK. With all that technology and advancement to produce life that was otherwise thought impossible, why wouldn't it be able to further advance and alter the very same life it has constructed? In the ARK lore Helena has said that the ARK's have produced these creatures in a way that is not natural in more than one way. I would like to push this narrative a bit further. What I had in mind was a quite large comprehensive idea. Adding an all new tier of Tek perhaps as well as a new take on taming/ breeding. Through this we could create all NEW species on ARK, and open up endless possibilities. Some aspects of the splicing could be mostly cosmetic, making a creature bigger than they normally are, to maybe having features of two different creatures entirely. Other options could be stats, or abilities. For example, maybe I want a beast that can concur the depths of ARK's oceans, but just can't seem to part with my giant land kitty. So I splice genes from an aquatic creature with a thylaco hoping to achieve a mass boost to oxygen stats, or even a possibility for a water breathing ability. Maybe I'm feeling a bit goofy and want to have my Rex spit like a dilophosaurus? (Okay maybe thats a bit TOO silly, but I would LOVE to see outrageous outcomes, perhaps silly outcomes are considered flops. Whereas the actual intended outcomes could be more serious? So much could be left as an OPTION as well. If a player doesn't want a certain aspect make a checkbox to turn it off.) An even BIGGER step would be to actually find dinos in the wild that are hybrids the ARK has made. Perhaps make them more of a rarity of course, leaving the player to their own new branch of Tek gear to explore the possibilities in full for themselves. This may seem like a goofy or too ambitious jump for what ARK's initial aim was for. However I would love to dive head first into this idea with more careful thought and with the help of other creative minds on how to bring it to life, as well as balance it. Thank you for reading, as well as your consideration! ARK is a passion for me, I've waited my ENTIRE life for THIS GAME. Much love
  10. Dear Wildcard, I am personally glad to see that unlike most AAA game companies, you decided to keep improving on your game even after creating all the content for your game. The S+ integration is a great start and I can’t wait for the kibble rework (because it’s definitely needed for breeding); however, there are a few things with the game that I wanted to address because they are severely punishing (even more than the game intends to be) and cause serious technical issues when it comes to gameplay. Some of these are issues in game, and others for other server administrators like myself. Server-wise, there are several issues that I feel need to be addresses if the idea of tuning is involved: Server Start Time: The server starting time is dismal to say the least. I start up a server on another computer than the one that I am currently playing, and it can take at best 15 minutes to even start up. (and that’s on a good day) Now I understand that the software was meant to run 24/7, but that shouldn’t be the only way that it can be used. There are many people who have lower tier computers and either can’t run ark on its own or they can’t run it with multiple people playing at the same time. It shouldn’t be a requirement for every server to run windows and a solid-state drive on them. I have few ideas for solutions for this problem, but one might be to make a command line option for a non-dedicated server vs a dedicated server. That way it can set itself up to start up and shutdown on a whim. This way the original way could stay The Server settings: some settings are easy to understand, but several settings have issues when it comes to measurements. For example: “StructurePreventResourseRadiusMultiplier=1.000”, ok so what’s the distance at 1? How can I know the exact radius that resources won’t respawn? How many foundations? The wiki doesn’t say, and I have no idea where to go to find out. One of my biggest nightmares when tweaking my server was bUseSinglePlayerSettings because I wanted to take the settings on my singleplayer and take it to my server because the balance in my singleplayer worked. The only problem is that 2.00 xpmultiplier on singleplayer is nothing close to 2.00 xpmultiplier on a server. I’ve done lots of testing to see how close I can get, but I still have no idea the effect of singleplayersettings since it doesn’t affect every stat equally (I don’t even know all the stats it DOES effect). My suggestion for solving this is at a minimum, to do better documentation on all the server settings on ark, especially on its units of measurement. One of the best examples that I can think of on the wiki is the documentation on getting the max level of dinos using DifficultyOffset and OverrideOfficialDifficulty (which in of itself is over complicated). At a maximum to remove the issue entirely may be to redo all the server settings and give them proper and simplistic measurements. Instead of having the difficultyOffset, just have a maxWildDino variable that can be set to the exact max level that wild animals can spawn at (though that is more theoretical since the offset is used for settings other than max wild levels). Lack of Server Input: Though I may get some of this thought from Minecraft’s server design, I still believe that this is a beneficial and important model in a server. To be more precise, there is no logging from the server at all. You would think that it would be important to be able to see if any major changes were to happen in the game, you would think that the server admin should be able to see it as soon as possible. Especially for the events that shouldn’t happen. I dabble with cybersecurity, and I can see this being a significant issue tackling a player who tries to break into my network. When penetrating a network or a computer, the best place to look is the applications running. Worst case scenario, I could look at someone hacking my entire network through an exploit in your server software, and I would have no warning to that what so ever. If I had a whitelist and someone managed to find a bug to get past that and enter the game, the server would never tell me this, and I would have no idea that they had existed. (besides looking in player save folder if I was somehow expecting it.) The solution that I would request is for the server to log everything, from who enters/leaves the server, to what console commands are run. I would probably even ask for the global broadcasts too, like when a player/tame dies. This would significantly help me in monitoring my system and my server. While on this topic as well, I would also ask for a way to input into an ark server (again, a lot of similarities to a Minecraft servers design), specifically for commands and broadcasts. This would allow for broadcasting to players if the server will shutdown soon, or admins can put in a command like changing day, etc. without ever entering the game. I do not believe either of these would be hard, since after all you already have a functioning global broadcasting system that you can output to terminal, and you already have webhooks which function almost the exact same way. Now that I’ve gone over all the issues serverside, I thought that I’d address some issues in game. Dinos starving while offline: this feels like a problem that should have been solved ages ago. The problem where dinosaurs continue to starve, even when no one in their tribe is online at the current moment. You have a plausible solution due to the fact that you have offline protection, so that people can’t raid while its tribe members are offline, so I see no reason why that same protection system can’t also make it impossible for creatures to starve while no one in the tribe is online. I and many others love your game, but we have lives outside of this game that we have to attend to. We can’t be online all the time to maintain food for our dinos at all times of the day. Some people may go on vacation and return to find all their animals had starved to death, which is cruel to say the least. I know that this is more or less a system for those who do not return back after one large session (though you already have a system that deals with that), but at least give us a setting in the server configs to implement it or not. I host my own server and I do not let it go 24 hours because I know that due to our schedules, all our animals would have starved by the time that we got back online. This I would say is one of the highest yet simplest priorities to this game because this could easily make or break a game. A player could spend a long time taming animals and caring for them, but if they have to leave for a time and come back to all of their progress lost, no one in their right minds is going to do that again, or even start it in the first place if that is the end result. If you could do only one of these things (which would make me sad) I would say this is the most important thing to change. Kibbles for Aberration and other animals: I am personally in love with the breeding update you did for all of ark after how extinction worked amazingly with the new system, but you did not convert all the creatures over to the new kibble system. I do not know whether you have fixed that yet or if you even have plans to. Please, fix the kibble rework for all of the creatures. Not just island, scorched earth, and extinction. With the current state, it makes it impossible (and I mean impossible) to imprint on aberration creatures without the use of spawn commands as the old kibbles cannot be made anymore. Due to the fact that even the old kibbles have a tier glow, even the aberration kibbles have a tier glow, this should not be a hard task to implement at all. Nothing new has to be created or organized, it’s just a small menial task to do to finish them all up. Please fix them. Option to learn everything: I am not going to lie, I love the engram system that you guys got. It makes me have to pick and choose what I need for survival. Later on, I can lose everything that I’ve learned and learn new stuff that I need and lose the stuff that I no longer need. It also helps when you are in a tribe and people can coordinate what people can craft. But what if you are alone, and the choice is too hard? Would it be simple to add an option in the configs so that you unlock every engram that’s up to your level? Basically, throwing out the engram point system so that you get everything at a certain level. This sounds like a small change that doesn’t require too much code. Survival resource respawns: This is quite a serious problem for people in singleplayer. When you go to an area on the map that is teeming with resources to mine it up. You can go back to it later one to find out that nothing is back. After some research, it seems its because each resource node has an internal timer before respawning. The problem is that the timer stops when the area is unloaded. Normally on 24/7 servers, the respawn time is several hours, and 24/7 servers don’t deal with the tether radius of singleplayer, which means that this issue doesn’t easily pop up. The way that I would try to fix this is by having each resource use the computers clock to figure out its respawn time. Meaning once the resource is within loading range, if it’s the same time or later as the clock mark for the node, it’ll respawn. This means that resources can properly respawn in singleplayer without the need of cheats or living really close to the nodes to keep them loaded. Some paints are ineffective on creatures: painting is a part of this game that really helps to create individualism. There are many colors that looks good on both creatures and buildings. The problem is that some of those colors don’t really show on creatures. Some of these colors include both black and white. Any dark color struggles to be noticeable on any creature of any color. From what I can tell, your team uses either a screen or multiply (I am going for screen) on our paint layers. This can make many dyes pop out, as long as they’re bright, but make many darker dyes incredibly difficult to see on the skin. Part of the problem is because most skins are of a light color, making a dark color overlay very ineffective. The solution I would give is one of two things: 1. Give us a 2nd set of dyes that are more like paint than dye, remove the overlay on these paints and make it so that these colors override the colors on the island. If I dye an animal with red paint, they should be outright red with no mixing at all (multiply might be a good way of keeping animal details while outright painting an animal). Keep the dyes in the game so that people can play and mix using the two colorings to make really cool designs. 2. Make the creatures skin and paint on the same level. If you had an entirely white model canvas (with its creases and edges of course) and then make their natural color overlay on that, then when someone paints an animal, it overlays on the white base rather than the animals natural color. This isn’t a full solution since not all colors apply as well as their brighter variants, even on white. Better access to costumes: the costumes are nice in this game. I even like how you get them based off exploring or taking down a boss. My only problem is when I die. I like having an organized inventory with little spaces taken but adding in the costumes destroys that organization whenever I die. It also doesn’t help that if I wanted to get a skin at some point, I had to die to get it. And if I wanted multiples of the same costume, more deaths to get it. It would honestly make the use easier and more practical if they were just craft able. Either make them seriously cheap (1 thatch/fiber) or this could be an opportunity to be creative with skins. Make the bionic costumes take metal and circuits, the cowboy hats take hide and fiber, etc. Thatch version of S+ buildings: you have S+ buildings added through the beta, but I noticed that you added variants for everything except thatch level buildings. Not many people may use it, but someone (like me) will. Other options for oxygen underwater: I know that we have the option to either level up, have a Diplocaulus, or get an oxygen tank, but I would like multiple options. This may be asking for much, but maybe some small things, like a shoulder mount that can provide oxygen (I wish that I could give an animal that could fit that role, maybe later with more research). That way you can still mount a large animal like Megalodon while having your organic oxygen tank. Like how Otters are an alternative to warm clothes, and Bulbdogs are an alternative to torches, maybe we could have an alternative shoulder pet for oxygen tanks. Or maybe even, if we could have an item that holds oxygen. Similar to a canteen, but instead of water, it can hold oxygen. One dose and it gives 100 oxygen. This may be asking for much to already a lot of options, but its stuff to think of. (Especially if you ever want to consider a map that’s underwater featuring more aquatic animals) That is the majority of what I see this game has problems with. This list is not to say that the game sucks and is totally broken. The fact that I am writing about this says that it’s a great game that has great promise and is worth improving in as many ways as possible. And although some of these changes seem small in comparison to many other things in the game, sometimes it’s the small things that matter most, as they make the small but noticeable difference that make people feel the most enjoyment. Thank you for reading my list of suggestions, and if you do plan to implement them, I wait for the exciting day to play them. (In case for anyone else reading this, this was made in an email format)
  11. At this stage of the game, we should be allowed to breed Wyverns and Rock Drakes.
  12. Is there a way to stop auto breeding? I recently started my own cluster an it seems like every other day someone left there tames on mating I was wondering if there was some coding out there that could have babies born with out wondering enabled?
  13. Hi! So I will start this off with the obvious, I am very new to the game. I had Ark for a long time but only recently got to start playing because I finally have a PC that can handle it. I play on an unofficial server with friends PVP but for the most part its just casual skirmishes no complete destruction. I am currently the first one on the server to obtain high level Rexs (86 and 195 post tame with no levels) the next highest on the server is a level 14. Both Rexs are COMPLETELY AVERAGE in every possible way aside from color - in this regard they are FABULOUS! I just need to know if it is worth it to attempt to breed these two Rexs or if I should just wait until I find something with more points in better stats. If you have any questions feel free to let me know - I apologize for anything I might be missing here - again - super new, don't know a lot about breeding. Anything helps! Thank you!
  14. I have two minor things that they have on pc but not on mobile that I would like: 1. There is no way to see the ancestry tree. I am about to get into breeding for color mutations and I would like to be able to see how many I have on each side 2. When you dye a saddle, it turns all the color. I love customized saddles for dinos, but in mobile, I can only dye the entire saddle. i don't think that either of these would be hard to implement (but then again- I am not a developer) and would love to see them in mobile. Thank you very much if you do this and sorry for any inconvenience.
  15. Allow Dino's tamed on maps like Island, Ragnarok, etc to breed with Abberant Dino's from Abberation.
  16. Since you can anyway only use one character at a time, why not make Imprints steamid bound(for other platforms use the equivalent of it) instead of character, that way you do not have to wait on a character restoration till you get the imprint back and it makes imprinting easier if you have multiple characters. For the imprinted by text, is should still show the character who claimed it, in order to identify the owner of a dino easily.
  17. The way current mutation breeding is done is by having a male which is over mutation cap(over 20mutations) be mated with "clean females"(females under 20mutations). Over this method, you can get infinite mutations. This leads to insane stats and breaks certain balances in the game. Also, it leads to the unnessesarity to tame dinos, since those will never compete with the breed ones. Due to that, I would suggest, that both male and female got to be under 20 mutations in order to mutate. This change would make it necessary to tame dinos again in order to get better stats, but also leads to quite a lot of more work to get a good line going but makes it easier for newer tribes to start on servers that already have highly breed lines, since that will make the lines more compatible. Also if you manage to loot the line of someone you probably have then the line everyone has without any big differences, which makes it even easier for the newer players.
  18. Hi! So I will start this off with the obvious, I am very new to the game. I had Ark for a long time but only recently got to start playing because I finally have a PC that can handle it. I play on an unofficial server with friends PVP but for the most part its just casual skirmishes no complete destruction. I am currently the first one on the server to obtain high level Rexs (86 and 195 post tame with no levels) the next highest on the server is a level 14. Both Rexs are COMPLETELY AVERAGE in every possible way aside from color - in this regard they are FABULOUS! I just need to know if it is worth it to attempt to breed these two Rexs or if I should just wait until I find something with more points in better stats. If you have any questions feel free to let me know - I apologize for anything I might be missing here - again - super new, don't know a lot about breeding. Anything helps! Thank you!
  19. Sorry if some of these have already been posted but here's my list of suggestions which I would like to see Ark maybe implement in the near future. 1. Having more hairstyles and more in-depth coloured dyes to paint our clothes (eg - Medium Light Blue because there's only like Neon Blue and Navy) 2. Having more S+ implemented to consoles (eg- Glass Metal Walls and Foundations etc). 3. Having some Prim+ Items to the official game would make PVE more fun. 4. In the Dino information screen can we have the information on what level we tamed the dino and it's original stats so it would be useful for breeders. (eg- Breeding Info Tab maybe?) 5. Removal of flyer nerf on PVE. 6. Having a new structure to claim land without having pillars everywhere in your yard. 7. Having new / more oceanic servers without people from other countries stealing our servers. 8. Possibility to have more than 1 character on a server? 9. Remove rust and glare from metal structures. 10. Have the ability to build treehouse platforms in the SF on Extinction. (SF has similar trees like the redwoods in some places)
  20. Hello, Everyone that venture into The Island start to breed Rex for the boss fights. Wrong. The way super dinos are breed is on Ragnarok this is how players advance to a full Tek unlock in less than 30 days. Here is how I tamed six Therizinosaurus wild 135-150 combined the stats and saved 12 Therizinosaurus all male with 0/0, 0/0 mutations. After that I combined the mutation I got into a past 20/20, 20/20 limit all mutations are combined, even oxygen stat, after zeroing with a 0/0 male the female with all the best mutated stats are breed with the 0/0 male again. I then can get mutations from female and the zero male. Breaking the real 20 mutations as fast as possible. Once this is done the male produce almost all mutations with a much higher rate than 5%. If not swith out the male from the 12 saved 0/0, 0/0 males. This is why I saved them. In total I have less than 12 living and eating Therizinosaurus in my tribe. More dnos leads to less baby mutations. Babies are cryoed and thrown to enemies turrets as soon as possible this keeps your trube log clear of red and maximise future mutations. How to get all the best stats into babies. Well chance is always in there and not all I say is true but here is how I do it. Never ever level the zero male. Level food stat in the females as soon as they get a level up. This method is used by everyone however I also keep the females hungry 1-1000 food no more. The zero male is 100% food. What this does is producing babies with female stats. the mutated stats. The wanted stats. So once the male give a mutation the female higher stat is mutated two levels. Once I get borh melee and health mutated I combine to produce the next generation of mutations. Myths. Egg healrh matter for mutations. Otters and other creatures with ac properties helps mutations. So with this reviled info. The truth is out. No more mysterious mysterious. 30 days or less you have concured Ark. Well you need to fight the hard arena on both Ragnarok and the Center. Using sweet veggie cake 10 or more un each Therizinosaurus. Health and melee on zero male as a guide line. 8300 health and 330 melee. Boss ready with 63% saddle Therizinosaurus BP, 9700 health and 432 melee. Level the Therizinosaurus to 22000 health MUST be below 23000 health due ti boss mechanics. All other levels are put into melee. How level: put the boss imprinted fully grown Therizinosaurus into cryopods and wait. Or use caves to level also using cryed Therizinosaurus. On the Island you need a 100% Therizinosaurus saddle BP and health approx 15000 melee 550-580 baby stats. For the same outcome. All the Tek. How trolls try to fool you: "I breed for one stat Melee" "I breed for color and stat mutations" Well and so on. Happy 1 of April to you all. / Ari
  21. Ok I assume that this topic has been covered somewhere but I am not able to find an answer. So here it goes. I have a somewhat strong boss rex line. decent males and female tames. not perfect tames but got decent points into hp 6700 after tame, and the breed out gave me 385 melee. I am currently breeding for mutations with a single stud stacked with the 3 hp mutations and 1 melee mutation. My system is to mass breed with same blood line 0/0 female “breed group” until I get a mutation. If it is male hatched with a mutation I simply replace the current stud.. If it is a female hatched I will breed her into a 0/0 male from the same blood that is Two generations away from the 0/0Wild Caught Male. This will ensure the stats are equal except for the mutated stats. This gives me a one sided mutation stack that I continue into the same female “0/0 breed group” all females were bred with no mutations and mirror images of the less desired stats for the purpose of maintaining a x/0 ratio of mutation. I maintain records of all the stats for every single dino utilized in this boss bloodline so far. I have pulled and bred a few cotton candy rexes but they are not registered as members of the boss line due to mutations that I deem undesirable for the boss blood line Ie. Food mutation and a pink belly region. And if anyone would like me to post the current stats of my blood line I would be happy to. OK I hope I have explained my system so here is my question. I have noticed a sharp decline in desired mutations. I used to get one mutation on average every 6 to 8 hatches (24 eggs a hatch), now I haven’t had one in at least 14 hatches. With each clutch of eggs there are 4 or 5 different lvls 225,227,229,231,233 Here is what I think is happening. I have one male carrying 2 different mutations, one in health one in melee. He is getting bred against 6 females that have almost the same stats minus health and melee so now there are two rng rolls for each stat. 1.to see if the offspring will inherit the mutated stat, then 2.there is a roll to see if there is a new mutation. I think I am mathematically slowing down the desirable effect of the system. This creates in my a larger portion of less desirable offspring lowering the probability of gaining the desired mutations. In my opinion I should upgrade my female group to mirror the current studs stats to remove a bit of the randomness. But how can I do this, all my attempts of creating a “clean female” stack the mutations. Do I need 0/0 females or could I breed a new group from my blood line that are 0/8 and have the same effect. I would love to hear what you advanced breeders have to say. Phishfry out
  22. I’m breeding managarmr but I can’t seem to get 100% imprint, I can’t imprint at all actually. What would the best settings be like cuddle interval and mature speed for mana specifically so I can spend the least amount of time raising it but also getting 100 imprint. is there a way to get 100% imprint on the first imprint right away without mods?
  23. Ok, so I’m currently in the process of breeding manas on an unnofficial server. I have a female which has 6/0 mutations stats of 7260 hp , 355melee (mutations in health and melee) I’ve recently acquired a new Male mana that has a BASE stat of 378 melee and has no mutations either side. If I breed that new Male with the 6/0 female is there a possibility that the melee mutations that are on the females side will carry and increase the base melee ? I’ve had no luck so far and the 1st baby came out with 12/0 mutations ! Taking the health mutations but not the melee but taking the higher melee value - Is this because the new base melee is higher and therefore Ignores the mutations or will it eventually take all melee mutations that originate from the 355 female ? all help much appreciated #FREEHOD
  24. hi i was just looking for some info7tips on breeding i play on legacy pve and im stuck with Rex 23k sta 679 melee, have one rex fem with 40k hp and 1k melee, have been mating them but i havent been lucky with a male 40k 1k, any adivice to get better than 23k hp676 melee? what is better get a clean male or fem ty PS i got the 23k traded 11 Valentine's chocolate boxes and the 40k was luck was gifted because the fem rex mated with the wrong male rex
  25. So i have been told that i should start farming, or breading, or building. I don't know what is the most beneficial to beating bosses. Breading never sounded very enjoyable to me, i prefer to just tame animals. I also have been told to invest in making kibble, which i have no idea how to do I play PS4 singleplayer, lvl 52, 6 raptor army, and a fabricator What plan would benefit boss battles
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