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Found 1604 results

  1. vip

    Why not add vip privileges to the game? and gain entry to any server but is full or private servers and all for a good price, I think you should add
  2. To remove the snow texture/overlay/shader just *Un-check* the "High Quality Materials" option in the in game Options menu. Click Apply/Save. Restart the game. Also, you can press *Tab* in game and enter "r.bloomquality 0" to remove the blinding Bloom effect. No more "Snow Blind", yea! Marry Xmas everyone!
  3. Distance

    This is a great game its so awesome but I wasted my 35$ getting this sh*t because I wanted to play with my friend that's y I bought it I did not no there is a fu*king distance bar really??? I expected more such a beautiful game so much potential then these omg your 181 meters away and it pulls me of cliffs throwing my body I can't get my stuff or it pulls me like y can't u take that out or make it 400meters? Well that really pissee me of other than that this is a way better skyrim and fallout 4 and it will rival farcry
  4. cloud Ark + Cloud Compute

    I think it could be a great deal for Ark to utilize the Cloud for stuff like weather or Ai etc. This could totally improve the local compute for improving upon the main tasks for the machine itself. I'm no expert I just know if Crackdown can have massive destruction the Ark could do great things as well, like improved performance. This would be something they can patch into the game next year at the least. Anyone else agree?
  5. Ark Companion App

    Just an idea, The devs should totally make an Ark: Companion App. Here's some ideas of what it could contain and why that would be useful: Dino dossiers: that way we could look at the dossiers we've already collected, whilst still playing the game. Some form of chat: allows us to chat and play, easily switching from controller to tablet/phone to see what's being said Maybe a Map: use with GPS, gives real time location of you and others on the island. Engrams: we can purchase new engrams and look at he ones we've already got. Future use for story/questlines: see what we need to do next and see the mysteries of Ark unfold. If you think this is a good idea or have any ideas for extra features that could be added, please do reply and give a good rating. ?
  6. Non dedicated server

    I know this question has probably been asked a few times but it's hard to find a answer with everything else going on now but if me and a friend are playing on a non dedicated server he has created when he is offline if I know the server name and the password can I put all that in when he is offline and join it as if I am hosting it this is on the Xbox one version I just hate having to start everything all over when he is offline other then that no other issues thanks for the help of there is any
  7. Gilligan's Ark Island

    My daughter and I put this little video together and then was just shocked at the views it got. We hope to make more videos in the future but we are waiting for a bit more optimization.
  8. Xbox One Ark Series

    Hey guys, I figured this feed would be a good spot to post something like this, I have just started a single player Xbox One Ark series over on my YouTube channel. New Ark videos are posted every Tuesday and Thursday, I'll leave a link to episode one below if you are interested! Thanks for your time and maybe your view!
  9. Xbox one server list issue

    when i load up ark, im able to paly single player and host local just fine. however when i press join ark, it takes me to the server list screen, but it never populates, and the game doesnt freeze. it just sits on searching for sessions... all my other friends have had 0 problems with this. but even after several hard resets, several quits and restarts, and even an uninstall/reinstall, server list does not populate for me making it impossible to join a public server.
  10. Xbox one shuts down after a couple min of game play ONLY with Ark game! Game worked fine for about 2 days after purchase. We have check everything thoroughly from wire connections, electric connections, and there is absolutely no over heating going on as the (only one year old) system is only on for a few min. and shuts down in Ark game play. Ark title screen shows and is normal. Also all saved data has been lost except for character. Only played in single player. Never online. We have many other games that we can play for hours with no issues....really want to play again, been trying since yesterday. Any one else having this problem?
  11. i Ben having trouble connecting to servers on xbox one ARK every time i try to connect to the severs all the games are full or there pin is very high or -1 . how can i fix this problem?
  12. Bug Report

    - everytime I start up the world, its really laggy and the sound cuts of and starts up makeing like a jolting screech - sometimes when opening up the inventory of my deceased character it shows all the engrams in his inventory - some issues with dinosaur ragdolls flying off into the sunset - during the taming process, if I leave narcotics on the dino, exit the game, and rejoin it, the narcotics will not be remote useable and I can't remove all of them from the inventory, it leaves a ghost narcotic that can't be taken or used. Same thing with any meat or other food left on the tame. - I play on a non-dedicated server that I host, if that helps with this - after a twelve hour play session last night, I noticed some blood vessels in my eyes had burst, any ideas how to fix this issue? As this is an early acces game, it is our responsibility as players to calmly report bugs in an orderly fashion to make it easier for the devs to fix the issues. My hope for this thread is that people comment other bugs, WITHOUT WHINING, that they have found. Let's all work together to make ark a better game for everyone!
  13. Hey and my friend got the game and are enjoying it a lot, but whenever we play in a non-dedicated server/ private server the player that joined the host of the game can't walk more than 100 to 150 meters from the host before being teleported closer. Please help want to know how to fix this. thanks and also we are playing on xbox one.
  14. Hey guys, tried all last night to get in to a server and today and I can get in to the menu screen, once I hit join it just says it's searching for sessions for ever. My boyfriend has his xbox one down stairs and his loads almsot instantly. Both of us are hard wired in to the net work. Any suggestions this is super frustrating
  15. Host Ark Settings

    Any possibility of an update with pop-up help bubbles with explanations of each setting in the server set-up screen or at least some kind of start menu in-game manual with the explanations?
  16. Report

    So I logged on for another dose of this great game, and I typed in the password for my world (I'm hosting a non dedicated server) and it loads in and my survivor who I had finally managed to get to level 15 was not who I signed in as. I had been miraculously changed into a lvl 1 survivor. I then ran to the area I had created my "humble abode" and my dinos were there and so was my level 15 body, standing up with my gamertag attached to it, despite saying unconscious. All of my stuff was there too. The issue does not come to having all my stuff, just the fact it took me forever to get my character to where he was. I sincerely hope this can be fixed or I may just cry!
  17. I had a thought , while "re-dragging" my hotbar for the "many-ith time" after a fast travel: Why not allow us to mouse over items and tap a 1-0 key to place and quick assign items into our hotbar, much like mouse over and Drop or Transfer works. This would really speed up equipping after fast-travel, when switching weapon configs, for loading building pieces - I think this would be a simple quality of gameplay / UI improvement we could all benefit from. Also, if you do not have a Container or Dino Inventory open, just Yours: Allow T to equip (Armor / Offhand) the Moused Over armor items. (didn't find this somewhere else when searched under terms I thought relevant)
  18. hey guys im new to ark woUld like to play with other survivors this game is really fun im broadcasting at stop buy give me some tips or join me if u want to im on the xbox one and on na official server 45 that will be my home for now dont be afraid the approach me i will never kill first unless attacked ready to dyno hunt
  19. They won't appear? I really was hoping to show my friends they game clips I recorded.
  20. Welcome To Arktopia on the Valhalla Map! (Updated 12/17/15) Born on 12/2/15 so still new and plenty of space to get some good spots on the map! Growing every day! Introduction: Hello and welcome to your new home for Ark: Survival Evolved! This is not your average, boring, vanilla server. First off awesome new map to explore and play on, Valhalla! The Dino's are harder than normal settings, the game is tough in the start but pays off as you play! Fun and monitored PVP, NO GRIEFERS here, for a fun and competitive atmosphere and home! Plenty of game enhancing Mods to help your play experience! General Server Info -Name= Arktopia -IP: -US Central Server -35 Slots -PvPvE (PVP rules listed below) -No Tribute Downloads -No Crosshair -Map Player Location -Admin Logging enabled -Longer Days and Shorter Nights -10x Experience -Level cap of 92 (Official Server Setting) -Server in top 10% on Ark Servers -Learn all Engrams!!! Dino Info -5x Taming Speed -Server Difficulty 1 = 4.0 = 120 lvl Dino’s -Level cap of 61 after tame (Official Server setting) -Increased Wild Dino Difficulty = Wild Dino’s do more damage to you and your tamed Dino’s! -Increased Dino spawning Mating/Egg Hatching/Growing -Increased Hatch Time 50x (Faster Hatching) -Increased Mature Time 50x (Faster Maturing) -Decreased Mating Time (Shorter time between mating) Gathering 5x Gathering Rules: -No Passive Dino Killing = Kill the Dino’s that are trying to kill you in base, leave the Dodo’s and passive tames alone! -Platform Rules = No auto turrets of platform saddles -No Griefing = don’t destroy more than you have too, take down the walls, get in and get out. -Raiding = No Offline raiding (each case will be dealt with accordingly) -No Harassment = A little trash talk never hurt anyone but don't go overboard! Admin/Moderators: -No Admin abuse or cheating -Admin Logging turned on Admin= Mike -Banning of people who are not following the rules, or griefing. This is a two-step process to talk with both parties involved with the situation. [h1] Mods: [/h1] -Valhalla Map -Aku Shima -Small Dragons -Glass with Metal Structure -Stairs with Rounded Walls -Industrial Grindr -Pimp My Rex -Big Raft -Item Sorting System -Blueprint Only Drops -Joan’s Death Helper -Advanced Architecture Connection Info: -Name= Arktopia -IP: (add this in the view>servers>Favorites>Add a server>input IP>Refresh - (click IP for auto-join) - (click IP for auto-join) Team Speak: - Please enjoy your stay! Have about 10 active people on server daily, and looking to grow. Around 3-4 tribes! Looking for more survivors and tribes! If you have any question or comments please contact me and I’ll get you in touch with the Admin!! ~Ginger
  21. ARK - Automated

    ARK - Automated I have been reading a lot of the ark forums. Steam, reddit, here. I noticed that quite a few people find this game to 'grindy'. We are talking about the default x1 setting here. I myself do not really mind as I like early game alot. But late-game, you can farm things way quicker if you have a special dinosaur / tool for it, but you still need alot of time. Some processes within the ark are becoming a daily job. Would be cool to expand the tek-tier a bit (lvl 90+). * joins server * retrieves fertilizer made by the 10 compost bins, puts them in a chest * finds stims, feeds phiomias. * collect poop and refill bins with thatch & poop. * uses fertizilizer on the 20 crop plots that are around. Not only farming is a pain sometimes, but collecting eggs, sorting items, crafting, item transportation etc etc. Now yes, I am aware that there is a small mod out there. But its incomplete and ARK needs an upgrade. My suggestion (inspired by minecraft buildcraft): Being able to place water reservoirs on the ground/ foundations instead of pipes only. Early game bucket so you can fill the water reservoir , by filling your buckets / watersacks and dropping them in the reservoir . This way you dont lose water. Sorting / pipe systems: Extraction pipe - A special kind of pipe that extracts items from an inventory Item transportation pipe - A special pipe to transport items Insertion pipe - A special pipe to insert items into an inventory (All pipes will have a special inventory so you can automatically sort items. Put 1 item of that kind into the pipe and only this item will be able to pass through. ) Dropper pipe - This dropper will drop items that pass, into a crop plot. You still have to pick the berries from the plot yourself Oviraptor will pick up and collect eggs and can be trained to drop these in a chest/ refridgerator. SUMMARY: This will allow you to: Hook up a large chest to a pipesystem that will extract that wood filled chest to an industrial cooker to quickly convert all that wood to charcoal. You can hook up a pipe from the cooker to a new large chest with a sorting item 'charcoal' so it will only extract charcoal. You go on a grind for half an hour filled with all resources (stone, flint, wood, metal, thatch, fiber etc etc). You can now drop this all in 1 chest and it will automatically sort it. You can autocraft kibble if you have enough resources and extract the kibble to a refridgerator Possible issues:? - putting berries or any kind of spoiling item into an inventory or sorting these one-by-one? 3 Possible solutions: 1. If you want to sort these, just sort the rest first of the items first, the last chest will end up with the berries. 2. You can also craft a special berry module, that wont spoil , but cant be used as a normal berry anymore. 3. Special modules can be described in a note, instead of using the item itself. - how are we powering the pipesystems? We currently only have a generator. I would like to introduce a couple of smaller generators. A slow one that generates free-energy from the sun and a couple of higher tier ones that require fuel for power. Highest generator will need 'element' for example. - but we still have to grind resources? Now yes and no. You can never automate everything, that would be plain boring too. You do still need your dinosaurs to get the items, but the crafting / sorting and basic systems can be simplified to give you time to tame those little triplet lvl120 t-rexes. You also still need to fill those powered generators, but you only need a small bit of fuel. So? What do you think?
  22. B's ARK Videos!

    Hey there, My names Brhys (B-Reese) or B and I've started up my ARK series again. I didn't have the time to sink into the game while completing my 2nd year in college but now in my 3rd year I have more time on my hands to finally get back into it. I have about 5,000 subs mainly from my Minecraft LP, but I really hope to push out the best ARK videos I can. Here is a link to my ARK playlist: My channel: Latest Video: I'll update the thread from time to time with new videos, hope you enjoy. B
  23. Alienware Modding Contest Winners

    I personally do not aggree with this, but I will say Congratulations to all that won! Orginal Alienware post
  24. Animations!

    ANIMATIONS Yo! Dev team you better be reading this. Rework you animations for 60FPS and not 24 with some motion blur. You did an amazing job with your oviraptor animations they are the only 60 FPS animations that are noticeable in the game. Optimize as many animations as you can make them clean and precise! HAPPY CODING AND MODELING!