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Found 1604 results

  1. Two final requests

    Walk through dinos and invert tribe log. Please make the dinos so that they can walk through each other. This will solve the bumping tails, the knocking off of ladders, the big heads blocking tour path, and prevent that weird bug where you have to go ten meters around one dino because they touched each other. Oh, and that other weird bug where a 60Kg wolf can prevent an 18 ton Rex from walking backwards, or where a wild level 5 argent can shove a bronto off a cliff. Can we please invert the tribe log so the default setting is that the new content is at the top. Sure is a hassle scrolling down that far every time I log in.
  2. New achievements

    The game finally got some new achievements this year but i think a game like ark has a huge opportunity to use the achievements spec to shine. A lot of gamers love to make the achievements of a game take for example the world of warcraft. The world of warcraft has got a huge achievements list to do and a lot of people once the reach a certain level in the game they start to focus on the achievements. Suggestions for new achievements: Taming/breeding achievements : tame 2 rexs,stego,rator,etc (separate achievements for each dino) tame 10 rexs,stego,rator,etc (separate achievements for each dino) Tame all land creatures/dino. Tame all flying creatures/dino. Tame all the sea creatures/dino. Tame all carnivore,Herdivore,etc dinos Tame your 1st flying creature/dino Tame you 1st sea creatures/dino. Breed your 1st dino breed one of each kind. Tame 2 dinos of the opposite sex. Cave achievements : A different achievements for each cave clear. Kill all creatures of the cave take all the loot crates Gathering/crafting achievements : Gather 100/1000/10.000/100.000/1.000.000 of each resource (separate achievements for each value) Melt 100/1000/10.000/100.000/1.000.000 metal to metal ingots (separate achievements for each value) Collect 10/100/1000 dino eggs (separate achievements for each value) Collect 10/100 fertilized eggs (separate achievements for each value) Craft one of each weapon Craft all the harvest tools Craft all firearms Craft all the saddles Craft all the boats etc. And finally once the game gets released beta testers for over 1 year at least should get an beta tester achievement,a special skin and a special geeky hair style .
  3. ToughLove Aug 17, 1:29 PM PDT We are playing on the Ragnarok map and we are trying to use the blue obelisk to summon boss's and the icons to select what boss are missing? We have left the area and came back, checked the other obelisks, restarted our games, restarted our server, and even checked to see if there was a server update. Nothing seemed to help. I loaded a single player " The island " and it showed the boss icons. So i decided to load a single player " Ragnarok " no icons. So i assume the problem is with the Ragnarok map in general. How long before this problem will be fixed?
  5. Hello everyone, I have recently just opened and am hosting a Server on "The Center"! Join and friend JackxNightmare on XB1. There is NO admin abuse at all, and the host (Myself) is not exempt from PvP. That being said, I respectfully ask everyone not to attack players new and under level 25, as they are just starting out on the server. Stats may be subject to change upon future dates at the discretion of player vote, which will be held on Host's time. As of right now the stats are Boosted as follows: World: Taming - 6x All Experience 4x Egg Hatching - 30x Maturation - 20x Cave and Ruin Structure damage - 9x Stats add Human: 2x Health 2x Stamina 2x Oxygen 2x Food 2x Water 5x Weight 5x Movement Speed 4x Fortitude Stats add Tamed Dinos: Slightly boosted health and melee, by .15 on each. Weight 2x If you have any questions please direct them in xbox messages only. Message JackxNightmare or Vtrixio.
  6. Ark Official On Release

    How many servers does it look like will be added to official PvP, PvE for all platforms ?
  7. Ark Tickets? Dino Stuck

    Heya guys ! Any of you have a Dino Stuck in the Ice sheet in ARK? and Filled out a ticket ? what was the typical Response time ? cause iv waited a Month so far with no response on anything. if there anything i can do to get attention for it ? the fact its been left a month is a lot :S... YES i know they have been busy, Running up to Release and a Stuck Dino is the last of their Issue atm, but they have a team set up for this right ? im just curious as to how long some have waited ? should i close and refill another ticket ? Any Suggestions atm would be great, OR even how to get a giga out of this ice Pocket iv tried everything know so far as typical building Ramps ect its still pretty stuck I have tried for hours of my own game time to do so. Thanks in Advance
  8. Dedicated ark ISLAND PVP server for Xbox one: SERVER IS UP 24/7 SERVER GT: Fadedtester8541 INFO The server is extremely well balanced with an official server feel, but without the ridiculous official server grind for resources. No admin abuse. Straight up PVP. Currently only few tribes so join now and get ahead. All trolls that harass or continuously attack new tribes trying to progress will be dealt with by the admins. Settings are only slightly modified to slash down taming times and resource grinds...etc The server currently has rock golems and mantis' in the wild. They are there to be tamed as well as add to diversity and it has been done in a balanced way. Tames unobtainable saddles (SE tames) as well as deathworm horns (to tame mantis) can be bought through the admin store. Wyverns will eventually be introduced to the server but will be extremely difficult to get and you will have to raise it as a baby. 3 female wyverns ( one of each type) will be released in the wild so that tribes that have managed to earn baby wyverns can knock them out to get milk and raise their babies. The server will also feature special events such as : Raid the castle, gladiator matches, jousting, hunt the dino etc.... winning these events will be one of the ways to earn baby wyverns as well as some awesome gear. Any questions or concerns can be posted here for now, but a facebook group will be made in the near futur... SETUP: -5x gathering -3x experience -4x taming -increased spoil times -Increased breed mature and egg lay rates -slight boost to player stats - dino food drain reduced so they dont need to be fed as often RULES: There are currently only a few rules but some new ones may be implemented as the server progresses... -no trolling, if you are just harassing other tribes killing passive tames constantly breaking stuff or causing unnecessary damage to new tribes the admins will deal with you accordingly, however it is PVP and all forms of PVP are allowed and encouraged... raiding in all forms is 100% okay but being a jerk consistently may cause other tribes to gang up on you. -Wiping is frowned upon by admins and continual wiping of tribes may make you public enemy -Prisoners are allowed but can only be held for a maximum of 24 hours -NO PROXIMITY VOICE CHAT IT LAGS THE SERVER....USE A PARTY TO TALK STARTER PACK -All new players will be gifted a started pack which includes: A flyer tame, some tools/items to help you get started. ADMIN GTs -Aquaticyeti3430 -Diversebook
  9. So for the last 1 year... How should i say this... I never thought i would ever have a use for my old Lag Switch from my 360 days, but honestly wildcard you gave purpose to it... The only way ive been able to join or transfer between servers requires me to flip my lag switch just so it changes my "joining session..." to actually " joining server xxxxxxxxxxx", strange that it only seems to affect me, after talking to my friends about it this late into gaming on ark, none of them seem to have this issue.. I mean i dont know if it was intended for me to have to use a lag switch in this manner but it saves me hours of sitting on the "joining sessions" box... I used to sit on that message for literal hours untill it says error or failed... Just wanted to clarify why i NEED a lag switch to partially play this game. I play official only if this info was needed.
  10. hibernate quetzals

    Ever sense the hibernate feature was added I cant seem to find any quetzals on the island. I haven't played center yet so idk about there but I use to find them a lot before it. Any tips about spawns now with the new hibernate system This is on a player dedi
  11. So i've played this game serveral hundred hours and really learned how to isolate muations in color breeding. It doesn't look like much, but this thyla has all of the lightest white/grey mutations i could find. I finally have my snowball! This 2x blessed me so much though. Literally got all of the color combos i wanted.
  12. * GT: OpenArk * -Player Dedicated X8 Taming X12 Gather X5 XP PVP No Tribe Limit Boosted Flyers (Ex. 245% Ptera) Boosted Hatch Speed Boosted Maturation Have Fun!
  13. The Tame Limit Problem

    With the latest patch on the pc we saw that platform saddles now add to the tame limit. Even without this new change, the tame limit was a little talked about problem but I am here to explain why it ruins the game and even increases lag. The tame limit is in place to limit both tribe size and lag amount. With a limit of 200 dinos, large tribes are forced to expand to other servers or form massive alliances, crushing small tribes in their path, to be able to keep all the dinos they need to compete with other tribes doing the same thing. Without a tame limit, mega tribes would be more inclined to stay on one server thus reducing overall lag and giving the little guys a fighting chance because of there not being a massive Dino pen of 40 different servers. Currently, brontos are the meta in blocking turrets. The game now is at a point where if you have enough brontos and gigas... any base can be wiped but with new changes to turrets it seems that these dinos are severely weakened and now can't compete with mega bases. If there was no tame limit, people would be able to have enough dinos to stand a fighting chance. My last point is probably the biggest and most painful, lag. The biggest causes of lag (outside of duping) are Dino movements and floating names. The names of tribe tames can be turned off but that is only a max of 200 dinos. All other allied tames still show a floating blue name thus largely contributing to lag. I won't leave you without a fix so here it is: increase the tame limit to at least 500 or remove it all together. I have made my point and hope that you agree with me <3
  14. Come join my server, add "Aaaark Bewbsted" and click 'Join Game', and enjoy stats are boosted, taming is boosted, drops increased. Feel free to build, troll, and have fun to your heart's content. I dont care what you do, as long as its not extreme. Also dont hesitate to message me if you have problems, or suggestions! My main GT is "Slivion123".
  15. So it's been a while since I've posted anything here or even played ark at all, but I was hoping for SOTF to be a thing already or at least be confirmed for release? Any ideas or any news regarding this topic would be much appreciated ✌✌✌
  16. I am starting my very own pc dedicated server for the PS4, it will be on SE till ragnarok comes out. If you are wanting to join email me at [email protected] or message me on psn at Joshuab20233_ or join are community RagnarokPVP247. If you want to join you must ask why you want to join and what you have to offer to the server
  17. Hello, We just opened a new ps4 server with nitrado. So the server is 24/24 and very stable. Name: eu ark survival the center serveur 635 Platform: PS4 Type: PVP Average age: more than 20 years old Map: The Center Xp Rate: x2 Taming & Harvesting Rate: x3 Breeding Rate: x5 Number of slots: 50 No stats modifications We will be particulary carefull about fairplay and good vibe on the server. We will also make some events for fun and we are open to any ideas. We will open a new server on Ragnarok map connected with this one when it will release. For more informations add me on PSN, login: muse75017 I hope to see you soon
  18. So first off i wanted to know something i know the whole renting a server thing now after version 1.34 for ps4. but my question is do you need a good computer to rent a server. or does it run strictly from nitrados servers and all we deal with is the settings? another is why is it that when ark announced that we no longer need second console to host a player dedicated server but . we instead have to buy a pc to do so and spend more money on a rented server? why cant we host and play on the same console? if we no longer need a second console? i personally feel that if we no longer need a second console we should be able to play on the same one. no? and yes i understand the amount of stress that puts on your console but why not ? especially the ps4 pro . sorry if this sounds like a rant which it does sound like one. but i need more info for ark server rents and not needing a second console thing . cause as far as i know its a waste of money for people that just want to play with friends and have fun . and also not wanting to need a second console to host/play a player dedicated. i want to know everything the drawbacks, the proccess of having one the requirements , ect do i need a great pc, does it run off my internet, ect i want to know every little thing pros and cons ect.
  19. Xbox one not loading scorched earth

    Hi so I payed the $26 and downloaded the 5+gb download it says it's installed but when I load this map it brings me to Xbox store and shows me a preview of the game and says it is installed and that's it.. Any suggestions?
  20. Come join us on the centre! This server is fresh as of today! Looking for new players to come join and build to be the alpha tribe. There is also no admins in the server which prevents admin abuse. The server is up 24/7 with minimul ping. The boosts are as follows: XP - 5x Harvesting - 7x Taming - 10x Breeding - 10x Player boosts are also applied If interested add and message: Ark World 24 7
  21. My Specs: - GeForce GTX 1050 Ti - Intel Core i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz - 16 GB RAM - 1920 x 1080. 60Hz So for ARK, I've just come across a bit of a graphics glitch, and it just started when i started my game back up after having dinner. So i have a photo comparison of what my perspective looks like when i look 2 different ways in-game without changing any of my settings. Screenshots: The top photo and bottom were both taken in the same spot, same time, no changes in settings, the only thing i did was move my head slightly and the glitch happens, where the top photo is what my game changes and looks like shading gets turned off, but then the second photo shows me looking beside it and how my settings are setup. I haven't touched any of my settings or options in steam or in-game. I've already tried the following and still nothing has worked. - Restarting Steam - Re-installing my Graphics Driver - Rolled back to the last Driver - Restarted whole computer - Shut down my computer and uninstalled ark while for the night - Re-installed ARK hoping for a fix but nothing changed. Please if anyone knows of anybody who had an issue like this or knows a solution please let me know and i will give it a shot and give feedback on the result!
  22. Respawn rate of Artifacts ?

    As the title says, What is the respawn rate of the artifacts on the Ragnarok map? I have been sitting at a location for quite of bit of time. I've never gotten artifacts so I'm not sure if I sit around that it wont refresh or something like that.Thanks in advance for any help. [Specific artifact i'm waiting at is the Artifact of the Clever]
  23. Brand New Island pvp server every rate is boosted a decent amount!!! Host GT: Deansarks Rules 1.No Brontos 2. Thats it.... No starters.... sorry maybe later We will do events everyday along with scavenger hunts and many other fun activities! We may be adding a shop soon where u can buy many different cool items!! Message me if u need anything I'm a admin! My gamertag is: BradyBaby69 Have Fun!- B
  24. Starting a brand new server as soon as Nitrado releases the servers. Its going to be 10x with 40x hatching and 20x maturation. Going to start off on the center, but will form a cluster when rag releases for a few weeks to allow players to transfer everything over before we shut down the center. Add me on PSN at PromiscuousKiwi if you have any questions or want to join.
  25. Are you looking for a server that offers endless opportunities across a multitude of maps and valuable Ark experiences? Well, look no further! Ark One Ark One offers a little something for everyone, no matter your preferred play-style. Whether you like your hardcore PvP or your laid-back PvE, we've got a place for you. Ark One provides its players with the opportunity to set out on their chosen "path," granting them access to select servers within our cluster based on the settings each individual is searching for. In other words, players have the option of being white-listed to strictly PvE servers or strictly PvP servers, with a few common-ground servers for all members of the community to enjoy, trade, and mingle. Ark One is hosted by ServerBlend and professionally managed by an experienced group of server owners. Our moderators and community managers vow to work tirelessly to ensure you have the optimum Ark experience while playing on our cluster. There's no need to worry about admin abuse of any kind. If there are ever any problems between players, our community managers are dedicated to rectifying the situation in a way that is fair for all players involved. All grievances are confidential and will be handled delicately. Cluster Information : Pathways Players on Ark One will be able to select their desired pathway. Pathway options include PvE or PvP. Once a player has selected one of said paths by filling out our short pathway form, they will be white-listed to the servers associated with their pathway choice. The pathway servers are white-list only servers, meaning that only players of the corresponding path can join them. Ark One consists of three servers that are open to all members of the community, three servers for players who opt to venture the PvE path, three for PvP players, and three patron-only servers: one for PvE, one for PvP, and one for exploration. Both PvE and PvP pathways feature servers that are utilizing the maps Ragnarok, The Center, and Scorched Earth to ensure that all players, no matter their path, have equal opportunities. Open Servers: Sanctum : The Island Underworld : The Island (2x Structure Damage; Increased Loot Quality; 4x EXP) Event Server : Map Varies PVP Servers: Bastion : Ragnarok Midgard : The Center Barrens : Scorched Earth PVE Servers: Aurelia : Ragnarok Rockfall : The Center Hinterlands : Scorched Earth All servers are 2x T/XP/H, with the exception of Underworld, which has 4x XP to compensate for increased structure damage. Server rates have potential to be boosted via weekly cluster bonuses. *See section "Cluster Information : Patron ARKs" for more details on weekly bonuses. Cluster Information : Patron ARKs Such a large and advanced server cluster such as Ark One is no easy venture, nor is it a cheap one. For this reason, we have established a Patreon, so that any player who wishes can help out by donating. However, we would hate to seem unappreciative of their efforts to assist in keeping Ark One on its feet. Therefore, we have established a few patron-only servers. These servers maintain the same rates as other servers on the cluster, ensuring that no player has an unfair advantage. The main purpose of these exclusive servers is to give patrons the benefit of playing on a less populated, therefore less built on, server as well as the chance to explore various maps in a more relaxed environment. Current Patron-Only Servers: Ark One : Jötunheimr: Ragnarok: PvP Ark One : Arkville: Ragnarok: PvE Exploration Server: Map Varies (Patrons vote on which map the server will use each month) In addition to these exclusive servers, Patrons will also have the pleasure of voting on cluster-wide weekly bonuses. These bonuses will benefit all members of the Ark One community, patron or non-patron; patrons will simply get to vote on which bonus is applied each week. Weekly bonuses include: Enlightened (2X Additional EXP) Beast Master (2X Additional Taming) Master Miner (2X Additional Gather) Den Mother (Maturation Boost 2X Additional) Green Thumb (2X Additional Crop Growth) Grand Slam (50% Increase Egg Lay Interval) Events Our admins want Ark One players to have the best Ark experience possible. Driven by this desire, they love to host periodic events! In addition to being just plain fun, these events are meant to solidify the Ark One community and unify all players on the server. Events will take be hosted on the Ark One event server and will be announced via the Ark One steam group and discord. Events of the past have included festivals/social gatherings, Dodo Fight Nights, Doedicurus Racing, and more! Participation in events is optional. Mod Information In order to ensure speedy updates and short load-times, Ark One is equipped with only a select few mods that benefit the server economy and improve player quality-of-life. Of these mods, Structures+, ORP2, and Capitalism mods are included. For a complete list of the mods included in our cluster, please visit our mod collection. Via this collection, you can also access additional information about any mods you may be unfamiliar with. Join the Community If you're interested in becoming a part of the Ark One community, please consider joining our discord and steam group to ensure that you stay up-to-date with server information and announcements. We would love to have you with us. Happy hunting! ~ Ark One Team Please Note: The Ark One server cluster is available on PC only, and is not available to console players.