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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 868 results

  1. Ark Xbox Mods?

    I think that xbox one should have mods exactly like a pc Ark user could have Ik that unofficial pc servers can have level mods and all that fun stuff but why cant we have the mods that a normal Ark pc user has I think it would be really fun to have mods on pc.
  2. Hey guys, I currently have a Ark server on HostHavok for the new DLC map. I am wanting to run a private server on my computer for one of the other maps that we don't use that often. Is it possible to cluster my server from the host to one that is on my PC? If so how do I go about doing this? Thank you for all the help!
  3. bugs My Big Fat No-Good Abberant Bugs

    I decided after seeing the many glitches on abberation I should make a list. Feel free to add any, correct me, or notify me if it's been fixed. Well, here goes. -Nameless inexplicably spawning in fertile areas -Ravagers not being able to cross certain natural ziplines -Piranhas running away from you for a while -Plant Species Z not spitting out seed (Or takes way longer than usual) -Plant Species Z spitting out Congealed Gas Balls instead of seeds -Faraway Areas looking glitched to hell in he distance, before you cross the loading barrier (stretching textures, no resources, missing textures + no water, etc.) -Hallucinogenic Mushrooms not triggering when walking by with mount -Trees clipping out of terrain (may be inches or feet above) -Sometimes lighting makes terrain such as hills look like they are floating -NPCs just circling around in infinite loops. They still will aggro and go after you, but just why? -Aquatic Mushrooms not filling up hydration -After repairing high level climbing picks, their durability is toned down significantly. (ex: journeyman pick starts with 250 durability, after repair goes down to 85 max durability) -Cannonballs just killing Karkinos instead of rendering it unconcious -Susceptible to corruption -Areas not loading even when in them (ex: no resources, no light, glitchy terrain, but npcs still spawn) I gotta admit tho, Wildcard has a lot less glitches nowadays, but still aways from making it to zero glitches.
  4. Single player Co op screen too small

    Wow wildcard, I really thought with this update they would fix the split screen issue with co-op so I can play with my girlfriend but once again they let another broken feature stay in the game. Now why would I spend more money on a season pass, and more dlcs? It's not even like we're asking for a new feature. The screen and text is too small even for a 50 inch TV to play split screen. Please wildcard fix this issue so I can justify spending more money on this game.
  5. Its annoying I load into a game then when I go to other parts of the map the rocks or trees or terrain just doesn't load at all for me please help me??? I would show an image but I have none just picture a hill on the island without any terrain at all likes its bald
  6. Hello! Today marks the start of the ARKpedia Nitrado dedicated server. Currently a 20 slot server.( Will be upgraded as needed) The goal is a balanced server, with moderately boosted stats and rates to rid the excessive grind of official servers. We are always looking to recruit players who are looking for a long committed server. With many planned events. As for now the server is only Ragnarok, we will open a cluster map based on what the community wants to do. Server is PvPvE, we encourage both walks of life. That being said we will have incentives for PvP players. We ask that everyone joins the discord. All info on events will be posted there. As you will also have direct communication with the admins. Link: https://discord.gg/CCTTqHX Some base rates and settings: .5x water and food consumption 2x turret damage 2x spoil time 1.5x Regeneration Rates 2.5x Loot Quality 8x XP Multiplyer 5x Taming 11x Egg Hatch and Maturation Player stats: 3x Health 1.5x Stamina 5x Oxygen 10x Weight 10x Fortitude 2x Speed 2x Melee Tamed Dino Per Level Multiplayer 2x Health 1.5x Stamina 5x weight 4x Speed 1.2x Melee Damage As the admin we are looking to create a fun and active server. We have many events planned and are always open to suggestions/ ideas or any tweeks to over all gameplay. This will be a long running server and I hope to see you on the Ark.
  7. HI ALL, Recently started a server, and having trouble getting people to join, so i have decided to start a topic here in the hopes of finding some new people to play with. Boosted rates, in almost all factors, such as the breeding, maturation times and other such things. This is also a friendly server, but PvP is still active. If you're interested, then search for DCJ, and it should come up. If not feel free to message me here, or on Playstation (Username: oODanny26Oo ) We look forward to seeing you!
  8. Starting out

    Hey, Im pretty new to this, i got the game for christmas, ive learned a lot just playing single player, im level 37 or something..... I have 3 trikes in a pen, I live in the southwest area. I got a dilo a para and one ptero. Ive begun to fly to another island towards the east, but it is in the mid southern area, and it is INFESTED with carnivorous beasts, i want a raptor, but i cant get to a safe spot to knock them out, as other things like other raptors, gator things, carnos, bugs, and some mean water, land lizard. I want to continue, but I need a gillie suit, but that area is the only area with organic polymer, due to high amounts of hesperonis'. Im stuck, Im gonna join multiplayer tomorrow and get someone to start with. Sorry for the novel, here is the point. 1, I want suggestions and pointers. 2, I want help with my gillie suit and raptor problem, 3, I want someone to play with, start brand new on a pvp server or a non dedicated server to work together Shoot me a msg on Xbox One msg FrozenBeast9159. Thx all!
  9. Enhanced Magnifying Glass

    It would be cool to have an advanced magnifying glass thats either fabricated/advanced tier or tek tier. It would be nice if it allowed us from a range to see health, torpor, oxygen and maybe other stats too, i just think that as long as the magnifying glass has been in the game it should have gotten an advanced version by now because let me tell ya, getting face to face with a reaper/giga is not a very "survival" based tactic...all in favor?
  10. Aberration SP Tames, buildings etc wiped! HELP!!!

    Game crashed the PC while I was on my roll rat and the PC restarted itself, after I rebooted the game, I was on the respawn screen and I had my character but none of my tames, buildings or ANYTHING was on the map! I don't know what happened but I was wondering if anyone knows the problem or at least know what I can do with my files to bring back my tames? Really upset about this as all the time I spent was wasted trying to sort everything out! Any help would be appreciated!!
  11. Ok so I've been playing on an EU PVE Ark Nitrado server for around a week now. I transferred one of my old level 50 characters from another PVE server to this one when I first joined this new server. I know that I can transfer players, however Ive recently wanted to travel one of my lvl 360 dinos and my current player along with some items to a PVE EU server on the Ragnarok map so I can tame a Griffin and then bring it back. Upon checking the server info for my current server AND the Ragnarok, it says Data Downloads Disabled. I dont really understand this since I was able to bring my character over here originally - can someone please explain the following questions. 1. Will I be able to take a lvl 360 dino out of this server to the Ragnarok and then bring it back with a dino I tamed there? 2. Will I keep the items on my user inventory? 3. If I have to put my items in the data transfer thingy, will I be able to take them back out on the data download disabled ragnarok even when the server I put my dinos in is another EU Official with Data download disabled. Please help, thanks for reading.
  12. Seems like It's not just NA PVE Ragnarok 13 which is down for almost 7 hours already.. is there any chance that the server will be back up soon? How soon though, Thanks for replies.
  13. Ok, so I am not a “noob” to this game. I have put in a good amount of hours on the computer. But here is my problem... I started up a world with my brother on the Xbox in SP. the first Dino we tried to tame (which was a dodo) never ate any megos, only stims. The same thing happened for a trike and a parusar (spelled wrong) so, you can imagine how hard it is when the Dino’s are only eating stims... any fix???
  14. https://www.facebook.com/groups/238996873177647/ This is DaggerZone247! This is a new server and we are looking for new members to join everyday! We keep it cool on our server, so we very little rules! We are democratically run run so blame the president for any rules. However there is base ground rules which need to be followed ------------------------------------- No building in Caves that contain artifacts! You MUST pay your TAX depending on your base size and electricity use, e.g. if loads of auto turrets are being run electricity TAX's will be higher, same with base. This does not apply if the President doesn't come to your base to collect it. You MUST vote for a president after their time period is up, choose wisely because THEY will decide the rules. Assassinating the president is allowed, but will not put you as president unless voted for by others, however it will shorten the time period of their presidency so if you don't like their rules, simply assassinate them. ------------------------------------- We hope you have a great time at DaggerZone247 and happy surviving! Server details here as seen below! ------------------------------------- Host Gamertag is: DaggerZone247 If you wish to speak to owner, please add JayDaB3ast Everything is boosted! However all boosts are at an extent, due to not wanting players to be too overpowered however the stats are brilliant as many of our players said. Is a mixture of not too strong yet not too weak that's where you get plenty of materials but not too many materials so you're not too overpowered. Also the levelling isn't too over the top because we don't want people to have too much strength too much, however weight is a lot higher than many other stats because we believe that everyone should have high weight so you can carry more stuff so it's easier for everyone. -------------------------------------
  15. What's your favourite map?

    What is your favourite map in ARK? Why do you think like this? My favourite map is The Center.
  16. Hello all. I am extending and Invite to you all to come join my Server on Aberration. My friend and I have recently started this server in Hopes to create a community of like minded adults who want to have some fun with out trolls and drama. It is a PvPvE server with a White flag rule. Stats are Boosted a little more than some would call mild. Its x5 on all stats. the Harvest is x10 For those wanting the pvp experience but dont have all day to rebuild after a good raid. This server was created for those who work long schedules and still want to play ark. I myself work 50 hour weeks. But I can still assist with any problems while Im away at work if you add me on Psn. The Server name is House Lannister with 16 slots available. I will be clustering Ragnarok in the next few days. Messege Dewbd on Psn for more info and direct invite!!!
  17. Every 30 minutes to an hour (give or take) my single player game boots me straight back to the xbox homescreen, where I have to go through the process of loading up the game from the absolute beginning. Upon reentry, I will end up wherever the game last saved. So, if the game autosaves and I get booted 30 minutes later, I've just lost 30 minutes of progress. Plus, if I'm on a flying mount and the game autosaves while I'm mid-flight, when I log back in, I'll be automatically dismounted and have to deploy my parachute or admincheat ghost as soon as the game starts so that I don't fall to my death. This only started happening on the Ragnarok map about a month and a half ago (never had an issue with The Island). What is going on? Is this something I can fix?
  18. Best Spawn Location's For Red Gems

    Go Check It Out To Find Where The Best Location's Are!!
  19. We need an OfflineRaidProtection server for the NA. Currently, there is only one for the EU and it is perma-full during their busy hours... I would like to play this mode but on a North American timeline. Thank you, oh'mighty Ark gods!
  20. Just opened up a new server come and join Xtinct Aberration on if you need any assistance just go and message the head admin on discord Zobello#1836 server is restarting 12/29/2017 12:00AM
  21. Hello guys! There is a dedicated ark server that is ran 24/7, it is hosted on the pc for the Xbox one platform. No lag or high ping!! Never crashes. CROSS SERVER *CAN TRANSFER CHARCTER FROM OTHER SERVER! Details: Diff- 400 Dam -200 Harv - 100 Mate - 150 Hatch - 500 Loot - 100 Fishing - 100 Swim - 500 Mature - 1000 Imprint Stats - 5000 Weight - 200 Health - 500 Stam - 100 Craft - 100 Speed - 50 Dino weight - 100 Dino Stan - 500 (stats may be changed depending on the host so please message him for any further questions) Mojoluv2006 To join please search dedication server: Arkaddiction420 - (ragnarok map) OR Arkaddiction420abberation for the new map *FOR ANY QUESTIONS OR INVITES PLEASE ADD HOST Mojoluv2006 or xMeap on Xbox one ! Thank you .

    BIG ISSUE: My tames are doomed! On Ark Abberation SinglePlayer, I play with a few friends and two of us went onto the Surface. I lost two mounts to this bug before; but it has happened again. Upon exiting and re-entering the server, IF you are on the surface, EVERYTHING ELSE YOU LOVE on the surface will have the Scorched debuff and will die. This time I got them out using commands such as cheat playersonly and infinitestats; but the scorching sun debuff stays forever. There is nothing I can do but keep my two Ravagers on Infinitestats and hope to god their offspring aren’t burning like they are. I even took my Ravagers into the water to get the flames off of them, but the “Sunlight” debuff is still on them and myself! Things to note: 1- This bug will cause ANY CREATURE in the ‘Surface’ area to have the Scorched Sunlight debuff until death, no matter what is done. 2- Saving your game on the Surface, even at night will NOT make a difference; your tames will be scorched upon reloading, and anything that can not be given infinitestats will die. (RIP Echo of Allah and Voice of Cthulhu, my two shinehorns) 3- This glitch has not been given enough attention and NEEDS to be fixed for single player users! This makes exploring the surface virtually impossible and extremely dangerous if your server randomly autosaves while you’re up there! Please help this get the attention of the DEV’s! This is an extremely important bug to fix, and needs to be done post haste! -Vika Gguasee
  23. Since few days game crashes for me a lot of times. Sometimes I can play more time, but it is usually boring. For example I was flying on my Poison Wyvern and it turned off my game and reported my error - LowLevelFatalError. Can anyone help me with that problem? My graphics card: AMD Radeon R9 380X
  24. The Barnji Plateau

    Hi all, We're a small tribe (5 of us) who just got wiped off The Centre a week ago, with most of our metal base and an indi forge remaining which we can demolish to get a base going. We're considering moving onto the Barnji Plateau on Ragnarok (pictured below) near Viking Bay. I just wanted to hear people's opinions on whether this location is manageable for a tribe of our size. Also, would people recommend putting all turrets on players only, as obviously larger dinos like titans, gigas, rexes, brontos etc. wouldn't be able to access the plateau without a ramp being built (we plan to counter this by placing pillars so structures can't be built)? Thanks for the help in advance
  25. Hey guys, I've rented a server as of when the launch of Aberration, my family and a few friends play on it but there's 3 slots never being used and we thought we'd give out the password if people want to private message me. Looking for normal people... probably not hardcores and just make your own tribe do your own thing kinda thing we're not looking for new tribe members just neat to see other people building and doing things around on the map when we go exploring and that kind of thing. I think the only difference besides official servers is I turned off bringing in dinosaurs on or off the server along with a new light that shows where your body is, that's new since the last time we played. Anyways private message me and we can figure out who the three will be. Also I should add it's hosted in Seattle, Washington. We all play from Vancouver-ish so it works perfectly for us.