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Found 954 results

  1. Hey all! My friends and I have a 50 slot PC hosted Ragnarok server on PS4 which is 24/7 PvP. We're looking for new and active players to help the server thrive. Server Name: The Syndicate PVP 10x Boosted NEW! Starter Packs are now a thing! We're giving new players 1 week raid protection by placing a white flag at their base with a sign that states the date they joined/started. Once their week is up the flag and sign will be removed and they will then be raidable. Note that if players under raid protection raid another player, raid protection will be removed. The starter pack will include; a metal axe, pick and pike. A crossbow with some arrows, a set of chitin armor, GPS, a bed and a ptera. Message ltddarklord or Oximodious via PSN to receive your starter pack and tell 'em riiot sent ya The server runs with boosted weight, this way you no longer have to worry about being over encumbered. Boosted harvesting to help build and assemble your base much faster than normal, it also helps you rebuild after being raided. Speaking of raiding there is a rule that we enforce and that is no full base wiping and no killing of passive tames. Just get in, get what you need and get out. We also have a market place set up for buying and trading of goods. We've finished the colloseum! (refer to image below) We can only hope to gain some server activity as we will be giving out rewards to victors of said colloseum such as; Deep Sea Crates, Blueprints, Tools, Weapons, High Level Dinos and Wyvern Eggs, Phoenix's, Dino Coloring, Bulk Resource Bundles and plenty more. No Colloseum Tourney has been scheduled as of late 1v1 Fights - Best of 3 fights advances. Contestants will be given a mind wipe before the tourney. Everyone will leave their stats at their base level. This is to make the fights fair. Admins will provide primitive flak armor with a sword and shield. FIRST PRIZE: Lvl 150 Phoenix SECOND PRIZE: Lvl 100 Wyvern of your choice THIRD PRIZE: Lvl 100 Giga [Two Options: You may get the Giga colored to your liking at the cost of it being neutered/spayed OR you can keep it at it's original colors while keeping the ability to breed it.] Consolation Prizes are deep sea loot crates. All spectators must remain in the stands. For more information contact Oximodious via PSN for more details. Server tribe "The Syndicate" and admin(s) are all friendly and willing to help out if and when needed. For those who decide to join our server and help populate it will then be rewarded for their time and effort and to keep up with server updates/changes please feel free to join our PlayStation Community called "The Syndicate Ark PvPvE" If you have any questions or are a fellow server owner who wishes to cluster servers, please message the server owner Oximodious via PSN for more details. Any other server details are listed in the picture attached. *SERVER RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE* I'll bump this post every so often to hopefully keep traffic coming to it.
  2. Session name xDVxDiveBomber Looking add more players to my server its not super boosted but some stats are turned up like taming and XP. Some players have been playing so watch out. Rules are simple: let someone get started before you attack them, be nice and be courteous Have Fun! Bring your tribe also see if you can bring down the other
  3. Unfortunately the dupers really have the upper hand at wildcard. While I sit for over an hour at the obelisk trying to upload but constantly fighting timers, which were hilariously for some reason beyond me implemented to stop duping, our server shuts down and rolls back 30 minutes. Lol it is a constant occurrence but thankfully the obelisk timers are in place, lol. Seriously dupers are running the show at wildcard while wildcard struggles by implementing Rediculous “fixes”. But in all seriousness duping is out of control and we are sick of losing our work constantly while wildcard does nothing intelligent or worthwhile to fix it. It shows you also how completely mismanaged this company is and how out of whack it’s priorites are. The game is plagued by dupers, they release maps unfinished and broke in so many ways but yet they are c9ming out with new content “aberration”. Lol their currnt content isn’t even working and they are releasing new, ummm ok. How about this...fix your current content and then release new.
  4. Does anybody know when rentable/ PC hostable servers will come out for Xbox? When they do will you be able to host them on a different account through Microsoft, a code feature would be great !thanks!
  5. Ark: Survival Evolved Play Anywhere Dear Ark: Survival Evolved Dev's, Back in November you gave us an update about a possible December release date for Xbox One's Play Anywhere program; Then in January/February you gave us a simple answer as of Spring 2017. I'd like to request for a more detailed update into this subject as there are many gamer's out there, including myself, that'd like more of throughout answer. Thank you for your time! Ifinx
  6. Primal Survival and Abberation

    who is exicited anyway when is Primal Survival coming out?
  7. help me plezzz...
  8. Hi, So I have 2 xbox's (Xbox A {Server with new Dashboard now}) and (Xbox B [Old stable xbox dashboard Client xbox]) My Xbox A upgrade to the latest dashboard via the preview dashboard insider. (Forgot I was in this) and it upgraded to the latest dashboard. I started up ark and was able to start the server. But from my Xbox B the option to join the player is greyed out. No way to join. I also had Xbox A make a party and then invited my Xbox B to the party. I then tried to invite the party to the game, but this option was also greyed out. I was able to have Xbox B become the server and Xbox A as the client and this works. So I then tried to copy the server from Xbox A to a External Drive and then copy from the external drive to Xbox B. In doing so I think I may have lost the server. As on Xbox A I do not have a open to delete the Ragnarock server. The delete map icon is gone, which makes me thing. Anyways any help, idea's or Dev people can see this and try to find a solution I would be thankful. Because that server my self and other have put a lot of work into it from the day Ragnarock came out and just to be all gone will be terrible. Swiss
  9. For those that haven't seen it yet check it out:
  10. New Rex Skin for Aberration

    Now that Aberration has been announced, and it will probably be launched near the Halloween Event, it could be great to release a new rex skin inspired in that malfunctioning ark. I found this model (and picture) at the page of a freelance digital artist, it could be great to have something in this line... Source:
  11. High Speed Connection -Two Servers - [4 Months 24/7] - BOOSTED ONLINE 24/7 Ragnarok PvE (Offline Protection) & BOOSTED Xboxone! ONLINE 24/7 The Island PvE (Offline Protection) & BOOSTED Xboxone! Place White Flags & Put PvE in Tribe Name! If anyone messes around with our PVE players they get banned unless that person forgives them. (Save Screenshot Tribe Log) (Admins 24/7) Free Admission! (All Donations Help.) Free Hospitality! Free To Build and Relax! Server Competitions For Blueprints & Rex Skins Bring TWO Friends And Get Yourself PROTECTED! We want dedicated players to be part of our good server and awesome community! Currently we are new have 10+ players during the evenings and everyone is very helpful! Contact Admin -> HighlifeVIP for Invites to the server & club. If you DO NOT join club WILL NOT be accepted into the server! We have admins on around the clock. They always clean the server from old structures, dinowipes, stop cheaters, griefers, and keep the server in order & running smooth. They WILL NOT SPAWN YOU ANYTHING. If you ask to be an admin you will be removed from the server we don't have the time for little kids and annoying people. The host works all day and does the best he possibly can to maintain the server and keep it online so don't stress him out. The Host BOOSTED his internet service to support 50 people playing on weekends! Also got new equipment! (Netgear R7000) gaming router, new surfboard cable modem). He is serious about running a quality server so please enjoy our community and be cooperative! Contact for DONATIONS! We do the best here! RULES: Offline Protection Enabled, No PvE raiding using wild dinos (kiting), No greifing, No passive tame killing (record/capture proof), No crying, No blocking caves or resources, No Harassment, No over-use of doedic/anky/bronto etc creates lag, No asking to change server rates, No little kid BS be a man!, If you get wiped for no reason it will be looked into and you may be compensated because we want you to play on our server we're all having a good time. REMEMBER Ark is Cruel! BUT have some fun! Contact Admin: HighlifeVIP for info etc. Admins will not spawn anything lose due to crashes, glitches in the game, if you don't speak up before a dinowipe for any other reason you will lose a dino!! P.S. If you come looking for trouble or cause any problems you will be banned from the server and will not be allowed back. any type of glitch abuse or cheating will get you banned. if you know of a glitch that has not been blocked by the admins please tell us so we can block people from exploiting it. See you guys in there! If you guys like aquariums check me out on IG @Badass_Aquatics
  12. Anyone else like North Zone 2. I mean its a hard place to live but there's resources everywhere . Also Death Island is great for taming high level dinos. I currently have a base on the beach across from the Hidden Lake and have already got lots of high level carnivores.
  13. 2X Event during the week

    The 2x weekend events are becoming somewhat not as productive and causing overpopulated servers to become severely overpopulated as so many only play on the weekends because of the 2x. Then those of us who are here all week long suffer. this weekend for example I spent 3.5 hours getting onto my server only to disconnect minutes after then spent another 2 hours relogging. Over 5 hours wasted of 2x because of overpopualtation and wildcards lack of server rollout., which is another topic altogether. SO a better idea would be to have a midweek 2x event for those of us who aren't just weekend warriors. Pick like a Tuesday and have that day, all day be 2 x. Something that would actually be more effective for the core players of ark.
  14. Obelisk timer

    I have spent hours at the obelisk for 2 days trying to upload our stuf so we can move from our server which is plagued by dupers.. So obviously the only people the timers are affecting are legit players because they are making a simple job turn into. A nightmare. So hence the timers are broke and need to be removed or fixed. It's funny while I sit at the obelisk desperately trying for days to get out the server keeps resetting because of the duping making uploading even more difficult. Lol you all missed the mark bad with this one. Please please fix!!!
  15. I've tried changing some stats in my sp world by changing the statperlevelmultipliers, but for some reason they wont turn back and the stats are ridiculously high.... i just want them back but the code refuses to do affect anything..... for example: i just tamed a jerboa lvl 1, the wild one had a normal amount of melee, but when i tamed it, with 0 extra levels, it got 498,6 melee. my stat mulktipliers per level on melee are: on the gamemenu itself: on wild dinos: 1.0 on tamed dinos: 0.06 on tamed dinos per level: 1.0 on tamed dinos affinity: 0.1 in the game.ini they are as following: PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[8]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[8]=0.100000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoWild[8]=1.000000 can someone please tell me why this is happening? the numbers and multipliers appear to be slightly changeable but they dont follow math it seems..... update: for some reason, these stats dont appear in my gameUserSettings.ini. the tamed dinos have no stat for melee and weight in that code, although i think weight seems to level up normally.
  16. Right now you can change your tribe name which makes some situations very tricky to deal with. Let's say you are on a pvp-server and you change the tribe name, raid someone and change the name back again. Boom no one knew you were there and revenge is impossible. You may even think that this is no big deal but you can also just take a name of another big tribe and sort of raid someone in the name of a tribe that usually is always nice. Add a 3 day delay before you can change the name and it's fixed. I would have been still playing this game if it wasn't for these crucial flaws that made me ragequit more than once. Hope people will read this
  18. Beacon

    I cant get into the beacon and stuff it keeps kicking me out of the game
  19. Hello to all Ark Players! Ark Server Host: Ark Luck - add this account in order to join xbox one server Rules - No Brontos No Dino Harvesting due to high stats Stats/Info- - No admins, there will be someone appointed admin in the event a dino wipe is needed PLAYER STATS: - 1 Stone = 70 -Health - 42 - Stamina - 60 - Oxygen - 140 - Weight - Unlimited - Speed - 10 - Melee - 21.5 - Crafting Skills - 10.5 -Fortitude - 8.4 - Turret Damage - 2.4 DINO STATS: - Health - 597.3 - Stamina - 1,071.5 - Weight - Unlimited - Melee - 6.7 - Movement Speed - 4.1
  20. PvPvE Ragnarok server based in NSW. GT is nswark, add as a friend and we will add you back Not an overly competitive server, people mostly leave each other alone and raiding is done respectfully if at all. Got a few admins who are happy to help and enforce rules. But most of the time just play without admin privilege and don't use any console commands. Will only elevate to admin if needed. 10 x taming 6 x gathering 10 x Xp 10x maturation, weight, speed and stamina are boosted a little. No offline damage, can build into cliffs. If you raid someone don't destroy their entire base for no reason, Just take what you need and damage as little as you need, no killing passive tames. Don't grief low level players for no reason, let them build and settle in. I'll check the inbox regularly for anyone having issues. Cheers, Hope to see some new people come on board, Simba
  21. Hosting Legacy servers

    Hello Guys, Could anyone explain too me how i am able too host a copy of the old official servers on my Nitrado server? Many thanks in advance!
  22. Hi, first of all sorry if i created topic in wrong section. I downloaded my deleted legacy server file from this site and dont know what to do with it. Can anyone tell me how can i play on my deleted server with the help .zip file i downloaded ? I tried host it from ''Ark Dedicated Server'' and ''Nitrado'' but neither worked well because i dont know where to put that .zip content...
  23. Server Issues

    Quick question guys. I've been playing ARK since last December on the PS4 so I feel as if I have gotten a good amount of experience in ARK. To everyone who's been grinding longer than me or around the same time frame as me, does it make sense for Wildcard to release a DLC when their servers are still having issues? I mean sure it is nice to see that their adding content in such as dinos, items, etc. but what's the point if the servers are going to constantly crash and or not even pop up in the new server browser. This is not a bashing topic, I truly love ARK and what it has given to the players but I wanted to see if other players have been thinking the same idea as myself. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, RadRussian364
  24. New RPG server on prim plus called PleasureIsland247 You can be whatever you want only 4 rules. 1) You must be over 18 2 )You must name your Character 3)Your tribe name must correspond with your roll. 4) you gotta biuld something cool. Now go and make your own destiny and welcome to pleasure island.
  25. Firstly, I would not create a post for a minor issue. I played the legacy servers. What lead to their demise was the constant lag, rollbacks and duped items. If you are not going to take the lag issue seriously you are going to lose your players at an alarming rate. It's so frustrating to be playing a game (which I really enjoy) and being unable to move around the base without skipping across the screen and running back to the position I started in. How can I recommend this game to friends to purchase with such poor performace? The last 5+ days our server has been at 255+ ping. Please resolve this.