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  1. For those that haven't seen it yet check it out:
  2. Hello Survivors, i hope this is allowed, 3 days ago i started a new Channel, with a series named TOP 5 ARK PLAYS. But to continue this series i need more people who send me clips and i would be very happy if you maybe subscribe or help me to get bigger and send me clips. I will name every clip with your Name! Thanks Guys, i love this game! Greetings. [email protected] is the email for the clips!
  3. Hey Survivors, in a few days, on PS4 the new map will be released, also new official servers (Center, Island) So im asking to what time and date this will happen. Time is more important, because my tribe and me have to spot the best spot on the map Greetings.
  4. hello everyone, since the main patch which updated ragnorok, i have been getting fatal errors when ever a mod updates, when on the menu of ark, i get the following: Assertion failed: FCompression::UncompressMemory( Flags, Dest, Chunk.UncompressedSize, CompressedBuffer, Chunk.CompressedSize, (Padding > 0) ? true : false ) [File:G:\SVN_Ark\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\Serialization\Archive.cpp] [Line: 409] VERSION: 265.51 KERNELBASE.dll!UnknownFunction (0x00007ffc70823c58) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0] ShooterGame.exe!FOutputDevice::Logf__VA() (0x00007ff676c57548) + 159 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\private\misc\outputdevice.cpp:145] ShooterGame.exe!FDebug::AssertFailed() (0x00007ff676c57ae5) + 178 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\private\misc\outputdevice.cpp:220] ShooterGame.exe!FArchive::SerializeCompressed() (0x00007ff676c6f344) + 0 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\private\serialization\archive.cpp:412] ShooterGame.exe!FModUnZipAndCopyFileVisitor::Visit() (0x00007ff67835cd14) + 0 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\online\onlinesubsystemsteam\private\steamworkshop.cpp:117] ShooterGame.exe!`IPlatformFile::IterateDirectoryRecursively'::`2'::FRecurse::Visit() (0x00007ff676bd1302) + 0 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\private\genericplatform\genericplatformfile.cpp:36] ShooterGame.exe!FWindowsPlatformFile::IterateDirectory() (0x00007ff676c8c8f7) + 710 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\private\windows\windowsplatformfile.cpp:281] ShooterGame.exe!`IPlatformFile::IterateDirectoryRecursively'::`2'::FRecurse::Visit() (0x00007ff676bd131e) + 0 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\private\genericplatform\genericplatformfile.cpp:41] ShooterGame.exe!FWindowsPlatformFile::IterateDirectory() (0x00007ff676c8c8f7) + 710 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\private\windows\windowsplatformfile.cpp:281] ShooterGame.exe!`IPlatformFile::IterateDirectoryRecursively'::`2'::FRecurse::Visit() (0x00007ff676bd131e) + 0 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\private\genericplatform\genericplatformfile.cpp:41] ShooterGame.exe!FWindowsPlatformFile::IterateDirectory() (0x00007ff676c8c8f7) + 710 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\private\windows\windowsplatformfile.cpp:281] ShooterGame.exe!`IPlatformFile::IterateDirectoryRecursively'::`2'::FRecurse::Visit() (0x00007ff676bd131e) + 0 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\private\genericplatform\genericplatformfile.cpp:41] ShooterGame.exe!FWindowsPlatformFile::IterateDirectory() (0x00007ff676c8c8f7) + 710 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\private\windows\windowsplatformfile.cpp:281] ShooterGame.exe!IPlatformFile::IterateDirectoryRecursively() (0x00007ff676bd12d8) + 0 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\private\genericplatform\genericplatformfile.cpp:45] ShooterGame.exe!FDecompressAndCopyModTask::DoWork() (0x00007ff67835e52b) + 0 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\online\onlinesubsystemsteam\private\steamworkshop.cpp:213] ShooterGame.exe!FAsyncTask<FDecompressAndCopyModTask>::Abandon() (0x00007ff67836aac2) + 9 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\public\async\asyncwork.h:335] ShooterGame.exe!FQueuedThread::Run() (0x00007ff676be704b) + 0 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\private\hal\threadingbase.cpp:352] ShooterGame.exe!FRunnableThreadWin::Run() (0x00007ff676ca80b6) + 0 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\private\windows\windowsrunnablethread.cpp:73] ShooterGame.exe!FRunnableThreadWin::GuardedRun() (0x00007ff676ca7f78) + 8 bytes [g:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\core\private\windows\windowsrunnablethread.cpp:26] KERNEL32.DLL!UnknownFunction (0x00007ffc73a58364) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0] ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction (0x00007ffc74357091) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0] ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction (0x00007ffc74357091) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0] Crash in runnable thread PoolThread 1 this is causing me to be unable to complete the install/update of whatever mod it is, and i have to uninstall the mod and redownload it from the server screen, i have uninstalled ark, ran a cache verification and still it persists, can anyone help?
  5. Ark Digest 20: Survivor, David Bowie’s Bum asks, “What can we expect from the ocean in future updates?” Answer: "We have a lot of sea creatures in the works! As well as an expansion of the playable sea area along with a deeper max depth, and a sea Cave-Dungeon. Furthermore, you can also expect an entire Oceanic/Isles ARK ;)" Ark Digest 28: Survivor, MLaidler asks, “It was mentioned several digests ago that (post-release) there would be an oceanic isles map. Is this still planned post-release? I'd love the emphasis on sea and air dinos, boats, and making outposts on smaller islands” Answer: "We’re very interested in expanding the sea-based gameplay, and that necessarily includes more space to do that!" And it's really looking like we'll get to dive in on Sept. 1st. So excited!
  6. Hardcore

    Hello, I was hoping that I am not the only one who is wondering about the return of official Hardcore servers?
  7. Hello fellow Arkers, stopping by to tell you about our new 24/7 PVP Server on the center. The server has been active for 2 weeks with a few players active online, looking for more players to participate on the server. The server has boosted rates/ player stats/ dino stats(wild+tamed), rates are super boosted to eliminate the grind for the most part and allow you to focus on the PvP aspect. You will be able to set up a solid base within a day easily and rebuilding after a raid will be inconsequential. We've set it up like this because we love the PvP and raiding aspects of the game. Getting rid of the grind allows you to spend the majority of your time on the game enjoying the PvP. Server Account: ArkCenter247 We ask that you not apply to join the server unless you are age 18+. We'd prefer to avoid all the immature drama and pettiness that the younger crowd brings and we'd like to maintain a mature atmosphere. I'll give a full list of adjusted settings and rates a little further down, but for now let's talk rules. RULES 1. No Killing New Players - We understand it can be hard to tell which players are new and which aren't. You won't be punished for killing a single berrypicker, but if we receive constant reports of a certain person or tribe harassing new spawns we will take action. 2. No Excessive Caging - Caging should only be used as a raiding instrument. Caging someone you're actively raiding to keep them out of the fight is 100% ok. Leaving them caged briefly after the raid is also acceptable. What isn't acceptable, however, is leaving people caged indefinitely. Don't be a sausage and try to keep people from playing. 3. No Complaining to Admins Needlessly - This isn't actually a rule like the others, just a guideline really. If you have proof that people have been violating the rules then absolutely message us to let us know. Don't complain to us about anything other than violations of those 3 rules, though. We don't want to hear about how you got offline raided or your passive tames got killed. This is meant to be a brutal pvp server. We don't police the tactics used in PvP unless it breaks one of our 3 rules 4. No Racism, Sexism, etc. Over World Chat - We understand that people become angry with each other, so try to keep it civil over world chat and not bring race, sex or religion in to an argument. If excessive discriminating terms are used over world chat admins will take appropriate actions. ADMIN POLICY We, the admins, will be participating on the server. Admins will be open targets the same as every other player, there will be no repercussions for killing a admin since we are playing also. Admins will not be using God mode during game play, console commands will only be used during server events. COMMUNITY We will be setting up PvP free community forges. There's always a lot of "he said/she said" disputes regarding the PvP free nature of community forges so we're attempting to make a compromise. There will be 3 separate crafting stations on Skull Island, each fully equipped. They will be placed on different parts of Skull Island to maintain distance between the stations. If you attempt to open the inventory of any structures in an occupied crafting station you forfeit your PvP-free rights. Conversely, if you're standing at and clearly using a crafting station and somebody tries to come up and access it, you are allowed to take full PvP action against them to prevent them stealing your supplies. Note that we will NOT take action on any community forge disputes without video evidence, so make sure to shout "Xbox Record That" if you get caught up in any PvP activities within the community area. In addition to forges, we will also be holding regular community events. Currently planned are: PvP Gladiator Arena, Loot Crate Extravaganzas, Player vs Dino Arena, Alpha Dino Events, and more! All events will feature prizes. RATES Now onto what you've all been waiting for! Without further delay, I present the full list of adjusted rates: Enable Crosshairs Show Map Player Location No Survivor Downloads No Dino Downloads No Item Downloads Difficulty: 1 XP Multiplier: 15.0Taming Multiplier: 10.0Gathering Multiplier: 5.0 Dino Gather: 10.0Player Character Food Drain: 1.0Player Character Water Drain: 1.0Player Character Stamina Drain: 1.0Dino Character Stamina Drain: 1.0 Dino Health Recovery: 2.5Force Allow Cave FlyersPvP Zone Structure Damage: 3.0 (Caves, Underwater Bubbles, etc.) Structure Resistance: 2.0Spoiling Time: 2.0Item Decomposition Time: 2.0Corpse Decomposition Time: 2.0 No Resources Radius - Players: 0.2No Resource Radius - Structures: 0.2Resources Respawn Period: 0.1Crop Growth Speed: 10.0Lay Egg Interval: 0.5Mating Interval: 0.3Egg Hatch Speed: 25.0Baby Mature Speed: 30.0Resources Respawn Period: 0.1 - PLAYER STATS - Health: 2.5 Stamina: 2.0 Torpidity: 1.5 Oxygen: 6.0 Weight: 40.0 *1 point = 400 weight* Food: 1.5 Water: 1.5 Damage: 3.5 Speed: 5.0 Fortitude: 3.0 - DINO STATS - WILD Health: 3.5 Stamina: 2.0 Damage: 2.5 Speed: 2.0 *Note:Wild Dinos increased for player and tamed dino stat increases, Higher stat wild dinos will have better stats when tamed. Still easy to kill.* - DINO STATS - TAMED Health: 2.0 Stamina: 1.5 Weight: 40.0 Damage: 2.5 Speed: 3.0
  8. Ark & OBS issues

    Anyone else able to get streaming to work with OBS? All I get is a Black screen when i've tried.
  10. Hi i was thinking of killing my 400 dinos but was wondering whats the fastest way to kill them all if i do decide to do this? also what do you guys think i should do with them? i have plenty of higher end dinos gigas quetz ect
  11. What's up guys, NitroLlama here! Today I will be showing you how to build an unraidable pyramid base (I kept the build small here in order to not make the video long, so you can always make it bigger by extending the foundations) in ARK Survival Evolved! If you enjoy the video, don't forget to like and subscribe for more ARK Videos!
  12. Ps4 Quetzals

    Is it harder to find quetzals on the island sense the new hibernate thing was added?
  13. [PC/Xbox/PS4] ARK GIVEAWAY!

    Do you want ARK or know someone who wants ARK? Check out this video you could grab yourself a code! - p.s. Did you know I post weekly ARK content along with a free ARK PC code every 2 Weeks!!
  14. So I'll probably be banned before I'm done writing this. I don't like the mods n don't have an issue saying it like I just did. However, ark was great. Played it from day one, it is probably the greatest game I'll ever play. Its just a shame its going to die with the incompetence of the devs. The communication to the player base is horrid, very poor. Taking ques from the player base that lines your pockets is non existant. But its OK because they got our money, two and three times over. Great game wildcard. You really did make a masterpiece. Next game you do. Don't forget that we, the beta testers, are also the future of your game. You should listen to us and communicate as together it could have been so much better. Toodles guys, have fun!
  15. What's up guys, NitroLlama here! Today I will be showing you how to build the best 2x1 PVP base in ARK Survival Evolved! The base includes 1 bed, 2 mortar and pestles, 1 smithy, 1 refining forge, 1 fabricator, 1 vault, 1 generator, 4 auto turrets, and 5 plant x turrets. If you enjoy the video, don't forget to like and subscribe for more ARK Videos!
  16. I know we all probably search this once every fortnightly. We are all anticipating the announcement for the Ark Survival Cross Platform Play and the list of medium that will support this. I can imagine there is major amount of work that has to go into developing something this big across multiple platforms, however this has been in the pipeline for quite a lengthy amount of time. Needless to say just announcing that it was in the pipeline got me extremely excited, and with that my expectation of the game grew dramatically. I envision playing my XBOX picking up my newly recruited PC & PS4 friends and starting a revolution towards some of these alpha tribes ruling the world. Bringing the joys of Ark and hatred together on one network. I just really want to know when this will be available or when can we expect to test it! From a distant ark to you.. Survivor 53 #REXSWillRULE
  17. So the big green just rolled out a new driver today. Among the patch notes is Ark! Optimal game ready & SLI support was mentioned in patch notes. In addition to the latest Unreal Update, this should make some peeps real happy!
  18. Arkoholics is a growing ARK community established on 5/22. Feel free to join our discord to stay informed of updates and chat with other arkoholics! Server Rates •8x Difficulty (all servers) •2.5x Experience •5x Harvest •10x Taming •0.5x Player Food/Water Drain •5x Egg Hatch Speed •5x Baby Mature Speed •0.5x Baby Food Consumption •5x Platform Structures Limit Rules •Rule 1 – No Cheating/Exploiting •Rule 2 – No Racism/Bigotry/Sexism •Rule 3 – No Blocking Player/Resource Spawns Mods •Structures+ •Platforms+ •Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture •Ark Steampunk Mod •Super Spyglass •Classic Flyers •Death Helper •Resource Stacks •SE Resource Stacks •Automated Ark •ORP2 - Offline Raid Protection PvP Safe Zones v2 Server IPs •TheIsland - •TheCenter - •ScorchedEarth - •Ragnarok -
  19. Hey everyone! I am here to ask about the Extinction servers for Xbox One and PC. A while back I played on Xbox and we had The Island for the map and the timer kept bugging out and resetting but that is besides the point. What I want to ask is when Ark is officially released will Xbox have Extinction servers that are located in the OC region and have The Island as the map instead of PG Arks. Same goes for PC. I'm sure a lot of people are wondering because I am sure people get sick of alphas and Extinction is a nice way to stay on an even playing field with everyone because of the 30 day wipes. Something else I want to know is what are the rates going to be and will the 30 day timer be fixed? Would love to see a reply from somebody that is very sure of the answers for these questions. Thank you for taking your time reading this! - Dylan.
  20. ¡Hola! Estamos preparando un servidor para Ragnarok, por Nitrado, 24/7. El mapa será Ragnarok, está abierto de momento en The Center, para que la gente que quiera vaya cogiendo plaza. La intención es crear una buena comunidad para un largo periodo de tiempo. -Nombre: El Gran Ragnarok - ESP 24/7 -Slots: 32 (de momento). -Gratuito. -Tendrá mercado, prisión, guardia oficial del servidor con vacantes. -Totalmente PVP y sin normas de Raideo. -Recursos x5 y Taming x5. Con la apertura de Ragnarok subirá a x10 el recurso durante 1 semana. -PSID: eLiiTeZx- Espero veros por ahí, soy el administrador, para cualquier cosa contactar conmigo.
  21. ovis breeding bug

    hello everyone, i was breeding with my ovis but as soon it was born, it glitched under the map. the only way to prevent it, is by letting them born on foundation. can't they fix this bug?
  22. Unable to join servers after Update 1.34

    Good afternoon, I have problems joining to the game, I just bought it and can not join any Official server, only the unofficial ones, im trying to join server 701, for ps4. Please help, I can only guess all my animals are already dead, the problem to joining the server began since the last update i have not being able to play since.
  23. Anarchy Servers Today we are offering a special of 50% off for the first three customers of the day. Use code First3 at checkout to claim your bonus before they are all gone! Anarchy Servers is proud to announce our new game server hosting company. We are a gamer friendly service ran by gamers that know what you are looking for in your server provider. We know you want your server to be easy to set up, highly configurable, lag free, and never down. We aim to provide all of this and more 24/7 so you can focus on building your Ark empire. We are offering launch specials this month to get you in a brand new high quality server at very affordable prices. Equipment: We use some of the best equipment in the industry. We only use dedicated servers and never overloaded VPS servers. We want our equipment to stand out from the rest of the competition to make your gaming experience as smooth and fast as possible. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you any more to have decent equipment! · E3-1230 V2 Quad Core 8chan processor · 3.30Ghz · 32Gb RAM · SSD Storage Drivers · 1Gb Port with 33TB Available Xfer Control: We give you full and complete access to your server files. If you want a setting changed, you have the ability to change it right away. We provide TCAdmin2 control panel to make managing your server a piece of cake. We are constantly improving and adding features to our game server management panels to keep you up to date with the latest settings and changes from the game company. Adding mods, changing maps, and adjusting settings is as simple as making a few mouse clicks. We also have support for all DLC expansions! Support: We have a growing knowledgebase of common questions that is available to you on our site. We also offer a ticket help system with an average of 5 minute response time. We know that gamers keep different hours than everyone else and since we are gamers too, we can respect that. We strive to be available to you whenever you need us. We offer a Discord chat with a growing group of techs and customer support personnel willing to help you out with whatever issues you might encounter. Pricing: We offer competitive pricing even though we have some of the best equipment in the industry. We believe that quality breeds quantity and would rather pay more to have better equipment and draw in customers based on our reputation than having cheap equipment that breaks all the time. We don’t pass those costs on to you. We offer packages in 10, 25, 50, and 100 slots that will fit any budget. Our servers start as low as $10 per month. Programs: We like to give back to gamers as much as we can. We offer both an affiliates program and a sponsorship program. Whether you are looking to make some extra cash to help pay for your server or looking to a full or part time job, our affiliate program can help us help you. If you are a streamer, youtuber, or other social media guru we would love to talk to you about a sponsorship. We base our sponsorship on activity level and follower count. Stop by our website at to check us out. Use code LaunchDay at checkout to save $5 off your first month purchase. That means you could get your server running for as low as $5 per month today!
  24. Hey, I have a problem where in any inventory besides my player inventory it will not display the grafting requirements and or the item's stats I am running a bunch of mods but i've tried disableing them all one by one and no results... I will leave 2 pics showing items selected from my inventory and items selected from smity ( on the pic of the smity my crusor is actually on the torch Mods: Tamable alphas, automated rescource pump,scorched earth plus,tamable alphas addon,ammo pool,all skins chest, glass metal,diffculty 40, map extenstion streichelzoo,gigantic floating island,meat spoiler, super spyglass, storage+, upgrade station, builders impovements, kibble vending machine, ark fog remover, sevens forge kit, sevens tranq kit, extra ark 2, no collisioncheck, dp's tranq sniper, taming sedative, more nacotics and arrows,bridge
  25. With the patch notes saying only 40 platform saddles per tribe and with a structure on them then counting as 19 tame space. How will that go about on Xbox/ Consoles ? (Considering at the moment we have only 200 tame space) will those numbers of tame space taken up be dialed down for us or will we be able to have more dinosaurs?