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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 868 results

  1. Here's a suggestion

    Fix your base game now. Is there one good reason you can give me why aberration runs better than all the other maps combined? (besides lag) you didn't even finish scorched earth there are still so many problems with that dlc, and center and rag (I know they're just OFFICIAL mods) are atrocious and barely playable , then you have the island still full of bugs and glitches (albeit you can consider some of these "base game" issues, but there's no base game without a map to play on) What is it going to take ?? When will you ever optimize this game to a stable frame rate on Xbox? Or can it not be done ? I guess in a few years after you release the rest of your dlcs right ? spring 2018 will be another great time I'm sure for another laggy expansion
  2. ARK 2: The Return of the Dodo ? From Jesse: “I think, you know, as we get down the line, over the next year or two, ARK needs to have a sequel at some point. It’s definitely gonna be on our minds about when it’s the right time to something like that.”
  3. Anyone having trouble with objects (mainly large rocks) not appearing on windows 10? I usually play ARK on PC but all my friends play on console so i decided to download the Win 10 version due to it being able to use my PC so that i could play on Xbox servers but with the benefit of PC quality. BUT iv'e already noticed lots of bugs on the Win 10 version that don't seem to be a problem in Xbox the version. All around the map there are large rocks or other objects that are invisible that is super frustrating due to me and my dinos getting stuck on objects that are there but cant be seen. SO just to clarify things i logged onto the Xbox version and sure enough there are tons of rocks that aren't showing up on Win 10 version. Anyone know if this is an issue that can be fixed in the settings? I've seen another post that recommended turning "World Tile Buffing" on at least medium or higher. Well mine is on epic and the problem still occurs so that didn't seem to be the issue. The the biggest issue im having at the moment. Another rather annoying issue seems to be a problem when using a keyboard to type or search items in game. The keyboard and mouse work fine for movement and normal game play. But when any time i try typing weather it be to search for and item in an inventory or to type in a command, it doesnt seem to accept the keyboard very well. It will freeze up, skip letters and sometime just not type at all. almost like the keyboard is cutting in and out or not responding for very short moments. But then when back to the game, all keys are smooth and work just fine. If anyone has any info or ideas, help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  4. Day one of our new PVP server JSS!!! The server name is Just Survive Somehow. Breeding is x20, hatching x50, taming x10, weight unlimited, health/stam/melee/speed/fort are all x4, gather is x7, and XP x10. When im on and have time I do give out starters to new tribes. If I’m not on just get started and when you see Biv0lattie login message me for your starter pack. One per tribe total.
  5. Ello guys i'm lokidoki. I've played ark for about two years now and i love this game. I love dinos xD. I'm making this suggestion thread for the Reaper on abberation. I feel the reaper is vastly weaker than other alpha dinos like spinos and megalos. Theyre Dmg growth and lack of saddles and mate boost just makes them so sub par compared to those dinos on the map turning them into hollow vanity tame. I know that you guys didnt wan't release a "new giga" like before but I feel the reaper should have better DMG and the same damage reduction or higher if there are no mate boosted mechanics added. An alternative you could add to the reaper is give it a 100 dmg base and give it a static 70% dmg reduction with no light along with a buff that doesn't allow nameless to spawn around. Making it truly feel like you've tamed a "Alpha" predator. The second suggestion is allowing reapers to climb walls like drakes. Wild reapers and queens are able to dig in the ground, why can't tamed ones just "dig their claws" on the walls and climb like that? This would give the reaper much better mobility but still weaker than rock drakes in the mobility side of the spectrum and play off the "xenomorph" concept that they're based off from.
  6. The game settings that you can download/change by allowing the Expert Mode for the rented Nitrado servers for xbox show the resolution set to 1080x720. I have the new xbox one x and a 4k or 3840x2160 resolution tv. is there any reason i should not use the full 4k resolution setting by changing the resolution setting on my rented server from 1080x720 to 3840x2160 ?
  7. Ark PvPvE RP Server- To join Server, please join Facebook Page and post your Gamertag, In Game Character Name and Backstory on Character _________________________________________ Rules- +1. NO TROLLING/NO INSIDING +2. If the stat is not shown below, it is at Official Levels and Multipliers +3a. No Wiping is allowed. This is to keep the population on the server alive and well and not cause people to leave. +3b. If you raiding or participating in a war, (There is a difference) take what you need to take and leave. Unnecessary breaking of structures is against the rules and penalties will be enforced. +4. Difference between Raiding & War: 💢Raiding: Small Scale attacks that your tribe initiates where you break into another Tribe’s property to steal resources ⭕️: -Breaking Doors, Walls, etc. to access resources, BP’s, etc. ❌: -Can’t kill passive tames -(If you want to kill passive tames and break into safes, you must initiate a War) 💢War: Large Scale Attacks between 2 or more tribes that begin because of disputes between Unwarranted Violence, Land and Property Lines, etc. (Main Purpose of War but it doesn’t haven’t to be is to take over Kingdoms. How to take over Kingdoms is explained in rule #5) ⭕️: -Can kill all tames of Opposing Tribes -Can break into structures that contain resources to steal them. ❌: Can’t wipe kingdoms +5. How to take over Kingdoms: Taking over a Kingdom means that you become the new King/Queen in that respective Kingdom. You must complete 2 of the 3 Objectives +5a. You must Take the Given Note with the code on it to the Specified Location as determined by the Admins(Required) +5b. You must Capture the King or Queen and take their Living Body/ Dead Body/ Speciman Implant to the Specified Location as determined by the Admins (Optional) +5c. You must take all of the Artifacts located in the Kingdom within 12 hours and take them to the Specified Location as determined by the Admins. +6. How to start a Kingdom: Starting a Kingdom means that 5 or more people come together to control a piece of land and are given ___ Behemoth Gates, can claim an Apex Animal, and a King/Queen controls everything from the Rules the Economy to the Delegation of Jobs. +6a. Must have 5+ people in your Kingdom(Will become 10 when the server gets bigger) +6b. Must have: 1 Throne Room 1 Store 1 Hotel Houses for the original tribe members 1 Animal Pen/Garage +7. You may apply for Kingdomship once a week and you get 24 hours of Protection to fully reach the necessary requirements to become a Kingdom. To apply you must have: 5+ people 1 Store 1 Hotel Land Claiming Markers 10 Behemoth Gates +8. The Wastelands, which is any area that isn’t occupied by a Kingdom, is a complete PvP area +9. The Community Kingdom will contain a: Store: Will contain Limited Time items and Blueprints Bank: Place to store important items for a cost depending on rarity and quality of item +10. If a player or group of players collectively turn in a player’s Speciman Implant 10 Times, that player will be forced to start over from level 1. +10a. When turning in Speciman Implants for high ranking players in a Kingdom, you will be paid: King/Queen- _____ 2nd in Command- _____ +11. To be a PvE player/tribe, you must put “PvE” in your character and tribe name and can only switch between PvE and PvP every 2 weeks. No player/tribe with the “PvE” tag can be attacked or attack anyone under any circumstance. +12. Any chat in game must take place in the realm of Roleplaying, which means conversation that doesn’t pertain to any subject outside of the story is prohibited. +13. NO META-GAMING: Gaining Information on a Character and their Location via Streaming and other outside sources is Prohibited +14. MUST JOIN FACEBOOK PAGE AND/OR DISCORD SERVER +15. BLACK PEARLS IS THE CURRENCY +16. First Few Weeks will be an experimental phase. Stats and Rules are liable to change _________________________________________ _________________________________________ General Difficulty Level- 0.1x XP Multiplier- 2x Harvest Amount- 8x Player Water/Food/Stam Drain- 0.5x Dino Food/Stam Drain- 0.5x Max Players In Tribe- 6 _______________________________________ Taming Taming Speed- 3x _______________________________________ Crops Crop Growth Speed- 2.5x Crop Decay Speed- 2x _______________________________________ Spoil/Decomposition Spoil Time- 2x Item Decomposition- 2x Corpse Decomposition- 2x _______________________________________ Breeding Egg Hatch Speed- 20x Baby Mature Speed- 20x Baby Food Consumption- 0.5x Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier- 0.2x Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier- 3x Baby Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality SM- 0.5x _______________________________________ Player Stats Health- 2x (20) Stamina- 2.5x (25) Oxygen- 1.25x (25) Food- 5x (50) Water- 5x (50) Weight- 10x (100) Damage- 2x (10) Speed- 5x (7.5) Fortitude- 2.5x (2) _______________________________________ Tamed Dino Stats Weight- 5x _______________________________________ Misc. Increase Platform Structure Limit- 3x __________________________________________________________________________________ Random Information: 1. First 10-15 people on the Server gets a starter pack when they first get on the server and when they make/join a Kingdom 2. Donations always help with keeping the server up and running and with the help of donations from members of the server, I can increase the quality of the server and the amount of people that can be on the server😁 3. People who donate will get in game perks and resources and animals depending on the amount that was donated.
  8. No sound in split screen Xbox one X

    Hello, I play ark in solo on Xbox One X. When I play in solo I have no problems but most of the times, I play in split screen whith my girlfriend and on Aberration we encoutered a rather annoying bug. In fact, when we play in split screen, most of the times, we have no sound when we use items. For exemple, we have no sound when we use the hatchet, the stone/metal pick, when we jump etc. but we have at least a minimum of sound (like the river's sound). When there is the earthquake, sound cuts every two seconds and whe don't hear where the ressources fall and this since the update 768.5 So it's more difficult to find them. I think there is a bond with the location. I built my home at "The Fallen Nexus" near the lake and here, we have the majority of the sound but when we go a little further we have no sound. So, we prefer to wait the future update to play it. Sorry for my bad english I'm French. Thanks.
  9. Game Master Internship

    Today I would like to make a suggestion to the developers at Studio Wildcard. Every day in Ark: Survival Evolved on all platforms, there are many bugs and a few glitches still waiting to be patched, as well as new ones which are discovered with the release of new updates. These negative occurrences lead many users to submit tickets to Studio Wildcard on a daily basis. These tickets usually take a while to get a response, which I assume is due to the number of tickets submitted every day. I personally believe that an intern program of sorts should be started, few game companies take this approach to help solve problems, however I believe it to be somewhat effective. Basically, I believe that regular players should be able to apply as a GM intern to help Game Masters solve tickets, there should be a high standard, and certain criteria should be met. In the process of approving or denying the request, how many times a user has been reported, their game logs, and other information easily available to Studio Wildcard should be checked. I do not believe that these interns should have all of the power that a GM has, due to admin abuse always being a factor. I think that there are a lot of fair and trustworthy players who would be happy to dedicate their time to helping other players solve issues they are having on Ark: Survival Evolved. Not to mention the fact that when Ark: Survival Evolved players lose primarily but not only their tames due to bugs, many of them lose interest in the game for a few days, weeks, months, maybe a year, or permanently. Tickets usually take a few days to get a reply, by incorporating this program, tickets would take less time to solve and keep players happy for a longer period of time. Losing these maybe small and insignificant amount of players every now and then may not seem like a lot, Studio Wildcard probably has the statistics. Though, the loss does add up, at least costing the company some revenue and ratings. Some would say that a better solution would be for them to hire more Game Master's to answer tickets, though, then those employees would have to be paid. The best solution in my opinion would be this program, it will provide Studio Wildcard with more "customer support" to reply to tickets in a swift manner, therefore keeping players happier, saving revenue, teaching players the ways of game development and management, and not having to pay another hired employee. If something like this were to be implemented, I believe that these "interns" should just be basic in-game roaming admins with limited commands, possibly as simple as just being able to teleport a tribe dinosaur that glitched through the map if they are given approval via an in game tribe setting from the specified tribe. (This way none of the "interns" can abuse this command.) I also believe that the "interns" in this scenario should be required to record the teleportation and capture specific information in the video such as the tribe name and the personal owner of the tame. I believe that any tickets they solve should be able to be reviewed with the video clip by a real Studio Wildcard Game Master just as a precaution. I do not believe that there should be many of these "interns", possibly one per server, maybe just a hand full for each map, game type (PVP/PVE), and game mode (regular / primitive plus). If the interns do a good enough job and prove trustworthy, I believe they should receive access to more commands, although, I believe as I stated above that there should be certain limitations on these commands to prevent them from being abused. These commands should only be essential to help solving tickets, not for the "interns" to cheat. If there are restrictions on the commands, video proof is required when solving a ticket, each command is logged, and an Ark: Survival Evolved Game Master can view the solved tickets, I see no real reason why this would be negative for Studio Wildcard. There would be no real way for them to abuse, aside from them using teleport on their own dinosaurs to be lazy, although, the video proof and the command log would be a dead giveaway and they would lose the "internship" including any and all commands as well as their in-game intern symbol when typing. I also think that if this should be implemented, Studio Wildcard should keep more in touch with their "interns" ("Boots on the ground.") and teach / train them about the game, possibly leading them to become real Studio Wildcard employees. I appreciate in advance any support this forum gets, many will give this negative criticism no matter how good or bad of an idea this is, for all of those who support it, thank you for being optimistic. Without creativity, optimism, and motivation, there would be no change in the world, or in this case, Ark: Survival Evolved. Sincerely, L75LKronosL75L @ Xbox One
  10. Anyone else having an issue where every time you stop and restart the ark server running on windows 10, that the admins have to be re-added every time? This is for the play anywhere version of ark running on pc as a server and users connecting with xbox one. Thanks
  11. Dear Survivors, *New Ragnarok Nitrado Dedicated Server 24/7 PVP/PVE Hybrid* Cross Play Enabled! Limited Invites. 3XP/ 3X Tame/ 3X Harvest | 30x Breeding/Hatching/Maturating Starter pack provided ( Griffin, Survival tools, taming tools, armor, etc.) Choose Join Ark> Unofficial PC Sessions> Select Ragnarok PVP> Filter Search "DediArk247" Even though its PVP, Offline raiding is not permitted. If you wish to raid a tribe, you must request for permission from that tribe. Our goal is to keep the server as a PVP/PVE Hybrid, allowing you to tame/build, along with limited raiding options. If you are tired of getting raided on official servers and looking for a place to build up and have a peaceful environment, you are encouraged to join. This server was initially hosted under Xbox and is migrated to Nitrado. No Trolls, No Admin Abuse. Immediate Ban for breaking any rules. Thanks for Reading! DediArk247
  12. Crash after Ark Survival update

    Um not sure what happened. I got on then 2 - 3 minutes later it closes then this pops up
  13. A Xbox Roleplay server with its primary focus being the relationships between each kingdom. Every kingdom is player made and requires a government and community and they may claim a reasonable chunk of land. * Kingdoms may declare war on other kingdoms, trade, engage in diplomacy, tax citizens, form a military, and build up their nation. * Players can still role play in the traditional sense by building houses and taverns or running a business. Because there is no strict storyline, players can decide their own backstory as long as it’s realistic. * Ragnorok Only pvp allowed is when kingdoms declare war Vanilla 5x harvesting 20x taming 5x XP gain No flyers (pteranodon saddle is disabled so you am tame it for imprinting kibble) High structure resistance and high turret damage (to make wars costly and not just some easy raid) Join this discord link to be accepted into the interview discord - https://discord.gg/AqXJwQK
  14. Karkinos on the ground

      Help me!!   help me!Chalkinos buried in the ground! Does it manage?
  15. My personal opinion on reasons why most Ark players die. #1 - Server crashes, lag, & glitches brought to you by Studio Wildcard #2 - Dinos #3 - Turrets/other Players #4 - Fall Damage #5 - Environmental Elements (Cold/Heat/Drowning) #6 - Starving/Thirst #7 - Killing self on purpose (eating poop, punching to death) #8 - Pissing off the wrong dodo...
  16. gotta say i love this game

    i have to say out of all the time i've been playing this game since early access days. I've loved it. i really have. there's been a lot of up and downs from time to time sure. but most games do have those. and i'm sure the development team has learned something from all this. maybe on how to improve things from here on out. its been nice to just kick back and play single player all this time. yes i don't play online. i don't play on servers. NO i don't get "bored" of it. maybe because i'm a huge dinosaur fan. always have been growing up. and that's why i have to say. i think a lot of people have forgotten what the core game is really about. i see so many people playing on youtube. i watch so many play and when i do, most of them are focused on the non dino aspects of the game. the pvp parts, towers, turrets, fighting eachother, literally using mods to make it into a freaking call of duty type game. or battle royale. and it kinda saddens me. i don't watch those people at all because to me that's literally like watching a shooter game. now a lot of the people i watch on youtube focus on the breeding of the dinos. the creatures. or building in the game. or exploring beautiful areas. and that to me is really what this game is about. being in a world filled with awesome creatures, exploring caves, and finding treasure or notes. basically i think alot of people have gotten sidetracked with all the pretty features and stuff. and stopped seeing the fact we are literally playing a dinosaur game. that's what this core game is about. and i think pvp has really really sidetracked a lot of people from seeing that. not those who just play with their friends like co-op but those who literally fight tribe wars and go all out crazy with weapons and cheats. exploiting the system. or just fighting with everyone. killing people left and right. i mean sure yeah the game has those features. but at the core. this is an adventure game and exploration game about DINOSAURS! were here to find out what happened to humanity. why things went wrong. what these creatures do. how they adapt. how to care for them. how to make our species evolve or survive. anyhow that's just my opinion take it or leave it. now here's also my opinions on things improved for all games DodoRex or other creatures like skeletal versions added into single player on all consoles. to up the difficulty and keep everyone the same. even if the skeleton versions are only in the volcanic areas because they got scorched. or spooky reasons either way. fix any crashes and make sure the fixes work before releasing fixes so they don't cause more crashes for others keep all updates very close together as possible even if you have to hold them for a another week. make sure everyone is on the same update. and make sure it works before you release it. especially on consoles keep those as close as possible. fix all other bugs in the main game before releasing more paid content because lord knows we don't want anyone having even more crashes or else complaints all in all i love playing this game. so good work guys. just learn from your mistakes. but keep working hard. i certain enjoy it alot! have a good day everyone.
  17. Ddos using Linux

    Currently many servers are being held under ddos through various means , but the most common tactic that can be seen and heard through discords etc is the use of Kali Linux and a stressor program hping3/metasploit/etc and a spoofed ip. I would wager it's the cause of 60% of ddos attacks on these servers. isnt cloud flare supposed to mitigate these type of attacks ? And my second question ; are the newer servers more resistant to these kinds of attacks ? It seems many of the newer servers are a lot more defended against this but I may be wrong
  18. Like the Tek gear in the game, I think it would be a nice idea to be able to turn on or off fabricated equipment like the gas mask, night vision googles and scuba tank so you could wear them on your character without them draining durability so they don't have to be repaired every 15 minutes. It would enable players to wear them as cosmetics if they want to make their character look cool earlier game then having to wait for tek gear.
  19. Anyone else experiencing this on PC? I am using the Ultimate Spyglass (spyglass + magnifying glass combo) and apparently it hates menus when you have it equipped. Everytime I have the spyglass in my hand (zoomed or unzoomed, doesnt matter) and you open a menu ('Esc' menu or the pop up menu on a brand new tame appears) my cursor disappears and I can't click on anything! It won't let me move my character or close any of the menus either afterward, and its not like you can move the 'invisible' cursor around and trick shot the continue button, its just gone. This causes me to always force close Ark and open it again...another glitch to add to the already long list of glitches that can get you killed. Anyone else getting this issue as well?
  20. We have 17 slots open on our new pve server. Map is Ragnarok and rates are boosted. For entry, message IlI Spawn IlI or Poonch81 for password. Please be respectful, no griefing, no stealing ect... You know how to be decent. Hope to hear fro. You soon!!
  21. New Xbox Ark Server (Fresh Start 1/1/2018). Cross Ark with Boosted Stats between Aberration and Ragnarok. Server is designed for people who are tired of official rates, but not super high to the point where you run out of things to do after the first week of playing. Owner of the rental servers takes requests for changes, as well as events that will go on throughout a few months. Server will constantly be extended with a longer time frame as long as people want to keep playing! As well as extensions to the amount of people that each server can hold. Server Stats: 10x XP 10x Taming 20x Raising 7x Gather Switch your server filter to PC Unofficial Hosted Servers, and search for ArkDynasty Hope everyone can enjoy the servers, there is an ongoing vote on the next map anyone would like to be added to the cross ark Enjoy!
  22. Arkonauts Ark is a dedicated boosted PVP server on Xbox One and we are looking for new members to join in on the fun. We have tons of space left to grow! Add the gamer-tag to the server for easy access. We are currently playing on Ragnarok and have no intention in changing over anytime soon. If you cannot join via the Gamertag.. there are several constant players who you can join the game through (Zakkeryy, Titan Fin, Azxrk). ______________________________________________ Gamertag: Arkonauts Ark ______________________________________________ Rules: - Chat **** get banged - don’t join the server giving it the big time and not expect others to raid you.. it is pvp after all! -Help each other out when you can. We are a community and it's nice to see everyone work together when wars aren't breaking out. -Try to keep rich resource zones free from buildings -Give other tribes enough space to grow. Don't claim areas right next to other tribes unless your working together. - Trash talking is allowed -If there's a problem you can't solve message the server or reach out to an admin. -Admins are strictly not allowed to use cheats unless permitted otherwise. Do not ask for items. It won't happen. We believe in fair play and the admins know that. The boosted stats are fantastic, cutting breeding and taming times with greatly increased weight, stamina, speed etc.. harvesting is also greatly improved
  23. Character Creation

    A better character creation system like this in picture for example attached. I hope we would get a better way to use our character's size or height to and advantage or disadvantage cause whenever i make a tall character i wanna be able to look down on my teammates if their shorter then me. Also i wish the characters didnt look like they were oiled up all the time cause its very very weird. And thats my suggestion for the ark team. Thank you.
  24. metal cave "ghosting through rocks"

    in the metal caves leading to the surface zones, there are rocks that simply cannot be hit, and i and my ankylo can walk through them, will this be fixed or will it be another broken thing that wildcard sweep under the ever expanding rug?
  25. Paintable Shag Rug is not paintable

    I crafted the new Shag Rug and right in the description it says paintable, but it is not. I tried applying color dye from the menu like you would with gear. I tried using the paint brush and the paint sprayer as well. Nothing has worked. I believe this is a bug. If not, could someone provide instructions on how to change the color of the rug. Thanks.