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Found 602 results

  1. charliebeast1900

    Whats yalls favorite armor

    So whats yalls favorite armor in the game Mine is ghillie because it is cool like keeps you not hot easy to hide from big tribes because i a m small so whats yalls
  2. LeonJackson

    YouTuber uploading beta videos

    Hello , First of amazing job on daily video updates I love them. Now won't take your time and getting straight to the point. There is a YouTuber who is uploading ARK mobile videos from beta testing his name is "Adeh" And link for one of his videos - i don't know what's the policy for beta but he is messing up the daily video thing you guys have been doing. Warm Regards, LeonJackson
  3. Before I get into the issue, here is my setup: Dedicated Server OS: CentOS 7 RAM: 8G CPU: 4 virtual CPUs Virtualization: XenServer I have followed the directions in setting up my ARK dedicated server. I have been able to run Ragnarok very easily since I got it configured properly. I am a Systems Engineer by trade so this was trivial. However, what is not so easy is administration of mods. Here is a what my ExecStart systemd startup configuration looks like: ExecStart=/home/steam/servers/ark/ragnarok/ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux/ShooterGameServer Ragnarok?listen?Port=7777?QueryPort=27015?RCONPort=27020?SessionName=<NAME>?ServerPassword=<PW>?ServerAdminPassword=<PW>?MaxPlayers=25 -automanagedmods -nosteamclient -server -log As you can see, i've added the "-automanagedmods" flag so that it will download the latest mods right? Now I have these lines in Game.ini [ModInstaller] ModIDS=761535755 ModIDS=731604991 ModIDS=693416678 ModIDS=543859212 ModIDS=600669373 ModIDS=538827119 ModIDS=924933745 Finally, I have this in my GameServerSettings.ini ActiveMods=761535755,731604991,693416678,543859212,600669373,538827119,924933745 So far, this seems to properly download the required mods into my content folder: [[email protected] 346110]# pwd /home/steam/Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/346110 [[email protected] 346110]# ls -l total 0 drwxr-xr-x. 4 steam steam 105 Apr 13 12:22 538827119 drwxr-xr-x. 4 steam steam 105 Apr 13 12:22 543859212 drwxr-xr-x. 4 steam steam 105 Apr 13 12:22 600669373 drwxr-xr-x. 4 steam steam 105 Apr 13 12:22 693416678 drwxr-xr-x. 4 steam steam 105 Apr 13 12:21 731604991 drwxr-xr-x. 4 steam steam 105 Apr 13 12:21 761535755 drwxr-xr-x. 4 steam steam 105 Apr 13 12:22 924933745 However, when I try to login with my Windows machine, I get the "Mod Version Mismatch" screen. I have followed tutorials online to delete all Mods on my Windows machine, hoping that it will re-download the mods from my dedicated server. I still get this error each time. I'm wondering if my server is not permitting download of mods? A lot of what I've read states that the server is "behind" on a mod or two that my PC is ahead on. This really doesn't make sense considering I've had mods installed a long time on my PC and I stood up this server today. I've tried deleting the mods folder both on my server and PC and they populate on both, but still getting mismatch. The most frustrating part as a SysAdmin is a lack of logging. For instance, on a typical server if you have a dependency issue it will usually explicitly log "which" plugin is out of date. I suppose this may be logged on my PC but I don't know where to find it. Does anyone have any pointers? Thanks!
  4. ....Welcome to Solum RP.... Join our Facebook page and send a message to join us. (For all rules and graphics head to the 'Google Drive') YouTube trailer Links below: https://www.facebook.com/SolumRP/ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZBfYep1flgB3VC-VGaRhLfjF0Q6OgoWX
  5. SpeedOfThePhantom

    Be the dino mode

    Remember that be the dino trailer that Ark released like 3 years ago? Anybody remember that? Good. If not, go watch it on their Youtube channel. Is that still being worked on? Or does anybody think this might be the next DLC? I mean, it's possible, and i have wanted this since launch.
  6. Chloop

    PS4 split-screen

    So I really hope there is some way to turn this off, but when I am playing split-screen with someone on the same tv & ps4. There is a limit to the range of distance the other player can be to me. It is quite annoying and I am hoping there is a way to turn it off. Thank You!
  7. MonsieurPanda

    [Photoshop] How to make Paint for ARK

    Hello, I'd like to give you some Photoshop files that will help you to convert colors from a picture to ARK dyes colors. I made template forf SingleFlag, Flag, BillBoard and Sign. All colors are in SingleFlag file. I will appreciate feedback ! Thanks ! Download Link
  8. Avijarel

    ARK RCON tool ACCIon

    I have a while looking for a RCON tool which manages multiple servers at the same time. Unfortunately I have not found one. That is why I wrote one by myself. And in case someone have same problem, I want to share it. ARK RCON tool ACCIon have the following function ARK RCON tool ACCIon ACCIon is a RCON tool for the administration of gameserver with RCON support. It's been developed for ARK: Survival Evolved, but was testet with Dark and Light. Functions Add up to 15 different servers for administration Get all the chatlogs from the server including timestamps, Steam name and ingame name of players Filter for specific types or groups of the chat Send ingame message, either to specific player or global Set different color for each server, for better readability Divide your servers into groups (e.g. game specific, PvE vs PvP) Show online players Mark new (unseen) players for seven days Send commands to all servers, groups or specific servers Commands can be delayed and repeated Delayed commands are shown in a query Commands can be set to a specific execution via the "auto" function Can be repeated daily Warnings can be set for auto commands (via broadcast message) with custom text. #time is available as a placeholder for the time left until execution Logs(Chat) are saved to log directory Download the last version here: ACCIon Let me know what you are missing or how you like it.
  9. many creatures already tamed in the ark, how to solve?
  10. So i know its ark but still half the time on xbox ark you always get passives killed even dodo and yes i understand there could be stuff in them. But i see pc game play and there so nice is it because xbox players are mostly kids and yes i am a kid i will be getting a pc in the next month if your looking for friends
  11. So my friend and I have a non dedicated session on Xbox where we both are level 100, huge base, Dino’s , whole 9 yards, Through all this we delt with the host bubble/tether but we are kind of fed up with it, but now I have 2 Xbox’s so I want to run a dedicated session with one of them and play on the other, is there anyway I can change the non dedicated to dedicated and keep all my progress? But I would have to use a Seperate account right to play so I would lose my level anyway right ? And to play I would need a whole other account + Buy ark and Xbox membership too ? Just a thought, any suggestions help, thanks a lot. Cheers
  12. Welcome to the #1 PS4 server in Ark as voted by our members WE HAVE JUST STARTED SEASON 2.5 of our Private Server so it is a fantastic time for any players looking for a new Private server to jump on and start fresh with the rest of the server! Could you and your tribe be the next Alpha tribe on SevenSons? ** Join us on Discord for more info ** What makes our server special? Modded Drops - Drops are modded to make them worth chasing down! But be careful as you will often find yourself fighting for whats inside! White drops = Starter Base Green drops = Epic Saddles Blue Drops = Epic Materials Purple Drops = Epic Weapons Yellow Drops = Epic Armor Red Drops = Lucky Dip & High quality drops Modded Dino Spawns - We have modded dino spawns in the cluster to include Ragnarok Desert - Basilisks, Roll Rats Ragnarok Canyons - Ravagers Centre Lava Island - Karkinos Island Redwoods - Glow pets Underwater Caves - Lampreys Island Swamp - Seekers NO WEIGHT WORRIES - With 8x more weight on both characters and dinos making picking, farming and looting much more immersive! SevenSons Shop & Currency - We have currency in the game which you can spend in our shop for items, dinos and much much more! Bank World - That's right, we have a bank world with no building, no structure damage and no PVP to allow you to safely store Dino breed lines in the event of a wipe! ** Join us on Discord for more info ** I want to join! Start ARK on your PS4 and click "Join " Set your filter to " Unofficial PC Servers " Search for " SevenSons " in the Search bar 5 Cross-Ark servers will appear , pick the one of your choice and join Session -=SevenSons=- Battlegrounds The Island -=SevenSons=- Battlegrounds The Center -=SevenSons=- Bank World -=SevenSons=- Battlegrounds Ragnarok
  13. Brand new server as of 4/1. Dino weight and stam boosted Player stats moderately boosted The costs of certain resources like polymer and cp have been changed. No trolling, spamming, or undermapping. No building in caves or on obelisks. Build up and have fun ! Contact HI_IM_BOB_2010 or ShoGun540 on psn if you have questions.
  14. TheLostKingdoms [RP] Server This roleplay server is brand new and is looking for new Kingdoms to be created. You and your kingdom can fight other kingdoms for more land or even items, or you can allie with a bigger kingdom so you and your allie can conquer Ragnarok together! But can you trust them? We also have admins that are willing to help you with any report or complaints about the server. This server is in Primitive+ but is still very fun and original. Join Today by adding Wolfpack2437 on Playstation 4. Be sure to message him and letting him know.
  15. basiliskfighter

    youtube ark on youtube

    I wonder if it is allowed to place videos of ark on youtube because I probely want to make a youtube channal with ark.
  16. LeviathiansPlague

    Leviathans Ark Open

    Leviathans ark server is open to anyone looking for a good server to play on. The only rules are no killing new or unarmed players and no cheating of any kind. If there are any issues contact SteelParagon23 he is the server owner and will assist you
  17. RTLParaDise

    UntamedARK Server

    Join UntamedARK! We have a shop and host events. Fresh as of 4/2/18. New PVP server looking for players to play and enjoy our server. We have 25 stone pickups with many more boosted stats. Our wild dino levels cap at 500 so have fun taming those dinos. Purchase dinos for red gems found in ice cave loot and treasure chest or even use your gems to paint your dinos. Join now for the Untamed Experience! Host GT: Young Metro7680 Admins GT: RTL ParaDise and Pixel Money.
  18. Whitemoss

    Easter Wyverns?

    Title basically says it all: Can we hatch special colored Wyverns during the Easter event?
  19. Listen, I already expect the " Just go play offline if you don't like how Official ark is" stuff, but I'm doing it anyway! I would love some genuine feedback on a way to implement my suggestion, or ways to improve it, and how likely any of it happening is. We need some kind of material that can be used to create TEMPORARY STRUCTURES in all maps. This way we will be able to trap dinos, without being hindered by the presence of other player's bases. Anyway, If it possible, I've thought of a few ways to counter predicted trolling of this temporary structure idea. - The structure lasts like 2-3 hours maybe? Enough time to get a dino into it, tranq them, and not care if the trap disappears. - Unable to be placed directly on other player's foundations, ceilings, or too close to their gates (So they can still open their doors). - The temporary structure DOES NOT PREVENT PEOPLE FROM BUILDING NEARBY like a permanent structure. This way, if your trap is near a base, you don't affect those people at all. Also, in the very least, do this for PVE only? If it somehow affects PVP. I don't see it hurting PVE at all. On a side note, how lame is it to not be able to place a tent in SE during a heat/sand storm because the tent is counted as an enemy foundation and can't be placed near bases? c-c.... Ark has many aspects like this that pretty much encourage you to play AWAY from people, or on less crowded servers, or offline, etc. I'm just trying to alleviate some of that nuisance.
  20. There is a massive number of unclaimed bred dinosaurs in my ark server. Somewhere in the region of 1000 dinos in this one spot. The issue has its root in bred dinosaurs being born on wandering. This is like the 4th time this has happened, but other times I could enter the area without my game freezing or crashing.
  21. AsylumX

    Easter Bunny Dodos

    Hello due to the event I cannot tame a dodo and I really need to tame them for kibble this is really going to stop my tribe from progressing I am wondering if you would add a mix of bunny and normal dodos and oviraptors Thanks for reading
  22. Hi to everyone, The game don't give me the archivements on the ps4. Is it common?
  23. Hello, I have a bug report regarding the Nedry Glasses item skin. When equipped, the glasses show your helmet and hair. Obviously, this looks extremely messed up and strange, and has ruined one of my favorite item skins. When wearing a flak helmet, it is nigh impossible to get over how weird it looks. I hope this is a bug, and that we can go back to the item hiding the helmet. Thanks for reading, and I hope if you are in a position of power at Wildcard that you help to get this potential error out of the game.
  24. MoonlitPhoenix

    Dedicated Server

    So I bought Ark and I want to a dedicated server for myself and a friend. I have two high powered Pc's (one for playing the game one for running the server). However, I am finding it hard to find an up - to date run through on how to set up a dedicated server WITHOUT having to use two separate Ark accounts. If anyone knows how to run a dedicated server on a separate Pc without using two accounts, please could you give me the instructions on how to do it? - Thanks
  25. I am running a Nitrado hosted server for ark. I have enabled downloads so that players can travel from Ragnarok to Aberration. The issue I am having is that a player can travel to aberration, but when they try to travel back to ragnarok, their character vanishes and they have to make a new character. I have allow foreign dino download enabled, I do not have any downloads disabled, but when I look into the start menu it says "ark data download disabled". Could someone help me out with this?