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  1. Solution for working setup here > #comment-1802925 #################################################### Cluster working via "Transmit ARK Data" but not "Travel to another ARK" Hey all, Problem : See attachment, Brief explanation: I can transfer ARK survivors/items/dinosaur between the servers I've setup. just the button on the top right doesn't work and shows "No sessions found..." Machine Setup, 1 machine on a local lan segment with Win10, I7-950, 24GB mem, 128GB SSD for running the 2 cluster servers 1 machine on a local lan segment with Win10, I7-6800K, 32GB mem, GTX1080 for running the ARK client. Steam install+update (steamcmd.bat) @echo off steamcmd.exe +login anonymous PASS +force_install_dir "C:\Steam\ARK" +app_update 376030 validate +quit Server1 setup "ClusterCookie-TheCenter" @echo off C:\Steam\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous PASS +force_install_dir "C:\Steam\ARK" +app_update 376030 +quit start C:\Steam\ark\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGameServer.exe "TheCenter?listen?SessionName=ClusterCookie-TheCenter?ServerPassword=REMOVED?ServerAdminPassword=REMOVED?AltSaveDirectoryName=TheCenter?Port=7777?QueryPort=27015?RCONPort=27020?MaxPlayers=127 -NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=REMOVED -automanagedmods" exit Server2 setup "ClusterCookie-TheIsland" @echo off C:\Steam\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous PASS +force_install_dir "C:\Steam\ARK" +app_update 376030 +quit start C:\Steam\ark\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGameServer.exe "TheIsland?listen?SessionName=ClusterCookie-TheIsland?ServerPassword=REMOVED?ServerAdminPassword=REMOVED?AltSaveDirectoryName=TheIsland?Port=7779?QueryPort=27017?RCONPort=27021?MaxPlayers=127 -NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=REMOVED -automanagedmods" exit GameUserSettings.ini (showing only lines i've added, rest is default) [ServerSettings] ... PreventDownloadSurvivors=False PreventDownloadItems=False PreventDownloadDinos=False PreventUploadSurvivors=False PreventUploadItems=False PreventUploadDinos=False noTributeDownloads=false ... Firewall config, Inbound: UDP: 7777, 7778, 7779, 7780, 27015, 27017 Inbound: TCP: 27020, 27021 Based on other topics : Added Shootergame.exe as allowed application as well Is it something i'm missing?
  2. Jomo2210

    Boss fight questions.

    Hi all. I know this has been addressed again and again and again, but I can never really find a true answer due to latest updates and the fact that most posts are over a year old. The topic at hand is this, are the boss fights now doable within reason on official. I have the normal 18 rex, 1 yuty, 1 piggy. Rex stats: (all of them) 30k hp. 600+ melee. 75 armor imprint: 81% I feel like this is enough for most boss fights. But I gotta admit I’ve been too chicken to go in and lose everything. I know the dragon is super op, but latest tlc patch said fire impact damage was reduced by 50%. I mean you still lose 20% health regardless to the burn damage. But does that really make a difference? TLDR: Based on stats Is this enough for: alpha brood? alpha ape? alpha dragon? Thank you for any help
  3. SnakeEyes212121

    Dino Stat Reset

    I need some help. We are running a server on the Island with Aberration, Scorched, and Ragnarok creatures. When server resets the dino stats reset (even ones that no level ups have been used) Is there something in my settings that I am not seeing? Please advise
  4. After a while of using the tek teleporter over time the teleporter will start crashing the game every time you use it this is painful and really needs to be fixed
  5. So, as many of you will know there are ark sponsored mods, There's a whole section of this website on it in fact! But not as many of you will know that they were rumored to be coming to PS4 as well as steam. They have already been released on steam, but if like many of us, you're a PS4 player, you'll know that sponsored mods haven't been released for us, and there seems to be no sign of them in any way. Before we get started, if you're still waiting for ark Primal Survival, in which you can play as a dinosaur, then click Here! It's my forum on that topic, anyway, Sponsored Mods, they are already on Steam as I've said, if you'd like to see that click Here. We obviously want that to come over to the console side of ark with XB1 and PS4 ! So let's see what we can find to support whether or not we can expect them on consoles in the near or far future ! There is this article This still doesn't mention anything about them coming to consoles in any depth or AT ALL. But it still has been rumored that they CAN Be Expected for console players It would be Great AMAZING for mods to be introduced to PS4 ark players, but there IS a more recent article on the topic which I have seen, thsi just includes a list of all of the current ark sponsored mods which are available on steam Right Now ! So if you want to subscribe to those on steam, you can HERE. It's a great program that we can only wish for to come to PS4 and XB1. I have also found out through research that the fantastic maps, The Center and Ragnarok were both originally mods, you as well as I may have already knew about The Center being a mod that was integrated into the game, but so is Ragnarok ?! This shocked me as I just ever suspected that. But also I've read that Structures Plus is going to be integrated into the core game in the same way! As are some of the following! NPC Bush People by Swords Scorched Earth Decor, RP Decor, eco In Wonderland, and ecoTrees by eco Ragnarok by Excited Kangaroo Structures Plus, Platforms Anywhere, Platforms Plus by orionsun Steampunk Mod by iSpeZz Roraima by Jeff Castles, Keeps, and Forts Architecture by enc | ExileAcid Survival Plus by Tao Ark Moon Survival by DavidBC Shigo Islands by Exilog Madagascar Evolved by Hey my team rules! Thieves Island and Skies of Nazca by Tkat5200 MRRadTools.Inc by MRRadioactiv Ark Postal Service and Offline Raid Protection by jslay Advanced Admin Command Menu by Woeful Macabre So what does this mean for us console players ?! it means that the sponsored mods We've all been waiting for are ACTUALLY already being integrated into the game, with those that have already been released ( Ragnarok and The Center) So we just have to be patient and wait for the new mods, apparently Structures plus is becoming part of the core game, which is something amazing to get, if you don't know what structures plus is, Here is one of my favourite features https://ibb.co/ivdEfw (Image) Here's Another GREAT Feature! https://ibb.co/kas70w One more Astounding feature is this, https://ibb.co/mmxwtG One more feature I'm going to include is https://ibb.co/gsRpDG There are LOTS MORE, So you can Amaze yourself V If you'd like to browse the screenshots yourself, CLICK HERE A video on youtube I've watched is quite helpful which you may find helpful, rather than reading it here, they ARE a feature that's coming to consoles it seems, but you can watch the video HERE! If you want to get even more news on the topic, thanks for reading this, and have a good day!
  6. Panatheous

    Why do you play Ark?

    Since I've joined this forum I have noticed quite a lot of the community is upset with how things are going. I want to know, "What brings you to play Ark?". I am sure that this thread will be met with negativity, but discussion brings understanding and understanding brings change. Do you play because you want the most massive dinosaur horde ever!? Do you play to own the oceans and tame the terrifying Tuso? Do you enjoy breeding Jerboas because they are so cute it hurts? Let's talk about why you play Ark!
  7. NestTheropod


  8. When I started my nitrado server i wanted the engrams to auto unlock and so now ill be telling you how to make this happen on your nitrado server for xbox,pc or ps4 servers. So first if you want engrams to auto unlock make sure that you are under general then turn on expert settings and save changes now under the settings tab there should be a tab called expert settings you click that now there should be a slide box that says gameusersettings.ini change that to game.ini now scroll all the way down till to the bottom click at the ned of the last setting there and hit enter and type bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=true this will allow you to unlock every engram at your level when leveling up but if you spam something into like stamina the screen will be filled with the learning of the engrams also when you reach level 100 or higher you will unlock all the tea engrams i do not know how to fix this but if you use this be aware of that. Also make sure your server was stopped when you changed the settings in the game.ini and if your server is stopped there will be an option to save changes. This is all you need to know if you want to make your engrams to auto unlock in your server. Let me know if this was helpful and bye.
  9. Last night I was playing on my island server rented from Nitrado, and whilst riding my trike I came across a dilo and two snakes, I thought hey no problem my trike can kill them. But, when I pressed right trigger to attack, my dino did nothing.. I thought DILO, ok glitch, so I dis mounted and ordered it to attack target, which instead of attack it just got super close and followed it around. Eventually I had to remount and run away to save my trikes life. Once safe, I re-logged and things were back to normal. Later on... I was riding my trike to a supply drop, and encounter 3 pegostymax(the little thief bastards), and 4 dilos. I was like yeah! murder time! But once again, my trike was unable to attack anything, I dismounted again hoping it would defend itself. It did not. It was killed very quickly being defenseless and I was forced to retreat so I didn't die. I've not a clue whats happening here. I have about 800 hours on the steam version and am a very recent transplant to the Xbox one. I don't know if its something I can fix, or if its something that has to be fixed by Nitrado, or by the devs. But it was quite frustrating, I've never seen this issue before. I did a bunch of googling and didn't come up with anything that seem related to this issue. I will be keeping an eye out for conditions the next time it happens and try to narrow it down. Cheers all, Rex
  10. so I recently went on my ps4 too search my server and it is not appearing I searched for 30 mins and still can’t find it changing search settings everytime...then I tried to get support and it said they could not help but the server admins can...so I clicked the link and then it said there not recieving forms right now TYPICAL ARK😤not helping the people who are giving them money after every DLC i am on ps4 and the server is EU PVP 4 any help would be greatly appreciated as I have tried this on 2 different accounts and consoles.
  11. Ok, so we all know about the club. You can make it at lvl 3 and costs almost nothing to make. And if you play official, you would know that a majority of players put an extreme amount of melee damage on their character and with a club can knock out other players with ease. You could spend an hour making some really good flak BPs, only to get knocked out almost instantly by some fresh spawn with a club. I understand it gives solo players and new players a way to fight against bigger tribes, but it would nice if players would start fighting each other with bows, spears, crossbows and all the other weapons ark has to offer, but everyone uses the club instead. It simply makes PvP into whoever has more melee wins. It is simply broken to be wearing good flak, or riot and get knocked out by a club in a few hits. Either the club should be reworked, nerfed or removed altogether. Or make melee damage not effect torpor damage as much, or not at all. Im just giving out my opinion because in my 3 years of playing official, I would know that the club needs some fixing.
  12. shamanbinario

    code for arkshop store

    Hi. First of all I want to thank you for such excellent service. I congratulate you for your work. Now I want to give you my problem . I want to put it in the store to buy animals of aberration, but when I put the code Example basilik ". Basilik": { "Type": "dino", "Description": "basilik", "Level": 500, "Price": 20, "Model": "Model" / Game / Aberration / Dinos / Basilisk / Basilisk_Character_BP. Basilisk_Character_BP '" The dino does not appear when I buy / buy basilik 1
  13. DMXnaPasik

    Cross-Ark anyone?

    Hi all, I recently enabled pvp and cross-ark on my server on Nitrado, looking for admins to Cross-ark with.
  14. shamanbinario

    code for arkshop store

    Hi. First of all I want to thank you for such excellent service. I congratulate you for your work. Now I want to give you my problem . I want to put it in the store to buy animals of aberration, but when I put the code Example basilik ". Basilik": { "Type":"dino", "Description":"basilik", "Level":500, "Price":20, "Blueprint":"Blueprint’/Game/Aberration/Dinos/Basilisk/Basilisk_Character_BP.Basilisk_Character_BP'" The dino does not appear when I buy / buy basilik 1
  15. Fijiwolf

    Suggestions and ideas

    We need newer content not like aberration content but like free content like new weapons like a smg that has a high rate of fire but low accuracy another great weapon would be a arrow that can be explosive it would have to cost 10 gun powder to make plus a compound arrow this arrow can do 3% more damage than a regular compound arrow but has a small splash damage radius but doesn't damage structures we also need a machete or a knife that can get more meat than a pick axe but can be crafted using 5 metal plus 10 hide plus 10 wood we also need a Dino's that can rival a Rex and a spino like Ceratosaurs another Dino we need to have is more water Dino's like a rideable whale besides the bailosuars and a new fish we should be abled to catch with our fishing rods we also need to see TLC for all dinos that became irrevelent because of the 2 TLC
  16. How do i go about unlocking all the skins on a character? I'm on PS4 and i haven't got the TLC 2 update yet
  17. I just signed up to be an iOS beta tester and I was wondering how long it would take until we get emails allowing us to get the closed beta. (If I was excepted that is) and if we are excepted to we get the email immediately? Any answers would be nice!
  18. Come join our new ark server map is Ragnarok rates are pretty boosted we will have raid challenges for tribes that join full of decent loot and filled with fun, just look up animals ark in the unofficial PC sessions on Xbox.
  19. shamanbinario

    Necesito ayuda por favor

    ¿Cómo puedo agregar un artículo a la tienda de mi servidor?
  20. Aurora 30x Boosted <- New Rag Server Pvp With Modded Drops , Boosted Stats , 300 Level Dinos , AutoEngrams, IntaTame & Shop & More
  21. Auronspectre

    Devs: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X

    This question goes out to the Dev team and it would be really nice for some feedback from WC. In comparison, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X have very similar specs and performance stats with acknowledging the Xbox One X has slightly more RAM specs. Currently. The Xbox One X is the only console to allow No Tether options via split-screen. Meanwhile, PC players have a slider option. With this in mind, Xbox vs Xbox One X players must have different versions of the game allotted to allow the tether distance factor between the two consoles. Why does the PS4 and PS4 Pro players have the same advantage? If at the very least a slider if No Tether is not an option. It’s very frustrating that PS4 Pro players get lumped in with PS4 players even thought the two systems have very different hardware capabilities. Can a WC employee please acknowledge this question and if there is a plan to accommodate this issue? It is the real problem for the game for many gamers like myself that only play this game couch co-op. Addressing this would provide a huge quality of life for this game.
  22. LeviathiansPlague

    Leviathans Ark Beta Server

    Leviathans Ark ModdedDrops Beta 2x harvesting, taming, and xp server is a server for anyone looking for a good server to play on. Friendly staff will help you if you need help and there is guaranteed no admin abuse on our server. The only rules for the server are no killing new or unarmed players and no cheating or glitching of any kind. Any questions message SteelParagon23 the server owner and he will anwser any questions you may have.
  23. Hello! I've recently opened a password free server you can find browsing the unofficial PC servers. The title is Canada Ark! Join now! (FREE). For now I'm looking for anyone, whether you're in Canada or not, to join us on PS4 and engage in ultimate dino warfare. Attacking a player or their objects/dinos while offline is disabled. However, attacking online is encouraged. I've enjoyed the game with a friend on a private server for some time but not having true PVP made the experience slightly boring after hundreds of hours. SO! We're opening this one and even though there's a max of 10 player's on at one time, I encourage you to jump in as it's unlikely 10 will be reached often if at all. That is! Until the population builds and I buy the upgrade to 16 or perhaps even more at that time. Harvesting, taming, food, water, experienced gained, and much more has been tweaked to help progress faster. I hope you're you'll find us and make a go of it. I would prefer a mature audience of 18+. Thanks!
  24. Jerky

    Ark 4/20 Event

    Make it Happen