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Found 954 results

  1. Help support my new ARK server:
  2. This Server has just been released on 10/23/2017! Come on in and lets create the best dedicated Xbox server there is. This server is running the Vanilla settings. However, when the server grows this might change by requests from our dedicated guest on the server. In order to join on in ADD INVOLVEDSQUID55 On Xbox Live Now. Send a message after the add so i can add you so you may join instantly and get started. Any questions feel free to ask.
  3. As the title suggests, how can you voluntarily stop Wyvern Eggs from spawning because in the Roleplay Server I’m hosting, Wyverns will only be given to Leaders of Kingdoms. This is to keep the Game of Thrones Roleplay intact because not everyone in GoT has Dragons and this is to keep in line with that.
  4. I suggest that we implement a construction mode where you see a finished build and then are presented with an option to "accept" the item's placement before the item's material cost is used or wasted. This way you have an opportunity to cancel that item if it is placed incorrectly without wasting the material. As it stands now, I have wasted many materials trying to build complexes only to see at the very last moment before clicking the accept button the freaking build placement shifts into an incorrect arrangement and then the material is wasted and needs to be destroyed and replaced. This is not realistic. Anyone actually building something would see that they are messing up and stop or make corrections long before wasting all of their material on the build item. To me this is very game breaking as Ark tends to have locations where it appears very flat and then you find that one particular location cannot accept a foundation and the entire build is a waste and there was no warning. A simple build mode that must be "accepted" at the end of the build session before structures are laid as permanent would be ideal. Sincerely, your avid fan, Vaylain
  5. Obleisk upload timer

    I really believe all that wildcard does all day long is sit around and think of new ways to make people not want to play their game. They spen little time actually fixing horrifically glaring issues and come up with useless implementations. Before the release transferring to a new server was difficult enough now there is a new upload timer!!?? I see absolutley zero purpose in this other to screw with people. I'm just trying to move to a new server and I have to sit at the obelisk for 32 minutes with each new load lol what a joke. Pointless use of manpower. Fix your game, stop implementing crap features. This is especially irritating for those of us who are trying to use a drop that's pretty much pointless now as the drop expires before you even get a chance to upload anything.
  6. This video showed me a lot of tips on how to start out and things that we all usually mess up with while building in Ark.
  7. PC VS PS4?

    Anyone have ARK for both PC and PS4? Which one do you prefer? If you have it for PC, do you use a controller? Which one do you recommend?
  8. Problem

    Is anyone else having problems joining ark.
  9. Server Console Not Opening?

    Hi there. My friend and I recently got Ragnarok and we have made a lot of progress. I logged on to my Non-Dedicated Server and for some reason, nothing was loading in. I tried walking around but then it killed me. I respawned and... my stuff was not there. I opened up the server console to cheat my stuff back in, and after I cheated in my full set of Flak and Fur it wouldn't let me open the server console. I rejoined and still nothing so I restarted Ark and Steam but that didn't fix it either. Could someone tell me what is going on? It seems like a bug but I could be wrong. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  10. Mods on PS4?

    Does anyone know if you can add different mods to ark on PS4?
  11. Looking for players to join our new nitrado server on Ragnarok. We will increase the player slots to as many as needed. XP and resource rates are slightly boosted while mating. maturation. and taming are all significantly boosted. We are friendly admin who are looking to build an active player base with fun server wide events and prizes. If youre looking to join a fun active PvE server on PS4 search for the "Tiny Arms Server" today!
  12. Hey i bought a sever and want people to play on it. Its 50 slots right now but if it does well ill gladly expand it to 100! just go on ark psn go to unoffical pc sessions and search acenet. Acenet Hey guys I'm Citgo and instead of advertising a boring Ragnarok Ark server I wanted to give you guys a great Ragnarok boosted server.(yeah yeah boosted and s***) But anyways I want YOU to join the server and enjoy it. Currently I am working on a shop for trading and hosting many events including tek events in the process the server is dedicated and will be up for a guaranteed year so no worries on losing your important stuff. I'm a very mature admin and see no need in treating anyone unfairly. ( i even allowed the people who insided my alpha tribe in with no punishment. ) And will make sure the server is running smoothly and balanced for everyone! BUT before you hop on you're wondefull ps4 and logon Here are some rules! HOW BOOSTED IS THE SERVER? I believe that in ark you shouldn't really be able to one punch a giga with basic gear so thats a small explanation. Tames are very fast! Harvesting is very fast Health recovery is very fast Egg hatching is very fast Damage is boosted a good amount Speed is not boosted alot (how is it pvp if everyone wants to be sonic?) Health is boosted Weight is boosted ALOT! (like a crap ton dude Oxygen is boosted ALOT Tames are sorta like this as well. You will get hungry and thirsty! ( I played on many servers with this off for some reason its weird to me) Anything else ask me! Rules and Junk I just purchased the server a few days ago and I would like people to build up for a week or so. Its a boosted server for Christs sake! The tames are fast and the harvesting is up so I don't see anyone not being done setup with a decent base within a few days! DO NOT BLOCK ARTIFACTS - I only will be selling element in very small bundles in the shop. My reason is to make people wanna grind out the bosses and have fun with their mates while doing so. ANY STRUCTURE BLOCKING OFF SAID ARTIFACT WILL BE WIPED ALONG WITH ANYTHING CONNECTED TO IT. A SECOND OFFENSE IS A BASE AND TAME WIPE! Please no use of racial slurs in chat! - I personally don't care about this topic but I know others do. with that being said please respect that. Go in a party and Slur it up or something Offline raiding and passive tame killing is allowed- its pvp dude nuff said. No pvp at shop or during an event unless stated otherwise by the admins!- look dude its plain and clear! Thats it! HOW TO CONNECT Dude its at the very top of the article but sigh if you insist. Open ark Enable Unoffical pc Sessions Search ACENET. YOUR IN! ALSO IM GIVING OUT A SMALL STARTER PACK (1 Industrial Forge and a Fabricator For Tribes with 3 or more members for this week only)
  13. Events

    I just thought about the event like the fear evolved etc. that we had a while back and I was thinking if they are going to do any more of these events?
  14. Estamos buscando a gente para crear una supertribu y dominarlos a [email protected]! Somos gente experimentada y curtida buscando mas gente para crear una tribu que, tenemos pensado, sea de unas 15 personas para entrar en un servidor y dominarlo, tenemos personajes lvl 70, BIENVENIDO SEA TODO EL MUNDO tenga o no personajes, tenga o no habilidad, porque aquí pensamos que la practica hace al maestro! Por lo tanto podemos guiar a cualquier principiante que se quiera unir a nuestra aventura! Si estáis [email protected] agregarme a Steam y avisadme de que queréis uniros!
  15. Dear, WILDCARD Join ARK > Session List > Session Filter: Changing of the "Session Filter" has always been a pain and annoying and something that really needs fixing. Issue is you can't change the "Session Filter" till all of the server is loaded. I switch between "Player Dedicated ARKS" and "OFFICIAL DEDICATED ARKS" often and it should not take 10 minutes to wait for every server to load to switch the "SESSION FILTER", You should be able to change it at anytime and it would restart the search to the new preference, But it does not do that. It really needs to be fixed to allow you to change any search settings on the fly. Its unable to be selected though while any servers are loading and then once all servers is loaded then it will let you change. Sometime the process is so slow or it freezes that I have to restart the game. Thank You and Hope This Can Be Fixed.
  16. Can we get a server that is both Offline Raid Protection and Primitive Plus, please? I love both of these modes but we are forced to choose between one or the other...can't we get an Official Server that combines both of these modes? Vaylian
  17. Hi, I am unable to see my server from outside my local network. I have tried setting it up using ASM as well as manually. I get the same results. The server is available in the LAN without issues. I have forwarded the ports, I cannot see the ports unless I use a Listener on my computer, but when the server is running the ports are closed. I have tried everything I can think of. I feel very lost as I am a network admin and cannot solve this little issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Hey. I have a Question. I heared what i can Have in ARK Survival Evolved a Max Dino Lvl (Tamed, or Hatch) up to max 450. All dinoes about it will despawn. So for explain. When i have an Rex LVL 550 it will despawn after Update, or Patch or after transfer it? Is what true? greetings
  19. Title says it all. Those of you familiar with it know when it started. Those of you that have no clue, refer to my previous threads
  20. Help! I'm on mac and whenever I try to load up Ark: Survival Evolved, I get to the main menu, I try to join an online server, and it loads for a few minutes, then it goes black and brings me back to the main title screen. Then whenever I try to press play, it wont let me, but it will let me go into single player, and options and everything else. I have a strong computer, so I am confused to why this is happening. Ive already tried uninstalling the game and verifying the game files multiple times. If this has happened to anyone else and you know a way to fix it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you <3 Steam: xBlackhawK
  21. Hello! I was just wondering if anyone knew any good servers to play on. (Im on Mac) I prefer servers with more players, but I like unofficial servers. I don't really enjoy when the gathering/exp levels are too high, but I like it when they are on around x2-x5. I don't enjoy servers that are only made for PvP, with kits and such, but I like it when PvP is still enabled and a few mods are there, like S+. So if anyone has any good suggestions I'd love to hear them. My steam username is xBlackhawK by the way. Thank you for taking your time reading this, I just need a good server to play on. Peace. <3
  22. Hi! I am wondering if it's possible to have a multiplayer session without being tethered to the person, able to build our own camps, and not play online with others? If so, how?
  23. Are server is open to the public the server name is ABC123. For the 1st 10 ppl to join you will receive a starter pack. The rules are simple yes it's PvP but we are friendly admins and will never attack unprovoked. 1. No offline raiding 2. Ask for help and we will. 3. Friendly server so don't join if you are a troll or not friendly cause you will be banned. Simple as that plus it's always boosted to 3x on weekdays and weekends will be boosted even more gotta keep surviving. Hope to see you out there.
  24. Just as the title says, I am instrested in your guys ideal Ark. What biomes, how big they are, what animals, unquie things, etc. Just post what Ark would be perfect for you! Thanks ahead of time.
  25. (Xbox One) Hello, we are looking for new players to play on our server. We are running a 24/7 dedicated always online server that will always be available to play on. To join any time and always please add server runner WiryNebula8962