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Found 1604 results

  1. Looking for people to populate my server. Everyone is welcome! 😊 Primitive + 3.0x taming 5.0x xp boost 1.25 dino count 1.5 baby mature speed Dehydration and starvation reduced by 15% 1.25 dino dmg from turrets. generic and harvest xp slightly toned down all other rates are untouched PlanetX is the server name on Primitive+!
  2. Legacy Ragnarok

    Really wish someone would give out an official word on Ragnarok Legacy Servers. Thanks for the hard work but communication is key to keeping your customers happy.
  3. ETA on more servers?

    WE NEED MORE SERVERS, thats it. The ragnarok expansions for Xbox/PS4 was suppose to be released on july 4th and you guys release it a month and 2 weeks late to only dish out like 40 servers? Maybe less? Come on. and for everyone who is going to say " Oh just queue and wait..." it literally does not matter because it takes so long to join a game that you might as well not even play. As I'm typing this I'm waiting to get into a server and it's been about 2 hours. Me and my friends waited for this new expansion after getting bullied constantly by alpha tribes on all the other servers and now you're telling me the same thing is about to happen all over again. I'm pretty sure as soon as I do get to play I'm going to run into a metal base with like 20 turrets and a wyvern. I've been playing ark since it first came out and I never had any serious complaints but this is ridiculous. Idc about legacy servers or whatever just add more ragnarok servers as soon as possible please and thank you.
  4. Code issue

    OK so i recently had a problem with the season pass not working, but now that has been sorted, so onto my next issue - the codes not working. I pre ordered ark at my local game store (a store in england) and with it it came with two codes in the form of receipts. A bionic raptor skin and a bionic quetzal skin. Upon entering these codes, it told me to try them on another website. I contacted an xbox support member and he went through it with me. He gave me a link to a separate website in which i could enter them in. It said they worked and the guy on the phone verified that they had worked and had been download. So, i loaded up the game, went on my solo map, and tamed a raptor. Its been around two days now, nothing, i haven't received any skins. So i was just wondering if they only worked on a public session, do i have to go to an online session, tame a raptor or a quetz and then i will get them, or is this an issue that isnt working for other people as well. Im curious and a little frustrated. Its only a minor issue i know but you expect them to be working.
  5. Season pass issue

    Hi, i am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but i'm going to post it here anyway, i bought the ark collectors edition yesterday, me being a huge Ark fan and all, and i was excited about having the season pass. So i entered in the code and it says that it has been downloaded and installed. So when i went onto the game and tried to go on a scorched earth server, it says i have not got the scorched earth dlc downloaded. So i go to the download page, and for some reason, it is asking me to pay full price for it, even though i have the season pass installed and downloaded. I am playing the xbox one version. If anyone has a solution to this or has had a similar problem, please let me know, thanks.
  6. OUTSIDERS247 We are a PS4 US based player dedicated - 24/7 server on RAGNAROK map Gamer Tag Of Host (Savage-_-Uzi) send friend request and message saying you wish to join •come join us •Events coming once server is full and we can plan it. RULES! •No blocking spawns •No killing passive tames •If you build and abandoned a base destroy it •ALLOWED To base in caves & ruins •If you raid someone, there isn't really a need to demolish every structure. Knock down what you need to get in and out. Wiping the entire base is a troll tactic and not even a particularly funny one. Find more inventive ways to torment your enemies. You won't have any enemies (or a reason to play PVP) if the enemies all up and leave because their home gets flattened every 24 hours. Base wiping will result in immediate ban. XP MULTIPLIER Generic //2xp Killing //2xp Harvesting // 2xp Crafting // 3.5 Xp Special //2xp The server rates are:- * 3x Taming * 2x Gathering * 3x XP * 5x Maturation * 5x Hatching DINO STATS PER LEVEL Health 2 Stamina 2 Torpidity 2 Oxygen 2 Food 2 Water 2 Temp 2 Weight 25 Damage 2 Speed 2 PLAYER STATS PER LEVEL Health // 2 Stamina 2.5 Torpidity 2.0 Oxygen 2 Food 2 Water 2 Temp 6 Weight 25 Damage 2 Speed 2 Temp fort 6

    Dead WILD CARD Will we be getting more cross ark servers on the new official server list. Its really sad i cant even play in any server due to there is no where near enough and the game just released and its so annoying. But cross ark servers are really nice but there never enough of them. I refuse to play on Legacy server because it going to get deleted in the future anyhow. Also the servers needs a queue system. One more idea they could use a "NO FLYING TAME SERVER"
  9. We are always looking for people to join our server Rules - No Wipe (we do not plan on wiping the server) - PVE Server Support Contact (for issues with server or if you wanna play with our clan) - Teamspeak (IP address - - - - Server name UNSF~Anunnaki~Scorched Dinos~Fast Level~Primal/Fear - MODS Annunaki Genesis (v3.20.0) Structures Plus (S+) Meat Spoiler Bulk Crafters Xtreme Bundle Packs 3.0 Reusable Plus Ultra Stacks Dino Tracker Scorched Earth Plus Primal Fear Random Egg Spawner Server Hardware - Xeon x5670 @ 2.93GHz (2 processors) 64-bit - 64.0 GB RAM DDR3 1333 - PNY 240.0 GB Solid State - Corsair CS-M Gold 650W Modular - Internet 150/150 MB
  10. Ok guys so i have been playing this game since day one and this irritation has been around from day one and it needs to be changed asap. The average gamer is roughly 30 years old not 10 not 18 not 21 it's 30 studies have been done to find out and thats what they came up with. Even the average 18 year old has a job. the average 30 year old has a full time job meaning that don't have alot of time to game unless unemployed or they are a game tester as a job. That stuff being said it is unreasonable for breeding to take such an inordinate amount of time. You have to wake up every two hours of the night to feed and cuddle your freaking video game dino it isn't a real child it shouldn't require that kind of dedication to raise animals let alone days on end. A Giga take like two full weeks of that before it is fulling grown. If raising it affects your work you will get fired from work over your video game! These times need to be turned way the heck down. Imprinting alone needs to be turned into a quick minigame like a quick time event and the young dino should be able to be fed from a trough so long as one is available not hand fed every two hours. People are litteraly making money on ark by selling full grown wyverns and gigas! i am not talking like 10-20$ a tame i am talking 100$ or more because people don't have the time to raise them so they buy them from people with real money who do nothing but treat this game like it is their life and only reason of existence and that is just the breeding system! Taming not including K.O time it takes before actually starting to tame can take hours of time! a giga being fed its kibble takes 2hours to be tamed at level 150 not only that but you have to sit there with that thing and feed it narcotics for the entire time . If you don't have the kibble or mutton you can have upwards of 10full hours to tame the dang thing. That is nearly half a day! people don't have time to sit there like this is life and this is all there is. Again people are making money by selling tamed Giga's and such and again it is expensive to buy them! because people can't just tame these things in a reasonable amount of time. These need to be dropped down to where at most with raw meet or something it would take 2 hours for the strongest dinos and much much shorter for kibble. and these changes need to apply to all dinos. I donno about you guys but this has been going on since day one and i am absolutely sick and tired of it. These game mechanics are torture to be put through and need to be changed asap!
  11. Hello all, Just wondering, is it even worth playing on a legacy server? I don't have much, but I don't want to get started just to have to move again in five days. I don't understand why they legacy servers aren't getting support. Basically legacy servers are just a temporary spot for people to move their stuff until the official release comes?
  12. CHECK THIS OUT. This is Arkside of the Moon, a 24/7 light roleplay dedicated server. Agreed upon raids and many PVP and PVE events. NOW ON RAGNAROK
  13. I need help with effect commands on my ps4. I play in my own world and I can do all other cheats other than effect commands. Someone please help. Thank you!
  14. It's a raptoring joke now, every new server is raptoring full and I can't get on a server which doesn't have the raptoring dupers on. Wilcard raptored up again, why am I surprised they can't do poop, worse than Ubisoft and quite clearly don't care about players being able to play the game as not one out of my 30 tribe mates can get into an official ragnarok server. Let alone an island one either on EU or NA. reset every raptoring sever you spasticks, spent £50 on this game and I can't play it properly. Things need to change in your Dev team because this is beyond a raptoring joke now.
  15. Respawn timer

    so me and my friend switched our PS4 rented server to ragnorok today and she was able to log in with no spawn timer just fine but when i tried to log in it says i have to wait 3mins to spawn in or even play on the map i tried restating my game , ect even deleting my local data and nothing . im very frustraded
  16. Hey! I'm looking for a PvE server for me and about 5 of my friends when Ragnarok launches tomorrow. I've tried PvP, PvPvE and everything other type, and I'm just not too keen of getting my bases and stuff destroyed while I'm at work, so I'm just looking for PvE. If anyone has one, please let me know! We're cool people who are just looking to explore and have fun on the new ARK. Thanks in advance!
  17. Hello, currently with the state of the Wyverns in ark, the auto aim assist makes it impossible to use the Fire Wyvern or Poison Wyvern when you are moving and the aim assist is assisting you. Currently the reason for this is because it attempts to predict the movement of the dinosaur but does so very poorly, not accounting for the travel time of the projectile (especially with fire) and overestimates or underestimates. I have programmed AI before as well so I do understand the difficulty of programming this but until it has been mastered, can you at the very least give a simple option to disable the Aim-Assist so that the Electric Dragon isn't the only viable option. Thank you
  18. Windows 10 ARK Questions

    My friends on Xbox one and PC are pretty excited for the cross play feature coming soon for the Windows 10 version of the game, but before I buy it I'd like to ask a few questions. 1.) Are the graphics or performance downgraded from the Steam version? 2.) Does hosting a server on PC/Xbox increase/decrease server performance? 3.) Do I need to pay for Xbox live on PC to play with friends on Xbox? 4.) Is local split-screen on the Windows 10 version? Thanks!
  19. Ok guys, Ark Rexcellent is online and only in about 10 minutes of starting. I just got all the server settings done so here's our announcement. Starter Packs are for "Tribes Only." However, everyone who logs in (including tribe members) will receive a wyvern of choice. Server Stats Are As Follows: 6x Harvest 6x Taming 6x Xp 12x Breeding Dino Turret Damage increased and Structure Damage decreased for the first 2 weeks of launch (nothing ground breaking, just enough to weed out the trolls) "i think" Ark Rexcellent has been up and running for almost 6 months and we have a pretty big following. Anyone can tell you first hand that absolutely NO admin abuse goes on, ever. I have a separate admin account that I login to distribute starters, run events, replace lost/stuck dinos et cetera. So you'll never have to worry about anyone spawning in things for their friends/family or likewise. It simply does not happen here. Moving along, fishing loot quality are 1 point higher than Vanilla. Meaning an apprentice will yield more journeyman prints et cetera. Server Rules Are: No Taming Brontos/Diplos Period. There's a 48 Hour Immunity on all starter packs given to tribes. There will be no starter pack ganking, it takes too much of my time to do all this and I want people to at least be able to get their base secured before being trolled/ganked/raided. I find no talent or reason to raid someone that hasn't gotten setup yet anyways. That's not pvp to me, that's just trolling. Also, the server will be backed up every night on an external hardrive due to random wipes/crashes we've had in the past with Ark. So worst case scenario is we'll lose one day instead of being wiped all together. Starter Packs Include: 100 Metal Walls 50 Metal Foundations 50 Metal Ceilings Chem Bench Industrial Forge 5 Auto Turrets 2,000 Bullets One Journeyman (or equivalent) crossbow blueprint One Journeyman (or equivalent) pike blueprint One Wyvern of Choice for each person in a tribe or solo If you're interested in joining, add Ark Rexcellent and hop on in!
  20. Just letting everyone know how I'm going to start up, would recommend you do the same or something similar as I have seen get jacked (youtuber) do this and always get loaded straight away. First off we grind to make a raft, that'll take no more than 10 minutes with 12 of us. ------- 10 minutes Then we'll make a smithy, make some tools to get stone etc ------- 20 minutes Cover the raft with a walls and ceilings (stone) ------- 35 minutes Then head over to the swamp to grab 100 Plant X Seeds, then plant around 4 on the raft. ------- 45-60 minutes (depending on where we spawned) After that we'll go around to a mountain area to look for some Argy's and 2 Teradon's. ------- 1 hour 40 minutes Once we've tamed 4 Argy's all over level 100 (after being tamed) and 2 Teradon's, also over level 100 after being tamed, we'll go scout around for a good base location. 5 on birds looking for the location of our base and 7 grinding for metal, one on an Argy (highest weighted Argy). ------- 2 hours 10 minutes We are taking an estimate that we'll have a good base location within 30 minutes of searching/grinding, so everyone will head back to the raft, and the person who found it will lead us there (they'll show a picture of the location before we go there (show us in a chat). ------- 2 hours 25 minutes Once we arrive we'll craft some metal foundations as the outside layer and put layers of metal walls up. After that the ceiling will go up. ------- 2 hours 40 minutes We'll cover the roof with Plant X. ------- 2 hours 45 minutes While that's growing, we'll have the people on the Argy's going on metal runs non-stop, the two on teradons will look for a griffin level 80+ and the others will go and tame a dodec, anky, and a berry collector - most likely a trike or stego (the second day we'll get a bronto or two). ------- 3 hours 40 minutes After taming a minimum of one griffin, anky, dodec and berry collector we'll start setting up stone behemoth gates around our base. We would've started stone runs by the time the dodec was tamed. - 5 hours The base will be all metal as of now (not a massive base but decently sized). and that'll be the grinding for day 1. Then we'll raptor about and do whatever, most likely set up turrets etc and have some people head over to get some oil. But yeah, timing next to what we're doing it when we think that bit will be done. dont have to copy what we're doing, i would also appreciate some tips so dont be afraid to reply.
  21. Hype!!! today is the day.

    Honestly im more hyped than salty (which seems to be the norm in that last couple of days) Reason to be hyped We get the otter and phoenix The game runs 1000000000x times better than it did at ea launch New dlc??? A fresh start that awaits officials the game we all originally thought this was going to be turned into something 1000x better due to the awesome community backing it and the ever so awesome devs making it happen I think those are some good reason imho. If you got some more dont be afraid to share the reasons you are hyped for the official release!
  22. Ark release Dino skins - pc.

    Hey guys. I went to purchase my copy of the game and collectors edition on pc, Ive already had the game and been playing for over a year but I wanted to buy it to get the bonus 6 dlc skins. About to purchase it and was talking about it with the sales guy and he said they were ordered to black out the skins from all promos as the game is now being released but with no skins now, which makes it pointless for me to buy again. They said they were told to remove it because there is an issue with international publishers. Does anyone know what's going on and will we be able to get the Dino skins on pc or no?? Thanks guys
  23. Tired of official servers? From the lag to the pillars and trolls and constant base wipes? Want a fair fun friendly PvP experience? Well look no further! Here at ZomBeast ARK we strive to maintain a friendly fun gaming atmosphere! We will be hosting the Scorched Earth until ragnarok is released and will then switch over but no worries every player and tribe members will be able to upload and transfer all there dinos so you wont lose any of your hard work. Why join? 24/7 Server ran on excellent internet speeds Boosted stats harvest rate 6, taming speed is 8, mature speed 60 dinos have boosted weight stats. As do players Starter care packages to all new players who join up and join our discord server Discord is an important app to have for updated rules and to keep in touch with admins and other players things like news and announcements faqs and suggestions & feedback! *Update* Starter care packages will be on hold until we move to ragnarok due to unstable dedicated server crashes were minimizing risk to have a crash and wipe because wildcard doesn't seem to be concerned with dedicated servers and we have had problems with crashesand having to wipe our server. However Starter care packages will include 1 max level argentavis, quality 3 saddle, full set of quality 2 tools, 1 chem bench, and 1 industrial forge. To join our growing server simply join our discord channel here then add Gamertag: ZomBeast ARK If you need admin support wgile on our server please contact Gamertag xRobx 906 on Xbox live or discord Rules for the server are as follows: 1. No killing in neutral admin zones. I.E red, grrleen, blue obelisk 2. No complete base wiping! Raids are fine this is a PvP server however you gain entry get what you need and get out! No one wants to see there hours and hours worth of work destroyed in minutes by a bully. 3. No Grieving/Harrassing/Trolling other players! We at Zombeast ARK strive to maintain a friendly gaming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. 4. No building on or blocking Resource spawns I.E Volcano/Caves/Carno island etc.. 5. No killing passive tames. Each Tribe or player may build 1 passive taming pen which may consist of any building material and can only be 20x20 size wise, you MUST have your taming pen labeled clearly so every player can clearly see that its a "passive tame pen" tame pens can only consist of your passive tames and a feeding through/compost bins No storage for loot NO EXCEPTIONS! 6. No building in/on/near the red, green, and blue obelisk's these are admin neutral zones all players in these zones are protected from combat. 7. No placing random turrets or plant X around the map they are used strictly for base defense. 8. No storing any fighter dinos in your passive tame pens I.E Rex, Gigas, yutiryanous, Spinos, Wyverns, Rock Golems etc. 9. No Property defacing of other players/tribes such as, painting other peoples buildings or dinos or anything explicit on anyones property but your own. 10. Most important rule of all play fair and have fun! Let people build up work together and enjoy we will have special PvP events on weekends comming soon!
  24. Few questions about the legacy and new servers. 1) Will legacy servers ever be able to transfer to the new servers (I hope not)? 2) I read that there will be a server blackout from 12AM EST (4AM GMT) to 8AM EST (12PM GMT), is this only for legacy servers or legacy as well as new servers (I hope only legacy). 3) Will the new servers be DDoS proof/have decent protection instead of some cloudflare poope? 4) Will duping be possible on the new servers? 5) On the legacy servers, and new servers if duping is a thing, would you please take out the big tribes instantly, it ruins the game or just reset every server, that'd be blessed? 6) Should we expect lag spikes for a few days as we're moving onto new servers, which I assume are hosted on a different VPS? 7) Not to do with the upcoming update today, but for a future update how about you make it so you can see where all of your characters are (what server they're on)?
  25. Me and my Tribe have created a new ark player ded. server. We will be switching over to Ragnarok soon. But first 5 people to join can recieve one free spawn of there choice. As per our discretion. We are looking for regulars so that we can eventually take the bosses on, have a few bigger tribes (factions) in set biomes. No trolls, they will be beaten by Birdo. Fun and Fast server that we know you will enjoy. Put PvP or PvE in your name to determine what you'd like to do. PvP is reserved for Factions Any questions Msg SolidDrip420 or BirdAndTheBBs on xbox To join search BirdAndTheBBs on ark or xbox friends and join. Join or Facebook page at