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Found 1604 results

  1. Alright guys. So i was flying my argent around to level it up and noticed a tail sticking out of he mountian. I was curious as to what it was and saw it was a 108 gigantosaurus. Now i've tried my hand at taming these beasts i've successfully tamed a low level one but i was wondering if anyone had any tips as to how to tame one. My biggest concern right now is finding a good place to shoot it. Thanks for reading
  2. Sorry for any mispelling Hey i know it says deciated server but its my unofficial Server. Its like 5 days in the game and i need survivors to join my server. Its only 5 of us i have 20 slots to fill but if you have friends bring them to thank you. Its also slightly boosted 5x harvest 20x taming and egg hatching and incubating 100x. Server name is "Ark Server 178" if you want to join.
  3. HiI am making this post to see if YOU AND ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS are interested in joining a FRIENDLY Unofficial PC Ragnarok PVP server on the PS4 named "Eastern PVP(x2Taming, Breeding, Mating, Maturation"? Minus the quotes.if you can't Find it please playstation message: SSgt_Z3braslipknot55566sKramo34zm1231and we will invite you/troubleshoot the problem PS. make sure show password protected servers is unchecked.We are currently only offering 20 slots untill we get more people but will get more immediately if needed.*Boss Spawning Weekends*?(Donation Drawings or teir levels of prizes for amount given)?MAYBE?*DeathmathTournaments.Tribe Tournaments*Ark Event Boost Matching(if ark x2 or x1.5 boosts thier xp,taming,etc. we match it. *(the x2breeding will go x4breeding on event matching) *Plus. Random events AND our infamous GOLD DODO!!!! Thank you and i hope to see you and your friends on the server real soon :}
  4. Got a dedicated 24/7 server Arkbone83 is the server GT to add, and i'll do my best to add you back so you can join. Message me on xbox Munkies_gaming to tell me to add you. Thanks

    Tired of settings too low you have to grind for hours just to be wiped by tyrannical alphas? Or settings so high PvP is cheesy and ptera c-spin for 1k+ damage? Well I have the perfect server(S) for you! Introducing "PerfectRagPvPx10Cluster" and "PerfectIslandPvEx10Cluster" Ragnarok is full PvP, with events, starter packs, taming pens in the wild, and PC so no long down times (except if WC raptor up :p) Island is PVE so new players came build a base, tame their animals and then transfer to ragnarok whenever they're ready for the action. YES! It's a cluster so players can switch back and forth between Ragnarok and Island for caves, bosses, resources, whatever else you want to do. Stats for players and dinos are exactly the same as official servers, while most others like gather/breeding/taming rates are x10. ========= Admins are: RisstaMebz, Murdamike415, and SwagnoMayne
  6. Is it just me or are the Ark Player Dedicated Servers (hosted on PS4) dropping their connection to the servers and kicking everyone out like every hour? I've ran my PDS (GagaRagna) for about a month on the Center, only recently converted to Ragnarok on full release, and it's only just started to kick everyone. The game isn't blue screening anymore, it just seems to boot everyone and they can't get back in. Is it just me who has this issue or is this common? Server NameGagaRagna Mode: PVP Map: Ragnarok Boosts: 2x XP, 3x Taming/Breeding, 3x Harvest Health (more from one pebble and one tree, allows tools breakage) Loads of active Players but they are getting tired of the Ark bugs that ruin PDS. So please let me know of a fix or if this is a known issue thanks.
  7. Dedicated servers keep crashing. i can't join any dedicated server.
  8. ARK Patch 268.11

    Okay so is anyone else having this issue. Server patch released 268.11 Client patch released 268.11 But still can't join my server comes up with mod mismatch issues. So to test it i updated server to 268.13 and still can't join. So rolled back to 268.11 and no luck. Can someone explain why i can't join.
  10. OC Cross Ark Cluster?

    Hey my tribe and I use to play on the old oc cluster on ps4, we played there since release but when the new servers dropped we couldn't find the oc cross ark cluster I was just posting this to see if anyone has any information like if or when it's coming to the new servers.
  11. I'm starting a new Prim+ Ragnarok server on Xbox one. It will be Viking role play with few but madatory rules. Below are the rules and how the server will work. Add Gamer Tag DeathDragonARK And Join Game. Server Rules: Laid back server Just a few rules. You and your tribe must have a Viking name and group. Do not nag admins or the owner for free stuff. Most importantly enjoy the server. Say what you want and please. Server Workings: Monday-Friday will be PVE. PVP will be turned on Friday at 7PM PvP will be turned off Sunday at 7PM
  12. Come join server name is nights server any questions hit me up on ps4 Nightwalker3000
  13. No save system

    I dislike the way ark saves automatically. Whenever you don't want it to save, it saves. One time i was playing i was flying in the redwood forest and a jaguar thing took my bird down and ate me. I closed the application and started again. But then it spawns me in the sky where i was flying, dropped me from my bird and killed me! I don't mean to sound like a complainer but ark needs a proer save sytem! To load previous saves and save the game whenever you want! I expected this when ark became an official game but the save system is just as stupid. If they added a save system it would save alot of rage outs and disappointment. This is the first great game i've played that doesn't have a save system!
  14. Primal Survival and Abberation

    who is exicited anyway when is Primal Survival coming out?
  15. *UPDATE - Episode 2 is here, hope you enjoy! Post a comment if you like it and I will make more. Chapter 1 Episode 1 In the year 2119, three unknown obelisk shaped vessels entered our planet's atmosphere. Within the first 6 hours each obelisk had stopped moving, hovering over 3 different, highly populated areas. Some of us were curious, but most of us were terrified of what may yet come. After 6 days, nothing had happened. Observers noticed what looked like a door at the bottom of the obelisk, and we dispatched helicopters to attempt entry into these strange floating structures. Upon arrival of the door, there didn't appear to be any way to open it from the outside. Engineers were dispatched to attempt cutting our way in to investigate. As soon as the engineers started to cut the door, it began to open and a bright light seared it's way to the ground. Then we saw them... slowly descending through the beam of light. Hundreds... thousands... maybe more. We knew immediately that they had no intentions of being peaceful. As soon as their feet hit the soil, they began murdering anyone and everyone. Large insect like creatures with razor sharp claws shredding through flesh, buildings and even metal. We determined their goal was to exterminate mankind... but why? The battles that ensued showed us that no matter how many we killed, there was always more. Our technology was far less advanced, and after the first year of battle, we found that their endless hordes all seemed to look the same. And despite the ease at which we could dispatch them, their overwhelming numbers would eventually defeat us. Through study and analysis of their bodies it was discovered the source of this clone army could only be from a handful of originals. Upon this discovery our scientists suggested that if we manage to kill the “originals”, then the clones would likely fall dead. A special task force was immediately assembled and dispatched towards one of the obelisks. We flew a small aircraft past the descending hordes up the beam of light and entered the obelisk. It was cold... and the putrid smell of these creatures being cloned was almost unbearable. Resistance was surprisingly light inside the obelisk. We made our way up, higher and higher trying to find one of these “originals”. Finally near the top we reached a control room. Even though we couldn't read their language it seemed as though the power for the cloning tanks were being charged from the beam of light directed through the top of the obelisk from the sun. Perhaps this is why they waited those first 6 days? Were they needing to recharge their power after the long space travel to our planet? We had so many questions, but had to focus on finding and killing the originals. We found them! In the next room there were 6 chairs and 6 aliens all strapped in and unconscious. There were wires and tubes attached to them leading into the cloning tanks, sort of made it look like a creepy science experiment. We didn't waste time and so raised our rifles filling their bodies with bullets. The screams and moans emanating from them seemed to be endless, but when they ended, so did the clones. Just as our scientists had determined, all the clones on the ground made similar screams and fell dead. We sent word immediately to the rest of mankind's resistance forces, and a plan was underway to end this war once and for all. Once the remaining originals were killed in the remaining two obelisks, the clone armies were defeated and work was set up to study and salvage these obelisks. Before long our research found that we were right about them gaining power from the sun. But the toll it took on the sun was so intense it had begun a slow but certain collapse of it's core. Saving it was not an option, and this would ultimately mean we would have to either die when our sun went super nova, or somehow figure out how to use these obelisks as some sort of ARK that we could save the human race by. But several questions needed answers. Will we have time? Will we know how? And if we do, where will we go? Chapter 1 Episode 2 It's been 6 years since we won the war against the alien invaders and reclaimed the obelisks. The nations have done their best to work together by sending their best minds and engineers to work around the clock so that we can figure out how we can make use of this alien technology. Our chief engineers, Bob and Anne, have been working alongside our chief xenolinguists, Joe and Jane, learning their language and figuring out how to operate the obelisks. At this point scientists have determined we are living on borrowed time as it is and the Sun could implode at any moment. We know that we cannot save all of mankind on the obelisks even if we do figure out how to fly them, there just isn't enough room. However we have discovered that the ARK has a tremendous database of information that can be downloaded and conversely uploaded to as well. It appears that these aliens had the technology to upload the consciousness of intelligent beings into their computers! Several small rooms having a very strange chair in each appears to be the method to upload a persons consciousness. Maybe, just maybe, we can at least save the minds of our soldiers and scientists since we cannot save their bodies. But we will have to work fast if we are to save anything. Late one evening, Jane made a tremendous discovery of a working alphabet for the alien language. We now have what we need to speed up progress in deciphering the rest of the controls and computers in the obelisk. With this new information, Joe jumped right in by punching in commands to the terminal and immediately, a huge hologram of what appears to be the universe encompasses the room. All of our jaws dropped at what we were seeing... “star charts” Jane said. But it was more... much more. A detailed layout for each of the planets... habitability, life signs, and more solar systems charted than we even knew existed. Now we at least may have some viable options for a destination, but now it's up to our engineers to figure out how to fly this thing! Being able to read their language allowed us to use the mind uploading chairs we found. Thousands of people were sent to be uploaded. Soldiers, scientists, engineers, anyone who would have something to offer was uploaded. During all this we hear Bob yelling from the control room, “I've done it I can fly the ARK!”. This was something that could not wait, so we cleared out any extra staff and set upon the team to make some test flights to see how they work. Working alongside Bob and Anne, Joe and Jane assisted them by entering in the proper console commands to move the ARK. The whole world watched proudly as the obelisks moved around the earth. As it turned out, the controls were surprisingly simple. As we move all the obelisks together, we looked out and couldn't believe our eyes. Our sun, was increasing in brightness and began to have a green color tint to it. Our time was up and our sun was beginning to go super nova! We weren't ready, and it was only the four of us left on board the ARK. But there was no time to make a landing and bring on more! If humanity was going to survive at all, we had to leave immediately. Anne and Jane quickly found the nearest habitable planet on the star charts, and Bob hit the button to engage what appeared to be the hyper drive. As soon as Bob hit that button, there was a loud wind up and flash of light followed by silence. We were moving faster than we could have imagined. In that instant we looked at each other, each of us knowing that everything we had, and everyone we knew, was gone. We had no idea what to expect, and before we could talk about any type of a game plan, we arrived. The obelisks were on some kind of auto function, slowly descending towards the planet. Similar to how they arrived on our Earth, they moved to key locations. The blue lit obelisk moved over a mountain in a snowy region in the northwest, the red lit obelisk stopped over beach in the southwest, and the green obelisk parked over a tropical region in the east. Once it stopped moving the tops opened and huge light beams shot out towards the nearest sun. The obelisks were recharging as they had done back on Earth. But we know what this ultimately means for this world too. Now we have more questions... What will we do now? What kind of life is on this planet? And will we be able to survive it? Chapter 1 Episode 3 ...
  16. PvPvE Ragnarok server based in NSW. GT is nswark, add as a friend and we will add you back Not an overly competitive server, people mostly leave each other alone and raiding is done respectfully if at all. Got a few admins who are happy to help and enforce rules. But most of the time just play without admin privilege and don't use any console commands. Will only elevate to admin if needed. 10 x taming 6 x gathering 10 x Xp 10x maturation, weight, speed and stamina are boosted a little. No offline damage, can build into cliffs. If you raid someone don't destroy their entire base for no reason, Just take what you need and damage as little as you need, no killing passive tames. Don't grief low level players for no reason, let them build and settle in. I'll check the inbox regularly for anyone having issues. Cheers, Hope to see some new people come on board, Simba
  17. So i just got back from a 2 week holiday, while i was away ark was released. So when i got home i downloaded all the updates and started playing, i noticed the problem when i got on my Pteranodon and started flying. It's not easy to describe and i can attach a video if my explanation doesn't come clear. Whenever i turn with my mouse on the Pteranodon it has some kind of delay, so the 3rd person camera looks in that direction that i turn to before the Pteranodon, same happens when i look up or down. Very strange problem and is happening on all flyers. It makes picking people really hard in PVP and is overall quite annoying. Any help is appreciated.
  18. ark new servers

    I'm here to just quickly ask if we can get one last wave of official servers for all consoles so at all times someone can play ark
  19. Ark: Aberration - Master Thread

    Wildcards latest announcement of the new DLC aberration is baffling to say the least. It just shows how completely mismanaged this company is. I mean you just realesed and your current product is rediculously flawed still, the list of bugs and glitches is lengthy. The new map ragnarock is basically unplayable everyone I have talked to ghosts constantly into the terrain getting stuck and making almost impossible to get anywhere. There are currently only 30 servers even available to play, they take down almost 300 and give us 30 back. Good luck even getting into one of these servers as the waits are hours long. And now they announce a new DLC?! Stuff like that just ticks a lot of us off, I mean a good announcement would have been we are rolling out new servers, or we are fixing the long list of crap that's wrong with the game but know it's new content, WHO CARES! When you can barley play the content you currently have. Hopefully wildcard gets their heads on straight soon or gets bought buy a company who can properly mange this game.
  20. mods are not installed

    just installed some mods but the others stayed there I have been waiting for a long time and nothing
  21. Couple of minutes ago jeremy post: Hundreds additional ARK Official Servers are now up on Xbox&PS4, will continue monitor usage through the weekend to see if enough capacity! On PC we have still one PVP EU Center. What does that supposed to mean. I just think they want to kill official ark on PC/Steam. Why ? We are not worth of new servers ?
  22. Why won't ark let me play split screen multiplayer online anymore!?!? "This player doesn't HAS privilege to play online"
  23. I have a few questions that I hope you guys can answer. 1. Can I run a dedicated server and be able to play the server on the same xbox? If so how? -I am trying to play with friends only without any restrictions such as 200m distance and such. When I run a dedicated server it says no character next to my name. 2. If I play the non-dedicated server way can I transfer my single player account into non if so how? 3. Once play anywhere is released mid-september can I host dedicated through pc and play on my xbox? 4. What's the best way to play with friends and not be limited? Will renting a server once they are released be our best option, and can we again transfer accounts in and out of servers? Thank you all I hope I can get my questions answered.
  24. Come and join Latinoserver787 in xbox one. The server is boosted. The dragons grow in 18 min no milk needed. The server also have a Market come and join us add Latinoserver787.No admin abuse
  25. Nitrado has been so lucky to receive the ability to host ARK for consoles, however, as users at home are unable to host without paying for it. Just like with any PC Game that allows server hosting, there is always the option to host the server yourself, on your home PC. even with ARK(PC Version). In short what I'm asking is this, will PLAYERS receive the ability to host their own server without the use of a 3rd Party Hosting Company (E.G. Nitrado)? If so, is there an ETA?