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Found 957 results

  1. Muiltiple peopleare losing there character so far me and my friend with is 20 of us just lost our character and people across other servers I know did aswell, but because we went to another server and after playing 10minutes on there server rolled back then we Reyes to log back into that server again and just gives us character creation screen also we checked download characters nothing there not even Our main server that we went out of anyone got any suggestions please help 4 roll backs in spam of 30 minutes on Xbox one just after the 30g update
  2. Hello! Me and my friend have made an ark server. we are making this server for making ark a better place. everyone is welcome to join. we are going to have events and other things on the server to make it as fun as possible. server name: Nostrum Server US/EU 5X rates. The map is Ragnarok and we are trying to get people to join the server right it's about 3-5 active players. Help us get more. you can find the server on unofficial as well. Any questions add me on steam: korren3
  3. Bug ?

    Hi, so when i destroy the bee hives. No queen bee is coming out, am i doing something wrong ?
  4. Hello, Hitting a wall when looking for resources? Dinos and character get over weight so fast that everyone realize that ARK is not tuned for this. Starting a new server soon and I like to know from everyone, that play on Official servers, what rate they like/liked the most. As all my dinos are set for 1X rate, I didnt put levels into weight now or during a 2X/3X weekend. Some more experienced player say that the rate have little meaning. It depend on how you play ARK and what your goal is. Personally I like to sleep during night time and not get so much sleep deprivation raising baby dinos. So I loved it at 8X on official PvE. Heal Kids. I also started a new character just to see how fast I could reach 90. It was not a challenge or so. Two hours to level 86, past the gas mask engram, that also shows that higher rates bypasses the game value. For PvP, that is game breaking. I play PvE, we hatched 39 eggs, crazy. Think back on the weekend and be honest. Regards, Ariana and friends
  5. On our server at least EU 63 RAG lag, dc’ng and crashes, or dashboarding, have become out of control. I fell bad now for complaining for so long when we would disconnect a few times a week back in the day, but with every new update this problem gets much worse. On our server now disconnecting 20 + Times a day is the norm for most and some even upwards of 50+ times a day. This is disconnecting, or crashing and being sent to main Xbox screen. Also lag is well lol, I hate to even complain about as so many do but really it’s absolutly crazy. And it seems like certain areas of the map are triggers or hotspots that are guaranteed to crash your game. As we have been hoping for sometime maybe this will get better instead of becoming increasingly worse as generally the only time most die or lose gear is because of this issue.
  6. does anyone know wehn the SE area of rag is coming out on ps4? because its out on PC. also i hope that they are new loading zones so the lag wont be bad over there.
  7. Hello! I just want to do a quick question. All the rgnarok servers are super lagged? I play in an official pvp xbox one ragnarok server. In this server are like 6 tribes with big bases. The problem here, is that there is a lot of lag on this server, every 5 or 10 minutes, even less the server lags and you cant do nothing. Sometimes it kicks you but the times you survive you have issues to join to the server and its really anoying. I have another center and Island server, and those servers are really ok, anything of lag. I want to ask, because i knew that when the game came out the were problems with official servers and the lag. I just want to know if this lag is an issue of the game servers or is for the bases? because like in my center there are big bases too, but theres no lag like in this ragnarok server. I hope to get an answer by part of wildcard team, because all my friend on that server are really tired of that lag. It is a xbox one server.
  8. Why do you play Ark?

    Since I've joined this forum I have noticed quite a lot of the community is upset with how things are going. I want to know, "What brings you to play Ark?". I am sure that this thread will be met with negativity, but discussion brings understanding and understanding brings change. Do you play because you want the most massive dinosaur horde ever!? Do you play to own the oceans and tame the terrifying Tuso? Do you enjoy breeding Jerboas because they are so cute it hurts? Let's talk about why you play Ark!
  9. Dear Survivors, *New Ragnarok Dedicated Server 24/7 PVP/PVE Hybrid* Limited Invites. 2XP/ 3X Tame/ 2X Harvest (*3X on Weekends for XP/Harvest) Gamertag : DediArk247 Add to Join. Even though its PVP, Offline raiding is not permitted. If you wish to raid a tribe, you must request for permission from that tribe. Our goal is to keep the server as a PVP/PVE Hybrid, allowing you to tame/build, along with limited raiding options. If you are tired of getting raided on official servers and looking for a place to build up and have a peaceful environment, you are encouraged to join. No Trolls, No Admin Abuse. Immediate Ban for breaking any rules. Current Stats: 7 Tribes 15 Players Mixed from USA/UK. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Update 11/4 20 New members joined and intend on staying. We have a few more slots open. If you wish to join, please add DediArk247 and send a message to confirm your stay. Thanks for Reading! DediArk24/7
  10. Come join "Ark Passion", 23/7 Boosted Center Server! High Weight, unlimited Oxy, & no admin abuse. Our rates include 666x exp, 35x taming 35x breeding/raising, 5x fishing, 3x loot, and much more! Our server currently has low player and structure count and few trolls, join now and build up today! *No starters* Everyone should work for their wealth. *No rules* Good luck *Admins host weekly events* *Friendly server* Big tribes are friendly and will work with you *Daily dino wipes* *Structure clipping(;*
  11. Hi i was talking to some server owners and we think a emailed news letter with changes, workarounds and maybe some sneak peaks of comming changes so unofficial servers can prepare their players for uncoming changes can be prepared for. i know many server owners where dissapointed about no halloween being available, so many people where looking forward to it and by the time it was figured out how to fix it, halloween was over. just a suggestion, would be really helpful.
  12. WIPED 8/10 [EU] Brutal Gaming. PVP Ark Ragnarok Cluster. X10XP X6G X10T X15B New Server: X10XP X6G X10T X15B Ragnarok, Aberration on release We are a friendly player base looking for more for friendly PVP and PVE. Growing base of casual and dedicated players ages 25 years old or more mostly from the UK and Europe. searching for new players. Who are sick of being wiped on day 1 by large tribes and exploitative admin, weekly wipes,and poor maintenance. We are long term funded server. We do not tolerate day one wipes bullying or any toxicity. We do not have active in game Admins instead we have moderators who notify our admin for any in game issues. Moderators have no access to console commands unless permitted by the Admin. Anyone can apply to the server owner to become a moderator. We would like to keep PVP fair, fun and competitive. And PVE not handed to you on day 1 with easy rates. We try and keep a risk Vs reward elements Without days of grinding. There is in game currency Shop/kits. Simply playing on the server will earn you points as well has extra points for server promotions and event participation. Regular server events that encourage open world PVP and and get you all out of your bases. Special rate boost weekends and other PVE events Cave damage has been reduced along with water consumption. Tribe limit is set to 5 Ark: Aberration will be added on release and other clusters maybe added as the player base grows Get your spot on Ragnarok and get ready for Aberration More info can be found on our Discord channel. All welcome. Come and join us and help us build this server. Mods. Shop & kits Structures Plus (S+), 731604991 Egg & poop Collector, 554678442 Loot sense, 887023710 Stacking Mod, 630601751 Speed saddles, 949534127 Utilities plus, 899250777 Mindwipes, 952579788 Stargates, 609380111 Mini forge, 590046776 ORP2, 600705968 X10XP X6G X10T X15B
  13. So let me tell you my stories: 1. New player to the game, I just crafted a stack of 65 Narcotics and was happy as can be with my little corner of abundance. The flocking bird swoops down, takes it all from my inventory and eats it. Two days worth of berry gathering and meat farming + spoiling down the drain. How ... in this hellish game did the tiny flocking bird not IMMEDIATELY DIE from eating that many narcotics ... if you devs care about realism instead of the player's (your paying client) enjoyment and satisfaction. 2. Spent 2 and a half hours taming a level 40 Pteradon. I was still low level and had to use berries instead of narcotics (mostly because of the above story). So I got the Pteradon home and a flocking bird swoops down and attacks it. Then they both proceed to circle around each other, not dealing any damage and flying higher and higher, until they reached the maximum height. Where my (now) level 55 Pteradon is stuck! I proceeded to build a giant tower with ladders and got her down. (flock you, whoever though of this flying dino stealing mechanic !) 3. I played on an official server where there is little to no space available to build in. So I got myself a small piece of forest to live in which is also a farming patch of land for my well advance, bronto riding, neighbor. Because I want to be a good, sharing neighbor, I didn't put walls around my land so he could go through with his bronto unrestrained. .... then a day came when a wild female lvl 25 Bronto spawned and was lumbering about peacefully, just above my pack of dinos. Guess flocking what?! A a motherflocking piece of human feces bird shows up .... dive bombs one of my dinos, gets every single one of them attacking it and ... of course, one of them scratched the wild bronto that was walking about. ...................................... DILO devs ......? .... The bronto gets angry and immediately kills two Raptors, two Dimorphodons, one lvl 100 Parasaur (the oldest and most loved of all my tribe's dinosaurs) and a female, harmless, innocent Lystrisaur. Also wrecks my pipes, feeding trough and part of my house. I was left with 5 dinosaurs. So far, in the month I've played ARK, all my problems have been caused only by Ichthyornis. At this point in my technological development, I can't do anything to protect myself from this flocking bird, but hope that my fliers will get them before they fly away with what I've worked so hard to get. And it's not just me, there are players that have lost dinosaurs to this bird while unconscious and taming. With either increasing the time while reducing tame efficiency or having the dino killed by the flocking bird or stray projectiles aimed at the flocking bird. Then all consumables, stacks of 100 that it can't even carry or survive after eating. That is griefing at it's finest. Of all the stupid decisions mmorpg developers ever made .... You're meant to make the game (our entertainment and escape) more enjoyable not worse than real life! Or you're going for (dark corrupted bias) realism here? ok, let me point out all the inaccuracies: Birds attack/steal only for food on occasion and they take only what they need, like all animals. A bird that size would not be able to cary a stack of 100 (or anything more than 1) of a consumable item Narcotics, cementing paste, metal, stimulant, etc would kill it if eaten or at least knock it out, depending on the dose. It's a flocking fish eater! Why is it even stealing anything apart from food? It's a flocking fish eater! Again! It has no business doing higher up on land, it's hunting techniques are to the point, it doesn't need to steal at all! No animal is that ridiculously stupid to swoop down and attack anything that would immediately kill it. Like a pack of Dimorphodons or Pterodons or Pelagrinos, or a flocking Triceratops! What business does it flocking have attacking a flocking Triceratops?!?! IT's too big, it's skin is too thick, it's a herbivore! There's nothing to gain from it what so ever!!! Ok, so it stole my stack of cooked meat (as if charred flesh would have any olfactive appeal to wild animals) .. .why is it still circling me? It had it's full and now I'm shooting arrows at it. No animal is that stupid and greedy, not even angry ones. You got what you wanted, now fly away! Now lets point out some in-game inacuracies: "As you might expect from a seagull, Ichthyornis will flee at the slightest provocation." nop, it circles players and tamed dinos until it gets killed "since its food source can be unpredictable" that's a pushed lie, fish are predictable for a fish hunter, especially ones that have evolved over millennia to predict them. "Their affinity for shiny objects leads them to sometimes knock tools and weapons out of the hands of unsuspecting Survivors, but Ichthyornis is too small to actually fly off with them." say that to my 100 stack of narcotics, metal ingots, cementing paste .... the flocking bird flew off with tons of them at a time! Also the "Domesticated" notes seem to make Ichthyornis sound like a lovable creature and I'm going to add a personal input here: It's the most hated creature in this game!!!!! Update: How about , instead of accepting the pile of poop you're in because your superior thinks you need to deal with it, you instead, take a shovel and shovel it out yourself? I've been playing MMORPGs for 10 years and RPGs since I was 8 years old. I know a distasteful decision devs make when they do it. This is not a "git gud" situation. You "git gud" to fight bosses, learn mechanics, overcome hardships. But in the case of this flocking bird, it's just a ridiculously useless griefing annoyance. It doesn't teach me to be better at the game, I have no control over it. I will eventually have control over it when I have a dinosaur that can kill it with one bite and dilos/plant turrets. (I'm gonna put up turrets just for these flockers). Furthermore, I don't insist on removing the flocking bird (though I regard that as a viable and desirable solution), but nerfing it so it's not such a gigantic pain in the derier. Or at least make it steal ONLY food, as it should! The Ichthyornys is not a challenge to overcome like an Alpha Rex would be. It's just an irritating and time wasting set back. P.S.: To all the Pegomastax haters. If you just keep Mejoberries in your "0" slot, it won't steal anything else and you might even tame it ... and then kill it, if it's so annoying to you.
  14. ADD GAMERTAG -- ARKserverTO Server save will be wiped today oct 31 when the server goes back up from yet another crash thanks to the latest patch As a result of the constant crashing i will be considering paying for a nitrado server to host on when the preorders are done. The dedicated servers are too laggy to continue hosting on, untill nov 1st or the server release date i will try to keep up with server crashes 0 ADMIN ABUSE Admin HerStonedKing No rules other than foundation/pillar spam not allowed PVE SECTION IS BY BLUE OB see pic RAIDING PVE SECTION RESULTS IN BAN Slightly boosted but not crazy, instant tame and increased weight, x50 harvest no dino harvesting for lag reasons please. mating, hatching and imprinting are all boosted and work really nice Ask about our currency Join today and become alpha over your friends!
  15. Ark PvPvE RP Server- To join Server, please join Facebook Page and post your Gamertag, In Game Character Name and Backstory on Character _________________________________________ Rules- +1. NO TROLLING/NO INSIDING +2. If the stat is not shown below, it is at Official Levels and Multipliers +3a. No Wiping is allowed. This is to keep the population on the server alive and well and not cause people to leave. +3b. If you raiding or participating in a war, (There is a difference) take what you need to take and leave. Unnecessary breaking of structures is against the rules and penalties will be enforced. +4. Difference between Raiding & War: 💢Raiding: Small Scale attacks that your tribe initiates where you break into another Tribe’s property to steal resources ⭕️: -Breaking Doors, Walls, etc. to access resources, BP’s, etc. ❌: -Can’t kill passive tames -(If you want to kill passive tames and break into safes, you must initiate a War) 💢War: Large Scale Attacks between 2 or more tribes that begin because of disputes between Unwarranted Violence, Land and Property Lines, etc. (Main Purpose of War but it doesn’t haven’t to be is to take over Kingdoms. How to take over Kingdoms is explained in rule #5) ⭕️: -Can kill all tames of Opposing Tribes -Can break into structures that contain resources to steal them. ❌: Can’t wipe kingdoms +5. How to take over Kingdoms: Taking over a Kingdom means that you become the new King/Queen in that respective Kingdom. You must complete 2 of the 3 Objectives +5a. You must Take the Given Note with the code on it to the Specified Location as determined by the Admins(Required) +5b. You must Capture the King or Queen and take their Living Body/ Dead Body/ Speciman Implant to the Specified Location as determined by the Admins (Optional) +5c. You must take all of the Artifacts located in the Kingdom within 12 hours and take them to the Specified Location as determined by the Admins. +6. How to start a Kingdom: Starting a Kingdom means that 5 or more people come together to control a piece of land and are given ___ Behemoth Gates, can claim an Apex Animal, and a King/Queen controls everything from the Rules the Economy to the Delegation of Jobs. +6a. Must have 5+ people in your Kingdom(Will become 10 when the server gets bigger) +6b. Must have: 1 Throne Room 1 Store 1 Hotel Houses for the original tribe members 1 Animal Pen/Garage +7. You may apply for Kingdomship once a week and you get 24 hours of Protection to fully reach the necessary requirements to become a Kingdom. To apply you must have: 5+ people 1 Store 1 Hotel Land Claiming Markers 10 Behemoth Gates +8. The Wastelands, which is any area that isn’t occupied by a Kingdom, is a complete PvP area +9. The Community Kingdom will contain a: Store: Will contain Limited Time items and Blueprints Bank: Place to store important items for a cost depending on rarity and quality of item +10. If a player or group of players collectively turn in a player’s Speciman Implant 10 Times, that player will be forced to start over from level 1. +10a. When turning in Speciman Implants for high ranking players in a Kingdom, you will be paid: King/Queen- _____ 2nd in Command- _____ +11. To be a PvE player/tribe, you must put “PvE” in your character and tribe name and can only switch between PvE and PvP every 2 weeks. No player/tribe with the “PvE” tag can be attacked or attack anyone under any circumstance. +12. Any chat in game must take place in the realm of Roleplaying, which means conversation that doesn’t pertain to any subject outside of the story is prohibited. +13. NO META-GAMING: Gaining Information on a Character and their Location via Streaming and other outside sources is Prohibited +14. MUST JOIN FACEBOOK PAGE AND/OR DISCORD SERVER +15. BLACK PEARLS IS THE CURRENCY +16. First Few Weeks will be an experimental phase. Stats and Rules are liable to change _________________________________________ _________________________________________ General Difficulty Level- 0.1x XP Multiplier- 2x Harvest Amount- 8x Player Water/Food/Stam Drain- 0.5x Dino Food/Stam Drain- 0.5x Max Players In Tribe- 6 _______________________________________ Taming Taming Speed- 3x _______________________________________ Crops Crop Growth Speed- 2.5x Crop Decay Speed- 2x _______________________________________ Spoil/Decomposition Spoil Time- 2x Item Decomposition- 2x Corpse Decomposition- 2x _______________________________________ Breeding Egg Hatch Speed- 20x Baby Mature Speed- 20x Baby Food Consumption- 0.5x Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier- 0.2x Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier- 3x Baby Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality SM- 0.5x _______________________________________ Player Stats Health- 2x (20) Stamina- 2.5x (25) Oxygen- 1.25x (25) Food- 5x (50) Water- 5x (50) Weight- 10x (100) Damage- 2x (10) Speed- 5x (7.5) Fortitude- 2.5x (2) _______________________________________ Tamed Dino Stats Weight- 5x _______________________________________ Misc. Increase Platform Structure Limit- 3x __________________________________________________________________________________ Random Information: 1. First 10-15 people on the Server gets a starter pack when they first get on the server and when they make/join a Kingdom 2. Donations always help with keeping the server up and running and with the help of donations from members of the server, I can increase the quality of the server and the amount of people that can be on the server😁 3. People who donate will get in game perks and resources and animals depending on the amount that was donated.
  16. Ginger's 3xExp 4xHarvest 15xTame Decent Boost! Hello, I'm trying to ramp up the activity on my server as it has been a little quiet the last couple weeks. It is a hosted server on Nitrado for the PS4 and It is boosted in all areas. We have a good community of players and a PSN community to follow what is happening with the server. Everyone is able to join, no need to ask here. Just search Ginger in the search bar with the Ragnarok map selected and PC Hosted Servers selected. The server currently only has 10 slots as I just lowered the player count. If activity starts to pick back up then I will ramp up the player slots again. Large tribes are welcome as well. If you have any questions you can message me here or on PSN. My gamertag is Ginger_TheGreat.
  17. I put in a ticket with WC support dealing with a Titan that glitched into the the door, started freaking out, flew up in the air and killed everything once it landed. They asked me for evidence which I have pictures and video of this event. I asked them to replace the lost dinos from this as there is a section in support for a killed dino. Then I was told they do not replace dinos due to internal policies. I then asked them why they would have a section in support for this issue that they do not support and asked to see service level agreement and terms of services. I now get an auto response as if they are closing my ticket each time I ask something and it reopens sending me the thank for submitting a ticket thing. They are closing my ticket without telling me this information. I wanted to read through TOS and SLA to understand my responsibility as a customer and the level of support that they outline that they provide. It's frustrating to lose stuff in this game as everyone knows. Even more so when there appears to be a secret rule book that defines how the game runs with all the current bugs and glitches. They way that WC support responding to my issues makes me think they think of them as "Hidden features of the game" Long story short, if you have an issue in the game, either give up and do it over, or find a new game. Support won't help you they will just ignore you.
  18. Ark connection fail

    My cousin created a private non-dedicated server for us to play on but when he invites me and I accept the invite I get a connection error message. Connection failure Not allowed to join private session Why is this? How do we fix it?
  19. Transfering

    Simple Question, will you be able to transfer your person from Ragnarok to aberration?
  20. Hello, I bought a second copy of ARK for this second character that i have. I am having trouble logging into any server. It keeps giving me a message ( see picture attached to this email ). but with my main character, i have no problem logging into the same server. I'm wondering if I can't use 2 different steam accounts through the same computer to log into ARK ? Hope you can help me resolve this problem i am having. thanks
  21. Welcome ! First off i would like to thank you for taking your time to read this hope you take this into consideration. My name Is ManiacFX i Own a boosted Unofficial PC server on PS4 there is more boosted on the server than you think. There is a ot you can do in a short amount of time ! including leveling up pretty fast and gathering a lot and so on. also the only admin is my wife, yes we are adults we like to treat this sever like official trust people at your own risk! but you are all welcome to join and play we are currently a 32 slot sever for now! we are currently looking to increase to 50 slots! hopefully it works out. Also if you would like to contribute to the server and help the server stay up you can donate to my paypal made only for ark! it is connected to my twitch for advertising ! link will be below !! you are not obligated to do so but anything help. this is coming out of my pocket! i also take suggestions too! i hear everyone out! if you have a hard time finding the server add me on PS4 "fma_anime" Paypal= twitch= Youtube= twitter=
  22. Hello again, Like the title states did they ever patch or adjust these guys waking up at night no matter what per their dossier info. I just want know as I want to get a couple of these guys for egg purposes but if they wake up at night still and with this event having longer nights I just want to know where I stand. Any and all help is appreciated Oh also the wiki is not loading, probably everyone on it. Can argent pick these guys up? Using a community trap and just wanted to know that as well. Thanks again.
  23. Ragnarok Boss

    Hello, Yesterday me and my friends tried to fight a boss for the second time this week on Ragnarok, the first time we tought this could happen sometimes but this time it happened again; The Manticore stays in the fight, but the dragon just leaves the area which will make you lose the fight and all of your dinos. It is the second time now that we take 20 rexes with us in the fight en this happens. We understand Ragnarok isn't finished yet but we would really like to fight a boss without asking for admin after losing all rexes because of a bug. I hope you guys can fix this problem as soon as possible, i really like Ragnarok but this is not fun anymore. I will fight the boss again this evening, and i will record the whole fight and post it here so you guys see what is happening. Greetings
  24. GPS Bug

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else is still or has experienced the GPS bug, if you pull it out and then put it away you'll find it will pop up after every interaction. I'm not sure if this is just on Rag Maps or the others as well ? but has anyone worked out a Fix or even experiencing this issue ? it gets really annoying after a while and the alternative is to move it off your person, which is useless in a sense. Thanks in Advance !
  25. Ageless Earth PVPVE Ragnarok XPx8 Tx15 Gx6 Hey all! Recently wiped and ready to go Ragnarok PVPVE server is up and running! Server Website: Steam Group: XP X8 - Increases in Engrams earned. Tame X15 - Increase Baby/Egg rates Gather X6 - Increased resource stats Increases in Engrams earned. Max Wild Dino Level is 399 Max Character Level is 297 Better Stat Increases We're looking to bring more people to the server. 60 Slots. Low Ping// Always online. Admin plays daily. No server wipes are planned. Active admins ensure a clean server so typically no need for wipes. Server PVP Events with prizes! - Survivor Arena up and ready for blood! Not up for raiding? Participate in PVP events at the Arena for prizes and upgrades to gain an advantage! You don't have to raid people but you CAN get raided so hunker down and build that base! Lightly modded for quick logons! Mod List: Structures Plus (S+) Mod ID: 731604991 Classic Flyers Mod Id: 895711211 Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator ModID: 554678442 Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture MOD ID: 764755314 StackMeMore (v1.11) Mod ID is 680481868 AllSkins - Chest MOD ID=813463849 Ammo Pools (Fixed!) MOD ID 925789347 Raft Extender Mod ID: 707081776 Meat Spoiler Mod ID: 569786012 Randi's Halloween Mod MOD ID 1129514366 Rules : Keep it nice in chat. Do not be a toxic towards other people. Light banter and profanity is fine. Offline raiding is forbidden so when you don't see anyone near the base, you're not allowed to raid. Give people a chance to establish themselves before attacking. Avoid Killing Passive dinos if possible. No wiping of bases. Get in. Raid. Get out. Do not destroy whole structure if it can be avoided. Killing players outside their base during resource gathering and taming is frowned upon, but not against the rules. No Trolling. No building and blocking rare resources or obelisks. You may build around them but do not block access. And generally don't be a jerk. Most importantly HAVE FUN!