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Found 756 results

  1. CrystilizedGamer

    Release date?

    Just wondering when ark will be realeased fully on the App Store. (In case I’m not a beta tester)
  2. So while I'll admit it's a cool idea for the game which makes the rare breeding easier. However I'm wondering what really is the point since there is a glitch and the babies die so fricking fast? I found a fertilized dodo egg and since I keept loseing so many I sat there patiently, watched and waited. Once the incubation timer hit zero, three baby dodo's plop out, and run in three different directions. I got one imprinted and fed, then turned to the second and as soon as I walked up to it, at the exact same time it and & number three fell over dead. I was so mad, but one survived so I headed back to it to make sure it was doing ok and then it fell over dead. So I had triplets and they all died. It is so aggravating with the super slim chance of something like that happening, coupled with the fact that the babies die so fast, you can't hardly even keep one alive most of the time, but three at once is absolutely impossible to do. Unless someone else knows something I don't?
  3. AceVP

    Rex Roar Sounds

    What happened to the Rex's Roar, it sounds more like he has a sore throat now... Not played ark in long time.. LOL i dont like rex's anymore the sound of the roar isnt very beastly sounding anymore. Sad. Must say the Raptors are amazing now though.
  4. Hello all, Just today, my ARK started suffering some texturing and rendering issues. Due to the brightness of the sun, my character, my buildings, the Dinosaurs, and all the map had become slightly distorted and meshed up. I've tried meddling with a few of the options, lowering the gamma in game, I even lowered the gamma on my TV itself, but nothing helps. If there's something I'm doing wrong, or if there's a way to fix this error, someone please let me know. I don't want to put my ARK videos on hiatus before I just barely got started.
  5. So I came across something I found strange. It's a giant what looks like gigantosaurus skeleton, and it has a bright glowing blue crystal in its mouth. I'm deep in the purple zone by the element river. I, did some digging. I couldn't find anyone who mentioned this before. If anyone knows what this is, let me know. (I was messing around and using ghost to see how far down I could go before I died and found this spot. I was also at slomo 1000)
  6. Chill as server, love building, pvp and being stupid. Keen as to have anyone whose bored of official etc to come on at the moment theres about 4 of us who play but overall 8ish the server has 32 slots.
  7. Mockingbird77

    Dock Island base build

    Ok so I have tribe of 5 people that have been going strong for about 1 week, we transferred over characters to the server were working on now so we are all high level, we’ve got a full stone base, couple stacks of metal, some basic Dino’s like trike anky ect and we’ve got a pen surrounding them, were working on kibble farms and whatnot, but at the moment we’re running out of stuff to do. Upgrading to metal seems a long way away, and we’re definitely not ready for that, we use a raft and pteranodons to go to the main land due to the fact we live on dock island, not sure what tame or build we should go for next, anybody got any ideas?
  8. Does anybody know if S+ will be added to console? I would love to see it added to console. Right now I feel like building is very limited on the base game and S+ would bring out more creative builds from console players.
  9. Nestaman360


    This mod is abandoned, the problem is that we have many players in Primitive +, in my case with a server rented in Nitrado playing on Xbox One, and we have not received any message from Widcard, the feeling is total abandonment. Someone from the wildcard studio can give a reply and tell us if they are at least looking to solve the problem.
  10. Is it just me or does the Argy not work on primitive plus? As it doesn't pick up anything at times and doesn't have the pick up animation. Any suggestions? Or is this a well known bug the devs won't fix?
  11. Skydragon21

    PS4 primitive plus bug

    I load up primitive plus as usual. I go into any of the maps I own and I still have all of the vanilla ark items. Nothing from primitive plus is in the game. If I sit on the main menu for primitive plus it loads the primitive plus items but when I go to play the vanilla items are still in.
  12. o0oNightmareo0o

    Authentic Cthulhu!!!

    Like the title says, I would love to see a legit Cthulhu in the sea. The first of its kind in Ark, a world boss that gives elements or extremely rare loot. Almost impossible to kill, but easy to die from. Hmm.. what is a Cthulhu you might ask? It is the brainchild of a H.P. Lovecraft. Let me google that for you. per Wiki.. In "The Call of Cthulhu", H. P. Lovecraft describes a statue of Cthulhu as "A monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings behind."[9] Cthulhu has been described in appearance as resembling an octopus, a dragon and a human caricature, hundreds of meters tall, with webbed human-looking arms and legs and a pair of rudimentary wings on its back.[9] Cthulhu's head is depicted as similar to the entirety of a gigantic octopus, with an unknown number of tentacles surrounding its supposed mouth. Simply looking upon the creature drives the viewer insane, a trait shared by many of the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods. .............................................................Basically, its crazy badazz. Or something based on it, something human, but Godlike, from the depths of the sea. Tentacles, multiple heads, worm like, man like, truly horrific. And the best part... It drops element in world!!!
  13. LsJade

    Ark Map Crashes

    So I was playing on Ragnarok and some time went by and I crashed, then I went to play on Scorched Earth and some time went by and I crashed again, I don't know If I'm doing something wrong or If anyone else Is having this problem, It has happened multiple times In the past and everything I've done was deleted. Its happening to my sister too, we were playing online on Ragnarok and we both kept on crashing. It seems like the only map that works Is The Island but I have yet to try The Center and Aberration. If others are having the same problem I would like to bring light to this issue and hope It gets fixed soon.
  14. Ch0c0latemilk12

    Ark Mobile Supported devices

    Developers of ark mobile, iphone 6 wasn't, or is not supported for ark mobile. but being invited i tried it on iphone 6 and it works perfectly fine. it is playable and doesnt lag like youd think it would.
  15. NEW pc unoffical session ORP server 'Ark The way ORP should be - 15x'. 15x harvesting 12.5x breeding and incubation boosted weight to character and dinos boosted fortitude to players boosted XP gain longer days / nights tribe imprinting no ORP cheating (Admin will wipe and kick those who do) friendly community no admin abuse Facebook page account: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1715369945213437/ PS4 server chat: contact via PSN; trevorsanders, QueenieBeeez or RavenHawk06 for an add
  16. alwaysdeadinark


    I. Tamed. A. Unicorn!! The rarest creature in Ark! It’s crazy! It’s a level 26 on my single player. It’s been on my beach for a while now, and until I looked it up, I didn’t know one spawns in the world. So, I grew about 30 carrots, and tamed em up! Hopefully I find an opposite gender to breed them and possibly, even a mutation!
  17. ARK 2: The Return of the Dodo ? From Jesse: “I think, you know, as we get down the line, over the next year or two, ARK needs to have a sequel at some point. It’s definitely gonna be on our minds about when it’s the right time to something like that.”
  18. hello. im looking for help, i have a issue with a ark offical fresh server. i cant get in the server my ark tab out and closed the game and restart it i cant get in the server help plzzz
  19. Freggel


    Hello together, 😢im feeling really down right now but thats my problem. I just want to know what is pvp in ark ? And can i play the game good and can i build a base on a not so populated official server? I played pve right now but im looking for pvp with friends against other tribes. I have a job and im not able to play 24/7 is there offline raidprotection? I have a life too you know and i have to sleep. Is the pvp system good? I want to start on a 30/70 player server something like that and i dont want to play against alpha tribes . Everyone should be at the same level. I want a skill based game. Or is it how much time you invest? I hope you can help me out. Thank you guys! Best regards, Freggel
  20. Hello, i run a dedicated server on xbox. A few days ago i could log on and everything was fine, however, now when i try to log in, my game just locks at a black screen after it gets off the loading screens. I cant open up menus or even see dino tags. Im the only one this is happening to. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled ark, reset both xbox to clear cache and i have an open nat type with 0 packet loss. Im at a loss of what to do now. Please help!
  21. Hi everyone. I need help, and I dont even know if it cant be done...Please advise. This is on my private server. I was under the impression I could "tame" a reaper in aberration and then upload it and transfer it to another map... like Ragnarok. I "DOTAME" 10 reapers on my private server, I went to my transmitter and I uploaded the wrong reaper into the Transmitter, and proceeded to downloaded it. It downloaded just fine. I uploaded the correct reapers, 8 in total, and logged out of Aberration and logged into Ragnarok. As soon as I logged into Ragnarok and accessed the Transmitter, the "UPLOADED TAMED CREATURES" were all greyed out. They are stuck. I even went to an Ob and they are still Greyed out. I have tried uploading other tames like an Anky and ovis.. they upload just fine, but since the top listed Tames are Reapers... I can not access anything under the reapers. So Now I have tames Stuck in my Creatures Tab that I can not download from. I went back to Aberration and I still can not download the Reapers.. they are stuck... I dont understand. How was I able to upload the incorrect lvl reaper and then download it... but when I uploaded the correct lvl reapers... they are all stuck. Is this normal? Are reapers not allowed in the Ob or Transmitter? Are reapers not allowed on other maps besides Aberration? Please advise. The only thing I can think of is to WIPE my private server and start all over, character / Data / and all... but Ive got some hardcore Color Mutations that I dont want to lose. Please help. I have attached an image.
  22. Hey everybody, Sepheroth815 here, got a new server you may want to check out. Very limited players and clans are even fewer. Server Name: Valkenheim abb clusterboosted with drops Basic Server info: This server takes place on Ragnarok, there’s very few people on and even fewer clans. If you want to enjoy Ark on a level you can enjoy without engaging with annoying PVP killings every 5 seconds and annoying noobs who cage you as soon as you spawn this server may be for you. Come by and grab a plot to set up your base in an area with the best resources. Main Goal: Our main goal is to enjoy the server as the developers intended, no mandatory server costs or bossy clans demanding you alliance or tribe up. Enjoy the server at your leisure at your own pace. Boosts: Our server is boosted, but without taking away from the need to work to survive. Weight, food, drink, and experience is boosted, but don’t let that fool you. If you make a wrong turn you’ll find yourself in the belly of a Rex real fast. Admins: There are 4 admins: SportyDuck, Kit159, Scott_Hess556, and Sepheroth815(Myself). We also want to enjoy the game as it was intended without dealing with day to day issues you see in most servers. But with that being said we are also not here to serve you(I.E. Force growing bred tames, spawning resources and spawning in items your able to get with a little hard work), so if that’s what your looking for this server isn’t for you. At the same time if you ever have an issue (even if we’re offline) feel free to PM anyone of us and we’ll be happy to help. (Also, every new member receives a starter kit given to them at our welcome center) Events: We do host events from time to time, they are optional, not required. Participate in these evens do win awesome prizes!!! Security and Laws(rules of the server): We as admins WILL NOT overstep our bounds when it comes to your privacy, bases or decisions when it comes to your experience. However, there will be no: Offline raiding Derogatory language used in threatening manor Declaring war on tribes or bases far beyond your tech or personal levels No caging other players No foundation wiping If any of these rules are disobeyed after 2 warnings (depending on severity), the full force of the law will descend upon you (we enjoy that part a little too much). But stick to the rules and play the game as it was intended. Join tribes, create your own, build your bases as big as possible, tame the untamable, or ride a gigantasaurus into battle the bosses and everybody can have fun. With that being said I hope to see you guys on the Ark. Sincerely, Sepheroth815
  23. OfficialDoomsy

    Discord Server

    Hey there, Like many others - I have a Discord set up that I am trying to populate, but mine is not centered around Ark although it does have a dedicated Ark channels. Dependent on the amount of players who focus on Ark - I will form administration and more channels to accommodate as well as get some private server hosting and/or get some events going on for our little miniature community. Please join us, and help me in forming a mature gaming environment centered around all PC gaming, with a keen focus on games like Ark. https://discord.gg/JM7D4Vy Doomsy
  24. Hey, would having security camera for making sure your base is secure? You could have a computer with a cable connecting to the camera and multiple cameras through the base. I just think it would be kinda fun.