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  1. MajorPayneXII

    Broken Game??!

    Can someone explain why this popular game that has been out for roughly three years and developers have yet to fix game breaking problems? I've played ever since it was in early release for xbox, and have had problems with my game freezing, randomly closing, and worst of all just not working ever since it came out. Just like many other people that enjoy this game immensely, I went out and purchased a second xbox to run my own dedicated server. I have had nothing but problems with this game ever since I made the decision. From corrupt saves, to servers just not loading, and having to restart my xbox countless times just to try to play (and try to get friends into servers). This game could have been so much better on release and now, if these problems were fixed long ago. Other games have their crap together and provide nearly flawless interfaces and game mechanics to allow the user a non-problematic experience. Minecraft for example, has never had a single problem for me and my friends ever since it was released. This game has a much more potential for an enjoyable experience for players that want more than just pixelated blocks to build with. Why can't they deliver this experience? The developers decided to release the game for mobile devices, but have yet to fix their game. I don't fully understand the logic behind it. So, if anyone has any information on how I could fix their game, specifically for an xbox dedicated server not allowing players to join, please let me know. Edit: Here is another thread I didn't have to even look for because there are so many, of a person with way more time played in this game and his rant on more problems this game has. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/349830-had-enough/
  2. Turok22

    Please Help Me!

    I have previously run a dedicated server on an xbox without any problems. I stopped playing for a while, but now I am having issues. I attempted to game share two of my Xbox live accounts in order to only have to purchase 1 copy of aberration. My dedicated xbox server would be joinable upon start up of the server, however after a brief period would be unjoinable. The server never showed up in the server searches either. There seemed to be a possible correlation that when the one xbox live account was not online the server xbox would have issues of being unoinable. Also the server xbox was unable to invite friends. The server xbox seemed to be running when looking at it, but no one was able to join. I thought that maybe i needed to own two copies so I bought a second copy on the server xbox and still had the same problem. Both xbox live accounts now had copies so i thought maybe it was the game sharing aspect. I deleted the opposite xbox live accounts and returned the home xbox status back to their own. Still had problems. Ensured that the xbox turn off settings was off and it was. Tried to change the port number and didnt work. Ran out of ideas so I decided to reboot the game and reinstall. It still didnt work. I made sure to delete all ark data and sadly removed all of my hard work and amazing cliff side city. It was worth losing this to attempt fixing the problem so that my friends and I can join without me having to constantly restart the server. II was concerned that the pervious game sharing was still possibly part of the problem even though I was no longer game sharing so I decided to restore my server xbox to factory settings. Went to store on my server gamer tag and showed that I owned ark base game and aberation like before. Reinstalled that game again and still had problems. I have also tried changing the name of the server, trying different maps, contacting server outages, restarting internet, trying server with and without passwords, trying to host server on other xbox live account. One is xbox other is xbox x so that is not issue either. I have excellent internet speeds and the server xbox is also wired. I have tried it with wireless and no success as well. Ark will be unplayable for my friends and I if this server problem can not be fixed so someone please help me.
  3. Hello everyone, it happens that using the tame request, some of my dinosaurs disappear from the game and are no longer on the list, it is very annoying after losing hours of play to find and train them. How is it possible? Now I'm afraid to use it, do somethng please! It was very usefull...
  4. Defourthkitten

    Strange Hologram on aberration surface

    So I was playing ark on single player with my brother on my ps4, on aberration, when I saw this hologram screen. At the bottom it said: 24 12 The screen was held by something that looked like a row of tek fence foundations. I tried walking into it and I went through. Then I shot it and I died. Does anyone know what it is. I couldn't find ANYTHING on google. Also: it wasn't in a cave or anything like. It was on cliff above the surface
  5. FunSmiley

    Servers down

    Why are servers going down or can't be found?
  6. Hey guys, for anyone who hasn't played on mobile yet, or not much I wanted to warn you. After about 2 hours of playing, it gets crazy. Heres a video that is after about 2 hours of gameplay. Enjoy. Specs: Razer phone Snapdragon 835 8gb of ram
  7. matti

    Singleplayer Dino levels

    For singe player, I have been playing and am currently level 50 but it is impossible to find a Dino above level 30 so I'm wondering if theres a way to get higher level Dinos in single player. I know on multiplier there are different difficulties for higher level Dinos and a more challenging gameplay so please implement this into single player also.
  8. joshuam303

    Prison on the water help ?

    Hi! I asked this the other day on reddit and found out building pillars from the bottom of the ocean to the top works as a water base since I wanted to make a massive prison and boats have limits, but I finally after days got to the top but can't seem to build above the water even though the rest was able to be build ? all pillars are connected to the ground so I don't see what the issue is, can anyone help? https://imgur.com/a/pEN7o9l that's the pics I took
  9. We are looking for people to populate our servers. We have super laid back admins. Center map PVE boosted Currently only 4 people play on this server. Dino levels up to 500. Strictly PVE! We do events and are in the process of building a community center with a shop. aberration PVP boosted -dino levels up to 300. 4 people play on here. No rules. Strictly brutal PVP. Dont whine if you get wiped. Rebuild and get revenge. Admins are here just to monitor and run events/the shop. We do not replace lost tames.
  10. Hi ! I have been trying to place a raft and motorboat but for some reason they seem to be grayed out? I do have some mods and I am on the water, I did use console commands to get them here's the mod I have installed for the server Accessories Plus eco's RP Decor BeeFe Brews Solar Panel Un-Nerfed Flyers Currency mod But none of these mods have any relation to boats so no idea why they wouldn't work
  11. As I'm sure you all know Ark: Survival Evolved even on the base installation is an absolutely huge game, and as someone with hundreds of hours and mods and sp content etc. I was looking for ways to reduce the size of my Ark installation, through internet research I've already discovered that I could safely (and already have done) delete the SeekFreeContent folder, and everything excluding The Island, The Center, and Ragnarok from my Mods folder. What else is safe to delete without hurting my vanilla ark installation? Cheers in advance
  12. I am starting fresh on small tribe servers and I was wondering what is your guys oppinion on a starting mount that is versitile and able to hold its own weight?! 1)Ptrenadons - are amazing when bred but little weight and stam become very tiedious to use 2)Argies - are super useful especially with the smithy saddle however slow and difficult to store and stay under the radar 3)Iguanadons - not so popular to find however no stam and can put up a fight 4)Dire bears - amazing stats can hold its weigjt but very hard for an early tame Whats your suggestions!? Let me know your oppinions Brutal69
  13. Hi Im Th3shuff13b0t454, but you may call me B0t. I rent a gportal server for ark on ps4. i have 10 slots on Ragnark now but i am willing to go up to twenty now and maybe more later when i have the avaliabe funds. i would like to have 10 slots on ragnarok and 10 slots on aberration. I am willing to negotiate on server settings and i am going to do a server wipe and start new. i work 10+ hours a day so I really only get to play after 5pm eastern time, and I usually go to bed around 10 or 11pm. Weekends are a hit and miss but I love ark and try to play and much and I can. I have a headset for the ps4, so if you have one that would be a plus. 21 and over please, I don't descriminate but I have my own kids to deal with. Lets start a conversation and see how many of you would like to game on a reliable server. B0t signing out. P.s. My Ps4 tag is the same as my username.
  14. Looking for new or existing players that want to experience Ark in a casual way, without pillared maps and enjoy what this game has to offer. Currently have 2 map cluster 10 players max on each ; Abberation and Ragnarok. Working on expanding for another server to host Sorched Earth, The Island or The Center. Abberation Server is 3x Tame,Xp,Harvesting,Maturing all the time, this server will follow official server evolution events with a minor custom increase. It will never go below 3x. And the evolution events will be kept fair. No admin cheats. This server is clustered with a Ragnarok server. Any special announcement will be in the message of the day in game. Ragnarok is boosted to cut out the fat that Ark: Survival Evolved has... The grind!!! You still have to grind but you don’t have to grind for 6 hours for 200 Ingots. This helps you enjoy the other aspects without letting the grind ruin the game for you. The server is set to fair and reasonable settings 6x Tame, Harvesting, Xp. 8x Maturing. Mating every 3-4 hours. Egg lay interval is doubled to prevent egg farms affecting Tame cap. Official server holiday events will be on both servers. Any changes will be in the message of the day. For more info or interested in joining these servers contact Fernyv12 via PlayStation message. Looking forward to see more peeps join. Thanks
  15. Hey and welcome ! I would like to invite you to our new Ark Survival Evolved Discord server where u would be able to find new teamates to play with new friends new... new way to play ARK ! the server link is : https://discord.gg/6wJ3WpM please share it around with your family and friends ! Hope to see you there ! (this server is not only for ark but to other many games)
  16. rubeen15

    Transferir personaje

    Hola gente, necesito ayuda urgente, estoy en un servidor pvp oficial, y me gustaría salir de él, ya que se esta quedando vacío y la poca gente que queda sólo hace que fastidiar, pero el tema es, voy a uno de los obeliscos y sólo me salen 4 servidores a donde ir, del mismo grupo pero diferente mapa, por que no me salen todos los servidores pvp que hay? Y porque no me deja guardar datos del personaje? Porfavor estoy arto del servidor en el que estoy, muchas gracias!!
  17. I was thinking about ARK and it's potential sequel and I think that an Adventure/Narrative game would be awesome, he can also be a spin-off! The game would be called "ARK: Chronicles" sort of episodic, each episode would have the name of the survivor being played, and by survivor, I mean a survivor from the Explorer Notes (like Helena, Rockwell, Diana,...). As they develop an episode of "ARK: Chronicles", they will still be able to develop new content for the original survival game! So, every episode would put us in the shoes of a survivor from the Explorer Notes: First Episode: "ARK: Chronicles - Helena" (I'm not good at creating titles): We could play Helena's arrival on the Island until the end of her story in Extinction, or maybe even go beyond Extinction. We would see why not sequences where Helena studies dinosaurs and create the famous Dino Dossier, her meeting with the other characters and her Ascensions. Second Episode: "ARK: Chronicles - Rockwell": Like Helena, we could play his arrival on The Island until its transformation in Aberration, we would know a little more about his reasons to inject himself with Element. We could see sequences where Rockwell studies the plants and create the famous Rockwell recipes. Third Episode: "ARK: Chronicles - Mei-Yin Li": Like the others, we could play his arrival too until the end of her story. We could find out more about his taming skills and the reason why everyone calls her the "Queen Beast". And others Episodes for others characters like Diana. The characters who have not survived for a long time could appear in the episodes of the main characters such as Nerva (who was present only on The Island) or Rusty (who is the teammate of Diana on Aberration). That means there would be 3 or 4 main episodes! I really want to know more about their story because in an ARK: Survival Evolved, we arrive well after the events of the Explorer Notes and it's a survival game, so the story is only in the background! I think a sequel or a Spin-off where we would play their story would be really interesting! The story is very rich and very interesting and I think that in ARK it is not sufficiently exploited, which is really a shame because it has a real potential! I'd like to know your opinion on that, and if anyone from Studio Wildcard reads this I'd also like to know a lot about yours !
  18. I’m online a lot and will do whatever I need to. If interested msg jamowowbagger on Xbox
  19. I tried force feeding Kibble to a Therizino and nothing happened so I tried switching over to the kibble on the hot bar but all that happens is that my character eats it, does anyone know how to feed the kibble?
  20. The day after ARKeology launched, a friend of mine and myself were playing on my dedicated server cross-platform (we play on Xbox, the server runs off my home PC) after logging in we noticed lots of things wrong - missing dinosaurs, locked out of our buildings because the tribe no longer owned them, and even seeing our characters still unconscious on the ground. After many restarts, we concluded this was a savefile corruption and, rather disgruntled, left it at that for a couple of days. It may be of use to note that a day earlier before we lost the savefiles, my friend encountered a peculiar issue - I'd never seen anything like it before. He found that singleplayer loading crashed and that trying to connect to my server also crashed him, but found that upon reloading the game, post crashing from attempted server connection, that all of the textures were horribly distorted. The main menu looked like a convoluted evening of Garry's Mod, and he would still crash. Bizarrely, this bug would then carry over into other games, disc or not, once he'd tried and failed to join the server. The game he tested was Halo 5 and sure enough, the main menu looked like it had been through a meat grinder. However, a hard reset did the trick of fixing this issue until he again failed to connect. We deemed the solution to be a full reinstall - 90GB of 30 hours... we also deemed the culprit to be a bad install of the ARKeology update. So the reinstall is finally finished and its Saturday - yesterday at the date of this posting, and a fresh server is loaded and he attempts to connect... with no luck. Singleplayer too doesn't work and it just keeps crashing upon any action done to try an play the game, he also discovered that the game would simply close after 90 seconds sat on the main menu (he tried and timed this 3 times to the same result) after NAT type checks, many hard resets and router restarting... We deemed the solution to be a full reinstall... we deemed the culprit to be the recent v774.1 update for the Xbox version. Seven hours ago I received word from him that at 10.23GB of installing completed, he gets the notification "installation stopped" and it won't progress. I'm not sure if this is an issue with ARK or not but I felt I should include it here just in case. As of now, he is letting the update sit, to see if it fixes itself. I've no idea why this has happened to him, we both just want to play some of our favourite game, but can't because recently his game just keeps breaking. Mind that he hasn't had any issues like this for over a year when we all had them, back then the game was still in early access. If anyone has any ideas on how we can potentially fix this we welcome them with open arms, because this is getting ridiculous...
  21. This has been happening since yesterdays update. I am unable to play both Singleplayer and Multiplayer, everytime I go to a game session in either the loading is stuck on "PrimalGameData_BP". My game is unplayable right now if anybody knows a fin I would appreciate it a lot!
  22. Eagle5567

    server Need a new PvP server

    Hi I need a new friendly official ps4 PvP server that I could join, the alpha clan on ps4 server 133 wiped me out twice, they don't let you play the game or gain any advantage at all. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you
  23. HectorHellious

    Issues and Bugs

    I run a Prim + server and there are many issues. I will put them in a list to make it easy. Items Fresh Poultry - eating raw has do side effect Using Prim+ Consumables to tame is unbalanced Many items cannot be colored Event Skins do not show in the cooking pot Market Stall and Trade Boxes are either unclear how to use or broken Mailbox is broken Non Prim+ Items - Some items cannot be placed or used even with the AdminCheat GiveEngrams Preserving Salt - Cannot be placed into any type of storage besides Vessels on Prim + ATV - When Spawned they are extremely buggy Tames Ability to toggle off flier nerf has not been added (must have been forgot about) If add the Karkinos to any map they become a plague and over spawn causing the server to crash (I know it does this on Ragnarok but others say it does this on Island and Scorched) Compys and other small tames cannot be colored Summon Dino - Many Event Dinos (DodoRex, Turkey, etc.) Some Bosses, and many Aberration Variants and some Dinos wont spawn via ID Features In game chat is staticy and doesn't fade when walking away (all sound should fade or grow as you get closer or farther from something Ice Dungeon is buggy (falling through map in spots, walking through parts of the ground) Life Labyrinth buggy (buttons are buggy and hard to press) Not understanding how to make fortitude effect temperature. (Want to make it that 50 fortitude can let you wear ascendant iron armor every wear without burning or freezing to death or at least make it to wearing primitive fur armor works fine in Murder Snow) Dropping your inventory drops items that are in folders too Suggestions Add Steam Punk style to Prim+ or ark as a whole (items, skins, etc.) Add more dino skins or dinos (would love a Archelon or Lemur) Add ability to get plants from other servers to spawn naturally (I want to add the aberration mushrooms and plant z to caves and redwoods) News on new mods coming to official ark (like DragonPunk) If I missed anything comment below so devs can get onto it. Also I will change this list as thing as things get fixed or more issues are found/created
  24. With the recent announcement of Extinction via a livestream trailer, I eagerly look forward to sinking time into it, but I wonder... Whats next for ARK? Past Extinction, I don't believe the community know anything yet, perhaps it will be revealed post Extinction or sooner. But in the meantime, its always fun to have a brainstorm. So, I ask you, what do you think or hope is coming to the game next? Personally, I'm hoping for more maps in the vein of Ragnarok - large open wilderness maps to explore, without all of the Tek aesthetic. Let me know, let's start a discussion! -SneakyMcGee
  25. Joswana216

    Ark ios higher dino levels?

    Sorry for my english, I would like to know if there is any way for wild dinosaurs to appear at a higher level, 100+ at least, i play on single player, and all the dinos that I have seen do not go beyond level 20, I do not know what to do, and I do not want Play in multiplayer since you can only have 12 dinos, and im in a hard zone but only see levels 2 or 4