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Found 1604 results

  1. GREETINGS! First of all, wee want to invite any who read this to my brand new 24/7 (pvp) server. If you decide to join our land, we encourage you to play fair, keeping all those negative things away... those that made us seek for a place where our time wont get lost or wasted, like those official servers. The admin and moderator, will do the best to monitorize and check all the suggestions and posible complaints, to ensure anyone a happy game time. HOW TO JOIN: all you have to do is: 1. open the game 2. press (windows + r) keys 3. paste the following adress: steam://connect/ 4. press enter and done! this might take you inside the server! RULES AND SUGESTIONS AND OTHERS: At the moment, there's not any specific rule... just play a fair PVP...nevertheless, we will implement some rules in order to keep the order among all the players, there wont be any weird or crazy rule, but first we will anounce it and hear your apinion. The server is fresh new, so there shouldnt be anything or anyone that could cause you troubles. About the mods, we might add a few eventually, we are just not sure which to pick from the list without breaking the server at any posible way. (we are open to receive any suggestion and maybe consider adding it) For now, the only changes from the vanilla version is an increase (X3) on everything in the game. we could decrease or increase it depending on how the server evolves over time. In adition, there wont be any wipe in this server and we will set an offline protection for a period of time, that could change depending again on the server's evolution. We will create a website eventually, where you could check all news, add sugestions, send reports and etc etc... For now you can contact us directly to our email: [email protected]
  2. New xbox server starting today!! Server is up ADD GAMERTAG -- ARKserverTO 2 admins will be running the server so if it crashes it will be up sooner (hopefully) altho there will be NO admin bases Admin - HerStonedKing - ThreeFeatherUp Slightly boosted but not crazy, instant tame and increased weight, x100 harvest no dino harvesting for lag reasons No rules yet other then a 3 day grace period to build your base unless you raid it ends immediatley, grace is on base not you. Let others have a chance because its always more fun to raid a built base not 4 foundations Going to be creating a community crafting center to help players get further faster. We are easy going so open to most suggestions. UPDATE community center at viking 1 just north of spawn PVP Free zone Join today and become alpha over your friends!
  3. Not a game but a Community!

    What is Void-Gaming? What can it do for me? Why should I waste my time when I can play with my friends? Hello This is "Void" Void-Gaming is a group of gamers with years of experience in a wide array of games who banded together because we were so tired of joining a community that eventually got old and withered away so we all came together to think what could we do so it dawned on us why not make a community to which players want to be a part of Thus from the Void, Void-Gaming came to be. What can we do for you? Well, our group is still somewhat new but we want to give you guys the best experience gaming possible. our members are on a new level we play so many games and feel the negativity of Troll/Toxic players we want to create a place to eliminate that and yes we do have our own little trolly moments but its all in good sport. So it'll be a place where you can feel right at home and seem like you knew the rest of the guys for years even as of just meeting them for the first time. Why should you join? We are a community What is a community? A group of people with a goal in mind we branch to various games between well-known and slightly indie or upcoming and fancy beta tests Now, why not just play with my friends? Well, we are setting up a system to host our own in-game house tournament or competitions. Does that mean there will be PRIZES!!!!! Absolutely Competition is about risk and reward every 2 weeks a tournament will be held to offer a reword for 1st 2nd and 3rd place All we ask is you Help us grow as a community and be respectful to our members.
  4. First off, Hello all starting this in attempt to address some things players would want different.(Attachments, Armor, etc) and here we go, 1.) Attachments: Most players love attachments, as they should. but some attachments aren't quite optimized to the fullest ( Example- **Scopes, shouldn't they be a more useful spyglass ? Not only does it save a equip slot by having it equipped to a rifle, but it make use of weapons more fun, maybe add a new scope capable of zoom and Night vision similar to holo scope. More on attachments .. 2.) attachments should be able to go on all guns and metal bow ( within reason) -laser pointer bow, scoped pistol(simple pistol), holo scope bow, ect.. 3.) Compound bow- It's a metal bow shouldn't it have an array of arrows to pick from? And make them available On all maps as well (Examples of arrows such as metal shocking arrow, metal poison cloud arrow, metal Frost arrow, metal knockout arrow (tranq) (boxing glove lol jk) metal flame arrows, zip line or grappling arrow, metal EMP arrow, and a attachment for bows, ** Quiver ** to sort thru arrows by pressing attachment button with a limit of each per quiver,And making these arrows in chemistry bench, quiver in smith. Or make a **Tek Bow with a feature to cycle thru different effects with attachment button. Armor- 1.) The Armor variety is great, but should higher level armors take more damage? maybe have armor classes ? Shouldn't they absorb more damage and leaving health in better shape than being armor less? Light - Cloth, fur, ghilly, scuba is fine should be weak, meant mainly for temperature control. Medium - *Hide,Chitin, for moderate protection ( or make a new hard leather armor and leave hide in light armor ) Heavy - Flak, Riot, riot obviously should be better than flak but even both standalone don't take near as much damage as needed., most of time it's one to three hit from high levels. Tek - the best protection possible, but shouldn't be outclassed by ascendant riot. Armor Attachments- * make them constant effect until armor broke,u Head/Chest light,(like hikers use) **Arm watch/compass/gps ( think spy kids 2 lol)or just make the track on player arms do something similar after ascending. Skins & Hair -more skins man ! Manticore is great, and we need more now lol -a full set of dragon not just gloves !,talk about tease! - Modern clothes and hats skins -turtle shell backs, sunglasses, masks in general from Halloween to ski mask to anime hair lol - variety is keen and make you feel less identical from everyone else since you can't modify face, - hairstyles, more variety! - hair styles of the ages Emo swoop, Macklemore cut, rocker hair, 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s a couple from each on both sexes . Would make individualization easy Weapons and Tools 1.) Flashlight! Or Tek torchlight! 2.) Tek needs more weapons, a Sniper rifle, Bow, Pistol( think Tek magnum), *Sword & Sheild*, (I think that's in production, ) And no Automatic Tek weapons as of that's tooooooo overpowered. 3.) Tek tools? (1-2 hit gather?) Chainsaw is great and it made me think there could be tek stuff like this. - Tek Pickaxe, Hatchet, Torch/ torchlight (omni-light area of effect) 4.) Tek Vehicles - 4 wheeler, ATV, Helicopter,Jet, submarine, boat. ( I understand it's difficult to implement so not to worried on this but submarine and atv are a definite) I have more but I want to hear others opinions? Do you think they would do some of these? #Jen #Jat opinions?
  5. Well, i rented my own server and i am the admin i can use all cheats and all but whenever i try to open ''ShowMyAdminManager'' I crash? Then i need to restart my game... I wanted to ban people from the server because they brought a 15000007 giga and griffin and wiped the hole server so i wanted to open it and it just let me crash someone know the solution to it?
  6. Hi i have a suggestion for ARK i would like an option where we could lock/unlock items inside of our inventory so you don't accidentally drop them when you are either dropping a lot of unwanted items in your inventory like fiber for example or when you go on a farm run with your dino and your transferring all the stone you gathered from the dino into a storage box
  7. just put up a 24/7 unofficial pc sever for ark survival evolved for ps4 come check it out !! no passwords high resources a little bit easier level but not to easy still have to make the game worth playing... will upgrade the server if it does well please email me at [email protected] if you have any request to make the server better I am available 24/7 as well thank you and enjoy my ark !!
  8. Ark Stories

    So today me and my tribe where exploring a cave the one center on SE and I got to the part with all the mummified bodies and my character freaked out and started dancing this crazy dance now I did get bit by a spider and so I think what happened was the game thought I knocked out but I could still move but when I went 3rd person the rag doll gods had entered my body and demanded I do a dance in front of the boss shrine. I bring this up because the fact I was in front of the hand statue with all the bosses around made it look like a ritual of some kind and I think its funny that the game decided to freak out at that moment... now I think my computer is haunted
  9. Pretty sure you can still dupe with the motorboat method. Not going to say it as others will probably try, my tribe haven't tried it because well duping ruins the game.
  10. Hi, I started a solo game a few weeks ago. I have 2 rex, spino, 5 saber level 150 that Im breeding, quetzal, ankylo, anglerfis, Baryonix and some other. I want to take all the artifacts (have 2) and defeat all bosses. I never did it so, what dinos do you recommend to defeat all? Im afraid if they all die. When all of them are defeated, will I be able to access to the tek cave and ascend, that is the final game, or I will need to ascend Beta and Alpha first? Thank you.
  11. Firstly, I would not create a post for a minor issue. I played the legacy servers. What lead to their demise was the constant lag, rollbacks and duped items. If you are not going to take the lag issue seriously you are going to lose your players at an alarming rate. It's so frustrating to be playing a game (which I really enjoy) and being unable to move around the base without skipping across the screen and running back to the position I started in. How can I recommend this game to friends to purchase with such poor performace? The last 5+ days our server has been at 255+ ping. Please resolve this.
  12. Hello all. I'm here to bring a new server to attention. It is a ps4, unofficial PC session with boosted stats. We are focused on RPG elements with a deep governmental system and hierarchy. We have a central town, friendly people who enjoy friendly competition. If anyone has questions, please message me on PS4 at TheTexasTime or the server owner on PS4 at Tx1slandMama. I will also check regularly for replies here. Thanks.
  13. Tamed by info

    Basically i havnt played for a while cause of work went on the game and tamed the griffin and normally it would say tamed by : psn id now it says tamed by : in game character name any way of sorting this or is it just how it works now lost acess to some of my dinos because of this too
  14. Rented server

    Hello fellow survivors. My friend and i are currently renting an unofficial pc server for the ps4. We have currently 8 slots open for other survivors. We have the server slighlty boosted and we want to have weekly wars or other activities. We are mature have mics and looking for like minded individuals who want to tame build and grow together. No griefing or b.s. here so leave that at the legacy servers. If interested contact either me cheesecurds87 or my friend and co founder scottimo420. See yall on the ark!!
  15. Hello Everyone. Me and a couple of my friends have been on numerous "24/7 Ragnarok Servers" got so far and started to feel like things were coming along nicely and the host has decided to change map or take their server down - some of you may be able to relate - frustrating as ever!!. Due to this we have decided to host our own server that IS going to be "24/7 Ragnarok" - we are an active bunch of lads who usually play 3-4 times a week, however if anybody has any queries we do have the app on our phones to answer any questions or problems you may have. We would like to get the server as ACTIVE as possible with numerous tribes and players. If this sounds like something you/your tribe could be interested in then please get in touch. Server We have created a Community Safe Zone in Viking Bay 3 for new starters that may need a little kick start to get them going. We have a stone house with refining forges, smithy, mortar and pestle and campfire- Use at your own free will. As stated this is a Community Safe Zone - please no attacking one and other here - please also be civil and do not steal one and others crafted items. Rates - Subject to Change upon request by playing members of the community We have been adjusting these as we started out to try get the right happy medium - if you feel like they could be altered slightly - please let us know - we are willing to listen. The rates are increased to give you a slight advantage but not to ruin the aspect and struggles of the map. XP, Harvesting, Taming, Hatching, Maturing, Gathering and Player and Dino stats are all boosted, however nothing too ridiculous - we didn't want to make it too easy for you all! Rules - again open to ideas Passive Tame Kills - This will not be tolerated - however people sometimes like to break the rules - please leave your dinos on Neutral / Aggressive Community Safe Zone - This is a friendly area - please abide by this rule - anyone who breaks it will be punished Please note: this is a PVP server - we expect you to fight one an other We would love for you to come and join our server and community. If you have any questions please either respond below or add gamer tags: W1LS0N91 - that is a zero not an O Benson010 - again 2 zero's To join the host of the server and start playing please add GamerTag: ARK UK GOLD Thanks and may the odds be forever in your favour
  16. Oxide Ark is a UK based server on Ragnarok. We are a fresh server, still under 500 days and we currently average 10 players a night. Host checks in daily to make sure server is running. There are no active admins, but the veterans keep the host informed on the server status. This also means that there are no rules, except for those that the in-game players wish to enforce.* Server settings are slightly boosted to give a little more of a challenge, yet it is still a lot faster than official. Settings can be found on the screenshots of the OxideArk account on xbox. Add OxideArk to join. *While we wont step in on raids or tribe wipes, if a genuine concern is brought to our attention, specifically in regards to alphas bullying little tribes etc. we will step in.
  17. Me and my two friends have played ark a long time but we are much slower on progress because we play on mostly default settings (default difficulty, stats, resource gathering, etc) i tend to play in my own world a lot which is very similar say for a few increased options like spoil time, taming speed (not instantaneous still), and some utility stuff like cave building and flyers. We play on Xbox, single player and non-dedicated host sessions. So ive been looking at the bosses stats on the wiki (which btw severely needs updating) and looking at the numbers i dont see how even high level rexes and such can last against these bosses, my friend went on a test world to spawn some in and see, and the broodmother was dealing 20k damage in under a minute... So basically the question is has anyone beaten the bosses without changing any settings?
  18. 24/7 pvp Ragnarok Map! Taming: 10x Harvesting: 8x Xp: 8x All player stats: 2x Add gamertag ark2xserver to check us out, we want you, so come join us!
  19. I've got a good 247 boosted balanced server on Ragnarok friendly people as well as PVP plenty of space for new players add the noble Lime to join 12 harvest Insta tame no admin
  20. Does anyone have any updates at all when the dossier physical book will be sold standalone? There was a tweet posted 3 months ago about that they're planning to sell it standalone but I have not seen anything about it since then.
  21. Deathmatch Arena mod for Ark. 2 to 10 players battle it out to the death inside Ark's boss Arenas (and 1 custom arena) in Free For All Deathmatch with a random armor and weapons loadout. Works 100% on TheIsland, Scorched Earth & TheCenter right now, "sorta" works on Ragnarok. (visit link for more map compatibility info) Team Deathmatch mode and at least 1 more custom arena coming this weekend! Better Ragnarok support coming as soon as a devkit with Ragnarok files is released. Somewhat similar to the legendary Rocket Arena mods for ID Software's Quake Series. PvE, PvP & Singleplayer Deathmatch Arena Yes, you are 100% able to kill other tribes members in PvE with this mod. Now you can finally get back at that f****r that is always griefing you. If they're man/woman enough to face you in the arena that is...
  22. Ark Classes

    A couple of months ago I started a topic about a preliminary Idea for a class system and decided to come up with a system and wrote them all down here I would really like some feedback on what people think
  23. dinosaur changes

    hello wildcard, i have some suggestions i feel would be wanted in the game, let's get right into it i guess. my first suggestion, is to enable moving while left click harvesting on the mammoth, the right click stomp makes sense to be in one spot, but you should be able to move while shaking your tusks around with left click. secondly, could we get the dunkleosteus to half the weight of obsidian, maybe even the ankylo? it would make sense as metal has been halved, and they are both efficiant at harvesting obsidian. that's all i have to say, thanks for reading, and if you agree, give us a like or rating, however it works lol.
  24. Griffin Questions

    Some things I've thought about... Should the Griffin have a saddle for it? Should the Griffin be able to breed? Should we be able to change the speed of the griffin or flyers in general? Why isn't there a two handed option? Tell me in the comments please...
  25. I used to have an inbox in survive the ark and could send messages. Now I can't and I looked all over in my settings. Please let me know if i'm missing something.