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Found 954 results

  1. Boostedx50247cluster Come join my Ark PS4 Server Clusters (Ragnarok & The Centre) 50X boosted, shop, custom drops, TEK drops, events. The perfect servers for ALL players weather u a Newbie, a Husband and Wife Tribe, or a One Man Tribe ALL Welcome we have NO Admin Abuse, NO Racism, NO Player Griefing! If you have any server ideas join our community if you have any shop ideas pls pm me. Player To Add: FEMF-strypii Server Name: boostedx50247cluster
  2. About Awesome Gaming Community *AGC* Welcome to the Awesome Gaming Community also known as AGC Chances are if you’re reading this that you are looking for a new/improved server to play on. As life plays this way sometimes, we are here looking for dedicated players to join our truly Awesome Gaming Community. So here we are, extending the invite to you and your friends to become a part of our community. A bit about us and who we are: We are a community, and a pretty awesome one - (if you couldn't figure that out by the name yet), that was formed by a handful of dedicated gamers who are in love with this game. We aim to create an environment for gamers that they'll enjoy and love and hopefully tell their friends and family about. Due to this particular server being PvP there are a few rules in place that must be adhered to in order to ensure our server continues to be a fun experience for all rather than just another plain old PVP server that you can join in most official sections of the game - for that reason we ask everybody to please read and understand the rules. PVP Server Rules: Since rules always need to be updated and improved please join our discord to read the most recent ones. Below rules are dated 9/19/17 For most updated rules, please join our Discord here: or our website: (still under construction) By entering our server, each player agrees to the following server rules. Not knowing the rules does not exclude you from the punishment. We do not accept hearsay as proof. You must submit a picture/video of the rule violation in order for us to take action. 1. General Rules · Exploiting In-Game bugs and modifying the game client to give you an advantage over others, is forbidden. · Spamming, permanent post with caps lock, and advertising is forbidden · Racist content is forbidden · We reserve the right to ask you to change your name · Insults and constant stupid comments will be punished by a warning and if continued can result in a ban. (Keep it friendly)[/i] · We speak English in chat. Please keep it that way · If someone else breaks the rules this doesn’t mean you may. (2 wrongs don’t make a right) · Don’t argue with any admin in game. If you disagree with something, you can come into discord and talk it out · All punishments are to the discretion of the admins. If you would like to appeal your ban, use the forums to do so During AGC Server events, the entire map is considered a “Green Zone” whether you are participating or not. No raiding during ongoing events, server message will indicate once the Event has begun & ended. 2. Building Rules · No Building on Obelisks, Artifact Caves, Otter/Penguin Spawns and deep sea loot Crates · Max 2 Rafts per player · No pillar/foundation spam. Remove taming structures after finished taming 3. PVP Rules · No killing of passive dino’s. There are other ways to access their inventory (be creative) · Grieving is forbidden, but we highly support PVP on this server · Open PVP is always allowed, but camping other players bases 24/7 is not granted · Do not put players in cages or keep them tranq’d for more than 30 mins. On raids max 1 hour · Max 1 Alliance. Max 10 Members per tribe · Tribes are limited to 1 Main and 2 sub-bases · Complete base wipes will NOT be tolerated. Get valuable loot but don’t be greedy · No raiding bases over and over again. Give people a chance to rebuild (you just took all their stuff already – don’t be a bully). (Request raid protection here if needed – Rule 4) · Building turret towers near enemy bases to support the raid is not allowed. We want players to have the chance to defend their base. Turret towers need to be close to your base! 4. Raid Protection · Raid protection can be requested and ONLY approved by an admin. Those tribes will be listed on the forum Start time – End time as well they will have a sign posted near the base stating the same · Raid protection can be requested for either new players/tribes or raided players/tribes · Bases with a red/white flag on top have raid protections. Do not raid them. · If you are under raid protection, you can’t raid anybody either! · To receive Raid protection, you may either come to our discord or post a request on the forums What we have: • Active admins that don’t take sides (there are always 3 sides to a story :-)) • Active Players • Regularly plan community events with awesome rewards • Reward Hunts (Multiple Creatures scattered throughout the world wandering around containing awesome treasures - Kill them and claim your reward) • Community Boss Fights What we don’t have: • UNHAPPY PLAYER’S 🙂 Boosts & Increases: • x3 Experience • x3 Gather • x15 Tame • Breeding Increased Mods: • Classic Flyers • Resource Stacks • Automated Ark • Pillars Plus • Platforms Plus • Improved Drops • Resource Stacks • Corpse Finder • Structure Plus • ORP2 • Eco RP Décor • Eco in wonderland Décor • Eco Garden Décor • Currency Mod Contains the following features: • NPC Trader – This mod bundles all the NPC based tables into one mod where you can buy anything you can think of from resources to items to Dino eggs. • Player Trader Mod – This mod bundles all the player to player trade based tables into one mod. • Bounty Hunter Mod – This mod provides your server a complete bounty system. So you will be able to register bounties on other players (or yourself) and to claim either the reward for Dead or Alive Server Information: • Map: Ragnarok There will be a server wipe on 11/22/2017 - No more wipes until the cluster with Aberration • Server IP: • Discord: • Website: CLICK HERE TO JOIN: If you actually took the time and read all of this, why not just give us a try? Come Join AGC – Awesome Gaming Community…Because Gaming is Awesome How to manually favorite our server via Steam • Click View • Click Servers • Click Favorites Tab • Right click into blank area and choose “Add server by IP Address” • Enter the full IP * Port – • Click “Add this address to favorites” * You will now see this server in-game under your favorites tab * MOD ID's - Links found below to subscribe & install prior to joining for the first time
  3. Prim + cross ark transfers

    Does anyone know if Cross-Ark Transfers are coming to Prim +. Just wondering if my tribe needs to start putting up defenses now or not.
  4. Edgy Gaming Hello Arkers, we are a fairly new Server which is open to your ideas and wants to shape a server that is enjoyable to almost everyone ( Obviously it is impossible to please everyone ) we ask nothing of you, just enjoy the server and follow our rules as listed below. Very active admins Helpful Community ( But will take your shoes if you let your guard down ) Frequent Restarts ( Every 6 hours ) Server Location - Los Angeles Number of Mods: 18 (They will be pruned and adjusted to make the server smooth and fun to play! ) ⚔️ Happy Arking ⚔️ Info Our Ark Server: Our Discord: ( All welcome! ) Our Ark Steam group: Rules Will also be changed if needed, nothing is perfect so most likely lots of tweaking along the way. No form of phishing or advertisement in our server. No Hacking or Exploiting glitches, we want a fair environment for our users. If someone is built in a ''OP'' spot then band together to flush the enemy out. Unless it's a cave with more than 8 turrets guarding the entrance. No Spamming in Global. If someone infiltrates your Tribe and ruins you from within, that is your fault. Be more careful when allowing members into your circle. You can use whatever language you like, just do not be repetitive. We believe in freedom of speech and not censoring every little action like most servers, but do not abuse this since it is a two way street. We will mute people who become a drag. No base camping of any kind. Try to get video evidence if you think you are being camped. This really helps your case. Only 8 people per tribe so we do not get the cancerous overpowering alpha tribes coming into our server and ruling over the map. If a utility is open then do NOT destroy it, just take the items and leave it. Remaking chemistry benches can be very tedious. All the mods we use:
  5. Hello, all! We have a 32 slot server up for all to join! It's 24/7 PvPon Ragnarok. We chose PvP, because that's half the fun of ark online, but we want to focus on the late game grind. We've always played on servers and when we got to almost late game, bam! Wiped. It's disheartening, and a waste of effort. We're a tribe of 6, so that leaves 26 slots open for you and your friends! Anyone can join, but if you're specifically looking for a laid back PvP server, where you can choose your battles and not have people just smack you, here it is. No admin abuse, or anything like that. We're just playing the game, just like you. We have had the server up while we optimized the settings, so we won't be attacking anyone unless provoked. We are very serious when we say no admin abuse. If you get to the point where you want to challenge us though, feel free. We love us some PvP. No full wiping, no killing passive tames(but no switching to passive if you attack), and just try to be reasonable. No starter packs and we'll do any painting you guys want at certain times during the week. Server name: Ark with the boys Stats: XP x8 Taming speed x10 Harvesting x4 Food and Dehydration is at 0.5 Lay Egg interval 0.75 Mating multiplier 0.20 Egg Hatch Speed x50 Crop growth speed x4 Baby Mature Speed x15 Player Oxygen 2.0 Melee damage 2.0 Speed 1.5 Stamina 2.0 Health 4.0 Weight 4.0 Temperature fortitude 4.0 Food 2.0 Water 2.0 Dino (tamed) Stamina 3.0 Weight 5.0 Speed 4.0 Health 1.5 Melee damage 1.25 If you're having any troubles joining or finding the server, message me on Xbox! My gamertag is Aimsworth !
  6. Got the new Xbox One X, copied all my metwork settings verbatum over to the new console, hard wored in and now every time i go to join a server i have to go to network settings, go offline, go online and then it lets me in...anyone else having this issue? Any fixes?
  7. An open invitation

    I have Proposition for you. Yes you, as in the person/community (hopefully) reading this post right now! Are you sick of alpha tribes curb stomping your♥♥♥♥♥♥every day? Want a new start in a safe place, yet still experiencing the full extent that PvP has to offer? This invitation stands to all those who have small developing tribes, or tribes looking to make a new interesting start. My tribe is openly accepting the assimilation or alliance of ANY new tribe. You can have 2 or 2000 hours in the game, and you have a place here. We already have a discord and steam group set up. If interested, Please feel free to dm me, so we may all become stronger, Together.
  8. - 24/7 16+ Nitrado Hosted Ark Server - Primitive+ PvE on Ragnarok - Command Logging Enabled - Lite Roleplay (Character name + a back story if you wish) - Currency System (Currency given 10 days after joining) - Weekly Events - Real Life raffles, competitions and prizes . - 6x Gather, Taming and Xp - 16x Hatching and Maturing (+100% imprints are possible) - Boosted stats Players get the following per level; Health = 20, Stamina = 20, Oxygen = 100, Food = 30, Water = 30, Weight = 50, Melee = 10, Movement = 6.8, Fortitude = 8. Dinos have increased weight and minor tweaks to balance. - Boosted Settings 30x Crop Growth, decay resistance etc - It’s a Democracy, the community votes on any changes - No clip (you can build into terrain etc) - Cave flying allowed . - Starter pack = Level 100 Horse and a set of Tools - No trolling - No Pillar Spamming - No Artifcact cave blocking/building - No whining, whinging, moaning or begging - Firm but very fair admins - If any issues occur which are out of your hands, such as dinos randomly dying or being stuck in a glitch please record a video so an admin can replace anything you have lost. Anyone found abusing this generosity will be kicked. The same goes for any grievances with players constantly trolling or insured starter pack dinos dying, evidence is needed to take action or replace. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join our group to gain access to the server: Follow The Hive on other social media: . Join our Discord: Server Donations Link: (rewards for Patreon donators) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Server PVE-EU-Xbox-TheCenter697 down for 3 days please help
  10. Transfer System

    I always feel conflicted with the transfer system in this game. On one hand it allows you to keep certain aspects you like of your character, or get new Tames you otherwise couldn't, But as far as Pvp goes it also allows for Roaming alpha tribes and griefers. How do you all feel about it?
  11. Whenever I choose to play Ark on Xbox, I select any game type or mode and begin loading the map. Without fail, once it begins to load the assets(landscape, sublevel, sky etc...) it kicks me to home without an error. Any help? Reinstalling this game would take me 3 hours and I'd rather not do that.
  12. Hello there yesterday i have been wanting to play ark but can't because of and issues has come up, I start up the game and i am noticeing a green flickering going on when i startup the game. Now my drivers are updated to the latest drivers and also have try'ed a repair for the files. I also have tryed reinstalling the drivers to see if the was the issue aswell
  13. ARK 2: The Return of the Dodo ? From Jesse: “I think, you know, as we get down the line, over the next year or two, ARK needs to have a sequel at some point. It’s definitely gonna be on our minds about when it’s the right time to something like that.”
  14. Do the Ark developers make money from people renting out private servers, or do the costs just go to the server providers?
  15. Join my server that is ran by the site Nitrado. The server name is: 24/7 PVP server. Admin GT— Goatalicious. Xbox one. My GT is Goatalicious if you have any questions. First come first serve on spots!!
  16. Turret change discussion megathread

    Here you go WildCard. You guys always say you wanna hear from the players and what we have to say. This petition has been up for 4 hours. EVERYONE would rather have a laggy base but at least still have purpose to the game. So how about you actually listen to us for once instead of saying you will *cough* flier nerf *cough* *cough* and actually reverse this dumb decision.
  17. Aberration Boss ?

    Hey guys! So Chris released a screen on twitter of his workstation with the Aberration Screensaver. Few interesting Little things in there ! including the Beast that can walk on the ZIP Line, it seems it is able to be ridden ! but anyone notice the tentacles coming out of the Ground ? potential Boss ? or one of the other creatures maybe?I know the devs mentioned wanting a kraken like boss when a water based dlc was mentioned. Maybe theyve found a way to incoperate here. what do you guys think, anything Else you guys see that i may have missed as well !
  18. loot crate bug/glitch ps4

    Hello everybody, My name is Liam and i have a problem. When i open a lootcrate in Ark Ragnarok (maybe the other maps too) i get kicked out of the server. this problem is on ps4. i tried to reinstall the game but that did not work. Does anyone have the solution? Liam van der Valk, (PSN: Liamvalkie)
  19. There is a massive number of unclaimed bred dinosaurs in my ark server. Somewhere in the region of 1000 dinos in this one spot. The issue has its root in bred dinosaurs being born on wandering. This is like the 4th time this has happened, but other times I could enter the area without my game freezing or crashing.
  20. Ark Creature Manager (ACM) lets you Add creatures from mods to any map, any region Stop creatures from spawning Replace one creature with another More info here
  21. so me and my friend got on a new server and we were really excited for it because we knew the alphas right so what happens is we get a stone base going then metal then when we are all offline what do you know people transfer in a level 300 raptoring rex and c4 and [I'm gonna get banned] our base why is this a thing WC as usual its unfair to smaller tribes like everything in your game it makes no sense and is garbage, I've put off doing this because i keep telling myself that it'll get better but what do you do? make new graphics and less of a bs dome for the Xbox one x get your priorities straight fix your poopty game, listen to peoples feedback who Xan actually play it, or you guys will lose all that time you have spent on this game just like me and my friends did our base
  22. Welcome to CretaceousArk Website: Discord: Map 1: Ragnarok Map 2: The Island Welcome to CretaceousArk Keep up-to-date with all the latest server news, join our community and donate! This is CretaceousArk a Xbox One PvP Server where the players decide everything. Discord is our main point of contact for all the players on the server to trade, raid and communicate. Join using the "Click Here To Join Cretaceous Ark" button on the website. The server is Described as, official at a accelerated rate. See the "Server Settings" for more info. We are a Cluster Server where we have multiple servers but only one character, you can transfer them to and from maps using the Obelisk/Beacons/Tek Transmitter.(Dinos and items included) Sever 1 map is Ragnarok and is the main server with 32 player slots available at one time. Server 2 map is The Island and has 10 player slots available at one time. Both of these servers are live and linked together so you can travel to and build on what ever server you wish. Expansion plans Our servers are hosted by Nitrado and can be changed with a simple click of a button if the servers are busy or near the slot cap i will increase the total amount of players we can hold at one time. We have plans to expand in the near future with Aberration just round the corner. When we get a confirmed release date for Aberration DLC i will add another server to the cluster, depending on how many people are interested in playing and building on Aberration It will determine the amount of slots purchase. Server 1: Ragnarok Server 2: The Island We host weekend events that can be double breeding, gather, XP or Taming. If you would like to see another event just suggest it in Discord Our Website is way for us to further engage with our players, on there you will find detailed server stats, rules. We also have a player of the month and a tribe of the month. Server Stats Taming: 6 Gather: 10 XP: 5 Structure Resistance 0.5 PvP Zone Structure Damage: 2x (official is 6x) Mating Interval: 0.2 Egg Hatch: 30 Maturation: 15 Loot Drops and Fishing gives Double Loot Dino Weight Boosted Character Stats fair and balanced Platform Saddles can hold 4x the structure limit ALL SERVER STATS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE GIVING ENOUGH PLAYER WANT IT TO TO MAKE CHANGES TO SERVER STATS/RULES YOU CAN POST IT IN THE SUGGESTIONS SECTION ON OUR DISCORD CHANNEL If you have read all the way to this part you must be wondering how to join? Simply join our discord channel.
  23. Wildcard studios @ PAX East in 2018?

    Question to the Devs, will you be making an appearance at PAX East in 2018? Your presence was missed at PAX East in 2017 but I know you guys were there in 2016. I hope you all decide to make it this coming year as I'm sure all who are attending would love to meet with the Devs as well as get some hands on with whatever you guys are working on.
  24. Weird Love Story?

    Before I start, I just wanted to say I'm a female (just so theres no confusion). So when the new servers came out, i joined one of my friends tribes on a ragnarok map i met on a legacy server. From the beginning I had the feeling we weren't going to last, but I thought, "what the heck! if we get wiped, im done." So a week past by and the mega tribes in the server were just starting to build bigger. I was a grinder for my tribe since day 1. We were a 3 man tribe (since half the tribe wouldn't even get on). I made a deal with a guy from a mega tribe for 6 werewolf skins. My tribe at the time thought they were cool with them. So eventually we moved to a secluded spot on the map. At this point in time, I was given ownership over the tribe. One of my tribe mates was accused of scouting one of the mega tribes bases. I talked to the leader and he was calm, said we didnt have any worries just because i took the time to talk to him. Eventually I gave up my tribe not listening to me and i transferred ownership to the original owner and went to the alpha tribe since they offered. They have told me multiple times they wanted to raid my tribe so bad, but they didnt because of me. I spent about 2-3 weeks in the alpha tribe and got to know some amazing people. I ended up really like this one guy i did the trade with in the beginning. We both decided to leave the tribe for different reasons the same day and we are now building up as alphas on an island map. We have been on this server not even a 2 full days and we are already bigger than the current alphas. I could honestly say, I never felt this way about a guy before. Thank you, Ark!
  25. I currently have a 10 Slot PvP Ragnarok Server All settings are x3 except for Maturation and and Egg laying interval x10. Looking for people who have Nitrado servers for either The Island or Center. I am willing to increase slots/tweak settings. Message me on xbl if interested LethalDraven