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  1. I've found that making noise usually works. Just run around, shoot the megaloceros, etc. You can climb the ruins around the arena to make the fight a bit easier if you arent well equipped
  2. Follow the river down to the beaver dams from the green obi, there are a lot of trees there that might be available
  3. Personally, I know my tribe uses meks and gigas in addition to titans for the king titan fight. During the meteor/element vein phase, a mek with the shield attachment drops the forcefield and the gigas and meks complete the ele vein while inside.
  4. From what I've heard/read, tek foundations are the best for taming effectiveness. Since this is mostly unpractical for a majority of people, I think the second best is greenhouse ceilings. It should only take 20 to tame a 150 on 2x. I could be wrong, bring extra just in case
  5. Definitely stam and damage, maybe a little health. Personally, i don't take much damage on mine and use it to kite other dinos around during ele veins and OSDs, so I don't level health much. Typically I get mine to 3k stam and put the rest into damage
  6. I find salt very useful for raising dinos. If you're able to sit and watch them, salt can help reduce a lot of waste while getting your babies to the juvi stage
  7. Personally, my rag server hasn't been capped since the extinction release. Cryopods really helped the server and made the game feel completely different. To build our kibble farm we had to tame what we could on the island and aberration and transfer it over. Breeding was a nightmare. From what I've heard from friends on other rag servers they've experienced the same thing
  8. We lost a team of boss dinos last weekend to the manticore not landing. Once we hit the 5 minute mark we tried to shoot it down but we didn't have enough time
  9. Thanks for the info! Recently found a 115 from a raptor claus drop and now they seem to drop left and right.
  10. Thanks for the info! I was just saying whats easiest for me based on my set up. I get thatch passively while doing other stuff opposed to making a separate trip for stone
  11. Hey there, You can transfer dust, just remember to pick up the unstable element engram before moving off server. If you can, secure a male/female gacha pair that produce element dust. It's an easy way to generate some element while waiting for a starve tame/watching babies or whatever. I believe the gachas produce 150+ per crystal. Since the crystals last 15 minutes, you can come back to a piece of element or two if you're lucky. To feed them I've been going to the beaver dams, teleporting back with the wood, grinding it into thatch and feeding them that. It's pretty low effort and cost effective. Hope this helps!
  12. Hey, So me and my tribemate have been playing on Ragnarok PvE for about 6 months or so, but we haven't been able to find any argent saddles above about 60 armor. We routinely hit desert loot drops as well as the lava cave boss. Is there anywhere specific we should be looking? I've tried buying them from Island servers but either no one is selling or no one has a decently high armor one. Any suggestions on where to look? We tend to fly around wyvern territory pretty frequently while trading, so the extra survivability is much needed. Thanks!
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