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  1. Last few weeks many people I know have lost they characters, before 2 weeks our tribe member, yesterday we did some trading  in our base, after trade she went to our transmitter and puff, character gone. The Dilo is going on. We play on legacy, so restore is not a option or any kind of help from support. 

  2. Well officially worst day ever, don't know can be worst than this. 

    Player from our  server wanted to do beta king titan, and asked for support. 

    He did his job by taming all 3 titans, so we schould only go in with gigas and meks. Fight started and everything was fine, we had him almost at 20 - 25% HP, than ping 255,  super punch and mine and all others gigas died, he wasn't able to stop him while charging. 

    OK, respawn, go in again. After 1 minute again ping hit realy bad, but this time we got almost all DC. To make it short, nothing survived in king arena.  Well, things like this happens, it's beyond us, so I went home to craft some saddles (bought Rex bp before few days), during crafting, collecting and putting mats in replu I got dc again, wasn't able to join for 30-40  minutes because pc wasn't abble to load map, snapshot 10. 

    When I finally managed to log on, I found myself dead. Everything was gone, Rex bp, long neck bp, nothing in  tribe log, just that I died. 

    Done for today. 

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Lycan187u said:

    He can be 450 but not 451 ....facts ;)

    Not sure about that, i mean i never tried, never saw someone doing it ))))

    I will test it now with 450, if he dies u owe me a rex )) 


    He is aliveee




  4. I was in same situation, some guy gave me 410 baby, I raised him and paired with low levels. It's a proces but worth it.  It's much easier to select stats, from raising from 0. Now I m making baby 370-375 with hp, Stam and meele, and started one more line with only hp and Meele, those one are below 350 so much more room for mutatitions. 

  5. 31 minutes ago, FeyGriffin said:

    Between my 2 accounts, 11,000 hours, but that's since the start of early access & includes a LOT of time where the box was logged into Ark, but I was AFK & not on any server

    I must ask. Did u get any $&$&$ last 5 years??? 

  6. Well today I tryed to fight forest titan, didn't end up well.  Lose 2 mana and I died 4 times, 6 time crashed, 4 time in cave 2 vs titan.  I m done with manas until they sort this poop out, just no  point

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