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  1. First time we did gamma with only forest and ice, I m sure those 2 can manage beta. Just watch out for head trophy. People love to steal loot.

    For alpha we tamed all 3 titans, 2 mega meks. Many people came in arena during the fight to help with meks, no one used giga. 

  2. Almost 8 days we are defending ice cave, i m tired like dilo. Yesterday we pushed atackers back and destroyed their fob, today 3 fobs are already up, all from different tribes.  Only on Val situation is ok, no one grief us for almost a week. Tonight I need to take day off, probably will go on legacy to  refresh base, feed dinos.

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  3. 52 minutes ago, St1ckyBandit said:

    What would you guys say is the lowest acceptable rex stats for Val beta ?

    I'm sitting at 20k hp with around 450% melee with 62-70 armor saddles.

    Babys ???? We did alpha with 25k hp and 600,700 meele, pretty same saddles.  Val is pretty easy, just don't push them all. When u spawn don't move from plat until u killed dragon, after him easy.

  4. Everything u put inside have 24hrs timer, only u can take that. When I said u, that means every character which u have on steam. After 24 hours items will disappear, even if u put them on character and leave him in upload. But character will always remain.

  5. 30 minutes ago, GrumpyBear said:

    It won't auto decay.  Someone has to break it.  Just ask the 2 tribes that gifted me 40,000 shards this last week because of that very mistake.

    Pro tip: don't leave your replicator out in the open with a single dedicated storage right next to it unsnapped and full of shards.  Someone will notice eventually.

    I understand that with single  dedicated, and thats why I always put atleast 2 more. But last week some strange dilo happened. 

    Few people, including me, logged in to find few dedi are missing. They were outside base, filled with e dust. Is it possible that server screwed us or ??  I mean it isn't big deal, I lost like 100k, just curious 

  6. Multipliers are different for every category like msc or acc or don't know what. That means if u have same bp with different quality and if u use same crafting char u might get better, higher item from better bp. On other hand if u have a same bp, let's say giga saddle with exactly 100%, one is asc second one is jrm and your char is above 130 lvl, thans better to craft jrm because of cost. Soory for typooo,  working 😛

  7. 1 hour ago, Laveyan said:

    I know it gets wiped on a regular basis and I don't like the level caps on it either, but it's the only "fresh" official pve server out there. I have no interest in joining a server where every good base location has already been taken and people already have tek unlocked. If wildcard would add new island servers then sure I would go to them because they're new, but since there are no new servers I have to stick with beginner ones.

    I can agreed with that, back in the days begginer was lag free, plenty space for everyone. But u are limited now, u cant progres. When we used to play there we had everything, bps for rex, giga, argy theri. We did boss fights, tek bases. Now its different. But if u are satisfied with things, don't know

  8. 59 minutes ago, AirplaneSlider said:

    Does it matter which kibble I put in? Like do I have to put its taming kibble in (Superior kibble)? Cause I Have like 200 extra dodo eggs that I can use to make basic kibble.

    One other thing, I've noticed people usually freeze in the monkey arena. I have a full set of primitive fur and 20 fortitude. I'll be using a fria curry soup thing and have a bunch of medical brews. Will that be enough to survive?

    Basic kibble will do work, but beware he will eat like mad so make plenty of them.  If u out of kibble insteadpf meat u can give lamb chops 

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