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  1. 59 minutes ago, AirplaneSlider said:

    Does it matter which kibble I put in? Like do I have to put its taming kibble in (Superior kibble)? Cause I Have like 200 extra dodo eggs that I can use to make basic kibble.

    One other thing, I've noticed people usually freeze in the monkey arena. I have a full set of primitive fur and 20 fortitude. I'll be using a fria curry soup thing and have a bunch of medical brews. Will that be enough to survive?

    Basic kibble will do work, but beware he will eat like mad so make plenty of them.  If u out of kibble insteadpf meat u can give lamb chops 

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  2. Saddle %??? Brood and appe will go but dragon nah. Alpha of course. 

    Even beta dragon will take few rexes down. Don't be surprised if alpha brood take few too.  Dragon is dps race nothing more. Basically u need to output how much u can dmg on him in short period off time. 

    If u want to get engrams valquero is place to go, on other hand if u want 🏆  to do tek cave u must do them on island.  Even with lower ones I managed to do alpha on val, much Easier 

  3. 41 minutes ago, AirplaneSlider said:


    So what would be good final stats for a 19rex 1 yuty army against the gamma monkey on SP? I'm thinking around 20Khealth and 600-700M?

    Gamma easy. Not sure but i think we managed ti kill alpha with slightly better stats, 25k hp with 700-800 meele. U can hit spider  too,gamma or betta,  just dont try alpha with them.


  4. 4 minutes ago, jurassicjoey said:

    anyone have a link to where it be live stream  i cant find anything on youtube twitch  twitter the main ark page. id like to get in to the stream early but idk where to watch it


  5. That's only reason why I have base on ext. Stil have about 15k element from last year charity event.  Usually I kraft everything there, for other base I need only for fuel. Even if u lose so much on grind element its still easier from farming it with doedi.  50k veins ain't hard at all, only what u realy need is good mantis and pickaxe, and meybe a weight wyvern depence what u like. 

  6. 10 hours ago, wizard03 said:

    I never really was interested in gigas due to the huge blow they get to their health pool when tamed. That and the fact that they cannot be used against boss's....They really are a PvP thing, arn't they?

    But u know u got almost double hp when u breed one? Or how would u do purple drops on ext without giga? 

  7. 3 minutes ago, GrumpyBear said:

    Im not sure that this qualifies as evidence.  I have hundreds of spinos app matching in stats and colors and I bred almost every one of them besides the events I have cloned.   

    duped meks can’t exist on the same server together,  your argument fails on that note as well.  If one copy of a mek is out on a server,  another copy will fail to deploy from a pod.    
    of course,  I do agree the duped meks are out on every server just about as they have been passed around by segments of the community and are pretty much everywhere.   But there is no server with 2 copies of the same mek out,  WC already addressed that.

    And that goes for everything or ???

    My Char already got duped like 4 times, normal mine inventory is duped to.

    But when i tried to use, anything, from inventory its just disapeared. 

  8. Yeah, schould be easy. Just watch for enraged trikes. When u see them leave drop and go for him, u don't want him to come close to drop.  U can always heal between waves, just leave 2 or 3 artos running arround. Don't leave only 1, because it will start next wave. 

    Just don't start purple ones and u will be OK, solo for sure. Without imprint giga goes pretty fast in rage mode wheb u are solo, with mateboost is much better. 

  9. 4 hours ago, RidersOfNightmareDEJW said:

    I left the servers with legacy allies exactly a year ago.. after the alpha titan king ark was beaten, it was boring.. and these regular legacy server deletions.

    My tips the sooner you start on official, especially when there is an event, the less you will regret it. And dinosaurs are easy to get because there is an exchange between players for raw materials such as the dust element.
    e.g. now there are 19k hp/ 755% - 775% giantosaurs on sale. 

    It's easy we all know that, but we don't want to leave legacy.  We understand that we are all on timer but tbh idk. When they close all legacy than I will move mine ass but for  sure not on official. 

    Been there, done that. Pure cancer 

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  10. 23 minutes ago, yekrucifixion187 said:


    It's a free map. Very unlikely you get new game buyers for a few modifications on an old map. 

    There's no money in it unfortunately.

    Exactly.  If it's a official map why not. There is a still a lot people without any dlc.  


  11. 20 minutes ago, TrumpIsKing420 said:

    Are you raptoring retarded? The cops are getting put in jail and these retards are still protesting (by looting stores). This is like protesting the raptoring holocaust in 2020. All this bullpoop has nothing to do with a video game map. WildCard isn’t going to solve police brutality by postponing their DLC. Also most of us don’t give a single raptor and won’t ever give a single raptor. People like you are truly a be scum of the earth. 

    Sad but true 

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