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  1. 40 minutes ago, DogoAZ said:

    Well and another thing that I have thought if I make a clone of a rex that was born with, for example, lv 450, the clone comes out with lv1, right? So could you raise the points properly?

    nope, clone is always the same.  if a rex is 450 on birth, when u clone him he will  be 450.

    CLone get same stats always except  from imprint.

    if your  rex is leveled, when cloning is done he will be same lvl as when  he was baby, (born)

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  2. Well u just got arked. If I typed everything what I have lost in last 4 years, oh boy. Yesterday I have lost 4 gigas and 2 reapers during  transfer on gen 2. On the same day I lost 10 rexes, 4 theriz, 2 rhinos and a yuty, during boss fight on gen, server crashed.

  3. 3 hours ago, Zapha said:

    If you can't deal with the lag, forget it. Every 15 mins a ~30 sec freeze because of backup and the usual rushhour micro freezes always. But it's worth. Much more vital than singleplayer.

    U think official lag is bad? I dare u and evryone else, go to legacy gen servers and do all missions.  

  4. On 8/1/2021 at 10:16 AM, Elgar said:

    No, you get chibi xp only from Alpha dinos.

    But on Extinction there is a specific spot where an Alpha corrupted Rex (I think the exact name is Enraged Corrupted Rex) spawns continuously and you can chain kill them. Coordinates are 60, 90.

    Enraged rexes still level chibi up ?? From purple OSD.

    I leveled mine chibi first day with them, dont now is it still a thing.

  5. 9 hours ago, wizard03 said:

    Noticed nooblets haveing to deal with those things.....thinking of sacrifical spike barriers to hide behind....trike comes in, hits spikes, I kill it on the otherside of the spikes.
    Also will bring sleeping bags. Those things look nasty!

    1 in a wave aint problem, when u got 3 or 4, and when they come from same direction, that is nasty

    Spikes are nice to place, metal sign too, just spam direction from where they are coming. With that tactic we manage to do purple before few days, 6 gigas with riders, full leveled 380% dmg

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  6. 9 hours ago, Elgar said:


    Out of curiosity, do you solo veins ? And if yes, how ? I tried with my Giga on a 50,000 vein and I failed, the vein was destroyed before the end. It's easy to circle around an OSD but it's much more difficult with a vein.

    just ignore small ones. If u manage to do red solo u can do 50k than prety easy.

    Try same thing like u do on red drop, circle it, when u are done than go outside and kill corupted which are stucked on small ones.

    Corupted are less powerfull from those u get on red drop, but stronger from yelow drop. No enraged dinos too.

    Stats from giga??

  7. 5 hours ago, Fox1 said:

    Really, we got higher level Mek blueprints by pushing the waves higher or at least it seemed that way. Too small of a sample size to tell really- how did you reach that conclusion?


    We did multiply times 70+ runs, some guys push even further, time consuming.

    We got same things as we get in normal run, quantity or quality was the same. All caped bps we got from normal runs, cant tell about meks.

    Like u said, maybe sample size was just small to be 100% sure. Tbh i wont even try that again

  8. 8 hours ago, Elgar said:

    I forgot to add that of course the saddle is very important, you should have an ascendant one.

    Msc doesnt work or what, its needs to be ascendant?

    On topic now.  

    U can pretty much solo red drop with 400-450% leveled giga, with better saddle for sure.  Element nodes, 50k not even a question. Only problem with red drops are enraged trikes for low meele gigas, and if u have bad luck and get 3 in a wave that can cause problems, giga will not die for sure but u will lose drop. If, somehow your giga lose way much hp, before u lose a giga just kill yourself. No render no dmg. Than just go back and take giga and stuff.

  9. 1 hour ago, Pipinghot said:

    Yes, they'll be the same. All that matters is that you're successful, the final health of the OSD doesn't matter.

    Just so you know, it does matter with the element nodes. The amount of dust & element that you get from the element nodes does depend on how much health they have left at the end of the event, so you need to figure out strategies that preserve as much health as possible.

    Can u explain this for me. How much healt vein have when u finished? How much u harvest? U have point there, if u referring to small ones, but not big, main one. 

  10. We did it before 2 days, duo on foot, alpha.

    Gear, mediocre flak, one in reserve, 4 cactus u don't need more, caped shotguns 298 with 800 bullets, med brew. 

    Focal optional, light pet optional but we didn't bring any.


  11. Imprint is always usefull. For example take giga, baby is born with 18,19k hp and 800 meele, when u make 100% imprint adult will have more than 35k hp and 950 meele. Or rex, baby have lets say 30k hp, afer imprint he will be over 40k. Imprint boost their stats, and they are even more boosted if u ride them.

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