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  1. Shadows in general are off, I tried with shadows on, but did not capture fps. With shadows on,and on high, game looks amazing realy. Next week gonna upgrade my ram to, from 8 to 16. Later I wiil test various setting so I can compare when I get more ram.
  2. Yesterday i got 1660 ti, 1080p everything on high except shadows 50-70 fps I have i5 6500 with 8 gb ram. With latest drivers no problem, so far no crashes. Only played ext, not others maps.
  3. They are great, I agree on that.,but I think still he is just a luxury dino. Before ext, wyvern were must have dino. When they introduce mana, wyvern died.
  4. Its realy hard to say, this one is the best. Every one of them have purpose, makes your jurney thro ark easier. But if someone told me i need to pick one, and only one dino i will go with theri, if someone told me i can pick 4 i will go with, anky, doedi, rex, argy. Giga, wyverns, thyla are all luxury dinos, if u have them its great, if not, u can live without them.
  5. I must ask. Did u get any $&$&$ last 5 years???
  6. Last few days i have more problem with yellow drop than red ones. Trikes are crazy, 2 hits and drop is gone, destroyed WHat is going on with rewards now?? I did like 8 drops last 2-3 days not even 1 saddle, is it a just bad luck or ???
  7. hud

    Managarmr Crash

    Well today I tryed to fight forest titan, didn't end up well. Lose 2 mana and I died 4 times, 6 time crashed, 4 time in cave 2 vs titan. I m done with manas until they sort this poop out, just no point
  8. hud

    Managarmr Crash

    Same problem here !!! Does anyone have problem with wild dinos or only corupted ??
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