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  1. I don't get it, why is that funny??
  2. Last time we invited some people from server, because engrams. Dragon was dead after 30-40 secs. We wrote in chat, just group in one place and wait, but than one idiot pull out his fabi and started shooting, thank God he runs out of ammo.
  3. I don't have problem if someone pillars he's base, render range, metal spawns, Beaver and things like that. What's killing me is when I see 1 guy pillars whole ext snow biom, 1 guy made wyvern trap and have pillared whole Highlands and yes he lock his trap so no one can use it. Owner of our tribe have put pillars whole way from herbi Island to green obi, our base was in herbi and whole island was ours. I warned him few time but with some people u can't argue so I leaved tribe. I personally hate doing that, I play now on ext and ragna, in both maps I have like 20 pillars only
  4. Nah Gen, u can't do anything about it. If u need any help, idk leveling, tek engram or whatever else we can help u.
  5. Last few weeks many people I know have lost they characters, before 2 weeks our tribe member, yesterday we did some trading in our base, after trade she went to our transmitter and puff, character gone. The Dilo is going on. We play on legacy, so restore is not a option or any kind of help from support.
  6. I never got this problem before, ever. This morning 3 times in 3 hours????
  7. I leveled mine first giga in hp, like 45 levels, damn.
  8. Well I don't know for u guys but voice from that thing is realy irritating. U couldn't get Morgan Freeman??? ?
  9. I cannot understand why they didn't allowed download last day on begginer, so people can transfer easily. I helped a friend to transfer and that was pretty crazy, time consuming.
  10. What do we have now?? I did my first boss outside extinction before 3 or 4 months, that was on center, beta. I meet this guy on ext, and he said if I want I can go with him, he wanted to farm element tomorrow. I prepared 500 shootgun shells, 2 shootguns 270%, 1 fabi 298% with 300 bullets, 2 sets of flak, 100 energybrews and 12 rexes, all of them with 115%+ saddles. Finally when I come on his server he tells me, "The Dilo is wrong with u, just take one Rex and come on platform" I didn't expect that, like whole fight was over in 7,8 min or so, with 2 rexes. S
  11. Quick question, Giga with 1 mutation gets how many hp???? 40 or??
  12. I did that on legacy. Mine rexes have only hp and Meele, all others stats have 0 points, I think oxygen have like 5 or so, need to lover that too. They are born with 350 lvl, so u realy think u have much space more to continue. I won't be surprise if people already hit breeding cap with them with 255 points. On other hand, do we realy need more.
  13. Mana almost did it
  14. deinonychus, kibble farm Can someone explain to me few things. deinonychus can't be tamed, ok I get that part, u need to raise them. After that, does they lay eggs?? Was searching on internet and found some confusing answers, like they lay raptors egg later?? U can make kibble only from fertilized eggs?? So if I want to farm eggs I need to mate them?? I want to replace yuty , because they take so much place, so my question is can deinonychus replace yuty??
  15. Well officially worst day ever, don't know can be worst than this. Player from our server wanted to do beta king titan, and asked for support. He did his job by taming all 3 titans, so we schould only go in with gigas and meks. Fight started and everything was fine, we had him almost at 20 - 25% HP, than ping 255, super punch and mine and all others gigas died, he wasn't able to stop him while charging. OK, respawn, go in again. After 1 minute again ping hit realy bad, but this time we got almost all DC. To make it short, nothing survived in king arena. Well, things like t
  16. Not sure about that, i mean i never tried, never saw someone doing it )))) I will test it now with 450, if he dies u owe me a rex )) edit He is aliveee
  17. Nope, dino will be erased if u cryo him. Yesterday I have tested with one Rex 455 lvl, u can cryo him, but when u want to release him, puff he is gone.
  18. I was in same situation, some guy gave me 410 baby, I raised him and paired with low levels. It's a proces but worth it. It's much easier to select stats, from raising from 0. Now I m making baby 370-375 with hp, Stam and meele, and started one more line with only hp and Meele, those one are below 350 so much more room for mutatitions.
  19. I m just mad because i need to wait until December to play this.
  20. Wyverns saddles but not breed, Griffin breed but not saddles. If they make wyverns breedable I can assume next month nerf is for sure.
  21. Merge for what?? U are willing to gave our freedom for support. Hell no
  22. Why I stayed on legacy? Simple, community is way better from official, but I don't spend so much time like before because servers are killing me, lag, dc
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