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  1. U can't transfer from Val ice eggs, fire yes. Same goes with rock golems from Val. Today I got one strange situation on island, never happened before so I just need to know, it's works as intended or just ark. Today went to farm swamp cave, needed chitin. Went with tamed megatherium inside, on the way back, where is last choke point I wasn't able to get mega thru so I decided to cryo him. I transfer chtin on character, normal i was slot caped, I cryo him and went thru hole, when I wanted to thro him outside nothing happened, I mean cryo was empty, but log tribe clear
  2. well i got plenty of them on ext, purple drops Highest so far 120% asc, i got one 107 msc and to be honest crafting only this one because of mats.
  3. Wait a min, if I dream of something that means I need it or I have just to much. ?
  4. Well here we go again. Why does it even need to be mana vs wyvern topic. From both stand pvp or pve both have great usage. But mana is first choice in pvp but wyvern in pve??? Ok for some of you yes but let's hoop on bandwagon.
  5. Well so far I got always same pattern, or is it just my luck. All rexes I have got i got them from gacha, rock golems, thylas, Gigas. From Santa 3 reapers, 2 ovus. Common tiers didn't count but I think I schould start, just to see drop rate
  6. Well I think this is a right question. What do u trying to hatch???
  7. U can go in with wyvern too, only golems will go aggro on u. I did it few times when I needed to wait for cryo timer or when I forget Rex or giga. U can't fly, but u can run, and golems are super slow. U don't even need some awesome super rex, any 50+ tame will do, u barely get hit from them. Sometimes I go in with megatherium when I need chitin, just dont fight them rekt everything else.
  8. On private server where I used to play sometimes shots doesn't count, never understood why. U get hit but nothing happens. On official never.
  9. We finished all 3 on island yesterday, with rexes, spider, ape and dragon. Only lag problems, everything else seems fine. Legacy
  10. If u go in with Rex only golems will aggro on u, they are slow so u can easily avoid them. If u want to kill them use giga.
  11. Never got that problem, but tbh I don't even look exp more. Finished 2 day, now only collecting them
  12. Well today I found one ptera inside my base on ragna, funny My tribe member have big problem on ext with spawning dinos inside his base. His base is in city, west, near obi thing. We installed few tek turrets inside base, problem solved. Strange, I have base on ext almost one year, never ever single dino spawned inside, but I m in middle of city
  13. It's still 451, 450 is safe point. Sorry to tell u mate but your Rex gonna die on next server restart. I can hook u up with some eggs if u want, I m on legacy too. Mine have 38k hp and 1149 meele. It's Christmas, so u can have them for free.
  14. Works with enraged rexes. Just wonder bhow much u need to kill to full level yours chibi. I killed few normal enraged but it semms u don't get much xp purple drops are way to go.
  15. And quick one.does enraged count exp to or just alphas???
  16. Stucked on ragna, waited few times 15+ min, login lock, timeout I m so tired from this game
  17. Must confirm this, so far i found in purple atleast 7, highest so far 115 asc I used to farm swamp before, but never lucky.
  18. U need to put spikes around drops with different character and than go offline, after 15 minutes offline protection will kick in, so corrupted dinos can't do dmg to spikes, but still spikes will block them of overwhelming the drop.
  19. Well hard to tell tbh, every is hard if u don't have spikes around it. Corrupted dinos ain't hard to kill, enraged rexes are problem. If u got one or two in wave is ok, but if u got 4+ and if thay come near osd it's game over. Your giga will enrage 100% On other hand with spikes is much, much easier. U can solo it with giga and snow owl, u need to heal 1 or max 2 times until u hit wave 7. With two riden giga is walk in the park, without healing wave 7. Just to give u a bit more Infos, our gigas have 125-130 saddles, with 850 meele, imprinted 100%. When u put spikes down do it wit
  20. Metal gives always same eff or??? I mean no matter what u give to gacha, walls, foundation, cables??
  21. What's about cloning cost?? We wanted to do some experiments with quetz, tamed one, lvl 200-220 not sure 100%, but cost 120k element shards. We cloned many dinos, low levels, high levels but never seen so high cost
  22. True true, this tread ain't about dodos but for sure is for manas. Ang again, why the & $&$ we even compare them to manas. I mean logic behind that is just blahhhhhh. I already see it, next week's thread, please make them breedable. Gtfo
  23. Nope, they will stay, same as dodos. We still got %@&$ load of them from old events.
  24. No If they can separate pvp from pve, than yes for sure And please, whats up with that titans thinkg, or schould i go with: Why mine giga cant fly, because desert titan can ???
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