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  1. Thanks mate but I need break from breeding. Last event I almost died., literally.
  2. If u go in with two gigas make sure u have mate boost, it's game changing. When I do solo with mine 850m i need to heal atleast 2 time until wave 7, if I got lucky with spawns from corrupted meybe 1 heal, with tribe member, with mate boost we don't even bring snow owl anymore, wave 7 is easy without healing.
  3. But Rock drake isn't Flyer or??? Can u use mana in competition. Those things are just insane.
  4. Just forget that they even exist. That's why playing on legacy is much more durable. &%$& happens here for sure. But u have no other choice than do it all over again. Ark is grind.
  5. Same thing last week, tamed bee just disappeared after I demolished hive. I tamed her on ext, set up hive, everything was great. After some time tribe member wanted a bee so I give one to him, I demolished it, cryo it, no problem. He set up hive on island. It was there few months. Last week I demolished hive but bee was nowhere to find. We got plenty more, just anoying.
  6. I made same mistake 2 times. Went to 25+, never ever again. Time consuming, and than u get like 500 elements. Not worth it because it's so much random its just crazy.
  7. Easy, go on ragna On surface on Val u can find only ice eggs, I don't know how can u get down with ptera to get fire one. On ragnarok is different story. I personally play on Val now. Did manage to raise 2 ice wyverns with ptera, stealing eggs and later milk. Now I need to level one to go and find fire eggs. Meybe I m wrong but fighting ice with ptera is harder from fighting fire on Val, because he slows u down and u can't do nothing. Geting milk is pretty easy too, without trap. Just find low lvl female and aggro him on mammoths or rhinos, park ptera on side and go for
  8. Same goes for everything, eggs cryopod. Does it work with rock golems??
  9. During last winter event I checked nest few time in few days, didn't saw eggs or wyverns. Meybe bad luck only, someone farmed already, don't know. Now I have even bigger problem. Is it possible to transfer ice wyvern/baby/eggs from Val to any other map. Is it possible to get them out from cryopod/upload when they are stucked inside
  10. It does not matter if it's on or off u schould always get him on new spawn, transferring server, death
  11. King titan is just mad. Will never forget first time when we went in. 10+gigas, all 3 titans, few meks. We planed to tank him with forest+ mek shield, ice will farm from behind. Desert was on nodes, with gigas. First few min everything was great, than lag hit us pretty damn hard. King Titan went to load super punch and we could not stop him, all gigas instant died.
  12. Just leave few gigas in front of base, problem solved.
  13. Friendly server on official?? U are joking right)))) Don't build base, everything u tame put on upload. Everything what have some value, bps, items, dinos u need to store in upload. Pvp on official is like job in real life, only from job u can get 2,3 days off in week, from pvp u can't. If u don't have much time to play every day, my advice is stay away from official.
  14. Did u ever before played on Val or Abb???
  15. I m currently working. Add me on steam Hud_saytext_1 Profile pic is Homer WITH gun. Will be at home in 2 hours or less
  16. Yes u can, people have done that already in past. Tbh I don't get it why they made such a problem with this permanent freeze. On mine list of problems that was on last page.
  17. Ragnarok desert. U know the drill, like everyone else. Near every drop one bed, one crate to store items and farm. This one is 95%, with crafting character i got few 124.
  18. Yeah solo One giga, born with 425 meele, 100% imprint on me, 124 saddle, full leveled i think on 850 meele now, one snow owl, u need to heal meybe 1 or 2 time until wave 7. Its depence how much enraged rexes u get in wave. One wyvern with all points in weight, because ammount of thinks u get from purple is just crazy Solo is prety straight forward if drop is secured with spikes, if not, dont even try it with only one giga. Caves are nice to to farming for saddles bp, but let be honest, u just cant compare them to purple drop. Ammount of caped bps are just crazy and that a
  19. I use console too, but only when my friends came to my hause. I don't want them touching my pc
  20. If u are on legacy why don't u get better rexes mate??
  21. Asb can be your best friend in ark
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